Little Sister


The day was not going well for Jayne Wells, she had been busy in her role as Chief Purchaser for the Wholesale Electrical company she worked for and as the day reached a close, she was dismayed to get a call from her boss asking her to meet a client that evening, to try and close a deal that had been ongoing for some time. That would mean another late night, as clients always expected to be wined and dined and she would not even get time to get home and change.

She made the call to her long suffering husband Mike.

“Hi babe, I have to meet some clients tonight, I am sorry, but I will be going straight out after work and won’t get home first. Don’t expect me back early, these guys are very good at spending my company cash”, she explained.
“No worries sweetie”, came the reply, “It looks like Mel is out for the night too, so I will be home alone, you go and get the deal done my love, you should get that fat bonus at this rate!”.
Mel was their seventeen year old daughter, who was just getting into going out with her friends. She had always been a good kid, never a problem, but Jayne would always fret over her.
“Where is she off to tonight?” she inquired.
“Only to Kim’s place, her Mom and Dad are both there, so, stop worrying Jayne!” Mike answered.
“She said she would be stopping over, so we could have had an interesting night alone”, he said slightly wistfully.
“I will try my best to get home as quickly as possible in that case!” came the hurried response.
“I’ll see you later my love, bye”
They exchanged their mutual goodbyes and love you’s and Jayne got prepared for the meeting. She was really excited at what the evening could bring and couldn’t wait to get home to Mike.

Jayne finally got home at just before midnight. She had been on the go since leaving the house at 0700 and was now well and truly shattered.
“Hi Hun, your weary wife is home!” she called out, closing the door behind her. There was no response, the hall light was on, but the other downstairs lights were all out.
“Damn!” she exclaimed under her breath. She locked the door behind her and went upstairs to the bedroom. Mike was making the best impression of a dead person she had ever known, he was completely out for the count.
“Well there goes my night of fun” she thought to herself, “never mind, I guess there will be another time”.
She went to the en-suite and stripped off for a quick shower, to wash away the day’s events. Fortunately tomorrow was a Saturday, at least she a couple of days off, she mused, whilst washing her short dark hair.
She dried off and came back into the bedroom with her jammies on, there was a rather nice surprise waiting for her.
“You really thought I was asleep, didn’t you?” said a now very wide awake Mike. “I have got one of your favourite things here” he said, pulling back the bedcovers to show her what he had placed there.
Jayne surveyed the scene before her and was instantly happy.
“Oh Mike!” she exclaimed, “I don’t know what to say….” Jayne started to say, “Then don’t say anything and come here” Mike commanded.
Jayne did as she had been asked, pausing at the side of the bed for a moment. “Are you sure yo…” she started. “Of course, now be quiet and park your posterior down” Mike cut her off abruptly.
She knew that Mike tolerated her little foible as she called it, but it was still a slight worry to her that he only really did it for her and got no enjoyment himself. She did feel selfish, but was too tired to care. This is was she had been thinking about all evening and why she had been disappointed when she thought Mike was asleep. She probably would have thought about doing it on her own, but in a strange way, that would almost be like cheating. She took a slight intake of breath and sat down on the soft inner fabric of the Abena X-plus medium diaper that had been positioned on the bed by Mike whilst she showered. She laid down, and pulled off her Pyjama bottoms, coming back down onto the diaper in exactly the correct place. She let out a small sigh; this was going to be heaven!
Without a single word, Mike reached over and expertly taped up the diaper, he had specifically chosen this brand of diaper over the others in Jayne’s “secret store”, as he knew it was her most favourite and also the most absorbent. He knew that Jayne would have a lay in the next day and would not want to get up if she could really help it. He drew up her pyjama bottoms and gave Jayne a slight pat on her belly. “There we are my love” Mike said quietly, “Now get some rest, you deserve it”. Jayne went to speak, but Mike shushed her, “Just enjoy the feeling”, he said, again in hushed tones, “I will see you in the morning” were his last words. He gave Jayne a quick kiss on her forehead and rolled over to get to sleep.
Jayne, moved her hands down to feel the slightly slippery surface of the diaper, it was perfect as always, the tapes just right, the positioning also perfect. She squeezed her legs together, just a little, so she could feel the bulk of the diaper, “An X-plus” she thought to herself, as she couldn’t see what type it was earlier, these were usually for special occasions when on the very rare instances she would fully utilise the diaper for its designed purpose. She thought no more of it, just revelling in the garment she was wearing. She decided to see if she could pee, she hadn’t been since just before leaving the Restaurant, as she had been hoping beyond hope that this is what might happen tonight. She gave a little push with her muscles and to her delight a small stream of pee escaped her, into the waiting folds of the thick diaper. She pushed again a little harder this time and the result was a nice steady stream of pee into the thirsty Abena. She sighed a small sigh and her hands instantly reached down to between her legs to feel the warmth of the pee now flowing effortlessly into her undergarment. After 3 or 4 seconds it was over, but that time was enough to send Jayne into a sensual overload. The feeling of the warm urine around her pubic area and her butt was almost too much to take and the added sensation of feeling the plastic outer of the diaper getting warm, from her inquisitive fingers was a cherry on top of the cake. This time she sighed audibly.
“Ahhhhhh!!!” she almost exclaimed. Mike stirred beside her, “Nice?” he asked, in a deep sensuous voice.
“Oh, sorry love”, she whispered; “but yes, very nice, very nice indeed”
“I am so glad” he responded and then fell quiet.
Jayne decided to go over on to her side, the thickness of the material between her legs could be felt much more this way. She had a quick feel of the rear of her diaper, to see how wet it was. “Not wet enough yet, not for an x-Plus” she thought to herself. She stayed in that position, gradually getting to sleep in about half an hour’s time, drifting slowly off, her mind at peace.
