Magic Diapers

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Magic Diapers Chapters 1-5


This is my first attempt at a story. It’s partially based on real experiences but mostly fantasy. Please let me know if you like it.


Michelle was 24, she had been out of college for 2 years now and was working as an intern for an investment firm. Michelle had been working hard all year long and was finally on vacation for the summer, for the first time in her life she was taking a full 2 weeks off. Michelle was driving through rural Maine on her way to her family’s lake house, the plan was to spend the fist week at the lake house with her best friend stephine. Stephine, (Steph) was driving up from Boston later in the week. Michelle and Steph had known each other since kindergarden and shared all of their secrets. They were such close friends that when it had come time to go to college Michelle and Steph applied to the same schools, were both accepted at UNC, and roomed together thourgh the four years.

Michelle’s deepest secret was her bedwetting problems. At the age of 5 when her parents had been divorced, Michelle began wetting the bed. After several attempts to control the problem Michelle’s mother finally gave up and put Michelle back in diapers at night. Michelle was a small girl and wore pampers right up until the age of 14 when her bedwetting problem finally subsided. Steph was the only person other than Michelle’s mother who had known of Michelle’s bedwetting problem. One night during a sleep over when the two girls were about 11, Michelle confided in Steph that she had begun to enjoy wearing her diapers, and had even put on a diaper when she had been home alone just for fun. Steph admitted to Michelle that she was always curious to know what it felt like to wear them. During the sleep over, Michelle let Steph wear one of her diapers to see how it felt. The two girls giggled and played in Michelle’s room wearing their diapers and even wet them on purpose. Michelle and Steph seceretly continued to play in diapers during sleep overs until Michelle stopped wetting at age 14.

While driving through the Maine countryside, Michelle decided to stop at a country store for a snack. The store was an old fashioned general store which had groceries, a deli counter, newspapers, hardware, etc. Michelle had been on the road most of the day and was starving, she ordered a sandwich and began to browse the store while waiting for the sandwich to be made. While walking through the store Michelle decided that she should probably buy some supplies for the lake house, while seaching for toilet paper, Michelle came accross a section of shelves with baby diapers on it. Michelle had plenty of experience with diapers in her lifetime but what shocked her the most was the fact that these particular diapers must have been on the shelves for several years. Almost 11 years to be exact, these were the same style of Pampers that Michelle had worn back in 1993 when she was 12, size 6 with the plastic backing. Michelle found herself transfixed for some reason, staring at the package and daydreaming back to her childhood. She was suddenly brought out of her day dream by the woman behind the deli counter who had said “Miss, your sandwich is up”. Michelle, quickly brought herself out of her daze and paid for the sandwich. She sat a picnic table outside and ate her lunch. Michelle found it strange that her thoughts returned to her childhood again, focusing on her diapered expereince. She remembered with longing for easier times of how she had begun to enjoy wearing her diapers when she was 11. She thought about all the times she and Steph had secretly put on her diapers and pretended to be babies together, and how they had shared their first sexual experiences while diapering each other. These were feelings Michelle had long forgoten, but some how, seeing the packages of pampers circa 1993 had brought all of these memories rushing back. Michelle could not resist the urge to go back into the store when she had finished her lunch. She grabbed a cart and absent mindedly began to shop for basic supplies for the week, toilet paper, milk, eggs, coffee, some fruits and vegetables…finally she reached the isle where the pampers had been. Looking around carefully to see if anyone was looking, Michell reached for a package of pampers and put them in the cart. She wasn’t sure why she had bothered to look around, she knew she would have to go to the register to pay for the items. At the register, the clerk began to ring up the items. The clerk was a young girl of about 16 years, she was thin, with red hair and quite cute and attractive thought Michelle. “Do you have a toddler at home?” asked the Clerk when she rang up the package of pampers. Michelle was startled by the question as she hadn’t thought about what she might say if asked about her purchase. “Oh, no, my friend is coming to visit with me at our lake house, she has a 3 year old girl with her” said Michelle. “You’re on vacation?” asked the clerk. “Yes, we’ll be here for the week” replied Michelle. “Well my name is Katie, if you need a babysitter during the week, please give me a call” Katie the clerk wrote down her number and handed it to Michelle who thanked her, gathered up her shopping bags and left the store. Katie smiled at Michelle as she walked out of the store, Michelle thought this was odd but felt somehow excited by it too.

15 minutes later Michelle had arrived at the lake house. She quickley unpacked the car and put the groceries away, then ran upstairs to change into her swim suite. Michelle took the package of pampers upstairs with her and hid them in her bedroom closet, then ran down to the lake for a quick swim. It was a very hot day and Michelle had been looking forward to a swim after her long car ride. The water was cold at first but Michelle gathered up her nerves after dipping her toe in and dove right in. She felt great and swam out to the raft just offshore of the family beach. Michelle lay on the raft in the sun for almost an hour and began to day dream again. Her thoughts again drifted back to her childhood and of being diapered at night for bed. Michelle felt her self getting excited by these thoughts and snapped out of it by jumping back into the lake. While swiming, Michelle found that she still was obsessed with the diapered days of her youth, she began swimming toward shore as fast as she could. Michelle ran into the house and jumped into the shower to rinse the lake water off of her. After toweling off, Michelle went directly to her bedroom and closed the door. Standing naked in her room, Michelle went to the closet and took out the package of pampers. She knew that they would not fit her but she could not resist the urge to try. Michelle opened the package and immediately smelled the baby powder scent of the diapers. The memories were rushing back at light speed now, Michelle took out a pamper and held it to her face, she breathed in the fresh diaper smell and smiled. Her excitement was so great now that she was moving with great speed towords the bed. Michelle opened the bottom half of the diaper and put it on the edge of the bed. She turned and sat down on the diaper, her bottom fit comfortably on the diaper but Michelle knew that she would not be able to fasten the tapes, she had to try anyway, her excitement and curiosity were now at their peak. As Michelle lay backwards on the bed and reached for the front half of the pamper her memories were stronger than they had been all day. As she pulled the front half of the diaper up between her legs, Michelle felt a strange sensation, as if the room had spun around in circles while she remaind still on the bed. Michelle continued to pull the front of the diaper up between her legs and was amazed to find that it seemed bigger than it had been when she first sat down on it. Michelle realized that she would in fact be able to close the diaper around her waist and tape it on. Michelle couldn’t believe it, she felt exactly as she had when she was 11 and had experienced her first pleasure from wearing her diapers. She had to see what she looked like in the diaper. Michelle jumped up off the bed and ran over to the full length mirror on the closet door. Stunned by what she saw Michelle stood there in disblief. The image that was looking back at her from the mirror was her 12 year old self, standing in nothing but a pamper.

To be continued.

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Chapter 2

Michelle stood in front of the mirror with her jaw hanging open. The image in the mirror, herself at about the age of 11 or 12 dressed in nothing but a diaper was a site beyond her wildest imagination. She stared down at her body now and realized that what she was seeing in the mirror was real. Her breasts were gone, as were the curves of her hips and behind. She also realized that she has lost a full foot in height.

How could this be? Michelle wondered to herself. She looked down at the diaper, it seemed to fit her perfectly. The diaper was snug around her waist and was neither too loose nor too tight. She could not resist the urge to pull the front waist of the diaper out a bit and peak inside. Sure enough, where she once had well trimed pubic hair, she was bare. Michelle felt dizzy, she began to breath faster and her thoughts were racing. What had happened to her? she remembered everything, her drive up to the lake house from Hartford, stopping for lunch at the general store, taking a swim. She was begining to panic, her womanhood had been stipped away and left in it’s place was a prepubecent girl.

Michelle stumbled a bit and lunged towards the bed, she thought to herself that laying down for a minute to catch her breath and calm down might help her to figure out what to do about the situation. Still her thought’s were racing, was she stuck like this? What would happen when Steph arrived, would Steph recognize her or call the police and report her as a lost child or runaway? She knew she had to get the diaper off and try to find some cloths that would fit her in her current state, she lay on the bed and reached for the diaper tapes but somehow the tapes would not come unfastend. Trying with all her strength Michelle pulled at the tapes but they would not come undone. Next she tried to pull the diaper off like a pair of underwear, still no luck, it was almost as if the diaper had a mind of it’s own and wanted to stay on no matter what. She even tried to rip the edges apart but still no luck.

She was in a full panic now, what could she do, why would this diaper not come off. Not only was she now stuck in a 12 year old body, she was stuck in a pamper. Michelle got up and ran accross the room to an old desk near the window, she opened the drawer where she new there were sewing supplies and found a pair of scissors. Quickly she opened the sicssors and carefully slid one end in between her hip and the diaper attempting to cut the side of the diaper open. This was impossible she thought, no mater how much force she applied, the diaper could not be cut. Michelle threw the scissors down and burst into tears, she ran back to the bed and cried harder than she had in years. What had happened? she didn’t want to be 12 again she was just playing, having some fun. How could this have happened to her now? She had a good job, an appartment of her own and had just begun the first two week vacation of her adult life. Would she be stuck this way, having to relive her childhood? She cried for almost a full hour before finally falling asleep.

Michelle was awakend by the sound of birds chirping and the sunlight shinning in on her through the windows. Wondering why she had forgoten to close the shades quickly brought her back to the reality of her situation and what had happened the evening before. Michelle looked down at her body, she was still the size of a preteen. She didn’t have the energy to cry anymore and was also quite thirsty, possibly dehydration from all the crying the night before. Suddenly she felt a new sensation, memories came back to her yet again, she had not felt this feeling since she was 13 almost 14. She reached her hand down to her crotch and felt the front of her diaper, it was thicker and squishy, she felt the still slightly warm senation on her skin. She had wet her diaper during the night, had wet in her sleep. Her transformation must have brought her bedwetting problem back as well.

Michelle now realized, even as wet as her diaper was, that she needed to pee. This was a normal morning ritual, waking up with the need to relieve her bladder after a long night’s sleep, but this morning, she knew that she was trapped in the diaper. From her actions from the previous evening Michelle knew that it was no use trying to get the diaper off, but she tried anyway. This time, as by some strange miracle, the tapes peeled back and let her open the diaper. With the thrill of a perfect golf shot Michelle jumped up and let the soaked diaper fall to the floor. She ran for the bathroom and just barely made it to the toilet to pee. After emptying her bladder she stood up and flushed the toilet, as she turned to face the bathroom mirror she jumped back in fright, the image in the mirror was no longer a girl of 11 to 12 years old but her adult 24 year old self.

She stood standing frozen for almost 2 whole minutes, staring at herself in the mirror. She felt her breast to make sure she was not dreaming, she looked down to her crotch and felt the pubic hair, she was back to normal! Had this all been a dream? Michelle quickly snapped herself out of it, “I’ve got to get a grip, I must have dreamt that” she said to herself, talking directly to her image in the mirror. She jumped in the shower and washed herself, cleaning every part and taking an extra long time with her adult parts, just too make sure everything was as it should be. After toweling off, she walked back to the bed room and her eyes were immediatly drawn to the wet diaper on the floor near the bed. It hadn’t been a dream, she really did wear a diaper last night, she really did regress to a preteen girl, and yes, she really had wet the diaper in her sleep. How was this possible she thought? She quickly dressed herself and picked up the wet diaper which she wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed in the bathroom trash, she would take it out after breakfast to get rid of the evidence.

Michelle went to the kitchen and made coffee, she looked out at the lake wondering about the events of the night before. When the coffee was ready she poured herself a cup and went out on the deck. Staring at the lake and drinking her coffee she knew right away, it had to have been the daipers. There was something strange about them, how they had been sitting on the store shelf for nearly 11 years, why hadn’t the store turned over it’s stock? She thought of how the diapers seemed to fit her as soon as she lay down on them, how she felt funny and dizzy as soon as she closed the tapes. It was right after she had realized the diaper fit her that she looked in the mirror to see herself in her preteen body as she had fantasised the day before. And the strangest thing of all…she was unable to take the diaper of until it had been used. Once it was of, the spell was broken and she had returned to her normal age. Could this be for real? Magic diapers? If so, would she be able to return to her childhood at any time by simple putting on a diaper? Michelle took another sip of coffee and thought about this for several minutes. There was only one way to find out if her theory was correct, and she had every intention of finding out.

To be continued.

Hi everyone. I want to thank you all for the encouragement, I’m enjoying writing this so much and you are all being very helpful. I’ve finally installed Word and sincerely hope that the improvements are enough for the English majors amongst us. In any case, these next two chapters get a bit racy. I’ve read the rules and I don’t believe this story to be “pornographic” none the less, if there is a moderator who wishes it to be removed, please tell me so I can find another group to post it to. As I mentioned in the first chapter, this is partially based on my own experiences and mostly based in fantasy. I’m trying to keep it as NC-17 as I can. All the same, please enjoy and let me know what you all think.


Chapter 3

After enjoying breakfast on the deck overlooking the lake, Michelle began to plan her day. She knew there were things she needed to do to get the house ready for vacation, such as calling the landscaper to arrange for weekly garbage pickup during her stay, and taking a better inventory of the refrigerator for a shopping run. This she thought would be her first task after arranging the garbage pickup.

She desperately wanted to make a return trip to the general store to investigate the diaper isle again. While attempting to put the pieces of last nights experience together, Michelle wondered if there was some connection between the store and the diapers. Clearly there was some sort of super natural force in play here that had bestowed the power to manipulate reality upon the diapers in that store. She wanted to find out more, but did not want to look too suspicious doing it.

After breakfast had been cleaned up, Michelle got herself dressed and emptied the trash in the upstairs bathroom which had contained her wet diaper from the night before. She couldn’t resist the urge to look inside the plastic bag containing her used diaper and even poke her finger at it to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming the whole event.

“Yup, still real” she said to her self.

She took the trash out and even emptied the kitchen trash so that she would have something to put on top of the diaper in the trash bin outside. Even though there was very little trash at this point in her vacation, and that any garbage collector wouldn’t bother to question a diaper found in the trash, Michelle felt the need to hide this evidence of last nights adventure. She felt naughty about her desire to put on the diaper and what had followed, and very embarrassed about having wet the diaper uncontrollably during her sleep. Still she could not resist the urge to continue indulging her desire, and, with the panic of not being stuck in the body of a preteen gone, she now had a strong urge to explore this phenomenon further, perhaps even to satisfy some other urges that the experience had aroused in her.

With the morning chores complete, Michelle gathered her sunglasses and car keys and headed for the store. She new the store had been there for years, but she had never done any extensive shopping while at the lake house because that had always been the job of her parents. This being the first time she had used the lake house on her own as an adult; she finally had the opportunity to explore the town in more detail.

It had been several years since Michelle had actually visited the lake house. She had stopped up the summer after her college graduation to visit her parents, but hadn’t done any shopping then as her mother had stocked the house well before she arrived. That had been almost four years ago. Beginning her adult life, finding a job, an apartment, paying for her first car, all these things had kept her away from Maine and the lake house until now. If her suspicions about this store and the diapers were true, Michelle knew that finding time to visit the lake house would become a new priority in her life.

She pulled into the parking lot of the general store, only about a 10 minute drive from the lake house. The store appeared to be busy this morning, there were several cars in the lot. Michelle looked around as she got out of her car, she wasn’t sure why she had done this, she didn’t know anyone in the area anymore and surely no one would recognize her. As she walked into the store, she saw a woman with three young children at the check out counter. The youngest, a girl, was a toddler of about 3 years at the most. On the checkout counter was a package of pampers, clearly for the girl.

Michelle’s heart sank as she looked at the package; it was clearly the newer Pampers baby dry with the cloth-like cover. What had happened? Could the store have possibly restocked its shelves overnight? She knew there had been nothing but old style Pampers packages on that shelf the other day, the store was small and she knew that there was only one shelf with baby diapers. She needed to find out if her hopes had been crushed.

She grabbed a cart and casually began to shop. She had put together a list of items she needed for the house which she had not picked up the other day. Quickly she rounded the corner and entered the isle where the diaper shelf had been. To her surprise it was exactly as it had been the other day, Pampers Baby dry circa mid 90’s. “Where had the woman at the checkout gotten the newer package from?” Michelle wondered to herself. This was very strange she thought. Just as she was completing her thought another women wandered into the isle and went straight for a package of Pampers. Michelle watched the women pick the package off the shelf and as soon as the package was removed from the shelf and placed in the woman’s cart, the labeling and package design changed to the current day format right before Michelle’s eyes!

“This is so bizarre” Michelle said quietly to herself as the woman left the isle. Michelle picked up another package of size 6 pampers and placed it in her own cart. Nothing happened, to the package, the labeling remained the same. She stared at the package for a minute expecting it to change to a newer product, but nothing happened. “This is amazing!” she thought.

She then grabbed some baby wipes, lotion, and baby powder. Her mother hadn’t always gone the full distance with lotion and powder when diapering Michelle for bed as a young girl, but “why not go for broke” Michelle now thought as she loaded up her cart. She finished collecting the other items she needed, coffee filters, trash bags, pasta and pasta sauce, vegetables, etc and made her way to the checkout counter.

“Stocking up on supplies for the toddler?” said a voice from behind the counter. Michelle looked up and saw the same 16 year old girl behind the counter that she had seen the other day.

“Umm oh, yes hi…It’s Jen right?” Michelle responded.

“That’s right” Jen answered, “When does the little one arrive?” she asked.

“Not for another day, just thought I’d better be prepared” answered Michelle.

“You’d better enjoy the peace and quiet while you can then” said Jen. “My offer to baby sit still stands if you need me” she added.

“Oh I’m sure I’ll enjoy the peace and quite” said Michelle with a slight grin on her face. “And I’ve still got your number so we’ll call if we need you”. She pulled out her check book and finished paying for the groceries. She didn’t realize that she had left her sunglasses on the checkout counter as she said good bye to Jen and left the store with her groceries.

On the drive home Michelle thought about the young cashier, Jen had been very inquisitive she though. She thought that Jen was very attractive and must be a popular girl with the local boys, although one thing about Jen struck her as being odd. Jen’s clothing certainly didn’t compliment her figure. Michelle thought that Jen must have a very attractive figure beneath the outfits she had seen the cashier in.

Jen had worn baggy jeans and a long t-shirt the first day Michelle had seen her, today she was wearing baggy overalls with a tight white shirt underneath. Today’s outfit was a bit more revealing in that it showed off Jen’s shapely breasts. “A bit more than a B cup” thought Michelle. However the overalls did nothing to show off the curves of Jen’s hips or her nice behind as Michelle imagined she must have. “Jen must be a modest girl” she thought as she pulled into the drive at the lake house.

She quickly unpacked the groceries and brought the second package of Pampers up stairs. She placed them in the closet alongside the first package, placed the other changing items on a shelf just above, and then headed down to the kitchen to fix herself some lunch. Even though she was excited to test her theory about the diapers, she was quite hungry and wanted to make sure she had enough fluids in her to be able to wet the diaper for her experiment.

She fixed herself a sandwich and poured a large glass of iced tea and headed out to the deck to enjoy her lunch. While she ate, Michelle fantasized this time of being 14 again, her last full year in nighttime diapers. She had discovered the pleasures of self arousal around the age of 11 but hadn’t truly felt comfortable indulging herself until she had been 13 and 14 after a few sex education classes had taught her that this was perfectly normal behavior for girls her age.

As an adult, Michelle had had many boyfriends; however only with a few had she been intimate. Her relationships had never lasted long, mostly because she realized that she was only ever satisfied by herself. Michelle hadn’t had her first sexual experience with a boyfriend until she was in her third year of college; most other girls she knew had given up their virginity much earlier.

Year’s of being subconscious of her bedwetting problem, and the fear that it may return (as it had only briefly from time to time after nights of excessive drinking) had kept Michelle away from encounters with the opposite sex. Just the same, she knew what she liked, and was also embarrassed by it. Since her early teens, she had always fantasized about diapers and the feelings of pleasure she had achieved while wearing them. Not until this morning did she think that she would ever indulge herself in those pleasures again.

She had the house to herself now for the rest of the day and all day tomorrow. She was surrounded by forest and lake, the nearest neighbors were a quarter of a mile down the road and kept to themselves, the mail had been stopped (she would start it up again after tomorrow) and the garbage collector was not coming until Friday.

Michelle finished her second big glass of iced tea, left the sandwich plate and empty glass on the kitchen counter and went upstairs to her bed room. She closed the door and took off her cloths. Opening the closet, she took out a fresh Pamper, opened the bottom half and laid it on the bed. “This is going to be heaven” She said.

To be continued…

Again, I’ve tried to keep this as NC-17 as I can. If you have an issue, let me know and I’ll take my story someplace else.

Hope you like it.


Chapter 4

With the open Pamper waiting on the bed, Michelle went back to the closet for the baby powder; she left the lotion for now. She loved the smell of baby powder, it aroused her because it smelled like the diapers which brought back memories of her childhood and the pleasures she had experienced then.

She sprinkled some baby powder on the open diaper and turned around to place her bottom on it. Just as it had the night before, the diaper looked too small, but as she sat down on it, the diaper seemed to fit her bottom perfectly. She laid back and sprinkled more baby powder on her front diaper area, then placed the bottle of baby powder on the night stand and gently rubbed the powder around her diaper area. Now the moment Michelle had been waiting for all day. She reached forward and grabbed the top edges of the diaper and pulled it up between her legs. Just as she had last night, she felt a strange sensation and the room seemed to move quickly around her. The front of the diaper fit perfectly over her groin. She taped it shut and checked to make sure it was secure. Sure enough the Pamper fit perfectly and she could not unfasten the tapes no matter how hard she tried.

She jumped from the bed and ran to the mirror, she already new what she would see because she could tell that her breasts had shrunk. However unlike last night, she was not a flat chested 11 or 12 year old, she had slightly developed breasts. She looked in the mirror with the same amazement as she had last night only this time she was not terrified but filled with excitement. She appeared to be about 14 years old, just as she had fantasized being no less than twenty minutes ago. “I must be able to control the regression with my thoughts before putting on the diaper” she said to herself. This was truly amazing; the possibilities of endless fantasies entered her mind. Could she play at being any age she imagined?

Michelle walked around the room just to hear the crinkle of the Pamper as she walked; she remembered how she loved to hear that sound from under her PJ bottoms when she had been this age for real. She leapt in the air for joy and giggled to her self, then jumped on the bed and rolled around in her diaper. A feeling of pure joy and excitement filled her chest.

