Make A Wish

I’m actually really happy with how this story turned out. I’ll go ahead and warn right now that it’s a furry story, but I don’t think it’s so intrusive that the story can’t be enjoyed regardless by y’all people. Please, please, please, if you see any errors or anything that doesn’t sound right, please let me know. Also – I totally love any comments and criticism. Speak up!

By the time that Alex was coming awake, the dream was already beginning to fade into the back of his mind, bits and pieces of it fragmenting before sliding back down into his subconscious where, assumedly, it came from.

When he had just woken up, muzzle rolling back to allow a sleepy yawn to escape, the feline could have managed to remember something about a vixen, little and winged.

By the time that he had pushed himself out of his bed and into the bathroom, the black fur on his body prickling slightly in response to the cold tiled floor, he would have vaguely managed to tell you something about a fox.

Finally, by the time that he was underneath the shower’s nozzle, basking in the warmth of the hot water, he couldn’t have told you anything about it at all except that it had been a little strange, and even this feeling passed as he returned to his bedroom after drying himself off. He went through the familiar routine of tugging his pants up his legs and his shirt over his head and, in general, getting ready for another day of school.

Sixteen years old and in his sophomore year of high school, Alex could have been the first to tell you that he was just a cat, no more or less interesting than most of his classmates at the school he attended. An only child, he had a reputation for being on the shy side and he had the indecent luck of being vaguely categorized as a nerd, as is the fate of many who do well in school and keep to themselves. He got by decently enough, though.

This particular morning, the morning of the curious dream that he had already almost entirely forgot that he had in the first place, was looking to be no different than any other. Home room passed by in a dozy fit, the still sleepy feline keeping his head down on his desk and only deigning to raise his hand briefly when his name was called. First, second and third period passed uneventfully too and, truth be told, the rest of the day had the potential to continue the same way, had it not been for her, waiting for him in fourth period.

Fourth period was chemistry, a class that, unlike most others, Alex actually did have a noticeable interest in. Much more significant, however was his lab partner Mary, whom Alex believed to be the most attractive girl that he had ever met. She was a sophomore, just like him, and had a pleasant sort of mousey look to her, which was entirely appropriate given that she was one. She had dappled gray fur and straight brown hair that was home to two curved and drooping ears, she had a way of bringing her little finger to her mouth to chew speculatively whenever she was thinking hard that made Alex’s heart flutter.

To Alex, who was just now reaching the point in a boy’s life where they start to notice the existence of a whole second gender, there was something wildly thrilling and slightly frightening about her.

He had slowly been working up the courage to talk to Mary over the last week, though every attempt at psyching himself up usually ended in him in asking how she was, trading a few sentences and spending the rest of the class feeling stupid for not thinking of anything else to say. Wondering if today could be any different, he walked into the classroom and glanced over to their table. Mary was already seated, poring over her notes.

“Hi, Mary,” offered Alex as he smoothly settled into his seat.

She glanced up and gave him a brief look that contained within it a tiny smile. “Hello, Alex. I got the lab notes that you sent. Thanks again!”

“No problem,” said the feline, settling down next to her in his chair. He fiddle momentarily with the zipper on his backpack, willing himself to say something else, though nothing presented itself to him. Feeling just as helpless as he did every other day, he pulled his notebook out of his backpack and settled back into his seat, laying his tail over his lap and preparing to listen to the lesson with the impending feeling of another opportunity missed.

Chemistry passed soon enough – too soon for Alex – and he was soon out of the classroom, on his way to lunch. He stood through the slowly-moving lunch line, somewhere in the process attaining a lump of red and yellow that was theoretically pizza, and was soon back at his usual table, poking into the food without any real vigour. He was just beginning to wonder if it would be worth it to leave lunch early and wander over to the library when he became aware of a figure wandering through the tables with a tray in her hands, looking for a place to sit. It was Mary.

Alex felt sudden surge of courage – it wouldn’t do to continue watching her, day after day, and never having the nerve to speak! Acting without thinking, he pushed himself to his feet, waving his arm energetically and calling out, “Mary!”

The mouse glanced at him, looked away, then glanced back at him, blinking across the crowded cafeteria. Alex made another motion with his arm, and his heart soared when Mary did take a couple of tentative steps in his direction. “Alex?”

The boy was thankful for the black fur that covered his muzzle, which was dark enough to neatly conceal the warm blush that was already beginning to spread through his cheeks. “I noticed you were, um. Looking for a seat. You can sit with me. If you like,” he added quickly, the blush now a fully ripened flower blooming over his whole face.

A series of expressions passed across Mary’s face, surprise and hesitancy among them. She opened her mouth and then closed it again before finally saying, “That’s really sweet of you Alex, but I was heading over to sit with my friends.” She made a gesture with her elbow towards another table.

Alex couldn’t manage very much outside a brief, “Oh.” With unwarranted optimism, he wondered, “Maybe another time, then?”

“Maybe another time,” graciously allowed Mary. “I’ll see you tomorrow in chemistry, okay?”

“Okay,” said Alex. He settled down and watched as Mary wended her way through the cafeteria, trying to quell the sinking feeling in his stomach. The love smitten feline watched as Mary settled down among a group of girls. A few moments after Mary settled down, several of them turned to look at him and giggled.

Alex quickly turned to look forward in his seat, face as red as it had ever been. Without willing himself to do it, he quickly stood up and shouldered his book bag. Leaving the tray where it was, he rushed from the cafeteria with his heart pounding. How could he have been so dumb? He wandered down the hallway, mentally berating himself for standing up and calling out to Mary in front of so many people. She hadn’t been one of the ones giggling at him, but nonetheless he had a vague feeling that he had ruined any chance that he had with her. He was so distraught, he didn’t even notice the note taped to his locker until he finally reached up to open it.

