Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

Figured I should post this here since I said I would.

Started writing a story because I was bored. This is gonna be a long one if I finish it, so stay tuned for more. Feel free to leave as harsh of criticism as you want down below. It’s a grimdark-as-hell twist on magical girl stories sort-of inspired by Madoka Magica with an adequate dose of age regression and diapers on the side.

Oh, and I built the characters as if they were from the Double Cross roleplaying game.

Anyways, the preferred method of reading this is to use the PDF through Google Drive.

Have a link to the story.

Current number of episodes (chapters): 2

Opening/Ending Themes if you’re into that sort of stuff:
Opening song: Wizard CLUB by UVERworld
Ending song: Night Diving by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (Sorry; can’t find a non-live version)

If you want other music, I suggest the Madoka Magica soundtrack. Maybe I’ll put which track goes with what part of the story at some point.

Episode 1: Transformation
from the perspective of Leah

The streets were dark this time of night. Leah led the way, her four – well, three – friends close behind. Allen, the hot-blooded philosophy major, who seemed to always be excited about some new thought. Annie, the frail English student, who finally got out of the hospital last week. Heather, of course, the nerd of the group, who spent most of her time focused on a screen. And then there was Robert. Robert, Heather’s older brother, who somehow decided that since she was invited, so was he. The “prodigy” seemed to always think his presence was needed even though nobody else ever did.

Oh, and then there was Leah.

Leah tried not to talk too much about herself. To make a long story short, her parents expected what they saw as great things from her, and she rebelled against it with every fiber of her being. You wouldn’t think much just looking at her – she was a B to C student with fairly odd friends but definitely not part of any crazy fringe groups. But when your parents’ expectations are that you be at the top of your class and “a fine example of the superior race,” you can see where that falls apart.

The group was on their way home to the dorms from a night hanging out at the local park. That was one strange thing about this group: their nights tended to be spent in long conversation rather than drinking and partying – not to say they didn’t engage in “normal college life,” but it wasn’t their first choice every night. Robert was trying to make jokes while Allen and Annie pretended to laugh, shooting meaningful glances at each other when he wasn’t looking. Heather was up ahead of them, just behind Leah, doing her best to stay out of interaction with her brother.

They continued on for some time before Leah first noticed the fog setting in. She didn’t think much of it until an unnatural silence began to accompany it. She looked over to Heather. “Let’s hope there’s no ghosts out tonight,” she joked. A worried look crossed Heather’s face for a second before she smiled. “I…don’t think we’re going to have to worry about that.”

As Heather finished her thought, a strange sound echoed in the distance, somewhere between a roar and a scream. Leah stopped dead in her tracks, as did Heather, Allen, and Annie. Robert kept on walking until he ran into Heather’s back. “Hey – watch what you’re doing! I’m trying to walk here.” Heather didn’t even bother to respond, fixated on some point in the distance. Leah glanced in that same direction, squinting to try to make out whatever had been responsible for the sound.

Slowly, a shambling figure entered her view, clutching their side. She stood there without moving, split between fear and curiosity. As the figure moved closer, it became quickly apparent that “it” was a badly wounded man, clutching his side while futilely trying to keep his blood inside his body. He made it to about fifteen feet from Leah before collapsing into a pool of blood.

No one dared make a sound as the red stain slowly crept outwards, away from the body. Although it seemed to Leah like an hour, it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds before another sound was heard in the distance, this time what may have been a wet slab of meat being dragged against concrete.

As Leah stood there petrified, it slowly came into view. A hulking monstrosity, towering above them, about twice the height of the tallest person she could remember seeing. Two arms and two legs seemed right, but nothing else about the creature felt like it had any right to exist. With its apparent lack of skin, its features became more pronounced: muscles throbbing, exposed veins pulsing, and piercing dead eyes, blacker than they could have possibly been on a lit city street. What made the situation even worse was the chunks of human she could see embedded in its flesh: a hand sticking out of its stomach, a foot seemingly misplaced on its shoulder, and someone’s face in place of a kneecap.

The monster, as that was the only thing Leah could think to call it, slowly came to a stop near the person who had fallen. It seemed to turn what made for a head towards the body before reaching out with an arm. Leah watched in horror as the monster seemed to suck the person inside of it, tearing him to shreds and assimilating him into the larger form.

