Little Sister Briana: Chapter 11 8/15/21

The sequel to my Baby Briana novel begins here! New POV character (though we also have Briana as well) and a more voice-y story. I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Melody paused in front of the old faux Victorian house, her hand hovering above the door knocker. What had started with a simple ad for a roommate in the campus classifieds had led her to a very uncomfortable meeting. On the plus side, room’s price was a steal, and the live-in landlord had a good reputation on campus.

The number of meetings for renting a room had been ridiculous though. Veronica, the landlord, had questioned her about her tolerance to the entire range of tumblr diversity before dropping the bass. There was a girl in the house wearing diapers.

Melody had heard some big drama about a girl in a diaper on campus. Supposedly another girl got hauled in front of the honor committee for bullying her. Standard woke politics #justiceboner stuff. The way Veronica described the situation it was way more than some plastic pants. There was a big long explanation about it being a psychological thing, and a game that everyone in the house was in on.

It sounded like a sex thing. Melody had been on the internet more than long enough to know that it was 99% a sex thing. It’s not that it grossed her out, she had secret bedroom stuff herself. The big concern was mostly how obsessively weird people could get in the fetish scene. Did she want to live in a fetish house?

After another couple moments of deliberation, Melody raised her hand to the door and knocked. She might as well meet her fellow freaks. Waiting had Melody flipping back and forth between anticipation and regret like a messed up logic gate.

Veronica opened the door, looking as goth as ever in her straight black dress and dark makeup. She might not shit bats, but she probably cried tiny ones. “Hey,” Melody said, reminding herself to smile. “I’m ready for the house interview, I guess.”

“I’m glad you decided to come,” Veronica said, motioning Melody in. “I thought we’d start with a quick look around the house and any questions you have. If you’re still feeling comfortable then you’ll meet our special roommate.”

“Yeah, okay,” Melody said, nodding and dropping her backpack next to the door. A look around the living room was a little intimidating. The place was immaculate by Melody’s standards, not merely clean but all the mess picked up and put away too. Did anyone here know that grad school still counted as college?

This being an interview Melody had her blonde hair pulled back but not washed. It had passed the sniff test this morning after all. The first time she’d met Veronica she’d been wearing an XKCD shirt that hadn’t gotten as much of a chuckle. Today she’d tried out her “There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand Binary and those who don’t.” shirt. That one didn’t get a laugh either.

The classy living room didn’t need explanation, just a pinky extended. The kitchen was also self-explanatory and even cleaner than the living room. Melody did notice the lack of a rice cooker and shook her head.

They got to the fetish stuff at the more casual living room. It had a bigger coffee table, more chairs than couches, and some bookshelves. It could be a gaming room, but there was good money on them calling it something fancy like the drawing room.

Boldly placed was an adult size changing table tucked into a corner. The top had a pad covered in kiddie-print plastic, while the shelves below were loaded with diapers, pullups, boxes of gloves, wipes. There was even a little diaper bag hanging from a hook. For taking the diaper girl out? Bold-A-F.

“As you can see we don’t have the changing table in view of the front door, but it is an important part of life here and so we do want one on the main floor,” Veronica said.

“Makes sense I guess,” Melody said. “So you take turns and stuff? She doesn’t ever … take care of it herself?”

“She certainly can, and she does from time to time,” Veronica said. “But we enjoy taking care of her and she likes being taken care of that way. It’s working for us.”

“And if I moved in, I’d have to participate,” Melody said.

“Hmm, I would rather say that we are looking for someone who wants to participate,” Veronica said. “We don’t want to push anyone into it, we’re looking for someone who would also enjoy doing it. If that’s not you, that’s completely understandable.”

“I’m not opposed to it,” Melody said. “I mean I’ve done a bunch of fetish stuff or whatever. For me it’s more about um, if I connect with a person, I guess?”

“I’m actually really glad to hear you describe it that way,” Veronica said. “The connection bit, at least. I want to steer you away from the fetish a little. While it’s true that there’s some of that going on, there’s also a component of this being how our roommate is.”

“I’m not scared off anyway,” Melody said. “I’m still up for meeting her.”

“Let’s finish the tour and we’ll do that,” Veronica said. The next surprise was the size of Melody’s potential room. The pictures hadn’t done it justice, it was a giant f-off room with a closet for days. The only other thing of note in the house was the adult-sized playpen folded up in the supply closet. Melody had to chuckle at that one, it seemed like some hardcore roleplay. Maybe the diaper girl was an elf too.

“So where are the rest of the roommates?” Melody asked, taking a seat in the kitchen. She accepted a cup of tea from Veronica and sniffed it. Black tea, not her favorite.

“It’s only Briana and I home right now, she’s on her way down,” Veronica said. “Everybody else is busy with the start of the quarter.”

“Tell me about it,” Melody said. “I have like, five apps I have to make for class already. My freelance work is going to take a hit.”

“I didn’t realize you freelanced,” Veronica said, sipping her tea. She took her tea without any sugar, and a single drop of milk, like a psychopath.

“There’s a lot of automation work that companies are looking for,” Melody said. “I managed to get a little bit of a rep for it in undergrad so now I have a pretty steady stream of requests.”

“That’s great,” Veronica said, “I’m genuinely impressed. In that case, are you pursuing a masters for your own research or–”

“Hi,” said a short girl from the doorway. After a long pause she added, “Veronica.”

“Hello Briana,” Veronica said, with surprising warmth, considering how businesslike she’d been so far. “This is Melody.”

Melody looked Briana over, from her short red hair, to her super petite frame, clad in a blue pleated skirt and white blouse. She was in an over the top kawaii pose with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Oh no,” Melody thought, “she’s hot.”

“Yeah, I’m Melody, nice to meet you,” Melody said.

“Thanks!” Briana flounced to the table and sat next to Veronica. Did people still flounce? Was that legal?

“So, I guess you’re the person I’m supposed to meet?” Melody asked.

“That’s right,” Veronica said, answering for Briana. “If you don’t decide to join us, as I said, that’s no problem. But please leave anything you find out in this conversation at the door if that’s the case.”

“Yeah, no worries,” Melody said. “I don’t have a ton of friends and I don’t spread people’s business around.”

“Thank you,” Veronica said. “Briana, do you want to start off?”

Briana nodded, but without much confidence. There was a wait while Briana powered up, or whatever. Eventually, she managed to say, “Veronica has probably talked to you a little, but I wanted to be very up-front. There’s two things about me that you’d have to know if you lived here. The first one is that I have a medical problem, I’m incontinent sometimes, especially at night.”

“Oh,” Melody said, “I didn’t realize you had uh… that issue. Is that why you’re a diaper girl?”

