Magic Master Emily.


A howl was heard in the distance as a demon was cut down dead.

Emily held her hand up in the air waiting for her sword to come back to her after cutting off the demon’s head.

“Well that’s number 200 today so far. They said it was a group of over 500 demons, but I don’t see anymore. I wonder if they got the intel wrong again like last time, they said over 2,000 I came out here and found barely 700.”

Emily doesn’t get to think much longer before she spots her sword floating to her. She grabs her sword out of the air and puts it on her back and starts to walk around.

It had been 50 years sense the war started and Demons started coming to their world and mana was first found to exist. Countless have died fighting the demons but the demons keep coming.

People soon lost hope until 16 years ago when a child was born that had a huge pool of mana more than any other person. She was quickly taken away by the military to be trained at a young age to learn to fight the demons.

That all had been years ago for Emily, her 16[SUP]th[/SUP] birthday was coming up and here she was out hunting demons.

She hated to be stuck hunting but what can she do, she was the Rank 1 Demon hunter in what was left of the US and the world.

“God what’s taking so damn long? I sent all 9 of you guys out where are the other 8?” Emily ask’s her sword she’s holding.

“Sorry Emily it seems they had bigger targets then I did.”

“We still got time if needed I can go help them.”

For Emily just having a huge mana pool and being gifted with all types of magic was not her only ability she had made each one of the weapons she used and gave them souls to help her fight demons. They were her best friends and only people she could talk too when she was alone.

Emily had spent weeks making each one of her weapons by infusing her mana and a soul into the blade then enchanting them. When she was done, she had living weapons she could control and have help her in any tight spot.

She had given each of her weapons a name that she felt fit them well and they loved the names she gave them.

If you were to look at her weapons you would be shocked at how heavy they were and how a such a young girl could control them.

“Drake what rank was the one you killed?”

“It was a Rank B Tank class.”

“Really? Well great that’s the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] one this month we might have a problem. Any idea what the other 8 are killing?”

“Speaking of that Amanda needs some help she says hers is a Rank S Assaulter.”

“Shit really? Well let’s go.”

One thing about Emily’s weapons she loved is they could talk to each other no matter where they were it helped make her job easier when she had to go hunting.

Emily had taken off at speeds unheard of for someone running. She was easily running faster then any car could ever hope to.

“How far tell we get to Amanda?” Emily asked.

“She’s 2 miles ahead of us so get ready.”

Emily grabbed Drake out of the air.

Drake was Emily’s long sword and go to weapon for fighting Rank S and higher demons she had only hoped she got to Amanda in time.

Emily came running out of the trees holding on to Drake as she spots the Rank S and Amanda’s spear head trying to stab it in the leg.


Amanda swings Drake with all her might slicing the Demon in two and sending a shockwave flying cutting everything in its path.

“Emily careful next time you used too much power again.” Drake said trying to calm Emily’s power down

Drake knew what happened when Emily uses too much power and it was never good. Last time she did she hit a Rank SS tank and cut the mountains in half behind it.

“I know I’m sorry Drake I was worried about Amanda. I know how easy you guys can break when I’m not near.” Emily didn’t want any one of her weapons to break like Drake did the first time. She cried for weeks as she tried to fix him.

“Amanda are you ok?” Emily was concerned fighting a S rank assaulter is no easy thing even for rank 100 hunters yet alone magical weapons by themselves.

“Yes, sorry Ma’am I should have called sooner.”

“It’s ok, your safe and that’s what matters to me.” Emily hugged Amanda as tight as she could happy that she made it in time.

“Drake Amanda what are the totals so far?”

“Seems like once we are done, we only found maybe 300 demons that means 400 are still missing.”

“Say Drake what is the closest village to us from here?”

“I’d say maybe 20 miles away why do you ask?” Drake answers wondering what Emily is thinking.

“What weapon is closest to the village?” Emily was starting to worry.

“Elizabeth it looks like why?”

“How close is she?”

“She’s 4 miles outside of the village.”

Emily’s worst fears are coming true she was not told that a Village may be a target.


“What’s wrong?” Drake had just gotten the words out when Emily was off in a flash. It dawned on him what she had asked, and he knew they were in deep.

Emily was running full speed as fast as she could hoping to get to the village in time.

“Ma’am all your weapons are following you now.” Drake said with pride knowing it’s not often they all fight at once.

Emily could see the smoke coming from the village in the distance and dreaded that her hunch was correct.


“YES MA’AM” All 9 of her weapons answered at once.

Emily Jumped into the air looking down she could see the village and the bad state it was in. She knew she had little time to act.

Emily lunched spell after spell hitting all her targets as her weapons flew around killing everything in sight.

‘There is no damn way this is 400 demons there are way too many.’ Emily thought.


A call from Asher was heard in her head.

“We have a RANK SSS Overlord here!”

Now Emily knew why there were so many demons, the damn Overlord was summoning them.


Emily jumped from building to building as fast as she could to get to where Asher had seen the Overlord.

Emily was one of 10 on the whole planet that could kill a Rank SSS Overlord’s were rare and only came to this side when they found a large pool of mana to use. Finding one out here in a village this far out was odd to her but she didn’t have time to think why she knew she had to act.

Emily spotted the Overlord and hit it with a fire spell knocking it off its feet. Overlords for being over 50 feet tall, never could walk well and were easy to knock over and that was what she hoped to use to kill the thing.

