Lost but never Forgotten

First attempt at an ABDL story, I am taking the characters from a story I wrote a while ago.

This section introduces the few main characters.

A few names are thrown around but only a few are recurring others are supporting cast.

I do hope you enjoy it.

The update will be a few days I apologize for this.

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Chapter One: Night Time Snow

Sarriss sat in the park on the swing kicking her legs back and forth taking a deep breath feeling the chilling December winds blow against her exposed legs. She had tights on that her boots covered most of but it did little to protect her against the bite of the impending snow storm that the news had been calling for.

She knew she would have to be heading home soon. She kicked her legs back and forth holding onto the chains that suspended the swings with her gloved hands sighing as she glanced around the empty park, she had been sitting here since she had gotten out of class, she really didn’t want to head home.

There was tension at home, tension over everything her parents were always fighting, her elder sister was never home and no one knew what had happened to her older brother, he had just left one day without a word. She sighed as she pushed off of the ground throwing the seat back so she could swing back and forth some before heading home.

As she slid the swing to a stop she heard someone scream. It was a scream of fear, she had heard her sister scream out a lot in the night that same scream the same scream that made her wish she could make the pain stop, that is what their brother had always done. Her father had never let her or her sister forget they were not his wayward son; especially now that their mother got her promotion and worked more hours at her firm.

She reached into the pocket of her jacket and removed the small can of pepper spray she was given as she watched something running through the trees and bushes of the park. A figure ran through the bushes a young lady who looked no older than her own fourteen years. She was running and screaming for help, it was dark she could not tell what was chasing her or the condition of the girl but she was sure if she needed to she could ride her double on her bike.

The young girl tripped and flew forward falling to the ground the things that were chasing her were getting closer they were cackling with maniacal laughter. Without thinking she ran forward and shook the can of pepper spray kneeling next to the girl trying to pull her up but the young girl was in hysterics.

“Leave me just go don’t let them get you too!” she wept but Sarriss shook her head.

“No I am not leaving you; come on my bike is just up the way.” Sarriss spoke helping her up and the laughter grew closer she looked up to see a figure wearing a dark cloak and a hood his eyes glowering red with hatred.

Quickly Sarriss pressed the trigger and sprayed him in the eyes and face; the man wheeled back screaming in agony as he fell to the ground. Sarriss pulled the young girl up and the two began to run.

A dark figure became a blur the two were stopped by three more that were cackling and laughing as Sarriss held out her arm protectively of the strange girl she had just met.

“Think that will stop us?” the leader who she had sprayed inquired they were completely encircled there was no escape and the young lady gripped Sarriss’s arm weeping as she fell to her knees. Her weeping changed to maniacal laughter as the man pushed Sarriss to the ground beside her. She had seen something that Sarriss had not.

“You shouldn’t have been a naughty little girl,” the man growled and a whistling was heard a dart struck the ground before his feet and a voice spoke to both of the young ladies.

“Cover your eyes!” the whisper held intent to it.

Sarriss threw herself over the stranger and closed her eyes tight, she heard the high pitched whistle followed by a scream, and then another.

A voice spoke a voice Sarriss had not heard since she was nine years old.

“I warned you Gartravas!” the voice spoke and she looked up to see a man standing before the two a mantel piece on his shoulders holding a tattered cloak that flowed about his body, she could not see any distinguishing characteristics of the man that stood before her.

“Pitiful boy, do you honestly think you can stop us!” the man screamed and he stepped forward holding out his left hand and the voice that had whispered to the two appeared kneeling down next to them.

“I do apologize, petites filles but this is not for your innocent eyes, nor ears.” she spoke with a heavy Creole accent, her cloaks closing around the two.

Sarriss held onto the young lady tight, they were bathed in a white soothing light unable to hear anything but the soft and kind wind that soothed their sorrows and worries.

“You are a fool to believe you can defeat me!” Gartravas screamed dashing forward and the man spun around kicking him in the chest knocking him back.

