Hey all. This is just a little idea that popped into my mind when I heard a story about lucid dreaming. Hopefully if I can just convince myself to actually finish one of my stories, this will be done quickly. On that note, constructive criticism is always welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

I remember everything that happened. I was running through a beautiful city with Gavin. It was incredible. The streets had a way of looking so clean even though you would expect to see some kind of dirt or grime on bricks as old as they were. Each window had at least one flower pot each filled with either sweet smelling red roses or sky blue hydrangeas or some other type of elegant flower. We ran through the streets until we eventually came to a canal with several gondolas tied to posts. Standing next to each one of them was a smiling, well dressed man holding a paddle. Gavin looked at me with the biggest smile on his face. “M’lady.” He said gesturing towards one of the boats and teasingly lifting an invisible fedora off his head.

“Only if you promise never to do that again!” I said as I playfully punched him in the arm. We sat down in the boat and the man took off slowly down the crystal clear water. We rode down the canal for a few more minutes until we reached a large building. The man rowed us closer and as soon as he deemed it to be safe, signaled for us to step back onto dry land. Gavin grabbed me by the hand and led me up some granite steps and around to the front of the building. When we finally made it to the front of the building I could see that it was a palace. An enormous palace that shined so bright that I almost couldn’t look at. I couldn’t look at it actually. As my eyes turned away from the palace and back to Gavin, I noticed he was moving some kind of small, square, box from his pocket to behind his back. Wait? He wasn’t?

“Danielle?” He asked in a low, soothing voice.

“Yes, Gavin?” I asked trying to hide my excitement. It was finally happening. The love of my life was finally going to propose. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. He gently took hold of both my arms and began to speak.

“We’ve been together for a couple of years now.” This was everything I’d ever dreamed it would be except… Why isn’t he getting on one knee? “And you have made me my life so wonderful.” Ok, yeah, get to the dropping to one knee part. “But…” ‘But?!’ There was never any “But” in my dreams.

“I think I’ve fallen for somebody else.” I think I could actually hear the sound of my heart braking.

“What? But, I thought that you loved me?!”

“I do, and I always will but I feel like I’ve been asleep for years and thanks to her, I can finally wake up.”

“Gavin…” I began to say as I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes. No. This isn’t right. He doesn’t just get to play the innocent “I’m sorry but I found somebody whose prettier and smarter than you but I’m going to phrase it really sweetly so you aren’t too offended” card. “Who is she!” I demanded.

“Well the thing about that is…” He started to say before the gates of the palace began to open. “Oh, well I guess I can just show you.”

Trumpets started blaring from the gates as I could see a figure on a horse drawn carriage ride out of the gates. Who was this girl and who does she think she is trying to steal Gavin from me? Wait, no. It can’t be. “Hey Dany!”

I couldn’t believe it. My little sister. Why would she be coming out of the palace, unless…

“Gavin!” she said as she leapt off the carriage and into his arms. “Did you tell her?” she asked in her sing-songy voice.

“I was just starting to until I heard you coming sweety.” he said as he set her down.

“Dany, did you hear? Me and Gavin are getting married!” she yelled sounding more excited than she’s ever been.

“Um… yeah? That is… that is so cool Millie.” I managed to squeak out before turning to Gavin and then back to Millie. “Millie. Would you mind if I talked to Gavin for a minute… Alone?”

“Sure, just don’t take too long. I can’t wait to show him the inside of our new house!” she said signalling to the palace.

“Right. Don’t worry. I’ll be quick.” I grabbed Gavin by his arm and yanked him away from Millie. “What the hell!? You’re marrying my little sister? My 12 year old sister. Have you lost your mind or are you just some sort of creep and you’ve been hiding it from me all these years? How could you fall in love with somebody less than half your age!?”

“Oh, wake up Danielle. Age isn’t important.” I looked back at Millie. How did she even get here and actually, did she say new house? “Maybe you’re the one who has been asleep this whole time. Seriously, wake up.”

“What are you saying? Do you realize how much of an idiot you sound like right now?” I looked back at my sister to see she was dancing with… the guy who paddled the gondola. What is happening?

“Oh, I’m the idiot?” Gavin yelled. “You’re the one who hasn’t even figured it out yet!”

“Figured it out?” I mumbled to myself, still trying to get a hold of what is going on.

“Just wake up Danielle! Wake up!” He yelled again.

“Why do you keep saying that?”

“Wake up!” he yelled once more as the ground began to crumble around us. “Wake up!” he yelled for the final time before he suddenly burst into a cloud of pink smoke.

“Is this… This is all a dream.”

And everything went black and then suddenly I was awake.

“Dany! Wake up.” Gavin said as he squeezed my shoulder. “You’re mom called. Millie is in the hospital.”

Re: Lucid

So a brief explanation. I realize how completely absurd the story started off but just keep in mind how ridiculous some of the dreams we’ve all had are. The story is going to evolve and become more sophisticated. I’ve got a plan for where I’m going with it and I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited for one of my stories in a long time.

Re: Lucid

Which grabs my attention.

…and don’t really care about the characters.

How many times have you sat down and watched a TV show you’d never seen before and gotten hooked by the intro because it left you hanging with no idea what was going on?

I’m certainly game to see where it goes from here just to find out what connection the dream had with reality…

Re: Lucid

Ya, I’m pretty down with starting en medias res. It’s weird but that is evidently the nature of this beast as the title implies.

Re: Lucid

It’s not a bad start by any means. It helps to think of it as more of a “preview” than an introduction since it doesn’t have a lot of content and seems to set the tone more than anything else. As a preview it’s rather interesting; I do feel we could use more surreal stories here.

I have practiced lucid dreaming in the past and I would not recommend it as a porn platform: pleasure (and strong emotions in general) tends to cause the dream to collapse and wake you up early.