“EMILY LOOK OUT!” Emily heard Drake scream at her, but it was too late before she took a huge hit to her side.

Emily’s only thought at that moment was. ‘Shit I forgot to put up my shield.’

Emily was knocked into a near by building causing it to fall around her while she looked at what the hell had hit her.

Emily could finally see it now that the dust had cleared.

“You have got to be shitting me.” Emily looked up and knew something was up. A Rank SSSS had hit her.

“DRAKE! Why the fuck is a Demon Lord here?”

“I have no idea Emily I am wondering the same thing.”

“Oh, son of a bitch is the Military trying to attract demons again?”

“It would seem that is a possibility that or something else is attracting them here.” Drake answered.

“Find out what mana is attracting them while I deal with these two.”

“Yes ma’am.”

With that Drake took off while Emily dealt with the Demon lord and Over Lord.

“Ok big boys it’s you and me now.”

Emily tossed a gravity spell at the Over Lord cutting its leg clean off spraying blood everywhere. She then hit it with a dark spell and flame magic before jumping up and landing on its head crushing it.

“One down one to go”

Before Emily could hit the Demon Lord it hit her with a shadow spear causing her to fly back into a group of trees breaking them.

“Son of a bitch that hurt!” Emily looked down and noticed the shadow spear had hit her in the hip leaving a small hole with blood coming out of it.

“Shit that really hurt.” Emily cast a small healing spell just enough to stop the flow of blood before she ran back at the Demon lord.

Emily ran and jumped before punching it in the face knocking it back into a house destroying the house.

“Damn mortal you will pay for that.”

“Oh, great you can talk I guess that means your above SSSS rank?”

“Smart little girl but now it’s time for you to die and give me your mana.”

“Fat chance of that ugly.” Emily hit him with a inferno spell knocking him back slightly.

“Is that the best you can do girl?” The Demon Lord puts his hand in the ground and pulls out a massive sword before swinging it at Emily.

Emily can barely dodge it in time. “ASHER COME TO ME!” At that moment a halberd flew into Emily’s hands

“Ma’am I don’t feel any human life around us feel free to use your full power.” Asher tells Emily.

“Sounds good to me.” Emily pulls on the end of the pole before twisted it and selecting the spell she put into Asher.

“Asher destroyer mode.”

A bright glow comes out of Asher as she slowly changes into a scythe like halberd. Slowly glowing white wings form on Emily’s back and a set of red demon horns on her head.

“Ready to die bastard?” Emily shining with white wings and glowing red horns looking like a angel demon hybrid come to kill all life.

“Oh, the Mortal knows forbidden magic. Didn’t your mommy tell you not to mess with the gods”

“Well bastard your fucking kind killed my parents, so I think it’s ok if I do the same to you guys.”

Emily pulled her Scythe up and took one huge swing in front of her.

“You missed little girl what were you trying to hit a bug?” The Demon Lord then heard a noise behind him and turned around.

“What the hell did you do?!?!?!”

Behind him with a brand-new valley. The mountains trees animals everything was gone just a new valley.

The Demon lord turned back to look at Emily but no sooner had he his head was on the ground looking up at his body cut in two.

“What the hell are you girl!?!” The Demon lord screamed.

“I’m your death.” With that She stabbed his head with her Scythe before she started to turn back to normal.

“Thanks for the help Asher.” Emily let Asher go and watched her float in front of her.

“Any time ma’am.” With that Asher took off to go finish cleaning up the demons and look for living humans.

“Emily, I found what they were after.” Drake yelled into Emily’s mind.

“Calm down what was it?” Emily wondered what the demons could want to send a Demon Lord and a Over Lord after.

“It seems to be an Egg and a little girl ma’am.”

“Say what?”

“I found a little girl holding a Egg about her size a mile away from the village. She was slightly hurt but I healed her I’m bringing her back now to you.”

Now Emily really wanted to know what the hell was going on why the hell did the Demons want an Egg or even the girl?

Emily had a few Idea’s, but she was not sure, she would have to wait and see.

“Has anyone found survivors?” Emily shouted in her mind to everyone.

“Sorry ma’am it seems that no one alive.”

“Bastard demons. How many did they kill Sarah?”

“Total ma’am?”


“I count a little over 2,700 people.”

“Shit if only we had gotten here sooner to save everyone.” Emily just wished she had been faster.

“We did kill over 1,200 demon’s ma’am.”

“Ok counting earlier that’s over 1400 counting a Demon Lord and a Over lord. Let’s report this once Drake gets back.”

Emily heard a loud noise and quickly turned her head to see Drake coming with the girl and the egg floating below him. She knew today was going to be a really long day now.

You’ve got a plot with a protagonist and an antagonist, so that’s a good start. There’s potential here. You could have some fun fight scenes. You’ve got an excellent use of space- it makes the story very easy to read.

Adding some description of the setting and characters helps immerse readers in the story.

I was just wondering if this story is DOA or if this will continue. I really enjoyed the reading and it reminds me of a spin off of some sort of Manga . Really intrigued by it and hope the author doesn’t ditch this one. One of the better stories I have seen in a bit

yeah i do at one point i did put it on a mild hold my mental health has been not great. i cant focus to write lately even when i have what i wanna and how i wanna do it down. i just write a few works then my head hurts so i gotta stop. im hoping to do more soon but only time will tell sadly.

I totally understand. I have mild autism spectrum, PTSD and ADHD