Loser's Fate

The game advanced along steadily. Each player move their pieces with extreme caution and precise judgment. There could be no mistakes, no play backs. It was this weeks bet, after all.

“Well I think SOMEONES underestimated their opponent” Sarah smiled as she moved a knight forward. She was a often outgoing girl, rather short, with long brown hair and green eyes. She was an artist, and had taken to writing from an early age, always willing to show her creativity even if it seemed bizarre. She face her opponent from across a heavy oak table, hoping to see him squirm. She was disappointed.

“Oh, and who might that be?” her husband replied, as he move a rook into place. Eric was almost the exact opposite of his wife. An engineering prodigy, he had graduated high school early and abstained from further education, preferring to work alone. Instead, he had had published several patents.

Both of them seemed to be very different, but in some ways, they were made for each other. Due to the nature of their work, they were fated to spending most of their time on their own. They were both seen as strange, even outsiders, Sarah because of her unwillinges to conform, and Eric almost without a choice due to his more logical, but less social, nature. They both agreed on a house in the wilderness, Eric for the solitude and Sarah for the inspiration nature provided. They both became rather wealthy, and used their freedom to play these games, on which they bet… well, anything the other wanted.

“Soooo… uhhh… what did you have planned for me this week, honey? You know I love you, right?” Sarah realized she had fallen into a trap. It was a bad idea for anyone to challenge Eric to a game of chess. Next week it would be pop culture trivia, and he could suck on that.

“Oh you will see honey, I promise it will be surprise” Eric replied, not taken by her brownosing.

Sarah wasn’t so sure. They had done it all, from simply cooking meals to childish pranks, French made dresses to chains and strait jackets. One time she had made HIM dress as the french maid. She suddenly worried that this week, she would regret that.

“Well, you’ve lost, kiddo. Come with me” he knocked over her king and took her by the hand, leading her upstairs. What did he mean by “kiddo”?

He led her into the bedroom and lay her on the ground, ordering her to stay in place. She stared at the ceiling wondering what he was doing as he walked into a closet across the hall. He returned later carrying a large bag.

Bending over, he undid her pants. “Wait, what ar…” Eric’s glare silenced her. She let him undress her, wondering what was next.
“Now I was wondering what I could do that would possibly be worse then that “maid” incident” (Sarah blushed) “and I think I have found the cutest possible solution. Lift up your legs.”

Sarah obeyed, confused, as he slid something underneath her. He lowered her legs down, and she felt a thick pad underneath her. What…

“A DIAPER!??! You can’t be serious! I am 24 years old! I… I am older then you! I’m taking it off!”

Eric put a hand on her chest, stopping her from sitting up. “You will do exactly as I tell you, like we agreed.” Pouting, she leaned back down.

He powdered her heavily. Sarah could smell the sweet baby powder on herself. Soon he pulled up the diaper between her legs and taped it snugly on her. It even had cartoon rabbits on it! It was so thick she couldn’t get her legs together! She could already feel her sweat making the material damp. Though, she had to admit, it did feel good in a way, like having a pillow wrapped around her.
But Eric wasn’t finished. He followed the diaper up with a pink onsie, complete with a butt flap and “baby girl” written across the front. It was tight enough to make the bulging diaper obvious and press it into her. He gave her a frilly bonnet and a pink pacifier, knee high socks and Mary Jane shoes. She blushed bright red. She would SOOOO make him pay for this.

“AWWW you look so adorable! Just like a real baby!” Eric turned her to face a mirror, and she was torn between crying and laughing at her appearance. She really was just like a toddler.

Eric patted her padded bottom playfully, getting her attention. “Now, this week you are going to be my baby. No arguments! I don’t even want you talking with that paci in your mouth. Lets go downstairs, and I will give the baby her supper.”

Sarah folded her arms and glared at him through her pacifier. His response was to pinch her cheek and say “you are so CUTE when you try to be angry! Now get moving before you earn a spanking.”

He took her by the hand down the stairs and into the kitchen. The padding made her waddle like a toddler, and she almost fell over several times.

“hmmmm… it seems you are having trouble walking. If I am not there to hold your hand, I want you crawling. Understood? Just so my baby doesn’t hurt herself” Sarah hoped he could feel her glaring at his back.

