Lucy's Journey Chapter 2

Following the night at the cinema the dynamic of our relationship had changed, although I initially leant towards a submissive tendency I was now the dominant person in the relationship 90% of the time and although Lucy did switch occasionally it was only for a short time. Diapers were still being incorporated into our play and although we had gotten a little more adventurous they were still not a regular thing although Lucy was playing the Brat role much more often during any aspect of our lives and would often stamp her feet and roll her eyes when she couldn’t get her own way which often resulted in spanking and corner time. She also took to wearing more child like attire when going out to the mall or shops.

One thing that had changed as we got more adventurous with our kinks was that we now occasionally attended a fetish club in the city, it was a place where we could be around like minded people and discuss different desires without being judged and Lucy had made some friends that she looked forward to seeing. We had been to the club on several occasions and after the third or fourth visit Lucy began to hint at wearing a diaper on our next visit, she wouldn’t ask outright and I knew that she would be expecting me to mandate it so she could protest but we both knew she would be more than happy to wear one.

As the club was in the city we stayed over for the evening at a hotel 10 minutes from the club, on the morning of next visit I found Lucy packing an overnight bag and knew this was the chance to start the adventure. I told Lucy that she must pack diapers for the club, overnight and the following day for the car ride home, as was normal Lucy protested until I told her she was going to get one hell of a spanking if she carried on and although she blushed I caught the ghost of a smile as she turned away. The drive to the city took around an hour so once the bags were packed we set off, we had been on the road for less than 20 minutes when Lucy told me she needed to use the restroom, I smiled and told her to just go to which she explained that if she did it would be all over the seat. I cursed to myself, I hadn’t told her to wear a diaper on the trip to the hotel and she was clearly already descending into her brat mode, it was my own fault so I couldn’t be mad although I was sure she had done it on purpose. Eventually we reached the hotel and had a few hours to kill, we went up to the room and had some fun before I left Lucy napping why I got ready, once done I woke Lucy and told her I would meet her down in the bar when she was ready but I was sure to remind her about the diaper before leaving. I had been sat at the bar for an hour before Lucy arrived and we still had time to grab a drink before ordering an Uber, I had checked the area as Lucy was walking over and as she sat down I asked in a voice loud enough to make her panic but not loud enough for anyone to hear if she had remembered the diaper, her head spun to make sure no one had heard and she went bright red before giving me a playful slap. Lucy had decided to wear a dress that was tight around her body but ruffled out slightly around the waist, a pair of stretch leggings and sneakers, I tried to catch a look at her butt and thought the outfit hid her diaper a little too well and as the dress was almost down to knee level planned to make her take the leggings off when we got to the club. We had a drink then ordered an uber to take us to the club, Lucy seemed unphased by the journey and as we got out at the club I took Lucy by the arm and told her to go straight to the toilet and take off the leggings, she stammered at the reality of that and tried to plead to leave them on but it wasn’t negotiable, we were in a club with people in all kinds of fetishware so she was hardly going to stand out. I went to the bar to order drinks, it didn’t take long before a stroppy brat was stomping towards me, the lack of anything covering her legs and only wearing a ruffle dress and sneakers made her look a lot younger and the pouting face and stomping did nothing to help that. I handed Lucy a beer and she eventually calmed down, I told her the dress still hid the diaper well but she should watch how she sits, she rolled her eyes then spotted a familiar face and went off to chat as did I. I’d seen Lucy leave the table she was at and met her as she walked across the floor and headed to the bar, she was a lot more relaxed now and we chatted and laughed and drank.

A little while later a woman approached us from Lucy’s side who neither of us had met before, she was around 5ft 10 and around 180lbs with a pvc dress and boots on, both myself and Lucy said Hi but the woman only said Hi back to me and without looking at Lucy she openly said “I think she may need her diaper checking, I could see it as she lent across the bar and it looks ready to burst” Lucy didn’t know where to look and for a moment neither did I until Lucy told the woman to shut up and go away. I’ve always been very keen on manners and immediately told Lucy that she was out of line and would pay for that later, I apologied and explained that Lucy was a brat. I reached over to Lucy and put my hand under her dress, I could feel the heat coming from her red face as i gave her a diaper check infront of this woman and the club although no one batted an eyelid, sure enough her diaper was soaked. Unbeknownst to me Lucy had bought a different brand of diapers to our usual Tena Slip plus and these were thinner and much less absorbant. The woman was still stood behind me “have you brought spare diapers?” I shook my head, “Lucy doesn’t usually need to change with our normal brand so I rarely carry spares” The lady then introduced herself for the first time “I’m Auntie Angela, I look after adult babies, luckily I never know when I’m going to run into one of them so I always carry a few spares in my bag” the woman reached into her bag and handed me a very thick diaper with a very childish Teddy bear print on. At this point Lucy spoke up again, this time with a mixture of fear and anger in her face “I’m not wearing that, I’m not a baby”

Then, for the first time the woman turned to Lucy “you behave like the brat, you get treated like the brat” Lucy was stunned

“now, are you going to let your daddy change your diaper or would you like me to do it? You won’t be the first brat I have dragged across this club for a diaper change” Lucy looked at me with panic in her eyes and I knew I could push the boundaries a little “well Lucy, which is it to be?” She froze then with a look of resignation and a little relief she said “you”. I thanked Auntie Angela and she handed me a card with her details and pointed me in the direction of a disabled WC with a changing bench.