Geek. The word was scrawled across a paper that had been taped to the locker door. He pulled the note down and glanced at it for a moment before crumpling it angrily into a ball. Of course, he was aware that he was occasionally teased behind his back – that’s pretty much a keynote of the high school experience for everyone at some point or another. He usually didn’t allow him to bother him, but at this particular point in time, vulnerable as he was with the escapade in the cafeteria, he felt like letting the earth swallow him right then and there.

“Bunch of jerks,” he muttered to himself as he swung open the locker.

Alex was in no way expecting a tiny but cheerfully enthusiastic voice to reply, “Well, aren’t we just bright little rays of sunshine today?” but it happened anyway. His eyes focused on what was in front of him in the locker and it was all that he could do to stare.

Standing in the locker, perched on his English textbook, was what was undeniably a tiny vixen. A spark of familiarity ignited in his mind as he looked over the tiny figure. She wasn’t a hair higher than six inches tall, her lush fur covered in the traditional blacks, whites and oranges of the species, and on her muzzle she had a terminally cheerful smile. Her clothing was unusual an – elaborate pink and white gown with a matching cap and, startlingly enough, what looked to be two glittering iridescent wings peeking out where her shoulders met behind her.

She didn’t look very much older than Alex and, also noteworthy, was the small and suspiciously wand-like stick in one hand.

A few seconds passed and Alex was starting to wonder if he had imagined her speaking when she suddenly spoke again, trilling, “Hi!” Her ferocious grin had not abated even slightly.

Alex started slightly. Moving on polite reflex, he answered the tiny vixen in his locker. “Uh, h-hi.” After a few brief seconds, during which a whole span of questions passed through his mind and were rejected, he decided to stick with the obvious. “Who are you and what are you doing in my locker?”

A look of injured amazement rapidly took hold of the vixen’s muzzle. “You don’t know? Didn’t’cha get my message?”

Alex was completely baffled. “Message?”

“The message! You got the dream, didn’t ya?” the little vixen asked curiously. When Alex continued to stare blankly – though a faint breeze of familiarity was blowing through the back of his mind – the little creature gave an exaggerated sigh. “I coulda sworn I did it right! They probably botched up the sending. Anyway!” She struck what she probably thought was an impressive pose, though Alex just thought it looked a bit silly.

“I am, for your information, the magnificent Rose, fairy godkitsune extraordinaire! You have been identified as a particularly pathetic individual and, as such, I’ve been assigned to you to help change your dreary and depressive life into something wonderful and happy again!”

Alex was slightly taken aback. His earlier embarrassment in the cafeteria was momentarily forgotten in a rush of indignation. “I am not a pathetic individual!”

“You are an extremely pathetic individual,” assured Rose without the slightest bit of hesitation. “I’ve been watching you for some time and I think that I can say with confidence that you are one of the most pathetic people that I’ve ever seen. Ineffectual and entirely devoid of interest. Practically kittenish.”

Alex was momentarily stunned by this. He was vaguely aware of the complete unreality of the situation, realizing that he was conversing with a small fairy in his locker that had just dealt him the most cutting insult that he had ever received in his life. He glanced up and down the thankfully empty hallway before turning his attention back to the vixen perched on top of his English book who, in his silence, was perfectly happy to continue speaking.

“Luckily for you that I’m here! With my brilliant mastery of all the most horribly complex kinds of magics and a flick of my wrist, I have it within my power to make your wildest wishes come true! Everything that you’ve dared to dream about is all within your grasp! The world is your oyster for you to reach out and pluck! All will kneel at your smallest command! All you have to do… is make a wish,” she finished, a pleased expression crossing her face as she spread her arms widely in another large gesture, the grandeur of which was spoiled when she banged her hand against the side of the locker and yelped in pain.

“Are you serious? Just make a wish?”

“Just make a wish,” affirmed the vixen.

The feline hesitated, tail curling pensively around his leg and he took in the scope of this statement. He opened his mouth to speak but Rose beat him to it, holding up her paw and quickly adding the equivalent of fine print to her grand speech. “No wishes for immortality or living forever or shooting laser beams from your eyeballs or silly things like that. The wisher takes personal responsibility for the wishes as they occur and we fairy godkitsunes are in no way responsible for any and all damages that may occur as the result of errant wishes.”

Rose took a deep breath, having said this all without stopping.

“So!” she said, beaming cheerfully. “Ready to make your wish, then?”

The whole situation was completely illogical. Alex had gone through his life happily believing that there was no such thing as magic, and now to be here, with this winged vixen that was only half a foot high, was completely jarring. Nevertheless, a wish bubbled up in the back of his mind, one that didn’t take very long in forming. He hesitated just a moment longer before nodding at the fairy godkitsune, saying, “Uh, okay. I think I’ve got it.”

“Lemme hear it!” cheerfully ordered the tiny vixen.

“I, uh. I wish that I didn’t have to deal with going to a stressful high school that I didn’t like.”

“Ooh, I figured you’d do something like that,” whistled Rose. She raised her wand and cheerfully said, “One fantastically more pleasant school experience, coming up!”

The feline watched on in fascinated curiosity as the little vixen hurriedly ran through a string of suitably mystic words. The tension mounted as she brought the wand around in a full loop and…

Not a single iota of difference had taken place. Alex looked around and glanced accusingly at the supposedly fairy godkitsune, observing, “That was supposed to be your big magical spell? Nothing has changed! And after all that talk too, geez.”