The next morning, Jayne awoke, a little slowly, but in a nice relaxed way. Mike was curled against her, in the classic “spoons” position. He was also awake.
“Morning Baby, are you suitably rested?”, he enquired with a slight note of humour to his voice.
“Oh, yes! Thank you very much!” Jayne replied in a similar fashion. “Top hole, and all that!” she continued in a false English upper class accent. “Terribly good, even”. They both giggled at the accent, it was really not very good.
Mike patted her diapered butt and got out of bed. “It is 0908 my dear, you really are a sleepy head – Coffee?” he asked, moving to the door.
“Mmmm-good plan” was her only response.
Mike went downstairs and she could hear to sounds of coffee being prepared. Her thought strayed to her diaper, which she only just remembered was there. This was almost instantly followed by an overwhelming urge to pee, she never usually slept this long and could feel her bladder pressing to be emptied. She laid on her back and relaxed, the pee escaped her with some force, she tried to slow down the flow a little, and was partially successful. After what seemed at eternity, but was probably less than30 seconds, she was finally empty; the feeling of euphoria was incredible.
She quickly felt the diaper, paying close attention to the leg cuff, she didn’t want to leak, Mike would be back soon and she would be mortified if she had to change the sheets. She knew he wouldn’t mind, but that was not the point. She was feeling particularly lazy this morning and didn’t want to get up if she didn’t need to. All was fine; the X-plus still has quite a lot of capacity left, thank goodness. She spent the next few minutes feeling the increased warmness surrounding her waist and genital area, waiting for Mike to arrive with a very welcome coffee.
“Hi Hun”, she said, “You know you are way too good to me, don’t you?” as he walking through the door.
“Only what you deserve” he countered, placing the coffee on her beside unit. “Drink up, it shouldn’t be too hot, I put some cold milk in”.
She tried the coffee, but it was still a little too hot, she sat up in bed, waiting for Mike to get back in.
“I reckon I have that contract in the bag, after last night” she stated, as he got in beside her. “It was hard going, but I think I am there” she continued.
Mike got comfortable and replied: “I had no doubts, you little go-getter! Of course you will get it, you are the best!”
Jayne mumbled her thanks; she was quite modest and didn’t like to blow her own trumpet too much. She took another sip of the coffee; that was better! It had cooled sufficiently to be drinkable.
After a few minutes of idle chit-chat, Jayne had finished her coffee and started to pull back the covers on the bed.
“And where are you off to, my dear?” questioned Mike, knowing quite well the effect of the coffee was going to have
“I…err…need to…” she replied
“No you don’t” he interrupted, and grabbed her by the waist and back to the bed.
“But, but…” she stammered.
“You do what you have to” Mike retorted, “Don’t worry about me, this is your time” he continued.
“Only if you are sure?” she whispered, “Really, really sure?”
Jayne constantly worried that Mike only went along with her love for diapers and didn’t really like it, just accepting it as her strange little quirk and she was even more concerned that he barely tolerated her use of the diapers. She would always clean herself up, never asking him to perform that particular function; she felt that would be too gross for him. Mike had known about her fetish from the start of their relationship and he had always been supportive, but it seemed to Jayne that he was always a little reserved when she wore her diapers.
“Be quiet now Jayne” he said and surprised her a little by placing his hand on her diaper and pyjama covered pubic area. “Just relax, please?” he whispered, pushing his hand a little more firmly into her body. He started to rub his hand against her now, quite firm but rhythmically, pushing the wet diaper into her pussy.
“Ohhhh, that feels too nice” she murmured. The feeling of Mike’s hand pushing against the diaper was truly fantastic, something he had not done before, but she had always craved and had never been able to ask him for. At that point, her bowels gave her another warning, she really had to poop, quite urgently, she lifted both her knees, and gave a little push, with dramatic results. The poop escaped into her diaper with some force, quite a substantial amount, as well by the feel of it. Jayne nearly came there and then, Mike’s ministrations on her wet and diapered pussy was certainly having a major effect. Without warning, Mike moved his hand to the area of her diaper that had received her poop. He pushed the diaper hard against her, causing the poop contained within to spread all over her diaper area. That was more than enough for Jayne, she began to orgasm forcefully, her hips bucking with pleasure, she cried out in pleasure, almost weeping in delight. After what seemed like an eternity, Jayne returned to Earth, whimpering and sighing, she curled into a foetal position, on her side, whilst recovering from her shattering orgasm. Mike curled against her, his arm over her body, touching her belly.
“Wow!” he exclaimed, “that was surely something to watch” he continued.
Jayne did not respond, she was still coming down from her exertions. “Are you OK, my love?” Mike asked, concerned.
Jayne took a few deep breaths and answered, “Oh yes, perfect,” Jayne continued, “I couldn’t help myself, I am so sorry…”
“Sorry for enjoying yourself?” Mike queried, “Nothing to be sorry for, that was the most enjoyable thing I have ever seen!”
“I didn’t think you really liked it” Jayne said, rather plaintively, “I thought you didn’t want to get involved”
“I have always given you your own space” responded Mike, “I didn’t want to interfere before; I thought you wanted to enjoy your diapers alone” he carried on." I just couldn’t help myself this morning though"
Jayne could have wept, “You mean you really actually like me using my diapers like this?” Jayne asked incredulously, now turning the face Mike.
“Oh, good grief! Absolutely!” came Mike’s rapid response. “I think that it is wonderful you are able to get so turned on, it really turns me on!”
Jayne reached between Mike’s legs, he wasn’t joking! His penis was more erect than she could believe. That was all the invitation she needed, she threw off the bedcovers and with her soiled diaper hanging between her legs, knelt between Mike’s legs, pulling down his boxers. “Your turn!” stated Jayne. She threw herself into performing oral on Mike’s rigid member, with considerable skill and desire, using both of her hands, tongue and lips to great effect. It was not long before Mike reached his peak, firing his seed deep into Jayne’s willing mouth, with a guttural sound escaping his lips.
