Lucy's Journey

Lucy is currently stood with her nose to the wall for what seems like her 5th timeout of the weekend, she is wearing a nursery pink t-shirt and her slightly wet diaper is on full display but how did we get here? Let’s rewind some 18 months when I was introduced to Lucy through a mutual friend.

I was 28 and had been single for some time, I’d had many one night stands but never found a girl that excited me. Lucy was 24 and although she was 5ft8 with long brown hair, green eyes and a figure to die for I was told that she had always struggled to keep hold of a man for more than a couple of months. The first time we met was nothing unusual. Lucy and myself hit it off right away and before the end of the evening she was whispering unspeakable things into my ear, we ended up getting a cab back to her place and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, the evening ended rather predictably but mainly without anything unusual.

In the following week’s we met up a number of times and on one occasion when we had both had one too many drinks Lucy told me that she would love to tie me up, blindfold me and show me the time of my life, to Lucy’s joy I immediately called a cab and we couldn’t get back to her place quickly enough. She did indeed give me the night of my life and I awoke the next morning with the restraints still attached to the bed post’s. Over the coming days we spoke more and more about what had happened and Lucy explained that due to her ‘kinks’ as she called them, she had struggled to build a long term relationship. I told Lucy that I was willing to give it a try and although I loved being on the receiving end the other night my preference was to be in charge, Lucy wasn’t sure about this at first as she had always been the dominant but she agreed to give it a go. I started to ask about her kinks and she said it would be easier to show me some time, I left Lucy’s apartment that evening and on the ride home recieved a message with a link to tumblr and a set of log in details. I fired up the laptop when I got home and logged straight on, this was like opening Pandoras box, all of Lucy’s desires were laid out in front of me, after scrolling for a little time I noticed a few posts tagged with ME, I hit the link which brought up Lucy from every angle wearing corsets, PVC, short skirts, no clothes and much more but all taken so you could not se her face. I explored her profile for hours that evening and noticed that her tastes changed with the seasons, sometimes it was female on female, sometimes male on male, domination, female dom even some sissy stuff. I called Lucy the next morning, she told me that she had hardly slept incase it was too much for me and I wanted out but I assured her that there was a lot I liked and some I didnt but we would discuss it when I was next over. One of the tags that appeared most often was spanking so I devised a plan to show Lucy that I was happy with what I had seen and also to introduce her to the submissive side of things, before arriving a few nights later I called Lucy from the car and instigated some hot under the collar conversations but told her no touching till I arrived, I told her I was 5 minutes out and that when I arrived she should be in her birthday suit. I let myself in and found Lucy in the bedroom lay on the bed naked, I sat down on the edge of the bad and had her stand in front of me I flicked her nippes then took her hands and slowly sucked each finger, as soon as I got to the index finger on her left hand I could taste her juice, I reached down and felt between her legs, she had clearly been having fun without me and when I looked at her she gave me a knowing smile. With a swiftness I didn’t know I had a pulled Lucy across my knee and delivered 5 hard swats to she ass cheeks, she squirmed and awww’d as the smacks connected then the room fell silent apart from both of our deep breaths. I stood Lucy up, she was bright red from her chest to the tips of her ears, her eyes was watery but she was not crying, for a moment I thought I had gone too far but after a second I realised I was in too deep

“what did I tell you not to do whe I was on the phone?” Lucy looked shocked and for a moment said nothing then came the confirmation that I hadn’t gone too far

“dont touch myself”

“And what have you been doing?” Lucy went even redder

“Touching myself”

“Right, I think you need a time out to think about what you have done” Lucy looked, if possible, even more shocked

“go and put your nose against the wall for 5 minutes” without hesitation Lucy turned and quickly strode to the wall pressing her nose against it and placing her hands behind her back. I was rock solid but didn’t want to break the mood, whilst Lucy was stood against the wall I stripped naked and sat back on the edge of the bed, after 5 minutes I called Lucy over, her eyes were still watery but she was now less red.

“What do you have to say?”


“For what?” Lucy hesitated until I gave her an encouraging nod

“Sorry for touching myself without permission”

“Good. Now as you have clearly already had your pleasure its time for mine, on your knees”

“But I didn’t, I only touched it for a minute, I didnt…”

“Thats unfortunate, you should have thought of that earlier, now on your knees”

Lucy did as she was told and I lasted about 2 minutes before I had one of the biggest explosions I have ever had. We cuddled for a while and Lucy eventually drifted off to sleep, when we awoke the next morning we spoke about what had happened and Lucy confessed she was still wet thinking about it.