“Sort of,” Briana said, squirming. She looked at Veronica, and got an encouraging squeeze on the arm before continuing. “The other thing is um, kind of a game, but kind of not. It’s hard to explain but I have a special relationship with the people in this house. Especially Veronica and Jane. They take care of me, and I don’t always um, act adult.”

“Yeah it’s like a whole ABDL thing right?” Melody said, figuring she might as well name it out loud.

“A what?” Briana asked, obviously confused.

“Briana isn’t part of that community,” Veronica said. “Not for any bad reason, but it’s not something she found on her own.”

“Mom,” Briana said, a bit of a whine creeping into her voice. “what community?”

“Briana,” Veronica said, “we agreed you’d call me Veronica while Melody is here. Can you do that for a bit longer please?” Briana bit her lip and nodded.

“Um, it’s okay with me if it’s okay with you two,” Melody said. Briana looked like she was about to cry. Part of Melody’s SOP was that hot girls shouldn’t cry. “It doesn’t bother me.”

“I suppose it does help show you a bit more what the dynamic is like,” Veronica said. “Okay, Briana, you can refer to me normally, but please stay with us in this conversation.”

“Yes Mom!” Briana visibly brightened, and turned back to Melody. “So what’s the ABDL community?”

“It’s um, people like you I guess?” Melody said, wondering why she was the one explaining this to a girl with a changing table in her back room. “Mommy daddy baby stuff, diapers, uh, it stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover. But I don’t know how much you do here. Or how much I’d be expected to be a part of it.”

“Mom!” Briana accused, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Briana,” Veronica’s mom voice was sharp and firm, easily Weirding Way level. “Let’s talk about that later. For now, stay on track, we’re explaining to Melody what it would be like to live with us.”

Briana pouted, sighed, and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry Melody, I was trying to be in a better state of mind for talking about this but I kind of got caught up.”

“That’s okay,” Melody said. “Like Veronica said before, it kind of lets me see how things would go. Are you wearing a diaper right now?”

“Nope!” Briana said eagerly. “A pullup! Do you want to see? It’s a really pretty one, because I thought you might want to see it.”

“Sure,” Melody said with a wry chuckle. Sure enough, Briana was up out of her chair and flipping her skirt up. The pullup was pale blue, Frozen themed, with Elsa at the top of an ice tower that extended down to the crotch. The pullup fit Briana like panties, with a touch of extra bulk. They were actually sexy, which Melody hadn’t expected. She looked up to see Veronica watching her like a hawk, which felt a little unfair. Melody laughed again, nervously.

“Hey that is really pretty,” Melody said. Complimenting girls on their diapers was apparently a thing that thirst could make her do. “Thanks for showing me.”

“You’re welcome,” Briana said, dropping her skirt.

Melody turned to Veronica to ask, “What else?”

“Well the minimum to move in would be a willingness to be tolerant of Briana even in her younger moods,” Veronica said. “You’d need to be accepting of her need to have her undergarments changed, and be kind to her about all of this. We are hoping for more, though. We’re hoping for someone who’s willing to join in by watching over Briana when she needs it, supporting her in a familial way, and taking on the tasks of cleaning her up and disciplining her when that’s needed.”

“Disciplining her?” Melody asked. “Like, time out?”

“We use time outs with Briana, as well as grounding her from her phone and other measures” Veronica said. “But if her behavior gets extreme or dangerous to her, we usually discipline her with a spanking.”

“You what? Briana, you’re okay with this?” Melody asked, knowing that for her part she was very, very okay with it.

Briana pouted and said, “I don’t like to be spanked, but it’s okay if Mom does it. Or Dad.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Or the other people in the house if Mom says it’s okay.”

“So basically, you’re talking about babysitting her as if she were a toddler?” Melody asked Veronica.

“Pretty much exactly,” Veronica said.

“Is it a fetish thing for you guys too?” Melody asked.

“I really don’t like to think of it that way,” Veronica said. “I know we have at least one roommate that enjoys it in that respect. We have another person outside the house who plays with Briana that way when he babysits her. My girlfriend and I really do feel a parental connection to Briana.”

“Huh, intense,” Melody said.

“Too intense?” Veronica asked.

“I don’t think so,” Melody said, “but I guess I need more information. Can I hang out with Briana sometime, make sure we like spending time together?”

“You can right now if you have the time,” Veronica said. “She’s pretty young at the moment and maybe going younger. Now would be a good time to show you what you’d be getting into.”

“Yeah I don’t have anything specific I have to be at, let’s try it,” Melody said. Because why not, let’s play babysitter with a girl who’s probably older than me.

Veronica caught Briana’s hands and pulled the girl onto her lap. “Briana, would you like to play with Melody for an hour or so?”

“Yes please!” Briana said, bouncing on Veronica’s lap. “She doesn’t seem scary at all.”

Veronica chuckled. “We’re testing out if Melody can join the house and help take care of you. If she tells you to do something, you have to do it, like if she was a babysitter, understand?” Briana nodded. “And if anything scary happens, come get me right away, I’ll be in the living room.”

“Okay Mom!” Briana squirmed out of Veronica’s grasp and hurried over to Melody. “What are we going to do?”

It was a little surreal, looking up into Briana’s eager eyes. “She’s not going to kiss you, idiot,” Melody told herself. “Uh, well I’m trying to get to know you better. Why don’t you show me your room?”

“Oh yeah, you can meet Alanna!” Briana said enthusiastically. She grabbed Melody’s hand and tugged. What would have been a little pull on a toddler yanked Melody right out of her chair. Small but feisty.

“I am looking respectfully,” Melody reminded herself.

Briana’s bedroom wasn’t exactly a surprise after everything Melody had seen, but it was extreme. Another fully stocked changing table was set up by the window, and there was no sight of an adult bed. Instead there was a f-ing crib along one wall, a massive affair that would make Briana look kid sized for real.

The walls sported posters, glow in the dark stars, and stickers. There were stuffed animals everywhere. The only thing that wasn’t toddler-chic was the desk.

A stuffed lion was thrust at Melody’s face. “This is Alanna,” Briana declared.

“Hi Alanna,” Melody said. “Hey Briana, do you still go to school?”

“Yeah, but I can’t play like this there,” Briana said.

“You sure do like to play like this,” Melody said. “Do you know why?”

“It helps me,” Briana said. “I was really stressed and sad for a while. It was making me sick. But Mommy figured out that playing like this could make me better, and it did. I’m doing way better in school than I was when I got sick!”

“Huh,” Melody said, looking the desk over again.

None of the chaos in the room had touched it, something that an actual toddler would not have been able to keep up. Veronica was in neuropsych, and was a big deal, at least on campus. Lab rat or ABDL fetish girl, tune in on moving day to find out!

“You play with all your roommates like this then?”