It was at this time a shriek lept out from behind Leah; Annie had seemingly lost her ability to stay silent any longer. The creature’s attention quickly refocused on the group in front of itself as it took another step, coming yet closer to them.

Leah’s panic momentarily wore off as the adrenaline hit her. “Come on – this way!” she shouted as she grabbed Heather’s hand and sprinted into a nearby alleyway. The others quickly followed her directly into a dead end. Now surrounded on three sides by buildings of at least two stories and on the other by a monstrosity that could not have come from this world, Leah had no choice but to join Annie in her screams.

As if in direct response to Leah, a bright light flashed, momentarily blinding her. As she blinked rapidly, trying to clear her vision, a new figure became obvious, standing between her and the creature. A woman, looking to be in her early thirties, stood smiling and facing Leah. The monster, at least for the moment, appeared to have stopped its motion, blocked by a shining but translucent wall.

“Do you want to live?”

A voice rang out, and it took a second for Leah to realize it was coming from the woman. From behind her, another. “Who…who are you? What’s going on?” Allen’s voice. That one, at least, she recognized.

The woman’s smile seemed to broaden, though it was a gentle sort of smile. “My name is Abyzou. This,” she said, gesturing towards the creature, “is a demon. I am here to offer you the ability to save yourselves.”

Leah suddenly found the courage to speak. “And what do you want?”

“Just that you pledge yourselves to my service. Become my children, if you will. If you do, I’ll ensure you emerge safely from this. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to offer help for free, as much as I’d love to do so.”

Leah felt someone shove past her and was unsurprised to see that it was Robert. “Look, I don’t know about you all, but I’m not dying here. I’ll do whatever I need to do.”

The woman nodded. “And the others?”

Leah slowly looked around to notice her friends one-by-one beginning to nod as well. She turned back to Abyzou. “Well, I don’t suppose you give us much in the way of choice. What do we need to do?”

Abyzou smiled. “You will need to fight, of course.”

Once again, Leah was blinded by the light. This time, however, it wasn’t seeming to go away. Her muscles seemed to contract, and her bones began reshaping themselves. It was a fascinating experience – this should have been excruciatingly painful, yet Leah felt better than she could ever remember feeling. Her clothes seemed to reshape themselves as well, but the physiological changes seemed far more worth her focus. Before she had the chance to understand what had happened to herself, her body’s shifting ceased and her vision returned.

She saw the figure in front of her and knew it had to die. After all, it was the worst thing she had ever seen in her entire life. Absolutely vile. Slaughtering it would be the most enjoyable experience she ever had.

Lightning coursed through her veins as she lept at the creature. Thousands of volts arced towards it, quickly turning it into a smoking black carcass, but Leah wasn’t satisfied. The hated thing had to be destroyed, utterly eliminated. She tore at it with her fingers, ripping into its flesh and scattering its entrails about. Her frenzy continued for almost half a minute before she found herself restrained by a pair of arms. “Let me go! I need to kill it! It needs to die!”

Before she could say anything else, an object with a rubbery texture filled her mouth and she was lifted up off of the ground. Leah looked upwards only to see the face of Abyzou smiling down at her. “You’ve already done quite enough, sweetie.”

Hearing another person’s voice seemed to immediately snap Leah out of the almost-trance in which she had previously been. The magnitude of her actions hit Leah a second after as she realized just what she had been doing prior to being picked up. It was at this point that Leah did something she had not done in quite some time: Leah began to cry.

Episode 2: Aftermath
from the perspective of Heather

Heather was a little bit overwhelmed, to say the least. First, she had been chased down by a monster, then saved by some sort of god-demon-spirit-thing, and now… After watching her best friend turn into a toddler and rip that same monster to shreds, seeing that same best friend crying with a pacifier in her mouth seemed like just another crazy thing in a long chain of insanity. It definitely didn’t help that she seemed to be in a similar predicament, having just realized that she had grown somewhat shorter and was now wearing a diaper and onesie herself.

Heather took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. She held back the tears that so desperately wanted to join Leah’s for a few seconds before giving in, but was just barely able to keep herself from making any noise along with those tears. Abby-something, whatever she called herself, walked over to her, still carrying Leah, and placed a pacifier into Heather’s mouth. Heather didn’t bother objecting, as she could pretty much use whatever comfort she could get at this point.