Jayne swallowed every drop of Mike’s gift, and smiled a broad and very happy smile.
“Nice?” she enquired, with a grin. Mike just nodded and smiled himself, the only thing he could say was “Mmmmmmmmm!!!”
Jayne turned on her heel and entered the en-suite, she really needed to get cleaned up, her diaper was really sagging now, it felt great, but the smell was getting a bit strong. She quickly took off her pyjamas and had a long look at herself in the full length mirror behind the door, in just her diaper. A shade less than 5’10", Jayne was not a very small woman; Average she would call herself, nice figure though she thought to herself. She examined her diaper in the mirror and with her hands, it really was quite well used, she began to feel herself getting aroused again, feeling a little guilty. She leant over and switched the shower on, the pump made enough noise to mask what she was going to do. Her fingers plunged into the front of her diaper, finding her clitoris with incredible speed, her other hand reached around the rear of her diaper, feeling the mess contained within. Jayne came for the second time that morning, hard and fast. She washed her hands under the running shower and then began the clean-up process. It took a while but eventually, she emerged from the en-suite wearing her fluffy white towelling robe. Mike was still in bed, reading a newspaper.
“And how was your shower?” Mike looked up and asked, before Jayne could answer, Mike continued, “Twice in a morning, that will take some beating!!” Jayne had been rumbled and felt a little embarrassed. “Don’t worry hun” Mike started, “I know how you feel, if I could come that soon again, I would have!” he laughed.
She flushed red and sat on her side of the bed, brushing her damp hair, she then went to her underwear drawer to start getting dressed, Mike stopped her and produced another diaper from under the bedclothes. “Another diaper for you, my love” he stated. “In fact, you are going to have diapers on all day”, he continued. “Mel rung whilst you were having a shower and won’t be home until tomorrow, so you can be my diaper girl until she gets back”, he got out of bed and gently pushed Jayne back and pulled her robe apart. He placed the diaper under her bum, which she dutifully raised for him. She was already aroused yet again, which Mike very quickly noticed, her pussy lips were swollen and she was getting moist as well. Mike had an idea, he went to the bottom drawer of his bedside cabinet, where they kept their small stock of sex toys and quickly located what he was looking for. He went back to Jayne, lying on the diaper and proceeded to place a lubricated finger on and in her back passage. Jayne began to writhe around until he stopped. He then deftly placed a butt plug inside her anal canal. Jayne was really getting turned on now, but Mike then taped up her diaper.
“Awww, that’s not fair”, Jayne complained, knowing she would be so aroused until the plug was removed. But Mike said nothing and went into the shower himself.
After a few minutes, Mike came out of the shower, wearing just a clean pair of boxers. Jayne had got dressed, but had nothing on over her diaper, wearing just a bra and a vest top.
“I don’t know what to wear”, she sighed, “my diaper is going to show no matter what”
“Then wear nothing over it then” responded Mike and gave her a cuddle, placing his hands on her diapered posterior, he gave a little push on the butt plug as well, getting a wriggle and a little “Ohh” as a response from Jayne. “You look fine and dandy to me” he concluded.
“Ok, that sounds good to me” Jayne said, “what if we need to go out though?”
“We can cross that bridge when we come to it” Mike responded,
“Ok, cool,” replied Jayne, amazed at the turn of events, “I will get breakfast ready, come down when you are dressed”
“Ok darling, see you in a bit” said Mike.
Jayne went downstairs and popped four slices of bread into the toaster, she sat down at the kitchen table getting a swift reminder of the plug in her anus. She would definitely be aroused all day, she could feel how wet her pussy was, and reached down to give it a tiny rub through the diaper. Wow! This felt so damn good, just then Mike walked into the kitchen. He was wearing his favourite football shirt and just boxers. Jayne got up and gave him a cuddle, reaching around to grab his behind, and Boy! Did she get a shock! Mike was wearing a diaper too!! Jayne was lost for words, this was amazing. She pushed her fingers into the diaper, clutching Mikes’ buttocks and then between his crack, to find that Mike also had a butt plug in place. Jayne gave it a little push, Mike groaned.
Jayne was in shock, she pulled off Mike’s boxers to expose the diaper in full. The toaster popped up and was utterly ignored. Jayne placed her hand on Mikes’ diaper, cupping his penis and balls. She could feel him beginning to get aroused, but this soon after she had sucked him off, she doubted if he would get fully erect. Mike placed his own hand over Jayne’s. All of a sudden, she felt Mike’s diaper getting very warm; he was peeing, actually peeing in HIS diaper!!! Jayne went to speak, but Mike stopped her, placing a finger to her lips. After he had finished peeing, Mike spoke: “I wanted to know what it was like” he said simply. “You enjoy it so much; I thought I might as well give it a go”.
Jayne was beyond words, she ran her hands all over his diaper, feeling the wetness it contained, this was incredible, she was now so turned on, she thought she would faint, her heart racing, her mouth dry. Mike noticed how intense his wife was becoming, her pupils were dilated and her face flushed; she was obviously so utterly horny. He decided to take action and take it now.
He spun Jayne around and pulled down her diaper quite savagely, he then bent her over the kitchen table, the butt plug and her swollen pussy lips fully on display. She was panting now, oblivious to anything except her desire. He placed his thumb on the butt plug and his fingers on her vulva; she began to push against him, bucking almost. They stayed this way for just less than a minute, but Jayne was not going to last much longer. Mike withdrew his hand, pulled off his own boxers and diaper, exposing his now fully erect manhood. He wasted no time at all, plunging deep into Jayne’s love canal, they both groaned simultaneously, Mike began to grind into Jayne, faster and faster, Jayne screamed as she hit her climax, a long throaty scream, a primeval sound, stemming as it did from pure animal satisfaction. That was Mike’s cue; he came and came hard, losing control completely. They both reached a shuddering conclusion, both exhausted.