After a few moments of rolling and giggling, Michelle’s thoughts returned to proving her theory…so far it had looked promising, clearly putting on the diaper had regressed her physically but not mentally. She also now suspected that she could control the degree of regression by thinking about what age she wanted to be before putting on the diaper. Now she needed to know if getting the diaper off required her to use it. She had drunk 2 large glasses of iced tea with lunch; only about twenty five to thirty minutes had passed since she had finished the last drink. She didn’t feel the need to pee yet however she may be able to force herself too, she thought. Rather than doing that, she decided to go down to the kitchen and drink one more glass of iced tea just for good measure.

Michelle ran downstairs to the kitchen, she giggled as she heard the Pamper crinkling all the way. She quickly grabbed the pitcher from the fridge and refilled the glass that she had left on the counter. She drank the whole thing down in big gulps just as she used to do when she was this age for real and her mother used to scold her for drinking too fast. Then she put the empty glass back on the counter and ran back upstairs to her room. She dove back on the bed and began to roll around again. She put her hands between her legs and felt her diaper. It felt so soft and comfortable; she hadn’t been this excited in more than a year.

Suddenly she felt it, the need to pee with relative urgency. It hadn’t occurred to her that she had drunk the two large glasses of iced tea before her bladder had been regressed to age 14…and she had just added another glass of iced tea into the mix! She lay there on the bed and felt the pressure building in her groin, she new she wouldn’t be able to hold it for long. She tried to relax and release her bladder but it wouldn’t let go. She got off the bed and sat in a squatting position on the floor…then before she knew it, her bladder let go.

Michelle felt the urine spreading out into the diaper and heard a slight hissing noise coming from the front of the diaper. She was practically in a trance and knew she must have the stupidest grin on her face. The urine continued to spread around her crotch and worked its way back toward her behind. It continued to flow for what seemed like an eternity, and when it finally subsided, she lay back on the floor and felt it continue to spread from the front of her diaper all around her bottom. She lay there for almost five minutes just smiling. Then she placed her hand on her diaper, it felt warm and had expanded from the wetting. She could feel the warmth against her crotch and let out an enormous sigh of content. Her excitement was nearing its peak and she knew what she wanted to do.

Michelle slowly climbed back onto the bed…the sun had sank lower in the sky as the afternoon grew late. The house looked lonely from the lake, the sound of cicadas and loons could be heard…and then from the house could be heard the faint sound of a young girl’s voice….“Ohhh yeses!!!” The words seemed to echo across the lake. The cicadas and birds stopped for a brief moment as if to question the sound…then continued their own conversations.

Michelle had fallen asleep with a smile on her face, and when she awoke a few hours later she stretched out her arms and legs and let out a half yawn, half grunt of satisfaction. She lay staring at the ceiling and smiling. “This is fantastic” she thought. She could smell the scent of urine coming from her diaper and now knew that she had wet it even more during her sleep. It was time to test the last part of her theory. As much as she wanted to continue to lie in bed in the still slightly warm diaper, she new that she had to answer these questions. She reached down for the first tape and unfastened it. It released without any problems. She then unfastened the second tape and rolled carefully off the bed. She rolled up the wet diaper and taped it against itself. Then she placed it in the trashcan and walked to the mirror. She was still 14!!!

She stood there with a look of worry on her face? Had she been wrong? What if she had only been able to return to her normal age that first time? What if using the magic diapers more than once kept her frozen in the age she had chosen? She began to panic as she had done the night before. This couldn’t be, she had so desperately wanted her theory to be true, to have a sure fire way of experiencing her deepest desires without any consequences. What was she going to do?

Just as she stood there staring panic stricken into the mirror, she felt the urge to pee again. It had come on quickly. She pulled herself out of her panicked stare and ran to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and relieved her bladder. As her bladder emptied she noticed that she felt dizzy for a split second, and when she had finished she had a revelation. She slowly stood up and turned to face the bathroom mirror. She was 24 again!

“That it!” she said out loud, “…using the toilet!” It all made perfect sense now, putting on the diaper to regress, and using the toilet to return to one’s current age!

“Why not?” Michelle said out loud, half laughing. A babyish act to regress, and one of the first milestone acts on the way to adulthood to grow up? She thought. “Brilliant” she said to her adult self in the mirror.

To be continued…

Hi everyone. This is going to be the last chapter for a few days, I think it’s an “ok” chapter, not a great chapter. I hope you enjoy it just the same. I was getting the feeling that I was starting to rush the story and wanted to wait a bit before moving it ahead. Also to let everyone catch up. I’ve got some really great ideas for when Steph arrives. I’ll try not to keep you all waiting for too long.



Chapter 5

It was about 7pm, Michelle had slept through the late afternoon, the pleasure she had given herself while wearing the soaked pamper had exhausted her. She was now very hungry, and needed a shower to get the residual urine off of the skin around her diaper area. She turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up. As she waited a familiar feeling in her bowels told her it was time to do something that she had not yet considered trying in the diapers. She sat on the toilet again and emptied her bowels. The thought of trying this in the diapers had been the furthest thing from her mind, but as she sat on the toilet she knew that it was something she would not be able to resist trying at some point.

While she sat there taking care of business, she thought about her plans. She had all day tomorrow to play as well, but what she really wanted to do was find out some more information about the general store and answer some of the questions surrounding how these magic diapers came to be. Also, Steph would be arriving the following day, how was she going to deal with that? Would she tell Steph the whole story? Would Steph think Michelle was insane, or worse, sick and perverted for wanting to still wear the diapers and play with herself as they both had done during sleepovers as teens?

Steph hadn’t had a boyfriend in the last 2 years, and Michelle knew this. “She must be climbing the walls” Michelle thought. Possibly Steph had the same desires that Michelle had?

All of these thoughts raced through Michelle’s head, but right now, she was hungry for dinner. .
She wanted to fully explore the possibilities that the magic diapers had opened up to her. She thought of what it would be like to be even younger than 11 as she had been the first night. She vaguely remembered having fairly regular wetting accidents and even the occasional messing accident when she was between the ages of 4 and 7, what if she regressed herself to that age range, would she be able to control her bladder and bowels or would the diapers take her control away from her until she used the toilet yet again?

And what if she made herself too small to get onto the toilet? Would she then be stuck in her regressed state? She knew that she had to plan for this contingency. Tomorrow she would resist the urge to play in her diapers all day and set out early the next morning to the next town over where she knew there to be a Wal-Mart, and purchase a child’s potty chair. This way she would be assured use of a toilet one way or another. “Just in case things go too far” she thought to herself.

Michelle stepped into the shower and began washing herself. Once again washing all of her adult parts very carefully and inspecting her body to be sure everything was as it should be. She had solved the mystery of how the magic diapers worked, now she was going to have some fun. She had every intention of wearing one to bed this evening. While cleaning herself she began to fantasize of being 14 again. She had enjoyed a very climactic afternoon and thought if she slept through the night and woke up wet, her morning may bring her even more pleasure.

After her shower she went to the kitchen to make herself some dinner. She wanted something simple and quick as she was anxious to get back into a diaper. She chose to make another Sandwich and drank water and cranberry juice this time. After catching the latest financial news she flipped off the TV and headed back upstairs to her bedroom. Once again she began the process of diapering herself. This time she used the lotion before putting on the diaper because she was worried that all of this diapered activity may give her a rash.

After finishing up with the lotion, Michelle once again laid a Pamper out on the bed and sat down on it. She Lay back, pulled the front of the diaper up between her legs and once again felt the strange sensation of dizziness as the room seemed to move around her. She finished taping the diaper shut and noticed that her breasts had once again shrunk to her 14 year old bra size. She got off the bed and went to the mirror again to admire herself; she couldn’t quite get enough of the crinkle noise that the Pamper made as she walked. After smiling with satisfaction for a bit at the perfect fit of her diaper, Michelle climbed back into bed and was asleep in almost no time.

Her dreams were filled with strange images, Steph was in her dream standing over her, Steph looked very big, she was tickling Michelle’s tummy and making raspberry noises at her. Michelle giggled in her sleep and kicked her leg a bit, not knowing that as she dreamt, she was wetting her diaper completely.

The next morning she woke at 7, it was early but she had slept so much yesterday afternoon that her body just needed to wake up. She felt that her diaper was wet and smiled. She also felt the strong urge to pee and she let it go in her already wet diaper. Shortly after, the cicadas and loons again heard the familiar sound of a young girls voice emanating from the house “Uuuuummmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhh yesssssss…yessssss yesssss ohhhhhhhh!!!” echoed faintly across the lake. The Loons disregarded this and cicadas were too busy waking up themselves to care.

Michelle lay on the bed; a very big smile of satisfaction filled her face. She didn’t want this feeling to end but it soon did when she felt another all too familiar feeling in her stomach and bowels. It was time for her morning movement. Michelle had forgotten about this ritual as she had been thrown off schedule by yesterday’s excitement. She got up and began to reach for the diaper tapes and then stopped as she thought to herself “why not try it?”

“I’m going to do it sooner or later” she said to herself. She knew that the urge to try messing in her diaper was too strong to resist so she let her curiosity get the better of her. She got down into a squatting position and gave a slight push. This was all that was necessary. She felt the poop sliding out of her bottom and into the waiting diaper, it was pressing back against her anus and spreading out around her bottom as it entered the diaper.

This was a strange sensation to Michelle, she had only had wetting problems when she was young and hadn’t messed in her pants or in a diaper since she was at least 7 years old, she didn’t remember this feeling yet at the same time she felt comfortable with it. As she finished, she reached back and felt the bottom of her diaper, which now had a large lump protruding from her behind. She giggled and squirmed a bit as she felt the lump in the back of the diaper.

Suddenly, Michelle felt her legs grow very weak, and without warning they collapsed from under her and she landed square on her bottom. She felt the mess in her diaper squish up against her behind, and just as soon as she had landed, she felt the strength return to her legs. “Very funny” she thought. This must be the magic diapers idea of a joke, forcing the wearer to fully experience the mess if used for that purpose. Michelle wanted to get cleaned up and return to her adult self so that she could go get the potty chair. Suddenly she realized she had already purged both her bladder and bowels for the morning. She was going to have to wait until she needed to pee again in order to use the toilet and return to her normal age.

She went to the closet and grabbed the baby wipes she had purchased the other day. She then went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She lay on the bathroom floor and unfastened the diaper tapes. As she opened the diaper, the smell of its content’s hit her nose at full force and she winced. She lifted her bottom off of the diaper and with a baby wipe in one hand gently began to wipe her bottom clean. When she had managed to clean herself enough to stand up, she emptied the contents of her messy diaper into the toilet and flushed. She then rolled up the diaper and put it in the trash.

Michelle then turned on the shower, waited for the water to warm up and stepped in. She had not taken a shower in her 14 year old state yet and took this opportunity to explore her body while washing herself. The warm water and the act of washing herself excited her again and she brought herself to yet another climax. This time the loons and cicadas could hear nothing.

After she got out of the shower, it took almost an hour and a half before Michelle was able to store up enough pee and release it into the toilet to return to her adult body. With her adulthood restored, she dressed, ate breakfast, and headed out to Wal-Mart.

To be continued…


Magic Diapers Chapters 6 - 7

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Chapter 6

Michelle pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot at about quarter past nine. The store had just opened and the parking lot was not very full. On the drive over she had been thinking about the ability to control her regression with her day dreaming fantasies and had several thoughts about possible fantasy situations involving herself and Steph. Still Michelle was not sure how to even broach the subject of the Magic diapers with Steph; she certainly did not want to jeopardize their friendship.

Perhaps she would hide all of the diapers and baby supplies during Steph’s stay, thought Michelle. But this was too much fun and she had been so excited by the experience and the possibilities presented by the magic diapers that she knew she had to share it with someone. As she and Steph had shared this type of play together years ago, who else could possibly understand? Michelle knew Steph was the only person she could share this with and had to find a way to ease the subject out and show Steph the magic diapers.

Michelle parked the car as close to the front entrance as she could get. She locked the car, found an abandoned shopping cart close by and headed inside. Wal-Mart is a big store no matter where the location. This branch, being in rural Maine was not the biggest that Michelle had ever been to, but it was large enough and certainly had everything she could possibly want. She made her way to the children’s section and almost immediately found what she was looking for, an entire section of booster chairs, potty chairs, diaper pails, and other toddler and pre-schooler accessories.

After reading the product descriptions on a few different potty chairs, Michelle selected the Fisher Price “Royal Potty” chair. She couldn’t believe how cute it was, according to the product description, the chair makes a musical chime when a child first sits on it, and then plays another tune if success is achieved. The chair’s legs were also removable so that the seat would be able to be placed on a full sized, “grown ups” toilet to encourage real potty skills.

Michelle was having fun in the baby and toddler section, she was so far away from home that she had no inhibitions about shopping for baby items as there was no one to see her. She picked out a few toddler sized outfits, outfits for five, six and seven year old girls as well, a booster chair, and a diaper pail as she thought all items could come in handy if she was able to explore the regression further when Steph arrived.

As she turned the corner, she came into the diaper section. She could see right away that these were standard, current market versions of Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and an assortment of generic brand diapers. “No magic diapers here” she whispered to herself. Still She couldn’t resist the urge to buy some pull-ups training pants and some toddler sized “non-magic” pampers. She knew she was buying a lot of toddler and children’s items and wanted it to look convincing at the check out. Also, she had some ideas in her head for these new items.

Her last stop was the “teens” section, where she bought a few swim suits. She picked out two one piece suits, and two bikinis that she thought would fit both herself, and Steph’s 13 to 14 year old figures. She still was not sure how she would explain the magic diapers to Steph when she arrived but Michelle knew she had to think of something, “and why not be prepared to have all kinds of fun if things worked out?” She thought.

She brought her shopping cart to the check out counter. This time she was met with no inquisition from the cashier, a woman of about 50. The woman paid little to no attention to Michelle’s shopping selections. She simply rang up the total, for which Michelle wrote a check, asked Michelle for her ID to confirm she was the rightful owner of the check being presented, and said “Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart, have a great day”. With This Michelle pushed the cart out to her car, loaded her purchases into the trunk and headed back to the lake house. She knew the ride home would take about a half an hour and her mind once again began to wander.

She began to think about how she could experiment with the regression brought on by the magic diapers. She wondered what it would feel like to be 3 or 4 again, right on the edge of potty training. She thought how strange and exhilarating it might feel to sit on the potty chair and hear it make the music as she sat down and again as she had her first success. She also worried that the potty chair might collapse under the weight of her adult body if she used it as a toddler and returned to her normal age before standing up. She thought she should probably attempt to plan for this scenario, but would worry about that later. She arrived back at the lake house at half past ten, “not a bad trip” she thought.

Michelle quickly unloaded the car and fixed herself a late breakfast. She sat on the deck and smiled, thinking to herself that she really enjoyed shopping for children and baby cloths. She wondered if someday she might be married and have children of her own to shop for. After finishing her coffee and staring at the lake for a bit, Michelle found herself getting excited again, this was her last day alone in the house, Steph would be arriving tomorrow. Michelle wanted to enjoy the magic diapers alone once more before her privacy was gone.

She went up to her bedroom where she had taken her new purchases and opened the box containing the potty chair. She read the assembly instructions, and realized she needed some “AA” batteries in order for the music to work. She took the potty chair downstairs to the living room and placed it on the floor. She then rummaged through the house until she found some new batteries in a kitchen cupboard.

Michelle went back into the living room got down on her knees next to the potty chair and found the battery compartment. She inserted the 3 AA batteries and placed her hands on the seat. A sound effect similar to what might be heard in a cartoon if a wizard or witch had waived a magic wand came out of a small speaker on the side of the potty chair. Michelle giggled “how cute!” she said out load. She wanted to know what the success sound was too. She went to the kitchen and filled a small glass with water, brought it back to the chair and poured it into the bowl. As the water hit the container, a new sound effect was emitted from the speaker, this time it sounded more like a triumphant, congratulatory “Taaa Daaaaa” sound. Michelle laughed out loud…“that’s adorable!” she said. She emptied the water out of the container and slid the container back into the potty Chair.

All of this had greatly excited Michelle, she wanted to enjoy more of the pleasure she experienced earlier this morning. She left the potty chair on the floor in the living room, ran upstairs to her bedroom and quickly pulled a fresh pamper out of the closet. She was so excited that she didn’t even get on the bed this time. She stripped off her cloths and spread the diaper out on the floor, her excitement was pulsing through her now, and she sat down on the diaper which seemed to be waiting for her knowingly as it fit the shape of her bottom perfectly. Michelle reached forward, pulled the diaper up between her legs as she had now done several times before, and taped the diaper in place. She leaned back with her eyes closed and felt the familiar dizziness which she new meant she was regressing, however this time it seemed to last slightly longer than it had before.

She really noticed the dizziness this time; in her previous diaperings she had only noticed it for a split second. As she opened her eyes things felt very strange. The room around her looked huge, and as she looked down at the fit of her pamper she realized her mistake with horror. Michelle had wanted to satisfy her sexual excitement, but in her haste to get a diaper on, she had forgotten to think about what age she wanted to be.

She lay there and touched her body it was very small, she could not quite tell what had happened but she had control of her arms and legs. She moved around a bit to confirm this. She also knew that she still had all of her mental capacity. For one thing she knew that something was not as it should be, also, she could read the word “Pampers” on the diaper package. She began to think back to her morning’s adventures to put the pieces together. She then realized that her last thoughts about the regression were during her car ride home from Wal-Mart, she had been thinking about the potty chair and the baby supplies she had purchased. “Oh no!” she said out loud. As the words came out of her mouth she put her tiny hand to her mouth with a gasp. The voice that had said the words “Oh no” was a high pitched childish voice which produced the words in short choppy bursts.

This was a truly odd sensation, Michelle could feel that she had control of her muscles but was unsteady; she rolled onto her stomach and was able to get to her knees and stand up. She could not see over the bed which had to put her height at about two feet. She looked down at the Pamper, once again, a perfect fit; it had resized itself with her regression to fit her new form. Michelle tried to walk, “Thank god!” she thought as she began to move. She could walk well, but the bulk of the Pamper between her legs made her waddle a bit. She made her way to the full length mirror on the closet door, the diaper crinkling all the way. She stood once again with her mouth hanging open in shock. This time, the image that looked back at Michelle from the mirror was a toddler girl, no more than 3 or 4 years old.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7

Michelle stared into the mirror; once again she was on the verge of panic. She hadn’t planned to regress this far yet and didn’t even know if had been possible. Now she knew it could be done for sure, the image of her toddler self in the mirror told her this with no uncertainty. “What do?” she said, again the words came out in the high pitched voice of a tiny child. She had heard herself say “what am I going to do?” in her head, however when she spoke the words came out in the short choppy phrases of baby talk. “What do? What do?” she repeated in a panic. She was about to start crying when her thoughts grabbed hold of her. In her mind she began counting as high as she could to confirm that she still possessed her cognitive abilities. When she had reached 100 and felt sure of herself she said “I’m not a baby” which came out of her mouth as “me not baby”.

She tried again “me not baby” the words repeated from her mouth. No mater how hard she tried to concentrate and say the correct words, her mouth would only produce baby talk. She thought about her situation, then she remembered the potty chair, she had bought it for just such an emergency. She knew that her reduced size would not allow her to climb up onto the toilet seat with any ease; she would have to use the potty chair.

Michelle remembered that she had left the chair downstairs, fortunately she had absent mindedly left the chair on the floor, and she sighed with relief at the thought that she had not left it out of reach on a table or kitchen counter. Her only worry now was that she would have to negotiate the stairs to reach the living room. Her memory of being a 3 year old did not tell her if she was able to successfully climb and descend stairs at that age, but she knew there was no other way, worst case she would try to crawl down backwards if she could.

Michelle walked out into the hallway and looked down the stairs, the distance looked tremendous, she didn’t remember the height of the second story being so great, but as a 24 year old it probably wasn’t she thought. She carefully walked to the edge of the stairway and grabbed hold of the railing which was just low enough for her to reach up and grab. Michelle quickly discovered that she was an excellent grabber. With two tiny hands gripping the railing tightly, she put her first foot down on the top step. The Pamper crinkled loudly as she moved.

“So far so good” she thought as she brought her second foot down onto the top step and balanced herself. She moved her hands down a bit on the railing and proceeded to the next step. “This isn’t too bad” she thought. She continued to descend the stairs; her diaper crinkling loudly with every step, normally Michelle would have been thrilled and excited by this sound but right now she was on a mission. Finally after what seemed like two whole minutes she had reached the first floor.

Michelle toddled into the living room and ran directly to the potty chair; she stopped short when she realized that she would not be able to get the diaper off unless it had been used.

“Oh no!” she said, “I’m not wet”, the words came out as “me not wet” as she placed her tiny hand on the front of her diaper.

She knew it would only be a matter of time, she had drank coffee with breakfast and her new tiny bladder surly wouldn’t be able to hold the liquids she had recently consumed as an adult for very long. Suddenly she felt a strange sensation from her behind; very shortly after the smell reached her nose. Michelle knew at once what this was; she had pooped in her diaper!

She wasn’t even aware of it; the poop had left her body all by itself, just as it would a real three year old. She had no control, her diaper was going to be filled weather she wanted it to or not, however it just so happened that this was exactly what Michelle wanted. She reached down to unfasten the diaper tapes, not caring about any mess she had made or if it might fall to the floor, she could always clean it up later after she returned to her adult body. As she attempted to unfasten the first tape she found that the tape would not come undone. She knew that she was applying enough force but still no luck.

She began to panic…“It won’t come off!” she attempted to say, which came out as “No off! No off!” not realizing in her panic that her bladder was now emptying itself into her diaper without warning. She froze in place and felt her crotch begin to get warm; she looked down and saw the diaper expanding as it absorbed her release. Michelle began to cry loudly as she felt the urine spreading from her crotch to her bottom where she could also feel the warm lump of her poopy accident.

“Me Not baby aaaawwwaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaa” “No off! No off!” she repeated through her tears as she continued her attempt to unfasten the diaper tapes.

“The diapers don’t work like that Miss Gordon” said a voice from behind Michelle. Michelle turned in fright, she, was so shocked by the words that her crying stopped almost immediately. Standing in the entry way to the living room was Jen, the cashier from the general store. Jen was holding Michelle’s sunglasses in her hand. “Sorry, the door was open and I hear the crying” Jen said.

Michelle was more shocked than she had ever been. She was staring up at Jen who looked enormous to her. With the reality of her situation now fully aware, Michelle was at a complete loss for words.