They arrived in the kitchen. Light shone in “Now, where did I put it…” Eric searched around the kitchen, finally going into the basement and returning with what looked like a pile of wood. “Here, found this at a…. very strange garage sale.” He opened it up and put it down. IT WAS A HIGH CHAIR! Made for someone distressingly close to Sarah’s own height. She soon found herself lifted up by her husband an placed into it, a belt holding her in place. Her husband was surprisingly strong, and though she hated to admit it, it was nice being taken care of. Perhaps she could get used to this.

Her husband produced a large baby bottle of milk and bowl of mashed vegetables. Where did he get these things? Sarah supposed with his money and the internet it was possible, but still…

“Now open for the air plane! Vroooom…”

Sarah realized he was intending to feed her. And actual baby food! She parted her lips, accepting the overly sweet mush and swallowing. She squirmed in her diaper, feeling the padding rubbing against her as he feed her spoonful after spoonful. It was humiliating! But somehow, comforting. Soon she had eaten the entire bowl, and drank her milk.

“Good baby! Now play with your toys while daddy goes to eat.” He popped a pacifier in her mouth and set her down in play pen made with previously owned fences. Essentially, it was a cage. Inside she found a pile of dolls and coloring books. Flipping through them, she found that each book was filled with pictures of characters in diapers, being spanked, messing, and being feed bottles. Oh well, better get started.

Eric stared at his wife from the other room, coloring in her little books while she hummed a happy song through the paci. She was so cute! He should have done this long ago.

Suddenly she stopped “uhhh. dada?”

“Yes baby girl?”

“uhhh…. I has to go to the potty” Sarah was afraid of what his response would be, but figured playing the role might improve her odds. That was the only reason for coloring in the books and talking like this. The ONLY reason.

“Well, I think we both know what the answer is going to be, don’t we?”

“No! You can’t make me!”

“Sweetie, what are you wearing?”

“uhhh… a diaper…”

“And who wears diapers?”


“Which makes you a…?”

Sarah refused to anwear.

“It makes you a baby” Eric answered for her.

“NO! Other people can wear diapers too! Your argument is logically flawed! Your affirming the consequent! Affirming the consequent! Affirming the consequent!”

“Fine then. What does your onesie label you as?”

“…Baby…” Sarah pouted.

“Good! And what do babies do in their diapers?”

“Bu… bu… NO! You can’t make me!” Sarah got up to her feet and tried to get a way. In an instant, she found herself over Eric’s knee. He couldn’t be… no…

SPANK! The first hit cam down hard upon her diapered rear. Even through the padding, it stung. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Eric rained down blows upon her diaper. “You will be a good baby, or you will get spanked, understand?” SPANK! SPANK!

“Yess ow! daddy! ow! I’m sorry!”

“Good girl.” He turned the girl over to sit on his knee. She squirmed slightly, trying to get comfortable on her sore backside. “Now, I think I should tell you the rules. First of all, babies stay in diapers, and use them properly. Yes, that means no potty for any reason. Secondly, when the paci is in your mouth, you cannot talk, or take it out, unless you want it replaced with soap. If you need to say something, point to it, and I will decide if you may, then you will call me “daddy” and speak in a baby’s voice. You will crawl unless I am there to hold your hand. You will do you best to act like a baby at all times. Understood?” She nodded “Good, then wet your diaper.”

“Pwease don may me…”

Eric simply raised his open hand as if to spank her again. Sarah quickly got the message.

Sarah closed her eyes and concentrated. It was difficult at first, but after a while, she began to feel a warmth spreading in her diaper. Her face turned red as a beet as she soaked her diaper. It was an odd sensation, very wet, and somewhat relaxing. She finished.

“I done dada.”

“Good, now before I change your diaper” (did he actually intend to change her?!?!) “there is one more thing to deal with. A minute ago you spat out your paci and yelled at me like a big girl. What did I say would happen if you did that?”

“uhhhh… soap?.. buh… buh….”

“Come on” Eric picked up the squirming girl as she struggled to get away. He took her to the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet. Her diaper crinkled underneath her, reminding her of the irony of where she was sitting. Eric grabbed a bar of soap, and, forcing her mouth open, shoved it in.

It was horrid! The taste was disgusting, and the entire idea of it was humiliating! She had never felt more childish in her life. She realized that this she what she was now, a diapered, pampered, bottle fed, hand led, baby. She began to whine loudly through the soap.

Soon the bar stopped going in and out of her mouth. Eric held a bottle to her lips. “Now, drink, and rinse the soap down,” he commanded. Still pouting, she obeyed.

When she finished, she looked into her hus… her daddy’s blue eyes. This was… nice. In a way, it was comforting not being taken care of. She could get used to the diapers.