It was about this time when Heather remembered that there were three other people here besides herself and Leah. She quickly turned around, only to be greeted by three other little girls. She guessed that they had to be around three years old by their size, although she wasn’t the best judge of size at the moment. Skirted onesies seemed to be the apparel of choice for all five of them, and Heather was pretty sure she could assume that she wasn’t the only one wearing a diaper.

She couldn’t bring herself to do much talking at the moment, or really anything else besides instinctively clinging to Abby’s leg.

“Are you all okay?” A voice, from above. Heather was fairly certain that it was the voice of Abyzou, though she couldn’t be bothered to think much of it beyond nodding a simple reply.

“I…I think so.” A smaller voice, this time from the girl Heather guessed was Allen. “What…what just happened?”

A sudden wailing interrupted before Abyzou was able to reply. Heather looked towards it, only to see who she assumed was Robert bawling on the ground. Abyzou expertly placed yet another pacifier right into Robert’s mouth – Where does she even get all of these? Heather wondered silently – which quickly muffled the crying. “You agreed to become my children, remember?” Anticipating Allen’s objection, she tossed a well-aimed pacifier into her mouth. “Don’t worry too much; I’m not going to hurt you or anything. I’m a spirit of motherhood, so the ‘payment’ I’m required to take for my assistance has to have some relation. Don’t worry; you’re not stuck like this permanently. Anyways, we should really get somewhere safe – though I don’t believe there are any more around, I don’t think you want to run into another of those on your first night if we can avoid it. My home is right this way if you’ll follow.”

Abyzou bent down to scoop up Robert in her one free arm and then turned around, pulling Heather with her. Allen as well as the still-silent Annie followed close behind. They walked about two blocks away, though it seemed much farther to Heather, before stopping in front of a seemingly innocuous one-story home. Abyzou opened the door and stepped in.

“Welcome to your new home, girls.”

Re: Magical Toddlers (I apologize in advance for the title)

Yikes! that demon was quite scary. That was a good bit of horror, very dark.
But in a good way, i’m intrigued and would like to see more. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: Magical Toddlers (I apologize in advance for the title)

It looks like a good start, but I am going to reserve a critique right now.

This story\y has possibilities. I am wondering where you are going to take it. Good luck and I hope to read more soon

Re: Magical Toddlers (I apologize in advance for the title)

Ended up home sick from work today, so expect multiple updates. Either way, here’s Episode 3. Still no real diaper content, but don’t worry, it will come :stuck_out_tongue:

The next chapter will be parts of the same night from the perspectives of some of the other characters just to give you a little better idea of the situation and to explore their characters more.

I’ve also updated some formatting issues with the PDF link, and I still suggest you read that for the best experience.

Episode 3: Home
from the perspective of Heather

Heather wasn’t quite sure what to think. Somehow this…Abyzou was some sort of magical creature who had turned them all into little girls and helped Leah kill the most horrifying creature she had ever seen, but this house was just so normal it was shocking. As soon as the girls filed in behind her, Abyzou closed the door and locked it tightly. Heather followed the woman to the left and into what looked like a living room, furnished with a couch, armchair, and coffee table. Abyzou set Robert and Leah down onto the couch before picking Heather up and setting her beside Leah as well. The others quickly followed, and Abyzou took a seat in the nearby chair, facing the couch and sighing.

“I suppose I owe you all an explanation.” She looked between the five on the couch, but Heather was in no state to respond and nobody else seemed to be taking the lead. Abyzou took on a much more serious tone than the lighthearted kind voice she seemed to show earlier. “There are evil things in this world…monsters, demons… I- I guess I just wanted to save someone. I’m not sure why I went out tonight and found you, but I did.”

She almost seemed to be addressing the ground with her words, but as she continued, her eyes met each of the friends in turn. “I can save people. I can give power. The problem is that I can only help for a price. As you see now, the price is your age, among some small other things. You keep your selves, your minds, but I have to take something else in exchange.” Heather could swear she saw a sort of sadness as her eyes met Abyzou’s. "I don’t want to do this to you, but it’s the only way I could keep you alive. The one thing I can do is promise to do my absolute best to make sure you don’t ever have to fear again.