Jen looked down at her and spoke “At this age, the diapers will only come off with the help of an adult” Jen said. Michelle, still in shock by the presence of this 16 year old from town tried to speak. “Me not baby” was all she could manage.

“I know you’re not sweetie but you sure do look cute” Jen responded with a giggle. She could tell that Michelle was on the edge of tears again. “I’m sorry” Jen added. “I shouldn’t make fun, but when you regress yourself below the age of five the diapers will only come off if an adult helps you” Jen said.

Michelle’s tears remained on hold for the moment. “How know?” she said to Jen, which Jen understood to mean “How do you know this?” Jen smiled down at her, and then unfastened the buttons which were holding up her overalls. Jen let the overalls fall down to her knees revealing her lower body. Michelle stared in amazement as she could see that rather than the high cut panties she had imagined Jen in at the store, Jen had on a diaper very much like the one Michelle was wearing now, and the diaper, like her own had apparently sized itself to fit her perfectly.

After staring with amazement for what seemed like an eternity, Michelle finally looked up at Jen and said “You help me?” which Jen knew to mean “will you help me?”

“Of course I will sweetie” said Jen, pulling up her overalls and refastening the buttons. “First thing we need to do is get you cleaned up, do you have supplies?” asked Jen. Michelle pointed at the stairs and said “Uppy” which she had intended as “upstairs”.

“Well then let’s take you up there and get you cleaned up” Jen replied. She bent down and picked up the little toddler. Michelle instinctively placed her arms around Jen’s neck to hold on and straddled her mid section with her little legs. “Somebody’s got stinky pants” Jen said.

Michelle blushed at this and responded “Me sowwy, me have accident in diapee”.

“That’s ok sweetie, lots of little girls have accidents in their diapees, its okay I know it’s not your fault” Jen said in a soft soothing voice.

She carried Michelle up stairs and asked her which room was hers. “dat one” Michelle said while pointing her tiny finger at her bedroom door. Jen carried her into the room, Michelle pointed at the closet which was partially open, “in dere” she said. Jen could see the open package of old style pampers on the floor; she placed Michelle on the floor and opened the closet door the rest of the way.

“Well at least you’re well prepared for this type of situation” Jen said as she saw the various diapers, Pull Ups and changing supplies in the closet. "It’s a good thing you left your sunglasses at the store the other day or I may not have shown up and you might now be stuck in a stinky diaper for quite some time. Jen added. Michelle just stood there fighting back the urge to cry again, “pweese help” was all she could get out.

“Don’t worry sweet heart, mommy Jen will help you, now lets get you cleaned up” said Jen. She reached into the closet, and pulled out the package of Pull Ups. She also grabbed the baby wipes; she then took Michelle’s hand and led her down the hall to the bathroom.

“Okay sweetie, lie down on the floor so that mommy Jen can get you changed”. Michelle did as she was told. “That’s a good girl” said Jen, who began to unfasten the diaper. Michelle watched as the diaper tapes came undone for Jen with ease. Jen opened the front of Michelle’s very wet and messy diaper and made a grimace as the smell of its contents hit her nose with full force.

“Someone is a very messy little girl” Jen said.

Michelle blushed. Jen took hold of Michelle’s legs, gently lifted them in the air and went to work on Michelle’s behind with a baby wipe. Michelle felt a ticklish, yet satisfying sensation in her lower region as Jen wiped her clean. She blushed harder and giggled out loud.

“Awwww who’s a happy little girl?” said Jen in a sing song motherly manner. "Michelle continued to giggle as Jen wiped her diaper area clean.

Once she had wiped her bottom clean of poop, Jen continued to hold Michelle’s legs in the air with one hand and slid the dirty diaper out from under her with the other. She then lifted Michelle to her feet.

“Stand still for a second sweetie” Jen commanded, again in a very motherly voice.

She emptied the loose contents of the poopy diaper into the toilet, flushed, rolled up the dirty diaper and taped it against itself. Jen looked like an old pro thought Michelle. Jen then placed the dirty diaper in the trash can, turned to Michelle and said “Let’s get you in the bathtub”. Michelle giggled as Jen leaned over and gave her a raspberry on her bare belly.

Jen drew a bath for Michelle, being sure to carefully check the temperature of the water before lifting her charge into the tub. She washed Michelle’s hair and thoroughly cleaned her lower regions. When she was finished, Jen lifted Michelle out of the tub and wrapped her in a fluffy green towel. She towel dried Michelle’s hair and tickled her gently. Michelle giggled again.

“Okay sweetie, let’s get a pull up on you” said Jen. “No potty?” asked Michelle. “To get yourself back to grown up age you’re going to have to pull down your underwear and sit on the potty all by yourself” answered Jen. “I’m sorry sweetie but that’s how the magic works, unless you want to wait twenty four hours for the spell to break on its own, your going to have to do it this way” she added.

Michelle stood there shocked by this information. Could this be true? Had she been able to remove the Pamper on her own and still been unable to use the potty chair, she could have simply waited twenty four hours to be returned to adulthood? Could this be true? She thought again. “Weally?” she asked Jen. “Yes Really” Jen responded. “The magic works in many strange ways, I’ve spent the last two years figuring it out on my own” Jen said.

“Whoever created the magic diapers thought out his or her spell carefully, there seems to be a plan for almost every situation I’ve discovered”. Jen continued. “But I’ll tell you more when we get you grown up, let’s get this on you and go down stairs okay sweetie”. Michelle nodded and lifted her right leg as Jen slide the leg opening of the pull up over the tiny foot; she then helped Michelle get the other foot in and pulled the training pant up around Michelle’s waist. “Comfy?” Jen asked, and then she gave Michelle another raspberry on her belly. Michelle giggled louder this time “ummmfy” she said.

Once again, Jen picked up Michelle and carried her downstairs. She placed Michelle on the floor and smiled at her. “Okay, the trick now is for you to know when you have to go tinkle or poo poo and make sure you get to the potty chair on time” Jen said. “If you concentrate hard enough you should be able to get it right in one attempt” she added.

“I’ll get you some juice to help speed the process along” Jen went to the kitchen, rummaged through the drawers until she found a plastic drinking straw. She then filled a small plastic cup with cranberry juice and brought it to Michelle. Jen held the cup for Michelle and helped her get the straw into her mouth. Within seconds, Michelle was thirstily sucking up the cranberry juice.

“Don’t drink it too fast sweetie” said Jen.

Michelle finished the entire cup. “Good girl” said Jen. “Now all we have to do is wait for Mother Nature to come a calling” Jen said with a smile. About twenty minutes later Michelle began to dance from foot to foot. Jen recognized this as the all too familiar potty dance and said “Okay sweetie looks like you’re almost ready” “hafta go!” said Michelle.

“Good girl, you know what to do”. Michelle toddled over to the potty chair, and with a bit of a struggle she slid the Pull Up down to her ankles and sat on the potty chair “brrrrinnggg!” came the magical sound from the chair as Michelle placed her tiny behind on the seat. She giggled loudly at this and Jen couldn’t help responding with “awwww” as it was just about the cutest thing she’d seen in ages. Michelle sat on the chair smiling, almost instantly she felt urine begin to flow from her body into the potty’s waiting bowl. “daaaa daaa daa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” came the triumphant success music. Michelle giggled even louder at this. The flow of urine subsided and Michelle had finished with success.

But something was wrong, Michelle didn’t feel dizzy, she froze. She looked down at herself, she was still a toddler. A look of fright came to her face as she turned to look at Jen with questioning eyes. “Me still baby?” she said on the edge of tears.

“You need to stand up and pull the training pant back on sweetie” responded Jen.

Michelle quickly got off the potty chair, reached down to for the top of the Pull Up and slid it up over her knees and around her waist. Just as soon as she did this the familiar dizziness returned, the room seemed to move all around her and Michelle heard a tearing sound from her waist as the Pull Up tore open, she felt it fall to the floor at her feet.

Michelle realized now that she had returned once again to her adult size and she was standing naked in the living room with Jen smiling on.

“Not bad” said Jen with a smile, as she admired Michelle’s naked form.

Michelle blushed as she tried to cover herself with her hands. “ummm, can I have a towel” she asked.

To be continued…


Magic Diapers Chapters 8 - 9

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Chapter 8

After running upstairs and changing into her grown up cloths, Michelle came back down to the living room where Jen was waiting. She blushed again as she saw Jen smiling at her.

“Feeling better?” asked Jen.

“Yes, much better” said Michelle, with a slight laugh of embarrassment. “I can’t thank you enough for helping me; I don’t know what I would have done”

“Like I said, you would have been a very wet and messy little girl until this time tomorrow” Jen answered.

“That wouldn’t have worked out, my friend Steph arrives tomorrow” said Michelle.

“I take it Steph doesn’t really have a toddler in tow?” Jen asked. Michelle laughed in embarrassment again. “You’ve caught me in more ways than one” she said.

Michelle turned towards the Kitchen, “would you like something to drink?” she asked Jen. “I can make some coffee.”

“Coffee would be great” answered Jen.

Michelle looked at the clock while the coffee finished brewing; it was not even noon yet. She couldn’t believe that her toddler ordeal had only lasted a little over an hour, it seemed like an eternity to her. “Milk and sugar?” she asked Jen. “Yes please, thanks” Jen responded. Michelle handed Jen a mug and motioned towards the door leading to the deck. “Let’s sit outside” she said. She gathered up spoons, milk, sugar and lead Jen out to the deck.

The lake looked lovely as always. It was a perfect sunny day with only the occasional puffy white cloud floating by. Michelle looked up at a cloud and thought for a second that it looked like a diaper. She snapped her self out of it and turned to Jen. “So” she began.

“Where did the diapers come from?” Jen finished Michelle’s question for her.

“Yes, among other questions…I have so many” said Michelle.

“Let me start by telling you what I know” Jen said. Jen began a tale that would last almost all afternoon…

“First of all, as you have seen, I’m wearing a diaper” Jen said with a slight smile of embarrassment. “It is one of the diapers from the store as you may have guessed.” She took a sip of coffee and continued. “You may also have guessed that I’m not really a teenager.” Jen added.

Michelle looked up from her coffee at Jen. Due to her morning’s events, the fact that Jen was not currently her real age hadn’t yet occurred to Michelle, but given what she already knew about the diapers ability to regress people, it made perfect sense.

“Umm, can I ask how old you really are if it’s not a problem?” she said to Jen.

“I’m 25” Jen answered. “And I’ll prove it too you soon enough as I’m sure this coffee will help me get out of my own diaper very shortly, but until then, I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered” Jen continued.

“I live on the east side of the lake, about a 15 minute drive from here, about half that time by boat.” “I inherited a small lake house from my Uncle when he passed away 3 years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that” said Michelle.

“Thank you” answered Jen. “He was a wonderful man and I was his only niece, he had no children of his own.” Replied Jen, she took another sip of coffee and continued her story.

“Anyway, I’m an artist. I paint and do some photography here and there.” “I moved up here two years ago after I got the house out of probate.”

Michelle listened and sipped her coffee, she thought about how attractive Jen was and thought to herself that she would really like to see Jen in nothing more than a diaper soon. She quickly snapped herself out of her day dream and listen as Jen continued her story.

“I like being alone, and it’s so beautiful up here I figured it would be the perfect place to work on my art” said Jen.

“I discovered the general store very much the same way you did.” “I was shopping for incidentals when I first arrived and saw the self of outdated diapers.” “I had a bedwetting problem when I was younger and…”

“Me too!” interjected Michelle.

Jen stopped and smiled at her. “We’ll really have a lot to talk about today.” Jen said. “I’m sorry” said Michelle, “it’s just not often that I meet someone else who knows what it was like, please continue.” Jen reached across the table and patted Michelle’s hand. Michelle felt a chill of excitement rush through her body at Jen’s touch, she blushed again. Jen looked into her eyes and said “I know, it’s ok really, we can talk about it anytime you want.”

Jen continued her story. “When I first saw the diapers I figured they were just out of date because a small general store in the middle of nowhere Maine couldn’t turn over its stock very often. But then I saw a woman at the check out with what appeared to be a newer package of Pampers.”

Michelle cut in again “Isn’t that the strangest thing?”

Jen smiled, “yes, exactly my thoughts at the time.” "I knew I hadn’t seen those on the shelf and they couldn’t have been anywhere else in the store. Jen continued. “I didn’t think too much of it that first day, but when I got back to my house I kept dwelling on it.” Jen sipped her coffee again. “It was like the diapers had been calling to me, seeing the old style Pampers in the store had stirred up so many memories from my childhood, about my wetting problem and wearing diapers at night into my early teens…”

“Exactly!” shouted Michelle, almost spilling her coffee. She couldn’t believe this; she was so thrilled to be able to talk with someone who could help her make sense of the last few days, someone who also would understand the anxieties of her childhood. “I’m really sorry”, said Michelle, “please go on”.

Jen smiled at her. “It’s really ok, I totally understand, I’m very excited to have someone to talk to about this with too.” She said.

“So the next day I went back to the store and bought a package of Pampers and a few other supplies, wipes, powder, everything I needed” Jen continued.

Michelle smiled to herself fighting back the urge to giggle; she had done the exact same thing just the other day.

Jen went on. “I raced back to the house, locked myself in, which of course seemed silly afterwards considering I was living in the middle of nowhere.” She giggled to herself and continued.

“Anyway, I ran to my room and put on one of the diapers, and…as you know.”

“You turned into a baby?” giggled Michelle.

Jen laughed too, "Not quite, I regressed to about 10 I think, maybe 11. “I had been thinking about my bedwetting days the day before and that age was my clearest memory of them.” “I was about that age when I had begun to secretly enjoy the feeling of security I got from wearing diapers at night, but was still very embarrassed about my problem.” “Bedwetting had made me a very shy girl and I didn’t have too many friends…”

This time Michelle reached across the table and patted Jens hand. She looked into her eyes with compassion and understanding. Jen looked back blushing; she felt a strong connection to Michelle and a strong urge to explore it further.

“Anyway” Jen continued. “I think that’s partially why I like being alone, but more about the diapers.” “As you can guess, I eventually figured out how the regression worked, after a few terrifying experiences and a lot of crying I might add.” “You’re not the only little girl that was ever wet, messy and alone in a lake house.” Jen said.

Michelle blushed again “I’m sooooo glad you found me” she said. Jen smiled at her again and continued her story.

“When I first regressed below five, I was stuck in the diaper with no adult to help me out, after hours of crying and pouting, I fell asleep on the floor.” “I slept for a long time, and when I woke up the next afternoon, I found myself lying on the floor with a wet and messy pamper which had burst open underneath my bottom.” I was too shocked to care about the mess, I was back in my adult body" Jen said with a smile. “So I cleaned myself up, cleaned up the mess, went out to the lake for a swim.” “I began to do the math in my head.” She sipped her coffee. “That was when I discovered that the magic only lasted twenty four hours.” “Unless of course, you break the spell yourself by using the toilet…or get help.” She added winking at Michelle who blushed again.

“But how did you find out that you needed adult help to get out of the diapers when younger than five?” asked Michelle.

“That’s an interesting story” replied Jen. “After playing with the diapers for more than a month, I started to notice that the general store seemed to never run out of the old style diapers.” “I figured they had to restock sooner or later, but I couldn’t figure it out, the diapers were always there no matter how many I bought our how long I waited.” “Then I thought, it must not be the diapers that are magic, but the maybe the shelf or perhaps the store itself.” “I wanted to do some research on this theory, that’s when I got the idea of disguising myself as a teenager and taking a part time job at the general store.” Jen said.

“That’s brilliant!” laughed Michelle. “Thanks” answered Jen, “I admit I was pretty impressed with the idea myself.” Jen continued. “I was very nervous about wearing one of the diapers out of the house and obviously used baggie cloths to hide it, I would time my movement carefully to conceal the noise too, but standing behind a checkout counter doesn’t require a lot of movement, which made things easy.” She said.

"As a 16 year old girl from the next town over, the store owner didn’t think to question it, I mean seriously, thinking back to any job you ever had as a teen, did any of your employers ever actually meet your parents? Jen asked.

Michelle sipped her coffee and thought on this, come to think of it, Jen was right. Michelle couldn’t think of one Job she had before college during which her parents and employer had ever met.

“I started to realize that little details like this would allow my disguise to work”. The only hard part was getting ID for my new employer." “But up here in Maine it wasn’t as hard as I thought.” “I used my art skills to modify the date on my birth certificate, which allowed me to get a Maine drivers license as my 16 year old self.” Jen said.

“However, all the effort was for nothing.” “The store owner, Earl, decided to pay me under the table as I only work 3 days a week.”

“Still it was fun to take the risk and know I could pull it off.” Jen took out a small ID holder from the pocket of her overalls and handed it to Michelle. Michelle opened it and looked at the driver’s license within. “Wow!” Michelle said, “very impressive” she added.

“Yes, I figure the only thing I need it for is driving to work.” Jen answered. “In this town I doubt I’ll ever be pulled over, there are only 2 police officers.” Jen said.

“Anyway, I’m really glad Earl, decided to pay me under the table, I had no idea how I was going to fake my tax forms if it had gone that far.” Jen added.

“Anyway you were asking how I figured out you need adult help when younger than five.” Jen continued. “After taking the job at the store, I discovered that I could eventually see the Pampers for what they were when people made a purchase.” “I can’t always tell right away, but on a few occasions when a person came into the store more than once to buy diapers, I saw what that person was seeing when they looked at the package.” “I saw yours the second time you came into the store, when you left your glasses on the counter, I used that as my excuse to ask Earl to see your check and find the address.” “There was only one Gordon listed in the town phone book, so I thought I’d stop by and drop off your sunglasses.” “I desperately wanted to ask if you were into wearing diapers but didn’t know how to ask that of a stranger.” “I was just lucky to find you in one crying for help when I arrived” Jen smiled.

“I’m very lucky you arrived when you did.” Michelle said blushing harder. “Otherwise Steph may have shown up the next day to find me naked on the floor sitting on top of a wet and poopy diaper!” she added.

Jen giggled and continued her story. “So anyway, one day a cute teenage boy came into the store and bought a bunch of food and a package of pampers, I didn’t see it the first time he came in, he was about 16, as I was pretending to be, and I just thought he was cute.” “A week later, he came in again; he bought some home supplies, and again a package of Pampers.” "This time I saw it, they were not the same package style that I saw when I first bought my own diapers, but they were clearly not what Earl had in stock for real.

“After working at the store for a few months and helping with inventory, I found my theory about the shelf to be correct; it seemed that the shelf had instilled magic into the diapers.” “Whenever Earl ordered a new supply of Pampers, they would come in as the current style.” “As soon as I put them on the shelf, they turned into what I wanted them to be, old style baby dry with plastic backing.”

Michelle giggled again. “That’s what I see too” she added. “Oh I know” said Jen, “it’s amazing” she added.

Jen continued. “So as I said, eventually I realized that I could sometimes see what other’s would see if they were attracted to diapers for one reason or another.” “For example if they were purchasing them for fun.” Jen smiled at Michelle.

“It’s only actually happened about 3 times, your purchase included, and you and John, that was the boy’s name, are the only repeat customers.” Jen said.

“There was once an older guy that bought a package and I was lucky enough to be able to see the Pampers he was seeing in one try.” Jen said. “He must have been in his late thirties because the packaging looked like it was from the 1980’s.” “Obviously people tend to see the style of diapers that the want to wear.” “Particularly the style that they may have worn at a turning point in their younger lives.” Jen took an inquisitive pause.

“Anyway” She continued. “I giggled when the older guy left the store because I knew he was in for a big surprise when he tried them on.” “I was surprised that he never came back, I always wondered what happened to him.” She said. “So, the second time the boy came in, I got up the nerve and decided to say something to him.” "When he got to the register he and I were the only two people in the store, so I said, ‘Did you have fun wearing the last ones?’

“He froze on the spot with a look of terror on his face, and I smiled at him”. Jen said. "I could tell he was shocked and embarrassed by the question so I quickly said, ‘it’s ok, I know what they do, I like wearing them too’. “And I showed him my diaper”. “He was nervous at first but then I told him I’d be happy to play with him if he wanted to.”

“Later that day when I got out of work, we met up; I took him to my house for an afternoon of fun.” “John hadn’t quite figured out the details of the regression yet and had only regressed himself to about 12 years old.” “I guessed that was an age when boys are very Horney.” Jen said.

Michelle giggled at that comment.

“Also” Jen continued, “he hadn’t figured out that he could use the toilet to quickly bring oneself back to normal age.” “John had left the diaper on after wetting in it the first time and had then slept through the whole night well into the next day.” “Teenage boys are so lazy” Jen added.

“When John woke up sometime the next afternoon, he was still 12, and nearly freaked out, fortunately he was home alone as his family was away for the weekend.” “So later in that afternoon when twenty four hours had elapsed, he returned to his normal age…after wetting and even messing the diaper a few more times of course.”

“I was quite surprised that he hadn’t tried the tapes again when he woke up, the silly boy had worn the diaper the whole time until the spell broke.” “John wasn’t very bright, but If I had to guess, I think he really liked wearing them and was still playing, if you know what I mean” Jen winked at Michelle who laughed out loud at the thought of John masturbating in his wet and messy diaper.

“So, I explained the toilet trick to John and we played together for a while, I let him change my diaper, and it was quite fun.” Michelle blushed and giggled as Jen gave her a sly smile. “I then explained to John that he could be as young as he wanted if he thought about before putting on the diaper, and he told me his fantasy of being a toddler and having a babysitter take care of him.”

“I told him I would be happy to play out that fantasy with him.” “So when John put on the diaper, he instantly regressed to about 3 or 4, just as you did earlier.” “I stayed at as a sixteen year old and played babysitter for him, that was when I discovered that after he had wet, he too was unable to get the diaper off on his own no matter how hard he tried, but when I helped him, the tapes unfastened without any problems.”

“It took a few hours to figure out the potty training part.” “Holding him on the toilet until he peed didn’t work at first.” Jen explained. “After I thought about it for a while I came up with the idea of putting ‘big kid pants’ on John, thinking that the action might be grown up enough to break the spell.”

“We had to use his own underwear as training pants, which was a bit tricky because I had to adjust the size with some safety pins so they would stay on him.” “To my dismay the underwear didn’t do anything to John’s age, I really had no intention of spending the next twenty four hours babysitting him.” "Fortunately, John started saying “go pee pee!, go pee pee!” "Which I guessed could only mean “I have to take a leak!”