Quickly the man bounded for him grabbing his throat lifting him from the ground he threw him to the ground once more causing his body to bounce from the ground upon impact. Whilst only inches off of the ground the man kicked him back down holding his foot against Gartravas’ chest a saber in his hand. His cold crystal blue eyes staring down into the red eyes that belonged to this man giving his master the dominion to see through them whenever he pleased.

“Dispatch him!” a heavy masculine voice screamed and the man released the blade it disappeared into the cool night as the storm clouds overhead broke and it began to storm.

He moved his foot from the creature’s chest that had taken the form of a human closing his right fist which began to mist and steam black. He dropped to his the ground quickly punching his fist through the cloaks that Gartravas’ was wearing the horrid high pitched wailing filled the air as a black specter rose from the body thrashing and howling snapping its phantasmal jaws.

The man stood rolling back his shoulders as the phantasm returned to its master. The snow began to fall in thick sheets now. “You do not give the orders around here Jacal,” the man spoke turning around looking to the white haired female whose eyes were glowing white her cloaks draped over the two young ladies.

“Kanthos I do not know how long I can hold this up!” she hissed and he nodded looking at the other female that had returned dragging a tore shirt sleeve across her blade a satisfied smile across her face.

“That was bloody close,” she growled and he nodded holding out his left hand his eyes glowing white lifting the white haired female from the two scared teenagers a white light covered both of their bodies.

“What should we do with them?” The man known as Jacal inquired walking forward. He wore black cloaks as had Kanthos, but only Kanthos wore the mantel piece amongst the quartet.

“I don’t know,” Kanthos spoke feeling the snow layering around his feet. He stepped forward and knelt down next to Sarriss brushing a lock of her long blonde hair back, she had a content smile upon her face he looked up to the female wearing all white and she gave a weak smile.

“I took the petite filles to their happy place.” She spoke and he nodded sighing looking at the two, the enchantment would wear off soon and they would be scared. They been charged with locating the young teen that Sarriss was holding protectively.

“Jacal, Ariel I want you two to go back to Sanctuary.” Kanthos said this burdened by memories. “Licindel, I want you to stick close to the girls. I’ll figure a way to get this explained.” He spoke placing his right hand over his heart and the mantel collapsed around his body, his cloaks tattered and flowing had now become a blue dress uniform as one would wear in the military.

“Kanthos if we return without news on the girl Elder Keobiatay will have our hides.” Jacal replied to the statement and Kanthos turned to look into his teammate’s ashen hazel eyes. As he opened his mouth to speak it was Licindel the voice of reason who stepped up placing her hand on his chest forcing his eyes to meet hers she smiled innocently.

“Please ami for me?” Licindel did not allow him to break eye contact, although he had fought her hold on him, with her unique seductive charms. He nodded his agreement and she lightly kissed his cheek.

“What do we tell Elder Tali and Mistress Talia?” Ariel whispered giving an involuntary shiver as the wind began to pick up.

“You tell Talibraska I will report in when I can ensure the children are safe.” Kanthos growled stroking his goatee giving a sideways glance to Jacal who bowed and disappeared in the next gust of wind as did Ariel leaving Licindel and Kanthos standing looking at one another.

“You get petite filles home, and I’ll ensure that everything is cleared here.” Licindel spoke her seductive whisper to him his eyes a cobalt blue reflecting the snow as it fell to the ground. He knelt down and held his ungloved hands above the girls and he felt a great anguish coming from both, he inhaled sharply shaking his head.

“No, you take them. There is something I must do.” Kanthos stood and inhaled deeply exhaling slowly a blue mist rose from his nostrils giving his eyes a gray appearance as he closed his hands together. An unspoken incantation was heard as the storm’s ferocity increased.

The bike’s rear wheel bent and the left handle bar bent as well the bike disappeared.

“I’ll take them to the bike, and you call Tara,” Kanthos gave this as an order; Licindel could tell by the look upon his pastel face he was not giving a request. Once more he knelt in the snow both knees pressed firmly against the frozen earth he placed a hand on each girl and they were covered with a silver light the two disappeared at the same moment as Licindel.