Over the coming weeks and months Lucy and myself became more and more comfortable with each others desires and we would buy new things and experiment, although Lucy was initially dominant the pendulum had started to swing and we were now a 50/50 switch couple. Lucy either forgot or didn’t care that I still had the log in details to her tumblr account but I would secretly log in and check her drafts and likes to see what she was enjoying this week, occasionally Lucy would go through phases of liking things that I was not in to but when she liked something I thought was interesting I would incorporate it into our fun time and see how it went. I started to see signs of when Lucy wanted to be submissive as she would start to do bratty things like refusing to do chores around the apartment, being rude to people in public or talk about our bedroom adventures loudly so strangers could hear. This behaviour increased over the weeks and months to come and would earn Lucy timeouts, spankings or her worst punishment,no orgasms. It was after a particularly bad day whilst at the mall that Lucy got her worst punishment to date, she had tried to seduce me before leaving the house after not cumming for 3 days but I had told her we was running late and she would have to wait, she was than bratty all day and had been extra rude to a waitress, when I had pointed this out she told me to shut up. Lucy knew instantly that she was in for it and tried to apologise on the ride home but as soon as we were through the door she got spanked until she begged for it to stop, she was then put into time out for 1hr and after this told that it would be another week before he would be allowed to cum, this hurt Lucy the most and she begged for another punishment. Over the next couple of days things got back to normal other than Lucy jumping on my at every chance trying to get the opportunity for release, this went on till the 4th day where I made Lucy give me pleasure why she had none After this Lucy started to become bratty again, she spent the next day telling me every 30 minutes that she was horny and wet, on one occasion I places my hand between her legs and told her she didn’t feel wet, another 30 minutes passed and Lucy was back but this time she stood in front of me and looked me straight in the eyes, a few seconds later I heard a hissing sound and watched at as croch and legs of her jeans became soaked. I sat in shock at the scene in front of me, watersports wasnt something I’d know Lucy to be into before, sensing my shock she went in for the kill

“Do I feel wet now?”

And with that she tuned and stormed out. It took me a few minutes to collect myself and then I went to find Lucy who was stood in the kitchen still in her soaking pants with drips all around her feet, without a word I bent Lucy over the kitchen table and spanked her before sending her to get changed. We didn’t speak of it for the rest of the day and Lucy quit trying to get pleasure out of me, I left to stay at home that evening and she text to say sorry for making a mess, I was a little surprised this was the only part she was apologising for but accepted anyway.

When I got home I logged into Lucy’s tumblr and started to look through the posts she had liked, there had been a significant increase over the last few weeks of panty pissing posts and even a couple of ABDL posts with adults in wet and sometimes messy diapers. I didnt mention the posts to Lucy and over the next week or so things got back to normal, once she had pleasure she slipped out of sub space and even became the dominant for a couple of sessions until one night she made a joke about putting me in my place when she pissed herself and saying i didn’t know what to do.

A few nights later we were due to go and see a movie that Lucy had been waiting months to see, I’d stayed at home the night before and the words were still playing on my mind and I needed to show her It wasn’t going to be ignored. Whilst driving over I passed Walmart and had an idea, I parked up went inside and found the aisle with the incontinence products, there in front of me were dozens of products ranging from pads to pull ups to slip diaper style products, after a few minutes I opted for tena slip and after getting back to the car I took 2 out and put them in my overnight bag. I arrived at Lucy’s and we had a few drinks before she said she needed to get ready, as she headed for the bathroom I went to the car and collected my bag, I waited for her to get out of the shower and gave her enough time to do her hair and makeup as I wanted her ready to go before I entered. 20 minutes passed and I heard the wardrobe door slide shut and knew it was time to make my move, when I got into the bedroom Lucy was already partly dressed in a loose fitting summer dress which was perfect for my plan. I went over and started to kiss her on the neck which usually meant one thing, she was pleased that she was going to get a little action before we left and I told her to lay on the bed, I took her arms and put them in the restraints that were now almost always attached to the posts of the bed and took off her underwear. I wanted to make her feel relaxed so I went to work quickly bringing her up to near climax at which point I stopped and reached over into the bag pulling out one of the diapers, although her inhibitions were lower she still looked shocked

“What are you doing?”