“Well everyone is different.” Briana said, plopping down on the floor. “I have Mom, and Dad. Suzie is a really good babysitter but she’s always busy. Erin is busy too, she’s going to be a doctor and she makes sure I’m okay. Then there’s Casey, she’s my girlfriend.” Briana blushed and pulled her feet up, rolling back on her back and flashing her pullup at Melody again.

“Girlfriend like… sex?” Melody asked, too disappointed to be subtle.

“Yeaaaah.” Briana squirmed on the floor, rocking back and forth.

Melody sat down on the floor against the wall, her head spinning. There was probably a German word for the feeling, Melody decided to call it con-fu-rous-ted. Hanging out with Briana was fun right now, but would it still be fun in a week? In a year?

The arrival of a hot girl in Melody’s lap neatly stopped her train of thought. Briana had crawled up on Melody while she was distracted and was pulling Melody’s shirt taut so that she could read it. “That’s a good one!” She said, giggling.

Putting her hands on Briana’s waist, Melody felt her heart go thump. Briana smelled of baby powder and was warm, soft, and supple in Melody’s grip. The plan had been to slide Briana off aside but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Briana, on the other hand, took that as an invitation to snuggle up to Melody.

“Tell me about the ABDL thing some more,” Briana said.

“I uh um…” Melody took a moment to regain her equilibrium. “I don’t know a ton about it, but it’s a pretty big community. There are different levels of involvement, some people get more into it than others.”

“Are you in the community?” Briana asked. “Is that why you want to live here?”

“Me?!” Melody shook her head. “No, I don’t do that stuff.” Because of course she didn’t have a diaper girl on her lap, no, not at all.

“Then how do you know about it?” Briana asked, squirming upright and looking right into Melody’s eyes.

“Well I’m on the internet a lot,” Melody said. “And uh, sometimes you stumble across stuff.” Stumbling was a perfectly good metaphor for the fringe effects of googling ‘sluts’ and ‘watersports’.

“Oh, could you show me?” Briana asked.

“What, right now?” Melody asked.

“Yeah! Please? Please Melody, please?” Briana tried a whole puppy dog eye look that was, unfortunately, quite effective.

“Well there’s a lot of sex stuff on those,” Melody said. “Didn’t talking about sex make you kind of embarrassed?”

“No,” Briana said, her blush and squirm immediately outing her as a liar.

“I’ll show you another time. I don’t even know the names of those sites offhand,” Melody said, as a lying liar herself.

“Okay, can we play something then?” Briana said. “An hour is a LONG time.”

“What do you want to play?” Melody asked.

“A new game!” Briana said. “What do you like to do?”

“Uh, it’s been a while since I did any kid stuff but, oh, I’ve got my Switch with me. Do you play video games?” Melody asked.

“I don’t usually have the money for them,” Briana said.

“You’ll really like Animal Crossing,” Melody said. It was time to test her authority over diaper waifu. “My bag is downstairs by the door, go get it for me okay?”

“Okay Melody,” Briana said, hopping off Melody’s lap and scampering out the door.

Melody took a second to breathe and look around the room a bit more. Microbiology textbooks on the desk, so Briana’s classes weren’t airhead stuff. A fair number of adult books on her bookshelf but a lot of new kids’ books too. All the nicer stuff in the room was pretty new, and kid themed. The adult stuff was old, and well cared for.

Briana burst back into the room and held the backpack out to Melody. “Here you go!”

“Good girl,” Melody said, taking the pack and chuckling at Briana’s big grin.

“Okay, that was fun,” Melody thought. “She is stupid adorable, and it is nice having a minion to fetch stuff.”

They sat back down on the floor together while Melody booted up Animal Crossing on her Switch. Briana was instantly enchanted, which meant that she needed to scoot herself between Melody’s legs. Doing an impromptu Lets Play for Briana helped keep Melody from being horny on main. Not that it ever felt completely normal to have an OnlyFans girl on her lap.

By the end of the hour Briana was begging Melody not to leave. Giving in to the power of puppy dog eyes (and diaper girl tiddy), Melody signed the lease and dropped the deposit before she left.

“It’s weird,” Melody thought as she drove away to finish packing, “but I’ve seen weirder.”


Back to Briana’s point of view. Some Little girl is a BIT excited about her new roommate.

Chapter 2

Melody’s moving day arrived with Briana in a tizzy. She stood nervously in her room in naught but a pair of pullups, contemplating the two outfits on her bed. One was a sensible pair of jeans and a boring, grown up t-shirt in solid forest green. The other was an excitingly little outfit, a white empire waisted dress decorated in cartoon dinosaurs with white tights and a sparkly hairband.

It wasn’t so much about the outfits, of course, but if she should be little or not when Melody arrived. The anxiety was enough to force her into the potty dance to keep her pullups dry. The door opened behind Briana, and she turned, flinging herself into Veronica’s arms.

“Ooof,” Veronica grunted, pulling Briana into a tight hug. “Are you okay sweetie?”

“Mom, I can’t decide if I should be little or not when Melody gets here,” Briana said, burying her face in Veronica’s chest.

“Well it might be an easier choice if you had a cuter big-girl outfit,” Veronica said. “It looks like you spent a lot of time on the little outfit but not the big one.”

“Can you help me please?” Briana asked, raising her head to give Veronica a plaintive look.

“I think there are a lot of signs pointing toward the decision already being made,” Veronica said. “Spending more time on the little outfit, needing help from me, the way you’re acting now. It’s okay if you want to be little.”

“But, I don’t want her to think I’m weird, and I want to help move stuff, and be a good roommate,” Briana said, unable to control the whine in her voice.

“One thing I’m not going to let you do is spin yourself up into a tantrum,” Veronica said, stroking Briana’s hair. “So the choice isn’t yours anymore, I’m putting you in the little outfit.”

“But mom!” Briana protested. “When I’m little I won’t be able to help with moving stuff.”

“Darling,” Veronica said with an amused smile. “You are a hundred pounds soaking wet. You are good at lots of things but you are nobody’s first choice to move furniture.”

“I guess so,” Briana said and squirmed her way out of Veronica’s grasp.

“You can help by making Melody welcome,” Veronica said, picking up the dress and holding it up.

“Yeah, I can do that!” Briana lifted her arms and wiggled into the dress, obediently stepping into the tights so Veronica could pull them up. With the sparkly purple headband on as a final touch, she beamed up at Veronica and did a little twirl. “How do I look?”

“Good enough to eat,” Veronica chuckled and grabbed Briana to tickle her.

Briana shrieked and climbed on the bed to escape the tickles, still giggling. A little bit of wet escaped into her pullup, but she managed to clamp down on it in time. Too excited about her outfit to request a change, Briana decided to ignore it until she could get to the bathroom.