Eric lifted her up, cradling her in his arms, with one hand patting her bottom. “Now I think it is somone’s bed time, don’t you?”
She opened her eyes in shock. It was barely 8:30! She tried to protest without speaking, shaking her head and mumbling “mmm mmm! mmm mmm!” through the pacifier.

“Now now, babies have early bed times, and you are clearly cranky. It will do you some good.” He carried her up the stairs to one of the spare bedroom. To her amazement, the entire thing had been converted into a nursery! The walls had been painted pink with princess and animals. Instead of a bed, there was an overgrown crib. In the corner was a changing table. How had he done this without her knowledge? She didn’t come in here often, but…

As if sensing her question, Eric responded “when you know the laws of physics, darling, anything is possible. Even a 4’11’’ baby.” Sarah blushed at that, squirming in embarrassment

Eric opened the closet, where she usually kept her spare clothes. Instead, she found it full of baby dresses, onsies, and overalls! An array of pinks, bright pastels, and baby blues almost blinded her. Her underwear drawer had been replaced with stakes of diapers, each with another babyish print on it. “Don’t worry darling, you can have you clothes back when I let you out of diapers. If I let you.”
He undid her onsie and untaped her sodden diaper. He removed it and cleaned her with baby wipes, then powdered her and lay three diapers underneath her. “They need to be thicker if they are going to last overnight” Eric explained. Whatever. Sarah leaned back and stared at the ceiling, letting him diaper her without protest. He taped each one of the diapers on her. She couldn’t even balance sitting up on all the padding, and it force her almost into the splits. It was also the softest thing she had ever worn. She decided that she liked it, despite herself.

Eric took out pink footie baby pajamas which had sleeping cartoon ponies on it, each one in its own little diaper. He dressed her, then lay her down in the crib among a pile of soft teddy bears.He kissed her cheeks and forehead, tucking her in as he did.
“Good night baby girl. Oh, and I realized you haven’t messed your diaper yet. Bad baby! You better wake up stinky, or your in for another spanking.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, making him laugh and ruffle her hair . She then twisted angrily. How dare he! He would SO pay next week! he…

Sarah suddenly stopped feeling angry. She picked up a pacifier and began sucking on it, finding it very soothing. She grabbed a teddy bear and cuddled with it. She began drifting off to sleep, wondering if he was serious about messing or getting spanked…

So this was the first story I wrote, a while back. Not exactly the best, and sort of cliche in retrospect… Any comments or critiques would be appreciated! Also more will follow.

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It was a nice story; quick and simple, but an effective setup for more.

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well there is more :stuck_out_tongue: I will be posting tomorrow, probably :slight_smile:

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thank you :slight_smile: I am glad you thing so

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Part Two: A Walk in the Park

Sarah’s eyes fluttered open to the beams of sunlight coming through the window. Gradually she became more aware of her surroundings, noticing the thick padding between her legs, the pink surroundings, the bars of her crib…

Sarah groaned as the memories of the day before came flooding back. So it HADN’T been a dream. She was lying in a crib, dressed in baby footie pajamas and a diaper, and (she noticed to some dismay) still willingly sucking on a pacifier and hugging a teddy bear. Something else struck her memory… Something Eric had said… If she didn’t mess her diaper before morning, she would be spanked.
A wave a panic came over her. Was he serious? She did feel the need to go, but in a diaper? It was just so… odd. She heard his foot steps coming through the hallway. What should she do? In desperation she began to push against her diaper, but it was too late.
Eric entered the room. “Good morning sleepy head! Did my baby have a good nights sleep?” He was already over her and picking her up out of the crib. His hand rested on her padded rear. “Huh, it seems you kept your diapers clean…”

Sarah looked at him in panic and despair. “PWEASE DON’T SPANK ME! I sowwy! I pwomise I’ll be a good baby!”

Eric looked down at her. “Alright. I won’t spank you now, but you still need to be punished. So, I have one condition.”

“Wha is it?”

“I want you to go out with me.”

“Wha?” This was unexpected.

“We will go out for breakfast, then walk around the park. If you do that, then you won’t get a spanking.”

“Uhhh… do I has to wears baby clo… cwothes?”

“You can wear a skirt and a t-shirt. Over your diaper, of course. If you can keep your diaper clean until we are back, you can even switch to training pants. But if you don’t, you will use them without complaint for the rest of the week and be my baby. Agreed?”
Sarah looked at him thoughtfully. This seemed… too good. Was he up to something? However, she was curious, and nodded her agreement.

