Lucy's walk down baby lane

Lucy woke abruptly. She looked at the clock on her night stand :06.47am earlier than she normally woke up, it was the summer holidays so she didn’t have school. She thought for a moment about what could have woken her, at that point she felt an unusual feeling that was becoming all to common. The bed was wet. Soaked even. She jumped out of bed in a panic and pulled the covers back. It was just as she feared the entire bed was drenched.

Amanda heard her daughter crying from her bedroom, the walls were thin and her room was next to Lucy’s. As she entered Lucy’s bedroom she knew instantly what the issue was. The bedding had been pulled off and now lay heaped in a pile near the door. Lucy was sat on the floor with her back resting against the bed her head tucked into her knees sobbing quietly. She took a seat next to her daughter and decided the best thing she could do was to sit there and give her daughter a cuddle.

After around 5 minutes Lucy pulled away and looked at her mom, her eyes puffy, tears steaming down her cheeks.“mom why is this happening to me? I’m almost 13! I shouldn’t be wetting the bed I’m nearly a teenager.” Amada looked at her daughter and wiped a fresh tear from her eye, “it’s not your fault darling, the doctor said its nothing to worry about, we have another appointment later this week, let’s get you cleaned up and go get some breakfast. Your sister will no doubt be up soon”.

The events of the morning seemed almost like a bad dream, Lucy had taken her moms advice and put the bedwetting incident to the back of her mind while she sat watching videos on the ipad eating the bacon, eggs and French toast her mom had made for breakfast. Her sister, Elle was sat next to her at the table. She was only 8 but was already as tall as Lucy. She didn’t mind being small, it made it easier in school to be overlooked sometimes.

Amanda watched the girls while drinking her morning coffee. Lucy had begged her not to tell Elle about her accidents, she had obviously agreed. She didn’t want Lucy being anymore embarrassed than she was. She had of course told her dad who had been nothing but supportive. He worked for a special branch of the government dedicated to tornado and sever weather cases. It was his job to predict and warn people where any natural disaster could strike. She smiled as she watched the girls laughing at some silly joke on the tablet. She sighed and put her now empty coffee cup down. “Lucy, give me a hand finding my purse please, I think its upstairs” she flashed a smile at Elle and started upstairs.

Lucy jumped down from the stool she had been sat at and headed upstairs after her mom. Elle was still watching the tablet and didn’t pay her any notice. As she got to the top of the stairs she called her mom to find her not In her own bedroom as expected but sat on Lucy’s freshly made bed.
"Come here baby, we need to have a quick talk about these nighttime oopsies "

Lucy’s heart felt like it had fell into her stomach at the mention of her nighttime incontinence. She felt the tears start to swell in her eyes again and looked at the floor as she walked slowly to her bed - the new enemy - and sat next to her mom. “I’m so sorry mom I don’t-” her mom cut her short as she pulled her into a tight hug, “it’s OK sweetie, it’s not your fault you have nothing to be sorry for, but well I think we need to talk about protection” as she finished her sentence she let go of Lucy and pulled a tightly wrapped bag from her back and placed it on Lucy’s legs.

Diapers! She wanted her to wear diapers! How was this fair? “Mom I’m sorry il stop I promise please don’t make me wear a diaper!” Amanda looked at her daughter and felt her hear tear for her, she pulled her in close and spoke softly to her now sobbing daughter “Lucy it’s not a punishment baby, I would never do that to you, these aren’t diapers they are pulled, see?” She took the pack from Lucy and turned it around to show a girl of about 14 laying on a bed with a big smile. The pack stated they were for ages 8 to 16 years. “Lots of kids have problems every now and again baby me and your dad just think you would be happier and more comfortable waking up in a dry bed instead of having to change your bedding everyday” Lucy sobbed into her mother’s chest and gave her a squeeze “how about you just try them for a night or 2 and see how you feel then?” Amanda pulled herself away from her daughter only slightly and looked into her bright blue eyes now cloudy and wet, she pushed a lock of soft blonde hair out of Lucy’s eyes and continued “if you really don’t like them we will do whatever we can baby, but don’t you think your sister will start wondering why your bedding is changed so often? At least with a pulled your pyjamas will hide any accidents and nobody ever needs to find out”

Lucy stared at the pack of pullups lay in the middle of her bed. Was she really going to wear one? Could she? She was nearly a teenager! She picked the pack up and turned it over in her hands, almost without thinking she opened the top and pulled one out. It was soft. Very soft. And it had a sweet babyish smell to it. She smiled remembering when her sister had been in diapers and how much fun they had together. The truth was they were still very close and played together frequently but Lucy was older now and enjoyed a bit of “grownup time” she picked the pack up and the pullup she had taken out and stuffed them into her bedside table draw. She would deal with it later.

