Lowell's Little Lessons: Ch.1 - Ch. 6


On that second morning the sun summoned two different, yet related, responses. The sun summoned the half-eaten slice of poovaberry pie, left still on the nightstand, to glisten brightly and reveal its shiny metal nanobots hidden within the filling. Simultaneously, the sun summoned Lowell to awake blinking in the brightness, abruptly becoming aware of the wetness between his legs and all over the bed, sticking to the pie crumbs on the sheets.

Squinting, Lowell looked down at the telltale signs of dampness. His legs were warm beneath the soaked sheets, with help both from the accident and the morning sunshine. His sheets were typically just a light pale blue color, to complement his girlfriend’s lovely lilac skin, but right now they had a big dark splotch covering Lowell’s crotch. He sat up in bed and remained like that for a moment, staring at the stain and suddenly feeling very small. Small enough to shrink right down to a stuffed animal-sized version of himself, so he could then borrow Mr. Quack’s raincoat and rainboots. Lowell supposed he didn’t actually need a raincoat or rainboots, and that he certainly didn’t need to borrow them from Mr. Quack should the need actually arise, but the thought of his favorite stuffed animal comforted him regardless.

Which is to say that Lowell was in need of some comfort. He was in bed next to his splendid girlfriend Blossom, who was in fact so splendid that Lowell under no circumstances wanted her to find out about his accident. Why, Lowell wasn’t even the type of man to have accidents. He had no discernable medical problems, and he certainly hadn’t wet the bed since he was a child. Lowell was very puzzled about how the accident came about indeed, but those thoughts were pushed aside by more overwhelming feelings of embarrassment.

And yet, although Lowell kept thinking of how embarrassing waking up having wet the bed was, he was thankfully spared any of the panic that often comes in these situations. He knew he should feel more rushed to get the sheets to the wash, and more rushed to begin trying to hide what happened, but instead Lowell was reluctant to move at all. As his entire body grew red and flushed from head to toe, Lowell just sat, quite literally, in his own shame.

Chapter 1: Pilot

“Here you go, my little Tadpole Lowell,” said Blossom warmly, feeding him her freshly baked poovaberry pie, straight out of the oven. She fed Lowell tiny pieces until, about halfway through the second slice, Lowell protested. He pursed his lips and shook his head, refusing to eat anymore.

“Blossom, I love how affectionate you’re being. Really, I do. You’ve been so great throughout this whole moving process, and I couldn’t be more appreciative–” Lowell was cut off mid-sentence by another nibble of pie that caught him off guard. Most of the pie made it into his mouth, as Blossom has terrific aim, but a small glob fell down his lips and onto his chin, leaving a messy purple trail behind. Lowell was surprised, but quickly swallowed.

“Now sweetie, I made you this pie with lots of love,” began Blossom as she reached for a napkin. “I spent all day tracking down a promising recipe and baking it to perfection!” Blossom ignored Lowell’s attempt to take the napkin from her, and instead leaned forward and cleaned up Lowell’s chin with care. She followed this up by giving him a nice big swig of milk, thereby finishing off the big glass they had started with.

“I even went all the way to town to find just the right poovaberries, not too ripe. You’ll be done when I say you’re done, and not a bite sooner!” Blossom finished this sentence with a flourish of pie, sweeping the bite straight into Lowell’s surprised mouth.

Lowell loved sweets and treats, cakes and milkshakes, even toffee treacles and pie nibbles! Boy, was this pie just one of the best he’d ever tasted. But being treated like this by Blossom was making Lowell feel strange. It didn’t help that all of the pie was starting to make him very full. The pie was just sitting in his tummy, pressing down uncomfortably on his bladder. He could feel the urge to pee intensifying, but he didn’t want to interrupt Blossom again when she was being so assertive. Instead he stayed quiet as Blossom kept feeding him and giving him sips of milk, and eventually he forgot all about the need to go peepee. Another slice later, Blossom finally seemed satisfied, and put the fork down.

Lowell was oblivious to the plan being hatched around him, and thus didn’t even feel the nanobots inside of him. The nanobots hummed quietly as they went to work numbing Lowell’s bladder. These nanobots had originally been an invention of Lowell’s; he had intended for them to numb any internal injuries a human body may have. Lowell was an innovative engineer, always working on cutting-edge technology. And thus these nanobots worked just as he had intended, just not exactly on who he had intended.

“Oh no! Look what you’ve done!” Blossom pointed at his pants, pretending to be shocked.

