Magic Daycare

Magic Daycare
by Allerted

It’s a beautiful afternoon in Rhode Island. The air is dry and the sun is warm as summer begins. A red car drives down a long, narrow road. At the back of this car sits Lilly Danes, a young girl coming to Providence to work as a nanny in a daycare to earn some extra money before her first year in college.

Lilly is a petite young woman, with grey eyes and raven hair. She’s always been a bit shy but not with children. She was hoping to become a teacher one day, so she thought it would be a good first experience to work in a daycare. The owner, Daphnee, was a friend of her mother and had gladly accepted to welcome her for a few months.

When the car pulled up in front of the estate, Lilly understood why her mother insisted she should accept the offer to live at Daphnee’s house. Not only was it larger than any house she had ever seen, it was also oddly located far away from the city. The young charges must’ve been rich people’s kids, the type of kids that learn how to ride a horse at 4 years old.

She thanked the driver and paid him, then gathered her luggage and climbed the stairs up to the manor’s entrance. She was welcomed by Daphnee, a middle-aged eccentric woman who seemed rather nice, as well as her daughter, Sarah.

Sarah was 10 years old with short brown hair. They were both very welcoming. They took her on a tour of the estate before showing her to her room. It was rather spacious, with a Queen bed and blue walls.

The daycare wasn’t opened yet, but it would be the next day. A large room was dedicated to it on the first floor of the house. It had a multitude of toys and supplies, including a swing in the middle of the room.

Daphnee: I have to prepare dinner now, it will be ready in a hour, but you can get to know Sarah in the mean time! Have fun girls!

She winked at Lilly and left the daycare room. Lilly walked around, looking at the different areas to become familiar with them. She sat on the swing.

Lilly: So Sarah, what would you like to do?

Sarah’s eyes lightened up at the question. She had been shy and quiet for the whole tour, but now that her mother was gone she seemed more at ease.

Sarah: I want to play with you.

Lilly : Sure thing, what game do you want to play?

Sarah: I want to play mommy and baby.

Lilly: Okay…

Lilly smiled, puzzled. Sarah was a bit old to want to play with dolls, but it made sense for a girl who was so used to seeing her mother take care of children to want to act the same way. Lilly got up from the swing and sat on a rug in front of a toy house. She picked up a doll and looked at Sarah, waiting for her to join.

Lilly: Sarah aren’t you coming.

Sarah: You can play with the dolls if you want… I’m playing with you.

Lilly : What do you mean?

Sarah: In this game, I’m the mommy and you’re the baby.

Lilly laughed. Although she was a bit perplexed. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea to establish the roles like this on her first day. You never know what can happen. Sarah walked over to her and put a pacifier in Lilly’s mouth.

The 18 year old found it funny at first, sucking on it a bit for the good of the game, but then Sarah got closer to her and put her hand in the waistband of her shorts. Lilly immediately removed the pacifier from her mouth.

Lilly: Sarah, what are you doing?

Sarah: Hush now… I’m just checking your diaper of course.

Lilly: I’m not wearing a diaper silly…

Sarah: Well then you should be… we don’t want you making a mess, do we? There are some over there.

Sarah began to walk towards a large changing table. Lilly got up quickly.

Lilly: That’s enough now Sarah… We can play with the doll if you want, but I’m a bit old for this game.

Sarah: No you’re not… you’re just a baby.

Lilly: Sarah, it’s not funny anymore, okay? Come on, let’s play something else.

Sarah seemed a bit disappointed by the answer, but she didn’t say anything and kept on playing, insisting on calling the doll ‘’Little Lilly’’.

Dinner came and Lilly was glad to finally talk with a reasonable adult. Sarah had an odd aura around her. Interacting with only her mother and babies must’ve had some repercussions on her behavior.

After the meal she retired to her room to read a book before falling asleep.

Lilly woke up feeling dizzy. Nightmares had plagued her slumber and a weird feeling washed over her. She looked around and realized she was in a different room than the one she had fell asleep in. Actually, it was the same room, but it wasn’t decorated the same. The walls were now pink with pink prints that would fit a nursery. The bed she slept in had shrunk in size and now had barriers on the sides, such as those you put on a small child’s bed to make sure they don’t fall.

