Hi all wanting to post this story before I chicken out again so sorry if its not that great. Takes place in an AU earth thats kind of authoritarian. Ok Here goes


Checking the Wow armory on her phone one more time before the bus arrives Angel was satisfied with the stats of her lvl 85 crossbow she got while quest grinding near Stormstout brewery . Putting her phone away she looked over her things one more time " charger check ,clothes check, sleeping bag check, and Pull-Ups… Where are they…. Ah here we go check". Satisfied she found her replacements as she would need them soon .Not exactly on time a bus pulled with letters in big bold print MATURITY DETERMINATION FACILITY. A tiny bit of pee hit the Pull-Up as Angel entered the bus, a bus which led to her destiny.

It was at this facility 16 year olds receive their double M classification either MAJOR-MAJOR or MAJOR-MINOR as determined by an ever changing test. This was not a test you could cheat on although many have tried, to disastrous consequence. This test determines if you are mature enough to be a full part of society. If you fail you were designated a MAJOR-MINOR someone who despite their age could not be a full part of society,If you passed you were MAJOR-MAJOR granting full rights and privileges. As means of reinforcing the status quo children under 15 were given limited potty training with Pull-Ups to hold in any leakage that might occur. To mark their status MAJOR-MAJORs are given full potty training and the right to wear any form of covering they choose,within reason of course. While MAJOR-MINORS who cannot be trusted with certain responsibilities are given a pharmaceutic compound which creates total Incontinence, forcing them to be publicly diapered at all times.

On the bus Angel was talking to her friend Rachel about an epic raid they had beaten earlier that week Pull-Ups crinkling as they moved in their seats. After two hours the bus and it’s inhabitants arrive at the facility , the grounds looked like a converted summer camp with one large main building and two long barracks the right barracks had MAJOR-MAJOR written over the entrance on the other side the left barracks had MAJOR-MINOR written on it. The laughter and revelry had given way to a deep silence teens poured into the building in a ghostly fashion there in the main room they waited for their turn finally " group six" was called out it was Angels turn. Entering the testing room Angel saw it was sparse a cabinet , a padded chair and a large column with what looked like a tablet screen built in .“please put both hands in the marked area” a metallic voice called out from nowhere. Angel not sure what that would accomplish shakily put her hands on the screen

In that moment the screen sprang to life initiating the tests. They were numerous and vague but Angel held with them bright colors flashing in front of her , sequences of letters and numbers going every which way. Next came the questions which started out simple like " how are you feeling right now" to " Based on the evidence around you do we have free will". The worst part for Angel was the temperature changes going from hot to cold at various points she wasn’t allowed to take her eyes or hands away from the screen so there was little she could do to react. Finally after what seem like hours the testing was done and Angel was allowed to sit"please remain seated while your result are being evaluated" the speaker said. When she plopped down on the seat Angel noticed her Pull-Up was soaked " thats weird I should have felt something" she thought to herself. Normally she would switch the wet one out but her stuff was still in the cabinet and she was told to wait.

Excited to what fate had in store Angel waited eagerly for her results." we will now be updating your identification profile please remain still as we scan you" Angel stood up straight in the chair and gave a natural smile. FLASH " results tallied designation: MAJOR-MINOR you may now retrieve your personal belongings" Angel didn’t get up she sat in the chair crying no bawling as the results flash across the screen her life was over with that double M she couldn’t drive, get married have kids or vote essentially she had no voice.In reality it couldnt be farther from the truth but as far as Angel was concered her life was pretty much over. Stepping out of the room she followed the MAJOR-MINOR signs to an attendant waiting by the door " Angel Valentine group six" Angel nodded “ok follow me and we will get you more appropriate garments” Angel knew by garments he meant diapers. Angel joined another group of MAJOR-MINORs all coping in various way filing into the barracks where they would stay until everyone was sorted. Inside they were hit with the overwhelming scent of talcum powder with the barracks laid out as so. Past the entrance was two rows of changing tables followed by a play area and behind that beds for sleeping, Angel got onto one of the tables as an attendant came over to began the degrading process. First her pants and Pull-Ups were removed then as ordered she lifted up her legs so a clean diaper could be put under her butt, the attendant then wiped her crotch clean and doused it with powder finally taping the pure white diaper together tightly. Noticing Angels despondent nature " don’t cry you’re going to live a very happy life " the attendant cooed " You’re on easy street from here on out no politics, no looking for the potty, you don’t even have to worry about pants. "The ladies words failed to sooth her, Angel just wanted her mother.