The nanobots had done their job alright, and Lowell’s pants were quickly being soaked right through! Lowell looked at the dark stain as it spread into a big splotch right on his crotch. He hadn’t even realized he was wetting himself until Blossom had scolded him. How could that happen? Why didn’t he feel his bladder release?
“Oh, my little Tadpole Lowell! You’ve made such a mess of yourself. And on our nice chair too. That stinky smell might never come out!” Blossom continued to reprimand Lowell until he was positively bright red, squirming around in his own peepee. “Adults don’t just do that, Lowell! Big boys just don’t have accidents right in their pants, right in front of people!”

Lowell hung his head in shame, still sitting in the puddle. He cheeks burned with embarrassment. It’s not like he could deny it happening, or hide it. She was right there! Blossom saw everything, and would never let him hear the end of this now. Lowell wondered how Blossom could ever love him the same after witnessing this. How could she still love someone after seeing him wet himself like a child? He deserved the name Tadpole Lowell; not because of his love of swimming and baths anymore, but because he was acting like a baby. Babies have accidents, thought Lowell. I feel more like a baby than a grown man.

But then Blossom stopped shaming Lowell, and turned suddenly tender. “Oh my little sweetie, it’s ok. I can see how embarrassed you are. I’ll get you all cleaned up, ok?”

Blossom took Lowell by the hand and led him into the bathroom, his pants dripping the entire time, with a slight smile on his face.

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Chapter 2:

An audible drip sound was rhythmically made as Lowell waddled in his wet pants, trying not to leak any further. His hand in hers, Lowell was guided by Blossom into their new big bathroom. Lowell was cringing at the sound of each drop on the wood floor. Each soft noise further hammered in his embarrassing situation of having a sudden accident in front of his sweet girlfriend, Blossom. He couldn’t even look her in the eye. The entire time Lowell just hung his head in shame and kept his eyes down, making him increasingly aware of every drop of peepee escaping his soaked pants.

“Honey, don’t you worry your little head about this. I know this accident was completely random, but we’ll get you all cleaned up and we’ll never have to talk about it again!” said Blossom, trying to reassure a defeated Lowell.

“I mean, this is the only time something like this has happened. It’s not as if it’s a recurring problem and I’d have to put you in diapers,” teased Blossom. As Blossom laughed, Lowell’s heart sunk just a tiny bit. What if this wasn’t just a one-time problem? What if he was suddenly experiencing incontinence? He hadn’t even felt it when his bladder swiftly released a few minutes earlier.

Blossom pushed open the bathroom door eagerly and took Lowell inside. Their new bathroom was about twice of the size of their previous one. It was sleek and modern, with a chic marble counter and a claw-foot tub of considerable size. Lowell had loved the house at first, but now he was quickly feeling out of place. The contemporary, minimalistic decor swarmed around Lowell, mocking him. It was far too sophisticated, too mature, for Lowell, the full-grown man who had just wet himself in front of his girlfriend, and was still wearing the dripping evidence. Surrounded by the unfriendly decor, Lowell felt like he could just shrink. Shrink right down to a thumb-sized version of himself; small enough to hide between all of Blossom’s perfumes on the counter so she wouldn’t have to see his embarrassment any longer.

Blossom smiled at Lowell tenderly before promptly undressing him, taking special care when it came to the wet pants. She was eager for this. Watching Lowell lose control like that before had been oddly thrilling for Blossom. She had originally just dosed Lowell with the bladder-numbing nanobots as a prank to get back at him for the hasty move, which she essentially had no say in. Blossom had wanted to get some of that control back, so she had figured that some temporary nanobots wouldn’t do much harm, but would still win her back the upper hand in their relationship. However, the situation was exciting Blossom in ways she hadn’t predicted. She could practically feel her own inner villain invigorate, ready to unleash more bladder-related embarrassment upon an innocent Lowell. But she calmed that inner voice, knowing that she was a gentle woman at heart.

“B-Blossom? Could we run a bath this time instead of just a shower? A bath would be better,” Lowell requested timidly.

“A bath sounds like a wonderful idea, my little Tadpole Lowell! I know how much you love being in water,” she said warmly as she started the faucet. She began adding plenty of bubble bath as the faucet ran. In no time at all, the bath was deep in white bubbles everywhere! Blossom helped Lowell into the warm tub, then turned to the bathroom cabinets where all the fun was kept. She pulled out five rubber duckies, all of various themes. They had a fisherman, a fireman, a pumpkin, a Shakespeare, and even a green alien rubber ducky! Lowell was very lucky in the ducky department.