She thought she must still be dreaming, but the cold sensation she felt on her butt made her realize she wasn’t. When she flipped her covers she saw she wasn’t wearing the pajamas she had put on, but a large pale blue onesie. She put her hand on her crotch, which confirmed her suspicion: she was wearing a diaper. And a wet one at that.

She panicked, her brain couldn’t process what was going on. Why was she dressed like a baby and why did she wet herself in her sleep? She immediately got up and went for the door, but fell down to the floor in the process, noticing she had difficulties with her motion skills. Had she been drugged? What kind of sick person does that to someone? Not knowing what to do she started crawling towards the door, when suddenly it opened.

Daphnee: Well aren’t we in a hurry this morning?

Lilly: What’s going on? I don’t understand… What did you do to me?

Her speech sounded just like it did the day before, but Daphnee acted as if she couldn’t hear her. She walked over to her and, without any effort, picked Lilly up and carried her. How was she so strong all of a sudden? She took her all the way to a corner of the room and made her sit on a large changing table. She proceeded to undress her, removing the onesie as Lilly was too shocked and dizzy to protest.

Lilly was now sitting on the table in just her wet diaper. She noticed it was an Huggies Overnite decorated with Winnie the Pooh and little moons that strangely fit her perfectly, like it was 3 times as big as usual. The changing station was the same, abnormally large. Daphnee untapped the diaper and threw in the trash. She cleaned her private parts with a baby wipe. Lilly was blushing. She had so many questions on her mind, but she felt like she was under the influence of a sedative.

Daphnee then picked another diaper, a Pampers, from the pile next to her and slid it under Lilly’s bum. The young girl started to protest. This time, it seemed Daphne had heard her.

Daphnee: What is it Lilly? No diaper today? I see, someone wants to be a big girl huh?

She winked at her, replaced the Pampers in the pile, then picked up a pink package from the shelf below the table. She took out one of the princess decorated Pull-Ups and had Lilly put her feet in the leg holes before sliding it all the way up her waist. Like the diaper, the Pull-Up was a perfect fit. How could that be possible? Lilly had always been petite and she could’ve probably fit a toddler’s Pull-Up, but it would’ve been a bit stretched out at least. The one she was currently wearing was exactly her size, like it was made for her. Daphnee slid a pink t-shirt on Lilly to cover her naked breasts, which were the same modest size they had always been.

Daphnee: But remember, you tell me if you need to go potty alright? We don’t want you to have an accident in your big girl training pants, do we? Come on now, let’s join Sarah downstairs for breakfast.

She picked her up again and put her down.

Lilly looked at herself in the mirror. She still looked like an 18 year old girl… except for the fact that she was now sporting a pink t-shirt and a pair of pink Huggies Pull-Ups displaying Disney princesses. There was even a wetness indicator, like she’d need it. Was this a bad joke? A reality prank TV show?

She looked around to find her clothes from the day before, wanting to remove the training pants she had on or at least cover them with a pair of pants. Daphnee came over and scooped her up once again, like she was light as a feather. The dizziness Lilly felt kept her from screaming and kicking.

Daphnee: What are you looking for huh? You’re looking for your paci? Hmm?

She popped a white pacifier in her mouth and took her downstairs. Sarah was sitting at the table already. Daphnee put Lilly down on her feet and started preparing breakfast. Lilly saw herself in the window reflection. She was the same height as usual, around 5 foot tall, only now wearing training pants and a pacifier.

Sarah: Good morning Little Lilly, I see you’re a big girl today, in Pull-Ups already?

Lilly spit out the pacifier.

Lilly : What… what’s going on Sarah? What’s happening to me?

Sarah : I’m playing with you, that’s all.

Lilly: What? You… are doing this to me? How…?

Sarah: I’m a witch, Lilly. There’s many things I can do. Everyone’s perception of you now is as if you were nothing but a toddler. You have the same strength as one too.

Lilly: Oh my god… what the hell, turn me back right now! I don’t wanna be a toddler!

Sarah: You don’t have a choice Lilly. When I get bored of this game, maybe I’ll release you.

Lilly: No…. no! Release me right now you witch! You have no right to do this. You can’t do this to me!

Sarah: Can’t I?

She wrinkled her nose and pointed at Lilly with a smile.