Back at home angels mother Suma received the results of her daughter’s double M and sighed she wasn’t upset but she knew Angel would. Angel would need to feel normal in her new role thinking for a moment she decided to make some phone calls . A welcome home party would be a good start "a small one " she said out loud with that Suma set out on a party planning adventure. First she called the pharmacy to have Angels pull-ups switched with huggies after a minute or two on the phone they would be over at 3:30. Checking Angels Amazon wish list she got a few things Angel wanted such as the Frostwolf pup plush and also bought a few things that would allow for easy diaper access. A little later in the day Suma arrived at the party store 20 minutes later she left with balloons streamers and a congratulations banner.Poking around the attic she found some old baby stuff like bottles and a few pacifiers “this would be comforting to a MAJOR-MINOR” Suma said washing the items she felt she was now prepared for her daughter’s homecoming. As she was admiring her work her phone began to vibrate “hello” Suma stated it was Rachel and oddly she wanted talk about her daughter.

Back at the facility Angel was learning the basics of being a MAJOR-MINOR. It was a lot like being a baby again Angel thought as she looked at the big rule poster the room was less despondent now with everyone trying to make the best of things. The social center of things was the play area where everyone was either playing with the toys laid out for them or talking in groups. Angel deciding this wouldn’t get her down…anymore then they already had, decided it was time to call home,

Suma: Hi baby
Angel: hi mom … I got my double M….
Suma: I know sweet heart don’t worry I still love you and I promise you no one will make fun of you

Looking down at her diaper Angel blushed it already had a yellow stain and it was growing. Heart fluttering she continued

Angel: I’m worried about this guardian thing what am I going to do about that

Suma: a guardian is someone who takes care of you kind of like me only around your age but don’t worry now we will figure it out later

Angel : thanks mom I feel a little better I’ll see u tomorrow

Suma : ok sweety make the best of it

Getting of the phone Angel discovered it was dinner time and despite her surroundings it was not baby food. Dinner was square pizza with a choice of milk juice or soda a lot of kids picked either soda or juice angel and a few other went with milk, no matter the choice it arrived in a sippy cup. A few rolled their eyes but drank anyway noting a strange chemical aftertaste and by the time dinner was finished 10 pies had been eaten . While she was building a Lego version of The dark portal Angel felt a storm brewing in her lower gi tract " no not now " she whispered , a small poot left her behind . Now the 4 pieces of pizza were taking their toll with another quiet fart Angel had messed herself . At first she felt embarrassment she just messed herself in front of everyone but some that gave way to another feeling … Relief she didn’t need to go potty and she had not interrupted anything in a mad dash to the potty. With the contents of her bowls now deposited in the back of her diaper Angel went on with her creation no longer caring who saw. A few minutes later " ok you need a change before bed " it was another attendant back on the table the attendant removed the dirty diaper and liberally wiped down Angels behind then quickly taped a new diaper on her waist. For Angel it was still a little embarrassing but not like before, the diaper she had on now had more padding and nighttime written over the front in big purple letters. Setting down her sleeping bag Angel drifted peacefully off to sleep feeling a little more confident about her future …. The lullaby helped too.

Back on the bus that afternoon true to her mother’s word no one got picked on for their results , Angel was feeling fine for the most part a clean diaper for the road helped until she saw Rachel walking over to the bus. Angel shrank in place, Rachel was wearing pants meaning she was a major-major her friendship could be over she thought Rachel wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who went potty in their pants. " Angel" Rachel called out finally getting over to her Rachel asked " want to sit together on the bus?“seeming to ignore her best friends padded nether region. " ok” Angel non committedly stated , the ride home was uneventful bits of chatter here and there everyone just wanting to get home. Angel tried very hard not to talk about the elephant around her waist but finally " we got different double M’s " Angel blurted out " I know" Rachel said brushing it off " diapered or not you’re still my friend nothing will change that" looking down Rachel noticed Angels diaper was quite wet " but I may have to change your diaper" Rachel said with a smile . With the future of friendship restored Angel once again felt confident that everything was going to ok , feeling a familiar rumble Angel messed herself without a thought now content with her diapers. As Angel achieved diaper nirvana Rachel was heavily involved in a group text that she was very careful not to show.