“Alright then, lets get you cleaned and dressed!” Eric took Sarah to the bathroom where he removed her pajamas and diaper. He sat her in an already full bathtub and cleaned her with soap. Sarah decided that complaint was pointless and let him shampoo her hair as she sucked her pacifier. It was sort of nice to have someone else take care of her. Sort of. When he was done, he dried her off with a thick towel and lay her on the ground.

“Alright sweetie, remember the agreement. If you can keep the diapers clean, you are out of them. If not, you are my baby and will use them willingly. You already agreed, right?” Eric smiled down at her, clearly containing his laughter.

Sarah stared at him in fear. Why was he repeating that? Soon it became obvious. Eric lifted up her legs, and slid a small pill into her backside. This he followed with what felt like a plug. Then he powdered her and lay three thick diapers under her butt. He taped them on one after another.

What was he doing!?! This diaper was far thicker then anything she had been in the day before! And what was that pill! “HEY!” She complained “Whats going on? I thought you said I could going out in big girl clothes!”

“I said you could wear a t-shit and skirt over your diaper. I never said it would be a thin diaper. Oh, and if you want to use it, you will have to ask really nicely.” Sarah glared at him, realizing he wanted her to beg to mess diaper. Well, that certainly wasn’t going to happen.

After diapering her, Eric showed her her outfit for the day. Indeed, it was a shirt and a skirt. However, it in no way resembled something an adult would wear. The t shirt was purple and had pictures of Sesame Street characters on it. It was too small, and barely came down to her waist, leaving her mid rift exposed. Her skirt was even more childish, covered with pink flowers. She noticed that it did little to cover her thick diaper. Her padding visibly bulged, and every time she moved or bent over her diapered state was clearly shown. Anyone who paid any attention at all would notice. Eric finished by tying her hair into pigtails with pink bows.

Eric seemed oblivious to her humiliation this as he picked up a bag, grabbed her by the hand, and lead her out the door. She tried to struggle, but he pulled her forward and she was forced to waddle behind him as the diaper made walking normally impossible. Every step she took the diaper crinkled. She was sure it wasn’t that loud, but to her it was deafening.

Sarah blushed bright red and tried to hide her face as they went down the street. It seemed everyone they passed stared at her and looked down to see her humiliating undergarment. She was certain she heard snickers, and at least a few comments. Eric, however, appeared completely oblivious to this as he walked with her. Some seemed to think she was a child and paid no attention. She was certainly short enough, and with her clothes and hair style there was little to say otherwise.

Soon they arrived at the park, and Eric lead her to a food vendor. “Go on sweetie. Go tell the man what you want and I will pay.” He smacked her diapered bottom loudly to encourage her, causing her to blush. Now THAT definitely attracted stares.

Sarah walked up and ordered an eggs which they scrambled in front of her, Eric got a sand which. Soon the food was placed in front of them. Sarah reached to take hers, but to her surprise Eric knocked her hand away and picked it up himself. He took her by the hand again and led her to a bench. He sat down and patted his knee. He intended her to sit on his lap! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK! There were people watching. She began to pout.

Eric noticed her delaying and grabbed her by the waist to force her down. “There’s a good girl. Now open up!” To her horror, Sarah realized he intended to feed her.

“No please! I can… I can feed myself!” Sarah whispered, trying not to attract attention.

“Are you complaining little girl?” Eric reached into the bag behind him and took out a large, pink pacifier, complete with a string for securing it in her mouth. “I have a way of dealing with that, but you may not like it…”

Sarah shrank back from the pacifier and opened her mouth for the food, allowing him to feed her. As she ate, she became more and more aware of the growing pain in her gut. It must have been that pill he gave her! She had already needed to go, and combined with the suppository (which she realized, with a pout, was probably a laxative) and now the food… it was going to be a long day if she couldn’t use the toilet.

Finally they both finished eating. “Can we go home? Please?” she begged. “I’ll let you spank me! Just take me home!”

“No, we agreed to a walk in the park. If you need to make a mess in your diapers, you’ll have to ask nicely. But remember that will mean being a baby for the rest of the week.”

At this point, Sarah’s embarrassment turned to anger. “NO! I WON’T! You can’t make me, let me go!” she yelled, then blushed as she realized the attention she had just attracted to herself.

“Are you yelling at me little girl? You know what, over my lap. NOW!”