“I’ll take care of all the cleaning, muffin. Who knows if you can even handle such a grown-up task like washing?” teased Blossom, winking. She picked up the nearest loofah sponge and went to work layering Lowell up with suds. Within just a few minutes, he was completely covered and looked like a human-sized, bubble-version of a Hershey’s kiss!

“You are completely adorable right now, you know that? You look all warm and cozy, covered in all those bubbles. I could just eat you up!” exclaimed Blossom, emphasizing her point by playfully splashing Lowell in the tub. She continued to bathe him, washing him thoroughly with the loofa and suds, taking care to get Lowell extra clean where he needed it. And Lowell embraced the warm, bubbly water, having never felt more cozy indeed. Here he was, being able to play with rubber duckies while his loving girlfriend not only accepted his accident, but offered to clean him up afterwards. He couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Lowell giggled and smiled, both relieved from Blossom’s welcoming response, and happy to be having such a fun bath.

Lowell decided to just put his earlier accident behind him as Blossom kindly tucked him into bed. He figured it must have been a fluke, something that was very unlikely to happen again. Lowell felt increasingly safe and loved while Blossom snuggled up behind him, taking the position of big spoon for bedtime.

However, the accident hadn’t been a fluke- far from it. Blossom was counting on a few more accidents until the nanobots’ effects wore off. She cuddled Lowell closer, knowing he was going to have to depend on her a little bit more now. After all, who could even take him seriously now? Who could keep a straight face watching someone like Lowell wet themselves, clearly unable to control something as simple as their bladder? No, Blossom was clearly going to be taking charge of this relationship for the next few days. And possibly even longer, if the nanobots somehow found their way to his bladder again, thought Blossom breathlessly.

Lowell had barely been asleep an hour when Blossom saw the telltale signs of a classic bedwetting. She watched as the warm liquid pooled around the crotch of his cute dinosaur pj’s. She watched as Lowell sat up and looked down at the mess he’d just made, realizing he’d just had an accident. She even watched as he hung his head and turned as red as a poovaberry. Blossom watched it all, grinning.

“Lowell, are you up, dear? What’s going on?” asked Blossom, feigning sleepy ignorance. She threw in a fake yawn, but on the inside she couldn’t have felt more energized.

“Um, well, I may have…” Lowell was unable to even get the words out. He squirmed a bit, feeling the peepee beneath him.

“May have what, dear? Tell Blossom what happened. Use your words.”

“I-I m-may have…havehadanaccident,” said Lowell, rushing the last bit together nervously. If it were possible for Lowell to have blushed any more, he would have after being made to admit that.

“Oh dear! You wet the bed, my little Lowell! Oh jeez, we may never get that smell out of the sheets now! You’ve made such a big mess. I’ve never even seen such a big puddle!” exclaimed Blossom. She even sat up so as it get a better look. The puddle’s size was in fact quite average, but Blossom wanted to keep Lowell’s complexion at a steady red. Lowell couldn’t even find it in him to reply. The embarrassment ran off with his speech.

Blossom pretended to look stern while she got out of bed and went to the bathroom in silence. She pretended to huff. She pretended to sigh. She pretended to stomp. Then she returned to Lowell, pretending to look very cross indeed, but hiding something behind her back.

“Honey, this is now a problem. You’ve wet yourself twice now! Right in front of me! I can’t just pretend this isn’t happening. You’ve left me with such a huge mess now, and we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Why, you’ll ruin our new bed! There will be peepee stains all over it from you! And what if this happens in public, sweetie? What if you’re standing there one minute, talking to someone outside, and the next minute you look down and see you’ve had another big accident! I can’t be seen with a boyfriend who wets himself, Lowell. I can’t have you embarrassing me!”

She looked down at Lowell who was still sitting on the bed in his own puddle. He couldn’t even look at her. He looked so small and helpless. Blossom then came forward and tenderly gave him a kiss on the forehead. She knew she wanted to appear stern, but she cared for Lowell.

“Muffin, I’m here for you. I only want what’s best for you, you know that.” she said. Lowell looked up in response, smiling at her persistent sweetness. He knew then that this was all going to be ok, that Blossom would always be there to take care of him.

“That’s why you’re going to need this from now on.” Blossom said eagerly. Lowell watched anxiously as she revealed from behind her back the one thing Lowell knew he needed the most, a big padded diaper.

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Chapter 3:

As he hiked those last few steps up the mountain, Lowell felt an immense feeling of loneliness. He had made it to his destination with relative ease, but he still wish he had let Blossom come too. He had just wet the bed only this morning- he wasn’t yet ready to do adult things. He wished Blossom was here to take care of him still.

