Lowell's Little Lessons, Chapter 2

Chapter: 2

An audible drip sound was rhythmically made as Lowell waddled in his wet pants, trying not to leak any further. His hand in hers, Lowell was guided by Blossom into their new big bathroom. Lowell was cringing at the sound of each drop on the wood floor. Each soft noise further hammered in his embarrassing situation of having a sudden accident in front of his sweet girlfriend, Blossom. He couldn’t even look her in the eye. The entire time Lowell just hung his head in shame and kept his eyes down, making him increasingly aware of every drop of peepee escaping his soaked pants.

“Honey, don’t you worry your little head about this. I know this accident was completely random, but we’ll get you all cleaned up and we’ll never have to talk about it again!” said Blossom, trying to reassure a defeated Lowell.

“I mean, this is the only time something like this has happened. It’s not as if it’s a recurring problem and I’d have to put you in diapers,” teased Blossom. As Blossom laughed, Lowell’s heart sunk just a tiny bit. What if this wasn’t just a one-time problem? What if he was suddenly experiencing incontinence? He hadn’t even felt it when his bladder swiftly released a few minutes earlier.

Blossom pushed open the bathroom door eagerly and took Lowell inside. Their new bathroom was about twice of the size of their previous one. It was sleek and modern, with a chic marble counter and a claw-foot tub of considerable size. Lowell had loved the house at first, but now he was quickly feeling out of place. The contemporary, minimalistic decor swarmed around Lowell, mocking him. It was far too sophisticated, too mature, for Lowell, the full-grown man who had just wet himself in front of his girlfriend, and was still wearing the dripping evidence. Surrounded by the unfriendly decor, Lowell felt like he could just shrink. Shrink right down to a thumb-sized version of himself; small enough to hide between all of Blossom’s perfumes on the counter so she wouldn’t have to see his embarrassment any longer.

Blossom smiled at Lowell tenderly before promptly undressing him, taking special care when it came to the wet pants. She was eager for this. Watching Lowell lose control like that before had been oddly thrilling for Blossom. She had originally just dosed Lowell with the bladder-numbing nanobots as a prank to get back at him for the hasty move, which she essentially had no say in. Blossom had wanted to get some of that control back, so she had figured that some temporary nanobots wouldn’t do much harm, but would still win her back the upper hand in their relationship. However, the situation was exciting Blossom in ways she hadn’t predicted. She could practically feel her own inner villain invigorate, ready to unleash more bladder-related embarrassment upon an innocent Lowell. But she calmed that inner voice, knowing that she was a gentle woman at heart.

“B-Blossom? Could we run a bath this time instead of just a shower? A bath would be better,” Lowell requested timidly.

“A bath sounds like a wonderful idea, my little Tadpole Lowell! I know how much you love being in water,” she said warmly as she started the faucet. She began adding plenty of bubble bath as the faucet ran. In no time at all, the bath was deep in white bubbles everywhere! Blossom helped Lowell into the warm tub, then turned to the bathroom cabinets where all the fun was kept. She pulled out five rubber duckies, all of various themes. They had a fisherman, a fireman, a pumpkin, a Shakespeare, and even a green alien rubber ducky! Lowell was very lucky in the ducky department.

“I’ll take care of all the cleaning, muffin. Who knows if you can even handle such a grown-up task like washing?” teased Blossom, winking. She picked up the nearest loofah sponge and went to work layering Lowell up with suds. Within just a few minutes, he was completely covered and looked like a human-sized, bubble-version of a Hershey’s kiss!

“You are completely adorable right now, you know that? You look all warm and cozy, covered in all those bubbles. I could just eat you up!” exclaimed Blossom, emphasizing her point by playfully splashing Lowell in the tub. She continued to bathe him, washing him thoroughly with the loofa and suds, taking care to get Lowell extra clean where he needed it. And Lowell embraced the warm, bubbly water, having never felt more cozy indeed. Here he was, being able to play with rubber duckies while his loving girlfriend not only accepted his accident, but offered to clean him up afterwards. He couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Lowell giggled and smiled, both relieved from Blossom’s welcoming response, and happy to be having such a fun bath.

Lowell decided to just put his earlier accident behind him as Blossom kindly tucked him into bed. He figured it must have been a fluke, something that was very unlikely to happen again. Lowell felt increasingly safe and loved while Blossom snuggled up behind him, taking the position of big spoon for bedtime.

However, the accident hadn’t been a fluke- far from it. Blossom was counting on a few more accidents until the nanobots’ effects wore off. She cuddled Lowell closer, knowing he was going to have to depend on her a little bit more now. After all, who could even take him seriously now? Who could keep a straight face watching someone like Lowell wet themselves, clearly unable to control something as simple as their bladder? No, Blossom was clearly going to be taking charge of this relationship for the next few days. And possibly even longer, if the nanobots somehow found their way to his bladder again, thought Blossom breathlessly.

Lowell had barely been asleep an hour when Blossom saw the telltale signs of a classic bedwetting. She watched as the warm liquid pooled around the crotch of his cute dinosaur pj’s. She watched as Lowell sat up and looked down at the mess he’d just made, realizing he’d just had an accident. She even watched as he hung his head and turned as red as a poovaberry. Blossom watched it all, grinning.

“Lowell, are you up, dear? What’s going on?” asked Blossom, feigning sleepy ignorance. She threw in a fake yawn, but on the inside she couldn’t have felt more energized.

“Um, well, I may have…” Lowell was unable to even get the words out. He squirmed a bit, feeling the peepee beneath him.

“May have what, dear? Tell Blossom what happened. Use your words.”

“I-I m-may have…havehadanaccident,” said Lowell, rushing the last bit together nervously. If it were possible for Lowell to have blushed any more, he would have after being made to admit that.

“Oh dear! You wet the bed, my little Lowell! Oh jeez, we may never get that smell out of the sheets now! You’ve made such a big mess. I’ve never even seen such a big puddle!” exclaimed Blossom. She even sat up so as it get a better look. The puddle’s size was in fact quite average, but Blossom wanted to keep Lowell’s complexion at a steady red. Lowell couldn’t even find it in him to reply. The embarrassment ran off with his speech.

Blossom pretended to look stern while she got out of bed and went to the bathroom in silence. She pretended to huff. She pretended to sigh. She pretended to stomp. Then she returned to Lowell, pretending to look very cross indeed, but hiding something behind her back.

“Honey, this is now a problem. You’ve wet yourself twice now! Right in front of me! I can’t just pretend this isn’t happening. You’ve left me with such a huge mess now, and we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Why, you’ll ruin our new bed! There will be peepee stains all over it from you! And what if this happens in public, sweetie? What if you’re standing there one minute, talking to someone outside, and the next minute you look down and see you’ve had another big accident! I can’t be seen with a boyfriend who wets himself, Lowell. I can’t have you embarrassing me!”

She looked down at Lowell who was still sitting on the bed in his own puddle. He couldn’t even look at her. He looked so small and helpless. Blossom then came forward and tenderly gave him a kiss on the forehead. She knew she wanted to appear stern, but she cared for Lowell.

“Muffin, I’m here for you. I only want what’s best for you, you know that.” she said. Lowell looked up in response, smiling at her persistent sweetness. He knew then that this was all going to be ok, that Blossom would always be there to take care of him.

“That’s why you’re going to need this from now on.” Blossom said eagerly. Lowell watched anxiously as she revealed from behind her back the one thing Lowell knew he needed the most, a big padded diaper.