Mike withdrew from Jayne, and removed her butt plug at the same time, she whimpered a little at this movement. He removed his own plug and then sat down, drained, on the kitchen chair; his legs had turned to jelly. Jayne stood up from her position on the table and sat on his lap facing him, she was completely wrung out, he could see. She kissed him, deep and long, a real lovers’ kiss. Mike put his arms around her and they both stayed there, enjoying being so close to each other. They had not had sex with such passion and fury since they were dating , what seemed a century before.
Mike was the first to break the silence, his voice thick and cracked after the exertion.
“Damn!” was all he could manage, he cleared his throat and started again, “Mrs. Wells, you are an incredible creature” he finally stated.
“You are pretty OK yourself, Mr Wells”, she replied, still panting a little.
Jayne pulled her robe back around her and Mike retrieved his Boxers and put them back on.
“Are you coming back upstairs?” asked Jayne, “I need a fresh diaper, that one has ripped for some reason”, she stated.
They both went back upstairs to the bedroom and Jayne pulled out her box of diaper stuff out from under the bed. She took the lid off and surveyed the contents. Mike reached past her and pulled out a cloth diaper. “This one” he stated. “Oh yes please!” she replied. Jayne got onto the bed and Mike placed the diaper under her. In no time at all, she was suitably attired in a thick terry cloth diaper with two pins and some soft PVC panties. “Now you” said Jayne getting up. They reversed positions, Mike laying on the bed as Jayne got another cloth diaper out of the box. “Can I try another disposable?” requested Mike, “An X-Plus please”
Jayne looked at him inquiringly, “really?…are you sure?” she asked. “Yes, absolutely” came the response. “Ok, big boy, here it comes then”. Jayne put the diaper on Mike quite quickly and was surprised that it was harder than she thought to get the diaper positioned correctly. It was more difficult diapering someone else!
They both decided to wear some loose jogging pants, as they were both a little cold after the earlier exertions. Jayne made the bed and started on some house work, Mike had some e-mails to send and went to sit down at the computer. After about an hour, Jayne came in to see Mike. “Hi hun, are you nearly done?” she asked. Mike seemed to be in a little discomfort. “Yeah, just about, another ten or so minutes” came his reply.
“Are you alright?” questioned Jayne. “Yeah, fine. I umm, have a bit of bellyache though” said Mike. “Are you trying to do what I did this morning?” asked Jayne quietly. “Sort off” Mike replied, but it’s not working, I can’t go, it feels wrong" Mike replied shyly. “Are you sure it is what you want?” Jayne inquired again. “Yes, I just want to try it at least once, I want to, but it is like I can’t push hard enough” said Mike. “I have an idea, come with me” said Jayne.
Mike got up and followed Jayne. She directed him to the en-suite. Once there, she went to the medical cabinet and took out a small package. “This will work; are you really sure?” she asked again. Mike said nothing, but nodded and went a bit pink. Jayne took out two glycerine suppositories from the box. She positioned Mike, bent over the sink. She then opened the leg cuff of his diaper and inserted both suppositories into Mike’s anus. She removed her hand from his diaper and rinsed it under the tap. “There”, she said, pleased with her work. “Now then, they should take about ten minutes to work”. She pulled his Joggers back up and patted his diapered posterior.
Mike looked worried, as if he had just made a mistake. “Come on, let’s get back downstairs,” Jayne said lightly, to try and make Mike a bit more relaxed. They went downstairs to the kitchen, Mike was obviously getting quite uptight now, not knowing how he was going to feel about what was about to happen. After a few minutes, he looked decidedly uncomfortable. He was standing by the kitchen table when Jayne could see what was unfolding. He crouched ever so slightly and bent his legs; there was a small escape of sound from his closed mouth. Jayne watched, fascinated, she had only seen people poop their diapers on-line in poorly made videos, this was going to be good, first hand. Jayne went behind Mike, who was now clutching the edge of the work surface. She put one arm around him to his belly and the other to the rear of his diaper. She whispered cooing noises into his ear and rubbed her nose against his neck. She pushed, ever so lightly on his stomach, then, as she felt his muscles tighten, pushed harder. Mike’s legs bent more into a crouch and then it came! Mike exploded into his diaper, and exclaimed with a very audible “Ahhhhhh!!”. Jayne felt the bulge appear in Mike’s diaper, this was incredible! She continued to push his stomach and he cramped again, pushing more of the soft mess into his diaper. Jayne was stunned; this was the most erotic thing ever! Mike stopped and stood up straight. Jayne still had her hand on his bulging butt. “Well?” she asked. Mike took a few seconds to explore his diaper before answering: “What a feeling” he finally said. Jayne replicated what Mike had done to her earlier, pushing his warm load against him. “Better?” she prompted. “Mmm……yeah, different, very different” Mike replied. Jayne slid her hand down from Mike’s stomach, down to the front of his diaper. It was also soaked, as she had anticipated and Mike was getting a semi on, by the feel of things. It looked like he was really enjoying himself. Jayne also felt herself tingling under her cloth diaper, what a moment to savour this was, definitely one worth masturbating over!
Mike turned to her, still against the worktop. “Do you mind if I keep this on for a little while?” he asked quietly. “No, of course not” she replied as quick as a flash. “Why though?” Mike responded a little apprehensively; “I want to, I err, don’t really know” stammered Mike.
Mike went back into the study, to the computer. He looked at the chair. “Go on, then” said Jayne who had followed him, “take a seat”.
Mike held his breath and lowered himself into the chair. His face was a picture, confused, elated and shocked, all at once. Jayne went over to him and crouched down in front of him. She got hold of the Joggers waistband and started to slide them down. Mike shifted position, allowing Jayne to get the pants off completely. She rubbed the front of Mike’s diaper, noting he was now substantially harder than before. “Nice now?” she asked. Mike’s reply was a vague “Mmmmm—yeaaaahhhh.”