Arriving in front of the mid sized victorian she called home she began to climb the stairs messy bottom available for all to see. Opening the front door her mother screamed " WELCOME HOME" causing Angel to jump and fall flat on her rear. Laughing her mother picked Angel up off the floor " you need a change messy girl" Angel smiled a clean diaper is always a good thing.Angel looked at her mother’s work the entryway had a big banner and in the kitchen there was pink streamers all over the place, the table had a big tower of Huggies in the themes Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, and Monster high. Where she normally sat on the kitchen table there was a baby bottle and bib. Angel followed her mother to her bedroom I wonder what mom did in here Angel thought, not much had changed as it turns out, there was a new changing table fully stocked which was put to use immediately. Mother went to work changing daughter’s diaper their bond gaining a newfound strength as mother positioned herself as protector once again, Finally Suma taped a monster high diaper on to Angel " ready to have dinner and open presents" Suma asked as she checked the diaper for leak holes. “Presents” Angel exclaimed getting very excited bouncing around the room " ok slow down dinner first then presents" Suma said smiling as she watched her padded girl bound down to the dinner table. Dinner consisted of buttermilk chicken with rice and a salad but before they could chow down the doorbell rang.Smiling again Suma went to answer the front door Angel had no clue what was on , sucking sprite from her bottle Angel was suddenly shrouded in darkness " Guess who".Now Angel was smiling “Rachel " she screamed with glee “what are you doing here? shouldn’t you be with your parents” sitting down Rachel gave her answer " I did see my parents and we had a small celebration now i’m here to see you”. The three ate with aplomb both Suma and Rachel doting over Angel as she scarfed down her chicken, stepping back a wee bit Suma allowed Rachel to attempt to feed Angel rice . Rachel took a spoonful of rice " here come the train choo choo" to both their surprise Angel opened her mouth and took the spoon. Rachel continued to spoon feed her friend playing games like choo choo train and airplane grains of rice spilling on Angels bib as she was giggling with each mouth full. Both girls finished the meal with happy bellies ,shifting to the living room Angel went to town on the large pile of gifts.

Grabbing a mid sized box closest to her Angel tore into the blue wrapping paper sending the bits flying into the air. Opening the box “awww” angel screamed as she grabbed the frostwolf cub plush and lovingly crushed it in a bear hug. FLASH Suma took a picture of her daughters cute behavior FLASH now Rachel was taking pictures with Angel loving every minute of it. After opening a few more boxes Angels gift count totaled 3 plushies 1 French beret and at least 10 sets of chaps in various fabrics major minors are required to have their diapers visible at all times after all. Saying goodbye to Rachel and putting her gifts away barring her frostwolf plush Angel changed for bed with the help of her mother of course. Waddling to bed Angel reflected on recent events well it’s not great but not terrible either things are still mostly the same and now I can bring whatever i want to school… thats cool i guess. and maybe i can still have a family and zzzzzz .

With the end of the weekend comes the dawn of school and unlike all other times Angel was ready dressed in her new beret with a pink anime shirt and a pair of dark denim chaps. " Angel honey aren’t you forgetting something" her mom said as she walked over to her, looking around the room angle found everything in order " no i don’t think so" .Rolling her eyes Suma pointed out Angels sodden purple nighttime diaper , rubbing her neck a little Angel squeaked out an " oh" before following her mother to be changed. After getting changed and dressed… again Angel sat down for a bowl of corn flakes and a bottle of cranberry juice. Finishing up the latest episode of Omutsu sentai Jujuner Angel put on her shoes, grabbed her frostwolf and ran out the door " Bye mom " she called “bye honey have a good day” her mother called back. “we bombed that Dungeon last night” it was Rachel trying to catch up " I know that healer had no idea how to manage his mana" Angel said in agreement following it with " i really wanted those boots" patting her friend on the back encouragingly Rachel said " don’t worry you’ll get your boots next time " with that said the pair continued down the road to school.

A few hours later Angel was sitting through a Double M Required class about social order and why potty training is bad for them or something like that " so class with the development of the urethral disruptor it is biologically im " the teacher droned on Angels interest slowly dribbling out like the pee dribbling out into her diaper. Setting her notes aside Angel hugged her frostwolf that was resting in her lap waiting for the bell to ring. Beeeeeep the bell rang and all the students went racing to the door ,Angel as her contribution to the mob ran down to gym so she could have time to get changed and be changed by the southeast matron. Reaching the matrons door she opened it to find Matron Rose wiping the mud away from the behind of Sam Veil nice kid but a bit odd with the whole ghost hunting thing . The matron took a look at Angel and said " one sec" as she poured baby powder over Sam front then taping up his diaper. Sam then jumped of the table said his thank yous and ran off to his next class, turning her attention to Angel’s messy bottom she repeated the same process wipes,powder, diaper before turning the girl loose into the world.

