Looking for Lily the Liar

I was looking for a story “Lily the Liar” which I have scene posted elsewhere on the web. There are reference to it being here https://abdlstoryforum.info/forum/stories/board-member-stories/5634-lily-the-liar-complete-1-nov-16 but I can’t see the author or the story itself.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or what happened?


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The author requested that her account be deleted and her posts and stories removed. Unfortunately no one here will be able to help you find it.

Thanks! that’s good to know. I guess everyone gets out of the game sometimes. Seems like a shame.
Anyone have recommendations for an author with similar kinds of stories?

The author was pretty unique WBDaddy’s Aba and Alli and Better Late then Never is the closest Cute Kitten also does similar things. But no one has dome one on the themes of Disability and Grief.

Please, don’t refer him to Abba and Ali. For fuck’s sake, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever written.

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It’s a shame, she was one of the best writers recently posting here. I hope she continues to write elsewhere.

If so, it’s going to be under a different pen name most likely. Even her patreon is gone.

… I think it’s the earliest thing you’ve written, so yeah a few rough edges and you might get a splinter if you walked on it barefoot. But it’s a reflection of how good you are that you managed to have interesting character development, and something resembling a plot from what was essentially a premise common to the most base wankfest fodder. And whilst my interest in it nowadays is as the resident concritter. It’s useful to know where an author has failed to develop and hence where i need to be mean. But point is that was the OP wante something Lillyish and that was what came of the top of my head… Don’t know why but the rest of the ones i thought of are either unfinished, or are no longer public which would’ve been unhelpful to the OP. Bottom line sorry WB but you earned the compliment
BTW on original subject Surrogate the 2007 SOTY is also in that vein, also Tekabell’s Molly’s Deep Dark Secret and Cultural Differences same author also have some of it. Not as well executed to be sure but I don’t think we’ll get that unless Miss Bean resurfaces down the line.

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Yeah it was the first thing to go, in October or November if i recaall correctly. Some of the details in her stories were a bit autobiographical, or at least they seemed that way to me and I don’t think it implausible that someone in her AFK life found the Patreon page. I hope she’s alright and no life altering consequences occur as a result. Or better let’s hope yet one of the publishers whom publish disability fiction gave her an offer. May she resurface quickly for we are the poorer as a community without her.

That was my concern as well. I hope leaving was her choice and not something she felt she had to do.

Was someone able to find a copy of the story somewhere on the web?

To quote the second post in this thread.

I’m sure it’s out there, but I don’t know where.

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We will respect the author’s request and not allow links to it to be posted here, sorry. And let me warn everyone right now that you do not want to get caught trying to bypass the blacklisting on the links I currently know of to it. The links are blacklisted for a reason.

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