However, this solitude had been his own choice. After his nighttime accident, Blossom had finally put her foot down and brought out the big guns: diapers. They were adorable, colorful, clearly meant for a baby, and best of all, they were super padded. These were diapers that could really take a wetting, and not have any icky leaks. Lowell knew he needed them, at least temporarily. The past day he hadn’t been able to control his own bladder at all, having wet himself twice in front of her! But Lowell had stubbornly resisted. He was being quite petulant about it. Lowell had pouted and shook his head no, explaining to Blossom that he had lots of things he needed to do today to set up the lab, and he couldn’t possibly do them with diapers on. Why, what if someone noticed? How would he have been able to conceal the obvious puff beneath his pants? How would he have been able to muffle the clear crinkling sound that happened with every step?

But now Lowell was wishing he’d chosen differently. Blossom had given Lowell a lot of juice this morning, nearly twice as much as normal. He had felt the juice in his full bladder slosh around inside of him as he hiked his way up the mountain, too stubborn to turn back. But as the nanobots went to work numbing his bladder, Lowell quickly became distracted by the excitement of his new lab.

A loveable engineering professor, Lowell had recently been given a sizeable grant, and the time off to accompany it, to fund his latest research project. Lowell wasn’t a particularly great engineer, which is why he mostly stuck to teaching; but what he lacked in genius or talent he made up for with devotion. He devoted time and care to his projects, the same way he devoted time and care to the love of his life, Blossom. And sometimes, just sometimes, this devotion paid off. Take his most current, self-funded research project, the nanobots, for example. Lowell had spent countless hours working on the nanobots, which had been designed to numb internal pain and fix internal bleeding. The nanobots had been very successful so far, which Lowell’s bladder was proof of. But this half-finished project needed to be put on hold while Lowell attended to bigger things, or, well, littler things. Unbeknownst to Lowell, his new project would soon be of great use to his little side.

Even though he was still missing Blossom, bright enthusiasm washed over Lowell as he took in his new surroundings. This new lab was all his! He looked up at the big glass floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek as could be, and he felt that familiar small feeling again. But this time this small feeling felt right, and made Lowell somehow feel both comfortable and excited. He felt small enough to shrink, shrink right down to a child’s size, so he could run through the new lab building like a kid in a candy store!

Standing in front of his brand new, four-story laboratory, he had an awestruck look on his face; as his knees shook with anticipation, countless pedestrians walked around him, grumpy at this extra obstacle. The lab was smack dab in the middle of the local town, which was very busy at this time of the morning. Everyone was bustling, trying to get to work or run errands, quickly moving around the dumbstruck Lowell in their path.

Taking a deep breath, Lowell took his first step towards the lab and was about to open the door, when he suddenly realized it wasn’t just his excitement that had burst. His face continued to look awestruck, but this time, for less enjoyable reasons! He looked down, dismayed to find that he had accidently wet himself right there, in the middle of the street. Blushing like mad, he could clearly see the dark outline of pee screaming to everyone around him that little Lowell had just had an accident!

Lowell froze. His embarrassment paralyzed his legs. With his hands he desperately tried to cover up what had happened, but it was clearly no use. He looked like such a little kid- bright red and standing in the middle of public, puddle of peepee underneath him, trying to use his hands to cover up the dark stains on his pants!

Lowell turned around quickly to the sound of laughter coming from behind him. He really was quite a sight in this moment. But luckily, the snickering was only coming from the lovely Blossom, who must have followed him up here, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stop all that juice from flooding his pants!

“Oh my, Lowell! I see you’ve taken this new accident phase of yours to a whole new level!” Blossom exclaimed loudly, pointing to Lowell in the middle of the busy street.

“This is why I wanted to give you diapers; don’t you remember, my silly little prince? But no, you tried to tell me you were a big boy. You tried to tell me it wouldn’t happen again, not after doing something as babyish as wetting the bed!” Blossom continued as loudly as ever, attracting the attention of the entire street! Everyone stopped in their tracks, craning their necks to get a better view of the man who just wet himself. Lowell just squirmed as everyone watched him, keeping his head down while Blossom humiliated him further.

“Are you ready for diapers now, or are you still too much of a big boy?” teased Blossom, whipping out one of her special diapers to show the crowd.

“Y-yes. I think I need them now,” he responded, his red cheeks burning.

“Good boy,” she whispered. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.” Blossom smiled and embraced him, wet pants and all.

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Chapter 4:

“Come on, my little peepants,” Blossom teased. She took Lowell by the hand, escorting him away from the laughing crowd and into the lab. Lowell squirmed uncomfortably in his wet pants, dripping the whole time.