“I told him to pull down the underwear, which he did, and then I held him on the toilet seat while he did his business.” “When he had finished he was still a toddler, but when I put him down, he walked over, and pulled the underwear back on all by himself, and in the blink of an eye, he returned to his teenage form.”

Jen went on, “It was kind of funny, the underwear ripped open because of the safety pins so he was standing in the nude with a look of shock on his face.”

"So I retraced the events and determined that it had to have been the process of John pulling down the underwear, and putting it back on without help after using the toilet which broke the spell. “This is a grown up act for toddler in potty training mode.”

“Anyhow, the spell was broken and John had grown back to his normal age right before my eyes.” “Afterwards he was a bit freaked out when I showed him my real age.” “He called me a witch and said that I wanted to keep him as my baby, he left in a hurry, leaving the diapers behind.” “I never saw him again, which is sad, but at least that experience taught me one more thing about the magic diapers.” Jen said.

“I’m very impressed that you were able to think of buying the potty chair ahead of time” Jen told Michelle.

Michelle poured herself a second cup of coffee and offered more to Jen. “Well I for one am very glad you were able to learn from that experience, otherwise I might still be wet and messy” She said as she refilled Jen’s cup.

Jen went on to explain what else she had learned about the diapers. She knew nothing of how the shelf in the general store came into existence. It was clear to her that Earl the owner had no interest in the diapers at all, nor did Earl’s wife Susan.

From what Jen was able to learn, the general store was one of the oldest buildings in the area. It had been a trading post originally owned by an old woman who was actually a Native American from this part of Maine.

Maine was full of Native American culture and artifacts. Many tribes had made the area their home for centuries prior to the arrival of Europeans, and continued to do so long after that. Several tribes still claimed land rights and lived on reservations in parts of Maine today.

Jen explained that many Native American cultures believed in mystical powers beyond human understanding and several practiced what new Americans equate to witchcraft. It was Jen’s best guess that the women who had originally owned the store had worked some kind of magic on that particular section of wall in the store.

Jen believed that the shelf was not originally in the store as it was newer, so she had guessed that whatever was in that section of wall before the shelf, had been magical in nature, possibly a way of magically providing whatever the customer needed. Jen had tried placing other items in that section to see if they would become what she desired, but the magic only seemed to work with diapers. This she could not explain, it was her thought that perhaps Earl had stored nothing but diapers on that shelf for so many years that the magic had some how changed to fit the contents.

Jen had been indulging her fantasies for the past two years, on nights when she would lock up the store for Earl, she would ring up a package of Pampers, wipes, powder, and anything else she needed on the register and pay cash. Neither Earl nor Susan had ever been around to see Jen do this so there were never any questions about her purchases.

From her experiences, Jen had devised what she referred to as her list of “rules” for using the diapers. She believed that the list would continue to grow as she continued to indulge her fantasies by using the diapers. She explained all she had learned to Michelle.

Rule one was what Michelle had already learned, putting on the diapers would cause the wearer to regress to whatever age he or she had imagined being prior to putting on the diaper.

Rule two was also known to Michelle, once the diaper was on, it stayed on until it was used, after that it could be removed by the wearer.

Rule three she also knew, to reverse the regression and return to ones current age, all which was needed, was a successful trip to the toilet.

Rule four, Michelle had learned this morning, if the wearer had regressed below the age of five, the wearer would require assistance from an adult to remove the diaper.

Rule four was also new to Michelle; anyone below the age of five would have to successfully use the potty on his or her own while not wearing a diaper, i.e. they must wear a training pant or underwear before going to the potty, and successfully take the training pant off and put it back on when finished to reverse the regression.

Rule six was what Jen referred to as the safety net rule: the spell which caused the regression would break on its own after a period of twenty four hours.

Rule seven, was new to Michelle, and an idea she hadn’t considered. Jen explained that the diaper would resize itself to fit the wearer at his or her current age if the wearer had decided to simply fantasize about wearing the diaper and not being any particular age. Jen had recently discovered this last rule.

It was now mid afternoon. Michelle had fixed lunch for herself and Jen and they ate on the deck. Michelle told Jen her history, about her bedwetting days, and her friendship and semi sexual experimentation with Steph while wearing diapers as teens. Michelle confided in Jen as to how she had enjoyed her and Steph’s time together so much so that she had been uncertain of her own sexuality. Michelle explained her history of failed relationships with members of the opposite sex, and was surprised and secretly excited to hear that Jen had a similar tale to tell.

After Lunch, Jen told Michelle that she had wet her diaper and was now going to return to her real age so Michelle could see what she really looked like. Michelle was very excited by this news.

“Do you want to take my diaper off for me?” Jen asked. Michelle blushed hard, she had desperately wanted to look at Jen in her diaper again but was too embarrassed to ask. “Yes I do” she replied, shyly. “It’s ok” Jen answered as she took Michelle’s hand and led her into the house.

The couple went up to the bathroom and once again Jen unfastened her overalls letting them fall to the floor. She then lay down on the floor, smiled at Michelle and said “Ok mommy, take off my diapee please” in a cute girlish voice. Michelle blushed again and giggled. She got down on her knees, leaned over Jen and unfastened the first tape, then the second. Jen smiled at her. Michelle opened the very wet diaper exposing Jen’s womanhood; she was certainly a red head Michelle thought as she examined the well groomed hair above Jen’s most private area.

“Wipes” Jen said, smiling at Michelle. Michelle took out a fresh wipe and gently cleaned Jen’s diaper area, Jen let out a soft moan of pleasure as Michelle completed the task. “Lift up sweetie” Michelle said as she gently patted the exposed side of Jen’s bottom, indicating that her charge should lift her bottom off of the diaper. Jen lifted her legs up as if she were doing a stomach crunch which fully exposed her bottom to Michelle. Michelle slid the wet diaper out from under her and finished wiping Jen’s bottom clean.

“There’s a good girl, mommy’s all done sweetie” Michelle said to Jen in a soft soothing voice, she was getting into the spirit of things now, her excitement was building to a peak and she wanted to see Jen in her full adult form. Michelle sealed up the wet diaper and placed it in the trash as Jen got off the floor, her overalls still around her ankles. She sat on the toilet and with in seconds Michelle heard the all too familiar tinkling sound of urine flowing into the toilet.

With the contents of Jen’s bladder successfully emptied into the toilet, Michelle’s eyes now looked upon a beautiful 25 year old red head. Jen’s breasts appeared to have grown half a cup size, her hair was longer and had a lovely natural curl which was more enhanced in her adult form. After wiping herself Jen stood up and Michelle could see that she had grown about 3 inches as well. Jen’s hips had a more defined curve to them, and her bottom was well shaped too Michelle thought.

“Like what you see?” Jen asked. Michelle blushed. Jen stepped closer to her, leaned in and kissed her. Michelle was mesmerized as she returned the kiss, she was slow to respond at first, her thoughts were racing, and she couldn’t believe what was happening. Very quickly she accepted her situation as reality and embraced Jen fully, returning her kiss with all of her passion.

After a few moments the women broke their lip lock and stared into each other’s eyes. “Shall we go to your room?” asked Jen. “Yes please” Michelle giggled through her response. Jen smiled and stepped out of the overalls which were still around her ankles. They walked down the hall to the bedroom, Jen raced past Michelle into the room and ran directly to the closet, she grabbed two pampers and turned to Michelle with a lascivious grin.

“Shall we?” she smiled at Michelle. “Oh yes!” responded Michelle, the words came out as if she had asked for something she could not live with out. “How old?” Jen asked. Michelle, blushing again, smiled at Jen, “12?” she said. Jen nodded her agreement with a large grin of approval.

Michelle stripped down to her birthday suit, Jen took off her shirt exposing her breasts, and confirming to Michelle that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Not wearing a bra would certainly make returning to adulthood easier Michelle thought.

“You diaper me and I’ll diaper you?” Jen said waving the Pampers at Michelle with a smile.

Michelle nodded as Jen handed her a Pamper and lay on the bed. Michelle opened the bottom half of the Pamper, bent over and slid the diaper under Jen who had instinctively lifted her bottom for Michelle. Jen spread her legs to accept the diaper as Michelle opened the front of the Pamper and pulled it up between her legs. Michelle watched in amazement as the Pamper seemed to size itself to fit perfectly. Michelle closed one tape, then the next and in the blink of an eye, before her laid an adorable 12 year old version of Jen.

Michelle giggled with excitement as did Jen. “Your turn!” came a higher pitched voice from 12 year old Jen. Michelle’s excitement was peaked. She dove onto the bed just as Jen was getting to her feet. Michelle lifted her bottom for Jen who quickly completed the diapering process. Michelle felt the familiar dizziness as Jen closed the Pamper around her waist, the room seemed to move around her and in no time at all she knew that she was back in her 12 year old body.

The sun was setting behind the trees on the southwest side of the lake and had produced a hypnotic orange reflection off the water. Again the cicadas and loons perked up their ears as this time they heard the voices of two young girls expressing their pleasure from within the house. “uuummmm ohhhhh yeessss Jen Yesss! Michelle ummmmmm yessss!”

Later that evening, the two women, comfortably diapered in their 12 year old forms, fell asleep in each others arms under the warm covers of Michelle’s bed.

To be continued.

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Chapter 9

Michelle awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside her window. Jen was lying next to her still asleep. The girls had fallen asleep in each others arms but had separated themselves from their passionate tangle during the night. Michelle knew her own sleeping habits and figured she probably shifted around during the night causing Jen to break free from their embrace.

Michelle lifted the covers and looked down at Jen’s body; she looked so adorable in her diaper Michelle thought. A slight smell of urine drifted to Michelle’s nose from beneath the covers. She realized she had wet her diaper during the night.

The regression to her 12 year old form had again brought her former bedwetting problem along with it. This time Michelle did not have the feeling of shame or disappointment that she had felt in her younger years when she would wake up to find she had wet herself. She had grown out of her problem by the end of her fourteenth year and in the years that followed, had learned to understand that the bedwetting had never been her fault. After all, by the age of 12 she had learned to enjoy wearing diapers for her own reasons. By her thirteenth birthday, Michelle saw the bedwetting as only an inconvenience which allowed her to indulge in a secret pleasure, a pleasure which she had once shared with her best friend.

“Oh my God! Steph!” whispered Michelle, trying not to wake Jen. Her trip down memory lane had quickly brought her back to reality, Steph would be arriving today! She didn’t expect Steph to arrive until the late afternoon however the anticipation of her arrival forced Michelle’s mind into planning mode. “How am I going to explain the diapers to her?” she thought.

She rolled to her side and looked at Jen again. Jen moved a bit and muttered something incomprehensible in her sleep. Michelle wondered if Jen had wet her diaper during the night as well. She couldn’t resist the urge to reach her hand under the covers and gently caress the bottom of Jen’s diaper. Michelle could feel the saturation of Jen’s diaper instantly. It felt thicker, squishy, and warm. Jen had clearly wet more than once, and quite possibly very recently. Michelle smiled as she felt the wet diaper encasing Jen’s bottom.

The excitement returned to Michelle as she felt Jen’s diaper. Michelle smiled as she felt the pressure building in her own bladder; shortly after, she released her bladder into her already wet diaper. Within seconds she could feel the warmth of the urine spreading from her crotch, pooling around her soggy behind. She closed her eyes and smiled in satisfaction as she felt the warmth continue to spread. One thing she had notice about the magic diapers is that they had yet to leak, even after a second wetting, she hadn’t tried a third yet, or had she? Michelle couldn’t remember.

After a silent moment of enjoyment, she opened her eyes to find that Jen was now awake. Jen had propped herself up on her elbow and was staring directly into Michelle’s eyes. “Good morning cutie” she said.

Michelle giggled, “Good morning” she said while stretching herself out to full length. “Did someone wet her diaper?” asked Jen. “Oh yes I think someone did!” Michelle said with a smile…“And it wasn’t just me!” she added with a giggle. Jen rolled on top of Michelle and the two engaged in a tickle fight. Michelle eventually won the tickle war by over powering Jen…who laughed so hard that she had a second wetting of her own.

This brought the tickle battle to an end as Jen froze in bed with a smile on her face as her own diaper grew warm and even more squishy. Michelle realized what was happening and placed her hand on Jen’s diaper; she could feel the warmth and giggled at Jen. “Ha Ha wet baby girl!” she said, teasing Jen through her laughter. “Oh you’re one to talk!” Jen laughed out loud. She patted Michelle’s diaper with her hand…“Who are you calling a wet baby girl?” Jen asked.

The two burst into laughter and embraced each other. After lying in bed for almost a half hour, contemplating the events of the past evening, Michelle finally broke the silence, “Steph arrives today, I don’t know how to tell her about this.” She said.

“Do you think she’ll understand?” asked Jen.

“I don’t know” answered Michelle. After a moment she continued. “We played together in bed when we were teens, only tickle fights like this mostly…after wetting our diapers. We only ever climaxed together once when we were about 13 almost 14, but each on our own, we didn’t…well we never shared what you and I shared last night, we didn’t touch each other” Michelle said looking into Jen’s eyes.

Jen smiled knowingly at Michelle. “You said she wasn’t a bed wetter right?” asked Jen.

“Yes, she was just curious about what the diapers felt like” answered Michelle. One night when we were about 11, she asked me about it and we began to talk about my bedwetting problem. She had known about my problem since we were in second grade and she had always supported me. She kept my secret private and never teased me." Michelle told Jen.

She continued her story as Jen played with her hair, listening intently. “So that first time when we were 11 Steph asked me if she could try on one of my diapers during a sleepover at my house” Michelle continued.

“I only ever went to sleepovers at Steph’s house, and she was the only friend I ever invited to sleepover at my house because of my bedwetting. I was so glad when she told me she wanted to try on a diaper. I wanted someone else to know what I felt when I wore them and no one was closer to me than Steph.”

“Did you put the diaper on for her?” asked Jen.

“Yes I helped her” answered Michelle. “We had seen each other naked in the YW locker room when showering after swim practice.” She continued. “Steph was never shy, she was always more confident than me, I was more nervous than she was while I diapered her.”

Jen shifted her position and snuggled closer to Michelle. Michelle giggled again as Jen tickled her tummy. “Stop that, I’m telling you my life story almost!” Michelle said.

“I’m sorry…I’m listening, go on.” Said Jen.

“Well, Steph was really happy when I put the diaper on her” Said Michelle. “She said it felt so soft and comfortable and that she was Jealous that I got to wear one every night.”

Jen giggled. “I guess we were lucky little girls” She interrupted.

Michelle gave her a love tap. “Stop that silly, I’m trying to finish my story!”

Michelle began again. “So after I put it on her, she giggled and rolled around in her diaper for a while, even walked around the room just to hear the crinkle noise, she said she loved it! Then we watched TV in my bedroom until we fell asleep and Steph wore the diaper all night.”

“The next morning when we woke up, I was wet. Steph was dry of course. She asked me if I had wet my diaper and I said ‘yes’, and then she leaned over and touched the front of my diaper to see for herself. I was a bit shocked at first but then I felt really happy that she had done it. That was when our tickle fight started. So about two minutes into the tickle fight, Steph stopped and told me she was going to wet her diaper. I stared at her trying to catch my breath and said ‘really?’ she said she wanted to know exactly how I felt, and then she did it!”

“Wow!” replied Jen.

“Yeah I couldn’t believe it” said Michelle, “She did it right in front of me!”

“What did she say afterwards?” asked Jen.

“She loved it!” Michelle answered. “She said it felt great, she loved it!” Michelle repeated excitedly.

“So what happened next?” Jen asked.

“Nothing, my mother shouted up the stairs and told us to get dressed cause we were going out for breakfast, we both freaked out and took our diapers off right away.”

“Awww, that’s no fun” said Jen.

“Anyway the last thing I wanted was for my mom to catch Steph wearing one of my diapers, and a wet one at that! How would we have explained that to her? She knew Steph wasn’t a bed wetter.” Michelle replied.

“Did your mom ever ask why there were two wet diapers in the trash that morning?” Jen asked.

“No, I emptied it later and she never saw them” Michelle replied, “Even if she had I would have told her that I woke up wet in the middle of the night and changed myself” She added.

“Anyway,” she continued. “We talked about it later that week and Steph wanted to do it again next time she slept over, so the next weekend we did it again and several more times over the next 2 years.”

“Those must have been fun times” said Jen.

“They were, we talked about everything when we were diapered together, boys we liked, girls we hated, sex, or at least what we thought sex would be like. That eventually led to talking about…you know pleasuring ourselves” Michelle said, she was too embarrassed to say the word masturbation.

Jen giggled, she thought it was cute that Michelle was embarrassed by the topic. She seemed so innocent, and her current age added so much to the look.

“We told each other about the first time we each did that to ourselves” Michelle said. “Finally one night when we were 13, sleeping at my house and wearing diapers again, we had been talking about it so much that Steph admitted to me that she was so excited that she wanted to do it right then and there”

“No Way!” interjected Jen.

“Yes way” answered Michelle. “She asked me if I was excited too.” Michelle said. “I was of course. So I told her that I would do it if she did it too.”

“Wow” said Jen. “Tell me what happened.”

Michelle giggled at her.

“We’ll, Steph wet her diaper while I watched, and then I peed in my own diaper, and then we did it.” Michelle said.

“That’s it!?” asked Jen, with a tone of disappointment.

“That’s it” answered Michelle.

“Well that was an anticlimactic tale” said Jen tickling Michelle again with a pouting look of disappointment on her face.

“Stop that!” Michelle giggled, “What do you want from me? We were only 13 and it was really weird to be doing that in the same room together!” Michelle said.

“Well you could have at least spiced up the story” Jen said. “Was it at least good?” she asked.

“You’re naughty” Michelle replied. “Yes, it was good” she added.

“So you never did it again after that?” asked Jen.

“Nope, never…at least not with Steph in the same room, only by myself.” Michelle answered, blushing.

“Well did she enjoy it too?” Jen asked.

“She did” Michelle answered, “But we never spoke about it after that.”

“Did you ever wear diapers together during sleepovers again?” Jen asked.

“Only a few times, after that” Michelle answered. “My bed wetting began to stop a few months later and I eventually got out of nighttime diapers for good. We grew up, went to college together and let the whole experience disappear into our past.” Michelle said.

“That’s too bad.” Jen said, “It must have been hard for you to leave that hanging over your head without any sort of closure.” She added.

“Yeah, I always wanted to bring it up with Steph and talk about it, but I think she was just as embarrassed by the situation as I was.” Michelle said.

The two girls lay next to each other on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. “It’s starting to stink like pee pee in here” Michelle said. “Yeah, I guess we should get cleaned up before we leak” Jen replied with a giggle.

They got out of bed, walked down the hall to the bathroom, unfastened their soaked Pampers and let them drop to the floor. Each took a turn on the toilet to return to adulthood, the two women showered together, dressed and went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

“So what are you going to do about Steph’s visit?” Jen asked as they prepared breakfast.

“Well, I’ve got a few ideas.” Michelle said with a smile as she buttered a slice of toast. “Let’s have breakfast first then I’ll tell you so that you can tell me what you think.”

“Ohhh, are you up to something naughty?” Jen asked.

“Not me” Michelle answered, “I’m a good girl” she added, blushing harder than ever.

To be continued.


Magic Diapers Chapters 10 - 11

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Chapter 10

Michelle and Jen enjoyed breakfast on the deck. They looked out at the lake and shared their thoughts about the weather and another perfect late summer day in western Maine. After they had finished their meal and were sipping coffee Jen quickly changed the subject from the weather to plans for the day.

“So tell me your evil plan naughty girl” Jen said with a smile.

“It’s not an evil plan!” Michelle replied, giving Jen a somewhat angry look.

“Like I said, I don’t want to jeopardize my friendship with Steph, I’m just curious to know if she would still join me…us, I want her to meet you” Michelle added, looking Jen in the eyes. “In the simple pleasures of wearing and wetting our diapers…and any other such fun that may come from it” she added with a smile.

“Well what are you thinking then?” asked Jen.

“Steph’s friendship is more important to me than anything” Michelle began. “She’s like my sister; she basically is my sister since I don’t have any siblings. I can’t ruin that no matter what.” Michelle said. She sipped her coffee and continued.

“If I can’t find a way to casually manipulate the conversation and get her to bring up the subject of our childhood experiences on her own, I’m going to drop it altogether.” Michelle told Jen.

“I’ll just finish out the week with Jen as a ‘big girl’, and then I’ll arrange to get back up here as soon as I can so that you and I can spend a whole week playing together.” Michelle said, looking at Jen for her reaction.

“I totally understand” Jen answered, and then she reached out and took Michelle’s hand. “It would just be sooooo hard to wait that long to be with you again” Jen said. She wanted to ask Michelle to stay for the second week of her vacation but didn’t want to come on that strong.

Jen had shared something wonderful with Michelle and it was clear that they had a connection, but Jen didn’t want to seem too aggressive this early on…although she wondered how it could possibly hurt after sharing the power and pleasure of the magic diapers.

Michelle was silent; she had a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. “Thank you for understanding” she said, fighting back the tear. “Last night meant so much to me, I felt like I had been waiting my whole life to share my love with someone like that” She told Jen.

Jen continued to hold her hand, “don’t cry, you’ll make me have to turn you into a baby for the day silly girl” Jen said, half laughing, half fighting tears herself.

At Jen’s comment the two burst into laughter again. Michelle thought to herself that one day soon she would be very happy to let Jen do just that.

When they had finished their giggles, Michelle poured herself a second cup of coffee and offered one to Jen, “yes please” Jen said."

Michelle filled Jen’s cup and spoke. “But if I’m lucky” She continued. “I won’t have to manipulate the conversation at all.”

“What do you mean?” Jen asked.

“Well I think that the diapers have a way of stirring up old memories” Michelle answered.

“That seems obvious” answered Jen, “we both couldn’t resist the urge to purchase them when we first saw them.” She added.

“Exactly!” replied Michelle. “I think what I’m going to do, is put one of the packages in the closet in the guest room. Steph will be sure to see it in there.” Michelle said. “If she sees the diapers as we do, as the same Pampers I wore back when Steph and I played in them together, she may not be able to resist the urge to try one on.” Michelle looked at Jen for her response.

“If she puts one on without knowing what will happen, she might totally freak out” said Jen.

“Yes, that’s a risk” Michelle answered. "But I’ll be here, I can help her to understand the situation, let her know that she’s safe, even regress down to join her, to help her through it’ Michelle replied.