Rose gave him a good glare, the terribly cheerful facade momentarily breaking. “And what do you know about manipulating the underlying energy flux stream? Not a thing, I should think! Anyway,” she continued, plastering the smile back on, “that was only my warm-up. Here comes the real thing… now!” She punctuated this exclamation with a fantastically violent flick of her wrist.

Fantastic. Amazing. These are all words that were in no way applicable to the complete lack of anything at all that Rose had continued to elicit.

“I’m starting to think you’re a fraud,” insisted the feline. “You haven’t done one thing remarka–”

He was cut off as the winged vixen began suddenly slamming her wand against the side of the locker. All at once, a brilliant light erupted from its end.

Alex was aware of a sudden feeling of lightheadedness as the the world began to swim and change around him.

Consciousness returned reluctantly to Alex. He was aware of a throbbing in the back of his head that flared when he tried to push himself into a sitting position and opening his eyes even just a little bit was monstrously painful. The overall effect was not entirely different from a really bad hangover. Unable to do very much, the feline simply laid where he was, gradually becoming more aware of his surroundings as the pain finally began to abate.

Immediately obvious was the fact that he was laying atop something soft. He shifted slightly, brushing his arm slightly across the surface and received the impression that he was spread out on something comfortable like a mattress, which, in fact, it was. The movement also brought something else to his attention – he was aware of a sense of thickness between his legs, something gently but surely spreading them at the hip. He fidgeted again and was this time aware of a faint rustling sound. At the same time, he also became aware of a general activity of sounds around him – gentle talking, movement and, faintly, crying. Wherever he was, he was not alone.

The headache had begin to subside by this point and, somewhat shakily, Alex pushed himself into a sitting position by propping himself up onto his elbows. He cracked his eyes open and glanced around. Immediately he noticed that he was surrounded on all sides, thin wooden bars all around him. He was vaguely aware of the large room that he was in, noticing the light blue walls with its fuzzy white cloud motif. There were toddlers all over, playing with toys or just generally milling about, along with two adults. Pushed against one wall was a changing table, along with a number of what he now recognized as cribs.

Cribs like the one that he was in, he realized.

He pushed himself up into a seated position on top of his legs, the movement reminding him again of the sensation of thickness between them. Already guessing what he was going to see, the feline looked down. His suspicions were confirmed – peeking out from underneath the sky blue t-shirt he was wearing was what was obviously a thick disposable diaper, the crinkly white garment topped with an infantishly-coloured tape spread across the front, along with a neat elastic hold right above the seat for his tail. It looked absolutely ridiculous, completely babyish in its hugging of his teenage body.

“Ta-da!” cheerfully exclaimed a tiny and familiar voice. Alex glanced back up and there, sitting on the bar of the crib’s side was Rose, kicking her legs and grinning fantastically with the proud smile of someone who had done a job well done. “Aren’t I just fantastic? A magnificent display of spellcasting, if I do say so myself.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve put me back in nursery school!” blurted Alex, too momentarily overwhelmed by the situation to do much more than state the obvious.

“Well, yes,” allowed Rose, the little vixen glancing about to take in the infantile surroundings. “But to be completely fair, you didn’t specify exactly what you wanted! You said that you didn’t wanna deal with the stresses of high school and I used my own stunning creativity to interpret that into magic in an ingenious solution that makes everyone happy.”

“I’m sitting in a crib, wearing a diaper. This isn’t at all what I had in mind when I wished for a better school experience!” huffed Alex, another blossom of a blush blooming in his cheeks. He crossed his arms angrily, insisting, “And it doesn’t matter, because you’re going to put things back to normal right now!”

“What could be less stressful than nursery school?” wondered Rose, genuine puzzlement tangible in her voice. “You pretty much get to lie around all day and do what you want, being waited on hand and foot. Your food is delivered to you by hand and you’re even allowed to take naps. That certainly sounds less stressful than high school to me! Anyway… it’s not just as simple as reversing a spell, you know.”

“Can’t you fix this?” asked the feline, now slightly panicked.

“Weeeeell,” said Rose thoughtfully tapping her chin with the tip of her wand. “Magic is a fantastically complex thing to muck about with, you know. Especially messing about with spells that you’ve already cast! Of course, it’s very lucky for you that you’ve got such a wonderfully skilled and masterful fairy godkitsune such as myself on your side, but even with my monsterously staggering intellect, it may take me some time to properly apply myself to the problem.”

“H-how long?”

The little vixen considered this seriously before announcing, “I very well think that I may have a solution by the end of the day.”

“The end of the day!” repeated Alex, mouth dropping open at the prospect of spending the rest of the day waddling around in the thick diaper. “You can’t seriously expect me to wait that long!”

“You’re very lucky, in fact,” said the vixen, a trifle huffily. “Look at me, offering to help out when I’ve already so graciously and masterly fulfilled a wish for you already! You’d be in a jam if I was any less of the wonderful individual that I happen to be.”

Indignation flared up, pushing away some of the feline’s embarrassment in the situation. He loudly insisted, “Putting me back in nursery school most definitely does not count as fulfilling my wish! I asked for something less stressful, not to be treated like a baby, and I’m starting to think… starting to think that…”

He trailed off, aware of a curious sensation, a feeling of warmth that seemed to radiate outwards from between his legs. Without consciously telling himself to do so, the feline spread his legs further apart and straightened up a little, stifling a quiet and reflexive mewl as the warm feeling increased in intensity. The unusual feeling crested after a moment and then started to diminished, and soon it was gone as quickly as it had arrived. The feline blinked in puzzlement, trying to figure out what had just happened when he settled back down and in doing so put pressure on the bulk of his crinkly garment with his crotch again. It felt warm, surprisingly so. Alex glanced down. The disposable comfortably hugging his hips had acquired a noticeable sag and Alex was able to notice a faint yellow tinge in the plastic exterior. He gradually came to realize with dawning embarrassment that he had just soaked his diaper and it had felt very very good.