“You’re lucky I brought a big diaper bag. I just had a hunch that you’d have another one of your accidents, dear,” she said, plopping her full diaper bag onto the nearest table inside.

The lab was magnificent; absolutely everything an engineer like Lowell could want. The university had already seen to it that the lab was equipped with all of the latest tech. The shiny new equipment gleamed in the sunlight coming from the sleek wall-to-wall windows the building was adorned with. But Lowell was too preoccupied with his current wet situation to really notice it.

“Oh my! Look at this place. It’s wonderful!” Blossom’s voice echoed through the massive building, bouncing off shiny machine after shiny machine.

“Why don’t you show me what this one does?” she asked, walking towards a machine with five different arm-like devices.

“Bu-but I’m all wet. I n-need to be changed first,” he said shyly, his eyes on the ground.

“Don’t be silly. Clearly you like being wet like that, honey. Why else would you walk around town wetting yourself everywhere?” Blossom turned towards him, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She knew exactly why he was having spontaneous accidents, and she couldn’t get enough of it.

“I don’t mean to,” Lowell said, protesting quietly. He suspected it might be from the stress of the move, but he still had no real idea why he was suddenly having such big problems with something so simple. Only babies have accidents like this! Which is why he knew he needed diapers now, like babies do.

“Maybe you have accidents because you like me taking care of you so much. Maybe you just want me to be your Mommy,” Blossom said kindly as she hugged Lowell again. She could feel his wet pants press against her, warm against her thigh.

“M-maybe I do,” Lowell said hopefully. He hadn’t given it much thought until now, but it just seemed right. Blossom was always there for him when he needed it. Blossom was always there to clean him up after he had an accident. Blossom was always there to reassure him that she’d make everything ok. Blossom made him feel safe.

Lowell repeated the word in his head. Mommy. He giggled, excited to now have a word for the role Blossom had taken in his life. Mommy! Mommy! He grinned, already feeling better about his humiliation earlier that day.

Blossom turned back to her diaper bag and got all of her supplies ready. She put down a nice soft changing mat and unpacked the baby wipes, powders and lotions. Lowell watched the whole time excitedly, his breath catching just the slightest bit when he saw Blossom reach for the diaper. He wasn’t sure where Blossom had gotten these, or why she’d just happened to have some come to think of it, but he sure was glad she did. The diapers looked incredibly soft and welcoming, with cute little cartoons on them, like they were meant for a child. But Lowell knew by their size of course that they were meant just for him!

“Come here, my lovely,” ordered Blossom, already kneeling down at the changing mat, big padded diaper in hand. She smiled at him as he shyly peeled off his wet clothes and came to lie next to her.

“Legs up for Mommy, dear,” she instructed enthusiastically. Blossom took control of Lowell’s legs and held them high up in the air while she used her other hand to gently nestle the diaper under him.

“Oh, Mommy almost forgot! She brought your bestest friend along in case you got too scared putting on your first diaper, sweetheart,” Blossom said, revealing to Lowell his favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Quackers. Lowell liked all things aquatic, especially ducks!

“Thank y-you, Mommy,” he replied quietly, snuggling Mr. Quackers tight against his chest. Lowell was being very brave indeed about this new transition into diapers, but having his favorite stuffie there beside him made him feel even better.

Blossom warmed up the baby wipes for a few moments between her hands, not wanting to startle a seemingly blissful Lowell with any cold. Lowell was giggling with Mr. Quackers when he felt Blossom begin cleaning him up with the baby wipes. He quickly went silent as his face heated up with arousal. He squirmed a bit, arching his hips off the changing mat, trying to make more contact with Blossom. But Blossom just smiled, happy to see the changing process was having such a big effect on Lowell. She moved on to the baby lotion, slowly rubbing it in circular motions all over his thighs, briefly caressing his weewee.

Lowell wasn’t sure how much more teasing he could take. His breathing quickened, and he started making soft pleading noises, asking for more. By the time Blossom had gotten him powdered and all diapered up, Lowell was lightly humping the air. The diaper just felt so good around him, and he was getting increasingly desperate.

“It looks like someone is in quite the state,” remarked Blossom, looking down at a hot and bothered Lowell writhing in his diaper.

“Does someone want to make cummies for Mommy, dear?” Blossom asked sensually.Lowell nodded excitedly, and his air humping doubled in speed, although he wasn’t getting nearly enough stimulation to help him. Maybe if he just turned over against the changing mat…

“No, no, no.” Blossom quickly grabbed Lowell and prevented him from further satisfaction. He was hers to toy with, and she hadn’t yet given him permission for cummies.