As Lucy lay on the bench and I pulled up her dress I could see that we caught this just in time, “why are you not wearing your usual diapers?”

“I just wanted something a little more discreet for tonight”

“Well, discreet almost left you with pee in your sneakers, its a good job that lady spotted it” at this Lucy went more red to the point that she looked like she had sunburn.

As I unfolded the diaper Angela had given me I couldn’t help but realise how bulky it was, it was far bulkier than any diaper we had used before and the pattern wouldn’t be out of place on a babies diaper, Lucy had also noticed

“Please don’t make me wear that”

“And what else do you suggest you wear? You’ve got no adult underwear and because you wasn’t honest we haven’t brought a diaper change. Lift up your bum”

With some reluctance Lucy did and I slid the diaper under her, luckily there was a range of wipes in the restroom so I gave Lucy a wipe and suddenly realised that this was the first time I had changed her in public, the thought was a little arousing and I could tell as I wiped Lucy over that the experience hadn’t been as traumatic to her as she had made out, in fact it felt like quite the opposite as she shuddered as I went over her clit with the wipe. I pulled the front of the diaper up and although it was extremely bulky it was a perfect fit, I fastened the 4 tapes with only a little readjusting then told Lucy to stand. I was amazed at the bulk, there would be no way Lucy would be able to walk without a slight waddle, I pulled the dress down over the diaper and let Lucy take a look in the mirror, it was clear she was wearing a diaper and we had no chance of getting her leggings back on. as she tried he best to hide the bulge with her dress I checked in with her and asked her if she wanted to leave, she said she was afraid people would laugh at her but I assured her no one would care at which point she took a deep breath and said she needed another drink.

We stood at the bar and Lucy kept looking around to see if anyone was staring then 2 women started to come towards us, Lucy shifted trying to get her legs as close together as possible but only succeded in crinkling louder. As the girls got to Lucy one said

“Is everything ok, we saw Auntie Angela over here and thats never good” Lucy’s eyes widened

“You know her?”

“Almost everyone knows her, she helps to deal with submissives that are getting a little bit above their station. Did she diaper you?” At this point Lucy’s head was swimming

“What do you mean” asked Lucy

“Well we knew you was wearing tonight and Auntie Angela has a reputation of dragging people off for a diapering, Claire has had it twice for getting too drunk and obnoxious” Claire nodded. “I can tell you’re in one of her special thick diapers, its hard not to tell.” At this point Lucy looked shocked

“She’s done it to you?”

“Yes, she’s a nanny for ABDLs and thats her way of putting non ABs in their place. It’s no big deal, there’s probably 10 people in this club right now that have had her treatment” suddenly Lucy looked relieved

“So did she diaper you herself?” Asked Claire. Lucy moved her feet and looked away so I stepped in.

“No she gave it to me and I did it”

" o well Lucy at least it was your boyfriend, thats a relief. Now what do you want from the bar"

Suddenly Lucy lost all the anxiety and was back dancing and drinking with the girls albeit with a very cute waddle, I even caught Lucy later in the evening lifting up her dress to show Claire the pattern on the diaper.

Around 1am a called an uber, both Lucy and myself were tipsy to say the least at this point and it seemed like Lucy had forgotten about the waddle that she had and the extremely thick diaper between her legs, as we left we saw Auntie Angela who smiled at the state of Lucy and asked if she was enjoying her new diaper, Lucy blushed and smiled and we carried on. As the uber arrived Lucy seemed to suddenly come back to her surroundings and as I jumped into the car she tried to get in as stiffly as possible to reduce the crinkle, she kept her body as still as possible during the ride but her hands kept wandering to my croch, the driver wasn’t interested and didn’t notice the crinkle or the wandering hand but by the time we got back to the hotel I was suitable aroused meaning we both tried to get out of the car as discreetly as possible. When we got back to the room Lucy pushed me onto the bed and before I knew it she had taken unzipped my pants and had my member in her mouth, it didn’t take long before the fireworks erupted. I quickly regrouped and dragged Lucy to the bed where she fumbled to lift up her dress before going for the tabs of her diaper, I slapped her hands away and reached to the side of the bed where the wand still lay after our earlier fun, at 1:30am it sounded like a jackhammer but the beauty of a wand is that even through an extra thick diaper it does its work quickly and it was only a few minutes before Lucy exploded. Eventually she found the strength to stand and remove her dress, she was now stood in the middle of the room wearing only the diaper and it was now that I could see just how big it was against her slender body. She let me admire the view for a moment before asking if she could change into one of her own diapers, I looked and noticed that although the Teddy bears were faded they were still visible meaning that the diaper was wet but it still had a lot of life, I knew Lucy wasn’t a night time wetter so, much to her annoyance I told her no and to come to bed. Due to the number of drinks she’d had she didn’t argue too much and as we cuddled she quickly fell asleep.