Gym class was gym class only Angel really didn’t have to wear chaps and she couldn’t bring her plushie which made her pout for a few seconds before warm ups. Angel spent a lot of time playing PC games but she wasn’t fat or out of shape it was her flexibility that brought her down, she did during the run and the weights but when it came to do yoga she was hopeless. " ok we’re going to stretch out like so" as the coach extended her right arm and leg while balancing on her left leg " Angel you need to extend your leg more" when Angel tried she looked more like a mixed up scarecrow then a graceful dancer. looking at this mess the coach just sighed and huffed " carry on". With Gym over she made her way to the Cafeteria, entering the open space Angel immediately Found Rachel chatting with Alex , Sam and Diana . Briefly looking under the table she found her friends classified as followed Alex MAJOR-MAJOR, Sam MAJOR-MINOR, and Diana MAJOR-MAJOR the only one not in the group was Serena. CLANG Serena dropped her tray on to the table surprising everyone " I hate him" she cried as she crashed down on her padded rear. Alex, Diana and Rachel all went over to comfort her while Angel nudged Spencer “what’s happened” Sam blinked and replied with " it’s Max he broke up with Serena he’s dating Rebecca now"
" the witch"
" no the tennis captain"
" why her ?"
" Max told Serena he doesn’t want to date someone and i quote ’ shits themselves all the time’ "
Sam just nodded his head in agreement both looking on as Serena finally calmed down. " there there eat something and you’ll feel better " Diana said as she patted Serena on the back, taking a bite of her carrot stick Serena sniffed " thank you" . Now that things had calmed down Spencer stepped into the conversation " want me to cover his locker in fake snot" Sam was good with stuff like that, Alex channeling her inner sassy black woman hit Sam upside the head " oww Alex that hurt" " don’t say things like that both of you will get in trouble" Serena trying to break up the exchange said " maybe later". Rachel cleared her throat and everyone went silent " ok our raid list resets in four days so let’s go over who gathering what" looking at some papers from her folder Rachel went down the list " Alex you’re on first aid duty we need about 10 sets of Windwool bandage, Angel you’re of cooking duty we need green fish curry lots of it…. Sam Enchantments be ready… and don’t spend all your money on transmogs." " that was one time" " whatever and finally i’ve got repairs ok Warlords of Draenor comes out next year and we will be more than ready by that time". With Rachel’s rousing speech in mind they went of to their afternoon classes heads full of virtual loot and mounts they would soon get. 2:26 rolled around as it always does with students either running out or visiting the matron for one more change our little group in the center of it all saying their goodbyes the six broke of into pairs and went their respective ways.

Walking toward the more upscale part of town Alex had her face in her iPad with Sam looking on in an irritated manner finally asking " whatcha reading" . " nothing " Alex said in a tone of avoidance . Knowing what she meant by nothing Sam evolved from irritated to very irritated " your reading that care guide again" Alex shrunk in her space and shrugged her shoulders " I want to get this right" now it was Sam’s turn to roll his eyes" you’re my girlfriend I’m your boyfriend all we need is right here" Sam said a he put his hand on Alex’s heart ." babe that was beautiful …. but you can’t rush into heavy stuff like this " looking back at his girlfriend Sam came back with this statement" Look I know there’s a lot of legal stuff with me being a Major-Minor but that co……poot ….sorry later so relax we …. Have …… Time. " . Walking up to the gate Sam punched in his code allowing them to proceed to the mansion. The villa had three great wings the main wing with all the normal household amenities and Sam’s father’s office, the west wing which had been locked up the day after Sam’s grandfather died and finally the eastwing where sam lived. Looking at the interior one could be mistaken for thinking they were in a daycare center. " guess the Veil’s believe in regression" Alex said under her breath, the walls were a freshly painted light blue with various animals dotting the surface, all sharp corners had been sanded down smooth and that not even getting to the rooms yet. First thing of note was the bright gilded sign on each door reading as followed bathroom , Samuel’s room , kitchen , changing room , playroom , and finally storage.All of said we’re fully stocked with Braunarm brand toddler furniture, in fact everything in this wing had Veil holdings branding on it. Entering Sam’s room the pair made their way over to the desk and went about their algebra homework, half way through Alex’s mind began to wander " am I ever going to use this…." Alex then set her eyes on Sam’s camera equipment " if Sam’s dad is rich why are we going out to graveyards with cheap cameras …… I should be worried about how easily I said that" . after an hour Alex and Sam finished their work Sam attempted to excuse himself but Alex had none of it. Sam reluctantly led his girlfriend to the changing room, the room boasted a large white changing table fully stocked. Laying down Alex undid the tapes of her boyfriends diaper, removing the wet garment and tossing it into the pail. Taking a clean diaper from the bottom of the table Alex opened it up revealing the baby dragons dotting the exterior. Putting the diaper underneath Sam’s butt then laying a fair amount of baby powder over Sam’s crotch then finally taping the diaper. the pair then walked out of the room Sam talking Alex’s ear off with talk of spectral heat signatures.

Turning the corner things took a turn for the bizarre Diana and Serena were coming up to their house. Approaching the metal gate Diana open the throat and walked into the rounded square they called they lived with their father Jason Smith self styled abstract artist and head of community park service. “Papa ,papa are you home?” Diana called out while Serena put her backpack in her room. " girls I’m on the ceiling " true to his word their father was suspended on a wire close to the ceiling painting Ronald Reagan along with other U.S presidents in place of buildings in town.Lowering himself back onto solid ground Jason hugged Serena having received word about Serena’s day from Diana.The hug lasted for several minutes only interrupted by the beeping of the oven " dinners ready" Jason said as they all made their way into the kitchen.Dinner was Serena’s favorite mac and cheese and grilled chicken to soften the sting of teenage romance, and it work all Diana and her father could see was Serena’s blond locks flying over her plate as she consumed dinner, ring ring ring " hello Smith residents Jason speaking" Jason said " oh hi Karen…what happened … ok i’ll be right over" Jason said reluctantly. Diana gave her father a sideways look a one given many times before. Jason mouthed a quick sorry as he went to grab his coat. Diana stared at the back of her father’s painted stained coat no words being shared as he made his way out the door.