“Well!” cheerfully interjected Rose, drawing Alex out of his reverie. She was looking down at her feline charge with what was unmistakably a very amused grin. “I can see that you’re already starting to warm up to your situation, as it were,” she said with a ferociously wide smile. “I will take this as my leave to attend to the problem of rectifying your complaint, selflessly applying myself to your somewhat ungracious reaction to my charity, although I would never be so rude and uncouth as to actually point that out myself!” Alex, a furious blush nesting in his cheeks, made to protest but Rose took no heed and, with an expansive gesture and a flick of her wrist, disappeared into the ether.

Alex dumbly stared at the spot where his fairy godkitsune had been, numb with shock at the whole situation. His attention slipped back down to the freshly soaked diaper around his middle and he numbly reached out, placing his hand on the front. It was warm to the touch, evidence of the accident that he had just had. He sat there for a moment, simply comprehending all that had happened to him when a shadow fell over him, prompting the feline to look up.

A sizable and motherly looking lioness, looking to be somewhere in her thirties, stood smiling over him. She smiled, showing off a row of startlingly white teeth. “Well, well, it looks like a certain sleepyhead has woken up from his nap. I could hear you fussing from all the way over on the other side of the room.”

If she was surprised to see that one of her charges was a little bigger than the other ones, she certainly wasn’t showing it.

Alex gaped and began stuttering a reply which did absolutely nothing at all to faze the lioness. She deftly fiddled with the side of the crib, bringing it down before reaching to tug Alex closer to herself. Without so much as another word, she gently but firmly spread his legs apart so that she could access the babyish diaper between them. She wiggled her finger past the elastic around one of the leg holes and, ignoring Alex’s mewl of surprise, announced, “Just what I thought. No wonder you’re fussy, what with a wet diaper like that. Lets get you taken care of, kitten.”

Before Alex could register what was going on, the lioness had swept him up in her arms effortlessly. With no issue at all, she adjusted him to lay his head on her shoulder like she would any other kitten and started ferrying him towards the changing table that he had noticed against the wall earlier and, sure enough, she was soon gingerly laying him down atop the comfortable padded surface. It wasn’t until she started to undo the tapes of the disposable that Alex finally found his voice, piping up in a protest that come out as an indignant mewl. “S-stop! You don’t need to do that!”

The lioness just made a gentle shushing sound with her muzzle, reaching out to gently rub Alex’s stomach even while the other hand moved to deftly undo the last tape. “No fretting, little one. You can play with your friends in just a moment.” Alex could only watch, squirming helplessly, as the lioness tugged the diaper down and began to carefully clean him up with a wet wipe, moving carefully over the most private parts of his body in an effort to clean up the accident that he just had. Soon enough, the lioness had him cleaned up to her satisfaction and, once again moving Alex with no sign of exertion, lifted him up by his ankles so that she could drag the sodden diaper out from underneath him. A moment later, she was lifting him again so that she could push a fresh disposable, just as babyish as the first one, underneath him. A liberal powdering followed before the lion began to secure the diaper in place.

“Isn’t that much better?” soothingly asked the lioness once the last tape had been carefully positioned. Not waiting for an answer – not that Alex was in a proper state of mind to give a coherent one --, she gave the seat of his diaper a gentle pat before lifting him back up into arms. A short ferrying later, she deposited him in the center of the room among the other toddlers. “Now, snacktime isn’t for a little while longer, so you just play and have yourself some fun, little one.” A quick smooch to his forehead and she was gone, presumably to check on the other children.

Alex sat there on the soft carpet of the nursery, mortified in the realization that he had just had his diaper – his soggy and entirely soaked diaper – changed as if he was no more than a kitten. He glanced around at the infantile decor before giving his own arm a pinch. It hurt! Everything felt entirely real. This was definitely no dream.

The feline decided that after Rose fixed everything that she had mucked up, he would promptly strangle her. Deriving some comfort from this, Alex glanced towards the door, wondering if he could simply walk out. He hesitated a moment before pushing himself to his feet, wobbling a little unsteadily due to the thick diaper. He took an unsteady step towards the door when, all of a sudden, he felt an unfamiliar sense of vertigo and he fell right back down, landing on his padded rump with an undignified mewl of surprise. He couldn’t even walk properly anymore!

The afternoon that followed remained in Alex’s mind as one of the most surreal and embarrassing days that he had ever had. Eventually, with nothing else to do, he soon joined the “other” toddlers at play, the teenager-turned-kitten stacking blocks on top of each other, playing with soft plushes and doing other babyish activies. No one else, toddler or caretaker alike, batted an eye at the sight of a teenager crawling around on all fours, the crinkly seat of his diaper raised high.

After an hour of playing with the other babies, the promised snacktime finally rolled around. Alex, seated on his rear with his legs spread wide to accomodate dolls that he had been playing with for the last few minutes, was surprised by the strong hands reaching around his middle and soon enough he was being lifted into the air again by the same lioness that had pulled him out of the crib. “Time for your bottle,” she announced cheerfully as she adjusted him in his arms, saying this as if it were the most fantastic thing in the world.

