Looking for writers to commission

i have been searching around the web for diaper story writers who take commissions for fan fiction stories. As in characters from video games and comic books. Is there anyone on here who would do that or know if anyone on other sites?

What are you asking for? Are you offering payment up front? Are you offering a flat rate for a thousand words or more?

I’m not picky about price. Truth be told right now all I am looking for is someone willing to write a diaper story involving Dva from overwatch

But wouldn’t writing fan-fic for profit like this be a bit of a legal grey area? I mean, you would technically be profiting from someone else’s intellectual property, wouldn’t you? (Bear in mind that I’m no lawyer so I don’t have any expertise in this area)

But to tide you over until you get your story, here’s what a quick trip to the googlemachine found:



I guess I should’ve said I already have asked around deviantart. I was just wonder if there are writers here to commission.

It does seem to be a legal grey area. On the one hand there is someone profiting from using something they don’t own rights to.

The other way to look at it is to say that since you could write it for yourself, you ought to be able to hire someone to do it for you instead. However, AIUI, most fan fiction is under a legal grey area already, where they technically could come after the writer, but without profit, and given that it isn’t detrimental to the market for the original, it isn’t a very good fight for the publisher/author.

It seems to be largely a question of who is considered the prime actor here. I don’t know who the courts would view as that person.

I know of several writers who take commissions, (or they did at one point, only one is still active with that I think), but I don’t believe they do fanfiction. The only one I can think of is on Daily Diapers- and again, I don’t know if he’ll do fanfiction or not. It is, as already stated, a legal gray area. I vaguely remember the Anne Rice debacle, with her flipping shit over Lestat fanfiction- if I recall correctly, she even had her lawyers taking down sites with fanfiction. On the other hand, there’s fanfiction. net, a site that is literally a huge archive of fan fictions from various poplar media. Hell, I’ve found diapered Naruto fics on there. And there’s the artists who take $$ for fanart. So…I guess in the end it’s a gamble, and I really don’t have any advice to add except to wish the OP luck in his quest.

And if it’s a legal grey area, do you really want to risk it with someone as litigious as Blizzard?

Yeah you’re better off just writing your own stuff. Also when you say you’re not “picky about price”, try to keep in mind that when you’re asking an artist for their work, they value their craft and their time. Price should matter a great deal to you as it will to whomever you commission.

Private commissions of fanfiction are probably ok , yeah legally speaking it’s a grey area. But it’d be like a custom t-shirt using a copyrighted character done by a conference vendor. No one bothers those people unless they are being total jackwagons. It’s similar in fanfiction circles don’t make money off it/don’t become big or notable enough to threaten profits, they mostly leave you alone That said most of the best fanfic authors would consider commissions unethical. So I don’t know how far you’d get. Speaking from experience trying to find someone to commission i can say it’s not easy. Granted I’m looking for more of a paid coauthor kind of deal. Where the writer would take a scene i dead ended on and the general outline of what happens/who the characters are and run with it. But it’s still a case of good help is so hard to find

I’d be willing to give it a whirl. Given the potential legal ramifications of getting paid for it as stated above, maybe we could do a trade or something. I need the practice anyway, and to be fair, I’m not sure I’m of the caliber where requesting money is in both parties’ best interest.

What did you have in mind?

Make an offer and someone might bite. I’ll try and if I do produce something, I’ll take payment in Amazon giftcards as I find it to be the most anonymous form of money. I don’t know a lot of video game characters and I don’t know a lot about comic books, but I guess I could write something if I know what character you want.

I do commissions, but for Fanfic I would hold back. Particularly on those, like this, where I know nothing about the characters or storyline.

I have found that in general, commission is hard on both the writer and the customer. It rarely goes the way the customer wants, and the writer needs to be free to follow where her creative mind takes her.

Thanks for all your replies guys! Sorry for my inactivity. But I do appreciate all your insight.

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