Back on the bulge the middle class area of town Angel and Rachel were engaged in a thoughtful nuanced discussion on fiscal responsibility . “no” " but" “no” " please" " no" " but I " sigh " Angel your mom put up a lot of money for your tower you don’t need a ps4 " tired of getting shut out Angel rebuked with " I know I don’t need a ps4 but I want one ,Bloodborne looks so cool" " I’m sure Bloodborne will be out on pc soon so for the last time you don’t need a ps4" Rachel said as she rolled her eyes.Getting down to the park the pair began their usual jog and as they went around the loop Angel fell farther and farther behind Rachel. Looking back at her friend Rachel saw Angels diaper sagging between her legs " ok lets take 5 minutes and go to the public changing room" . The public changing area was gross but it was private, Rachel took a small breath as Angel laid out her supplies." Why am I so flustered Angel’s practically my sister " she had changed diapers before but that was in class with a partner but Angel wasn’t allowed to do it herself so it fell to her.

Undoing the tapes with an audible rippppp Rachel saw the massive amount of moisture the diaper held as well as the beginning of a messy accident. Throwing the pink pants into a nearby bin Rachel then set about cleaning her friends privates taking extra care to wipe down her bum. Angel was also being surprisingly calm about all this, watching her friend from behind the frostwolf plush cheeks blushing wildly. Both girls finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel it was time for the fresh diaper. Rachel took a few minutes to see her options that went as followed

A standard white diaper with a fish band on the front

A pikachu with lightning bolts and a disappearing pokeball pattern

A pink Disney princess diaper

"Well she is my princess…… wait ……no……I didn’t mean it like that " Rachel thought trying to re-rail her train of thought. Moving away from such thoughts Rachel went with the pokemon diaper snuggly securing it to Angel. Leaving the house of stink both girls made their goodbyes and set sights on home.

Walking in promptly at 4:50 Rachel smelled her mother’s latest cooking nightmare, " Rachel are you home? " Rachel’s mother Jennifer called out. " yes mom it’s me … whats burning?" Rachel asked" sausage bread" her mother replied. " set the table while I get the veggies out of the microwave" " sure mom" " and tell Lisa dinner is ready" “will do” . Walking over to the detached studio Rachel rang the buzzer letting Lisa her mother’s guardian know she was there. " hmmm you’ve been a disobedient mouse haven’t you…. Countess will" buzzzzz " I’m in the middle of something" Lisa called out annoyed that her recording was ruined by the buzzer." Dinners ready" Rachel yelled at the door sigh " ok be out in a minute" Lisa yelled out. Stepping out of the darkened studio Lisa`s heavy set frame gave her an aura of authority despite the odd fashion choice of grey sweats and a scarlet vampire cape. Enjoying the damaged but delicious feast the trio engaged in the usual chatter that only stopped when Lisa excused herself and Jennifer to change Jennifer’s diaper. After dinner Rachel and Lisa were out talking in the back yard.

" I really care about her"

“being a guardian is a big responsibility”

“We’ve been together for years”

" Do you really love her?"

" yes when i think about our future I get excited,sweaty,and have butterflies in my stomach"

" do you think her mother would be okay with this?"

“Well you see……”

“You and your mother always getting ahead of themselves”

“So is that a yes?”

“well I’ll talk to your mother and see what she thinks”

Back at the Valentine residents Angel was in her room looking over some papers relating to her double m “ok so I can’t hold any government office…. but I can still be a federal worker but not a cop ok that makes sense”. Downstairs Suma was doing something much less thought provoking watching tv “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Inigo said on the tv as the screen cut to commercial " Girls just want to have fun so keep them going with Huggies Sportfit pants featuring new Marvel hero designs" the commercial beamed with pride.Rolling her eyes at the advert Suma thought about Rachel’s proposal “It was unusually forward of her…. but they’re both too young to worry about things like that……I haven’t even asked Angel what she thinks yet.” . Back up stairs Angel began reading her assigned text book work.The book was titled Social Responsibility : the right amount

a guardian is classified as a primary caregiver responsible for the emotional, physical, and developmental needs of a person or persons with the MAJOR-MINOR classification.To be a guardian one must be of course a classified as a MAJOR-MAJOR as well as complete a backround check ensuring a candidate has a clean criminal record. Unlike most things MAJOR-MINORS have the ability to choose their guardian provided the above requirements are met. However this is a rather large decision for a MAJOR-MINOR and is often done with the assistance of family and other close relatives. Not all guardians are benevolent , abuse is a definite concern and many bills go through washington each year to protect the vulnerable. And if you suspect a MAJOR-MINOR is being abused or are a MAJOR-MINOR being abused please call your local police.

