/love story chapter seven

Hey everyone. Thought i did not have any idea where to take this story but this morning I got one. So here is the latest chapter. Hope everyone enjoys. Comments are requested.

Love story chapter seven.

Vicki woke up with a smile on her face. Things with Charels had been going wonderfully for the past few months and she wa glad to have found him. During the past two months she had been learning all there was to know about adult babies and what they need. She really wanted Charles to be happy and the research had shown her how to do that. True it had been tought tryign to find the time with school and homework and spending time with Charles. But it had been worth it. SHe had even been rewarded for her efforts by a better boyfriend. Being able to be open with her about everything had made Charles more loving and caring then seemed possable.

Charles woke up early this morning. He was excited. It had been a year since he started dateing Vicki and he was looking forward to many more. His mind re played the past few months and he was totally amazed. Vicki seem to enjoy his babyside as much as his adult side. She seemed to generally care about both. During the past few months she had been encouraging him to wear diapers and he had been getting more risky as time went on. He now seem to wear diapers whenever he was with her and this made him very happy. Vicki seemed to love him and that was a good thing. Still something seemed missing and Charles could not put his finger on it. Something else was still needed and he wanted it deep down. So deep that even he did not know for sure what her was needing.
Charles lay in bed feeling his wet diaper around his waste. It was another Sunday morning and he was looking forward to spending time with Vicki and needed to get up. Stgill part of him wanted to stay in bed for the day. While laying there thinking his phone rang.

" Hello Sweetheart. " He said into the device.
" Hello Baby. " Vicki responded.
" What can I do for you this morning."
" How about getting dressed and meeting me for breakfast before church."
" Sounds like a plan. "
" Good see you in 30 mintues. "

with that Vicki hung up. Charles looked at himself and proclaimed rather quickly. GET UP NOW. Soon he was out of the shower and dressed for the day and pacing. Vicki was indeed the love of his life and he wanted everything to be perfect. But something still nagged at him. He still did not knwo how far he wanted to take his baby needs. Part of his wanted to be a baby fulltime. To wear diapers and sleep in a crib and everything that went with it. Another part of him thought this was to much. Charles was also not sure how he wanted Vicki to play with him. Did he want her as a mommy as well as a girlfriend and maybe his wife. He had a hard time thinkning that Vicki would want to spend her life with a guy in diapers. He loved her and new that she loved him but this was still a streach for him. Charles was deep in these thoughts when the doorbell rang. Opening it he found his Vick standing there. He reached in and gave her a kiss. Whiel they were kissing Vicki squeesed his rear end. This made Charles jump a little inside. Vicki suddenly pulled back.

" Whats wrong."
" Your not in diapers."
" No I am not"
" Why not?"
" Figured i give it a break today."
" Oh "
" Is that ok my princess. "
" To be honest. "
" Always. "
" Its not."

Charles was taken back buy this. Vicki was bothered by the fact that he was not wearing diapers.

" Why ’
" Because i want you in diapers. "

Again Charles was shocked.

" So go put one on this mintue."
" Or what? " Charles said
" or I’ll put it on you myself. "

Charles looked at Vicki. He looked deep into her eyes and double checked what she had just said. Her eyes told him she was serious. Opening the door frof her Charles simply said be back in a minute and went a put a diaper on. Vicki watched him head to the bedroom and wondered why she had said what she had said. Would she really have diapered him. She was not sure at the moment. The only thing she was sure of was that she needed to keep Charles embrasing his babyside. Soon Charles came out of the bedroom fully dressed and both of the left. Vick again squeesed his real and was happy to see that he had in fact put a diaper on. Soon they were off to breakfast and church.