Mail Call completed short story

[size=14pt]Hi everybody, I wrote this story about a year ago. I left it so that if I chose to I could add to it but I was challenged to make a story that I didn’t leave a cliff hanger and was able to just be that one story by Daddy. I really liked the way this came out story wise.

I am not sure if it is a “good story” or not. I am very legally blind and i have learning disabilities that make writing for me a huge challenge but one that I love to do anyways. I would love to see what you all think of this story. I copied it from my own personal website so I hope that it copied correctly. :slight_smile:

Mail Call
By Mary Francen

He had been the mailman on this route now for several years and he had also gotten to know each house and its occupants very well even if those people didn’t know him at all. You could tell a lot about a person by the way they kept their house and by the mail that they received.

Take Mr. and Mrs. Bentley the older couple down the street they didn’t get a lot of catalogs or junk mailings at all. Their bills came regularly and went out the very next day; they didn’t have credit cards stacked up to the roof of their pretty little bungalow that they kept immaculately not even a blade of grass out of order. So he was a little shocked when he saw the home go up for sale one day and even more surprised when it was sold only a week later.

The new owner a single young lady moved into the home in mid-winter so he didn’t get to see her out of doors to often but he did see that she always kept her walkway free of snow and ice and not just a small pathway but the entire thing had not one ounce of ice or snow on it. This impressed him it did whenever he saw this from one of his customers because of course it made his job much more dangerous when there was ice or snow on the ground. Miss Hamleton was also a neat and orderly women he could see that by the sidewalk she didn’t have a bunch of junk mail that arrived but he did see that she could be a little scattered when it came to getting her bills out because there were times that she would be running him down on the sidewalk waving a piece of mail in her hand asking for him to please mail it for her.

She was always very apologetic and kind when she asked him to interrupt his route after leaving her home the blush on her face gave away her feelings of embarrassment to the situation. But there was always something else that she would do at those times one hand would go to play with the buttons of her shirt while the other seemed to go behind her as if to cover her bottom. Afterward he would pass close to her house on the next street a few times he could have sworn he heard her crying in her house and even more odd he had heard what he could only describe as a smacking sound following those cries.
Even though he was a very nice mailman Luis did have his likes to certain kinky thoughts and even though those sounds could be part of those kinky thoughts he quickly dismissed it as nothing.

Luis noticed that she did get a package delivered very regularly, like clockwork on the first day of the month a large box would come and she would blush slightly as she signed the electronic signature pad.

While trying to get the bar code to scan he looked at the return address and that is when his heart skipped a beat just as she opened the front door. “Good morning Luis.” She smiled at him innocently as it was his turn to blush. “Ah good morning Miss Hamleton, I have a package for you here I just need a signature please.” He handed her the box first and then the electronic signature pad with a knowing smile.

Amy wondered what her mailman was blushing about as she took her box from him it hadn’t dawned on her yet that he had read the return address on the box then again why would it. “Thank you Luis how is your day today? Any dogs chasing you?” she felt a little naughty today so she decided to be a little bratty with him, besides what harm it could have she was alone now and had no consequences and she knew when to stop anyway with people who were outsiders.

Luis couldn’t believe what he had just heard from her mouth she had actually taunted him about being chased by a dog her laugh was a playful one she wasn’t being nasty but he was still shocked then it dawned on him she was in role. “Well MISS if I get chased by a dog I will know exactly where to come back to won’t I?” he decided to play right back with her as he used his own play voice and stance and watched her turn colors.

Amy Hamleton had moved into her home alone for the first time in a long time she felt alone in the strange city but she had managed to make a few friends online again and was happy to be back to who she was after such a disaster of a marriage she had vowed to never try being someone she was not ever again. When she was off she was herself at home that was normally a two year old little girl who liked to play and have fun, which wore diapers and played on the swing set in her backyard and in the sandbox she also had put in and once summer came the pool she would have set up. The only thing missing was someone to play with. The day the mailman handed her the box of diapers she ordered special from online and he smiled that smile that everyone who knew what things came in boxes like those had she decided to just stay her bratty little self, she was left speechless for a minute when she heard him speak to her like an adult would in her world but she didn’t stay that way for very long. “oh yeaahhh and what are you gonna do when you get back here Luis? Jump in bushes and hide from the big bad doggie?” She was now going for the full gambit in for a penny in for a pound.

