love story chapter nine

Sorry this chapter took so long. I was busy with Christmas Stuff.

Chapter nine

To say the wedding was wonderful would have been a understatement. Both the bride and groom looked perfect. It was like just out of a fairy tale. After a long day of wedding details and enjoying the day with friends and family the bride and groom headed for the hotel. There they made love for the first time and it was well to be honest it was awkward. Still it was a good time it was just not that great of a start. Both of them new that it would get better.
After making love and holding each other for what seemed to Charles at least like forever. Vicki got up and went to the suitcases. Pulling one out she opened it and Charles could not believe what he saw. The small suitcase looked like an AB dream. It contained diapers and plastic pants and other baby things. Vicki grabbed a diaper and went over to her new husband.
“Remember our agreement.”
" Yes I remember. "
" Good "
With that being said Vicki calmly put her husband back into diapers. Charles lay there and let her do it. His only thought was how lucky could a guy be. He had found and married the girl of his dreams. Soon he was wearing nothing but a diaper. It was then that Vicki spoke.
" Repeat after me. "
" OK "
" I Charles, am a baby from now on. I am no longer potty trained. I will do what my wife/mommy tells me to do. for the rest of my life. So help me God. "

Charles repeated everything he was told to repeat and did so proudly. This had been a little surprising to him but he had gone along with it. After reciting the oath Charles lay back down and was doubly amazed when his new bride produced a sleeper from one of the suitcases. Vicki put it on him and then handed him a pacifer to sleep with as well.

Charles woke up the next morning to a strange feeling. he could not put his figure on it for a moment. It was only a second or two before he realized that Vicki was changing his diaper while he slept.

" Good morning"
" Oh your up."
" Barley. "
" Well I’ll be done in a jiffy."
" I need a shower. "
" Oh. OK. "

Charles stood up to be ready for a shower when Vicki spoke.

" Or would you rather I bath you?"

The question shocked Charles. The thought had never accord to him. But after a moment he told her no. He needed the time in the shower. She was welcome to join him however. Soon the two of them were in the shower kissing and being lovers. The even managed to make love for the second time on their honeymoon and this time it wasn’t so bad. After their shower Vicki got dressed and Stopped Charles from doing the same. " You are my baby. I will dress you. " Charles just smiled and laid down on the bed. Soon he was dressed for the day and after kissing his bride for a moment the two of them headed out the door to do a little site seeing.

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