Lilly felt her bladder release all of a sudden and a warmth filling the padding of the Pull-Ups she was wearing. That witch was making her pee herself. She looked down in horror as she saw the wetness indicator fade away from the front of the training pants.

Sarah: Mom! I think Lilly had an accident…

Daphnee : Already?! Oh gosh, I just put her in those Pull-Ups. Maybe she isn’t ready for potty training yet. Come on Lil-Lil, let’s go get you changed.

She took Lilly by the hand as she followed reluctantly, still in awe at what happened. She was dragged next to the daycare’s changing table.

Daphnee: Alright Lilly, it’s okay to have accidents from time to time. But you need to try and tell me when you need to go potty. Big girls like you use the potty, not their Pull-Ups.

She teared down the sides of the soaked training pants and removed it from Lilly’s butt. She cleaned her up once again as Lilly waited in shame, to be changed.

Daphnee: Now… do we put a diaper on, or are you going to be a big girl for me today?

Lilly: No diaper… no diaper.

Daphnee: We’ll put you in Pull-Ups again for now… but no more accidents, okay Lil-Lil?

She unfolded a pair of training panties in front of Lilly who stepped into the leg holes. Daphnee lifted the underwear up and gave her padded butt a pat.

Daphnee: Let’s get you back to the kitchen now.

She led her by the hand to the table where sat an ever more smiling Sarah. Daphnee picked up Lilly and made her sit on a plastic booster on a chair, she strapped her in and gave her a sippy cup full of orange juice before going back to her breakfast preparation.

Sarah: Awe, aren’t you so cute now Lilly, look at you. After breakfast we’ll put you in a pretty dress over those Pull-Ups. The other kids are gonna start arriving.

Lilly: P…please undo this. I don’t want to be treated as a toddler.

Sarah: You play along nicely and we’ll see. Disobey and things could get worse… maybe I make everyone perceive you to be even younger. What do you think? No more walking… you’d sleep in a crib and eat from a high-chair. They would only hear babbles instead of partial sentences… and no more big girl Pull-Ups.

Lilly: No! No please I’ll do everything you ask.

Sarah: Good. You don’t have to do much, just play along. I told you I just wanted to play mommy and baby. Be a good baby for me and everything will be fine.

After breakfast, Sarah took Lilly to her room and had her put on a tiny pink dress to match with her childish underwear. The dress was so small that she would definitely show off her training panties as soon as she’d bend over, but Lilly was still glad she didn’t have to spend anymore time in just her princess Pull-Ups and t-shirt. The trainers made a rustling that Lilly could only associate with the sound of a diaper, reminding her constantly that she was liable to wet herself at any moment. It was still better than a diaper though. A diaper would’ve meant she’s actually expected to wet herself, it would become the norm.

The parents started dropping off their kids at the daycare. Sarah had insisted on bringing Lilly with her as part of the welcoming committee along with her mother. Most parents seemed very busy and just dropped their children off like they were returning a DVD, barely acknowledging their presence, refusing to remove their phones from their ears. Others children were brought by nannies or drivers.

One mother dropping off her son was a bit more courteous. She looked at Lilly for a second.

Mother: Well this one’s new. Isn’t she precious. What’s her name?

Sarah: This is Lilly, yes she’s a new charge. We just started potty training her! Isn’t that right sweet heart? Show us your new panties!

Lilly blushed so hard she couldn’t move.

Mother: Aw she’s shy! It’s okay darling.

Sarah : Lilly, you’re not shy are you? Come on, show us what a big girl you are.

After an hesitation, and a threatening look from Sarah Lilly resigned and lifted up the hem of her short dress, revealing the princesses printed on the pink training panties she was wearing.

Mother: Wow! What a big girl you are. You’re using Pull-Ups, I did too with my son.

Sarah: She’s trying really hard… but the little lady had an accident this morning.

Mother: Awe, that’s okay sweetheart. It’s totally normal to have accidents from time to time. I’m sure you’ll be able to stay dry very soon.

Sarah: I think so too.

Mother: Where is the other girl I saw a few weeks ago? Did you start potty training her as well?

Sarah: I don’t think that one is ready, but soon enough hopefully.

Mother: I’m sure she soon will be. Well, I’m leaving you with Christopher. Let me know if anything happens. I don’t want him bullying kids around like last time.

Sarah : Will do.