Luis knew he had her pegged right and his smile showed that. “No I don’t hide in bushes little girl but you might want to.” He saw her face turn white then slowly red and soon she couldn’t even look him in the eye her face looked down towards the ground as if to check for some kind of mess on her doormat. “Is there something on the ground of interest Miss Amy Hamleton? Hmmm” he wondered what she would say to him now and he was glad it was lunchtime for him because he was blowing his route time.

Amy felt thrills run threw her body as he flirted with her but not in the normal way of flirting this way of flirting was the way she was looking for but would never have the guts to do to someone in person. She had accepted the fact that after her marriage ended that she would not find someone again because she did not want to end up in the same situation again. She had thought her husband had been an adult in her world but what he really was it turned out to be was just a liar and a controlling wife abuser who used her world as a way to dominate and hurt her. “umm I well Luis I, no the ground is fine.”

Luis crossed his arms and put on his face after smiling at her reply to him. “Well then I think that some little girl should be telling someone they are sorry for saying that they should be chased by a dog because that isn’t very nice thing to say. A person could get hurt if a dog chased them and it’s not nice to get hurt.” He knew he might be pushing his luck by scolding her but hey he was alone and didn’t really have much to lose either it’s not like he was being threatening in a bad way or anything like that.

Amy blushed and a smile crept across her face as she listened to Luis he sounded so as they said in her world grownup but he didn’t sound mean. She backed up away from the door and reached out her hand towards him biting on her upper lip she grabbed his hand and pulled not saying anything just pulled on his hand just like she would if she was really a small, small child without the adult vocabulary that she actually possessed. She was very relieved when she felt him give in to her pulling and he stepped into her home. “Want some milk and cookies Luis?” she smiled nicely up at him she was in full play now that he was in her home.

Luis had to laugh when she pulled him into her house he could see her adult insecurities showing through as she did it but as he walked in she did a twirl and when she stopped and looked up into his face and asked him if he wanted cookies and milk he just couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little. “Sure I would love some. Let me guess chocolate chip are your favorite?” He was making reference to her cookie monster headband as he followed her obediently to what he guessed was her kitchen. Not that she had much choice she still had a good grip on his hand.

Amy giggled and shook her head when he asked her if she liked chocolate chip the best. “Nope I love cinnamon sugar the best. You can sit right here.” She stopped short and turned and pushed him very gently backwards just like a kid would do with a big grin on her face.

Luis was thrilled this was turning out to be a great day even with her pushing him into a kitchen chair. “Hey no pushing please you can hurt someone by pushing them.” He put his mailbag on the floor at his feet and when she went to grab some mail he was faster and grabbed her hand speaking very sternly.
It was instinct on his part or perhaps he had forgot he was dealing with a real adult but as he took her hand away he turned her slightly and applied a very firm swat to her jean covered butt. He knew right away that she did not have panties on. Perhaps a pull-up he thought to himself as he delivered one final harder swat to her butt.

“NO! I can NOT let you play with that, it’s NOT a toy that is other people’s mail. If you want to play with mail you can play with what I already gave you. Do you understand me little girl NO touching my mailbag.” He looked her dead in the eye and saw her try to backup from him she looked a little frightened and he wasn’t sure if it was her playing or for real, he knew he had taken a bold step in his swatting her butt twice just like he would have a naughty child. Perhaps he had read things wrong.

“Miss Hamleton I know that you’re a child at home and I am fine with that in fact when I am at home I am grownup, but when I am at work I have to watch over this bag and the mail that’s in it VERY closely. It’s a federal crime to mess around with it. If I let you play with that mail and something happens to it, you could go to jail and so could I. I am sorry if I frightened you but I take my job very seriously it is very important to me to treat my customers very well ALL of them. I understand if you want me to leave if you do just say go away and I will.” Luis knew that she was upset she had a look of fear on her face and was holding one hand in an odd way against her chest playing with her one of the buttons on her shirt with her fingers, the other hand had went behind her to cover and rub the spot where she had received the swats from him. She could not make eye contact with him anymore.

Amy didn’t know what he was doing when he grabbed her and had swatted her like a child, she was only being an inquisitive child by picking up a piece of the mail she had no idea that he would get so upset about it but when he did she got scared she wasn’t sure if it was because he sounded like her ex or because she was afraid he would turn into her ex. “I don’t want you to go away Luis. I am sorry I touched your mailbag. I was only playing I wasn’t trying to make you mad.”