Feeling they were safe for the time being he bowed his head in frustration placing his arms over his chest as if he were in a casket his thumbs interlaced, the mantel appearing over his body once more, a half helm appeared over his head with a blackened steel chainmail coif. The half helm covered his eyes completely and held a guard for his nose.

Inside of a large five bedroom house, at the end of a road a young woman sat at her computer desk tapping her pen against the calculus notebook she was staring at. She glanced at the clock; her mother had called and told her she was staying at the office until the storm let up.

Her father had come home from work with a bottle of whiskey and locked himself in the basement to “think”, her worry was for her younger sister, she was normally home and had promised her she would come straight home if it started to storm outside.

“Sarriss is a smart girl right?” she inquired to the purple monkey sitting atop her computer screen, its plastic eyes stared back at her, she looked intently as if waiting for a response.

She turned away from her computer walking to her bed she threw herself onto it into the awaiting arms of her pillow that was shaped as a giant teddy bear.

“What do you think?” she asked her teddy bear pillow holding it tight against her chest taking a deep breath, the memories of the bad things that had happened still rampant in her mind after all of these years.

She was a kid then, she had told herself it wasn’t her fault, the psychiatrist had told her that too but she didn’t believe them, she couldn’t now not that her brother had left, her security blanket when the nightmares came he had always been there when their parents could not be.

She turned over holding her teddy pillow looking at the full sized mirror resting against the wall. She looked at her strawberry-blonde hair that was resting loosely on her shoulders, it stretched the middle of her back she wanted to get it cut but her mother had told her how beautiful her hair looked, on Sundays the only day they really saw each other the ladies of the house would do each other’s hair and go out for a Sunday brunch.

“She’ll be okay,” she whispered to herself hugging her bear pillow tighter. She heard the wind outside and felt a solitary tear slid down her cheek sniffling.

“Where are you Kanthos?” she whispered pulling her blankets tight over her body as she closed her eyes. She wanted to see him again, four years ago he left around this time of year, Sarriss was about to turn ten and he had left her a birthday gift and then left.

She knew from checking in on her periodically throughout the night she still slept with the stuff doggy he had given her.

As she allowed herself to sink down into her bed allowing the comforters to engulf her in their warmth smiling as she remember how things were before when she and Sarriss would sit with their mother in the living room watching a movie cuddling close.

Her brother would be off to his own devices during those times, whether he was studying or outside clearing the walkway, or even outback training in his martial arts he had ensured they would have mommy daughter time, just as he and his father had their football games every Sunday and Saturday during the season.

As she felt herself drift to sleep she looked to the nightstand where her cell phone was sitting. She thought she had heard it ring; she did not want to leave the cocoon of her festive blankets, for they kept her safe as well as the dead bolt on her doors and windows.

Kanthos had installed them. She stared at the phone furrowing her brow she did not recognized the number as she pressed the green button to connect the call raising it to her ear. “He…hello,” she spoke nervously looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“Katherine Marsh?” the feminine voice on the other end inquired and she sat up in bed nodded furiously.

“Yes this is she,” she spoke her heart racing, the lady on the other end sounded official. Her mind immediately jumped to the worst. None of her friends called her Katherine or by her full name they called her Kate.

“Good, I was hoping that your sister was not too frightened to give me the right number. My name is Tara Stein, I am a doctor…” before she could finish speaking Kate interrupted her.

“Is she okay, where are you? I’ll come get her Miss Stein.” Kate went from tied to a nervous wreck in a few seconds.

“Please Katherine calm down, she is okay. She just wrecked her bike on some ice. She was with a friend, they are safe. I called your mother and let her know, she said she would pick her up on her way from work.” Tara’s explanation did nothing to comfort Kate’s fears, she was fearful of her little sister, and the hell she would catch from her mother for allowing her to be out so late.

After a few moments of silence Kate spoke. “Can I talk to her?” Kate’s voice was just above a whisper.

“Sure here she is,” Tara handed the phone over to Sarriss who took the phone.

