Making her Mine- Chapter 2

Chapter Two-

Over the next few days, Carl spent all his time pampering and spoiling Livy. He decided to get a hotel room and to take a week off from work. That should be enough time to make Livy his. Carl always made sure he was the one to change Livy’s diaper, so eventually she would feel dependant on him. He kept hinting at her that he wanted her there with him, and that he would be the one to take care of her. He was working his magic, but Livy couldn’t let herself trust him; after all he had a reputation and a past. How could she trust someone who had proven to her time and time again that she couldn’t?

This Carl, the one that she was seeing now, was amazing, there was something different. She felt him there for her, in every way. And the sex; the sex was amazing, Livy rarely said no; and when she did he played with her until she could no longer say no. Livy was being captivated and convinced and wooed, it was magical, and she felt so loved… With Carl pushing hard for her to move to Florida with him, Livy was torn. She really did want to go with him; but she had so much to leave behind. Her friends, her family, her life; and those things tugged at her heart. Livy’s heart sank every time she thought about Carl leaving at the end of the week, she felt like she would be lost without him. She hadn’t felt this kind of happiness in a long time and it was affecting her, she was falling for him and she was falling hard. It scared her, when she was at work she was thinking about him; when she was sleeping, she was dreaming about him. Her thoughts and desires were slowly being consumed by him. The only time Livy wasn’t with Carl was when she was working part time at a local gas station, something she was ashamed of since she had worked so hard to complete her bachelor’s degree in college Livy rarely even paid attention to her diaper anymore either, she didn’t have to. Carl was constantly checking her whenever he was around. Unfortunately, it got her in trouble and that’s where she was now.

Livy stood in the office with her head hung low; at work they wore khaki pants and a shirt that was to be kept tucked in at all times. The manager was sympathetic the first time Livy’s diaper had leaked, and didn’t pay any heed as he let her leave work early to get cleaned up. And then it happened again two days later; Livy was working hard tending to customers and running around trying to keep everything running smoothly. But as the time passed Livy had soaked through her diaper, and when Jason called her into the office he was less than pleased. Jason pulled her aside “Livy this is the second time this week, I understand you have a medical condition and I’m sorry; but it’s no excuse. You are a grown woman; you cannot be running around with piss soaked pants in a place of business. It looks bad for you, but what’s worse is it looks bad for the store. I’ve already had two customer complaints and that’s two too many.” As he scolded her, Livy was ashamed; she just hadn’t noticed that her diaper was wet, especially not to the point of leaking. Livy begged forgiveness and promised it wouldn’t happen again; but all Jason did was hand her a final warning write up, and sent her home.

Livy walked out of the store and those little wet spots covering her butt that she hadn’t noticed before seemed to be overwhelmingly obvious and she felt so little. So hurt. Since Carl had taken Livy to work on his motorcycle that morning, she decided to call Carl to come pick her up. Livy sat on the curb as she waited for Carl, with her head hanging low. She had not felt that low in a long time. For the first time since she had been back in diapers; Livy wanted to run. Run hard, run fast, and run far. Livy wanted to escape. Carl saw his little girl’s pain as he pulled into the store. Livy looked up as she heard the now familiar roar of the motorcycle pull into the store, and her heart fluttered as he got off and pulled her close and held her tight against his chest. Carl didn’t like to see his little girl hurt, but as Livy told Carl about her final warning he realized this was his perfect opportunity. He didn’t want to play dirty, but he was determined to make her his; and he was running out of time.

Carl took his little Livy back to his hotel room. She had been staying with him all week, and he had been spoiling her with attention. As Livy walked in the room, she instinctually let Carl take her pants off for the second time this week, and undo her sagging diaper. He led her to the bed and sat her down, before taking her work shirt off over her head, and then Carl ran his hand over her chest and applied pressure to have her lay down. Livy’s mood was low, she was distracted and her eyes were sad. Carl knew how to cheer her up. Carl showed Livy all the attention that he knew she craved; but this time it wasn’t sexual attention is was love, he wanted to protect her and to make her happy. Carl kissed her lips, and her neck, as he ran his fingers up and down her breasts and stomach. Livy wasn’t quick to respond, but he did notice a slight smile on her lips; exactly what he was looking for. Even though he knew he could take her there where she lay, he had no intention of using her at that moment; he just held her tight and showed her that she was more than a piece of ass, that he actually cared. Livy’s tension relaxed and she allowed Carl to take care of her needs; emotional and physical, something that she had feared previously. As Carl felt her body relax into his, he stepped back, as much as he wanted her; he knew this moment was crucial to show her that he would take care of her. He stood up and got all the diapering supplies from off the hotel nightstand and wiped Livy clean before he rubbed lotion and powder all over her. He loved making her smell like the baby he wanted her to be; and Livy never complained. Afterward he taped her up in a nice thick nighttime diaper, something she no longer considered abnormal.