Jayne got up and went back to the kitchen, she wanted to get on with the housework and she had a feeling that Mike wanted to be on his own for a while. She emptied the dishwasher and put all the crockery away. She then put a load of washing in the machine and after that, started preparing lunch. Mike came in to the kitchen when she was halfway through buttering the bread for the sandwiches. “Are you Ok hun?” she asked him, he still looked a bit dazed. Mike responded: “Yes, I am now, that was a bit of a shock, I wasn’t quite prepared for how nice that was going to be” he admitted. Jayne turned to him and grabbed the seat of his very messy diaper. “Wanna change now? She asked. “Yes and no” he replied. “I really like the feeling, but the smell is a bit off-putting” “Come on” she said, let’s go upstairs and I will clean you all up” Jayne offered. “No, I will do it” Mike responded, “I want to do it”. “Ok babe” Jayne said, “off you go.”
Mike went upstairs alone as Jayne sat herself down and took stock of the morning’s unprecedented events. She could not believe what was happening at all. Mike had always let her play her games but had never taken such an active role, or indeed worn and used diapers himself, this was an absolute revelation to her-she just could not understand how things had changed so quickly. Whilst she sat there, she put her hand down to her own diaper which was still dry, feeling the terry cloth through the plastic panties. She got up and finished making the sandwiches, also putting the kettle on, for another cup of coffee. After the kettle had boiled, she made the coffee and set lunch out on the table. Mike had still not appeared, she had heard the shower run and finish a few minutes ago, so she decided to investigate. She went to the bottom of the stairs and called up “Hun!! Are you OK?” she called. Mike replied in the negative, “I am struggling with this diaper” he complained, “the tapes won’t stick!” Jayne went upstairs to see what the problem was. Jayne entered the bedroom and found Mike on the bed on top of a diaper, trying to get the tapes fastened. She went over to him and took control. “Hun, you won’t get this on like this” she stated, “you have got water on the tapes and they have lost their stickiness,” she laughed. She peeled away the outer tapes to reveal the ones behind and expertly taped him up. “There you are dearest, all done”. Mike mumbled his thank you and got up, pulling his joggers back on. Just then the phone in rang, Jayne took the call.
It was her older sister Jacqueline, who lived across town. Jaq, as she liked to be called, knew about Jayne’s diaper thing as Jayne had been unable to keep it secret from her when they shared the same room at their parent’s house. Jaq had sometimes worn diapers too, just to experiment, but Jayne had not really discussed it with her after getting hitched.
“Hey little sis, how are you doin’” Jaq started, “are you busy? I am out at the shops near you and thought I would pop in for a cuppa” she continued. Jayne replied, “Ummm….well…er….” she began, Jaq interrupted her; “not disturbing you guys, am I?” she asked with an inflection to her voice that suggested she had caught Jayne “at it” as she would have said. “No…not at all” Jayne responded, making up her mind. “you come 'round, cya in a minute”, Jayne hung up. Mike looked at her, astonished. “Who is coming around, are you sure, I’ll have……” he stammered. Jayne replied in a soothing manner; “It’s only Jaqs, Mike, she knows about my diaper wearing, don’t worry. You wouldn’t even know you had a diaper on under those baggy things anyway”. Jayne slipped a skirt on though and went downstairs, calling Mike after her. They went down to the kitchen, where they ate their lunch in silence. They were just finishing when the door bell rang. Jayne went to the door and let Jaq in.

Jaq came in and sat down at the kitchen table, making polite hellos to Mike as he made fresh coffee for them all. Mike set the coffee down for Jaq and mentioned something about getting his paperwork finished and went off to the study once more. Jaq thought Mike was a bit quiet; he was usually a bit livelier that this, but she thought no more of it. Jayne was about to sit down, when Jaq asked her if she could have some more milk for her coffee, Jayne went to the refrigerator and bent down to the lower shelf. She got the milk out and returned to the table. “so; how are you, this fine day?” asked Jaq, “yeah, we’re fine”, replied Jayne. “Mel is out for the day, so we are just having a lazy day” she continued. Jaq looked at Jayne “still into diapers then?” she whispered across the table. Jayne hesitated slightly before answering, Jaq must have seen the diaper when she bent over to get the milk; “Yes, I am. I doubt it will ever go away”, she responded truthfully. “in fact, I hope it will never go way”, she continued.
Jaq looked at her younger sibling and smiled. “Good for you my girl, I wish I could have your attitude sometimes!!” she said. Jayne smiled back at her big sister and laughed; “You always did whatever you wanted to, as I recall!”.
Jaq spoke again; “I never had the courage to do what you do though-I really do think you are so lucky”. Jayne had never heard Jaq speak like this, she was usually the more confident of the pair. She decided to probe a little. “What do you mean?” she asked; “you never missed out on anything, did you?” she pried a little. Jaq took a little while to answer;
“I was always jealous of your diapers” she started, “even though I tried them a few times, I never had the courage to wear them like you did, ummm do,” she corrected herself. “You seemed so happy and didn’t seem to be bothered by anything, even when Mom and Dad found out, you were so strong.” Jayne broke in; “Jealous of my diapers!?” she exclaimed, “how can you be jealous of that, you could have worn them anytime you wanted!” she continued.
“Not like you did; remember, I had to be the big sister and set a good example” Jaq said, almost complaining, “I was not strong enough to say what I wanted and stick to it” she continued.
Jaq had always seemed to Jayne to be a strong and determined person, almost to the point of arrogance. However, in recent times her confidence had taken a battering; her first marriage had failed after a difficult relationship which had not produced any off-spring; It transpired later, that Pete (her first husband), blamed Jaq for this, when he was in fact impotent. Jaq had then lurched from one failed relationship to another, always trying, but not succeeding in finding Mr. Right.
Jayne thought in silence; she couldn’t help thinking that perhaps Jaq was jealous of her relationship with Mike and not the diapers at all, but forebear to comment; she didn’t want to upset Jaq, she seemed a little emotionally fragile at the moment and Jayne was worried in case she burst into tears. Instead, she decided to offer Jaq what she thought she wanted: Jayne stood up and took her sister by the hand. She placed Jaq’s hand on her own butt, where she could feel the diaper.
“You want this?” she whispered in her sister’s ear. Jaq said nothing but nodded ever so slightly, biting her top lip at the same time. Jayne motioned for her sister to rise from the chair and took her by the hand to the stairs. She called to Mike: “We’re just popping upstairs for a bit Hun, won’t be a minute” The two girls went upstairs to Jayne’s bedroom, where Jayne told Jaq to lie on the bed. Jaq did as she was asked, still silent; Jayne reached under the bed and retrieved a disposable diaper. Jaq looked at her and spoke for the first time since coming upstairs: “One like yours, if that is OK?” she asked in a small voice. Jayne nodded, replaced the disposable and then pulled out a terry cloth diaper and a pair of plastic panties. The panties were not the same as the ones that she was wearing, those were translucent white. The pair she held up for Jaq’s approval were a very pale yellow. Jaq nodded her agreement without a word, but instead, a broad smile. Jayne spoke to her sister, asking her to lift her dress and remove her panties. Jaq did as she was told as Jayne folded the diaper on the bed next to her. Jayne then requested Jaq to lift her butt off the bed and slid the diaper under her as she did so. Jayne pulled the diaper up between Jaq’s legs in a quick movement; she really didn’t want to spend too much time looking at her sister’s pussy; bringing one side around and pinning it and then the other side, fastening that in the same fashion. She then placed the plastic panties over her legs and drew them up to her thighs; Jaq lifted her butt without asking this time as Jayne then positioned them over the soft white diaper.
“There you are, all done!” exclaimed Jayne, proud of her handiwork. Jaq was a little flushed, slightly embarrassed to have had her sister see her naked from the waist down. She tentatively moved her left hand down to the diaper, feeling it’s thickness and softness; “Feels good” she said finally, “just as I remember from back home” she continued. She swung herself off the bed and stood up, bringing her dress down at the same time. She then ran her hand over her diaper covered backside; “I can’t go downstairs like this!” she exclaimed with a hoarse whisper, “Mike will know straight away, he will laugh at me!” she continued. Jayne shushed her, putting her finger to her lips. She took Jaq by the hand again and led her downstairs on tip-toe. Jaq was confused, she didn’t want Mike to find out she was wearing a diaper! Jayne led her to the doorway of the study. Mike was working away at the computer, headphones on, totally oblivious to the women in the doorway. Jayne pointed to Mike’s butt, more specifically the waistband of his jogging pants which could be seen between the seat and the backrest of the chair. Where Mike had been moving around on the chair, his football shirt had risen up and the jogging pants had slipped down a little to reveal the diaper he was obviously wearing. Jaq was amazed! Jayne had to stop her from saying anything and pulled her away and into the kitchen. They both sat at the table and Jaq started to speak first, still in a whisper; “What is Mike doing with a diaper on? You always said he wasn’t interested” she began, really shocked. Jayne shrugged her shoulders and recounted the mornings’ turn of events to her older sister, missing out the sexual aspect and also the pooping episodes. Jaq was still in shock and lost for words. “But why now?” she questioned “he has known about your diapers for 20 years, it doesn’t make sense”. Jayne pondered this for a second or two before answering; “I really don’t know, it is a revelation to me as well, perhaps he felt left out, I don’t know, really I don’t, we haven’t had much of a chance to discuss it really” she said finally. Jaq looked at her sibling and replied; “Do you want me to go sis, so you can talk to Mike, I feel awful now, like I am intruding”. Jayne responded, telling Jaq not to worry; she and Mike could talk later on, it really wasn’t a problem. They sat in silence for a few minutes; Jayne felt the need to pee and did so, her thick terry diaper absorbing the flow with ease. Jaq looked at Jayne and Jayne looked back, grinning. “Have you just peed, little sis?” Jaq asked with a frown. “Oh yes and it feels soooo good” came the answer from Jayne. “Do you feel the need?” she continued. Jaq shook her head, stating that she just felt comfortable in the diaper and would not need to pee for a while as she had been whilst out shopping, just before arriving. They both made some idle chit chat, catching up on some recent events, Jaq’s latest flame and subsequent split, how Mel was getting on, general family stuff.
After a while, Mike came into the kitchen; “Hey girlies!” he said; Jaq couldn’t help but stare at his diaper region, just managing to make out the bulge under his joggers. Mike didn’t seem to notice and went to the refrigerator, “I think I have earned myself a beer” he stated, “anyone else want anything, glass of wine, beer? He asked the two sisters. They both requested wine, which Mike dutifully poured out in the nicer wine glasses and brought then over to the table. He then fetched his beer and sat down. Jaq had been watching Mike’s every movement, until Jayne gestured to her to stop. “Well; what have you two been gossiping about?” Mike asked, totally unprepared for the answer which Jayne delivered. “Diapers!” she blurted. Mike started to turn beetroot red, but said nothing. Jaq really felt for Mike and decided to take action to help with his embarrassment; she stood up and pulled her dress up, showing her obviously diapered condition. “Yes, diapers” she quickly stated. " I asked Jayne if I could wear one of her diapers, I used to sometimes when we were younger” she explained, rather hurriedly and dropped her dress back down and retook her seat. Jaq was also blushing quite pink. Jayne decided to speak, having taken a few seconds to compose herself after her outburst. “I have told Jaq about this morning Mike” she started, “we have never had secrets and she was worried you would see her diaper and I wanted to let her know that she should not be concerned as you were wearing one too” she continued. “I’m sorry hun, I didn’t think you would mind”, she apologised. Mike took a few seconds of his own before responding, he then began to chuckle and then a full on throaty laugh; the two sisters joined in, all laughing together. Mike was the first to stop laughing; “What a bunch of idiots we are!” he managed, still giggling between words. “All of us diapered and getting embarrassed” with that he stood up and took off his jogging pants, to reveal his very wet diaper. “There! No more embarrassment!” he exclaimed. With that, the two girls both exposed their own diapers, Jaq lifting her dress and Jayne slipped her skirt off.
They sat drinking their wine and beer respectively, talking about the diapers. Mike explained that he decided to wear diapers as after reading about Diaper lovers on-line, which Jayne obviously was; he realised that he should at least try to wear them as most diaper lovers craved someone to share their fetish with and was waiting for the opportunity to present itself. He admitted he felt a little saddened that he hadn’t tried it before, but had been under the miss-apprehension that Jayne wanted to be alone with her fetish. He had tried diapers a few times without telling Jayne, but it wasn’t until that morning that he realised what a turn on they were for her; this also then excited him and he then decided to seize the moment so to speak. He also now realised what a turn on diapers were for himself. Then Jaq told of her jealousy of Jayne and her diapers, explaining that while she always gave the appearance of being self assured, she was in fact very much less confident that she was perceived. She wanted to wear diapers desperately, but did not have the courage to do so, feeling she would be ridiculed by everyone and could not bear to be unpopular. She also explained that her marriage to Pete had been a virtual sham, they both were living a lie, he only married Jaq for her looks (she was quite a catch in her day) and soon got bored wanting to move on, using the lack of children as an excuse. Jaq could not have even broached the subject of liking diapers with him; he would have thought even less of her than he already did. For her part, she realised quite early that Pete was only out for a Trophy wife and she quickly came to the conclusion, she would do the best she could, but ultimately she knew the marriage was over, long before she had previously admitted. Jayne just sat and listened, stunned at the revelations that were being uncovered. She felt alternately happy and saddened too, by her sister’s forthcomings; also a little surprised that Mike had taken this long to take the plunge into diapers, but understanding that it was a strange fetish for someone to get their head around.
After an hour of chatting, Mike got up, his diaper now obviously very swollen with pee. “I gotta get changed” he said simply and went to move. Jayne looked at Jaq before speaking; “I’ll change you hun” she said. Mike also glanced at Jaq before responding; “It’s OK Jayne, I can do it myself” Jaq felt really awkward. It was obvious that Jayne wanted to change Mike and that Mike wanted Jayne to do it also. She also reckoned that they both wanted some time alone. All the talk of diapers had made Jaq aroused and she assumed that Mike and Jayne were feeling the same way. She cast her mind back to when Jayne and her shared a room when they were teenagers; they would sometimes masturbate at the same time, in separate beds of course, sometimes having races to who could come first. She decided to speak very directly: “Look you two, I am feeling as horny as hell, I am as damp downstairs as I have ever been and I know you guys are feeling the same way. Let’s stop pretending. You guys go and get it on, I will skedaddle outta here and get home for a serious session with my Rabbit!” Jayne looked at Mike and Mike looked at Jayne, they both looked at Jaq, stunned by her bluntness. Jayne thought quickly to herself and then spoke; “Jaq, are you that turned on?” she simply stated. “Oh god yes!” came the rapid reply. “I haven’t had sex for months, it is killing me” Jaq admitted. Jayne decided to suggest something she would not have ordinarily contemplated; “Why don’t we all go upstairs?” she said, with a sultry voice. Mike looked at Jayne, astonished. He knew what was being suggested, without the need for it being spelled out. Jaq also looked at Jayne and then Mike, also aware of the unspoken inference. Mike looked confused she thought; Jayne was beaming. Jaq decided to grab the moment by the horns; “OK, fine by me” she replied as she got up from the chair and started to the kitchen door. Mike was rooted to the spot. Jayne got up and swatted Mike’s behind. “Come on you…let’s go and get changed” she demanded. Mike and the two sisters went upstairs to the bedroom, where Jayne got out a towel from the storage box and lay on the bed first. “Jacqueline, would you like to change my diaper?” she asked her sister, using Jaq’s full name, which she knew would also take her back to the days they spent together. Jaq reached over and pulled off Jayne’s diaper pants. The diaper underneath was very wet and the heady aroma of pee wafted into the room. She then unpinned the diaper, exposing Jayne’s pussy, which was swollen with desire, her pink labia engorged with lust. “Hey sis, you look like you are the cat that got the cream” she said; Jayne was grinning from ear to ear. Jayne told Jaq to lie next to her. Jaq did as she was asked; both the girls looked at Mike. Mike was brought out of his trance by Jayne, speaking very quietly. “Mike, can you take my sister’s diaper off please?” she requested. Mike shook himself and then bent down over Jaq; He removed her pretty plastic panties and was a little surprised to find she was also damp. Not as wet as Jayne, but still not dry. He unpinned and removed her diaper. Her vagina was very neatly trimmed and her pubic hairs were lighter than Jayne’s. This was the first time he had seen any else’s than Jayne’s sex for a very long time. He studied her carefully. She was obviously mega aroused, her lips also swollen and the moisture of her state very evident. He didn’t know what to do, he knew what he wanted to do, but Jayne’s presence and proximity was a stopping force. He had never been unfaithful to Jayne, only occasionally masturbating when she was on her period. Even then, he rarely looked at pornography, always preferring the real thing. Jayne was very proud of her man; she knew what must be going through his head and felt guilty about putting him in this position. However, she wanted him to relax; she reached over and took his hand. She then placed his hand on her sister’s pussy, he looked into her eyes and she nodded and blew him a kiss. Mike moved onto the bed and started to caress Jaq’s pubis, gently to start with, getting increasingly more rhythmic and applying more pressure. He slipped two fingers into the slippery folds of Jaq’s waiting sex, seeking and discovering with consummate ease her engorged clitoris which he started to massage, ever so gently. Jaq started to moan ever so quietly, her