Longtime lurker, thought i'd try and be more social...

Im kind of glad i finally made an account but im also somewhat apprehensive. I hope i don’t end up upsetting anyone with my posts but im glad to be able to interact with all of you!

The first and best step toward not upsetting people is being aware of them and having the attitude to care. You’ve made that evident here so I think you’ll be fine.

Welcome. Do stick around.

If you find stories you like, I know pretty much every author loves hearing what drew you in and what you enjoyed (or didn’t) so be encouraged to drop a comment. (Or maybe a like if you can’t think of anything to say.)


Welcome! If you want to reply to a story but don’t know what to say (as Nope said you can always leave a like too) but if you want to comment… You can always tell the author who your favorite character was, or the character you hated the most, or your favorite scene. Or theme. Heck, even the setting.

Thanks for the advice! I do plan on contributing some stories in time.

Im sad to see elibean no longer on the forums but i understand that sometimes people have to decide what to invest their time in though im not sure about their particular reasons.

I hope i can manage to at least meet the standard thats been set by some of the fine authors on this sight!

As @Penguin pointed out to me once, someone at some point will get upset about something you post. One user in particular used to report every introduction post that didn’t mention a diaper brand preference for example. @Penguin eventually had to ban them for it.

Honestly, unless it’s a member of the @admins or @moderators group, you’re probably safe to ignore anyone who gets upset at you for something you post. :slight_smile:

Comfydl if working in retail for 24 years has taught me anything in life it is that no matter what you can’t please everybody. So the best thing to do is not let it consume you and learn from your mistakes.

Anyway welcome to the site, and feel free to write a story and tell authors what you like and what you feel that they can do to make their stories better.

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