“Kate?” Sarriss spoke sounding tired.

“Sarriss, are you okay? I am so sorry; do you want me to come get you? I’ll get dad’s keys.” Kate began to feel dizzy laying her head back against the large pillow her brother had given her.

“No Kate, I’m fine I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, I don’t want you out in this storm. I called mom she sounded upset but she told me she was staying at the office lodge tonight.” Sarriss sounded found; Kate knew she was worrying too much now her sister was somewhat safe.

“If you’re sure,” Kate spoke half heartedly she was lightheaded and wanted nothing more than sleep.

“I’m sure, get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow big sis,” Sarriss spoke yawning and Kate smiled closing her misty eyes.

“Love you,” Sarriss’s voice betrayed just how tired she truly was and with another yawn expelled Kate spoke to her little sister.

“Love you two little sis, get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kate spoke closing her eyes slipping back beneath her pillows.

“I will take good care of your sisters, don’t worry.” Tara spoke but this fell to deaf ears for Kate had fallen asleep.

High above the city atop a skyscraper the winds tore with deadly force against the cloaks of a man who stood atop it the helm covering his eyes protected his ears from the deathly howl, a hood covered the helm as well as the coif which began to frost.

Staring down at the snow covered streets, he saw the festive glare about the city oversize ornaments hung from the street lamps, and the sides of building lights strung up along the power lines twinkling as the snow caked the roads making the trip along them that much more dangerous.

He crossed his arms over his chest bowing his head he heard the silent prayer that he had heard so many times before, the silent prayer that had tore at his heart since he was a child and unable to stop those that had tried hurting his sister.

“Sleep well little ones I will be home soon enough even if it is not for long.” He whispered uncrossing his arms examining the two white dancing lights that encircled his palms, one upon each hand.

“Go to them and bring them sweet dreams.” He spoke clapping his hands together the two bolts of white shooting off in opposite directions locating their intended targets.

He crossed his arms once more raising his head he felt a pang of regret for the actions that he had taken. Actions that if they had not affected those that were close to him would have gone unnoticed, but he had to do what he had done to keep them safe. His masters had assured him of that many times.

“They are sleeping, have you completed your task?” a whisper upon the chaos of the winds reached his ear and he grunted turning on the tip of the building where he stood, taking in more of the positive energy that swelled in the city below, a city ignorant of its role in an upcoming battle.

“Nearly, ensure that the children are safe. I will arrive shortly.” He spoke his voice a gravely whisper as the snow built around him, resting upon the mantel and his hood.

He had come to this city once more with a purpose beyond that of ending a war, there were other forces at play forces he had seen drive the strongest of warriors to the brink of insanity. He would not let it happen to himself or the others.

He stepped forward feeling the wind rush past him as he held his arms out inhaling sharply against the cold sting of the snow that splashed against his exposed lips. He felt the darkness that had dwelled within him unleash for a brief moment, before he connected with the ground he was pulled away.

The accumulation of snow upon his black cloaks fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

He was in a room looking at the female that sat behind her desk looking at her computer screen sipping at her coffee she did not take notice to the intruder into her office, nor did anyone else.

Silently he stepped forward standing beside the desk looking at the photographs that sat on the desk.

A picture of two young ladies one goldenrod blonde, and the other strawberry blonde hugging each other,

another of a man who was wearing a business suit holding the woman that sat behind the desk.

The third of a young man who had jet black hair, he was muscular resembling a sports player but he wore a martial arts uniform a red dragon adorned the left breast of the black uniform. His face etched from stone, his eyes deep set emotionless voids of dark blue. He was sitting on a large stone that was in a yard a smirk on his face.

She glanced to the photographs removing her glasses she rubbed her eyes sighing.

“Where are you?” she whispered and he bowed his head sighing as he caressed the picture of the young man. “I can never be there for them as you were.” Her voice was that of someone that had lost a loved one long ago.

He bowed his head disappearing from where he stood. The spectral form returned to its body.

Lost but never Forgotten

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