A deep rumble and the squeak of breaks outside announced the arrival of Melody’s moving truck. In a flash Briana was out of her room and stampeding down the stairs. “She’s here! She’s here everybody!”

On the living room couch, Jane looked up at the commotion, only to be pounced and hugged around the neck by whirlwind Briana. “Daddy get up, she’s here! Melody’s here!”

“I heard,” Jane said dryly and planted a kiss on Briana’s cheek.

“Get uuuuup we have to say hi!” Briana grabbed Jane’s arm and pulled, managing to stir Jane out of the seat after the third or fourth tug.

“Casey, Erin, Suzie, she’s here, come on!” Briana called out, running to the door and throwing it open. Bemused roommates made their way to the living room, with Veronica watching from the upstairs balcony.

“You’re pretty worked up today kiddo.” Suzie said with a grin. She followed Briana out onto the front porch to watch Melody get out of the U-Haul and fiddle with the lock on the back door. “Give us some time to say hi and maybe make coffee.”

“Then come say hi!” Briana waved at her roommates, gathering them out the door by sheer energy and excitement.

“Melody!” Briana said, scampering down the porch and walkway. “Hi Melody, welcome to the house!”

“Hey Briana,” Melody said, still looking a little sleepy. She was scruffier than last time, probably from all the packing. Briana resolved to make sure that Melody knew there would be plenty of help.

“Did you meet everybody yet?” Briana asked. Without waiting for an answer she launched into introductions. “This is Jane, she’s strong and can help with a lot of stuff, and this is Casey, she has the really big muscles, and this is Erin, she’s super organized, and this is Suzie, she’s really nice and a good decorator. Veronica is inside, she’s probably getting stuff moved out of the way to your room.”

“Yeah, I did get a chance to meet everybody at least once on campus,” Melody said, chuckling at her new roommates over the head of a very bouncy Briana. “Hi everybody.”

“Welcome,” Jane said. “You have your own personal fan club for today it looks like.”

“Sounds good, I bet she’ll be a big help,” Melody said, handing Briana an envelope stuffed with papers. “This is the stuff for the truck, can you set it by the TV for me so it’s out of the way?”

“Okay Melody!” Briana said brightly, taking the envelope and sprinting up the porch and back into the house. She carefully set the papers in front of the TV, but before she could dash out again, she heard Veronica calling her from the kitchen.

In short order Briana had the job of making coffee for everyone, flitting around taking orders and then precisely preparing each cup. To Briana’s surprise Melody liked her coffee the same as she did, super sweet but not much milk. Melody was going to be the best big sister ever!

By the time all the coffees were done the furniture had been moved into Melody’s room. Briana peeked in to see a huge rug covered in cool looking video game characters. A twin size bed with a black metal frame was set up in one corner, and there was a small dresser next to it. An absolutely huge desk dominated the room, Melody and Jane were still putting the beast together. It looked like an executive desk with enough space for three monitors, built in shelving, and a surface that partially wrapped around the chair.

Room investigation was cut short by Suzie, who sent Briana out to the truck to help with boxes. Under Erin’s direction the rest of Briana’s morning consisted of carrying a series of small boxes from the truck to the room, one or two at a time. By the end of it, Briana was tired of boxes and her pullup was wet.

Trying to catch anyone’s attention for a change as a lost cause. Veronica and Jane were cooking lunch, Erin and Casey were moving big boxes, and Suzie was breaking down cardboard as fast as she could. Melody was up to her eyeballs in assembling a scary amount of computer hardware. Briana found herself setting the table, putting out the pasta salad, and filling glasses of water. Once she’d managed all that, the pullup had done its job and Briana had forgotten she’d even wet. A clamminess in her pants was not something she worried about too much, especially on the weekends.

After lunch there were dishes to wash, it was getting to be a lot of chores for a Saturday! Briana was feeling beat, but gamely made her way to Melody’s room to see if she could help. It was a good thing too, because with the moving done, everyone had abandoned Melody to deal with the pile of boxes on her own.

“Need help unpacking?” Briana asked eagerly, plopping down on the floor next to Melody.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” Melody said, opening the box next to her to reveal dozens of wrapped figurines. “I’ve got a lot of these to put up on shelves.”

“She’s pretty!” Briana said, snatching a scantily clad girl with spikey hair out of the box. “What’s her name?”

“That’s Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero,” Melody said.

“What’s this one’s name?” Briana said, grabbing an androgynous blue-clad figure.

“That’s Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” Melody said.

“Oooh, who’s she?” Briana asked, grabbing yet another figure, this one blonde, buxom, and dressed in a yellow school uniform.

“How about you help me put them on the shelves first?” Melody asked. “We’ll be here for a week if I tell you about all of them.”

“Okay!” Briana hopped up and started moving figurines to shelves. A few of them she recognized but most she gave her own names to, or at least gave them an imaginary relationship with the figurines next to them. There were a whole group of figurines in witches hats that were in love with some boys in suits.

Box after box after box, Briana helped Melody fill up her shelves. The walls of the room had been devoured by shelving. From figurines to blue ray discs to video games to manga volumes, every shelf was crammed full.

“You have so much cool stuff!” Briana said as she shelved some brightly colored manga according to Melody’s strict insistence on keeping series together.

“Thanks,” Melody said. “It took a while to collect it all. You can come borrow the manga or blue rays whenever you want.”

“Can I play with the dolls?” Briana asked. “I’ll be super careful!”

“They uh, aren’t really toys,” Melody said with an awkward grimace. “They’re decorations.”

“Oh, okay,” Briana said, putting a little extra pout into her lip.

“Well I guess you can if I’m here, and they don’t leave the room,” Melody said, “but you have to be gentle with them.”

“Thank you Melody!” Briana grabbed the other girl in a big hug, getting a somewhat stiff hug in return.

“Yeah no problem,” Melody said, patting Briana’s head. “Thanks for helping with all this stuff. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to done without you.”

“You’re welcome!” Briana squatted down to pick up some more manga, and felt the need to go again. Saturday was always diaper time, so she let herself go right away. She giggled as the warmth flowed around her crotch, only realizing her mistake when she felt liquid soaking into her tights and down her thighs.

Reflexively, she looked up at Melody to admit her accident. But Melody wasn’t one of the people that she could ask for a change. It was little time, but she was in a pullup instead of a diaper. She was at home, but with a sort of stranger. Tears sprang into Briana’s eyes as she floundered between her needy little-state and embarrassed big state.

“What’s wrong?” Melody asked, reaching into the same box that Briana had.

“I… I… I…” Briana’s lip quivered. She thought about excusing herself but her little instincts were too strong. She’d never been big around Melody. “I had an accident.”

“Oh,” Melody said, recoiling a little. Briana sank to the floor with a crushing weight in her chest.

