Lowell's Little Lessons


On that second morning the sun summoned two different, yet related, responses. The sun summoned the half-eaten slice of poovaberry pie, left still on the nightstand, to glisten brightly and reveal its shiny metal nanobots hidden within the filling. Simultaneously, the sun summoned Lowell to awake blinking in the brightness, abruptly becoming aware of the wetness between his legs and all over the bed, sticking to the pie crumbs on the sheets.

Squinting, Lowell looked down at the telltale signs of dampness. His legs were warm beneath the soaked sheets, with help both from the accident and the morning sunshine. His sheets were typically just a light pale blue color, to complement his girlfriend’s lovely lilac skin, but right now they had a big dark splotch covering Lowell’s crotch. He sat up in bed and remained like that for a moment, staring at the stain and suddenly feeling very small. Small enough to shrink right down to a stuffed animal-sized version of himself, so he could then borrow Mr. Quack’s raincoat and rainboots. Lowell supposed he didn’t actually need a raincoat or rainboots, and that he certainly didn’t need to borrow them from Mr. Quack should the need actually arise, but the thought of his favorite stuffed animal comforted him regardless.

Which is to say that Lowell was in need of some comfort. He was in bed next to his splendid girlfriend Blossom, who was in fact so splendid that Lowell under no circumstances wanted her to find out about his accident. Why, Lowell wasn’t even the type of man to have accidents. He had no discernable medical problems, and he certainly hadn’t wet the bed since he was a child. Lowell was very puzzled about how the accident came about indeed, but those thoughts were pushed aside by more overwhelming feelings of embarrassment.

And yet, although Lowell kept thinking of how embarrassing waking up having wet the bed was, he was thankfully spared any of the panic that often comes in these situations. He knew he should feel more rushed to get the sheets to the wash, and more rushed to begin trying to hide what happened, but instead Lowell was reluctant to move at all. As his entire body grew red and flushed from head to toe, Lowell just sat, quite literally, in his own shame.

Chapter 1: Pilot

“Here you go, my little Tadpole Lowell,” said Blossom warmly, feeding him her freshly baked poovaberry pie, straight out of the oven. She fed Lowell tiny pieces until, about halfway through the second slice, Lowell protested. He pursed his lips and shook his head, refusing to eat anymore.

“Blossom, I love how affectionate you’re being. Really, I do. You’ve been so great throughout this whole moving process, and I couldn’t be more appreciative–” Lowell was cut off mid-sentence by another nibble of pie that caught him off guard. Most of the pie made it into his mouth, as Blossom has terrific aim, but a small glob fell down his lips and onto his chin, leaving a messy purple trail behind. Lowell was surprised, but quickly swallowed.

“Now sweetie, I made you this pie with lots of love,” began Blossom as she reached for a napkin. “I spent all day tracking down a promising recipe and baking it to perfection!” Blossom ignored Lowell’s attempt to take the napkin from her, and instead leaned forward and cleaned up Lowell’s chin with care. She followed this up by giving him a nice big swig of milk, thereby finishing off the big glass they had started with.

“I even went all the way to town to find just the right poovaberries, not too ripe. You’ll be done when I say you’re done, and not a bite sooner!” Blossom finished this sentence with a flourish of pie, sweeping the bite straight into Lowell’s surprised mouth.

Lowell loved sweets and treats, cakes and milkshakes, even toffee treacles and pie nibbles! Boy, was this pie just one of the best he’d ever tasted. But being treated like this by Blossom was making Lowell feel strange. It didn’t help that all of the pie was starting to make him very full. The pie was just sitting in his tummy, pressing down uncomfortably on his bladder. He could feel the urge to pee intensifying, but he didn’t want to interrupt Blossom again when she was being so assertive. Instead he stayed quiet as Blossom kept feeding him and giving him sips of milk, and eventually he forgot all about the need to go peepee. Another slice later, Blossom finally seemed satisfied, and put the fork down.

Lowell was oblivious to the plan being hatched around him, and thus didn’t even feel the nanobots inside of him. The nanobots hummed quietly as they went to work numbing Lowell’s bladder. These nanobots had originally been an invention of Lowell’s; he had intended for them to numb any internal injuries a human body may have. Lowell was an innovative engineer, always working on cutting-edge technology. And thus these nanobots worked just as he had intended, just not exactly on who he had intended.

“Oh no! Look what you’ve done!” Blossom pointed at his pants, pretending to be shocked.

The nanobots had done their job alright, and Lowell’s pants were quickly being soaked right through! Lowell looked at the dark stain as it spread into a big splotch right on his crotch. He hadn’t even realized he was wetting himself until Blossom had scolded him. How could that happen? Why didn’t he feel his bladder release?

“Oh, my little Tadpole Lowell! You’ve made such a mess of yourself. And on our nice chair too. That stinky smell might never come out!” Blossom continued to reprimand Lowell until he was positively bright red, squirming around in his own peepee. “Adults don’t just do that, Lowell! Big boys just don’t have accidents right in their pants, right in front of people!”

Lowell hung his head in shame, still sitting in the puddle. He cheeks burned with embarrassment. It’s not like he could deny it happening, or hide it. She was right there! Blossom saw everything, and would never let him hear the end of this now. Lowell wondered how Blossom could ever love him the same after witnessing this. How could she still love someone after seeing him wet himself like a child? He deserved the name Tadpole Lowell; not because of his love of swimming and baths anymore, but because he was acting like a baby. Babies have accidents, thought Lowell. I feel more like a baby than a grown man.

But then Blossom stopped shaming Lowell, and turned suddenly tender. “Oh my little sweetie, it’s ok. I can see how embarrassed you are. I’ll get you all cleaned up, ok?”

Blossom took Lowell by the hand and led him into the bathroom, his pants dripping the entire time, with a slight smile on his face.

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