Looking for new bottle recommendations

OMG! A legitimate discussion topic!

Sorry; just being a bit silly. :slight_smile:

So… serious question time. My bottles are getting to the point I need to replace a few of them so I’m looking for recommendations.

Now, to be clear, while I actually prefer real baby bottles due to the size of my hands, I’m not against adult baby bottles like the ones sold by Bambino either as long as they’re high quality and will support the larger sizes NUK baby bottle nipples. Most AB bottles the nipples have openings that are actually too large for me to use properly.

So recommendations on some replacements?

Most of my current ones are actually the larger NUK ones that are supposed to be the ones you use around the time a child starts using sippy cups and is being taken off bottles.

Hi, personally, I use the rearz bottles I find them good especially with their plush that you can put around. Regarding the bottles nipples, I seem to have already put nuks in place of rearz and no problem. I hope my review will help you find the right ones for you.

Look into the tommee tippee y-cut nipple for cereal.

Its 340ml but its really f
Good to about 360 before spilling.

The y cut allows for faster flow.
Soda can used with out the back pressure causing it to spray out.

Only down side is it does leak easily when tipped over if liquid is in it. But i love my 3 bottles none the less

Considering some issues I had with their diapers in the past I hadn’t even thought to look there and all I have to say is OMG some of those bottles are cute!

That’s actually the opposite of what I need. Part of why I need regular baby nipples is I have to be really careful with the flow rate or I can choke easily (medical issue I’d rather not go into, but one I shared with @Leah oddly enough.)