Lowell's Little Lessons, Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

“Come on, my little peepants,” Blossom teased. She took Lowell by the hand, escorting him away from the laughing crowd and into the lab. Lowell squirmed uncomfortably in his wet pants, dripping the whole time.

“You’re lucky I brought a big diaper bag. I just had a hunch that you’d have another one of your accidents, dear,” she said, plopping her full diaper bag onto the nearest table inside.

The lab was magnificent; absolutely everything an engineer like Lowell could want. The university had already seen to it that the lab was equipped with all of the latest tech. The shiny new equipment gleamed in the sunlight coming from the sleek wall-to-wall windows the building was adorned with. But Lowell was too preoccupied with his current wet situation to really notice it.

“Oh my! Look at this place. It’s wonderful!” Blossom’s voice echoed through the massive building, bouncing off shiny machine after shiny machine.

“Why don’t you show me what this one does?” she asked, walking towards a machine with five different arm-like devices.

“Bu-but I’m all wet. I n-need to be changed first,” he said shyly, his eyes on the ground.

“Don’t be silly. Clearly you like being wet like that, honey. Why else would you walk around town wetting yourself everywhere?” Blossom turned towards him, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She knew exactly why he was having spontaneous accidents, and she couldn’t get enough of it.

“I don’t mean to,” Lowell said, protesting quietly. He suspected it might be from the stress of the move, but he still had no real idea why he was suddenly having such big problems with something so simple. Only babies have accidents like this! Which is why he knew he needed diapers now, like babies do.

“Maybe you have accidents because you like me taking care of you so much. Maybe you just want me to be your Mommy,” Blossom said kindly as she hugged Lowell again. She could feel his wet pants press against her, warm against her thigh.

“M-maybe I do,” Lowell said hopefully. He hadn’t given it much thought until now, but it just seemed right. Blossom was always there for him when he needed it. Blossom was always there to clean him up after he had an accident. Blossom was always there to reassure him that she’d make everything ok. Blossom made him feel safe.

Lowell repeated the word in his head. Mommy. He giggled, excited to now have a word for the role Blossom had taken in his life. Mommy! Mommy! He grinned, already feeling better about his humiliation earlier that day.

Blossom turned back to her diaper bag and got all of her supplies ready. She put down a nice soft changing mat and unpacked the baby wipes, powders and lotions. Lowell watched the whole time excitedly, his breath catching just the slightest bit when he saw Blossom reach for the diaper. He wasn’t sure where Blossom had gotten these, or why she’d just happened to have some come to think of it, but he sure was glad she did. The diapers looked incredibly soft and welcoming, with cute little cartoons on them, like they were meant for a child. But Lowell knew by their size of course that they were meant just for him!

“Come here, my lovely,” ordered Blossom, already kneeling down at the changing mat, big padded diaper in hand. She smiled at him as he shyly peeled off his wet clothes and came to lie next to her.

“Legs up for Mommy, dear,” she instructed enthusiastically. Blossom took control of Lowell’s legs and held them high up in the air while she used her other hand to gently nestle the diaper under him.

“Oh, Mommy almost forgot! She brought your bestest friend along in case you got too scared putting on your first diaper, sweetheart,” Blossom said, revealing to Lowell his favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Quackers. Lowell liked all things aquatic, especially ducks!

“Thank y-you, Mommy,” he replied quietly, snuggling Mr. Quackers tight against his chest. Lowell was being very brave indeed about this new transition into diapers, but having his favorite stuffie there beside him made him feel even better.

Blossom warmed up the baby wipes for a few moments between her hands, not wanting to startle a seemingly blissful Lowell with any cold. Lowell was giggling with Mr. Quackers when he felt Blossom begin cleaning him up with the baby wipes. He quickly went silent as his face heated up with arousal. He squirmed a bit, arching his hips off the changing mat, trying to make more contact with Blossom. But Blossom just smiled, happy to see the changing process was having such a big effect on Lowell. She moved on to the baby lotion, slowly rubbing it in circular motions all over his thighs, briefly caressing his weewee.

Lowell wasn’t sure how much more teasing he could take. His breathing quickened, and he started making soft pleading noises, asking for more. By the time Blossom had gotten him powdered and all diapered up, Lowell was lightly humping the air. The diaper just felt so good around him, and he was getting increasingly desperate.

“It looks like someone is in quite the state,” remarked Blossom, looking down at a hot and bothered Lowell writhing in his diaper.

“Does someone want to make cummies for Mommy, dear?” Blossom asked sensually.

Lowell nodded excitedly, and his air humping doubled in speed, although he wasn’t getting nearly enough stimulation to help him. Maybe if he just turned over against the changing mat…

“No, no, no.” Blossom quickly grabbed Lowell and prevented him from further satisfaction. He was hers to toy with, and she hadn’t yet given him permission for cummies.

“You’re going to want to calm your little self down, sweetheart. Because Mommy has a very important trip planned for you now,” Blossom said, grinning. Blossom always had something up her sleeve.

With a few sweeping motions, Blossom hurriedly cleaned everything up and swept it into her big diaper bag. She pulled a stunned, yet still very aroused, Lowell up and onto his feet, then grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back outside of the lab, onto the street corner once more.
Lowell blinked, unable to comprehend what was going on. He felt a few raindrops hit his bare legs, and he realized he had forgotten to put his shorts back on! He was standing outside in nothing but his t-shirt and a cute cartoon diaper.

“Come on, dear. We must be off,” announced Blossom, taking the lead and pulling him forward to their next destination.