“Well Lucy, remember when you had your little accident the other week?” She looked at me with panic in her eyes

“I’m not into this, I dont even like diapers and I apologised for the accident”

at this point she was half heartedly struggling against the restraints but I was surprised to see that it was in a way that was for show. I reached over to my phone and opened the tumblr app which I already had on her liked posts, I showed it her and she went bright red as the realisation hit her that I had been looking on her profile.

“That was a mistake, I clicked it by accident”

“What, all 87 posts?”

I opened up the diaper and pushed her legs up why I got it under her bum, she struggled but again it was half hearted and with not much effort I managed to pull the front up and fasten the tabs.

Lucy continued to protest so I told her I was going to leave her there to cool down for a little while. I went out to the living room and ordered an uber to take us to the mall where the movie theatre was and the app said 20 minutes, I sat and waited for the perfect moment. After what must have been 17 minutes I saw the car on the app only 2 streets away so I made my move, I went into the bedroom where Lucy was now a lot calmer than before, undid the restraints and showed her the app

“Right you have two options, you can miss the movie that you have been waiting to see and stay here where we can chat about your new found kink or we can go and catch the movie but you are staying diapered so there are no more accidents”

the shock on her face was like nothing I’ve seen before, the next moment the phone rang and it was the driver to see where we was

“Just hold on a moment, Lucy are you ready to go or would you like to stay here?” She mouthed the word please at me and I shook my head “well?”

She looked down at the floor “yes I’m ready to go”

I quickly told Lucy to lay down and readjusted the tapes to make sure they were secure, Lucy then jumped up, pulled down her dress which came to her knees and looked in the mirror. She fluffed up the dress with a look of panic in her eyes but even I was surprised how well it hid the diaper. Lucy tried to pleased again as I told her to hurry up as the uber was waiting, we walked out into the street and Lucy was moving very stiffly trying not to let on that anything was different but with an effort that would attract a lot of attention. I quickly told her that it was impossible to tell because of the dress and that I didn’t think the diapers crinkled.

On the way to the mall Lucy calmed a little as the driver made small talk and she realised he hadn’t noticed anything. As the Uber dropped us off I found a quiet spot, in difficult situations we always checked in with the other to see if the other wanted this to stop

“How are you feeling?”

“Panicking, excited, a little tipsy and like someone is going to notice any moment”

I looked around at her ass, it was very slightly more round than it usually looked to me but unnoticeable to anyone that didn’t know Lucy.

“I promise you, no one can tell. In fact I can hardly tell” she smiled at this

“Would you like to leave Lucy”

“She looked at the floor and had a a little grin, no let’s watch the movie” we were suddenly back into the game with everyone consenting. I looked around and took us to the right away from the movie theatre and Lucy pulled on my hand

“We’re an hour early for the movie so let’s grab a drink first in the bar” instantly the panic was back so i reassured her and we headed over, as soon as we were in the door Lucy looked for a booth and we sat down and ordered a beer and a glass of wine. We talked about this and that and Lucy sipped the wine which was a little unusual as she usually loved a nice glass of white, I finished off the beer and ordered 2 shots one for each of us which Lucy reluctantly downed. I looked at my watch and realised there was only 15 minutes to the movie so I told Lucy I was heading for the toilet, she told me she wanted to tag along but I’d already seen that there was a queue for the womens and told Lucy to wait till we were in the theatre, it had dawned on me that she hadn’t been for a tinkle since she was getting ready almost 2hrs ago and she usually pees non stop when she’s had wine.

I returned and Lucy was ready to leave, she practically ran to the theatre but I kept a tight hold on her hand and went straight over to order a large soda and large popcorn as Lucy tightened her grip on my hand. The server then said it was only 5 minutes till the movie started, Lucy looked at me with pleading eyes and told me she still hadn’t been to the toilet so I told her to hold it and we would find our seats then she could come back and go. We finally got to our seats and sat down but the screen was Still filling up so it was difficult for Lucy to get back down the row to the exit aisle, by this time she was gripping my hand quite tight and looking down the row in panic waiting for a clear moment to get out. I dont know if it was the loud explosion in the first trailer or that she simply couldn’t hold any longer but all at once she squeezed my hand tighter and starred blankly at the screen then melted back into her seat, it was like she had been hypnotised. She didn’t move for a couple of minutes then I saw her discreetly check the seat with the back of her hand then reach over and grab the soda

“The row is empty now Lucy if you still need the toilet”

She looked at me sheepishly and just said “No”