Luis stood up from his chair and smiled at her. “You didn’t make me mad Amy, I was being VERY stern with you because I needed to be. If I saw you about to run in front of a car I would act the same way but only because I needed you to pay very close attention to what I was telling you at the time. It was NOT a play thing and I needed you to understand that both in here as well as in here.” He gently touched first her head and then her chest where her heart would be as he spoke. “I know that you were only playing and not trying to hurt the mail or my bag but like I said it is a federal crime for anyone to play around with the mail. Those are not my rules ok? I wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to you especially over something as silly as you wanting to play with a catalog out of my bag.” He smiled at her in hopes of making her smile back at him.

Amy blushed but she did understand what he was telling her and she realized that the things he was saying her ex had never said to her it was always do what I said because I am the grownup or else. He had never had any real reason as to why she should do what he told her to do. She nodded her head Luis and spoke. “Ok Luis I understand and I won’t play with your bag or the mail that’s in it but I can’t promise my cat won’t touch it.” she smiled and pointed down at her cat who was rubbing her face against his bag as she spoke to him and it made her start to laugh which brought back her playful mood which caused her to jump up and down as she laughed and clap her hands.

Several months had passed since that first day and Amy and Luis had begun to date each other during that time now a year and a half later they had decided to move in together and give it a trial period to see if they enjoyed each other’s company on a permanent basis and not just on the weekends and evenings.

For Amy she loved when he would stop by in the evening and put her to bed he would bathe her himself and put a fresh diaper on her and spend some quality play time with her they would color play outside on the swings and in the sandbox go for a walk together watch TV play with her cat eat some desert and then wash up face and hands and teeth before snuggling up with her. At bedtime itself he would talk to her about her day and as the grownup he would decide if she had earned going to bed with a very sore bottom or just a hot bottom. The two of them had discussed what it was that she had wanted in her everyday life and they incorporated it as best they could. He fed bottles of juice as they watched TV, gave her enemas both when she needed them as well as when she was being punished, spanked her each night at bedtime because she liked how her bottom felt when she went to bed in her freshly spanked and powdered up diaper even when she hadn’t been punished so they made punishment worse by adding a owie bottom to it and a much harsher spanking that didn’t end just on her bottom but went between her legs and the backs of her legs where she hated being spanked the most.

Amy both loved and hated the new life she had with Luis, she loved the fact that she had someone in her life who took care of her emotional needs as she called them but she hated that he also took care of putting her across his knee and then into the nearest corner with her bare red bottom open for the world to see while she bawled her eyes out. She loved the fact that he was always there when she got sick he took such good care of her that she would be better very quickly, he didn’t care if she was throwing up he held her in his lap anyway and rocked her gently while she sobbed about not feeling good. She hated that he enforced the things that she wanted in her life he hadn’t set any rules he had made her set them up for herself but he was the one to enforce them and he did it VERY well. If she was tired she needed to take a nap, she hated naps Luis knew this and he would check on her every day to see if she was doing what she knew she should be doing. There were many days where he spent his lunch hour putting her down for a nap after putting her across his knee because she had thrown a temper tantrum about it.

Now that he was going to be moving into the house she was nervous no more would she be able to hide the extra candy she snitched or the extra TV she knew she shouldn’t be watching when she was supposed to be cleaning up the house things like that, but she was very excited to see if in fact her fairy tale could really come true and have been hand delivered to her front door.

Luis had found out all about Amy’s past marriage and the things that made her tick in the time they had been dating at times her insecurities about grownups would show themselves and this worried him the most about moving into her house, then again he had his own insecurities about little girls and big girls so instead he tried to always keep a grip on his baggage treating it like the dead letter bin at work.

When he had talked with Amy they talked about everything every single detail that he could think of both about their adult world as well as their home life he didn’t want a lack of communicating to ruin this relationship. He also wanted Amy to be the one to set up what she wanted in her life but he was the grownup and he enforced the things that she wanted. He was firm with her at all times when she did not live up to the things that she had committed to doing if she broke a rule there was an established list of consequences that she was already aware would happen the two of them had made a chart, there were things that had a warning system such as being sassy with him, getting whiny, but there were things like telling a fib that had automatic consequences with no warnings if she fibbed to him she received the punishment listed.

