Looking for a D&D Gaming Group

Can’t find one in real life right now, and I’ve tried both gamebanshee and thetangledweb, two sites with dedicated forums for online D&D gaming now and three times I’ve had a game fail and die due to people not showing up, so I thought I’d try here and see if anyone is interested.

I can be a DM or a player, or both if necessary (i.e. we lack a few people to make a full party or something), and this would either be play-by-post or on instant messenger or something. We can work out the Where and When later, right now I just wanna see if anyone’s interested in playing. Feel free to contact me via PM or my email address, siberys123@gmail.com, or just post right here if you’re interested in joining.

Re: Looking for a D&D Gaming Group

If you want to play with a live in-person person, the comic book store is a good place to go. Your local comic book stores usually have gaming groups and some even have a gaming room. Also, if you live near a university, there is always a group of D&D nerds playing in some room on campus during the weekends. Warning: at both places they may be playing different kinds of games and not always D&D, but if there is interest, you can get people to play what you want.

Good luck finding someone to play.

Re: Looking for a D&D Gaming Group

We don’t have a comic book store here in Canandaigua (seriously, I’m not kidding, I’ve looked EVERYWHERE), and our university has a nerdy gaming group but it’s basically for video games and trading card games, no one I’ve met is interested in D&D here, except for one guy I work with.

Re: Looking for a D&D Gaming Group

So I’ve got 2, potentially 3 players already. I’m looking for one more to fill in the gap.

Would -anyone- be interested?