Lowell's Little Lessons, Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

As he hiked those last few steps up the mountain, Lowell felt an immense feeling of loneliness. He had made it to his destination with relative ease, but he still wish he had let Blossom come too. He had just wet the bed only this morning- he wasn’t yet ready to do adult things. He wished Blossom was here to take care of him still.

However, this solitude had been his own choice. After his nighttime accident, Blossom had finally put her foot down and brought out the big guns: diapers. They were adorable, colorful, clearly meant for a baby, and best of all, they were super padded. These were diapers that could really take a wetting, and not have any icky leaks. Lowell knew he needed them, at least temporarily. The past day he hadn’t been able to control his own bladder at all, having wet himself twice in front of her! But Lowell had stubbornly resisted. He was being quite petulant about it. Lowell had pouted and shook his head no, explaining to Blossom that he had lots of things he needed to do today to set up the lab, and he couldn’t possibly do them with diapers on. Why, what if someone noticed? How would he have been able to conceal the obvious puff beneath his pants? How would he have been able to muffle the clear crinkling sound that happened with every step?

But now Lowell was wishing he’d chosen differently. Blossom had given Lowell a lot of juice this morning, nearly twice as much as normal. He had felt the juice in his full bladder slosh around inside of him as he hiked his way up the mountain, too stubborn to turn back. But as the nanobots went to work numbing his bladder, Lowell quickly became distracted by the excitement of his new lab.

A loveable engineering professor, Lowell had recently been given a sizeable grant, and the time off to accompany it, to fund his latest research project. Lowell wasn’t a particularly great engineer, which is why he mostly stuck to teaching; but what he lacked in genius or talent he made up for with devotion. He devoted time and care to his projects, the same way he devoted time and care to the love of his life, Blossom. And sometimes, just sometimes, this devotion paid off. Take his most current, self-funded research project, the nanobots, for example. Lowell had spent countless hours working on the nanobots, which had been designed to numb internal pain and fix internal bleeding. The nanobots had been very successful so far, which Lowell’s bladder was proof of. But this half-finished project needed to be put on hold while Lowell attended to bigger things, or, well, littler things. Unbeknownst to Lowell, his new project would soon be of great use to his little side.

Even though he was still missing Blossom, bright enthusiasm washed over Lowell as he took in his new surroundings. This new lab was all his! He looked up at the big glass floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek as could be, and he felt that familiar small feeling again. But this time this small feeling felt right, and made Lowell somehow feel both comfortable and excited. He felt small enough to shrink, shrink right down to a child’s size, so he could run through the new lab building like a kid in a candy store!

Standing in front of his brand new, four-story laboratory, he had an awestruck look on his face; as his knees shook with anticipation, countless pedestrians walked around him, grumpy at this extra obstacle. The lab was smack dab in the middle of the local town, which was very busy at this time of the morning. Everyone was bustling, trying to get to work or run errands, quickly moving around the dumbstruck Lowell in their path.

Taking a deep breath, Lowell took his first step towards the lab and was about to open the door, when he suddenly realized it wasn’t just his excitement that had burst. His face continued to look awestruck, but this time, for less enjoyable reasons! He looked down, dismayed to find that he had accidently wet himself right there, in the middle of the street. Blushing like mad, he could clearly see the dark outline of pee screaming to everyone around him that little Lowell had just had an accident!

Lowell froze. His embarrassment paralyzed his legs. With his hands he desperately tried to cover up what had happened, but it was clearly no use. He looked like such a little kid- bright red and standing in the middle of public, puddle of peepee underneath him, trying to use his hands to cover up the dark stains on his pants!

Lowell turned around quickly to the sound of laughter coming from behind him. He really was quite a sight in this moment. But luckily, the snickering was only coming from the lovely Blossom, who must have followed him up here, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stop all that juice from flooding his pants!

“Oh my, Lowell! I see you’ve taken this new accident phase of yours to a whole new level!” Blossom exclaimed loudly, pointing to Lowell in the middle of the busy street.

“This is why I wanted to give you diapers, don’t you remember, my silly little prince? But no, you tried to tell me you were a big boy. You tried to tell me it wouldn’t happen again, not after doing something as babyish as wetting the bed!” Blossom continued as loudly as ever, attracting the attention of the entire street! Everyone stopped in their tracks, craning their necks to get a better view of the man who just wet himself. Lowell just squirmed as everyone watched him, keeping his head down while Blossom humiliated him further.

“Are you ready for diapers now, or are you still too much of a big boy?” teased Blossom, whipping out one of her special diapers to show the crowd.

“Y-yes. I think I need them now,” he responded, his red cheeks burning.

“Good boy,” she whispered. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.” Blossom smiled and embraced him, wet pants and all.