He also loved the fact that she was very active as a little girl she did everything from hiking in the various parks to riding bikes, hers was pink and purple and had flairs hanging off the handle bars. She also loved to be a snuggle bug and would curl right up in his lap on the couch or bed or picnic blanket she didn’t care who saw her she loved being who she was and this thrilled him. He loved to watch her wiggle and squirm in his lap after he spanked her bottom to a deep red color while she finished her cries curled up around him as close as she could get. He also loved when she kicked her legs as wide open as they could go as his big red spoon smacked down onto the most tender sitting spots of her bottom and legs and as he pulled her bottom cheeks open and smacked the spoon down her howls and kicks made him feel so much towards her. she never tried to stand up or end the spanking by safe wording with him even though she had a safe word she had never used it not even once and when he spanked he SPANKED when she was being punished her inner legs and backs of her legs and the inside of her bottom cheeks would be as red as the spoon she was getting spanked with right along with her actual bottom, but he knew that she enjoyed a good bottom spanking so that is why he always made sure to punish her in the areas she HATED getting spanked he then sent her right into a corner sometimes with a plug in her bottom or an enema and a plug to hold an enema that he just put into her bottom while she sobbed. He knew how much she both liked and hated being punished like this she had told him that when she was punished this way it made her feel so out of control but that is why she liked it so much. Even when he made her empty the enema into a diaper he had just put on her and she felt the loss of control as she messed the diaper from the enema. She felt that out of control of her own life feeling. But she felt safe in knowing that even when she was out of control he was in control and kept her safe from harm.

He had never pushed sexual feelings with her. They had talked honestly about those things and while the two of them were both sexually active it was only in the big bedroom with all of the adult things in it and not in the little girl bed room. She was never little during those times they had made it so that was totally separated, and while sometimes the little girl or the big girl times did seem to cross paths they were careful to have a small break between the two vastly different lines.

Their first night living together was going to be interesting he knew tensions would be high on moving day for both of them and he had agreed to allow a bit more freedom in the areas of the rules that would apply to that but that would only go so far and he told her that. While he did punish right away when something happened he also believed that a reminder at bedtime was very effective for some things and that had happened to her many times already.

For now he took the gift he had gotten her and rang the doorbell for the last time, he hoped that she would like the blanket and the bath stuff as well as the pretty necklace that was a heart that had a separate necklace that had a key to it he was giving her the gold heart and he was keeping the key he had the jewelry store engrave todays date and the phrase. “To the future of our love Amy and Luis”

Amy opened the door and jumped out of it into Luis’s arms all giggles and smiles. “WELCOME HOME!!!” she bellowed and once she finished hugging him she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house just as she had done on the first day they began flirting with each other as he followed her inside she even repeated to him. “Do you want some cookies and milk Luis?”

Luis smiled as she flung open the door and pounced on him and then dragged him inside when she asked him about the cookies and milk and smiled up at him mischievously he looked at her. “No thank you not right now maybe in a little while Miss Hamleton I have a lot of work to do.” He winked back at her he had gotten her reference but also did not want her to drag him into the kitchen.

She was surprised that he still had his mail sack with him because it looked like he still had mail in it but she knew he was done with his route. He turned toward her and spoke “Oh Miss Hamleton, I almost forgot. We had a couple of package that did not get delivered to you on time.”

Reaching into the sack he pulled out the brown paper wrapped roll and placed it on the table where some of her drawing things were still at, he then pulled out a slightly bigger box that was wrapped in paper that had bubbles on it and placed it on the table as well. Then the last package he pulled out was wrapped in shiny paper that sparkled in the light, it had a red ribbon on it on the top the ribbon was made to form two hearts that were connected. This time he did not place it on the table this one he held out toward her.

He looked around the living room and saw that she had colored pictures and hung them EVERYWHERE that a kid could think to hang a picture a big banner was strung across one wall that read welcome home daddy. “The house looks very nice thank you very much for the wonderful welcome home.” He hugged her and kissed her forehead as he handed her the pretty box.[/size]

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[size=14pt]Hi I am not sure as to how too post here. I hope I didn’t break a rule or something or put my story in the wrong place. If I did could someone advise mee where to post it.

I thought this story would be ok to post because I had read a post that confused me about charters being kids in the storyline. That is not that the case here Amy is well over the age in any country as is her mailman. Louis. I honestly posted to hopefully gain some insight into being a better written so could someone me figure out if I did something bad :([/size]

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Not into spanking but this story was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: