Little Space

Hi everyone, back again. So still working on my other stories, I struggle with finishing stories because i always get new ideas. So this time i decided to keep it simple and write a very short one. Their are a few things to keep in mind before reading this.

First off the style is definetely not for everyone and in some areas there are a lack of detail. The reason for this is because i wanted to write a story that would people get into little space if they have issues. Secondly this story is not original in anyway on purpose. I figure if your struggling with getting into little space a classic story arc is perfect.

Thirdly i did go back and try to proofread but was only able to correct spacing due to issues with my app so once i get this on a computer or a better app ill improve the grammer and punctuation.

I hope you enjoy

You walk into your home after class trying hard to hide the wet spot on your trousers. Youve wet your pants for the 2nd time this week and cant bare the thought of your mother finding out youve had another accident. As you open the door and try hard to keep your school books in front of you you hear a voice calling you from the kitchen.

“Honey is that you?” Your mother voice can be heard along with the sounds of boiling water bubbling away in a pan.

You start to panic, “Damnt,” you think to yourself. “I thought i could beat her home today.”

“Ya mom, its me.” You hurriedly try to make it to your room but in your clumsy state you drop the books just as she walks into the living room.

“How was class honey?” she says as she dries her hands with a dish towel. Thats when she sees you standing there like a deer in the headlights.

“Oh Jack not again,” a look of mild dissapointment and concern covers her face as she walks towards you to survey the damage. “I thought this was a one time thing.” She reaches out towards the waist band of your pants. Without really thinking you push her hand away.

“Mom stop! Jeez it was just an accide-” you find yourself cut short and shocked as your mother smacks your hands away like some little kid and begins pulling down your wet pants.

“Just an accident? Really? And what about the other day, hmm? Or your recent bedwetting youve been trying to hide from me?”

She stands there with her hands on her hips staring at her college aged son standing there in wet underwear like some kind of 5 year old. You try to explain yourself but all that comes out is meek stuttering and before you know it you find yourself crying for the first time in years.

Your mother sighs and gently takes your hand leading you to her bedroom. “Come on sweety, lets get you out of those wet clothes, okay?”

Your not really sure why but you find yourself following her guidance as she takes you into the room. She lays a towel on the end of the bed and litely places her hands on your shoulders sitting you down.

Thats when you see it.

Your Mother walks towards you with two thick, disposable adult diapers in hand with a bottle of lotion and container of baby powder. Your eyes go wide and you begin to sit up before being pushed back rather firmly. You feel her hand on your chest as she lays you down and begins taking off your underpants. You suddenly come to your senses feeling the cold air on your genitals and quickly place your hands over your package blushing deeply.

“Mom for gods sakes Im a grown man. I dont need di-”, once again your words are cut off by your mother forcefully removing your hands. She looks at you with eyes that everyone son knows. He better stop fighting or you’re going to be in a lot more trouble. You grip the comforter of the bed and squeeze your eyes shut. Youve never felt so embarrassed in your life. Here you are, 22 years old on your moms bed as she applies lotion all over your downstairs before she dusts you with a liberal amount of powder. The smell reaches your nostrils and for some unknown reason you feel your grip on the blanket loosen, your body beginning to relax.

Your mother smiles at you seeing the tension slowly leaving your body. Her hand moves to your tummy gently rubbing circles on it just like she used to do when you were little. Your brain seems to be almost foggy and you find it hard to concentrate. Thats when you feel her grabbing your ankles lifting your bottom up off of the bed. Your eyes begin open to see your mother sliding the white plastic garment beneath you. You try to protest once more but she is having none of it.

“Shhhh honey, its almost over.” her gentle soft voice catches you off guard and you begin to feel the misty feeling in your brain thicken. Your so embarrassed yet you cant deny how soft and safe the diaper is making you feel as your mother pulls the fabric up between your legs and expertly tapes it in place.

She gently raises you back up in a sitting position patting your padded crotch. “See, that wasnt so bad was it?”

And thats when you see your reflection the mirror across the room. You dont see a man and his mother. You see a giant toddler sitting in a bulging diaper with his mommy. It feels like your mind is going to explode with emotion. Its all to much. Without even realizing it your bawling your eyes out with your head on her shoulder as she kneels in front of you rubbing your back and cooing soft loving words in your.

