Love story chapter six

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Chapter six

Charles woke up to a wet diaper. This both bothered him and delighted him. Perhaps he was finally becoming a bed wetter. Still needing to pee He relaxed and felt the diaper get warm. Nothing felt as good to him as a diaper that was just wet. The warm pee seemed to wrap his body is a good feeling. Sadly this feeling would have to wait. Getting out of bed Charles took off his diaper and ran to take a shower. After his shower he stood in the middle of the room and debated. It had been a month since he told Vicki about his baby side and she had shown that she was OK with it. But would she be OK with him wearing diapers outside the apartment. Charles was standing there debating with himself the pros and cons when the doorbell rang. Tying up his bathrobe he went to see who was at the door. To his delight there stood Vicki.

" To what do I owe this honor? " Charles asked giving her a kiss on the cheek.
" I wanted to take you to church this moring." Vicki answered.
" I was just getting dressed. " Charles told her as he headed back to his room.
" You gonna wear a diaper?’ Vicki called after him.

Charles stopped and came back into the room. " Why did you ask that?" " Because I know deep down you want to. " " And you would be OK with it." " Sure…Its not like I care one way or the other."
" OK. I’ll do it." With that Charles went into his bedroom and put on a diaper and then his black suit.
After a moment Charles walked into the living room and recieved high praise from his girlfriend.
" You look very sharp."
" Thank you"
" Now after church I want to go to a lunch and a movie. You better bring along a spair diaper to change into. "
" OK. " Charles said grabbing his backpack. Soon he had everything he needed and they were off to church.

Church was a little hard for Charles that morning. He kept hearing his diaper crinkle every time he moved and was sure everyone around him could as well. It was the first time he had worn outside of his apartment and he was keenly aware of it. True nobody, except for Vicki, knew he was in diapers but it still felt weird. After service Vicki and Charles stayed around to talk to a few friends. It was a this time that Charles felt himself pee. He smilled a little bit as he wet his diaper. The warm feeling spreading across him was wonderful. It was the same feeling he had in his apartment that morning. He also felt a tingle of joy at getting away with something that most of the world would look down apon. Vicki hugged him as well as if to say she knew what was going on. This pleased Charles even more. After talking to a few friends, both of them went out to Vicki’s car and got in. Ready to head out to lunch. As they were pulling out of the church driveway Vicki spoke up.

" Your wet aren’t you?"
" Yes a little."
" Can you hold on till the resturant to change? ’
" Of course I can. "

With that they drove off in silence Each one wondering what was going to happen next. Vicki for her part was thinking only one thought. " Step one done."