“True”, answered Jen. “After all, if she goes as far as trying one on, she shouldn’t mind enjoying them for real.” She added.

“That’s exactly what I’m hoping will happen” Michelle said. “Worst case, she sees them as they really are, new style cloth-like outer cover Pampers.” She continued. “If she sees the real thing, I’ll know she’s not interested, and leave the subject alone.”

“How will you explain the diapers being in the house?” Jen asked.

“My parents occasionally rent the house out to summer vacationers, or let their friends use it. I’ll just tell Steph the diapers must have been left by a renter.” Michelle added.

“It sounds like you’ve got this all worked out” Jen said.

“Well I’ve been thinking about it all morning” Michelle smiled.

“I noticed you have purchased a good supply of new style diapers” Jen added. She had looked in the closet on Saturday afternoon when she helped toddler Michelle get changed into a pull up and return to adulthood.

“You had sizes 4 through 6, not to mention a good supply of Pull Ups…were you planning on opening a day care facility?” Jen asked with a giggle.

Michelle laughed, “I’m not sure what made me do that” she said. “I think it was just impulse shopping, I was in that kind of mind set when I was buying supplies…after all, the Pull Ups came in handy didn’t they?” Michelle asked, smiling at Jen.

“They sure did” replied Jen, winking. “Well, I guess we’d better get this place cleaned up before Steph gets here” Jen said.

“Oh my god yes!” said Michelle, “We’ve got trash cans full of wet and even messy diapers upstairs!” she added, blushing with slight embarrassment knowing that the messy diaper was her own.

The two set to work cleaning up their breakfast and emptying all the trash cans to remove the evidence of their adventurous weekend from the House. When they had finished, all the baby supplies were safely stored in the closet of Michelle’s bedroom, with the exception of the second package of Magic diapers which Michelle placed in the closet of the guest room where Steph would be sleeping.

“Thanks for the help” Michelle told Jen as the two slumped down on the living room sofa after a morning of hectic cleaning. Jen put her arm around Michelle, leaned in and kissed her “anytime baby” she said with a smile. Michelle giggled and snuggled close to her. She wished they had time to play before Steph arrived but she knew that Steph must not be far away now.

Jen got up off the couch. “Well I’m going to go do some shopping” she said.

Michelle looked at her with questioning eyes, “You’re leaving? Don’t you want to meet Steph?” she asked,

“I want her to meet you, I need her to meet you!” she added.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll meet her tonight, we’ll BBQ on your deck, you can tell her all about the wonderful new friend you met up here and how she is joining the two of you for dinner.” Jen said with a sing song voice and a smile while walking toward the door, twirling her hair in a girlish manner as she went.

Michelle got up and followed close behind with a pouting look on her face, she didn’t want her companion to leave so soon.

Jen continued. “Besides, I noticed you hadn’t purchased any baby bottles or a sippy cups, those could come in handy too you know” Jen added jokingly. “I think I’ll take a trip to Wal-Mart of my own” She said as she turned and hugged Michelle good bye. Michelle held onto Jen tightly in an embrace that lasted almost two minutes. They kissed.

“I’ll be back soon” Jen said.

“I know” Michelle replied, "but if feels like you just got here. “Hurry back” she said.

Michelle watched as Jen got into her car and drove off.

To be continued.

Chapter 11

Steph smiled with anticipation as she pulled into the outer edge of town. It had been over two years since she had last visited Michelle and her family at the lake house but she recognized the route well and knew she was only about 15 minutes away. She desperately had to pee and knew she wasn’t going to make it without a pit stop. Up ahead on the right Steph could see the sign for the general store.

Steph pulled her car into the lot and shut off the engine. She quickly stepped out of her car and headed for the store. Across the parking lot she saw the open back of a mini van. A woman in her early thirties was changing what appeared to be a two year old girl in the mini van’s tailgate. The girl was giggling as her mother made silly noises at her while wiping her diaper area.

Steph was mesmerized by the scene. Momentarily forgetting her need to pee, she slowed her walk and stared at the changing. Steph’s eye’s followed the movements of the mother’s hands as she placed a fresh diaper under the baby girl and pulled it up between her legs. The mother fastened the diaper in place and lifted the girl up off the floor of the mini van. Steph thought to herself how wonderful it must be to be cared for in such a loving and motherly manner.

Her need to pee suddenly snapped Steph out of her trance and her attention was returned to the pressure on her bladder by the pangs of pain from her lower region. She continued into the store, behind the counter stood a slim grey haired gentleman, “Please, may I use your bathroom?” Steph asked.

“Aaaa yup, sright over there missy” answered the man in a heavy Maine accent, pointing toward the bathroom in the back corner of the store. “Thank you” replied Steph as she made her way towards the back of the store. She entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her, sliding the old style bolt lock into place.

Steph took down her shorts and panties, checked to make sure the toilet seat was down, and immediately sat down to empty her bladder. The familiar tinkle sound of her pee hitting the water filled her ears. Her task complete, she wiped, flushed, pulled her panties and shorts back on, washed her hands and left the bathroom. While walking through the store towards the front door, the shelf of baby diapers caught her eye.

“Those look like they’ve been around a while” Thought Steph. She continued to the front door, thanked the old man behind the counter and headed out to her car to finish her journey; she would be at the lake house in fifteen minutes or less. She started the engine, pulled out of the parking lot and was on her way.

Michelle sat on the front porch waiting for Steph, she hadn’t seen Steph in almost a whole month, which was rare. Even though they worked and lived in different cities they made it a point to visit each other at least one weekend a month just to catch up. She heard the sounds of a car coming up the dirt drive, within seconds it came into view, Steph had arrived.

Michelle jumped up from her chair waiving with excitement. She ran down to the driveway as Steph parked the car and threw open her door. The two girls ran to each other and hugged. “I’m so glad you’re here!” shouted Michelle.

“I know! I’m so psyched to be here!” answered Jen.

“Let’s get your bags inside and have a drink on the deck” said Michelle.

“Yes!” shouted Steph in agreement. They unpacked Steph’s car, left her bags in the living room and proceeded to the kitchen. Michelle had put a large bottle of chardonnay in the fridge the night before, it was perfectly chilled.

She opened the bottle while chit chatting with Steph about her drive, they talked about the traffic on the Mass pike and how long it took Steph to come up 91 and across upper New Hampshire. After pouring two large glasses, Michelle handed one to Steph and pointed her towards the door leading to the deck.

Once outside, the girl’s clinked glasses “Cheers!” said Michelle. “Cheers” answered Steph.

They drank their wine and stared out at the lake. “I’m so psyched to be here” said Steph, “I’ve had the craziest week!” she added.

“I know how you feel” said Michelle, “I was so psyched to leave work on Friday” she said.

“How’s the water?” asked Steph. “It’s great!” Michelle answered. “Want to go for a swim?” She asked.

“What about our wine?” Steph asked. “We can take it out to the raft with us” said Michelle. Ten minutes later, Michelle and Steph were carefully swimming out to the raft, Michelle carrying the corked bottle of chardonnay, and Steph swimming with two empty plastic wine glasses held above her head in one hand. After reaching the raft, the girls refilled their glasses, worked on their tans and caught up on the latest gossip. After about an hour the girls were feeling a bit tipsy.

“I met a really cool friend up here over the weekend” Michelle said. “Ohhhh Really?” replied Steph, giggling inquisitively. “A boyfriend?” she asked.

“Umm no, just a really cool girl, she lives across the lake, we met at the general store when I got into town on Friday.” Michelle answered. “We were just chatting about the weather and she asked where I was from and so on and then we hung out and had dinner and drinks. She’s stopping by tonight to BBQ with us, you’ll like her. Her name is Jen.” Michelle finished.

“Sounds like a party” said Steph. Michelle smiled, and slightly slurring her words…“We Shhshould get out of this sun before we burrn” she said. After making their way back to land, the girls toweled off and took the rest of the wine up to the deck.

“Hello?” Jen shouted from the living room as she walked through the house carrying a bag of groceries. “We’re out here!” shouted Michelle in response.

Steph and Michelle stood up as Jen walked out onto the deck. “Hi, you must be Stephanie?” Jen asked, extending her hand. “Please, just Steph”, Steph answered shaking Jen’s hand. Steph looked at Jen, lovely red hair she thought; being a blond she had always longed to be a brunet or red head but never wanted to dye her hair.

One thing Steph knew about being a blond was that you could never escape the stereotype, and that dying never seemed to look real. She accepted her blondness and remained Jealous of brunets and red heads such as Michelle and Jen.

“How was the drive up?” Jen asked Steph. “No problem at all” she answered. “Great, I hope you’re hungry, I’ve got chicken and shrimp.” Jen said. “Yummy!” Michelle and Steph replied out loud, laughing at each other’s simultaneous response.

An hour later the three girls were enjoying dinner on the deck as the sun sank below the trees on the southwest end of the lake. They drank, laughed, and shared stories well into the evening, to Michelle’s dismay, the subject of childhood experiences did not come up. Eventually it was time to head off to bed. Michelle knew that there was only one chance now, the surprise she had left in Steph’s closet. Steph yawned hard and stretched “well I’m beat” she said.

“You’ve got the guest room” Michelle told her, “you remember the way?” she asked. “Oh yes, top of the stairs down the hall on the left” said Steph. “That’s the one” answered Michelle, winking across the table to Jen who smiled back at her.

“Jen would you like to spend the night?” Michelle asked. “It’s getting late and you’ve had almost as many drinks as we’ve had”

“That’s probably a good idea” Jen replied. “I’ll take the sofa in the living room.” She said.

“Don’t be silly” replied Michelle, we’re adults, we can share a bed, I don’t bite" Michelle said winking again.

Steph heard the conversation but read nothing into it. It was never unusual for two women to share a bed as friends. Men can find it uncomfortable but women tend to be more comfortable with themselves so as to not let it bother them.

The three girls headed upstairs and said goodnight to each other after quick trips to the bathroom to wash up, pee, and brush teeth. Michelle and Jen giggled as they saw Steph’s door close. It couldn’t be much longer now Michelle thought. Would Steph see the diapers in their Magic state? Or would the Magic be lost on her?

Michelle was dying to find out and so was Jen, they closed their door and climbed into bed. As quiet as mice the snuggled together and kissed passionately. Then Michelle rolled over and spoke. “I’m going to wait and listen” she said. “Either it happens in the next ten minutes, or nothing comes of it.” She told Jen. The two girls lay side by side staring at the ceiling perking up their ears.

Steph carried her bags across the room to the closet. She opened the door looking for hangers and a place to store her luggage. She saw the diapers right away as she opened the door. At first she paused not sure what to think. Then it came back to her, Michelle’s bedwetting problem when they were kids. Could this package of Pampers have been here that long?

Then Steph thought back to the diapers she had seen at the general store, she remembered how she thought it was odd that they were so out of date. Steph had two nephews and a niece; she had done her fair share of diaper changing recently and was familiar with the current diaper designs. She had been sad that the old plastic outer cover had been replaced by the new “cloth like” cover.

This new design still added a slight crinkle to a baby’s movements, but it was a soft noise, and it certainly did not announce the baby’s entrance into a room with the unmistakable crunching crinkling noise of old.

Steph giggled to herself as she thought about how she had tried these on while sleeping over at Michelle’s house as kids. “I can’t believe I forgot about that!” she whispered to herself out loud.

Steph undressed herself and began to get ready for bed. Every moment looking over her shoulder at the package of diapers in the closet, she was fascinated by them. How long had they been there? She thought. Could they be leftovers from Michelle’s bedwetting days? Or were they purchased recently from the general store and left behind by a renter?

Steph thought back to seeing the same packaging on the shelf in the store and thinking they had been in stock a long time. Then she remembered the baby girl getting changed in the back of the mini van. Steph could not get her mind off of the diapers, she went to the closet and picked up the package, she opened the package and placed her nose to the opened end. Taking a deep breath, Steph smelled the baby fresh scent of the diapers and smiled.

She had loved that smell from Michelle’s diapers when they were younger. Steph felt that she could not control her urge; she knew that these diapers could not possibly fit her but she was now remembering the feeling of wearing Pampers at Michelle’s house stronger than ever. She wanted that sensation back and was going to try no matter what.

Standing nude in the guest room, Steph opened the bottom half of the Pamper and placed it on the floor. She giggled to herself as she turned to place her bottom down upon the diaper. As she sat on the waiting diaper she felt a strange sensation, the entire diaper seemed to accept her whole bottom. “Odd” she thought. She lay back and reached between her legs for the front half of the Pamper. Surprisingly she was able to grab the front end and bring it up between her legs without any problems, “Oh my god it’s going to fit!” Steph thought.

She pulled the diaper over her front and began to fasten the first tape, it closed without any problem. She then fastened the second tape and before she knew what was happening Steph felt extremely dizzy, the room appeared to be rolling around her. Then, just as soon as it had started, the dizziness was gone. However something was very strange, everything seemed huge!

“What the heck?” Steph whispered, but all she heard herself say was “waa ta bee?” She froze, something was wrong!. Steph moved her head to glance down at her body and saw something very wrong. Her breasts were gone, and her arms and legs were small! She rolled over onto her tummy and heard the diaper crinkle. She was able to stand up, but she felt uneasy, as if trying to get her balance was a new task.

Once standing Steph could tell that she had shrunk! The top of the bed was now barley at eye level! “Oh my god!” she shouted, but what she heard from her mouth was “ooommboff ah!” She tried again with similar results “oomff ba wa!” she said.

What had happened? She had a scary idea in her mind that she thought to be true; turning to face the mirror in the bedroom’s corner confirmed her worst thought.

Steph was staring at the body of a well diapered toddler, approximately two years old she thought to herself. The fear of her situation grabbed hold and Steph tried to scream, but her babyhood now took control and she burst into tears. “aaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Steph screamed at the mirror, urine escaping her tiny bladder into her diaper as she cried. Steph did not realize she was wetting herself.

Michelle and Jen heard the noise from their bedroom, immediately they jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to Steph’s room. Michelle opened the door, baby Steph turned, looking up at the two women screaming and crying uncontrollably. Michelle was staring down at a baby girl who appeared to be just barely 2 years old.

To be continued…


Magic Diapers 12 - 13

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Chapter 12

“Oh my god!” Gaspped Jen, stifling a giggle. Michelle turned and gave her an angry glance…“Don’t, you’ll scare her!” she said, and quickly turned back to baby Steph who was screaming in tears at the top of her lungs.

Steph could hear every word Michelle had said. “What happened to me!” Steph shouted, but all that came out was “wwaaggaamaaaaaaaaaa!” hearing her own words as baby talk only made Steph cry harder.

Michelle got down on the floor and hugged Steph. She pulled the crying baby close to her and patted Steph’s Pampered bottom softly, trying to sooth the toddler.

“It’s ok Steph, there there, it’s going to be ok, you’re ok baby, nobody is going to hurt you…shhhhh shhhhh, there there.” Michelle said in a soft motherly voice.

It was several Minutes before baby Steph collapsed in Michelle’s arms, the shock of being regressed to just under 2 years old had been too much for Steph, she had either fallen asleep, or passed out cold. Michelle could not tell which, what she did know, was that she was holding a very wet baby girl.

“What are we going to do?” Michelle asked Jen as she lay baby Steph down on the bed.

“We’re just going to have to wait until about this time tomorrow night” answered Jen. “She’s way too young to try and potty train before then, it could take just as long.” She added.

“Well we can’t leave her in a wet diaper all night!”

“Why not, we were wet all last night” smiled Jen.

“Don’t be silly, this is different, she has no idea what’s happened to her, we’ve got to change her” replied Michelle.

“Well we can’t put another one of the magic diapers on her, it’ll reset the clock and we’ll have to wait even longer for the spell to break” said Jen.

“We’re going to have to put her in one of the newer Pampers that I bought to keep her from making a mess until tomorrow night” said Michelle.

“Guess those are going to come in handy after all” Jen answered. She headed back to Michelle’s bed room and soon returned with the package of size 4 Pamper’s baby dry. “These should fit her just fine” Jen smiled.

Michelle took the package form Jen who was also holding wipes and powder. Michelle opened the new package, took out a Pamper and set to work changing baby Steph. Steph slept through the procedure. Michelle removed Steph’s now soaked magic diaper and taped it against itself. She then gently wiped all of Steph’s diaper area with a baby wipe, sprinkled on baby powder and gently rubbed it in with her hand.

She then opened the fresh Pamper, lifted sleeping Steph’s legs and slid the bottom half of the diaper under her bottom. Michelle brought the front half of the Pamper up between Steph’s legs and taped it in place. Steph didn’t stir during the process.

“Guess we should have picked up a crib too?” Joked Jen.

“You’re so bad!” giggled Michelle.

“Hey this was your idea sweetie” said Jen. “I’m just here for moral support” she added.

“Well miss moral support. Tomorrow, I’m going to regress down with her so she has an older sister to help her feel comfortable, and you’re going to have a lot of diaper changing duty to take care of!” said Michelle.

“Don’t be silly, she’ll be back to herself by this time tomorrow” Jen said. “She can still understand us, she just can’t speak. We can explain it all to her when she wakes up and then wait it out.” Jen said.

“I know that” said Michelle. “But what’s the fun in that?” she said smiling at Jen. “I want you to be mommy for a day!” She added with a giggle.

“What did I get myself into?” Jen said, smiling back at Michelle.

The two girls took turns keeping an eye on baby Steph throughout the night. Steph slept quietly until early the next morning. When she woke, Steph knew immediately that last night’s experience had not been a dream. She was lying on the bed in a very wet diaper and Michelle was lying beside her.

Michelle had her arm around baby Steph to keep her from rolling off the bed. Steph began to panic again but did not cry this time. “gaaagooboppen?” she screamed at Michelle who awoke with a start. “Gaaaaaggoooogaaboppen!!??” Steph screamed again, which in her mind had been “What happened to me!”

“Shhh Shhh, it’s ok said Michelle” taking gentle hold of Steph’s tiny hand which had been slapping her stomach. “Steph, you should be able to understand me without any problem, if you understand what I’m saying, squeeze my hand.” Michelle said.

Steph paused, Michelle was correct; she understood every word that had come out of her friends mouth. If she was really a baby girl, would she have been able to understand the adult words? Steph thought about this for a moment while glancing across the room to the alarm clock. The digital read out read 7:15AM, Could babies tell time, or read numbers? Steph wondered.

Something very wrong had happened to her body, she understood that much, but the new revelation that she still seemed to posses her mind and memory gave Steph hope. She looked at Michelle and squeezed her finger as she had been asked. “Gaagoobopen?” she said again.

“Good girl” responded Michelle. “First of all, please don’t panic, you’re not stuck like this.” Michelle told baby Steph.

With this news, Steph felt a great relief wash over her body…and with that came a new sensation one she had not expected. Steph could feel the familiar feeling of poop leaving her anus, but she had not made any effort to release her bowels! Steph had just now realized that not only did she have no control over her bodily functions, she must have wet during the night because her now poopy diaper was also very wet.

“aa heh, a heh, waaaaaaaa waaaaaa” Steph began to cry, she didn’t want to be crying, but the realization that she could not control her bodily functions was a new shock to her and it seemed that crying was they only way her body could deal with this discovery.

Steph felt the poo poo continuing to fill the seat of her diaper, it felt mushy and was beginning to squish back against her bottom as the diaper safely contained the mess. “aaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa” she cried harder.

Michelle smelled the problem immediately. “ooopsy, someone’s got stinky pants” she said, lifting baby Steph off the bed and carrying her over to the dresser where she had laid down a towel to create a make shift changing table. She laid baby Steph down, grabbed some wipes, unfastened Steph’s Pamper and began cleaning the little girl’s bottom.

Steph was still crying but slowly stopped as she realized what was going on. She felt a strange sensation rush through her body as Michelle gently wiped her diaper area with the baby wipe. She ceased her crying and took in the sensation, she felt wonderful, completely cared for. With every wipe she felt perfectly happy. It felt like a tickle from inside but it made her happy and calm, Steph relaxed as Michelle finished the job.

The feeling reminded Steph of the baby girl she had seen being changed outside the general store yesterday. That had been her last thought before putting on the diaper last night. Steph, for a split second had imagined being the baby girl getting changed in the tailgate of the mini van. Her fantasy had come true!

Michelle placed a clean diaper under Michelle and pulled it up between her legs, taping it securely in place. She then lifted Steph off of the dresser and carried her over to a chair in the corner of the room. She sat down holding Steph close. Steph had not realized that she had placed her thumb in her mouth and was sucking away as she rested her small head on Michelle’s shoulder.

“Steph, everything is going to be fine.” Michelle said, patting Steph gently on the bottom of her new diaper. “You will instantly return to your normal age around 10:30 tonight” she said.

Steph listened as Michelle continued to tell the tale of the magic diapers and how they could regress their wearer to what ever age they had fantasized about prior to putting one on.

Michelle shifted Steph’s position so that she could look into her little eyes. Steph seemed calm but confused. Michelle gently took hold of baby Steph’s hand again. “Squeeze my finger if you understand that everything is going to be ok.” She said.

Steph squeezed Michelle’s finger again. She was still trying to convince herself that things were real, 'magic diapers?" she thought, how could that be possible?

“Good girl!” said Steph. “To prove it to you, I’m going to put on one of the diapers and make myself regress to the age of four, I’ll be your big sister for the day. I’ll show you that you’re safe and that everything I’ve told you is true.”

“gabaapoo?” Steph said. “Yes, gabaapoo, I will” Michelle replied. This time she was not really sure what Steph had meant by her baby talk but she could only guess that she had tried to say “You will?”

Jen wandered into the room, “How’s she doing?” she asked.

“I think she’s ok” replied Michelle, “I explained the magic diapers to her and told her that I’m going to put one on too.”

Jen smiled, “Ok, so I guess I’m mommy Jen for the day?”

“Yup, I’ve decided to make myself four, I may have some control but not too much, so you’ll be busy” Michelle giggled.

“boopaa ba!” said Steph.

“She must be hungry, don’t put on your diaper just yet, I’ll be right back” Jen said as she left the room. Michelle heard Jen wander downstairs.

After about 10 minutes, Jen returned, Michelle looked up and saw that in her hand, Michelle was holding a baby bottle which appeared to contain milk.

“Where did you get that?” Michelle asked.

“When I was shopping yesterday, I figured we might need one or two of these” Jen answered. “I bought a sippy cup too, so you’re breakfast will be served shortly madam…” she added with a smile. “Now, it’s diaper time for baby Michelle” She giggled.