“I’m not upset or anything,” Melody said. Briana looked up at the other girl fearfully. “I didn’t expect it, I’m not used to this stuff yet.”

“I’m sorry,” Briana said, “I’ll go.”

“Hold up, I’m really not upset or whatever,” Melody said, reaching out for a hug. Briana gingerly leaned into it, resting her teary face on Melody’s shoulder.

“There there,” Melody said, patting Briana’s head. “um, do you need me to uh, change you?”

“You don’t hafta,” Briana said. “I can go get Mom.”

“I’ll do it,” Melody said, with sudden firmness. “I told Veronica I would, I didn’t know it’d be the first day but it’s no big deal.”

“Are you sure?” Briana asked, curling up to hide her face even more.

“Heh, yes.” Melody managed to struggle to her feet while pulling Briana up as well. “Come on, there’s a changing table in the back room right?”

Briana nodded, and followed Melody silently, holding her hand. She hoped to run into someone she’d be more comfortable with, but the house was cleared out. It made sense, she guessed. They had been helping Melody all morning, and they had their own Saturday stuff to do. Nervously, Briana climbed up onto the changing table and pulled the skirt of her dress up over her face.

She felt fumbling fingers at the waistband of her tights and huffed in annoyance when Melody pulled down the tights only instead of getting the pullup along with. At least the pullup came off next, followed by the now familiar cold feeling of the wipes. Usually it was a soothing feeling, but Melody was missing big sections of Briana’s butt and especially crotch, leaving her feeling half sticky and not at all comfortable.

“You’re not doing it right,” Briana complained from under her skirt.

“Well this is my first time doing it,” Melody said, sounding a little irritated.

Briana sighed again and bunched her skirt around her waist. She craned her head to look at Melody. “I’m sorry, wasn’t trying to be mean. It’s that there’s a bunch of spots that didn’t get clean and I’ll feel icky.”

“Oh, yeah,” Melody said nervously. “I was um, trying to not get all up in your business.”

“But you’re changing my diaper,” Briana said.

Melody laughed. Briana wasn’t sure if it was okay at first, but it went quickly from an awkward laugh to the good funnies kind of laugh. She grinned, and wiggled her butt at Melody.

“Fair enough kiddo,” Melody said. “I wasn’t expecting to see this much of you today, but I guess we’re good friends now, huh?”

“We’re good friends?” Briana asked hopefully.

“Well I’m about to wipe your crotch so we better be,” Melody said.

Briana held her arms out. For a long scary moment it looked like Melody might not hug her. After a brief hesitation Melody found a place to put down her wipe and leaned in, crushing Briana in a surprisingly satisfying tight hug. With a happy murmur, Briana relaxed into the hug so much that she felt a trickle down her crotch and butt.

When Melody returned to cleanup, she was quick and efficient at cleaning up Briana’s butt and the puddle she’d made, despite all her fumbling before. “I think you need a diaper, Bri,” Melody said. “A pullup is not going to cut it if you keep wetting like this.”

“I usually get a diaper on Saturday,” Briana said, happily holding her feet while Melody finished cleaning her crotch.

“So why not today?” Melody asked.

“I was going to be a big girl for you,” Briana said. She squeaked in surprise when Melody added powder without putting a diaper under her first. Since they were friends now, she decided not to mention that it was another wrong step.

“You don’t have to be a big girl around me,” Melody said.

“Really?” Briana asked. “You won’t mind even if I’m always little?”

Melody shrugged and said, “I don’t know why I would. I like you like this.”

“Okay!” Briana said with a grin. She lifted her hips and settled into a diaper. Melody’s tape job was pretty clumsy but Briana barely noticed, the prospect of having a permanent little-friend was too exciting.

“I got your tights in a laundry basket,” Melody said. “Anything else you need?”

“Ice cream!” Briana declared, hopping down from the changing table.

“Ice cream?” Melody asked.

“I’ve been a good helper!” Briana insisted. “I should get a treat.”

“Uh huh,” Melody smirked. “Okay, but only because you’ve been such a good helper.”

Briana followed Melody to the kitchen, overjoyed that Melody held her hand the whole way. She could feel herself sinking more and more deeply into her little thoughts, and after all the work during the day it felt great. She tucked into the rocky road ice-cream that Melody served her, mixing it into a soup that she managed to smear across her face and drip onto her dress.

“You’re going to stain your dress,” Melody said, a lot later than Mom or Dad would have. “Need to get it in the laundry.”

“Don’t wanna!” said Briana with a naughty giggle.

“Briana, don’t make me put you in time out on my first day in the house,” Melody said, starting to sound grumpy. Briana winced, she didn’t want her new friend to be upset.

“Okay, sorry Melody!” Briana hopped out of her chair, and shucked her dress. She grinned at Melody was staring wide eyed at Briana in just a diaper. Briana bet that Melody hadn’t expected her to switch to being a good girl so quickly!

“Laundry room is downstairs right?” Melody said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Kay!” Briana left the ice cream mess on the table and wandered back into Melody’s room. The figurines were tempting, but she resisted the desire to touch and looked at them, making up more names for the dozens and dozens of cool characters.

Melody came back into the room after more than a sec, and Briana spun around on her smooth diaper to beam at her new friend, asking, “Can I play with the dolls?”

“You need clothes first,” Melody said with a sudden grin. “I have an idea actually, stay there.”

Briana flopped on her belly and watched Melody dig through the boxes until she found one full of weird bits of foam and cool toys like a sword and some future guns. A clothing box contained a pretty sailor top and super short skirt. Briana hardly ever got to play dress up, so she was the best girl she could be to help Melody get her into it.

The sailor top was cut for girls, and it fit perfectly over Briana’s small chest with a pretty soft-pink bow in the front. The skirt was too short to cover her diaper, but luckily the diaper was a pink that matched. She sat on the floor and happily bounced at how pleased Melody looked.

“Do I look good?” Briana asked.

“You look… wow.” Melody said.

“Is this a Halloween costume?” Briana asked, hoping she might get to wear it then as well.

“No, it’s for a cosplay I wanted to do,” Melody said, “but when it came it was too small for me. Fits you really well though, you can have it.”

“Oh my gosh, really?” Briana crawled excitedly into Melody’s lap. Melody seemed to really like it, getting a little grin like last time.

“Yeah, I can’t wear it, but I didn’t throw it away because it was so expensive,” Melody said, resting her hands on Briana’s hips. This time the contact was skin to skin. Melody staring like she was mesmerized; Briana felt lovely sexy warmth spread over her skin.

“Briana!” Veronica’s voice echoed through the house. Feeling a touch of guilt but not sure why, Briana slid off Melody’s lap.

“I’m in Melody’s room Mom!” Briana called back.

