love story chapter four

Here is the latest chapter of my story. I hope you all enjoy it. As always comments are welcome.


Chapter four.

Vicki sat in her car. She was not sure what to feel. Her mind raced threw the past conversation with Charles. She truly was falling in love with the man he was. Still what he had to her had shacken her to the core. What was she going to do. Vicki decided to go for a drive. As she drove around she thought about what Charles had told her. Her mind was filled with many questions. Finding herself back at home she went to look things us on the internet. She was shocked at all the information that was there for the picking. This was going to take some time.
A few hours later Charles woke up with a start. It took him a mintue to figure out where he was. He was home and in bed. Memories of the past conversation with Vicki came to mind. Well he had done it. He had told her the truth and now it was in her hands. Charles slowly sat up. One thing surprised him. His diaper was wet. He did not remember wetting it. THis was in some ways a good thing. Still it scared him a little. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts he walked over to hsi phone and tried to call Vicki. Getting her voicemail Charles simply asked her to call him. He needed to know if they were getting together later that day or not. Afterwards Charles went back to bed. Trying to describe the feelings he was having. He truly was falling in love with Vicki and wanted her in his life. He wanted her to be OK with the babyside of him. Yet he was scared that finding out he liked to be a baby had scared her off. The other thing that was moving threw his mind was his feelings about his babyside as well. As he sat there is a wet diaper part of him wanted to change into a dry diaper and part of him wanted to throw all his baby stuff out and try and figure a way back into Vicki’s heart. The feelings seemed to overwelm him. After a moment or two he figured out his true need and changed into a dry diaper. Something about being in diapers seem to calm his fears.
The next thing he did was log onto the internet. He wanted to see if people had posted about his problem or not. Truth be told it was a little late but he still wanted to know what they thought. By a overwelming majority they said to come clean. So he at least had that going for him. Charles sat at his computer and tried to figure out what to do next. Looking out the window at the snowy ground gave hime little comfort. He wanted to talk to Vicki and find out where she stands. He needed to know what to do and nothing was coming to his mind. This had to be the hardest thing he had every done in his life and now he was in limbo. His mind quickly ran thru all the possabilites that could come from this.

  1. She could never want to see him again. The thought of this made his stomach ache. He truthfully wanted this woman in his life. He was not ready to call it love… But he felt something he had not felt before.

  2. She could stay with him yet make him give up his babyside. This also turned his stomach. He had worked to hard with his therpist on accepting who he was to give it all up now. Yet if she asked he would have a hard time chooseing diapers and being a baby over this wonderful woman.

  3. She could stay with him and learn to enjoy his babyside. This idea pleased him and he found himself thinking that this would be wonderful. He also had to admit that it was far fetched. He still was not sure what he wanted in Vicki as far as his babyside was.

It was while thinking about these things that the phone rang. It was her ring. Running to the phone Charles picked it up and shacking answered it.

" Hello."
" Hi "
" How are you? "
" Not sure at the moment "
" Anything i can do?"
" No. I just wanted to call and cancel our plans for tonight. I need time to think. "
" OK. "
" One other thing. Don’t call me. I will call you when I am ready OK. "
" OK. "
" Chat with you later. "

With that Vicki hung up the phone. Charles found himself on the floor. Tears started flowing. He had lost her. He knew it in his heart. Charles looked across the room and saw one of his pacifers under the couch. Picking it up he washed it off and the went back to bed. Once again he crawled into bed and cried himself to sleep.