“Oh honey, shh its okay. Its okay. Its just a diaper. Your still Mommies big boy.” she continues to console you as your crying turns to light sniffles. She pulls you back and smiles at you, brushing a strand of hair from your face.

“I think my little man could use a nap before supper. Dont you?”

Defeated and exhausted you simply nod and crawl up towards the pillows as you feel the comforter being brought over you. Your mother hasnt tucked you into bed since preschool. You forgot how nice it felt. As you close your eyes giving up you feel her hand lovingly pat your bottom as you fall asleep.

“Good night my little prince.” she whispers to you before leaving the room to finish making dinner.


As you begin to stir you can feel the cold air from the lack of a blanket touch your back. Half asleep still you roll around in search of the soft fabric and feel the scrunched up diaper between your legs and as it shifts a bit caressing your torso. You let out a tired quiet moan. Even in your dreamy state you know how good it feels.

Thats when you feel something else. Some foreign feeling against the inside of your leg moving into the leg band of your diaper. Your eyes open up and you stare groggily at your mother standing next to your bed. Thats when it hits you, shes checking to see if your wet. Your frozen in disbelief, the comforting childish feelings that invaded your head are now replaced by shame and shock.

“Still dry I see. Thats wonderful honey.” your mothers words seem to go in one ear and out the other as you try to wrap your mind around what was happening.

She gives you that same old warm smile before patting your crotch. “Dinners ready sweety, come on out of bed and we’ll get some food in that tummy of yours.”

You cant believe the way shes talking to you. Its like you stepped into some strange time warp where your five years old again.

As she walks towards the bedroom door she turns around, “oh and keep your diaper on honey, no use in wasting it.” You stare back at her to tired to argue as she proceeds to walk to the kitchen.

As you enter the kitchen you smell the rich aroma of your favorite meal and for the first time in hours your able to smile. Atleast you get to eat your favorite meal.

You sit at the table across from your mother refusing to look up at her in embarrasment. Your finding it hard to even enjoy your favorite meal as your distracted by the wad of cotton pressed against your butt. “Atleast it cant get any worse.” you think to yourself as you slurp down one of your noodles.

“Honey please dont do that, you know it makes me cross.”

You cant believe your ears. After all this womans put you through today and SHE’S cross. Finally fed up you decide screw it and loudly slurp another noodle. She looks across the table at you raising an eyebrow. You stare defiantely back, chewing loudly with your mouth knowing itd disgust her.

“Fine, I guess dinners over then.”

A little shocked you watch as she stands up taking her playe to the sink rinsing it off. You smile in victory and go back to eating your food only to hear the sound of a chair being sat down beside you. Your mother sits down grabbing your napkin and stuffing it into the collar of your shirt creating a makeshift bib. She takes the fork out of your hand.

“Oh come on Mom this is-” and thats when she decides to shove a fork full of noodles into your mouth smearing it around your face as you almost choke on it in disbelief.

“If you want to eat like a toddler then your going to be fed like one.” she says trying to control her temper as she grabs more food and raises it in front of you. “Open.”

You just stare back at her in disbelief as she shovels more of the saucey meal into your mouth. You almost tear up from the embarrasement.

“Oh honey, dont be sad. Here comes the airplane!” And with those words of mock enthusiasm she takes away just a bit more of your manhood.

As the embarrasing ordeal finally ends and your stomach cant take anymore. She finally sets your fork down and stands up walking to the sink with your plate and fork.

Without turning back to look at you she says in a motherly voice, "Now, I want you to be a good boy and go do your homework. maybe Mommy will let you watch cartoons before bedtime if you do it fast enough.

You cant take it anymore, you feel your blood begin to boil as whatever manhood you had left finally surfaces and in a quite monotone voice you mumble, “fuck you…”.

Your mothers spins around, her head slightly cocked to the side looking at him with disbelief.

“What did you say to me?” her words pass through gritted teeth as her eyes point at you like daggers.

Mustering all of your anger you stand up ready to yell, “I said FU-” but thats all thats able to escape your mouth as you feel her hand connect sharply with your cheek. The sound of her flesh smacking you reverberates through the room before dead silence fills it.

You feel the type grip of her hand on your face squeezing your cheeks and holding your chin. She forces your now wide scared eyes to stare back into hers. Your face goes white as a ghost. You dont even realize your wetting yourself like a helpless baby.