“Do you need to go?” Melody asked, seeming disappointed. Briana rushed to reassure her, and said, “No, it’s fine.”

“Hi Melody, how’s the unpacking going?” Veronica asked from the doorway.

“Pretty good,” Melody said, gesturing at the shelves. “Making good progress so far.”

“Briana isn’t distracting you, is she?” Veronica asked.

“No way, I’m helping!” Briana burst out before Melody could answer.

“Briana, I don’t see you helping. I see you playing dress up and – are you in a diaper? Melody, I’m sorry if you had to change her when you’re trying to move in,” Veronica said, shaking her head.

“Ah, it was a little awkward but it was going to happen eventually so it was fine,” Melody said with a sheepish grin. “Her dress got a little messy from some ice cream, so I put her in one of my cosplay outfits, hope that’s okay.”

“Thank you so much for doing all that, but you really didn’t need to,” Veronica said. “Please, if you’re ever busy, especially with work or school, you can always ask me to take care of her.”

“MooOOOoom,” Briana whined. “She said I was a help, and she was really nice, we’re having fun playing.”

“Well play time is over for now,” Veronica said firmly. “Melody wants to get her room put together so she can relax, I’m sure.”

“Nuh uh!” Briana exclaimed, turning to Melody and putting on her best puppy eyes, “Can I stay please Melody? I’ll be a big help and super good!”

“Briana,” Veronica said, her tone growing more sharp by the second, “that is not fair to do to Melody on her first day. You come out of her room right now.”

Melody looked confused or sad, Briana didn’t know which, but she was sure that Melody still wanted to play. She glared at Veronica and exclaimed, “No!”

“One,” Veronica said, her brows knitting into a frown.

“Mom, it’s not fair!” Briana said, though her stomach dropped.

“Two,” Veronica said, really angry now.

“I don’t wanna!” Briana said, fear of being in trouble and her anger at having to stop playing whirling around together until she could feel herself on the edge of a tantrum.

“Young lady if you make me say three you are going to be glad you have so much padding on your butt,” Veronica said, then took a deep breath…

With a nervous waddle around the bulk between her legs, Briana scurried over to the door. Veronica’s hand closed around her wrist with an iron grip. She gave Briana The Look, sending a shiver down the girl’s spine and turned to Melody, “I’m sorry Melody, I think Briana got a little spun up. We’ll give you some space and if you want to join us for dinner we’d love to see you then.”

“Sounds good,” Melody said, watching them curiously? Sadly? Briana was too little to be anything but frustrated at Mom.

“Upstairs,” Veronica said to Briana, pulling behind a fast walk. The padding made it hard to keep up, but when she tried to pull away, Veronica squeezed her wrist even more tightly. Frustration was giving way to guilt fast. It had been a while since she’d been in trouble and nervous butterflies made her stomach feel icky.

Brought to her room and dumped in her crib, Briana looked up at Veronica apologetically and said, “I didn’t mean to–”

“Briana, I am genuinely upset with you,” Veronica cut her off. “This is a hard move and an exhausting day for Melody. Helping her was fine but asking her to play was not okay. She’s not used to it yet, and she might have had trouble saying no on her first day.”

“But she was having fun!” Briana protested.

“That doesn’t mean that’s the way she wanted to spend her time,” Veronica said. “I’m not very impressed with your tantrum either. You haven’t had an episode like that since the end of spring quarter.”

“I’m sorry Mom,” Briana said, looking down in genuine guilt.

“I think you need a reset. You are grounded to your room for the rest of the night,” Veronica said.

“Mom, no!” Briana looked up in shock. “What about dinner?”

“I’ll bring a bottle up, since you’re being such a baby today,” Veronica said.

“No please!” Briana pleaded with tears in her eyes. “I want to be there for Melody’s first dinner! She’s my friend!”

“Briana, you are moving way too fast with all of this. If you can’t snap out of this behavior then you’re going to get appropriate discipline for it,” Veronica said.

“Please Mom, please!” Briana begged, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Please just dinner, please Mommy!”

“No, and that’s final,” Veronica said, softening a bit with a sigh. She sat down next to Briana and put her arm around her. “I don’t know what’s going on but you are way too spun up over this. You need to cool down and that’s what you’re going to do.”

“But – I want – to be with – everybody,” Briana said through hiccupping sobs.

“What you really need is a nap. Come on, let’s get out of these clothes,” Veronica gently peeled the costume off a limp and crying Briana. “Goodness sweetie, what’s going on? You never get this worked up.”

“We were having fun – and she’s a new friend – and – and…” Briana, stripped down to her diaper, hugged Veronica tightly and wailed.

“Oh honey, my little Briana,” Veronica said softly, gently rocking the sobbing girl back and forth.

By the time her crying jag was over, Briana was exhausted, laying on the crib with her head in Veronica’s lap and having her hair stroked. She sighed and rubbed her eyes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize that today would be too much for you,” Veronica said. “I should have noticed when you were so super excited this morning. You really want this to go well, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Briana said plaintively.

“It’s nap time my darling,” Veronica said, slipping Briana off her lap and helping her under the covers. “If you wake up you can play on your phone or with your toys, but you have to stay in your room. I’ll come up and feed you a bottle for dinner, and then we can spend the rest of the evening together. Just me and you and maybe Dad, okay?”

“Really?” Briana asked fretfully, pulling Alanna into an overtight hug.

“Really,” Veronica smiled and kissed Briana on the cheek, pulling the covers up to her chin. “I love you Briana.”

“I love you Mommy,” Briana said with a yawn.

Veronica smiled fondly and stroked Briana’s hair a few more times before raising the rails on the crib and slipping out of the room.

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This better not awaken anything in Melody…

Chapter 3

Melody had a few days reprieve before she saw Briana again. After the second day she started wondering if Veronica had grounded the girl from talking to her. The quiet was nice but she didn’t want Briana in trouble, and she found herself missing the girl’s chaotic energy. Overall, there were way too many feels.

On the third day Melody started keeping her room door open. On reflection moving in and keeping her door closed for days was probably making her seem like an antisocial emo. The worst part being that was that emos were over.

Regardless, an open door had Briana peeking into Melody’s room within a couple of hours. Good thing too, because if Melody had to answer one more stack overflow question she was going to freak out.

“Hey Bri!” Melody said, spinning her chair to face the door. “What’s up?”

Briana looked a little different, meaning that she was actually dressed like an adult. Melody watched the girl walk uncertainly into her room in jeans and a t-shirt, gripping her right forearm behind her back.

“Hey Melody,” Briana said. “You got your room all set up?”

“Yeah, no,” Melody said, chuckling. “I did a little more and then pushed the rest of the boxes into my closet.”

“Oh, do you need help?” Briana asked eagerly.