Lilly wondered what other girl the mother was talking about. Did that mean she wasn’t the only one to have suffered this magic treatment? Would she see another young adult walking around in Pull-Ups? Or maybe Sarah had gotten bored of her and sent her away, hopefully with all her bodily functions and perception restored. Otherwise it didn’t look too good for her.

All the kids were escorted to the daycare nursery. They each started playing with toys and crayons. Lilly sat on the swing, waiting for the day to be over, when she saw a new face entering the room. A young girl, must’ve been between 20 and 23 years old, wearing a black french maid dress, along with a white apron, frilly underskirt and stockings. She had blonde hair tied in two small buns on her head paired with a black headband. Upon entering the room, the maid looked at Lilly directly and her eyes widened.

Sarah: Marissa! Come here, I’d like you to meet our new charge. This is Lilly, she’s our new guest. I trust you too will play nicely along. Marissa we’re trying to potty train Lilly so if she asks you for the potty you bring it to her, slide down her Pull-Ups and let her do her business, okay?

Marissa: Of course Miss Sarah.

She bowed. Sarah left with a satisfied smile.
Marissa quickly turned to Lilly and whispered:

Marissa: She caught you too?

Lilly: I don’t understand… do you… see me? As I am?

Marissa: If what you are is an adult dressed as a 4 year old, then yes, I see you as you are.

Lilly: How is that possible, are you a witch too?

Marissa: I was hired to clean the house… but then Sarah she… caught me. Dressed me up in this ridiculous outfit.

Lilly: What do you mean, ‘’caught’’? They don’t perceive you as a child like me, do they?

Marissa: At first they did. She gave me the same treatment as you. Except…

Marissa’s cheeks reddened.

Marissa: Except I didn’t get to wear Pull-Ups.

Lilly nodded with an empathetic smile. Glad she had fought to get wear those.

Marissa: They treated me like I was a baby for a few weeks… then I guess Sarah got tired of that game and restored me as ‘’the maid’’, but I’m still her prisoner . She didn’t lift off her power completely.

Lilly: What do you mean?

Marissa looked around, then at Lilly again. Her cheeks were burning red. She lifted up the front of her frilly dress to reveal what was underneath… a diaper.
And not just a baby diaper, a huge adult-sized white diaper with cartoon animals printed on it. She pulled her skirt back down.

Marissa: She took away my bladder control. I can’t even tell when I wet myself now. and… and sometimes when she’s unhappy with me, she even makes me… she makes me…. you know, the other thing.

Lilly was speechless.

Marissa: She’s playing dolls with us. That’s what she’s doing. That little witch acts as if we’re her toys and she can dress us up and down as she commands.

Lilly: How long have you been like that?

Marissa: A little over 2 months.

Lilly: Did she say if she’d ever let you go?

Marissa: She said she would when she’d get bored and find another doll to play with. I was hoping someone else would come along… no offense. She probably started switching me to this role when she learned that you were coming in.

Lilly : And what about her mother? Have you tried talking to her?

Marissa: I can’t, she oblivious. She treats me like her maid but Sarah must’ve put a curse on me or something because every time I try to bring the subject up with her mom I…

She stopped, clearly embarrassed.

Lilly: You what? Spit it out!

Marissa: I start pissing myself, okay?! Or worse… Then her mother notices and she hushes me and puts me in a new diaper. It’s like she can’t hear me.

Lilly : Yeah I’ve been there. So what do we do? Can we run away?

Marissa: I don’t know… I’m afraid everyone out there will always see us as babies if we do. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life like that.

Lilly: What about the kid’s parents? Now that you’re the maid don’t they see you as an adult?

Marissa: To them it’s like I’m a toddler playing dress up. I don’t have much credibility.

Sarah came back to the room and walked towards them.

Sarah: What are you too conspiring about? Hmm?

Marissa: N… nothing Miss Sarah, I was just making sure our little Lilly was staying dry like you asked.

Sarah: And what about you Marissa? Are you staying dry?

Marissa: M…me? Of course Miss Sarah.

Sarah: Liar. Lift up that skirt.

Marissa reluctantly obeyed, exposing her very thick diaper with animal prints. Sarah wrinkled her nose and agitated her finger. Marissa gasped and her eyes widened. Lilly could hear the sound of her urine starting to fill up the padding of the diaper. Sarah gave her a few pats on the butt.