Over the next 2.5 hours Lucy drank the vast majority of the 30oz drink and didn’t need to use the restroom once. When the movie was finished Lucy stood up and adjusted herself slightly, I leaned over and whispered in her ear that the diaper she was wearing was extra absorbant, she smiled and said it hardly felt wet at all so far. I was about to book a cab when Lucy suggested another stop off at the bar as she had not really had a drink before and felt like she needed one, it was quieter than it had been and we sat in a booth again and had several beers and shots and while I had to use the restroom multiple times Lucy simply sat there on her phone checking messages. Just as Lucy had finished one such message check which consisted of starring at her phone blankly for a while one of her friends entered and come to say Hi and wondered if she could join us, Lucy had been very relaxed at this point but began to panic a little so I told her friend that we may have had one too many and was just about to leave. We jumped in a cab and was holding hands on the way back when Lucy took my hand and slowly put it up her skirt until it was touching the front of the diaper, she turned away and looked out of the window and a few moments later I felt a warm gush spread across the front, I think I was more embarrassed than her. When we got back Lucy went to the bedroom and I rushed to the toilet, when I came out Lucy was passed out on the bed wearing nothing but her bra and a very wet diaper. I reached into the overnight bag for my clean underwear and came across the second diaper, not wanting to waste the opportunity I helped her into a t-shirt then took the wet diaper off and put a clean fresh one on. We then got into bed and slept.

I woke the next morning to slight shaking of the bed and wasn’t sure what was causing it, I slowly opened one eye to find Lucy with a hand down the front of her diaper playing with herself, she knew that she had to ask permission to play with herself when we was together so I quickly reached over and grabbed her wrist trapping her hand down the front of the diaper why she tried her best to remove it, she told me she was hungover and super horny after last night and she’d tried to wake me first but couldn’t. This earned her a 10 minute timeout, after some reluctance and complaint about a sore head she got up and went and stood with her nose against the wall which I was glad about as I didnt have the energy to do anything else. The silence of the room was broken with a loud hissing that seemed to go on forever, I opened my eyes again to see Lucy shuffling and the back of the diaper a little soggier then it had been

“Damn it Lucy, have you just pissed in that diaper?”



“Because I’m in timeout and I’m not allowed to move of speak and I was desperate” I knew this was a brat move but I couldn’t disagree, she had followed the rules although I knew she wouldn’t have pissed had she been wearing panties.

“Well dont think you’re getting changed anytime soon young lady, girls who can’t control themselves keep their diapers on” there was no response to this, no protest, nothing.

After 10 minutes she was released from her punishment and went and crawled back in bed, she tried to start some action but I was way too hungover but I knew she wouldn’t let up so I told her she could play with herself. She went to undo one of the tabs but I stopped her and told her she wasn’t taking off the diaper so if she wanted to play it would need to be in the diaper she didn’t want to put her hand inside so started to rub the front, this rocked the bed too much so I handed her the magic wand which she quickly went to work with, it was the only a couple of minutes before she let out a number of moans and grunts then climaxed before dropping the wand to the floor and winding her body around mine, the warm diaper pressed against my thigh. We woke a couple of hours later and Lucy offered to go get us McDonald’s to sort out the hangover, I expected her to get changed but she slipped on some leggings, a sweatshirt and jacket and left. I got up and got dressed and went to wait in the living room, when she arrived back I said 2 words that made her freeze in her tracks

“Lucy could you come here please”

She entered the room, McDonald’s in one hand and drinks in the other, no way to protect herself “yes, what is it”

I went over to her “diaper check”

Her face went red and before she knew it I’d whipped down her leggings, she was now in the middle of the living room, McDonald’s in hands leggings round her ankles and her diaper on Full display. I put my hand between her legs, it was warm, I ran a finger in the leg band, a mixture of piss and cum.

“You’ve pissed in this diaper why you have been out”

“I’m sorry, I, I, I…”

“If you dare tell me you didn’t mean to I’ll put you on punishment for a month”

“I’m sorry, its just so comfortable and easy and it makes my bits tingle when I do it”

I was taken aback by her honesty

“Well thank you for being so honest, if you like it that much you can stay in it for the rest of the day”

“But it smells a bit now”

“I dont care, you should have thought about that before you pissed in it, TWICE. As extra punishment there are no pants to be worn for the rest of the day, I want to see your diaper at all times”

With that I took the food and told her to take them off, she came and sat on the sofa next to me with nothing but a sweatshit and diaper on. She filled it numerous times that day and by 6pm, almost 30hrs since the first diaper I finally released her, both diapers where at the point to burst and once she was cleaned up we had an amazing night. She told me the humiliation and panic had been like no turn on she had ever had.