Carl helped Livy stand up “Okay let’s go get something to eat my little Livy.” Livy giggled, and went to the drawer to pull out a pair of jeans. “No silly, we are going out to a nice place. Skirt or dress your choice.” Livy sighed and wrinkled her nose; she didn’t have any long dresses or skirts, just summery ones that didn’t hide her diaper very well. But she didn’t want to disappoint Carl. So she picked a cute white skirt that had shorts sown into them, and a matching top. They didn’t hide the diaper bulge, but at least her diaper didn’t poke from the bottom. Carl and Livy took a taxi cab to Olive Garden, one of the few “fancy” restaurants in the small city and since Livy didn’t know much about Italian, he decided to order for her. Livy didn’t mind; her eyes were wandering, and she was nervous; her family didn’t do restaurants, McDonald’s was her idea of going out; and now here she was in this fancy restaurant in a skirt with an obvious diaper bulge. When they ordered a bottle of wine, Livy was of course id’, she was constantly being id’ she had a small frame and had an innocent looking face. With her puffy diaper butt, and her curious wandering eyes; of course she looked younger than she was.

Carl and Livy drank and enjoyed the special dinner, and soon Livy’s worries and sad eyes were long gone. She laughed at Carl’s jokes, and held tight onto every word he said; she was all but captivated with his deep blue eyes and charming demeanor. After their dinner ended, Carl took Livy to a quiet bar, and pulled her to the floor to dance with him. Livy smiled shyly, as she wasn’t much of a dancer, but he just leaned in close and told her to step on his shoes, that he would lead her and take it slow. All she had to do was follow his lead. The two danced and twirled on the dance floor until late that night, and by then they weren’t the only two on the dance floor. Livy couldn’t take her eyes off Carl’s, he was her everything, and he would be gone in no less than three days. But she couldn’t leave her job, her family and her friends. She would miss them too much, but Livy felt like she needed Carl more than anything in her life.

When Livy started looking sleepy, Carl told her it was time to go home, Livy pouted, “Nooo, not yet, we’re having fun.” Carl put his stern face on. “Livy, don’t even try to whine, we are going home, and you are going to bed. You work in the morning, and after today’s incident, you don’t need to go to work hung over and tired.” Livy wrinkled her nose, and continued to pout, but took Carl’s hand as he lead her out of the bar. Livy’s eyes were heavy, and the alcohol in her system made it even more difficult to stay awake. Even though it was only a short taxi ride back to the hotel; Livy was fast asleep in Carl’s lap before they were even half the way home. As Livy lay asleep in Carl’s lap, he wanted her to be his even more. As they arrived back at the hotel Carl hated to wake Livy up, but he half dragged the groggy baby girl into his hotel room, and laid her on the bed. As Carl began undressing her he decided it was time to take this thing a bit further, he reached into his bag and pulled out a surprise, as she lay there more than half asleep drifting in and out of consciousness, Carl offered her very first pacifier, a Nuk 5 adult pacifier that was pink and that said daddy’s girl on it. Livy unconsciously took it into her mouth as Carl rubbed the rubber nipple against her lips and sucked on it like it was meant to be there. He smiled, it was a small success for the night, but he couldn’t wait to see her reaction in the morning Carl pulled her top and skirt off, and undid her diaper. She barely stirred, Carl laughed to himself. He was so amused with himself; he was already becoming an expert. Soon he pulled a new thick diaper on her and slid into bed next to her. He pulled the sleeping child snug against his chest and rubbed her back as she slept on his chest.

Carl was tingling with anticipation, tomorrow would be the defining day. Would Livy choose him? Would he be able to claim her as his? Could he train her to be the perfect baby girl? Carl was certain he could, at least once he got her back to his house. Carl had a plan, one that would tear her down even further into his grip, if only she knew her fate for the next day…

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very nice chapter love only one problem drum role

Oliver Garden is not exactly a fancy restaurant its just above fast food

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hehe it’s fancy for me. Thats the nicest place in my town

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Very nice story so far. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

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Haha. Thank! I know, it took me forever to write Chapter 3, but I’ll def try to get them out faster!