A silence fell over the room as Abyzou finished her speech. Heather spent several moments in silent contemplation before breaking the silence. She mumbled for a second before realizing she still had the pacifier in her mouth and taking it out, holding it in her hand while she spoke. “What exactly happened to us?”

Abyzou’s eyes lit up in realization as she resumed speaking. “Oh! I’m so sorry; I completely forgot. Basically…you all are now about 2 years old. You can become this young whenever you want. As I’m sure you saw before” – she glanced over towards Leah – “you all have…‘powers’ while you are in this form. You can change back into somewhat older forms after another type of change, but I’m sorry to say that you won’t be quite back to normal even with that.”

“What do you mean?” The same small voice as earlier piped up from previously-Allen.

“I don’t have any way to completely reverse the process. No matter what we do, unless you can figure something out that I’ve never thought of before, you’ll still all be little girls.”

Robert temporarily shook herself out of her stupor, tears still flowing down her cheeks, to ask a single question. “Um…what do we have to do to at least get…a bit closer to before?”

“Um…” Heather could swear that Abyzou’s cheeks flushed red for a second before returning to normal. “You’ll need a diaper change.” She paused for another second before quickly adding, “Needing the change is more important than the change itself. Basically…each of you let me know when you’re either wet or messy and I’ll show you where to go from there.”

An even longer silence followed this statement. Heather was stunned to the point that she even semi-consciously returned the pacifier to her mouth. She felt a mass on her shoulder and turned, only to realize that Leah had pressed herself up against her and lay on her shoulder, apparently too exhausted to sit up on her own. Heather put an arm around Leah and squeezed, hoping to offer some comfort. Leah seemed to smile in response, though the pacifier made it a bit difficult to tell.

Abyzou was now the one to break the silence. “I do suppose we should introduce ourselves, if that’s alright with you all. Like I said earlier, my name is Abyzou, but feel free to call me Abby – it’s much less formal-sounding.” She looked to her left at the far end of the couch where Annie was sitting.

“Um…I’m Annie.” The soft voice was unmistakable even though its pitch had raised slightly.

“I’m Alison!” An almost-excited voice rang out beside Heather. That was definitely odd for the situation…wait, did Allen just…?

Heather suddenly realized that she was up next. “Oh, whoops!” she said, only it came out more like “Mm, mmmm!” She decided that it was probably a good time to remove the pacifier. “Whoops! I’m Heather.” When Leah didn’t respond, Heather decided to jump in for her as well. “This is Leah. I…think she might be a bit tired.”

Abby nodded and tried to show Heather a gentle smile before turning to the final girl on the couch. “My name is Robert Green.” The sudden blush from her brother – well, sister now – was noticeable even with Leah blocking Heather’s vision. “Er…I guess it would be Robin now? I’m a little bit confused, so pardon me.”
Abby seemed to chuckle a bit at the unexpected formality. “Whichever you’d prefer.” Yet more blushing followed, followed further by “Um…both are fine, I guess…”

“Alright then. Annie, Alison, Heather, Leah, Robin. You are all welcome in my home until the end of time. We can discuss everything more tomorrow, but for now I suggest you all get some sleep. Any objections?”

Heather shook her head almost reflexively in response. There wasn’t really any way this could get worse at this point, so she figured she might as well sleep. Maybe this would all end up being some sort of dream; maybe she was actually just passed out on the floor somewhere. Nobody else seemed to be protesting Abby’s suggestion, as Heather found herself being lifted into the comforting arms of Abby for the first time. It was almost strange how instantly relaxing it felt, but after tonight, Heather wasn’t sure anything could really count as “strange”. She saw Leah safely in Abby’s other arm as they were both carried out of the room and into another.

Abby set Heather down carefully as she laid Leah down onto a nearby table. It didn’t take long for Heather to guess that it was a diaper changing table, though Heather was fairly certain that all that was being changed was Leah’s clothing. After several moments of waiting, Leah was lifted up from the table and set into what looked to be a crib, although Heather couldn’t be completely sure in the dark. Heather was of course next to be set upon the table, and she did her best to attempt to relax as whatever clothing she had previously been wearing was pulled up above her head and tossed aside. She felt her feet being wiggled into some sort of soft cloth sock, but then the material continued up her legs as well as around her arms and torso. As Abby lifted Heather back into her arms and zipped up her back, Heather realized that she was now wearing what must be a footed sleeper.