Michelle got out of her chair and handed baby Steph to Jen. Jen held the toddler like a pro and handed the bottle to Steph. Steph instinctively took the bottle, placed the nipple in her mouth and began to suck. She was amazed at how yummy the milk tasted to her, she was very thirsty and drank almost half the bottle in no time at all.

“That’s a good girl!” said Jen as she watched baby Steph drink her bottle. “Well get you some more yummy breakfast in just a few minutes” she added, giving Steph’s tummy a tickle. Steph giggled while biting the bottles nipple.

Michelle walked over to the closet and took out one of the magic diapers. She let her bathrobe drop to the floor revealing that she had been naked underneath.

“bye bye” she waived at Jen, "see you around 10:30 tonight? She giggled. Michelle knew that as a four year old she would be able to use a Pull Up and the potty chair to return herself to adulthood right around the same time that the spell would be breaking for baby Steph.

She placed the bottom half of the diaper on the bed, sat down on it, reached for the front half as she was now used to doing and finished the diapering. A wave of dizziness washed over Michelle as the room seemed to spin, Michelle looked down at her regressed body and giggled. She was now a four year old preschooler.

Jen was still holding Steph who had watched Michelle put on the diaper, Steph dropped the bottle to the floor pointed at four year old Michelle with her tiny arm “ooppagoop!” she said, which she had fully intended to come out as “Oh my god!”

Little Michelle climbed down off the bed and walked over to the girls, her diaper crinkling loudly with every step. Jen giggled at her, bent down and placed Steph on the floor, she got her balance and stood looking up at little Michelle.

“See Steph, noffing to wwerry bout” said Michelle in a high pitched little girl voice.

Jen giggled. This was going to be a fun day she thought.

To be continued.

Chapter 13

Steph poked her tiny hand at the front of Michelle’s Pamper, she then touched Michelle’s tummy. “Meeshel?” Said Steph.

“Wow, good girl!” said Jen, “Did you hear that?” she asked little Michelle, “She said your name!”. Michelle giggled and began to laugh in a high pitched girlish giggles. Steph looked at her and began to giggle too.

Suddenly Michelle felt her bladder releasing itself into her diaper. She hadn’t been to the toilet yet this morning and once again, her regression with a full bladder had caused her to wet her diaper very soon after putting it on.

The urine spread fast from Michelle’s crotch to her bottom. She blushed as she continued to flood her diaper uncontrollably. It felt warm and relaxing she thought.

Jen noticed that Michelle had stopped giggling and had an entranced look on her face, she looked down at Michelle’s diaper, Jen could tell that it was now soaked. “Uh oh!” Jen said. “Somebody wet her diaper!” in a playful tone.

Steph looked down at her own diaper and then at Michelle’s diaper. She giggled and pointed her little finger at Michelle.

“That’s right baby Steph!” said Jen. “Little Michelle had an accident in her diapee.” She added. “Does baby Stephee want to watch mommy Jen change Michelle?” She asked Steph.

Steph bent her knees and bounced up and down giggling with a big grin on her face.

“I’ll take that as a yes” smiled Jen.

Michelle, still blushing was trying to cover the front of her soaked diaper with her little hands. “No diapee!” she shouted, “Me want Pull Up!” Michelle said.

“Oh no you don’t” answered Jen, scooping up Michelle and carrying her to the make shift changing table. “It’s not potty training time for you just yet” she said as she lay Michelle down and began to unfasten the tapes of her soaked Pamper.

“You wanted to play baby, so its diapers for you today little miss soggy pants” giggled Jen. Steph was standing at Jen’s feet bouncing up and down and giggling at the situation. ‘Serves her right!’ thought Steph.

Little Michelle put a pouting look on her face and folded her little arms across her chest in defiance as Jen set to work with the baby wipes. Jen looked down at her and winked, “You love this and you know it!” she whispered to Michelle.

Michelle couldn’t resist cracking a smile and began to giggle again as Jen began to wipe her diaper area clean.

Jen smiled at her again and said “hold still now” as she gently wiped Michelle’s crotch clean. “hee hee heeeeee” Michelle giggled as she felt the wipe over her private area. Jen gave her a loving smile as she finished the cleaning.

Jen used baby lotion on Michelle’s diaper area; the little one was going to be in diapers all day, best not to let her baby girl get a rash Jen thought. Michelle smiled with glee as she felt Jen rubbing in the lotion.

Now Michelle felt Jen lifting her little legs in the air and sliding a Pamper under her bottom. Jen had chosen one of the newer Pampers Baby Dry diapers so as to save the magic diapers for later use. Michelle spread her legs to accept the diaper as Jen pulled it up over her crotch. Jen quickly fastened the tapes and lifted Michelle off of the dresser.

Steph ran over to the freshly diapered Michelle and gave her a hug. Michelle hugged her back and giggled again.

“Ok cuties” said Jen, “Lets get you down stairs for breakfast.” She said. Jen scooped up baby Steph and took Michelle by the hand and led her downstairs. Michelle noticed that Jen had already set up the booster chair for baby Steph at the kitchen table.

“I wanna sit in a big chair!” said Michelle. “Oh you will sweetie, let mommy put baby Steph in her booster chair first and then I’ll get you a phone book to sit on ok?” asked Jen.

“Yes mommy” Michelle said giggling.

Jen placed baby Steph in the booster chair and fastened the safety strap. She then grabbed a phone book from a nearby shelf placed it on one of the chairs and lifted Michelle onto the chair, propping her on top of the book which put her at table level.

Baby Steph was given her bottle back while Jen set to work making some breakfast. She cut up some bananas for baby Steph and mixed it in with some cream of wheat. Little Michelle was given a bowl of her own and some toast. Michelle managed to feed herself without making too much of a mess. Jen had filled the sippy cup with orange Juice and given it to Michelle, she watched as Michelle sucked from the no spill lid.

Jen carefully spoon fed bananas and cream of wheat to baby Steph. She wasn’t sure if cream of wheat was appropriate for a two year old’s tummy, but this was her best choice. If they ever planned a day of regression such as this again, she would stock up on age appropriate food beforehand, Jen thought to herself.

Michelle finished most of her food and climbed out of her chair carrying her sippy cup. “Where ya going cutie?” Jen asked. “want to play on couch” Michelle said as she scampered of towards the living room, her diaper making a muffled crinkle as she went. Jen smiled as she watched the cute diapered bottom run across the room. “Be careful sweetie, remember you’re not a big girl anymore” Jen giggled as she said this, then continued to feed baby Steph who seemed to be enjoying the bananas and cream of wheat very much as she kept opening her mouth for more.

Michelle managed to climb up on the couch and began to bounce around. She had a vague memory of playing on the couch as a very young girl. After several minutes of bouncing, she received notice from her tummy that it was time to empty her bowels.

Michelle slowed her bouncing to a stop and noticed that she could tell that she needed to poop. She attempted to hold onto it for as long as she could but knew that it wanted out. A small fart announced that things were headed down hill fast.

The noise made Michelle giggle again and that was all it took for her to loose control. She felt the poop begin to leave her body and fill her diaper. A large expanding lump was now visible on Michelle’s diapered behind. She felt the poop begin to press back against her small bottom and spread out around her rear end.

Michelle hadn’t had a chance to attend to her morning movement before she regressed; she was surprised that her little body hadn’t let this mess out into her first diaper of the morning. But now the poop made it’s presence known in full force. It was continuing to come out into her diaper, she hadn’t had this much poop yet and was blushing hard.

The smell had now reached her nose and she felt very embarrassed by her mess. Michelle gently climbed down off the couch and walked slowly to a corner of the living room to hide behind a chair, hoping that Jen would not find her in her messy state. She knew this was no good, she wouldn’t be able to change herself in this state without making a total mess, all she could do was hide until Jen found her and took care of the cleaning.

She crouched down behind the corner chair trying not to land on her messy bottom, but it was no use, the mess in her diaper had already mushed itself against her little bottom. Michelle could hear Jen cleaning up breakfast in the Kitchen as baby Steph banged a spoon on the table in front of her.

“Michelle, what are you doing in there?” Jen called from the kitchen. Michelle knew she had better answer. “Noffing!” she shouted back.

Jen could tell from the tone of little Michelle’s response that “Noffing” most certainly meant something. She finished cleaning up the dishes, scooped baby Steph out of the booster chair and carried her into the living room. “Wheeeww!” Jen said as she walked into the living room, the smell from Michelle’s diaper had permeated the room. “I smell something stinky!” Jen said playfully. Baby Steph giggled. Michelle giggled from her hiding place behind the chair, giving up her position to Jen.

“Where could that smell be?” Jen said. “Is it coming from you?” she said to baby Steph with an inquisitive look on her face, holding the tikes bottom to her nose and sniffing. “nope not you” Jen said to baby Steph. Steph giggled again.

Michelle held her little hands over her mouth, trying to keep herself from giggling out loud. Through her concentration she did not realize that she was now wetting her already messy diaper.

“It’s not coming from me either!” Jen said smiling at baby Steph who giggled even harder, “and it’s not coming from the dog because we don’t have a doggy now do we?” she said to Steph who was laughing so hard now that she began to wet her own diaper.

“I think it’s coming from that chair over there” Jen said pointing at the chair in the corner where she could see the tuft of little Michelle’s hair sticking up from her hiding place. “Let’s go check it out” she said to baby Steph. They walked over to the chair and stared down at little Michelle who was looking up at them blushing and holding her hands behind her back as if trying to hide the visual evidence of her poopy diaper.

“Ah ha!” said Jen. “aaaa aaa!” repeated baby Steph with a giggle.

“Did you make a poopy?” Jen asked little Michelle.

“ummm No?” said Michelle, trying to look as honest as she could.

“Oh really? Are you sure?” asked Jen. “Because it certainly does smell like somebody’s got stinky pants in here” she added.

“It was baby Steph!” Michelle said pointing her finger up at Steph.

Baby Steph looked down at Michelle with a look that indicated “Not me!” She made her best raspberry noise in an effort to say No! “tbltbtlbtlbtlbtlbtlbtlbtltbttbltbl ooooo!!”

“Oh I’m certain it’s not baby Steph” said Jen, “I’ve already checked her bottom.” She added. “Now stand up and turn around” Jen said in a motherly command.

"Little Michelle did as she was told, Jen already knew the answer to her question before Michelle had stood up, but she couldn’t resist putting the final touch on her love’s humiliation. Jen was not into domination of any kind, but she was really having fun with this roll. She reached her hand down and cupped Michelle’s diapered bottom, feeling the lump contained within and given Michelle a gentle pat on the behind. “Yup, just as I thought, you made a poopy!” she said to Michelle. Steph burst into a new round of laughter. “Looks like you’re wet too” Jen said. “Guess this means its bath time for my babies!”

Jen took Michelle’s hand and the three headed back upstairs.

Jen’s first task was to get little Michelle cleaned up enough to put her in the tub. She set baby Steph down on the floor with a wooden spoon to play with and lifted little Michelle back onto the dresser. “Peeeee Uuuuuu!” she said as she unfastened and opened the front of Michelle’s diaper. “What a little stinker you are!” she added with a grin. This was quite a big Mess to clean up. Jen used almost half a container of wipes before Michelle was clean enough to lift off of the make shift changing table.

Jen rolled up the dirty diaper, she held it carefully in one hand while she bent down and picked baby Steph off the floor. “Ok girls, let’s go to the bath tub now” she said. A naked little Michelle waddled behind her as they made their way down the hall. When the reached the bath room, Jen unfolded the diaper and emptied most of little Michelle’s mess into the toilet, she then flushed, rolled up the diaper and dropped it in the trash. Later she would set up the diaper pail that Michelle had bought at Wal-Mart.

Jen drew a bath for the girls, Being sure to test the temperature of the water so as not to hurt her babies. She lifted Michelle into the tub first and then noticed that baby Steph had wet her diaper while undressing her.

“Uh oh!” Jen said playfully. “ooo ooo” repeated baby Steph. “I guess it’s a good thing we’re giving you a bath too huh?” She said to the toddler. Baby Steph shook her little head up and down in agreement. Jen rolled up Steph’s wet diaper and dropped it in the trash next to Michelle’s dirty diaper. She then lifted Steph into the tub and gave both girls a good bath. The girls giggled as Jen washed and tickled each.

Once each girl was clean, Jen toweled each off and brought them back to the guest bedroom where she re-diapered first baby Steph, and then Michelle.

“Wow!” Jen said looking at her watch when she had finished, it was half past noon, “it’s already time for lunch!” The day seemed to be moving faster than she thought. Jen figured that could happen when taking care of two very needy little girls. She brought them back down stairs and managed to get them both to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. Jen cut the sandwich into bite sized pieces for baby Steph who munched them down hungrily.

After lunch, Jen brought the girls into the living room where they all sat on the couch. She told them stories until they both were sound asleep. Nap time lasted until almost 5:45. Steph woke up before Michelle crying due to a very wet diaper. Jen changed her and fed her buttered pasta and sliced tomatoes at the kitchen table while little Michelle continued to sleep. When Michelle woke at 6:15, her diaper was soaked. Jen changed her on the living room floor while Steph looked on and giggled.

The three girls played with crayons and watched TV as the evening began to grow late. Jen looked at her watch, it was just past 10pm, She looked down at baby Steph who had fallen asleep on the floor. The toddler would be returning to her adult self shortly.

Michelle was still awake and coloring on the newspaper while lying on the living room floor. “Come on upstairs cutie” Jen said to Michelle…“it’s potty time” she added. Michelle’s ears perked up. She giggled with excitement as she remembered the fun music that the potty chair had made during her last successful use. She got up and ran up the stairs ahead of Jen who was carrying the sleeping baby Steph.

Jen placed baby Steph on the bed and placed the potty chair on the floor in the bedroom. She them motioned for little Michelle to lie down on the floor so she could take off her Pamper. Once the diaper was off, Jen helped Michelle into a Pull Up, first the right leg, then the left leg, and up with the training pants.

“I’m a big kid now!” giggled Michelle.

“shhhh not so loud silly, baby Steph is asleep”. “Do you have to make pee pee?” Jen asked.

“Uh huh” replied Michelle.

“Okay then sweetie, you know what to do” Jen pointed at the potty chair.

Michelle smiled and walked over to the potty chair. She pulled down her training pant and rested her bottom on the seat “brrinngggg” came the music from the chair, Michelle giggled. After almost a full two minutes Jen heard the familiar tinkle of urine entering the bowel under the potty chair. “good girl!” Jen said to Michelle with encouragement.

The noise subsided, Michelle had finished. She stood up, “daaa daaaa daa daaaaaaaa” came the triumphant success music. Michelle held her hand to her mouth and giggled harder. She then bent over and pulled up her training pant. Within seconds Jen heard the sound of the Pull Up ripping apart as Michelle’s adulthood came rushing back. Jen looked up, standing before her was a beautiful full sized naked Michelle.

No sooner than Michelle’s Pull Up had hit the floor, the two women heard the sound of a Pamper ripping open. They looked to the bed; Steph was lying in bed awake now and naked, staring at the Jen and Michelle. She looked at Jen and smiled. She then turned to Michelle.

“You’re in big trouble girly!” Steph said.

To Be Continued…


Magic Diapers 14 - 15

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We’re getting towards the end now, I think I’ve only got a few more chapters in me with this one, but I assure you, I’m working on an ending that I think most people will be happy with. Please, keep the comments coming, I love to hear what you think. I’m thinking that if I have the time, I may rewrite certain early chapters to clean up some glaring continuity errors…for example I changed Jen’s name early on by mistake, it was originally “Katie” I’d also love to take the time to edit the first chapter for readability…


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Chapter 14

It was now just after 10:30, Michelle and Steph, both girls now back to their adult forms had dressed, and gone out to the deck for a late night drink. Jen was waiting for them on the deck with an open bottle of wine and three glasses, she had already filled her own glass.

The women sipped their wine in silence while watching the moonlight dance off of the lake. No one said a word for quite some time.

Jen finally decide that she had had enough of the awkward silence and spoke. “You know you two really owe me some babysitting money” she joked.

Both Michelle and Jen laughed. Jen was happy that she had been able to break the ice with her comment.

“I’m really sorry Steph, I should have warned you ahead of time about the magic diapers” Michelle said turning to Steph and looking her in the eyes.

Steph was still grappling with the reality of the situation, every so often she would look down at her breasts to confirm to herself that she had returned to adulthood and all was once again right in her world.

“I was terrified Michelle! Why didn’t you tell me?” Steph said with a slight tone of anger in her voice.

Jen turned her head down, she wasn’t sure if she should be here for this conversation. Michelle looked to Jen thinking she might give her some support but then second guessed herself and turned back to Steph.

“You’re right, I had no right to let that happen to you without warning, I’m sorry, please forgive me, your friendship means more to me than anything.” Michelle told Steph.

Steph was silent, she stared out at the lake and after a few moments she spoke again. “I guess I did put them on myself, but still, you could have said something, I mean what were they doing in that closet in the first place!?”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle said again. "I’m responsible for that too, I put them in their hoping you would see them, I wanted so desperately for you to join me in the experience of reliving my teen days, I didn’t know how to ask you or bring it up.

Steph and Jen listened as Michelle went on. “I thought that if I just told you about the diaper’s magic you’d think I was crazy so I put them in there hoping that you may still have some curiosity about diapers like you did when we were young.” She said, looking Steph in the eyes.

Michelle continued “I thought that you would either see them for what they are, just regular modern day diapers or, if you remembered our days together as teens and still had a curiosity, you might see the magic. I thought that if you put one on you would regress to 13, maybe 11 at the most. I had no idea you would turn into a toddler!” She said.

Steph was quite for a moment and then answered. “I’ve thought about those days when we would play in your diapers off and on for years since then.” She said quietly “Yu never seemed to want to talk about those times after you stopped bedwetting so I was always afraid to bring up the subject” she told Michelle.

Steph stared at Michelle; they said nothing for what seemed to Jen like an eternity. Then they hugged. “I’m sorry” Michelle said through tears, “you’re my best friend, my sister!” she added.

Steph held Michelle; she too had tears in her eyes as well. “It’s ok, I love you too” she said. Jen smiled, after a moment Steph opened her eyes and saw Jen standing near the railing smiling at her and Michelle’s embrace.

“Come here you!” Steph said to Jen. Michelle broke one arm free of her embrace with Steph and half turned to face Jen. Jen walked over and joined in on what now was a group hug. The three girls laughed through tears of Joy.

They stayed up late into the night, Michelle and Jen made no secret of their budding relationship to Steph. They had polished off the first bottle of wine and were working their way through a second.

“Are you ok with this?” Michelle asked Steph, referring to her and Jen’s new status.

Steph reached out and took Michelle’s hand; she looked her in the eyes and answered. “I’m so happy for the both of you, I think it’s great” she said. “I always had my suspicions about you” Steph said to Michelle winking at her.

“What?” Michelle said with a laugh almost spilling her wine. “Suspicions, when did you have suspicions?” she asked.

“Well you didn’t really date much in college and you never seem to have a boyfriend, people just start to wonder after a while.” Steph said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” she added in her best Seinfeld impression.

Michelle and Jen burst into laughter at this. They felt comfortable with each other in Jen’s presence. Michelle and Jen began to tell their full story to Steph about how they met, how each had first seen the magic diapers in the general store and what they had learned about the diapers ability to regress the wearer.

Steph was fascinated by their tale. She laughed when Jen took out her 16 year old driver’s license to show her. “What happens if you forget your real one at home when you go into a bar and get carded?” She asked Jen, “have you ever pulled this one out by mistake and been denied?” she laughed.

“Oh I’m very careful about that” Jen replied.

“So you always thought I didn’t want to talk about our diaper wearing times too?” Michelle finally asked Steph. The wine had made her less reserved and she slurred her words a bit.

“Totally!” answered Steph, glancing at Jen shyly.

“It’s ok” Jen said to Steph, “Michelle told me the whole story…everything” she winked at Steph who blushed.

“After the time when we masturbated together, I didn’t know what to say, it was weird you know?” Steph said.

“Yes, that’s how I felt too!” Michelle said. Jen listened only; she didn’t have any input for either of her new friends.

“I had a really good time that night but was embarrassed by what we had done and didn’t know what to say!” Steph said.

“Exactly!” said Michelle. “I wish I had shared my thoughts with you then!” Michelle said. “I loved that night and have been thinking about it for years!” she added.

“Me too” Steph said blushing.

There was silence for a bit until Jen chimed in. “Oh this is such a love fest I’m so happy for everyone!” she said jokingly again.

The girls laughed, Michelle and Steph still blushing.

After the laughter had subsided Jen spoke again. "So what was it that made you regress to a toddler Steph? She asked.

Steph took a sip of her wine and thought for a moment “Well when I pulled into town I stopped at the general store to pee.”

“How ironic!” Jen giggled.

Steph smiled and continued her story “as I was walking across the parking lot I saw a woman changing a toddler girl in the back of a mini van. The image of that happy little girl popped into my head before I put the diaper on.” She said.

“That would certainly do it” said Michelle. All three girls giggled, Steph blushing.

They opened a third bottle of wine and refilled their glasses. It was now approaching one in the morning but the three were enjoying themselves so much that none cared about the hour. The openness of their conversation brought on by the experience they had shared with the magic diapers kept them awake and energized. Each girl spoke about her desires and fantasies with no inhibitions.

As the night went on, and the conversation slowed, Steph turned the subject back to the diapers one more time, and put on a somewhat serious tone

“I like men you understand?” she said to Michelle and Jen. “Seriously, I’m so happy for the two of you, and I loved the night we shared together when we were kids Michelle” Steph said turning to look Michelle in the eyes. “You’re right about the diapers; they did bring back the memory of that night.”

Steph paused, she sipped her wine before speaking again “I like men” she said again, “But I would love to play again as we did that night.” She said softly. “Jen, I would love it if you joined us too.” Steph said.

Jen smiled, Michelle looked from Steph to Jen, a big smile on her face now as well.

Jen joked again “really Steph, it’s going to be fine, we’re not contagious, and you won’t stop liking men” she said with a smile.

With this the three laughed out loud again, putting their wine glasses down they quickly ran upstairs.

To be continued.

I’m hoping that this story isn’t getting too redundant, as I said, I’m getting very close to the end now but depending on my schedule for the week, it may not be finished until Friday or Saturday. In any case, I hope you all like the chapter.