“NO PLEASE!” Sarah pleased as he turned her over his lap. He lifted up her skirt, exposing her diaper completely to the park, and began spanking.SPANK SPANK SPANK! He rained down blows as Sarah struggled uselessly against his arms.

When he was finished, he sat her on his lap again, not bothering to fix her skit. “Now will you be a good girl?” Sarah nodded. “Good. And for the complaining…” Eric took out the pacifier, popped it in her mouth, and tied it behind her head. Sarah blushed in humiliation but let him, not wanting another spanking.

Eric led her through the park, taking an excruciatingly long route to admire various trees and animals he pointed out. “Look sweetie, a bunny!” Sarah feigned interest, desperate to finish so she could get home before messing herself in public. At least the woods of the park were slightly more private. Her diaper was becoming more and more uncomfortable, with the padding trapping all the head of the day and walking around inside. It was soaked with sweat by the time they cleared the woods. Just when she thought they were heading back, Eric turned and led her to a playground. Sarah groaned as she noticed the small children playing on swings and slides, realizing that was what he intended for her.

To confirm her suspicions, Eric sat her in a baby swing over in the sand pit. With her small stature, the swing fit embarrassingly well. It shoved the thickness of her diaper against her, making the feeling of the padding and sweat even more obvious. Eric pushed her back and forth. She had to admit, it was fun, if humiliating. The height of the swing meant that even more people could see her, and she noticed a few kids pointing looking at her. Due to her short stature, she guessed at least a few assumed she was a little kid. She could pass for a five year old, she supposed. As if that was comfort.

With a start she realized the pressure to mess had gotten even worse. The movement of the swing had mixed her stomach around, and by now it was unbearable. She turned to Eric and tried to shout at him, her pacifier turning her efforts into mumbles. “MMMM MMMM MMM!” She said, hoping he would notice.

Eric noticed and stopped the swing, then removed the pacifier from her mouth. “What is it sweetie?” He asked.

“Please. I have to go. I’ll use the diaper even. Please let me mess my diaper!” Sarah said, cheeks turning crimson. She didn’t bother to whisper as she knew he would just make her say it again and spoke loudly. The nearby parents and children turned to look at her in confusion.

“So, you want to be my baby?”

“YES! Please make me your baby!” The other parents again glanced in confusion. “I thought she was at least five!” she heard someone say.

Eric lifted her out of her swing and took off her skirt, again exposing her diaper completely. Sarah didn’t even mind anymore, and cried both tears of joy and humiliation as he reached into her diaper and took out the plug. Immediately her bowels exploded loudly into the seat of her diaper, filling it in seconds. The mushy load settled in her diaper and caked her backside as more and more came out. The smell was horrible, filling her nose instantly, and she noticed at least a few people back away clutching their noses. It was a bizarre feeling, slimy, itchy, and hot. However, it was somehow comforting with its softness and took her back to an earlier age. When she finished, she leaned forward and hugged Eric, looking for comfort. He responded by kissing her cheek and patting her bottom, squishing the mess against her.

“There’s a good baby. Now that wasn’t too bad, was it?”

Sarah shook her head. In fact, it was somewhat… liberating. It was nice to know Eric would take care of her, and she didn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Eric reached into a bag, removing a pink baby bonnet which he tied over her head. He then handed her a teddy bear which she immediately hugged. On her own, she put the pacifier back in her mouth and began to suckle. It was certainly calming. Perhaps if she played the role well enough, people wouldn’t realize she was really too old for diapers. She no longer felt she was anyway.

“Wes dada” Sarah responded through her pacifier, smiling up at him.

Eric began to walk her back home. They took a direct route and walked quickly, hoping few people would notice the stinky girl waddling in her diapers. However, they inevitably passed dozens who were out around the park. Most of the people they past seemed to assume she was a toddler, and paid little attention. Some wrinkled their nose or told Eric he should change his baby girl. Only a few, some of whom she knew, realized she was an adult, and stared in shock. Sarah didn’t mind anymore.

When they arrived home, Eric lay her on the changing table and removed her diaper. He began to clean her with cold baby wipes. The feeling of the wet tissue against her dirty bottom was incredible, and she moaned in delight. Eric then powdered her down with sweet smelling baby powder and re-diapered her. Sarah sat up, wiggling around in her padding, and reached up towards Eric for a hug. Eric picked her up, one hand around her shoulders and the other pressing her diaper against her.

“Dada?” Sarah said.

“Yes dear?” Eric asked.

“Tank you.”

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please continue

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sorry, this is an older one and I don’t think I’ll be writing more of it