Heather was set down next to Leah in the same crib, and a blanket was pulled up over both of them. “Good night, sweetheart. Have sweet dreams, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!” Abby followed this up with a small tickling motion to Heather’s stomach, and Heather found herself giggling in response.

As Abby walked out of the room, presumably to fetch the others, Heather turned her attention back to the present situation. In doing so, she quickly found that she had unconsciously wrapped her arms around Leah. She quickly backed away and tried to unravel herself, but with a bit of a yawn, the already sleeping Leah responded by pulling Abby into a hug of her own. Heather was glad that it was dark as well as that Leah was asleep, because her cheeks were glowing the brightest shade of red they had in a long time.

Not wanting to wake Leah up, Heather sighed in resignation and returned her own arms to their original position. Heather had to admit that Leah looked absolutely adorable sleeping like this. Secretly, Heather was glad that Leah had hugged her back, even if it wasn’t the most comfortable position to sleep in. Even in this strange situation, she still felt something for Leah. She had no idea what Leah’s feelings were, but this wasn’t the time to think about such things. Right now, she just needed to sleep. Tomorrow morning would surely offer some respite from tonight’s insanity.

As Leah nuzzled her neck and Heather found her cheeks once again grow warm, Heather realized that, strangely enough, she felt happy.

Re: Magical Toddlers (I apologize in advance for the title)

As promised, another update! The rest of the night, this time in the form of a bunch of perspectives on the same night. Hope you all enjoy! Next update is obviously the next morning.

As always, the PDF in the first post is the best way to read it.

Episode 4: Bedtime
from the perspective of Alison

Alison sat quietly on the couch, torn between confusion and giddiness. On one hand, her life had been unceremoniously ripped to pieces in the span of about twenty minutes. On the other hand, she held no attachment to that life. True, she was finally making progress on her transition and was finally going to come out to her friends when they got back to the dorms – well, she was supposed to do it while they were at the park, but she had chickened out…again – but a magical transformation was like something from her wildest dreams. The whole “two years old” thing was a bit weird, but the magical powers definitely helped even it out. And besides…the diaper and onesie she was wearing were more than a little bit comfortable, and the pacifier just was an added level of comfort. Not that she kept it in for very long, but so far she didn’t mind it in the least.

Neither Robert nor Annie seemed to be much for conversation at the moment, so Alison sat there quietly, awaiting Abby’s return. After a short time, Abby reentered the room. “Alright. Who’s next?”

Without any hesitation, Alison’s arms shot up into the air expectantly. “Me!”

Abby lifted Alison into her arms, grabbing the girl’s fallen pacifier as she did so. When they were about ten feet from the living room, she once again addressed Alison. “You seem awfully excited by all of this. Is everything okay?”

Alison nodded. “I’m just…really happy right now, I think. It’s a lot to take in, but I think it’s a good thing.”

Alison was mildly surprised to be greeted by a kiss on the forehead. “Okay. I know we just met, and not in the best of circumstances, but if you need someone to talk to, let me know, okay?”

She nodded yet again as she was carried into a fairly dark room. In one of several cribs surrounding the area, she was pretty sure she saw Leah and Heather cuddled up, but her mind was taken off of that as Abby set her on the changing table. “Arms up,” Abby whispered as she unsnapped the onesie and pulled it up over Alison’s head. Alison was more than happy to comply. She watched as Abby grabbed a pink footed sleeper covered in butterflies from under the table and held the legs open, one at a time. Alison stuck her feet in, reading Abby’s cues and following along. Before long, Abby had zipped up the back of the sleeper and Alison felt very ready to sleep.

As she was placed in the crib adjacent to Leah and Heather’s, she whispered back to Abby, “Thank you.”

Abby responded with another kiss on the forehead. “You’re very welcome.” Alison was greeted by the replacement of her pacifier and a stuffed toy of some sort as she drifted off to sleep, content in her new surroundings.

from the perspective of Robin

The easiest and most concise way to describe Robin’s current state was “sheer and utter terror.” It wasn’t the “suddenly being female” part – Robin had never been especially attached to any particular gender – but rather the stark realization that she had completely lost control of her life. She had tried to put on a brave face during the conversation earlier, but as the others were taken one by one from the room and into some unknown part of the house, her fear slowly got the better of her. When Annie finally disappeared, Robin tried to build up the courage to run for the door – maybe if she could escape, she’d be able to figure something else out – but the thought of the monster they had encountered earlier kept her firmly rooted to her seat.