“Maybe this weekend?” Melody said. “I’m trying to concentrate on work and school right now.”

“I never asked what your program is.” Briana said, still standing in a uncomfortable looking way.

“PHD. Computer Algorithms centered on sound processing. Trying not to narrow it down any further until they make me,” Melody said. “Are you okay?”

“What?” Briana asked. “Oh um, I’m just not sure if uh.” She paused for a moment then added, “Kinda having a mental conflict.”

“You want to do your little kid thing?” Melody asked. “Go ahead if you want, but don’t pee on the carpet.”

“That’s mean!” Briana said, her voice already shifting. “I don’t pee on the carpet.”

“You had an accident last time you were in here,” Melody said, “Maybe I should put down one of those puppy-pads.”

“Nuh uh!” Briana said, smiling and squirming at the same time.

“Don’t you want to be my puppy?” Melody said, grinning at how fun Briana was to tease. “I could teach you tricks, and take you on walks, and feed you treats. You even have a little cage already.”

“That’s a crib!” Briana protested. She blew a raspberry at Melody and they both burst out in giggles.

“Actually I was wondering, you go to school dressed like an adult and all that, but if you sleep in a crib every night does that mean you’re little every night?” Melody asked.

“Um, Mom was going to put my big girl bed back in my room but it’s the smallest one and there isn’t room for it,” Briana said. “Plus I usually wet at night so I always have to go to bed with protection.”

“Aww, cute,” Melody said.

“You think it’s cute?” Briana said, an odd look of surprise on her face.

“Why not? You curling up in a crib is an adorable image,” Melody said. “You look cute in a diaper too.” “Wait no, why did I tell her that last part?” Melody wondered nervously. “My stupid mouth is on a Do: While loop.”

That train of thought was interrupted by Briana throwing herself into a hug with Melody. She hugged back awkwardly at first, then held Briana more tightly as it sank in that the girl was hanging on for what seemed like dear life.

“Hey there, are you okay?” Melody asked, patting Briana gently on the back.

“You’ve been so nice to me,” Briana said. She sighed and buried her face in Melody’s shoulder. The angle she was leaning over seemed uncomfortable, Melody tried to shift Briana closer, and ended up with the girl in her lap again.

“Aw, uh, well I like you, I’m glad that um, you feel like I’m being nice,” Melody said. “People don’t uh, always understand me I guess.” “Damnit I’m babbling again.”

Briana sat up a little and looked Melody in the eye with a frighteningly intense expression. “We’re going to be good friends.”

“Oh um, yeah, cool,” Melody said, unable to stop her embarrassed smile. “Did I get friendzoned?” Melody wondered, immediately rejecting the idea. “No, bad Melody. Stop trying to date your roommate. You’ll end up as the ‘This is Fine’ dog.”

“Can you show me those websites?” Briana asked out of nowhere.

“Uh, which ones?” Melody asked, feeling a blush creep up her neck.

“The baby ones,” Briana said.

“Oh. Yeah, totes can,” Melody said. “But uh, maybe better close the door because some of them are a little uh, porn-y.”

“Okay!” Briana said, up to the door in a flash and then back to Melody’s lap before Melody had a chance to figure out an alternate seating arrangement.

“So uh, here’s one that–“ Melody managed to bite down on the phrase ‘that I like’ before it escaped her mouth, “seems pretty good and uh, has pretty pictures.” As the site pulled up Briana either didn’t notice or didn’t mention that Melody was auto-logged in for it. That was one small favor, Melody doubted she was a good enough liar to claim she had bought a membership to show Briana.

“Oh wow,” Briana leaned forward, staring at the screen in rapt attention. “all the girls are really pretty, and they have such cool clothes!”

“Yeah, if you want you can click…” Melody trailed off as Briana took the mouse and enthusiastically browsed the site. Melody had picked a site with pretty tame images up front, but it wasn’t long before Briana found the sexy stuff with vibrators, plugs, and bondage.

“Oh, I used to use one of those!” Briana said, pointing to a sparkly princess plug being inserted into a baby that was enjoying things. Closing the door had made the room a little warm, Melody thought. It was definitely heating up a bit.

“How come they’re tying her?” Briana asked, popping the picture up to full size, “She looks upset.”

“That’s uh, called forced diapering I think,” Melody said. “She’s been a bad girl and so they’re putting her in diapers.”

“Uh oh!” Briana said with a giggle. “I usually just get spanked, but I get diapered because I need it. I guess maybe it felt like a punishment at first. Oh, those two girls are having fun!”

Melody squirmed, acutely aware of Briana’s soft rear on her lap. She’d expected Melody to be interested in the diapers and the baby toys, not to go straight to the porn. Luring Briana into her room so easily had been a socially awesome penguin moment, but had taken a hard left turn into awkward penguin.

“I didn’t realize that sometimes both people playing would have diapers,” Briana said, turning to look at Melody. “Do you want to play like that sometime?”

“Me?!” Melody squeaked. “Um, Briana, I don’t wear diapers.”

“I know you don’t need to, silly,” Briana said. “But you could if you wanted. I have a whole bunch and they’re really comfy.”

“I don’t know–“

“Please Melody? Pretty please?” Briana asked. She trained her most devastating set of puppy dog eyes yet on Melody. “You can dress me up in one of your costumes again!”

“Did she figure out how hot she was in that fuku?” Melody wondered in a minor panic. Whatever the answer to that, she was crumbling fast in front of those eyes. “Maybe a pullup,” Melody said, hardly believing she was agreeing to it.

“Really?! Yes, thank you Melody, thank you!” Briana said. She hopped off Melody’s lap and did a silly little happy dance. Once again there was no stopping the train of excitement that was Briana dragging Melody up to her room.

“I have trains, and bears, and Elsa, and ponies and stars!” Briana said, grabbing a pullup from the top of each neat stack in her changing table to show to Melody. “Which one do you want?”

Melody stared at the pullups. Was she going to put one on? Why was she excited? This was stupid, putting on a pullup because she wanted to see Briana in some hot cosplay.

“I have a Raven costume.” Melody thought. The thought wiped away her hesitation and before she knew it, she had the star pullup in her hand.

“Good choice!” Briana said, putting the others away. Melody waited for her to turn around, close her eyes, something, but Briana watched her in excited anticipation.

“Um, a little privacy please?” Melody asked.

“Whaaaat?” Briana asked. “No way, you never give me privacy.”

“That’s because I changed your wet diaper.” Melody said, not sure why she was arguing about this. She could go to the bathroom, she supposed, but then she’d have to walk there with a pullup in her hand.

“I want to see you put it on!” Briana declared.

Melody sighed. She slid her jeans down and lay them on the bed. Turning back to see Briana staring at her plan gray panties brought a big blush to her face.