Chapter 15

The three women ran into Michelle’s bedroom, each giggling with excitement as they entered the room. All three were now significantly buzzed from the wine they had consumed over the past few hours. It was late, almost two in the morning but the women were filled with excitement from their conversations on the deck.

Michelle unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor; she then pulled her panties down past her knees and let them fall down around her ankles. Jen walked over and stood behind Michelle; she gently patted her naked bottom and whispered in her ear. “Diaper time sweetie” she said. Michelle blushed and giggled, she could feel herself becoming aroused.

Jen turned and looked at Steph who was standing near the closet and slowly unbuttoning her shirt. “Don’t be shy cutie” she said.

Steph blushed, giggled, and then took her shirt all the way off, she quickly stripped out of her shorts, panties and bra and stood nude staring at Michelle who was now also nude. “I guess it’s your turn now” Steph said turning to Jen, but Jen was way ahead of her. Steph saw that Jen had dropped her skirt and underwear and was now pulling her shirt over her head revealing that she had yet again not been wearing a bra.

Michelle walked over to Steph, she reached behind her and opened the closet door revealing the stash of diapers and changing supplies within.

“Yaay!” Steph said clapping her hands with excitement. Jen laughed.

Michelle pulled out three of the magic diapers and handed one each to Steph and Jen. "Who wants to go first? She asked waiving her Pamper back and forth with a naughty grin on her face.

“Oh it’s my turn I think” said Jen, “I’ve been diapering you two all day, I think you owe me!” she added.

Steph spoke up, I’ll do it, I feel I owe you mommy" she joked. Jen blushed.

Jen lay on the bed and handed her Pamper to Steph.

Steph felt excited by the site of Jen lying in wait for her diaper. She opened the bottom half of the Pamper and patted Jen on the thigh, “lift up” she said.

Jen paused before obeying the command. “How old?” she looked at the other two girls. All three looked at each other and thought for a moment.

“No younger than 11?” Michelle suggested. “But no older than 14…” she added. Jen and Steph agreed.

With that, Jen thought quickly of her teenage days of diapering herself for bedtime. She lifted her legs for Steph and said “Ok, I’m ready.”

Steph slid the back half of the Pamper under Jen’s bottom, as Jen lowered her behind down onto the diaper she could feel the shape of the diaper accepting the size of her adult rear end. Jen spread her legs and smiled with excitement as she watched Steph bring the front of the Pamper up between her legs, open it fully and gently bring it down into place over her most private of areas.

The diaper had magically expanded to reach around Jen’s waist right before Steph’s eyes. Steph closed the first tape, then the second and just as soon as she blinked her eyes, a beautiful 13 year old version of Jen lay before her on the bed in nothing but a Pamper which appeared to fit her perfectly. Jen giggled, rolled over on her stomach and stood up. “Who’s next?” she asked.

“Me me me!” Steph said with excitement, handing her Pamper to Michelle and diving onto the bed. She quickly rolled over, closed her eyes, fantasized of her sleepover days with Michelle, and assumed the diapering position.

Michelle smiled, opened the back end of the Pamper and slid it under Steph’s waiting bottom. Steph lowered her behind onto the Pamper, spread her legs without being asked and waited for the diaper to be pulled up between her legs and secured in place.

As Michelle closed the second tape, Steph felt a dizziness that did not seem to last as long as the sensation she had felt the previous evening. When she opened her eyes and looked down at her chest, she knew that she was now in her early teens.

13 year old Jen clapped her hands with excitement and giggled as she watched Steph get off the bed and run over to the mirror, her pamper crinkling loudly as she went.

Steph stood in front of the mirror with her mouth open staring at what appeared to be her 12 year old self. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled, turning slowly and checking the fit of her diaper, she was amazed at how the Pamper had sized itself perfectly to secure around her waste and enclose her nicely shaped bottom.

Jen and Steph looked up at Michelle, standing nude still in her adult form holding her diaper, she seemed so much bigger to them now. “Ok, who’s going to diaper me?” she asked.

“I’ll do it!” Steph said, running over and accepting the diaper as Michelle held it out for her and lay down on the bed.

Michelle lay back, thought of the night that she and Jen had masturbated together while wearing diapers and waited as Steph diapered her. She felt the familiar dizziness and saw the room seem to spin around her. After the sensation had subsided she stood up and was now at eye level with the other two girls. Jen and Steph laughed with excitement as they rushed forward and tackled 13 year old Michelle back onto the bed.

A three way tickle fight now ensued. The three women, each now wearing nothing but a Pamper and a girlish grin laughed in hysterics as they frolicked on the queen sized bed each attempting to tickle the other two into uncontrollable laughter. The sound of giggles and crinkling diapers filled the room as the girls moved about on the bed.

Michelle was the first to lose control, she was laughing hysterically as the other two girls continued to tickle her. The contents of her bladder could no longer be contained. Several glasses of wine and the process of regressing to her 13 year old size hastened the urgency of release. Michelle didn’t realize she was wetting at first because she was laughing so hard and was more concerned on catching her breath than the status of her diaper.

After a moment, when Michelle had a chance to take in a deep breath, she realized her diaper was growing warm between her legs and around her bottom. She was peeing!, and she couldn’t stop the flow. Urine continued to rush out of her body and into the diaper for what seemed like 2 full minutes. The other girls now noticed that Michelle had stopped laughing and lay still, breathing heavy to catch her breath.

“What’s the matter Michelle?” Steph said also catching her breath. “Did you have an accident?” she giggled between gasps for air.

Jen, also breathing heavy from the antics, giggled and put her hand on the front of Michelle’s diaper. “Uh oh, wittle Michelly belly went wetty wet in her diapee!” she said jokingly in a babyish voice.

Steph burst into laughter at this. Jen dove on Steph and shouted “last one dry wins!” and continued her tickle attack against the 12 year old as Michelle lay smiling at the ceiling with satisfaction. She was taking in the full feeling of the warm, wet, squishy diaper that encased her lower region. Michelle loved this feeling and the look on her face did not hide this fact.

Jen and Steph rolled around on the left half of the bed; it appeared that Jen now had the upper hand in the tickle war.

Steph was pinned and laughing uncontrollably, she was loosing her breath fast.

Steph could now feel the pressure in her bladder which she had not noticed before, she thought about all the wine she had out on the deck, she hadn’t taken a trip to the bathroom at all during that time. It now appeared that the seal was about to be broken and rather than taking a trip to the bathroom Steph would be emptying her bladder in the Pamper.

Steph laughed harder as Jen continued her assault. She now could barley breathe, and as she tried to tell Jen to stop nothing came out but exhausted gasps. She felt her bladder release and was unable to control it, her diaper began to feel warm between her legs and around her bottom as urine flowed into her diaper with tremendous force. Steph wondered if it would leak.

Jen could tell that Steph had given up her struggle; she looked down at the front of the 12 year olds diaper and noticed the growing yellowish tinge in her crotch. Jen giggled through gasps for air, “wooks wike wittle Stephee went wetty wet too!” she joked again in the same babyish voice she had used to announce Michelle’s accident.

Steph lay next to Michelle on the bed with the same hypnotic trance on her face, fully enjoying the warmth that was spreading around her diaper area.

“Well I guess I win” said Jen.

“You don’t know what you’re missing!” Michelle replied, smiling, her hand now on the front of her diaper. Steph giggled at this, her own hand moving to feel the wetness in the crotch of her Pamper.

“Well I guess I should join the party then” Jen said, she was on her Knees above Steph; she put her hands on her breasts, arched her back and tilted her head towards the ceiling.

Michelle and Steph watched as Jen relaxed herself, with in seconds they could tell that Jen was wetting her diaper on purpose. Both girls saw the front of Jen’s Pamper begin to turn a slight yellow color, the wetness spread from Jens groin down around her bottom. She let out a slight moan of satisfaction, then fell forward onto the bed and rolled onto her back to lie in between Steph and Michelle.

Michelle leaned across the night stand and turned out the light. The three girls lay in bed enjoying the warmth of their wet diapers. Eventually the only sound the girls could hear were each others moans, giggles and heavy breathing as all three explored the front of their diapers both outside and in.

Through the noises of passion that now filled the room, Michelle thought she heard the sound of sirens far off in the distance. This thought was soon pushed out of her head as she heard Steph and not shortly afterwards, Jen reach their first climaxes in the darkness. Michelle pressed on towards her own sastisfaction as she new there would be more pleasure to come before sunrise.

In the darkness surrounding the lake, the loons and cicadas heard three voices expressing extreme pleasure, coming from the house. The voices lasted well into the early hours of the morning. The loons and cicadas had also heard the sirens in the distance.

To be continued…


Magic Diapers - Final Chapters

Hi all, it’s been a long week but I’m getting back to my keyboard this evening. As many of you had guessed, yes there was a fire at the store. That was kind of right out there in the last chapter, not really a secret. I hope that fact doesn’t upset too many fans of the story, I assure you I’m going to finish with an ending that I hope will please at least 85% of the readers. Thanks again for the feed back, please keep it coming. I haven’t proofed this chapter very well, I just got home and really wanted to get something up on the board. I appologize in advance for any typos or continuity goofs.



Chapter 16

Sunlight drifted in through the gap in the curtains, Michelle’s eyes slowly cracked open, she let out a yawn and stretched her arms and legs. As she stretched she became fully aware of the bulky wet Pamper she was wearing. She knew she had wet again during the night because her diaper was now fully soaked front and back, she believed she had finally flooded a magic diaper enough to make it leak.

Michelle confirmed this by placing her hand on the mattress near her bottom; sure enough it felt slightly damp. ‘Oh well’ she whispered quietly to herself, ‘I knew I’d have to wash the sheets at some point during the vacation’ finishing the thought in her head.

She lifted the covers and looked down at her 13 year old body in nothing but a soaked diaper, the smell of the three wet diapers wafted up to her nose. ‘Wow!’ she thought, guess we’re going to need to air out this room!’ she giggled as she finished this thought.

Jen stirred next to her. Michelle rolled over and snuggled close to Jen, she reached down and cupped the front of Jen’s soaked Pamper in her hand and gave a gentle squeeze. Jen gave a tired moan and giggled herself awake. “Who’s a wet baby?” Michelle asked.

“mmmm you are!” said Jen stretching and yawning her comment out. “And I am, and so is wittle Stephee weffy…” Jen added with a giggle rolling over to hug Steph and give her diaper a squeeze as Michelle had done to Jen’s own.

Steph awoke with a giggle comprehending the last comment as she opened her eyes; she rolled over and smiled at the other two girls.

The girls giggled and snuggled in close, each checking the other’s diaper to compare notes. “Wow!” you two are totally soaked, said Steph.

“The regression brings back our bedwetting” Jen reminded her.

Steph giggled at this “maybe I should make you naughty girls wear diapers all day” she laughed.

Michelle and Jen giggled at the thought, then they dove on Steph and tickled her until she wet her diaper again uncontrollably.

Eventually the three girls got out of bed and one by one used the toilet to return to adulthood. Steph was so amazed by the process that she spent an extra long time in the shower examining herself to make sure she was all grown up. This had been the first time that she was able to break the magic diaper’s spell on her own. Michelle and Jen showered together and then changed the sheets on Michelle’s bed as Steph went downstairs to make breakfast.

“We’re almost out of coffee!” she shouted up to Michelle.

“Use it all, we’ll go get more later” Michelle replied as she walked down the stairs carrying the wet sheets from the bed. Jen’s diaper had leaked as well and the sheets were wet in more than one spot. Michelle was glad the lake house had a washer and dryer.

The three girls had eggs, toast and cantaloupe on the deck while drinking coffee and staring at the lake. It was another perfect late summer day.

Steph put down her coffee and stretched her arms into the air letting out a little grunt of satisfaction “mmmmm, I loved last night!” she said with a smile.

Jen and Michelle smiled. “Me too” replied Michelle.

“Me three” said Jen with a grin.

“So what do we do now?” Steph asked.

“What do you mean?” Michelle said.

“I mean, these diapers, they’re magic, it’s kind of hard to believe and all…do we keep this to ourselves?”

“The magic doesn’t work for everyone Steph”, Jen reminded her, “and it would seem that only those who have some sort of an interest in wearing them for pleasure or curiosity can experience the magic” She said with a look of concern on her face. “Besides, who would you tell?” Jen asked,

“Who would you tell that wouldn’t think you were crazy? That’s probably the better question.” Michelle added.

“I don’t know.” Steph answered. “I was thinking it might be cute to put my boyfriend in them for a day.” She added with a giggle.

Jen and Michelle laughed as well.

After the laughing subsided, Jen became the voice of reason.

“This magic is fun, but I think there are dangers to letting too many people known about it, for one, we don’t want to put this place on the map, there are people with extreme diaper fetishes that may attract the attention of the authorities in this town.” Jen said.

“You have to remember that this is rural Maine, while the locals don’t mind the vacationers at the lake during the summer season, local folks talk amongst themselves, and don’t appreciate large numbers of “city folk” running around. Can you imagine a parade of diaper wearing grown men and women walking down Main Street? Jen added. Just imagine what we’d end up with if our secret was out of the bag, so to speak.”

“Well if they fantasized about being younger than they are and used the diaper’s….they may not be grown! Then it would be kind of hard for them to have a parade” giggled Steph. The other girls laughed as well.

Jen took a sip of her coffee and continued. "If you want to take some back to Boston with you Jen, I think you should either use them for yourself in private, or, if you do share them with your boyfriend, swear an oath of secrecy with us to not reveal where they came from.

“I agree” said Michelle, this remains our secret.

“You’re right” said Steph, our secret forever. She held up her coffee cup, both Michelle and Jen leaned in and clinked their mugs against Steph’s in agreement.

After breakfast they made a shopping list of supplies they needed to finish out the week and prepared to head off to the Store. The three piled into Michelle’s car and began the trip into town.

About ten minutes later as they approached the edge of town all three girls stared ahead in silence as they noticed a crowd up ahead.

Michelle gasped as did Jen; they could see what appeared to be smoke rising from beyond the crowd. “Oh my god!” Jen said.

“No!” Michelle said.

“What, I can’t see over the….oh no!” Steph said from the back seat as she now saw what appeared to be smoke rising into the air beyond the crowd.

As the car moved closer, their worst fears were now realized, there had been a fire in town during the night, and the General Store was mostly burned to the ground. Jen had tears in her eyes as she saw Earl and Susan, the store owners standing at the front of the crowd staring into the ruined remains of their store. She could tell that Susan was crying. As the car slowed Jen moved to get out and run to Earl and Susan to comfort them, Michelle grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Jen no!” Micelle said.

“They need me!” Jen replied.

“You’re not 16 right now!” Michelle told her, “they won’t recognize you!” she added.

Jen froze, tears welling up in her own eyes. “Turn the car around, I need to change so I can help them” Jen said. Steph put her hand on Jen’s shoulder from the back seat to consol her. Michelle Turned the car around and they headed back to the lake house.

When they had arrived back home, all three girls had a good cry in the living room, Michelle and Steph doing their best to consol Jen who was very distraught about the fire and very concerned about Earl and Susan. After regaining her composer she went upstairs to change. Michelle and Steph waited in the Kitchen.

About 10 minutes later, 16 year old Jen came walking down the stairs in her baggy overalls and t-shirt. Michelle and Steph could hear the slight crinkle of a Pamper from under the overalls but neither cracked a smile.

“I’m going to go do what I can to help Earl and Susan” Jen said. I’ll be back tonight. She added. Michelle walked over and gave the younger version of Jen a hug and kissed her on the forehead. “Call us if you need anything” she told Jen. Jen nodded, gave Michelle another hug, hugged Steph as well and left to return to the remains of the store.

Michelle and Steph busied themselves finishing the Laundry and folding the now clean and dry sheets from the previous evening. Neither said a word about the current situation for quite some time.

Finally when the girls decided to have lunch on the deck, Michelle spoke. “Poor Steph, what’s she going to do? Even if they rebuild the store, she won’t be able to keep working there, that place was burnt to the ground. The diapers are gone. Jen won’t be able to maintain her sixteen year old disguise for very long without them.” She said.

“How many do we have left?” asked Jen.

Michelle thought about this for a moment, the fact that they would only be able to enjoy the remaining diapers for a short time had just now occurred to her. She had been too deep in her concern for Jen to consider this yet.

She did the math in her head. Since the arrival that the house and Steph’s initiation into their diaper club, the girls had used 9 of the magic diapers between them. The Pampers had been 26 packs and she had bought 2. This left 43 magic diapers. If they divided the stash by 3 they would have 14 each with one left over.

If the gave all of the diapers to Jen so she could continue working at the store as her sixteen year old self, on a 3 day per week shift, Jen would only be able to continue working for 4 weeks and 2 days assuming she used 1 diaper per work day.

Michelle ran through several ideas in her head trying to find a solution Jen which allowed Jen to keep her job. Being so deeply troubled about the situation, Michelle did not even considering that with the store gone; Jen keeping her job may not even be an option.

She continued her analysis just the same. The other alternative, Michelle thought would be for Jen to remain in her sixteen year old state indefinitely by refusing to use the toilet to return to adulthood after removing the wet or messy Pamper. Jen could just wear Pull Ups or Good Nights under her cloths and only grow up when she had too. Michelle thought.

This plan was no good though. Michelle quickly remembered that the spell would break itself after 24 hours regardless of Jen using the toilet or not. The only way it would work is if Jen planned her schedule very carefully to get the most time out of each magic diaper. It was starting to look like Jen would have no choice but to find a new Job.

Another thought now occurred to Michelle, Jen must have a supply of the magic diapers at her house too. After all, she did get dressed to go to work at the store 3 days a week.

Michelle didn’t want to ask Jen about her own supply just yet; she and Steph agreed that now was not the best time to be discussing this and that they should wait until Jen returned with a full report of the fire and the extent of the damage.

Both Steph and Michelle were secretly hoping that by some miracle the fire had spared the section of the store where the magic diaper shelf had been. Unfortunately each girl had seen the damage with their own eyes and knew that there was little hope at all that anything remained of the magic diapers.

To be continued.

Well here it is. I had to bring it to a close, I was running out of places to go with this story and wanted to wrap it up. I’m sorry if it doesn’t live up to people’s expectations, I like to think it’s a happy ending. Some people suggested that I trap the girls in their younger forms, but I didn’t want this to be a malicious “be careful what you wish for” story. My intention was to tell a story about people being able to live their fantasies and really enjoy them to the fullest.

Anyhow, I’ve tried my best to proof this last chapter, hope you enjoy it. I’ve got some ideas for spin offs and squals, but I’m going to take a break before I get back to this. I have some ideas for a few short stories that I may put together soon.

Please give me all the feed back you care to give.

Thanks to everyone.


Chapter 17

Jen finally returned to Michelle’s lake house at about eight o’clock in the evening. She was still in her sixteen year old form and looked filthy, as if she had spent the entire day sifting through the ashes of the store.

“Are you ok?” Michelle asked Jen as she came into the Kitchen.

“Yes I’m doing fine now” Jen replied, “most of this is just soot” she said, pointing at her clothing. “Most of the store was still too hot for us to sift through.” She said. “I’ll go back tomorrow to help them try to salvage what they can. Right now I just want to get out of this wet diaper and take a shower” Michelle had been wearing her magic diaper since mid morning, it was now quite wet.

“There are clean towels in the bathroom upstairs, we’ve already had dinner but we saved you some” Michelle said.

“Thanks, I’m starved, I’ll be down soon” said Jen as she headed upstairs. She made her way down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door behind her and stripped down to her diaper. The Pamper was soaked but it hadn’t leaked out. Jen unfastened the tapes and let it fall to the floor with a splat.

She sat on the toilet and relaxed her bladder, the sound of pee hitting the bowl filled her ears and within no time at all Jen had returned to her adult body. She looked at herself in the mirror with a tear in her eye, she wouldn’t have much use for her sixteen year old persona any more she thought. She picked up the wet diaper, rolled it up and placed it in the diaper pail that Michelle had now set up.

Jen turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature to her liking and stepped in. She washed herself clean of the days work. After the shower Jen felt much better. She toweled off, put her adult clothing back on and went downstairs to join Michelle and Steph.

Steph and Michelle had already cleaned up their dinner plates and were sipping wine on the deck. A clean place setting was waiting for Michelle at the table. They had made pasta with chicken and vegetables, Michelle served up a plate for Jen when she arrived and filled a glass of wine for her as well.

“Thanks” said Jen as she sat down at the table and dug in, Michelle and Steph could tell she was hungry as she attacked the pasta right away. No one spoke for quite a while.

When Jen finally took a break from her pasta, Michelle spoke.

“How are Earl and Susan holding up?” Michelle asked.

“They’re upset of course, but holding it together.” Replied Jen, “The fire chief thinks is was old wiring in a ceiling fan that started the fire, the official report won’t be filed until the end of the week. Earl and Susan have insurance, they’ve decided not to rebuild, and they’re going to move to Florida. Susan has a brother in Fort Myer’s” Jen said.

“So they lost everything?” Steph asked.

“Pretty much, the store is toast; we won’t be able to dig through the rest of it until tomorrow. We were able to salvage some items from around the edges this afternoon but mostly it’s gone.”

Jen sipped her wine and looked up at the other two women. “The diaper shelf is burnt, but still partially standing, I was able to see it from the remains of the front entrance.”

“Do you think any of the diapers are left?” Steph asked.

“No, it looked completely black and burned out, just the wooden frame of the shelf appeared to be standing and had not been completely burnt to the ground like many of the other shelves.” Jen replied.

“So it’s over then?” Michelle said, we’ve got 42 diapers left hear if we count the one you wore today. Once those are gone this adventure is over." She said with sadness in her voice.

“I’ve only got about 6 left at my house” Jen said. “I want to share the rest of mine with you two, after all, I’ve used 3 of your diapers since we met” she said, looking at Michelle. “We can split them 3 ways and have 16 each.”

“I don’t need 16” Steph said, you two deserve them more than I do, I was just lucky enough to be here and enjoy them during this trip." She added.

“Please Steph, take what you want” Jen said, “Michelle and I have each other, we’ll have plenty of fun together when our diapers run out” she said as she reached out and took Michelle’s hand.

Michelle looked into Jen’s eyes and smiled as she held Jen’s hand, she had a tear in her own eye now.

“I want to wear one tonight” Jen continued. “I want to forget about today and just be a kid again, just for tonight” she said, fighting back the urge to cry again. "I want to be a little girl again, will you two join me? It can be a slumber party…I never had one when I was young because of my bedwetting. Jen said looking at the other two girls for their response.