Sarah: You were saying?

Marissa: I… I’m sorry, I had an accident.

Sarah: No. It wasn’t an accident. An accident would mean that you were trying not to pee yourself. But you weren’t trying, you just can’t control it. Go and tell my mom you need your diaper changed. I want to spend some time with Lilly now.

Marissa did as she were told, replacing her short skirt over the saturated diaper she was now wearing, walking towards Daphnee who was watching over the room. Lilly could hear the beginning of the conversation that was starting on the other side of the room.

Marissa: I’m sorry to bother Madam, my diaper is wet…

Daphnee: Oh that’s okay Marissa darling… come along now, let’s get you changed.

Sarah grabbed Lilly.

Sarah: Now your turn little miss.

Part 5:
Lilly felt her heart racing as Sarah was looking at her.

Sarah: I know this is all new and weird to you, but trust me, in the end you’re gonna like it.

Lilly: What could I possibly like about this?

Sarah: Can’t you see? You’ve got what anybody could wish for. All you have to do is play. You don’t have to worry about anything else… no grown up responsibility… everything is taken care of. You don’t even have to worry about getting to the potty on time… Speaking of which, it’s time for your morning bottle and nap. Come here.

Sarah took a reluctant Lilly by the hand. She picked up a sippy cup from the counter and handed it to her.

Lilly: What is it?

Sarah: Don’t you worry about that sweetheart. Just drink it. All of it.

Lilly hesitated, but what could she do? She put the spout in her mouth and started swallowing the liquid. She did so until the drink was finished.

Sarah: Good girl. Alright now it’s your turn to get changed.

Lilly: What? But I’m not wet!

Sarah: For your nap silly. I’m sorry but we’re not gonna risk having you in just your little Pull-Ups to bed yet… especially not after drinking that.

Lilly: What the hell was it?!

Sarah: Watch your language little one. Come on now, let’s get you changed for nap time.

She carried her by the hand and Lilly felt herself pulled forward like Sarah had tremendous strength. She brought her all the way to the changing table. On her way there she passed by Marissa sitting in a playpen, wearing nothing but a white lingerie top, her stockings and a thick newly changed diaper. She had her arms crossed, pouting with a pacifier in her mouth.

Sarah stopped in front of the changing table and looked at a confused Lilly with a warm smile.

Sarah: You’ll see Lil-Lil… it’s being a grown up that’s boring. After a few weeks you won’t want to be a big girl.

She then lifted Lilly’s skirt and pulled down her pink Pull-Ups, making her step out of them, setting them aside on the changing table.

She picked up a waist-down naked Lilly and made her lie on the table. Lilly hid her face with her hands, ashamed by what was going on.

Sarah: Look at me Lilly.

Lilly slowly removed her hands from her eyes. Sarah was holding an Huggies Overnite diaper decorated with Winnie the Pooh, such as the one Lilly had woken up wearing.

Sarah: This, is what you really belong in.

She slid the diaper under Lilly’s bottom and spread baby powder all over her private parts. She folded the front of the diaper and attached the sides. The baby diaper was a perfect fit for Lilly who sat up on the changing table, still embarrassed. Sarah gave her a big, soft teddy bear.

Now diapered under her pink dress, Lilly was taken to a room next to the daycare where a giant crib was awaiting her. She felt tears in her eyes as she was approaching it, clutching the plush bear in her arm. Sarah slid down the barrier of the crib and let Lilly step in it. She slipped a pacifier in Lilly’s mouth, who accepted it, feeling increasingly tired.

Sarah lifted up the barrier of the crib and left Lilly alone, lying down, hugging her teddy bear which was actually comforting for the young girl. Lilly drifted off and fell asleep, sucking on her pacifier, a diaper on a her butt.

When she woke up an hour later, Lilly felt oddly better, more serene, a peace with herself. Daphnee walked in the room quietly. She picked up Lilly who was still sucking on her pacifier.

Daphnee: DId our little Lilly sleep well? Hmm? Oh that’s a wet little girl we have here. I’m glad Sarah put you in a night-time diaper huh.

Wet? Lilly hadn’t even noticed it this time. Now that she thought about it her butt was indeed cold and soggy. She had peed herself in her sleep again without any kind of memory of it.