She stares into your eyes and very sternly yet in a calm manner says, “Dont you ever, EVER speak to your mother like that again. Do you understand me little boy?”

Fear grips you tighter then her hand and another squirt of pee escapes you.

“Y-yes.” you whisper, to stunned to say anything else.

“Yes what?” Her eyes narrow and your body begins to shake.

“Y-yes Mommy.” You manage to stammer out, tears now running down your face. She nods and releases your jaw regaining her motherly composure but staying very serious.

“Now get your ass in that room and start studying. Now!” she says to you before spinning you around and giving your now soaked ass a hard smack sending you on your way.


As the hour passes by you try your hardest to focus on your schoolwork in the dimly lit study. You want to be good, you want to do what your told and keep rereading the same paragraphs over and over beneath the bright desk lamp. But its impossible.

Your mind keeps going over the events of the day: being diapered, put down for a nap, having your mother check your diaper, being spoonfed and then smacked and emasculated by this woman so easily. Not only that but your now sitting in a wet diaper. You actually pissed yourself out of sheer fear because you back talked your mother. Half of you feels insulted and angry at the disrespect and treatment by the woman that was supposed to love you. Yet the other half feels guilt, embarrasment and shame for letting her down and not being a good boy. Your so caught up you jump, startled hearing your mother’s words as she stands behind you.

“Jack, didnt I tell you to do your homework?” Her voice was still calm but he could feel the growing anger behind her words.

“Y-yes Mommy,” you stutter out caught off guard.

“So then why isnt there anything on your worksheet?”

You look up trying to find the words to explain yourself as she glares down at you. You dont answer fast enough for her and you soon find yourself being dragged by your wrist to the large chair in the corner. Your muscles clench and you begin to breathe fast tugging trying to get away. You know whats going to happen next.

“Please Mom No! Please Mommy! No Mo-OWW! MOMMY STOP!! PLEASE MOMMY!!” you scream out as your put over her knee and her hand begins to come down hard, over and over again. You try to fight but give up and simply cry your eyes out as your mother continues to spank you like a naughty child.

After the 30th smack you gasp out, “Mommy please, Im a big boy. IM A BIG BOY!!!”

Suddenly it stops and you feel her hands now lifting you up so your standing straight up in front of her.

“Oh! So your a big boy now huh?!”

From her pocket she pulls out a pacifier shoving the nipple in your mouth. Instinctevly you begin sucking. She then grabs your shoulders spinning you around so that your facing the closet mirror.

What you see chills you to the bone.

In the mirror stands two people. A boy with red cheeks stained with tears from his puffy eyes standing in front of his mother in nothing but a spaghetti stained white shirt with a just as white diaper sagging between his naked thighs and a blue pacifier stuffed in his mouth. He couldnt deny it, he looked more like an overgrown toddler than a grown man in college. He looked like he should be enrolled in a daycare and not a college.

He stood there stiff as a board unsure what to do. Unfortunately for him his mother did.

“Come on baby, follow Mommy.” her harsh words cut right to his soul as he found himself being led to his bedroom. He tried to keep up with her pace, his soiled diaper making him waddle behind her. As she opened his bedroom door the sight made him release whatever was left of his bladder.

His room was painted a light pastel blue with stickers and other cute designs of happy animals, clouds, and trucks. Where his bed once was now a huge mohogany crib easily large enough to hold him with a mobile hanging above it. On the other side was a changing table full of random changing supplies and what seemed like hundreds of adult diapers with differing designs, colors and cartoon characters. Next to it was a diaper genie and a small shelf full of babyish accessories like pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, coloring books and stuffed animals. On the other side was a box full of toys and next to it was an oversized rocking chair and on the other side a rocking horse fit for a BIG baby. And to top it all off, in the center of the room was a large wooden playpen filled with toys and stuffies sitting ontop of a soft playmat designed to look like a small town. It was like his childhood had come back to haunt him. He didnt know what to do. His mind was swimming with confusion.

“After I discovered your wet sheets and your first daytime accident I decided a few changes needed to be made to your room. Or should i say YOUR nursery.”

You look at everything in disbelief. Your pacifier falls from your mouth as you try to form the words to argue that he was still a man. He was a big boy. But your mother is having none of it.

“Really? Really darling, after all this you really think YOURE a big boy?” you hear her chuckle a bit before kneeling down in front of you looking deep into your eyes.