hips rotating in time with Mike’s massaging obviously in absolute heaven. Jayne watched fascinated; she had never seen Mike playing with someone else’s sex, only her own and was getting more and more aroused, almost in time with her sister. Jayne sat on her knees and reached over Jaq to her husband. Whist not disturbing what he was doing to Jaq; she un-taped his diaper. His arousal could not be missed; he was very erect and the tip of his penis was clearly visible, as his foreskin was pushed back. There was a feint drop of lubricating discharge glistening on his manhood, he was very ready for sex and no mistake. Jayne slipped off the bed and went to her bedside cabinet. Once there she took a few moments to locate what it was she was looking for. She came back to the bed, watching Mike still ministering to Jaq’s clit, her hips now moving more forcefully. Mike looked at Jayne.; without a word, she knelt beside him, unwrapped the condom she had just retrieved and expertly placed it on Mike’s rigid member. She and Mike did not often use condoms, as he had had a vasectomy and did not require them for birth control, but they did keep them as they had investigated anal sex on a few occasions. Mike looked at Jayne again, questioning why the condom with a frown. Jayne took hold of Mike’s penis and began caressing it through the slick, lubricated condom. She bent down to his head and kissed him on the lips; she whispered in his ear “take her Mike, for me….please” she pleaded. Mike hesitated for a moment, but then decided to follow his wife’s instructions. He took his hand away from Jaq’s pussy, she moaned a little but he quickly rolled her onto her side facing away from him. Turning himself into her, he expertly located her soaking vagina from behind and guided his hard erect member deep into her. Jaq gasped, the feeling of Mike filling her love cavity was more than she could contain; she pushed against him now, writhing and screwing herself into his body getting as much from him as she could. Mike began to thrust, slowly but powerfully, Jaq whimpered in delight. Jayne got on the bed and lay behind Mike, also feeling his thrusting into her sister’s pussy. She reached down and held his scrotum, giving his balls a gentle squeeze. Mike responded by thrusting harder into Jaq, who in turn began to moan. Jayne then picked up the anal plug she had also retrieved and placed it at the entrance to Mike’s anus, applying a little pressure; Mike was in a quandary, every time he pushed forward, he moved away from the plug, what a decision to have to make; pleasure from his penis or anus? Jayne resolved his conflict by fully inserting the plug into him. Mike reacted by pushing even harder and faster into Jaq, he then forced his hand in between her legs and started to rub her clitoris; Jaq started to moan louder and then with an almighty cry reached orgasm with total abandon. Mike continued to pump at Jaq until she eventually subsided, he then withdrew, still completely erect, having not reached climax himself. Jaq curled up into a ball, sobbing with the effects of her efforts. Jayne wasted no time; she pulled Mike onto his back, removed the condom and sat astride him, facing him. She had positioned herself on his upper legs, her pussy against his penis. She looked into his eyes, “ready for number two?” she asked. Mike nodded and grinned, but said nothing. Jayne brought herself forward and up, over his love pole. She took hold of him and lowered herself down onto his erection, gasping as she did so. She took full control now, getting every ounce of pleasure possible from the situation. Mike was more than happy for Jayne to take over; she was very highly skilled, as he knew from experience. It was not too long before the movements of his wife and the feeling of the plug took effect on Mike, he could feel the seed rising in within him and he started to stiffen, muscles contracting. Jayne knew what was coming and she gave her last efforts, causing herself to begin the sequence of orgasm. They both exploded into mutual orgasm, Mike a fraction before Jayne, which was what tipped her over the edge. Jayne did not scream this time, but tried to keep herself quiet. A whimper or two still escaped her lips as she came back to Earth. She fell on to Mike’s chest, which was heaving from the exertions.
None of the three of them decided to move for a while, all three were exhausted. Instead they all just lay there, each left to their own thoughts. After 15 minutes or so, Jaq spoke. “I don’t know what to say” she began; “say nothing sis, say nothing” Jayne interrupted; “just enjoy the moment, just as I have”. Nevertheless, Jaq was getting increasingly concerned over the turn of events; Mike, her sister’s husband had just screwed her for crying out loud; Ok it was what she wanted more than anything else at that moment, but she couldn’t help her feelings of betrayal even though Jayne was in the same bed at the time and seemed to be more than willing for the events to unfold. She got up off the bed and went to the en-suite, collecting her thoughts. When she returned after a few short minutes, Mike had gone and Jayne was sitting on the bed alone. Jayne spoke first: “Hey sis, are you feeling better now?” she enquired. Jaq took a few seconds before responding, “I feel terrible” she said, “I think I have been so selfish and have done such a wrong thing”, she continued, obviously upset. Jayne tried to reassure her; “Listen sis, I love you and you know that. I told Mike to do what he did, I insisted in fact. I thought you needed a bit of fun and that is what we had; a bit of fun, no more, no less. I know Mike enjoyed it and I am happy that he did. I am also sure that we both enjoyed his affections, I do not feel threatened or in any way unsure about what has just happened and neither should you; It might happen again, it might not; Let’s just chill out about it OK?” Jaq gave Jayne a big hug and finished by kissing her on the cheek; “Y’ know, I have the best little sister anyone could have, you know that, don’t you?” Jaq stated.

Re: Little Sister

I tried, really. The wall of text coupled with the random Capitalization of words that Seemed Important to the Author in the Moment were distracting, but I rolled with it until we devolved into a great big sex scene centered around her shitting herself. At that point, I lost patience, probably because I have no interest in scat play.

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