As Abby entered the room one last time, Robin pushed herself back up into the corner of the couch. “Stay away! I-I’m not going with you any further!”

The look of terror on her face must have been readily apparent, as Abby sat down next to Robin rather than picking her up. “I’m not going to make you do anything. I wouldn’t suggest heading out into the night, but I guess that would be your choice.”

As she heard these words, Robin became yet more confused. “You…what? But…”

Abby reached out a hand towards Robin. Robin instinctively tried to back away, causing Abby to hesitate. This was enough for Robin to take a deep breath and stop moving as Abby began to run her fingers through Robin’s hair. Robin was pretty sure her hair had been a lot shorter before this, but that was just another thing in a list at this point. It actually felt very nice – Robin didn’t believe she had ever had this experience previously. “I’m not here to hurt you. Like I said before, I only want to make sure you’re okay and to help you however you need. If you need to leave, you are free to do so. I won’t stop you. But please, ask yourself what you plan to do after leaving. The last thing I want is for you to end up out on the streets.” She hesitates before continuing. “You were previously a student, yes?”

The thought of her previous life caused Robin to tear up. “Um…yeah. I was.” She knew she couldn’t return to that life as she was. The only thing she had ever put effort into, snatched away from her in an instant. What would her parents think? Oh, god, her parents…

The silent tears began to flow, and Abby pulled Robin onto her lap, hugging the girl’s face to her chest. Although Abby looked previously as if she had something else to say, she stopped as soon as it became obvious that Robin was in distress. “Shh…it’s okay to cry. I’ve got you.”

At this point, Robin looked up at Abby with her tear-filled eyes, realizing at least to some degree that this person actually did not mean her any harm. “I- I just- I can’t-” Robin was interrupted by a pacifier entering her mouth, which to her own surprise, she graciously accepted.

Abby laid down on the couch, holding Robin closely. “Would it feel better if we slept out here for tonight?” A weak nodding answered her question. “Okay.” Abby reached up above her head, turning off the nearby lamp with a twist. As the sobbing slowly faded, Abby ruffled the girl’s hair again, only to be greeted by a surprising nuzzle. “Good night, sweetie.”

from the perspective of Leah

Leah quietly sat through the change into new pajamas and being set into the crib. The day had been a bit much for her, to say the least, and she would rather sleep it off and deal with it in the morning. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before feeling something wrap around her, causing her to open one just slightly. Heather was holding onto her. That actually might have been the best possible thing to come out of this day. Heather suddenly struggled to unwrap herself, but Leah wasn’t letting that happen. She needed someone to cling to at the moment, and Heather…well, Heather was just about the best person she could possibly hope to cling to.

Leah just barely caught the most adorable blush she had ever seen as she pulled Heather closer once again, nuzzling into her neck before closing her eyes for real this time. As bad as this day had been, this was just about the best ending Leah could think of.

Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

Quick updates are always appreciated!. Although i hope you feel better soon.
I really liked the multiple pov’s. It’s not easy to pull of, but you handled it quite well.
Given us some nice insight into each of the characters state of mind.

Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

Thanks! I’m home again from work and have tomorrow off (diapers and writing ftw), so these will be the last couple days of everyday updates most likely. I’m doing a more mixed POV for the next chapter (Heather and Leah), but I’m sticking with a third person limited perspective for the story still.

Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

I love it! Please keep writing. It’s not sad or mean or hurtful or full of bigotry and rape.

You are wonderful. I needed happy story tonight. Thank you so much!


Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

Not sure it’s going to be entirely happy, but I plan on continuing it. Just been busy with other stuff (specifically D&Diapers/Magia for anyone following that project).

Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

I really wish you didn’t bare out your influences so clearly… That kinda ruins it for me since I love Madoka unless you have something that’ll make it more ABKatelyn.

Re: Magical Toddlers (Episode 4 is up now!)

I’m not making it exactly Madoka - it’s obviously dark/horror from the start. I’m not relying on the same stuff Madoka did. I just made it directly after watching it.