Setting the book aside for the evening Angel decided it was time to turn in for the evening.Changing into her pajama shirt Angel proceeded to the window , looking out one the lights of the town. Forming waves across the uneven terrain breaking ever so often an island breaking out of the darkness around it.Searching for a few more minutes Angel found her target a two story ranch where Rachel lives,looking closely she could see the lights were still on meaning they were still awake. Stepping away from the window Angel settled into bed for a good yet soggy rest.

~ dream Sequence ~

Wind weaved around the spires and open terraces of Silvermoon City before running over the exposed skin of the resting undead. Shaking sleep off her corpse Angel stood up in her crib and looked into the mirror. A pair of yellow glowing eyes hidden by a mess of pale hair contrasted the blue green skin covering that was a simple linen shirt and a thick linen diaper. " good morning baby " a familiar voice called from the door. Looking over Angel saw Rachel remaining visually the same except for her high pointed elven ears and glowing green eyes ,stepping into the room Rachel threw open the curtains flooding the room with morning light. Rachel then picked up the undead girl and brought to her to a cloth covered table with a crude wooden mobile hanging over it. Laying Angel down on the table Rachel went about removing the dirty diaper as Angel swatted a windrider back and forth. " now baby it’s time for breakfast" Rachel said as she undid the top of her embersilk dress.


The following morning Angel woke up with an audible slush coming from her purple night diaper, getting out of bed Angel made her way down to the kitchen. There Suma was sitting enjoying a small cup of coffee " Morning honey sleep well" she said before looking at her daughter’s diaper Angel just shook her head sleepily " well let’s get you ready for today" Suma said getting up from her chair.Mother and daughter made their way into the bathroom.Changing had become automatic… for Suma Angel wasn’t allowed to change her own diapers and in a flurry of powder and wipes Angels purple diaper had been replaced with a fresh disney princess diaper. As she was eating breakfast Angel went over last night’s Warcraft infused dream. both girls were their respective avatars and while in real life breastfeeding an undead would be horrifying, to Angel something seemed right. The pair were practically sisters but now it was moving to something more and Angel liked where things were heading.

A few hours later Angel and the gang were in art class. It was a more relaxed setting than most of their other classes and they took full advantage of it. " so I set up a thermal camera in front of the old Spencer mansion … maybe I’ll get something good" Sam stated as he ran a straight edge over the surface of his clay bowl. " still believe that the music you heard was paranormal" Rachel said dryly " well do you have a better explanation " Sam said " well the mansion is still someone’s property they probably have a grounds keeper to look after the house" Rachel replied .Between them was Angel, Serena, and Diana listening to the two go back and forth neither side willing to secede ground “Easy you two” Mrs.Queen called out from her desk. A few minutes later the class stowed their creations and flood into the halls. And speaking of flood Angel stopped at the matrons office on her way to Algebra. the office had a different tone than the one close to the gym. Instead of the sanitized hospital nature of Matron Roses office, Matron Janet`s office gave a very preschool vibe." step on up i’ll be with you in a sec" the matron called out following those instructions Angel loosened her belt allowing her leg warmers to slide past her knees.At that moment the Matron arrived with all the nessary components for a change.Laying down Angel allowed her to remove the dirty diaper,and once removed Matron Janet cleaned the girls urine soaked front and mud caked bum, before setting a layer of powder and finally a diaper from Angels bag.With everything wraped up Angel stepped out of the office and followed the heard to the next class.

On the other side of the building Rachel and Diana were practicing their lessons on a plastic dummy in the lab portion of life studies. The lab partners were tasked with diapering the dummy which wouldn’t be so bad if the plastic limbs moved in more than one direction " so……. When are you going to ask her" Diana asked as she held up a pair of legs " ask what " Rachel said as she slid a cloth diaper underneath the dummy . " Angel you already have her mother’s permission " Diana responded " the right time …." Rachel answered trailing off at the end. " come on you’ve already done all this leg work and now you won’t take the final step "
" I’m waiting for it to feel less awkward"
" you’ve already spoon fed her "
" yes…but…."
" and have you changed her diaper "
" …. yes……"
" so quit worrying and ask her dragging your feet is pointless"
. Before Rachel could make any sort of statement the final Bell rang signaling the end of the school day, allowing Diana to leave with the last word. Rachel on her way home reflected on what Diana had said. " I…… but…… Yes …… Well " Rachel had difficulty forming a coherent response. No matter what logical road she tried to go down she came to the same conclusion " Diana’s right what am I afraid of ?" confidence rising she felt it was time to pop the question .