“L-look, I don’t need a bottle!” Alex quickly began to insist in a mewl, struggling for all the good it would do, which was very little. The lion seemed ridiculously strong! She fetched a bottle from the refrigerator, seemingly immune to the feline’s pleading, and the two were soon settling down into a chair with the lioness once more adjusting her charge in her lap. “Can’t you see that I’m sixteen? This is ridiculous! I don’t n–”

His complaints were swiftly brought to an end, forcibly stopped by the rubber nipple that, gentle but firm, had been pushed into his mouth. Again, just like when he had wet his diaper in the crib, he felt that same instinctual feeling that signified his body was taking over and his muzzle began to move of his own accord, working back in forth in a hungry suckle. Almost immediately, he was rewarded with the taste of milk, which seemed to taste far better to him than it ever had before. His mind began to get a little fuzzy and it was all that he could do to keep nursing. A warm feeling of contentment washed over his body as he fell into a rhythm and he became loosely aware of the fact that he had begin to purr loudly between sucks.

This continued until every last trace of milk had been sucked out from the bottle. Still in his pleasant haze, Alex was aware that the lioness had begun to shift him in her lap and he soon found himself lying against her, head laying against her shoulder. His caretaker begin to gently pat his back and it wasn’t until after he gave the sleepy belch that he realized what had just happened. He had been burped.

“Isn’t that much better?” soothingly questioned the lioness. She pulled Alex up and gave him a kiss on his forehead, meriting another blush from the dazed feline. He was gathered back into her arms and soon enough he was being lowered back onto the floor of the play area, but not before the lioness tugged once more at the waist band of Alex’s diaper. Finding him satisfactorily dry, she patted his back and said, “Back to your fun, little one.”

I’ve just been bottlefed like a little kitten, realized Alex. His tongue snuck out and he licked his muzzle without willing himself to do so, every little taste of milk precious. And I liked it, he added, the realization causing another fresh bloom of embarrassment on his cheeks. He contented himself both with the idea of having his revenge on the fairy when she returned, along with the comforting thought that it couldn’t get any worse.

He was wrong, of course.

It happened while he was crawling towards a pile of blankets, intending to close his eyes and nap for lack of anything else to do. He had spent another hour playing with the other toddlers, but there’s only so long that a teenager can stack blocks on top of each other before he starts to go out of his mind. A quick sleep had sounded like a good idea – with any luck, Rose would be back by the time that he was awake again so that he could get out of his infantile prison. He was about halfway to the blankets when, like earlier, he felt a curious sensation down below.

Again, Alex’s body began to act without giving him the slightest moment to stop himself. The feline arched his back up, making the seat of his diaper even more prominent, and began to push. He realized what was about to happen just a beat before it actually happened and he was helpless to stop it, muscles involuntarily pushing the contents of his bowels into his diaper. A small and involuntary grunt escaped from his muzzle as he continued, pushing every last bit out and causing his diaper seat to slightly distend with the weight of the mess that he had just deposited into it.

More than anything else that had happened so far, this shocked Alex. The complete babyishness of it all, helplessly messing his diaper while crawling across the floor on all fours! Before he could stop himself, he felt hot tears rushing to his eyes and moments later he was sobbing like the baby that he resembled.

Almost immediately his caretaker returned to him, reaching down to pull him up into her arms all the while making gentle soothing sounds. The ferocity of Alex’s crying only increased as he was shifted in being picked up, the movement causing his full disposable to hug tightly against his rump, emphasizing the size of the accident that he just had. This continued all the while as he carried to and lain back on the changing table. “There, there, sweetie. Hush your tears and let momma take care of it,” soothed the lioness as she untaped the diaper and dived into the business of cleaning him back up.

Eventually Alex did settle down from his crying, comforted in no small way by the thumb that he pushed into his mouth and began to suckle. Sniffly and embarrassed, he was sure that now it certainly could not get any worse.

“Well, gosh. I leave you alone for a couple of hours in daycare and you’re practically turning into one of the natives. Are you sure you don’t belong in here?”

It was Rose again. Sitting on a shelf overlooking the changing table – just out of grabbing reach, Alex noted – was the self-proclaimed fairy godkitsune, looking down at the prone teenager with that everpresent smile widely stretched across her muzzle.

Alex’s eyes widened. He quickly tugged his thumb out of his mouth – how did that get there anyway? – and fixed the fae with the most fierce and intimidating gesture that he could muster while lying flat on his back, having his messy diaper changed by a humming lioness. It was neither fierce nor intimidating.

“Where have you been?” mewled Alex irately. “The last couple of hours have been the worse that I’ve ever had, and it’s all thanks to you!”

If the caretaker was startled in any way to see her teenaged charge talking to a fairy, she gave no notice of such and instead cheerfully continued in the process of cleaning and changing Alex.

“I told you that the process of undoing spells was torturously complicated! You wouldn’t want me to mess things up, would you? Anyway,” she continued slyly, “You didn’t look so upset when you were being bottlefed earlier. Practically purring like a kitten, I do believe.”

At this, Alex’s face burned red. Defensively, he began explaining, “That wasn’t me… your stupid spell, and I wa–.” He paused, breaking off suddenly as a thought occurred. “If you were so busy figuring out how to fix this than how do you know what has been happening to me?” he practically roared.

The first semblance of guilt crept into Rose’s expression but she rallied magnificently, holding up a dismissive paw. “I am your fairy godkitsune, am I not? It logically follows that I am responsible for your well-being and as such, it is perfectly fitting that I should check up on you from time to time! And I certainly don’t mean to offend, and a sensitive and caring individual such as myself would never actually point out the embarrassing fact that you were sucking on that bottle with all the hungry enthusiasm of a year-old kitten.”

Alex was momentarily lost for words in his embarrassment. When he finally had the power of speech back under his control, it was all he could do to cross his arms, muzzle slightly thrust out in a pout. “W-well. None of that even matters anymore, because now you’re going to put everything back to normal.”