“Look around you my dear. Your in a nursery built for an oversized baby. Youve been wetting the bed at night and your pants during the day. Hell, you even tried to lie about it like a little boy. You had to be diapeted and put down for a nap by your mother and even spoonfed. Not only that but you tried to throw a temper tantrum and i had to put you over my knee and spank you like a naughty toddler. And now here you are proclaiming to be an adult as you stand in front of me in a soaked diaper. What? Didnt think I’d know?” she reached around him and patted his bottom. “A mother always knows.”

She winks at you before walking to your playpen opening the gate.

“Now, show Mommy that you can be a good boy and get in your playpen.”

As she stands there looking more powerful and dominant than ever she takes on a new persona. The strict, mean mommy who had just embarrassed him to his breaking point was now replaced with a warm hearted smiling woman who seemed to radiate a an infinite maternal glow.

You want to fight it, you want to say no. But even before you can make up your mind about what to do your body acts on its most natural instincts. You want to make Mommy happy. You want her to be proud. You want her approval. But most of all, you want to be her little boy. So you begin to waddle towards your soon to be toy filled cell.

“Nuh uh uh, thats not how babies get around is it?” her condescending words seem to turn your legs to jello and you find yourself crawling towards her, your thick wet bottom swaying back and forth as you make your way into your crib.

“Good boy,” she smiles down at you ruffling your hair as you plop your large bottom on the playmat. “I wouldnt want my baby boy stumbling over and hurting himself.”

Feeling a bit better knowing your mommy loves you, you find yourself picking up a toy train waving it about and looking up at your mother for approval.

“Aww theres my baby boy, your so cute honey,” her soft words make you blush and you feel a familiar rubber nipple being placed back into your mouth. You begin to suck knowing your a good boy.

“Now you just sit here and play honey, Mommies going to go watch some tv before i put you down for the night. After all, its almost 730.”

"You feel her lips press against the top of your head and her hand reaching down rubbing your back. You cant help but giggle which gets a loving smile from your mommy.

“Such a good boy,” she pats your head softly before walking out of the room leaving you to play with your toys in your playpen…like a real baby.


You begin to stir your eyes fighting to open up all the way. Your aware of three things. One your laying in your wives arms as she cradles you holding you up in in the crook of her arm feeding you a bottle of chocolate milk as she gently hums to you while you both relax in your crib with the bars lowered. Two your in a very comfy, soft, and fuzxy batman footie pajamas sprawled out sucking away hungrily. And 3…all of your dreams have come true.

6 months ago you told her about your deepest darkest secret and instead of rejecting you like all the other women in your life she embraced it. She even took an interest in it, cradting her own fantasies along with yours creating an unbreakable bond between the both of you. You had just spent an entire day experiencing something you could only dream of years ago. She loved roleplaying as your mommy, and boy was she good at it.

And here you were. In the arms of the woman you loved in comfy pj’s and a thick diaper sucking on your baba in complete bliss. If there was actually a possibility of someone experiencing complete zen this was it. You squirm a bit in her arms spitting out your bottle snuggling close to her bossom. She knows what her baby wants.

Slowly she removes the rubber teat from your lips. You begin to whine in disaproval before feeling a fleshy nipple being pressed against your lips. You look up to see your wife giving you that maternal smile that melted you to your core. Without a second thought you latch on to her breast and begin suckling like a hungry newborn. You feel her warm sweet milk pass your tounge and begin to fill your tummy with a warm safe and content feeling. She caresses your hair before kissing your forehead rocking you back and forth gently. You feel her hand unzip the zipper of your pj’s and travel down to the large gelatinous bulge of your diaper. You dont even realize that she mustve changed your diaper earlier, or that your wtting again as her maternal milk fills you up. Just like a real baby.

“Looks like i have a wet baby,” she says squeezing your crotch. “A VERY wet baby.” she says with a mischevious grin as she begins to apply pressure and rub your throbbing member.

Your eyes begin to roll back into your head, a soft yet pleasureable moan escaping your lips as you begin to instantly reach climax thrusting against her hand. Your breathing goes deep and you feel the eruption and a feeling of calm and love enfold you as you continue to nurse yourself into an infantile coma.

“I will always love you Jack, and you will always be my little boy. Goodnight my sweet prince.” and with one last kiss to his cheek you find yourself drifting into the most perfect beautiful slumber in the arms of your lover…and wife.