Lucy opened her eyes to see her mom gently shaking her awake, “baby go get changed quickly shhhhh” it took a moment for Lucy to realise what had happened. She must have fallen asleep on the sofa while watching TV, she placed a hand on her trousers. They were wet. Very wet. She could see Elle on the floor infront of the other sofa playing a game on the family tablet, she got up quickly and rushed upstairs before Elle could turn around. She rushed into her room pulled her pants of and sat on the floor knees tucked into her chin and cried. Her wet underwear still clinging to her skin, tight, cold and uncomfortable.

Amanda felt awful for her eldest daughter, she didn’t know what she could do to help, she grabbed the cushion and lifted it from the sofa, “oh! I’m so clumsy at times, can’t even drink without spilling it everywhere!” Elle looked at her mom who was walking to the laundry room with the obviously soaked cushion chuckled a little and went back to her game.


Not a bad start, I’d say. Certainly nothing wrong in the readability department. I’ll wait to see where you go with it before commenting further, as the opening so far isn’t groundbreaking by any means.

However, I’m drawing a blank on what this is based off of. It’s in the fanfiction sub-category so I’m assuming it’s fanfiction of some sort. If it’s a surprise for later in the story, you don’t have to say. But if it’s not actually fanfiction based on another work, then just say so and I can move it to the right category.

Other than that, welcome to the forums.

I like it so far. I got a little lost when Lucy was upstairs one minute and waking up wet on the couch the next. Like to see where it goes.


Thank you very much, The jumps are essentially like a scene jump in a film/movie, there are to be several but i shall try to make them a little more obvious in future

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Hey, thanks for the comment, I wrote this while sat in my car on my phone, so it was a little difficult to jump back and to etc, its not fanfiction sorry, I must have caught the icon by mistake :>

Lucy awoke feeling better than she had in years, she turned on her back and placed a hand gently on her crotch. She was of course wet however strangely as she felt the mushy pull-up between her legs she didn’t feel disgusting or dirty. Nor did she feel embarrassed. She felt a strange sense of calm like everything was going to be ok. Her mom shouted her from downstairs to come and get breakfast, With a sinking feeling she rolled out of bed and stood in front of the full length mirror on the her wardrobe. Her pull-up had swollen to twice its original size during the night however still hugged her thin hips and waist perfectly looking like it had only just been put on. She knew she should change before heading downstairs but the mushy feeling of the obviously soaked garment in-between her legs felt strangely comforting. She thought carefully about her choices, on the one hand her mother would no doubt find it strange if she left her pull up on, more so given its current state. However since she would have to get a shower after breakfast was there really any point removing it now and getting dressed when she would just have to get undressed again to get in the shower?

Lucy smiled. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She opened the wardrobe door and picked out a light blue skirt with pink stars. It was a little childish however it was already warm and no doubt would be getting warmer soon. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it over her pull up admiring herself in the mirror. She turned this way and that way watching as the bottom of her skirt whilst, hiding her pull up would in-fact show little flashes of the faded design as her skirt flowed around her. Hearing her mom shout her again she took one last glimpse at herself in the mirror before heading downstairs to the kitchen for some much needed breakfast.

Amanda noticed the almost waddle like way her daughter was walking even though it would not have looked strange to anyone else. She had spent every waking hour other than those she had been at work looking after her girls; she knew them better than they knew themselves. As Elle was also in the kitchen eating breakfast she decided not to mention anything just yet busying herself with the dirty dishes instead. “Lucy, Elle don’t forget we all have to go visit aunt May this weekend” Both Elle and Lucy sighed, Elle was the first to pipe up, “Mooommm! Do we have to go? I wanted to stay at Sofias this weekend” Amanda turned to face her youngest child and with a sigh identical to the girls spoke in an almost honey coated voice that clearly signalled there would be no arguments, “Elle you have known about this trip for the past 3 months, your aunt is still having trouble with her foot and we are going to go and spend some time with her to try and take her mind of the pain”.