“Weeeeeell…,” began Rose. “I’m definitely almost there. This particular instance is rather difficult, given the scope of change, but I think I’m very close to having the solution entirely fig–”

“I’m not letting you take any longer! I’ve waited long enough! I wish things were back to normal, right now!” The lioness gently said, “Hush, little one. No need to be fussy,” even as she lifted Alex’s legs up to slide a new diaper underneath his rump. This caused a brief surge of embarrassment in Alex, but he was adamant – he wasn’t going to let Rose wiggle out of this one.

“Well, gosh,” said the little vixen. “Were I a meaner fairy, I might point out a certain kitten seems rather grumpy and in dire need of a nap, but it’s very lucky for you that, as I have already covered, I am a wonderful person in all respects, including manners. If you’re really sure–”

“I’m sure!” huffed Alex, ears red as his caretaker, who had gone back to humming, began to tape up his fresh disposable.

“Well, gosh! You don’t have to be so emphatic! I suppose that I can make do with what I’ve got,” returned the vixen. The tiny vulpine straightened up, making another vivacious gesture. “One return to normalcy, just as ordered!”

This time, Rose only had to try twice for the world-altering magic to finally kick into effect and Alex soon experienced that same sudden feeling of lightheadedness as the world around him changed.

Alex’s return to consciousness was just as unpleasant the second time around as it was the first. He gave an unhappy groan at the pounding of his head, squirming across the surface he was laying across – a much harder surface than the one that he had woken up atop the last time he came to. The initial pain and dizziness passed after a couple of moments and Alex was soon able to sit up. Gradually, the bleariness of his vision began to subside and he recognized where he was: one of the bathrooms in his school. His high school. He was back.

The feline wasn’t quite able to keep the pleased sigh of relief from escaping his muzzle as he pushed himself back to his feet, though the feeling was short-lived as he recognized the now-familiar feeling of thick padding between his legs. He was still dressed in the thick diapers that he had been wearing back at the daycare, though, thankfully enough, he now seemed properly able to walk, albeit at a waddle now.

There was a faint popping sound and Rose popped into being in front of him, the translucent wings on her back almost invisible as they beat furiously back and forth, keeping the little fairy aloft. She looked quite pleased with herself. “It’s as if you never left!” she said cheerfully. “Truly, I am a genius!”

Alex growled, tugging the hem of his pants down slightly, just enough to allow the top of the diaper to be exposed, showing off the babyish waistband across the top. “I think you forgot something, you idiot fairy!”

“A tiny detail,” trivialized Rose, making a dismissive gesture. “What matters is that you’re now back at your school, safe and sound, along with being entirely in possession with all limbs and organs that you started out with. No small feat, though luckily you happen to have assigned the very best f–”

“Fairy godkitsune, yes, yes, I know!” huffed Alex, tugging his pants up and crossing his arms angrily, entirely fed up with the ordeal that he had endured. “It’s a load of bull! You’re absolutely incompetent and, I bet, the worst out of the whole lot! You haven’t managed to do a single thing right!”

Rose’s mouth dropped open at this horriible accusation. She immediately went on the defensive, fluttering close to Alex’s face in a manner intimidating enough to make the padded feline back up a few uncomfortable steps over the bathrom tile.

“It certainly isn’t my fault if you have been so entirely ungracious to not enjoy my creative interpretation of your bungling wish! It was very vague and open-ended and probably one of the very worst kind of wishes that a boy could make!” She huffed a little herself, tossing back her hair. “Most people have the sense to wish for wonderfully exciting things, like true love and such, not a way to play truant from high school!”

“You’re being ridiculous and furthermo–.” Alex stalled momentarily, comprehending what it was that he had just heard. He narrowed his eyes, suspiciously probing, “True love? You can make people fall in love with other?”

“Of course I can, you silly kitten,” said Rose, rolling her eyes. “That’s pretty much just what fairy godkitsunes are known for and you happen to be looking at the very best of all of them. At the risk of deviating from my usual entirely modest behavior, I think I should be allowed to say that love spells are practically my forte!”

Alex hesitated, diverted from his growing temper by Rose’s announcement. Immediately his mind drifted to Mary and Rose, as if entirely aware of the train of thought running through Alex’s mind, leaned forward and slyly grinned. “Have your eye set on a certain female already, as I can see.”

Alex reddened again which was, really, admittance enough.

“How fortunate for you that I am here! I have it within my power to grant you that which you most desire, further proving my excellence! All you have to do is utter the words and I promise to you that your dream girl will flock to you, smitten with affection and desire and all other sorts of syrupy and goopy adjectives for love! The cat shall have his mouse!” cheerfully chorused Rose. “All I require… is that you make the wish.”

Rose made another expansive gesture which was, in her favor, starting to get better. She had spent most of the time that Alex was stuck in daycare practicing, after all.

Alex was unsure. The previous three hours had been some of the oddest that he had ever had, but the thought of Mary was one that much too strong to be ignored. He bit down on the lower lip of his muzzle, debating for a full three seconds, before making up his mind. With a tremble of hesitation, he lifted a finger.

“I w-wish that Mary r-really liked me. Like, love liked,” he wished, adding the clarification on at the end on the basis that with Rose, the more specific he could be, the better.

“So romantic!” crooned Rose, hands clutched to her chest. She produced the wand and gave it a triumphant flick, saying, “Go forth then and be loved!”

This time it took a good thirty seconds of bashing the wand angrily against the side of the hand drying machine before it finally erupted into power, the tip blazing with a bright light that filled the tiny bathroom.

