love story chapter five

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chapter five

Seven days it had been seven days. Charles was in a state of numb the whole week. He seem to float threw the work week and that was probably not good. His mind was consumed with thoughts of her. Each morning of that week he had gotten up removed his wet diaper, showered and made breakfast. But looking back on the week he remembered nothing. He wanted to call her to tell her so many things. But he respected her wishes and stayed away. Each night he climbed into bed and cried himself to sleep.
Sunday morning came again and he hoped she would be at church and they could talk. But she was not there. Charles was beginning to think she was never gonna talk to he again. His mind was loaded with guilt and pain. Why did he tell her? Why didn’t he keep his big mouth shut?
Sunday afternoon came and Charles just lay in his bed and waited for the day to end. He lay in bed crying about how stupid he was being. He was so busy crying that he did not hear the door at first. Soon he was running to the door. At least it would be someone to talk to. Opening the door he stood face to face with: Her.
Vicki walked into the room and quietly went over to the couch and sat down. Charles seemed to sense the need to talk and went and sat near her. Not wanting to upset her Charles just sat there and looked at her.
" Don’t you have anything to say? " She asked finally.
" I don’t know what to say. " Charles answered.
Vicki took a deep breath. Truth be told it had been a tough week for her as well. She had not been prepared for what Charles had said to her. Of course looking back on it who would have?
" So" She started " I’ve been doing some thinking and some research. " Vicki then went on to explain the past week to Charles.
She had left a week ago and gone out to her car. Driven home and had a good cry over things. She was not upset per say as much as she was just overwhelmed. Charles listened to her talk and waited to see what she wanted. Vicki continued to talk about how she had gone on the internet and look things up and learned more than what she probably wanted to know. To that end she had some questions for him and she wanted honest answers.
" Shoot "
" Do you like wearing diapers all the time? "
" Not currently. I would love to but I do not have the guts yet. "
" So when do you wear diapers?"
" Mostly at home…When I am alone."
" Are you wearing one now? "
" Yes "
" Are you looking for me to be some sort of mommy "
" Truth be told I am not sure. I would not want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. "
" That is all my questions for the moment. "
" OK "

The two of them sat in silence for a moment. Charles Finally broke the ice by mentioning going to dinner and a movie. Vicki said sure. The two of them left Charles’ apartment in search of food and a good movie.

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