That turns out was easier said than done Rachel tried multiple times over the week but whenever she went up to Angel a dry heave was the only result. Getting very fed up with what she considered nonsense Angel decided to see what Sam and Alex thought of the situation . At the lunch room Sam and Alex listened intently on Angel’s tale of confusion " this whole week she hasn’t said a word and when she does look at me she opens her mouth it looks like she hiccuped" Sam took one look at Alex then Alex looked back at Sam reaching an understanding Angel clearly missed.Sam opened up first " Angel I think Rachel has a crush on you" Alex decided to pick up where her boy friend left " more than a crush I’d say, I think she’s in love " . the pair then turned to look at Angel waiting for her to say something and the wait lasted a good few minutes before Angel said " OK that’s a relief now I have more thinking to do". Post lunch Angel was sitting in study hall with Serena who was much better with secrets. " So that’s where things are right now and that was my dream" Serena carefully digested the story she had been given with Angel waiting in bated breath “well anything” Angel asked. “take initiative … don’t look at me like that” shaking herself into focus Angel asked " do you think it will work"
" let me put it this way if she doesn’t share your feelings you won’t have any doubt"

Angel stayed quiet for a moment various scenarios running through her head unable to focus on just one " need a push" Serena said standing above Angel. " Yes" Angel Replied gathering all her confidence, positioning herself at the door with Serena behind her Angel stood like a bullet ready go off. Beeeeeeeeeeeep Serena gave Angel a good shove sending Angel into the crowded hall moving her waddle could take her and crashing right into…… Rachel? “oww” both girls said in unison before regaining awareness. “Angel we really need to talk” Rachel started " I have something really important to say" Angel said " Can it wait I really need to tell you something" noticing how flustered and stiff Rachel still was Angel decided to get the leg up in this stalemate " I think I love you" calmly to her friend. Rachel was taken Slightly back " how did you know what i was going to say" more surprised than nervous. Gaining more confidence Angel gave her rather cheeky answer " well one of us had to say it" Angel was Smiling even more now seeing color return to her girlfriends face. " thats a relief" Rachel said taking her Angel in her arms " so…. girlfriend" Rachel asked " girlfriend " Angel replied.

Outside the school their friends were waiting for the result of the encounter hoping for the best but not expecting much. Then the glass door swung open Rachel’s arm was around Angel’s shoulder and Angels arm was around Rachel’s waist . " It’s official" Rachel called out followed by the cheers of their friends " took long enough " Sam said to himself with Alex then smacking him on his padded rear for being a party pooper. The stream of well wishes continued until the evening when the couple had to say their goodbyes. “This day was awesome” Angel said Rachel nodding in agreement, approaching the street where Rachel lived the couple gave each other one final look " see you tomorrow " Rachel asked. Without a single word Angel stole a kiss from the dark haired girl and ran off skipping down the street , leaving Rachel briefly stunned and then with only a smile.

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Dystopian-ish story. I can dig that. 8)

I liked that you used paragraphs instead of one big block of text. That’s always a start in the right direction. :slight_smile: I get that this story focuses on the diapers, but I’d also like to learn a little more about this very strict world- is it just like our except people are determined by the government to be either major-major or major-minor and sentenced to diapers?

It’s very helpful to readers if you start a new paragraph when another character is speaking, instead of mushing their conversation together in one paragraph. For the most part, you separated the various speakers, but towards the end you mushed several lines together.


“Blah” said Susie.

“Boo” said David.

instead of:

“Blah blah” said Susie. “Blah boo” said David.

Another part you name the characters then insert their lines, as if the characters are texting or IMing instead of speaking, or as if you suddenly switched from story format to play format.

this part:
Suma: Hi baby
Angel: hi mom … I got my double M….
Suma: I know sweet heart don’t worry I still love you and I promise you no one will make fun of you

Looking down at her diaper Angel blushed it already had a yellow stain and it was growing. Heart fluttering she continued

Angel: I’m worried about this guardian thing what am I going to do about that

Suma: a guardian is someone who takes care of you kind of like me only around your age but don’t worry now we will figure it out later

Angel : thanks mom I feel a little better I’ll see u tomorrow

Suma : ok sweety make the best of it


When I read it, I was worried that those like Angel who was determined to be in the major-minor category meant full-on regression; it looks like I was wrong. I do feel bad for Angel since there might’ve been some parents who’s children found themselves as Major-Minors become full-blown babies permanently given that I have reason to believe there are no second chances on that test even if the taker knew where they went wrong; I’m glad that society doesn’t exist here. MORE PLEASE!


I’ve been exploring the more full blown regression aspect. With the test you are on the right track you get one chance with your entire future on the line. Im a lore nerd so i want to dig deeper so yeah ill try and do more


I had a feeling about that test being 1 time only.