Michelle and Steph smiled at each other and looked back at Jen.

“Of course we will silly” Michelle answered.

They finished off the wine, cleaned up the remains of dinner and headed upstairs to Michelle’s room. Jen entered first, went to the closet and retrieved three of the magic diapers, handing one each to Steph and Michelle. She stripped out of her cloths and prepared to diaper herself.

“I want to be seven again” she said, I’m sorry but I don’t want physical comfort tonight, I need to escape to my childhood for a change." Jen said looking at the other two women.

“I understand” Michelle said, putting her hand on Jen’s shoulder. “Do you want me to diaper you?” she asked.

“Please?” Jen said with a smile, handing Michelle her Pamper and lying on the bed to assume the diapering position. Michelle opened the Pamper, slid it beneath Jen’s waiting bottom and lowered Jen down onto the Pamper. She gently spread Jen’s legs, pulled the Pamper up between them and fastened it into place. Jen’s body instantly regressed to the size of a small girl.

Michelle smiled at the little girl lying before her, little Jen’s hair now had a cute natural curl to it and her smile was adorable.

Michelle then diapered Steph who regressed to what appeared to be a nine year old version of her former self.

Finally Michelle lay on the bed and waited while the two young girls diapered her, each giggling as they pulled the diaper into place between her legs. When they had finished, Michelle dropped down off of the bed, she was now a pint sized version of herself. She too had chosen the age of seven.

The three girls giggled and hugged each other, standing in a huddle next to the bed wearing nothing but their diaper’s and smiles.

It was only about 9:30 now and they were not tired. The girls sorted through the children’s clothing that Michelle had purchased until they found items that fit them. The three then proceeded downstairs where Steph fixed some microwave popcorn and then joined Michelle and Jen in the living room to watch TV.

They watched a scary movie, which seemed to frighten the two seven year olds more than it did nine year old Steph. Even though the girls still had their adult minds, they had let their thoughts go to enjoy their fantasy world of childhood for the evening. After the movie was over Michelle realized she had wet herself. It must have happened during a particularly scary scene she thought.

“Oppps” Michelle said. Steph and Jen turned to look at her; she had a guilty smile on her face.

“What’s wrong Michelley Belly?” Jen asked.

“I had an accident.” Michelle answered with a look of embarrassment on her face. She again remembered how she had control problems when she had been seven for real and was thankful that all she had done was wet herself.

“Uh oh…wittle Michelley belly went wet wet in her diapee!” Jen said in a babyish voice.

Steph giggled. “Looks like we’ll have to change her before beddy bye” she added.

Steph took Michelle’s hand and led her upstairs. Jen followed after turning off the TV and the downstairs lights. They took Michelle into the bedroom and helped each other change her into one of the non magic Pampers, which fit her seven year old body perfectly. The three girls then brushed their teeth in the bathroom, returned to Michelle’s bedroom and climbed into bed together.

Michelle turned out the light and the three snuggled close together pretending that they needed to keep each other safe from the ghosts they had seen on TV.

Once again the moonlight danced off of the lake. Tonight the Cicadas and Loons heard nothing but girlish giggles and eventually soft snoring from the house on the lake.

The sun rose and shined in through the curtains. Steph was up first this morning, the slight smell of urine from beneath the covers told her that Jen and Michelle were both wet. In their seven year old forms, their bedwetting problems had returned in full force.

Steph reached down and felt Michelle’s diaper, it was completely soaked and had leaked out a bit, Michelle was lying in bed with a small damp circle around her bottom. Jen however was still wearing her magic diaper, Steph reached over and felt Jen’s Pamper. While it too was soaked, it seemed to hold much better than the non magic variety that Michelle wore.

Steph was dry, and while the other two girls lay sleeping beside her, she smiled up at the ceiling, let out a quite sigh of relief and emptied her morning’s full bladder into the waiting diaper. She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt the warm urine begin to fill her diaper, drifting first around her groin and then pooling around her bottom. The soft liner of her Pamper absorbed every bit and became warm, thick and squishy.

Steph loved the feeling of being wet and knew that her days of indulging herself in this secret pleasure were limited…At least in the sense that she would not be able to experience this feeling in the body of a nine year old again. She thought about what she would do when the magic diapers ran out. Would she secretly buy a package of adult diapers that fit her and continue to explore this desire?

When Steph finally opened her eyes she found Michelle awake next to her, little Michelle was propped up on her elbow staring directly into Steph’s eyes with a grin on her face.

“Did you just go pee pee in your Pamper?” Michelle asked with a giggle.

“Yes” Steph answered, blushing and giggling as she replied.

“Silly girly girl!” Michelle said as she tickled Steph’s tummy.

“Oh yeah? Well you wet your diaper several times in your sleep little girly girl!” Steph said giggling. “Look at the puddle you made in the bed” she added, lifting the covers and pointing down at Michelle’s soaked diaper.

Jen was now awake and rolled over to join the conversation. “Good morning!” she said as she rolled over and smothered the other two girls with a hug. “I’m wet…anyone else have accident’s last night?” she asked reaching under the covers to check the girls diapers.

“Michelle did!” Steph said.

“Yeah well I watched silly Steph go pee pee right in her diaper when she woke up this morning” giggled Michelle.

“Silly girl!” Jen said, giving Steph a love tap.

Steph blushed. "I needed to do it, otherwise how else would I be able to cook breakfast for you two? She said, “you can’t expect me to reach the counter top well at this height?”

Steph lifted the covers and shouted; “last one up has to poop their diaper!” she giggled as she rolled out of bed and ran out of the room, heading down the hall to the bathroom.

Michelle and Jen giggled and jumped out of bed, both hitting the floor at the same time. As they entered the hallway they saw Steph close the bathroom door. All they could do now was wait their turns. Michelle felt the desperate urge to empty her bowels, her morning movement was coming on fast and at current age she knew well that she still had control problems.

Michelle began to shift her weight from foot to foot trying to fight the urge to poop while she waited for Steph to finish her business. Jen looked over and saw little Michelle moving back and forth.

“Uh oh…looks like someone is doing the potty dance!” Jen giggled pointing at Michelle.

“Don’t make fun!” Little Michelle snapped at her, I really have to go!" she said.

Jen giggled again and tickled Michelle “I think I was out of bed first!” she said as she attacked little Michelle.

“Stop! Please Stop!” Michelle shouted as she tried to fight off the giggles brought on by Jen’s tickle attack…but it was too late, the poop began to fill Michelle’s diaper before she felt it leaving her body.

Once she was aware that she had lost control, she could not regain control of her muscles to stop the poop from coming out. Michelle froze where she stood, defeated she now felt her bladder empty into her already saturated diaper. A small trail of urine leaked out and ran down her leg where it formed a puddle on the floor at her feet.

Jen giggled breathing heavy from her efforts to tickle little Michelle. “Ohhhh I’m sorry baby, really” she said trying to hide her smile and stifle her giggles as she stared at the bulge expanding in the back of Michelle’s diaper.

Michelle looked down at the puddle she was now standing in. The bathroom door opened and adult sized Steph walked out wearing a bath robe, looking down at little Michelle she saw the puddle and glanced at little Jen who smiled back at her.

Steph could now smell the evidence of Michelle’s accident as well. “Looks like wittle Michelley belly was the last one out of bed huh?” she said in the same babyish voice that Jen had used last night to announce Michelle’s previous accident.

Jen giggled and ran to the bathroom. “I’m next!” she said as she closed the door behind her.

Little Michelle folded her arms across her chest with a pouty look on her face and began to cry. “Awwwww don’t cry baby girl, Mommy Steph will clean you up.” Steph said, bending down to hug Michelle and console her.

She picked up the little girl and carried her into the bedroom where the make shift changing table had been set up. She lay Michelle down on top of the dresser which her seven year old body just barely fit. and proceeded to unfasten the diaper tapes. Steph quickly cleaned up Michelle’s messy bottom, folded up the messy diaper and dropped it in the trash. She then continued to wipe Michelle’s diaper area perfectly clean using several baby wipes. Michelle lay on the dresser staring at the ceiling in a trance as Jen finished cleaning her diaper area.

“Ok little girl…I think I hear Jen finishing up on the potty…your turn now” Steph said as she lifted Jen onto the floor.

“It’s too late” replied little Michelle in a high pitched girlish voice. “I don’t have to go potty anymore; I already did it in the diaper.”

“Awwww, well I guess you’ll just have to wait until after breakfast to be a big girl again.” Step said, giving Michelle a hug. “Here you go sweetie, let’s put a Pull Up on you until you need to go Potty.” She said with a slight giggle.

“Oh ok” said Little Michelle, she lifted her right foot as Steph helped her into the Pull Up.

Adult Jen now walked into the room in her bathrobe, she had just finished a quick shower. “Your turn Michelley belly” she said looking down at Michelle…“Hey, what’s with the Pull Up?” she asked.

“Michelley doesn’t have to go to the potty just yet.” Steph answered with a grin. “She already did her morning business in her diaper.” She added.

Jen smiled…do you need the high chair for breakfast or are you big enough to sit in a grown up chair she giggled.

“Very funny!” Replied little Michelle. She marched out of the room and headed down to the kitchen in nothing but her Pull Up and a little t-shirt. Jen and Steph followed giggling to themselves as the watched Michelle’s little behind waddle down the stairs safely encased in a pink Pull Up with Disney characters on it. “Isn’t she cute?” whispered Jen.

Steph smiled and nodded her agreement.

It was more than an hour after breakfast before little Michelle felt the urge to tinkle. She dashed upstairs, Jen and Steph giggled as they saw her trot away in her Pull Up.

Michelle just made it into the bathroom in time to pull down her training pant, climb onto the toilet seat and empty her little bladder into the bowl. The pull up, which was still around her ankles, grew tighter and almost ripped in half as Michelle’s body returned to adult hood. She reached down and removed the Pull Up from around her ankles, dropped it in the diaper pail and proceeded to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later adult Michelle joined Steph and Jen on the deck with a cup of coffee in hand. She walked over and gave Jen a kiss.

“There’s my big girl!” Jen said with a giggle.

Steph smiled at the scene.

“I have to go back to the store today and help Earl and Susan sift through the wreckage” Jen said. “I may be gone all day again.” She added.

“They need you.” Michelle said. Steph and I will have dinner ready for you when you get back…Lobster tonight? She said looking to the other girls for approval.

“Yummy!” “Excellent” came the replies from Jen and Steph.

A short while later, Jen went upstairs, diapered herself and returned to the living room in her sixteen year old form. She wore the same overalls she had on the day before but had borrowed a clean t-shirt from Michelle.

Michelle and Steph said good bye to Jen and headed off on a journey of their own to the next town over where they shopped to pick up Lobsters and fresh corn on the cob for dinner. When they had finished shopping they returned to the house put the groceries away and headed down to the lake for a swim. They spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach.

Jen returned around 5:30, she was again covered in soot.

“How’d it go?” asked Michelle

“It was sad, most everything was destroyed in the fire, we were able to salvage the safe and all the cash inside was undamaged” Jen replied.

“That’s good news for Earl and Susan” Michelle said.

“Yes,” Jen said “The diapers however are gone, they were all burnt up.” She added with a look of disappointment on her face.

“Well, at least we have some left” Michelle said. “We’ll have to enjoy them while we can” She added.

The girls ate dinner, and enjoyed another night in the diapers, this time regressing to their early teens and having some fun together. They continued to play together for the remainder of the week until it was time for Steph to return to Boston.

They had divided up the rest of the diapers, by this point there were only 24 left leaving them with 8 each. Steph renewed her promise to keep the secret of the magic diapers to herself, although she really did want to find a way to get her boyfriend into one. Michelle and Jen said a tearful goodbye to Steph but they promised to get together at the lake house again as soon as their schedules allowed.

Michelle spent a few more days with Jen before saying her goodbyes. The two had fallen for each other completely and Michelle vowed to return as soon as possible to be with Jen. Her internship at the firm in Hartford would be ending in the fall which would force Michelle to make a decision, would she stay on at the firm in an entry level position, or would she look for work elsewhere? She already knew the answer; she wanted to be with Jen and decided to start looking for accounting work in the area as soon as she returned to Hartford.

Michelle and Jen spent one last night together at the lake house before Michelle’s trip home, they each wore a magic diaper and brought themselves to their early teens again as they had during their first night together.

In the morning both girls’ diapers were soaked. After enjoying each other’s company in bed for a bit longer, the girls went to the bathroom, removed their wet diapers, and each took a turn on the toilet to empty their bladders and return to adulthood.

They then showered together, giggling and passionately kissing each other as they washed each other’s bodies clean. When they had finished, each girl was satisfied with their bodies in more ways than one. They toweled off, dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

Once again, Michelle and Jen sat on the deck drinking coffee and enjoying the view of the lake.

“I want to come back up here and spend more time with you” Michelle said to Jen. She hadn’t yet shared her intentions to leave the firm after her internship came to an end with Jen. Michelle hoped that Jen wanted to spend as much time with her as she did with Jen.

“I would love that, but that’s a long way to drive for weekends” Jen said.

“I’m thinking of something more permanent” answered Michelle.

“What are you thinking about?” Jen asked “what about your career?” She said.

“Right now I have a month and a half left on my internship, when it’s over I can either accept an entry level job at the firm which pays well, but not great…Or, I can look for a new Job.” Michelle said looking Jen in the eyes.

“I was thinking that I would leave the firm and find work up this way…I want to be together with you…that is, if you want to be with me as well?” Michelle said, holding her breath now awaiting Jen’s response.

Jen stared back into Michelle’s eyes, she felt a tear forming in the corner of her right eye, she leapt out of her seat and hugged Michelle who returned the embrace with all of her passion.

“I Love you Michelle!” Jen said through her tears of Joy, I want to be together with you too!"

The girls held each other for a full 5 minutes before breaking their embrace. They now sat side by side holding hands and smiling.

“You know the winters are tough up here” Jen said after a moment.

“I’m a New Englander, I can take it” said Michelle smiling back at Jen.

“And you won’t be able to make the same kind of Money that you’ve been making in Hartford” Jen added.

“I’ve got Money saved, I can stay here when it’s not being rented and find a small apartment if I need to” Michelle said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re moving in with me!” Jen exclaimed.

Michelle smiled at her; she hadn’t wanted to ask Jen if she wanted to share living space, hearing Jen say this out loud lifted a heavy load of stress off of Michelle’s shoulders.

“Really?” Michelle asked, “are you sure…after all, you’ve only known me for a week…are we rushing into this?” She asked looking Jen in the eyes again and waiting for a response.

“Michelle, we’ve shared more experiences with each other in one week than most couples could ever dream of, I feel I know you like a little sister…after all, I’ve changed your diapers…even your poopy diapers” she giggled.

Michelle blushed, her face turning a deep red; she loved every changing that she had been subject to when Jen was in the mommy roll. Having Jen tease her about it made Michelle giddy. However she was also filled with sadness, knowing that their supply of magic diapers was dwindling, she would only have a few more chances to share the pleasures of returning to childhood with Jen. A small frown came over Michelle’s face at this thought.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jen.

“I was just thinking about the diapers, I wish we had more…I love being a kid again…and sharing that with you” Michelle told Jen. “Steph was really my only friend when I was little, my bedwetting made me shy…being 12 again with you made it feel like I had a new friend in my life, it’s like you had been there for years with me, does that make any sense?”

“Of course it does” replied Jen. “I know how you feel” Jen said, gently squeezing Michelle’s hand. “I didn’t have too many friends when I was little either, I love reliving it with you now. But even when the diapers are gone…we’ll still have each other.” Jen said.

Michelle gazed back into Jen’s eyes, the smile had returned to her face. “I love you Jen” she said.

“I love you too Michelle” Jen replied.

They remained on the deck for much of the morning, snuggled side by side in their chairs smiling and enjoying the view. Eventually it was time to clean the house and pack Michelle’s bags for her return to Connecticut.

The girls worked together to change the sheets on the bed, wash, dry and fold the used sheets. When the house was clean and Michelle’s bags were packed, they shared a long goodbye kiss and embrace on the front porch.

Both girls had tears in their eyes as Michelle pulled away. Jen waived as she watched Jen pull out of the drive way, she then walked to her own car, turned and took a last look at the lake house before leaving. This had been a week to remember and she would now be waiting longingly for Michelle’s return…two weeks from today.


It had been almost a full year since Michelle, Steph and Jen had spent their first experiences in the magic diapers at Michelle’s family lake house. Michelle had left the firm in Hartford upon finishing her internship and had eventually landed an accounting Job in Bangor which was only about an hour commute by car from Jen’s lake house.

Michelle didn’t enjoy the long drive, but fortunately she only had to go to the office 3 to 4 days a week on average. Her other week days were spent driving to visit clients who tended to be outside of Bangor and closer to her new home.

The Job didn’t pay as well as any she would have found in lower New England, but she was happy. She had introduced Jen to her mother 3 months ago, bringing herself out of the closet.

Michelle had been full of anxiety about this event but her mother, although a bit shocked at first, was very accepting and extremely happy for the two girls. There had been some crying, and extremely uncomfortable questions when Michelle had told her mother of her sexual status, but fortunately there had been no yelling or extreme displeasure from her mother.

The last of the magic diapers had been used months ago, Jen and Michelle had found new ways to share their love of diapers with each other, the had purchased adult disposable diapers online, trying several brands before deciding that Abena Abri Form briefs were their favorites. They were able to indulge their secret fantasies together and shared much comfort and satisfaction in their adult forms, but each longed for the comfort and thrill of returning to their physical youth as the magic diapers had allowed them to do.

Jen had spent much of her time working on her artwork and advancing her skills; she had moved on from painting and had taken up an interest in woodwork. She had taken a new part time job working with a local carpenter who had been showing her the ropes while repairing and remodeling some of the expensive vacation homes around the lake. Jen was getting quite good, she had even built a nice coffee table which Michelle loved to rest her feet on while watching TV. Jen didn’t like this but loved Michelle too much to tell her no.

It was now late June, almost a full year had past since Steph been to Maine. She had returned to Maine to celebrate Michelle’s 25th birthday party at Jen’s lake house which the two girls now shared.

Jen had been working away in the spare room on the second floor all week; she would not let Michelle in as she was working on a birthday present for her that she wanted to remain a surprise.

When Steph arrived, Michelle and Jen ran out the front door to meet her, they practically knocked her down while trying to hug her. “I’m so glad you made it!” Michelle shouted as she hugged Steph.

The three girls enjoyed a big birthday BBQ that Jen had prepared for Michelle. They drank wine and chatted well into the night. Steph told Michelle and Jen about her experiences with the last of her supply of magic diapers.

She did mange to get her boyfriend into one but it hadn’t worked out the way she had hoped. Fortunately Steph’s boyfriend ended up thinking that the entire experience was an alcohol induced hallucination. Shortly afterwards Steph and her boyfriend broke up; it was for the best she explained. Steph had found from her experience that he was not right for her.

The evening was growing late and the moonlight was now dancing off of the lake. “I have a birthday present for you Michelle” Jen said. “It’s in the spare room upstairs…You need to come upstairs to see it, let’s go upstairs and open your present” Jen giggled.

The three proceeded up to the spare room; Jen stood before the closed door and turned to Michelle. “Close your eye’s baby; you can open them when I tell you too.” She said.

Michelle closed her eyes and heard Jen open the door. Jen led her into the room, Steph followed behind, her eyes lit up as she saw the room before her.

“Ok, open your eye’s baby” Jen told Michelle.

Michelle opened her eyes and gasped, Jen had converted the spare room into what appeared to be a giant nursery. The room was painted in pink with alphabet letters, shapes and numbers on the walls, there was a large changing table against one wall that looked like it could hold a young teen. There were stuffed animals, and various toys spread about the room. The toys varied in age appropriate play range from about 3 years to 10 years, and there was a small table with chairs next to a shelf which held various board games that young teens might enjoy as well.

Michelle noticed that beneath the changing table there were various sizes of disposable diapers, even some Pull Ups, and what appeared to be Goodnites as well. These were all clearly current day versions of the various diapers and training pants as they had the cloth like outer cover.

In the far corner of the room, just to the right side of the changing table, stood a beautiful antique cabinet which looked like an armoire. Draped over the top of the cabinet was a banner that read “Happy Birthday Baby Girl!” The cabinet looked very old; the wood appeared to be very distressed.

Michelle stared at it then turned to look at Jen…“Happy Birthday sweetie” said Jen. “Go ahead, look inside” she added.

Steph stood behind Jen with an inquisitive look on her face; she was just as curious as Michelle to know what was inside the cabinet.

Michelle walked over to the cabinet; she reached for the door and paused with uncertainty, turning to look at Jen.

“It’s ok, go ahead and open it” Jen said reassuringly.

Michelle opened the cabinet, as the light exposed the contents her jaw dropped open. Steph also stood with a look of wonderment on her face staring into the cabinet.

Michelle found herself gazing upon several packages of Pampers, the packaging was clearly from the mid 1990’s, size 6 Baby Dry with a plastic outer cover.

Michelle turned and looked at Jen. “Is it?…are they?”

“Yes they are!” answered Jen.

“But how?” Michelle asked.

“I built this cabinet out of the burnt remains of the diaper shelf from the store, I salvaged the shelf last year while helping Earl and Susan clean up.” Jen explained. “I wasn’t sure if the magic would still work but I tested it yesterday while you were at work…those diapers are 100% magic, I tested them myself” Jen said blushing.

Steph had tears in her eyes; she saw how happy Michelle was and knew that this had to be the best birthday present she’d ever received.

Jen walked over and stood beside Michelle; she leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “Happy Birthday baby, I love you, and now we can explore our fantasies together anytime we want”. Jen said.

Steph rushed over and joined the hug. Not long afterwards the girls had stripped out of their cloths and had taken turns on the changing table…Once again, three teen girls shared a bed in Maine wearing nothing but diapers and smiles.

The night grew late, Michelle lay in bed as her 11 year old self, Jen and Steph lay on either side of her both now asleep. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep knowing that she would be wet in the morning…also knowing that she was now able to relive her childhood whenever she wanted to…as easily as pulling it off a shelf.

The End.


Magic Diapers

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Magic Diapers

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I’m pretty new at the forum stuff so I may have missed the magic moment for you, but I absolutely loved the story, Maine, magic, even Earl’s accent all were great. I found myself hoping Jen would find a way to rebuild the case and recapture the magic.

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