“You’re going to want to calm your little self down, sweetheart. Because Mommy has a very important trip planned for you now,” Blossom said, grinning. Blossom always had something up her sleeve.

With a few sweeping motions, Blossom hurriedly cleaned everything up and swept it into her big diaper bag. She pulled a stunned, yet still very aroused, Lowell up and onto his feet, then grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back outside of the lab, onto the street corner once more.

Lowell blinked, unable to comprehend what was going on. He felt a few raindrops hit his bare legs, and he realized he had forgotten to put his shorts back on! He was standing outside in nothing but his t-shirt and a cute cartoon diaper.

“Come on, dear. We must be off,” announced Blossom, taking the lead and pulling him forward to their next destination.

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Mommy wanted to show off Mr. Quackers, the stuffed animal duckie from her abdl series “Lowell’s Little Lessons”! In the story, he’s Lowell’s bestest friend ever! He may be a silly red duck with a doughnut hat, but he’s a loyal stuffie :slight_smile:

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Chapter 5:

Lowell shuffled down the street hand-in-hand with Blossom, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. The streets on this planet were crowded, but more so with people than with cars, like he was accustomed to. The planet Sieliu was covered with unpaved mountainous terrain, which made transportation by car fairly difficult. As a result, there were lots of people out and about to watch a bright-red, diaper-clad Lowell trying his best to hide behind Blossom.

“M-Mommy? Everyone can see my diapee,” he whispered, tugging on his cute diaper nervously. His fresh diaper was covered in cartoons, making the experience all the more embarrassing. The diaper was extra padded and soft though, so at least his little bottom was comfortable as it was being shown off to the public. In fact, the soft diaper seemed to be stimulating Lowell in all the right places. Blossom had teased him playfully when putting the diaper on, and Lowell’s arousal still had yet to fade. If anything, his new predicament was just building it up more.

“Hush now, little boy. We’re almost…aha! Here we are,” responded Blossom triumphantly, happy to have correctly navigated this new town well enough. Blossom led him through their destination’s big double doors and motioned for him to take a seat in the waiting room.

“There we go, sweetheart. Just be good and sit still for Mommy real quick. Mommy’s going to check over there, but she’ll be right back,” instructed Blossom kindly. She waited until Lowell was all settled in the waiting room, then gave him a small kiss on the forehead before she went to the front desk.

Lowell looked around, wondering where exactly he might have ended up. The waiting room itself didn’t offer many clues, although it did have fun children’s activities. There was a play mat, some blocks, storybooks, and even a big aquarium for kids. Lowell quickly forgot about everything else, sitting up in his chair to get a better look at the aquarium. There were lots of exotic fish that he’d never seen before in there!

His attention was soon ripped away from the sea creatures in front of him, and diverted towards a sudden quacking. To his right was an old-fashioned television set, one that Lowell knew belonged in the 50’s back on Earth. Sieliu was a bit slow to adapt. Lowell was surprised it was even capable of color, but he was delighted once he saw what was playing.

Some years back, Earth began broadcasting a small, underfunded show called “Mr. Quackers’ Variety Hour”. It starred the wacky Mr. Quackers, the fluffy little red ducky with a doughnut hat. While this show was relatively unknown to most humans on Earth, it quickly became wildly popular on other planets.

“Oh look, honey! Mr. Quackers is on TV,” remarked Blossom to an already enraptured Lowell, as she took her seat beside him. The fluttery movements and bright colors immediately captivated Lowell, who sat there with his mouth wide open.

“Mommy? Is this where my stuffie came from?” asked Lowell quietly, eyes still glued to the screen.

“Mommy! Mommy! What are those people doing?” he asked again, interrupting Blossom. His eyes lit up as he watched Mr. Quackers interact with a grown woman in a crib, diaper and all.

“Dear, she’s just like you, a baby. Don’t you see?” answered Blossom gently, peering down at him and ruffling his hair. Lowell was trying to piece this new information together, about their being other adult babies, about his sweet stuffie gift from Blossom being tied to a TV series, about him currently being in a waiting room waiting for who-knows-what, when Blossom yanked him out of his seat and tugged him towards a lady in scrubs. The nurse took his measurements, then guided them both to a new room, and told them the doctor would be in shortly. Lowell got extra apprehensive once the word doctor was said aloud, even though by that point he had an idea of what was happening.

“Hands off your diaper, sweetheart,” Blossom said, gently stopping Lowell’s hands from nervously playing with his diaper.