I woke in the morning to the sound of the shower, the diaper was lay on the floor as Lucy always did, she was like a teen when it came to leaving her underware all over the floor. I smiled as I noticed that the bears had now completely gone meaning she had wet at least once more before taking it off, the shower stopped and after a moment Lucy stepped out in nothing but a towel

“Good morning sleepy head, I’ve been up almost an hour. We only have 90 minutes before checkout so we need to grab breakfast and pack” she went to her bag and pulled out some underwear “excuse me young lady, I would have another go before I put the Teddy bear diaper back on you” Lucy blushed and argued that she didn’t need a diaper for breakfast only for the car ride home but I disagreed and with a slam and a bang she put the panties back in the bag and pulled out a diaper and went back into the bathroom to dress. When she came out it was impossible to tell she was wearing but I was fine with that this morning, I dressed and we went down for breakfast where I poured Lucy a large glass of Orange juice and two large glasses of water and told her that she needed to make sure she was hydrated. We ate and went back to the room and I could see Lucy starting to fidget but neither of us said anything, I made sure we left the room 2 minutes before checkout as I knew there would be a queue and as we were waiting in line Lucy went from fidgeting to almost dancing then to a beetroot red and stood still trying not to catch anyones eye, I turned to her and quietly praised her for being a good girl and wetting her diaper.

On the way to the car and as we got in I kept asking if the diaper was OK and if it was going to leak, I knew it wouldn’t but it was fun asking. As we drove home I saw the telltale sign of Lucy wetting as she went through her phone looking at pictures and answering messages to her new friends. We spoke about the previous night and how much fun we’d had and then I approached the subject I’d been building up to “I know you had a good night in the end last night Lucy but we still need to talk about your attitude towards Auntie Angela, I told you last night I needed to deal with that” she looked at me like a naughty child that had thought I had forgotten, she waited a moment before responding “are you going to spank me and give me corner time?” I thought for a moment “not today but as you seem to be so addicted to your phone I think you can message auntie Angela and apologise for your attitude and thank her for the diaper you seemed to love so much” I knew it was coming but I didnt expect the anger “I’m not saying anything to that woman, she tried to humiliate me in front of the whole club” we didn’t say another word on the rest of the journey. As we pulled up at the house I told her to go straight inside and wait in the living room, as I entered i removed my belt and she suddenly knew she was in for it " I’ll give you one choice, 25 swats with the belt across your thighs or one message" as easy as the choice seemed to me she genuinely looked unsure even though she had cried after 15 swats previously. Eventually I saw the resistance drain out of her “I’ll send the message”

We unpacked and Lucy got into more comfortable cloths ( a onesie, shorts and a T-shirt along with her diaper) and sat down with me. I took the card from my pocket and entered the number onto a new message and handed the phone to Lucy whilst explaining what I expected.


Hello Auntie Angela this is Lucy, we met last night and I wanted to say sorry for my attitude and thank you for my Teddy bear diaper, I loved it

Lucy was mortified and said this was worse than any time out or spanking. I didnt think we would get a response or at the most a polite thank you but

Antie Angela

Thank you Lucy for your apology, it was a pleasure meeting you and it was great to see that you enjoyed your diaper, I saw you showing it off around the club to your friends. You are very cute and I would love to show you around my place some time.

To my surprise they really hit it off and spent the rest of the day messaging each other like old friends. I hadn’t noticed the previous night but it turned out Auntie Angela was Latino making her auntie or nanny Angel, she looked after ABDLs and trained submissives. I decided to call Auntie Angela a little later in the day whilst Lucy was taking a shower, we spoke about what she did and she explained that Lucy was just adorable and she had really taken to her care free attitude. She told me how much she looked forward to seeing us at the club the next time we visited. Lucy and Angela continued to message and a few days later, on another night of listening to another fangirl view of Auntie Angela Lucy told me she would like to visit her on our next visit to the city, I said we would no doubt see her but Lucy cut me off and said she wanted to visit her in her workplace. I knew that we had a trip coming up and I also knew from Auntie Angelas website that her ‘place of work’ was an ABDL studio, I told Lucy that if that was what she wanted I was happy to allow it but that I would need to speak with Auntie Angela first… …TBC