Lucy watched the exchange between her sister and her mother without really seeing it. She was too busy trying to work out what had possessed her to leave a wet pull-up on, an action she would have done almost anything to avoid previously. This was the first night she had worn any form of protection since she had been a toddler. She thought of how the pull-up felt between her legs hidden only by the skirt hanging dangerously high barely keeping the pull-up hidden. She had started to worry about what her sister would say if she found out and made the decision to wait until Elle had gone back upstairs to get changed before moving herself. She put the pull-up out of her mind for now and focused on eating her breakfast, the rumble from her tummy telling her it was the right decision.

Amanda – amused at the almost school ground back and forth between herself and Elle informed the young girl it was time she went to get a shower and get dressed. Another sigh from Elle and she headed upstairs. “Lucy” she began, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear that any longer than is necessary and certainly not if it is as wet as I believe it to be” she saw the startled and embarrassed look her eldest gave upon mention of the garment and smiled slightly. “Mom…. I’m not sure why I left it on; I slept better than I have since I was an infant last night. I felt strangely calm and relaxed, I didn’t think it would be an issue if I left it on until I got in the shower, I didn’t want to get dressed and undressed again for a shower” Amanda could see the logic in what Lucy said however her motherly instincts told her that was not the reason her daughter was still diapered, although she simply voiced her understanding and request Lucy go upstairs and change as soon as she was finished with her breakfast.

It is now early afternoon, Lucy has changed, showered and is wearing a light blue dress with pale pink leggings, Both Elle and Lucy are in the living room watching a film and have been for around an hour. Amanda has just got off the phone to their father after planning a trip to the store for some groceries. Lucy and Elle both have a ballet class in a few hours. Their father is still at work as he works 4 days on/4 off as a truck driver for the military.

Amanda walked into the living room and stood near the kitchen doorway watching her girls enjoying their film, after several moments she decided they must get on with the day, “girls get your shoes on please we need to go to the store, oh! And grab your ballet outfits as we will head straight to class” She watched as both girls slowly got up and headed upstairs to do as they were asked. Whilst waiting for them she took out her phone and send a text to their aunt to confirm their weekend plans.

Lucy – half asleep from both the heat and relaxing with the film got up slowly after hearing her mom tell her to get ready, she had forgotten about their ballet class and almost wished she didn’t have to go, although she loved to dance she just wanted to relax and lay on the sofa but she knew it would be pointless arguing. As she reached her room she turned to her sister who was slowly climbing the stairs and could see she felt the same. With an almost sinking feeling she turned back to her room and headed over to her wardrobe to retrieve her dance clothes. She opened the door and picked up her dance bag that was stored neatly at the bottom of the unit, she also chose a pair of really cute small heeled, open toed shoes that would look more at home in a 5 year olds dressing up box and headed to her bed. Several of her shoes were aimed more at the younger scale however being more “girly” than anything she loved nothing more than a cute pair of shoes, She gently slipped the shoes on and set to work on her dance bag. Inside were her Leotard, Tights, Skirt and ballet slippers. After checking to make sure all were present and correct she fasten the zip on the bag and headed back downstairs to get in the car.

A short drive later the car pulls up at the store; all exit the vehicle and head towards the store entrance. (This is a semi-normal shopping trip so will be a light brushwork)

Lucy never really minded going shopping; she rather enjoyed the experience and loved to see all the different products on offer. She was by no means a vegetarian but loved nothing more than browsing the fruit and veg isle picking the biggest and juiciest items on offer. Today however she noticed her mind wandering more and more, not to anything specific just random events from her childhood.

Amanda noticed the faraway look on Lucy`s face and couldn’t help but wonder what the girl was thinking about. She had always insisted on picking the fruit and veg and made sure she got the final say, today however she seemed perfectly happy to let her mother do it. Putting Lucy out of her mind she continued to do the shopping as normal putting Lucy’s behaviour down to her night-time accidents and probably worry coupled with the intense heat today. After finishing shopping she headed towards the check-out and placed her items on the conveyer belt. Whilst the cashier was scanning her items they had a little back and forth conversation more to be polite and fill the otherwise awkward silence. Shopping packed away and paid for she lead the girls back to the car to get to their ballet class.

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This is a decent start, though things feel like they are happening rather quickly. One thing: the two times you interrupt the narrative to provide a brief summation of the plot may serve to move things along, but it feels really disruptive.