“Only Mommy touches that, you know bett-.” Blossom stopped mid-sentence to the sound of a delicate knocking on the door, followed by a tall, shapely woman entering the room.

“Good afternoon, uhm, Ms. Blossom,” the doctor said, looking at her clipboard to verify the names. The back of her clipboard was covered in cartoon animal stickers, mostly lions. It was easy for Lowell to see why a lion might be this doctor’s animal of choice, considering they had similar skin tones. The doctor’s skin was a stunning shade of pastel orange, and matched with her platinum blonde hair she looked not unlike a creamsicle. She appeared quite yummy to Lowell, come to think of it. “What brings you in today?”

“I’m sure you can tell from the diapers, that Lowell’s been having some accidents recently. He’s wet the bed and peed himself to the point where I just don’t see any other option,” Blossom said to the doctor.

Lowell was mortified that this conversation had to take place, but especially without him! They were treating him just like a baby! He pouted a bit from being ignored while the doctor took asked about his medical history, which Blossom was more than happy to fill in. But deep down, Lowell knew that this was necessary. He’d had three big accidents within a day, afterall. Of course, he was going to need to be checked out by a doctor. He was only glad Blossom was here to take care of this uncomfortable situation too.

“Sit up there, Lowell. Let the Doctor examine you now,” ordered Blossom. Lowell complied without hesitation, plopping his padded behind down on the exam table. Doctor Honeyby reached down, checking Lowell’s diaper. The diaper was extra heavy and warm, letting her know exactly how wet it was.

“Well, at least the diapers are doing their job and not leaking all over my office,” joked the doctor, laughing along with Blossom. Lowell shrunk down in the chair, suddenly noticing just how warm and wet he felt. When did that happen? When did he suddenly become such a little boy, wetting himself everywhere, and not even noticing himself flooding his diapers? His shame had an immediate, yet unexpected effect, and he quickly felt himself become aroused beneath his diaper. Oh no, not now! The doctor swiftly undid his diaper, ready to give him a much needed diaper change, when she paused, looking down at Lowell’s weewee.

“Well, I think I see the problem now.”

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Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Mommy wanted to show off Lord Quackington IV, the stuffed animal duckie from her abdl series “Lowell’s Little Lessons”! In the story, he’s a green version of Lowell’s bestest friend ever, Mr. Quackers! He may be a silly green duck with a lemon slice hat, but he too is a loyal stuffie :slight_smile:

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

I’ve just really been having too much fun with these.

Re: Lowell’s Little Lessons

Chapter 6:

“Well, I think I see the problem now,” said Dr. Honeyby, peering down at Lowell’s weewee.

Dr. Honeyby was born and raised on Sieliu, and therefore wasn’t especially knowledgeable when it came to humans. She was an expert doctor to many foreign alien species, and knew those species native to Sieliu like the back of her hand, but Earth, and by extension it’s humans, was not widely studied among other planets. Physically, humans shared a lot of similar characteristics to many other species, but culturally, not much was known about them. Other planets tended to ignore Earth completely, save for one valuable thing Earth offered: Mr. Quackers Variety Hour. The television show was so popular and demanded by outside planets that often it was the only bit of Earth culture any nonnative knew about. Thus, it was the only reference Dr. Honeyby had in mind while treating Lowell.

“This is not the proper size at all,” she said. While Lowell liked to think that he was in fact on the larger side of the spectrum in that regard, the truth was simply that in that moment he had been aroused, and thus appeared significantly larger. However, the doctor snapped on some rubber gloves and reached behind her to grab a jar of topical cream, unaware that physically Lowell was fine. Emotionally though, Lowell was having some difficulties. He was still processing Dr. Honeyby’s statement about his size when he looked down and noticed a distinct dribbling. His weewee was slowly leaking pee onto himself. Lowell turned bright red and immediately tried to stop the tiny flow with his hands when Blossom reached out and stopped him.

“That’s not for you to touch anymore, dear. Besides, the doctor says that’s what’s causing this whole mess. And boy, is this mess getting bigger every second,” teased Blossom, staring down at Lowell’s leakage. Lowell shrank down into the seat, but his arousal renewed from all the embarrassment.

Blossom and the doctor turned away from Lowell briefly, discussing the problem at hand in low, hushed tones. In a flash, Dr. Honeyby returned, stood over Lowell, and stuck her hand into some jar, pulling away a hand covered in an almost sparkly cream. The cream was irridescent to the point of almost glowing. She began delicately applying it to Lowell’s sensitive area, making him audibly gasp at first.