This time Alex did not lose consciousness, though his head certainly very much became lightheaded again. He was forced to his knees, legs pushed apart due to the thick diaper that he was still wearing, and gave a quiet moan as one of the weirdest sensations that he had ever felt passed over him. It really was an extremely queer feeling, and words like shifting, thickening, elongation come about as close as is possible in properly describing all the feelings that Alex experienced in a rapid passing of seconds.

The oddness came and passed and, very soon, the throbbing in the feline’s head stopped. He was aware that something had definitely changed, but he wasn’t sure what – part of it must have had to do with his clothes, because they felt quite differently against his body. He rubbed his forehead as he stood shakily to his feet, finally catching a look at himself in the mirror. There was something familiar about the feline staring back at him, obviously. Things were also different, though. His white hair was a good deal longer and his shirt was fitting him differently – much tighter, in certain places. Did he look a bit shorter too? He also had one of the most odd feelings that he had ever felt coming from down below, underneath the thick layer of padding that was hugging his waist, though he couldn’t quite say why. The realization of what it was came to him then as he curiously rubbed his hands over his chest.

His chest that was now punctuated by the firm developing breasts of a teenager.

Her chest.

She simply stared at herself in the mirror and probably would have kept going on for some time had not Rose finally decided to speak up, looking perfectly amused from her vantage point atop the hand drying machine. “Geez, I know that they’re pretty great and all but you should probably stop from fondling them in public places.”

Furious, Alex rounded on the fairy. “You’ve turned me into a girl! What the hell, you’ve turned me into a girl, you obnoxious little fairy!” Alex’s voice was almost a full octave higher, entirely proper for a young girl her age.

“There’s no need for that kind of language, little missy!” exclaimed Rose defensively. “I’ve merely fulfilled your wish to the letter, you ungracious feline!”

“My wish? Please remind me at what point I wished to be a girl because, excuse me, that part’s kind of slipping my mind!”

Rose huffed, standing herself up. She snapped two fingers together and, from thin air, Alex’s voice – the Alex that was male, anyway – sounded off in the small bathroom. “I w-wish that Mary r-really liked me. Like, love like.” With that done, she crossed her arms triumphantly, as if that proved her point.

“I wished for Mary to like me! I don’t see what that has to do with being a girl!”

Rose rolled her eyes in an extremely exaggerated gesture as if Alex was being completely clueless which, admittedly, he, now she, was. “You wished it for Mary to like you, maybe even love you! I, in my duties as fairy godkitsune, have changed things so that that happy situation will now be possible!”

“I don’t understand; what are you saying, that Mar–.” Alex suddenly fell silent, completely stunned at the realization that she had just come to. She stood entirely still, blinking furiously. Her mouth open and shut several times and it was several moments before she was finally able to question in a mewl, “You mean Mary’s a…?” She wasn’'t able to finish that sentence, so she followed it up with another. “Y-you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Again, Rose rolled her eyes. “This is a modern world, you know! People can do these things if they want, now! Anyway, I’m sure that it’s something that you’ll come to grow and love,” she said, grinning widely. The prospect of young love always excited her!

“You are going to change me back to normal, right now,” insisted Alex, growing suddenly ferocious again. Mary be damned, she wasn’t going to spend the rest of her life going into the other bathroom. “There is no way that I’m going out there as a girl! I knew that you were incompetent from the moment you first casted a spell and this is what I get for trusting a little twit like you!”

“Such nerve!” exclaimed the little vixen. She huffily crossed her arms, sticking out her tongue at the now rather attractively female feline. “Here I am, doing the absolute best that I can for a girl like you and I–”

She broke off midsentence which was entirely reasonable, given that she had to dodge the sudden lunge that Alex made for her. She fluttered up towards the ceiling of the bathroom as Alex continued to make leap after leap for her, the feline’s claws coming dangerously close several times.

Rose flitted into the corner, which proved to be a temporary refuge from the rampaging female. She quickly said, “Well! I can tell that you’re certainly in no mood to talk, an entirely unexpected turn of events, given my magnificent generousity! When you have settled down, I shall return so that you may thank me like you should of in the first place!”

With that, the fairy godkitsune vanished.

Alex settled back down, breathing heavily. Her bosom – and it really was quite an attractive one – heaved in place as she caught her breath from the sudden exertion. For a long stretch of time, she was simply too overwhelmed with all that had happened to even move but in time she finally glanced up, straightening up in front of the mirror. She stared at herself and then her hands began to move, tentatively spreading across her body to entirely take in the change.

It really was a magnificent bit of spellcraft. Her hands traveled from top to bottom, taking in her slender arms and shapely bosom, then moved further down, pausing momentarily over her petite tummy. Her hips, still ensconced in the snuggly and thick disposable diaper, felt substantially wider, though she didn’t quite feel up to tugging the diaper – the blue-coloured tape that had been across the top now a cheerful pink --down to survey the extent of the damages there. All of this sat atop a pair of slender and attractive legs.

Alex was a girl now. There was no denying it! She continued gaping at herself for a moment longer, giving a quiet mewl of helplessness at the trouble she had landed herself in before taking some deep breaths.

She could work everything out. When Rose came back, Alex would calmly but firmly explain to her that in no way at all would this do and that the little fae must change her back immediately. Once that was done, Alex would simply wish Rose away for good. The little fairy was just much more trouble than she was worth. With this decided and Alex calmed down, she glanced towards the door uncertainly. It looked like the only thing to do would be to get by as quietly could until the fae made her return.