General comment: pacing. This is a huge amount of material as far as the plot goes, and the pace was actually overwhelming.

As far as the lore goes, this is an interesting concept, and one that has been touched on a couple times before. The plot is interesting, although the end of the chapter does seem to go right towards a cliche scenario.


Hi, I read this, thought I may as well comment on what’s here and what I’d like to see.

I found it a little bit distracting that MAJOR-MINOR and its counterpart are in all caps every time. Are they acronyms or something? Furthermore, though I guess in universe it could be useful to distinguish them from actual children, I don’t see any you really need to hyphenate them at all.

I really need to see more definite characterization to Angel and her friends. All there is right now is that everybody loves WoW, the one kid is really rich, and I guess is a Ghostbuster? Then there’s this relationship you’re trying to build between Angel and Rachel that hasn’t been fleshed out much.
It seems to me there’s still a lot of expository heavy lifting that needs doing to classify what these different societal roles are and the rationale for their existence. I guess the Caretaker-Minor relationship is pretty much the familial unit here? What does the test grade you on? Intelligence? Morality? The obvious criterion of continence?

Is very difficult to buy into the whole “one test completely determines your life” thing, even more so when the test itself was basically glossed over.
On actual planet Earth, most of these choices regarding broad demographics and socioeconomic position are chosen by the circumstances of one’s birth or selected by the individual.
If this system is fair and in the best interests of everyone, explain why, otherwise, you have yet another Diaper Dimension Dystopia, a framework I’ve grown pretty tired of.


I really enjoyed this story. I dont usually read stories of this “genre”, but I found this quite fun. I am certainly looking forward to see how you build and progress the relationship between Angel and Rachel.

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hi im still here and still very nervous but here we go.Id like to thank everyone for the tips and comments , my anxiety told me I was jumping into a pool filled with robo-sharks but it was wrong. Anyway this is a small continuation , when i originally posted the story I was writing from the view it was complete , so right now were in uncharted territory hope you like it all the same.

Angel continued to dance around until she came face to face with her mother who after seeing her daughters happy dance had a little smirk on her face. At dinner that evening Angel regaled Suma with the how everything went down, a bit more spastic than normal. Which was why Suma was glad she switched Angel to bottles and sippy cups when during a failing arm motion Angel sent a full cup of water flying into the other room. " Note to self , remind Rachel about bottles and cups " Suma thought as Angel ran into the living room.Dinner continued on normally after that with the pair finishing by 6:30 with Angel of to do homework leaving Suma alone with her thoughts " she looks so happy just like when i was with Jason,…. We haven’t visited in awhile. Jason if you could see her now you’d be so proud" .

Still a bit flustered from Angels surprise attack Rachel walked down her street in a bit of a daze narrowly avoiding trashcans, joggers, and small animals. It was only the smoke alarm from her house that brought her out of the rose colored fog, " well guess we’re doing take out" Rachel said out loud while shaking her head. The house had the distinct smell of charred chicken Rachel did her best to ignore it and formalize her posture. In the chaotic Kitchen Jennifer was on the phone helping someone with I.T. issues while at the same time taking the darkened bird out of the oven and if past meals were any indication a host of other things. Retrieving the menus she had carefully organized the week before Rachel retrieved the greek menu and placed three orders not bothering to ask the others . As her mother was a busy mess and Lisa was in the studio. Once the gyros had arrived and Lisa made sure Jennifer was free from distractions dinner was served. Rachel found herself the topic of discussion as Lisa had seen Angels kiss and her mother while approving of the relationship had a few thoughts " don’t you think it early to start kissing " and " I don’t want this disrupting your school work" , thankfully Lisa gave Rachel an errand air-quotes to run excusing her from the table.

The more things change the more they stay the same as it was said. Yesterday Angel and Rachel became an official couple today Angel was stuck listening to Sam and Rachel argue about some old house on the edge of town. “Sam that’s ridiculous even if the gates open its still trespassing " Rachel said trying to position herself on the moral high ground. But Sam was far from done " that gate has been rusted shut for years, there’s no proof that anyone’s living there no cars no lights nothing I understand that you might be scared but me ,Alex, Diana, and Serena are going”. " Dammit Sam" Angel said she knew that he knew that you didn’t call Rachel any variant of the word scared well not since the clown incident . And it worked Rachel was not about to have anyone think she was scared no matter the cost "Sam I am not scared i will see you tomorrow night, come on Angel lets go " she said leaving the lunchroom with Angel in tow.

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Uncharted or not, I like it; keep going.

With that now of the way: I’m glad that Angel and Rachel have their respective mothers’ blessings to see one-another as a couple, though I do have a question (just the 1): Is this Jason guy Angel’s father?



Yes Jason is Angels now deceased father and provided I can write both respectful and appropriate This plot thread will be expanded upon.


I look forward to it; explaining her late-father’s end can wait for if his obituary is shown