Lilly: I don’t… wanna… I’m not….

Daphnee: Shhh. It’s okay Lil-Lil, even big girls like you have accidents.

Daphnee’s voice made her feel safer, at ease. She brought her to the changing table once again. Cleaned her up and put her Pull-Ups back on, under her dress.

Daphnee: Here you go my big girl, run along and play.

Lily started skipping down the nursery, surprised by her own gleefulness. She sat down at a play house, picked up 2 dolls and started to play with them.

Marissa: Psst. Hey!

Lilly turned to Marissa who was still in the playpen, wearing her diaper and lingerie. She was looking around to make sure Sarah wasn’t around. Then whispered:

Marissa: What are you doing?

Lilly: I don’t know… playing.

Marissa: What? Why? We have to plan our escape!

Lilly: I just feel like playing right now. Look, isn’t she beautiful?

She showed her the doll.

Marissa: Lilly what the fuck! Wake up! You’re in a daycare, wearing Pull-Ups and you want to play? And I’m… I’m in a goddamn diaper, is this how you want to end up? Her making you piss and crap yourself everyday? Because trust me it’s not fun.

Lilly heard what Marissa was saying, but wasn’t really listening. Her attention was back at her doll and all the adventures she could make her live.

Marissa: Lilly? Lilly, Listen to me!

She got up and over the barrier of her playpen, then over to Lilly and crouched down next to her.

Marissa: Lilly, you’re not yourself right now. We’ve gotta find a way to get out of here. Come on.

She grabbed her arm and tried to lift her up to her feet, but Lilly resisted.

Lilly: NO, I don’t wanna! I wanna play!

She was screaming so loud that it caught Daphnee’s attention.

Daphnee: Marissa what are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to stay in your pen? And why are you bothering our little Lilly. That’s not nice Marissa.

Marissa: I’m… I’m sorry Madam, I didn’t mean to, I just…

Daphnee: No excuse Marissa, I’ve had enough of this. Come with me young lady.

She dragged her by the hand to a bench near the center of the room. There, in front of the whole daycare, she put an embarrassed Marissa over her knee, pulled down her big animal-print diaper to reveal her clean and powdered bottom. Then she started spanking her. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK.

Hard slaps on the butt, making it become redder and redder, just like her cheeks were. Tears came down Marissa’s eyes, who wiggled her legs, starting to kick, but when she did Daphnee hit even harder, making her calm down as she began sobbing uncontrollably.

Daphnee: That’s what you get for not listening young lady. Now don’t expect me to restore your skirt privileges now. You’ll go clean up the house in just your diaper and if you wet or soil yourself, don’t expect to get a change right away. Come on now, off you go.

Marissa pulled her puffy diaper up over her bright red bottom. She dried the tears in her eyes and looked over to Lilly who wasn’t even looking back at her. Too busy with her dolls to realize what had happened. She sniffled and headed towards the exit of the daycare.

Sarah had watched the action from afar, smiling. She approached Lilly.

Sarah: What are you up to here Lil-Lil?

Lilly: This is Lisa, she’s a princess. She lives in the castle here with her friend Sacha. They like going on adventures.

Sarah: Wow, that’s exciting!

She put her pacifier back in Lilly’s mouth, who started sucking on it.

Sarah: You know what Lilly? I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun together this summer…

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Re: Magic Daycare

Hey there! I appreciate the feedback, I get what you mean about the dialogue, not everyone is into it! However it has become kind of a stylistic choice. I do like to imagine these stories as movies. All my chapters are approx. 1000 words and writing the dialogues this way helps keeping it condensed so I don’t ‘‘waste words’’ to explain who is talking, using whatever emotion, which could add up to quite a few by the end.

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Re: Magic Daycare

There are no wasted words if they’re used to convey information. If this were a film, the actors would not simply recite their lines; they would show emotion and expression; and they wouldn’t simply stand rigid and speak, they’d be acting, you know, like performing an action of some kind.

Let’s see if I got this link right on mobile.
WBDaddy’s post about dialogue tags is a great example of what I mean.

There’s more to dialogue than the words being spoken. It may be a stylistic choice, but I think it may be a hindrance.

Re: Magic Daycare

I get you, thanks for the input!

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