Hesitantly, Alex stepped – waddled – out of the bathroom. A passing cougar gave her an odd look – she was coming out of the boy’s bathroom, after all --, but he said nothing. Alex caught sight of a clock hung against the opposite wall and perked slightly. Enough time had passed to allow school to be almost entirely over for the day. There was only a single class left: gym. With trepidation still hanging over her, the boy-turned-girl began to waddle towards the gym.

Alex was feeling more self-conscious than she had ever had in her life. At any moment, she expected one of the other students to point to her obviously waddling gait and call her out. More than that, she expected to hear gasps of surprise at the sudden transformation that Rose had brought about, but there were no remarks made either way. Some of her classmates even stopped to nod at her in greeting and it was to her shock when one of her friends who sat near her in English class cheerfully waved and said, “Hello, Alexis!”

It was just like in the daycare then, with no one noticing anything out of the normal. Alex – now Alexis – was pleased for at least this one small grace.

She almost made the mistake of going through the door into the male locker rooms, though she caught and corrected herself at the last moment. She hesitated at the doorway of the female’s changing room and, deciding to get this done as quickly as possible, steeled herself and pushed her way inside.

It was much the same as the boy’s locker room which was mildly surprising to the mind of the pubescent boy that Alexis had been. She had come in a bit late so already the locker room was beginning to empty itself as teenage girls slipped into their gym clothes and shuffled out into the gymnasium. There were several times that she pushed her eyes shut as he surveyed the roomful of females in various states of clothing transition only to remember that there was no no reason – she was equipped just the same as all of them, after all.

After a bit of wandering around, she eventually found a locker with her name on it, though she hovered hesitantly around it, not yet changing – not only due to the physical changes that she had undergone but also because of thick diaper around her waist that she was consistently aware of. It wasn’t until the last girl had trooped off that Alexis, after a moment of hesitation, began to undress herself. She wiggled herself out of her pants, leaving her in just her t-shirt and the very prominent disposable, and then pulled open her locker.

There was her gym uniform alright, but also catching her eye was the curious tower of white objects at the bottom. She nudged it with her toe and reddened slightly to realize that it was a stack of fresh white disposables. Why were those there, she wondered. If she was thankful for one thing, it was the fact that she was a teenager now, and sh–

“I was wondering where you were. Took your time in getting here, didn’t you?”

Alexis froze up. She knew that voice. Ears and cheeks as red as they had ever been, she turned around slowly in place, turning to face no other than Mary. The rodent that she was so infatuated stood in front of him, grinning slyly as she took the feline in and no one was more surprised than Alexis when she stepped closer, brushing her hand against the seat of Alexis’s diaper and squeezing, making the plastic garment crinkle loudly. Alexis became aware that Mary was now slightly taller than she was.

She had a sly grin on her face. It was the kind of grin that happens when a young person is flirting with a member of the opposite gender that they had just begun to notice or, in Mary’s case, the same gender.

“M-Mary, I… I-I…” Alexis wwas completely stunned. She had no idea whatsoever how to react to the diverse and complex knot of emotion that had risen up in her the moment that Mary had stepped closer and grabbed the seat of her diaper. She simply was not prepared for it.

Fortunately, there were parts of Alexis’s body that no longer required any prompting from Alexis to go into motion.

The feline suddenly became aware of a curious sensation between her legs, one that she was immediately familiar with. She bit down on the lower lip of her muzzle, stifling a mewl, though Mary quickly caught on. They both glanced downwards, watching as the plump disposable hugging Alexis’s hips began to gently fill up with the hot rush of urine helplessly escaping from the feline, causing the diaper to gently begin to sag, the crinkly plastic exterior acquiring a faint yellow tinge underneath Mary’s hand.

Mary looked up at Alexis and Alexis, frightened and mortified, looked up at Mary. They looked into each other’s eyes.

Then the mouse giggled, planting the most passionate kiss that Alexis had ever experienced onto her muzzle before gathering her in her arms, hugging the feline close to her. It was the intimate and affectionate squeeze of someone who was deeply and totally in love and it was a position that Alexis had dreamed about often before, though she never could have guessed that she would find her way here through such a bizarre set of circumstances. She was completely stunned and completely taken by surprise when the intimate moment was interrupted by a quiet smattering of giggling.

There was Rose, sitting atop a locker on the opposite side of the wall. Her hand was placed up against her muzzle, though it did nothing at all to stem the tide of the giggles that were sneaking out from every side.

“T-this is all your fault!” whispered Alexis hoarsely, still caught up in Mary’s tight embrace. She seemed not to notice Alexis’s speaking at all. “I w-wish that you would go away forever!” she angrily exclaimed before she could catch herself!

“Well!” said Rose, still tittering slightly. “I don’t think that I’ve ever met a more extraordinarily ungracious feline! To think of all the things that I’ve done for you! Nevertheless, let it never be said that the magnificent Rose was never one to push her company in places where it was not wanted! Your wish… is granted.”

Rose disappeared from sight. It was the last time that Alexis ever saw her again.

Re: Make A Wish

Beautifully written as always. Although I’m not usually into furry stuff, this might just be one of my favorite stories in a long time.

Re: Make A Wish

The fact that you were able to enjoy this even though furry really isn’t your thing meant a lot to me. Thank you loads for that.

I honestly think this is one of the best things I’ve ever written. I’ve never had things come together so tightly like that and the ending particularly flowed really well, which was really great, given that’s the part that I always think is the weakest.

After I finished it, I got this kind of “well, now that you’ve wrote this, might as well pack it in because it’s not getting any better” feeling.

Thank you again for reading.

Re: Make A Wish

I really dislike furry but… this was funny. Enjoyably funny :slight_smile:

Re: Make A Wish

I’m glad that you were able to still enjoy it!