Blossom giggled, always delighted to see her little boy in new humiliating situations. She knew from the sexually-charged diaper change she gave him earlier that he’d been beginning to become desperate, and she was hoping for some more teasing before he got a release. If she decided to ever give him one, that is. Chastity was beginning to sound better and better to Blossom.

Lowell leaned back and closed his eyes, unable to stop his body from reacting to the doctor’s soft hand. The doctor knew the cream wouldn’t have the intended effect unless she was very thorough, so she continued massaging it into him up and down, up and down. Lowell arched up his hips and humped her hand rhythmically. Dr. Honeyby actually wasn’t more than about thirty seconds into applying the cream before Lowell erupted.

Dr. Honeyby was shocked to see Lowell reacting in such a way, and was even more shocked as she watched the remnants of Lowell’s cummies soar straight towards her face. The white glob landed on her cheek as she was still bent over him, leaving her stunned. In her experience, babies weren’t supposed to be capable of this reaction at all.

Pulling away, Dr. Honeyby disposed of her gloves and quickly wiped off her face with a nearby paper towel, all the while Blossom was rapidly apologizing for Lowell’s behavior.

“I am truly sorry for what just happened, doctor. I cannot believe Lowell behaved like that. Believe me- he is going to be punished when we get home,” explained Blossom, her mind immediately coming up with some delightful little punishments for the messy boy. Dr. Honeyby merely waved off the apologies, having been in far more uncomfortable situations with patients before. She thought it better to just move past it, in order to focus on the more pressing matters at hand.

Lowell wanted nothing more than to be able to turn invisible right now. He had never in his life been so embarrassed; that even included earlier that day when he’d thought he was big enough not to wear diapers, but then had a big accident in front of lots of people outside his lab. His lab! The place where he was supposed to be adult enough to work in! But he hadn’t even been able to make it through the front doors without wetting himself!

This really took the cake though. Lowell squirmed more, his wet diaper still beneath him. He felt like he could just shrink. Shrink right down to a poovaberry-sized version of himself; small enough to roll off the exam table and find a nice place to hide. He could live out the rest of his days in this office, not having to worry about anyone seeing him lose control of his bladder or weewee ever again. He wondered if he’d make a good berry, actually. Live a good berry life. So far this whole being human thing had been kind of a disaster.

While Lowell contemplated the pros of being a fruit, part of his wish actually did come true. Lowell did shrink a little bit. Or, to be more accurate, a little part of Lowell did shrink a lot. Blossom and the doctor gathered around him, peering down at his weewee, still covered in the shimmering cream.

Looking down at what all the fuss was about, Lowell let out a huge gasp. His weewee! His manhood was practically gone. Certainly not manly anymore. It was about the size of a baby’s now!

“What?! What happened?” he squealed.

“I returned it to the size it should have been all along. That’s what the cream was for.” stated the doctor matter-of-factly.

“You did what?! You actually shrunk it? Without even asking me?” cried Lowell. His embarrassment about making a mess all over the doctor’s face subsided, making way for a proper temper tantrum.

“Hush now,” commanded Blossom. “Dr. Honeyby consulted with me first, and I agreed it was in your best interest. You don’t get to make these types of decisions anymore. You don’t get to make any decisions anymore. Babies only do as they’re told.”

Working almost independent from the rest of his body, Lowell’s mouth snapped closed real quick. She was right. He wasn’t capable of making big decisions for himself anymore. He couldn’t even control his bladder anymore, much less the rest of his life. Lowell hung his head down, staring down at his tiny, tiny weewee peeking back up at him.

“Now then, this change should help with little Lowell’s incontinence issues. After a short period in diapers, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be able to potty train him again, now that everything is the right size. However, there will be some side effects. For starters, Lowell won’t be able to have orgasms while this change is in effect. Also, you might notice some general redness, but that should go away within the hour.” explained Dr. Honeyby as she finished Lowell’s diaper change. She sprinkled on some baby powder and put him into a fresh new diaper, all nice and snug. This diaper had cartoon lions on it, which was a dead giveaway to anyone of Lowell’s infancy.

“Of course, this change is only temporary. It should last about three weeks, so have my receptionist schedule you a follow-up appointment to make sure Lowell stops being such an adorable little peepants,” teased the doctor, winking and bopping Lowell on the nose to lighten the mood.

Before Blossom could reply, a thunderous sound rang through everyone’s ears, followed by a large plume of smoke appearing in the corner of the room. An ominous figure jumped out of the smoke, somehow cloaked by darkness despite being in such a bright room. Quick as a flash, the figure grabbed a diapered Lowell by the wrist and snapped its fingers, transporting them in an instant.