“Those are boring, we should go shopping for prettier panties for you,” Briana said.

“Uh, I don’t usually show them to people so it doesn’t matter,” Melody said.

“Nuh uh, it feels great to have cool panties on, see?” Briana dropped her own jeans, revealing white panties with little red hearts on them.

“Those are cute, but you should get in a pullup too,” Melody said. While Briana had her back turned to pick a pair, Melody dropped her panties and donned the pullups as quickly as she could. It wasn’t that much different than wearing a pad, but Melody hadn’t used one of those since sixth grade. Diaper or pad, either way it was going to make her feel like a kid.

Upon seeing Melody in the pullup, Briana gave a little squeal of delight and danced around her, naked from the waist down. She even patted Melody’s butt, which made for a sensation so weird that Melody’s brain went full Equations Lady.

“I’ve never seen anyone else in those before,” Briana said. “It’s so cool to have somebody else to play like this!”

“You should put yours on too,” Melody said, pulling up her jeans. There was enough bulk in the pullup that she couldn’t forget it was there.

“And then we play dress-up?” Briana asked, finally donning a pair of the bear pullups.

“Yeah,” Melody said. “I have to find something else to trade than diapers for putting her in cute cosplay,” she thought.

Back down in her bedroom, with pullups on and her panties stuffed in a jeans pocket, Melody helped Briana into the Raven costume. In gray leggings, a black sleeved leotard, and the cape she looked incredible. The wig was too ratty from being in the box to be worth putting on, but the little red gem had enough stick left to stay on Briana’s forehead. Even the pullup was hidden, adding a bit of curve to Briana’s rear.

“Am I pretty?” Briana asked, doing a twirl that set her cape flowing around her.

“Yeah, you look great,” Melody said, feeling giddy at Briana’s answering grin.

“Briana,” Jane called from the kitchen. “I still see a pile of dishes here. Come finish your chores.”

“Daddy I’m playing with Melody!” Briana shouted back.

“You can play with her after,” Jane called out. “Get in here and finish right now.”

“Okaaaaay.” Briana sighed and shrugged at Melody. “I’ll be back okay? And then, can we play some more?”

“Sure, what do you want to do?” Melody asked.

“I hafta do chores and then probably homework,” Briana said with a pout. “But maybe, if it’s okay, you could put me to bed tonight? Read me a story and stuff?”

“Sounds boring.” Melody thought. She was remembering why she didn’t babysit much. On the other hand, it was still pretty much impossible to say no to Briana, especially when she was in sexy Raven cosplay.

“Yeah okay,” Melody said. She chuckled and ruffled Briana’s hair. “You better go do the dishes or you’re going to get grounded again.”

“Okay, thank you! See you tonight!” Briana scampered off, cape trailing behind her.

The prospect of returning to assignments seemed ridiculous to Melody, and doing some of her freelance work only slightly less so. In fact she wasn’t going to get anything done until her ladyboner was gone. At least there was an easy and fun way to deal with that!

With her door firmly locked, Melody plopped down at her computer and cleared the screensaver. Diaper girls covered the screen, with a pair of them making out front and center. Normally Melody had to be pretty deep into pornhub to jill off to that kind of stuff, but after playing with Briana for the last hour…

“Damn it, I think this DID awaken something in me,” Melody thought.

She unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a hand down to her sex, smirking at the feel of the pullup on the back of her hand. It was going to make cleanup a lot easier at least. Rubbing her hood in slow circles, Melody browsed through the site.

“What is it that makes this sexy?” Melody wondered. Normally she’d look at the girls in pullups and diapers and get a naughty imagined thrill of them being embarrassed. But now she was picturing herself with Briana. She delved deeper into the site, into the pictures of diaper changes, wet diapers, and videos of girls wetting. The wetter they were, the wetter she got.

With a massive moan into the crook of her elbow, Melody leaned back in her chair, panting. That was the third one at least. It had been a while since she’d come three times without a wand or at least a bullet vibrator. Panting and sweating, Melody tried to relax until she realized that she needed to pee. She groaned. Getting to the bathroom was going to require some cleanup unless she wanted to advertise what she’d been doing to her roommates.

Suddenly, a wild solution appeared! She could use the pullup for its intended purpose.

Obviously, that was a stupid, silly idea. Melody wasn’t about to wet herself like some kind of… her train of thought derailed as the next video clip played, cutting right to a mortified girl wetting her pants.

“Briana would be so hot wetting like that. Look at this girl, she’s getting off on it. I wonder if Briana gets off on it.” Melody thought. “I wonder… if I can get off on it.”

Melody resisted a bit longer, biting her lip and plunging a pair of fingers slowly in and out of herself. Later she’d realize the decision had already been made, she was stalling. The first couple of dribbles that flowed over her fingers made her pussy catch fire. Melody had to ball up her shirt and shove it into her mouth to cover the shrieking moans that she couldn’t hold back. Hot and wet sprayed across her fingers and into her pullup, bulking it up immediately.

It all felt so dirty, so wrong, and so good. She almost choked on the wad of shirt in her mouth when wave after wave of orgasms hit her. When she came back to herself she had a dry mouth full of shirt that she had nearly bitten a hole in. Taking in big, panting breaths through her nose she looked down at her jeans, twin lines of wet starting to ring her thighs. The embarrassment of that and her sticky, sopping hand surged desire through her again. Too tired to start up again, Melody sat and processed the strange, filthy feelings.

Faster than she expected, Melody found her wet pullup uncomfortable. It took stripping completely and rubbing down with a towel from the morning’s shower before Melody felt like she could step out of her room. Even then, she cracked a window while she put on a new outfit, same as the old outfit.

“That was fucked up.” Melody thought. “Why was that so stupid hot?”

Desperate to bury the evidence, Melody wrapped the pullup tightly in a plastic bag. Her jeans she shoved to the bottom of her laundry hamper. By the time she came back to her room freshly showered she had finally put the experience out of her mind.

Later that evening Briana was still in her costume. Melody herded the girl into her room and helped her get the costume off. The pullup, or a wonder, was dry. Surprising herself with how daring she was being, Melody patted Briana’s crotch, and was even more surprised at Briana’s near-lack of reaction.

“Good girl, staying dry,” Melody said. “Do you have to go now?”

“I’m not sure,” Briana said. The tone was playful, way too playful.

“Go to the bathroom and try,” Melody said, pointing to the upstairs bathroom.

“Can you come with me?” Briana asked, snuggling up to Melody in her pullup. “I need help with the potty and brushing my teeth and stuff.”

“Okay, okay, put on a nightgown or something,” Melody said.

“How come?” Briana asked, apparently into her game enough to be totally unconscious of her slim waist, her smooth freckled skin, her bangin’ perky tits–

“Bad Melody, no biscuit!” She said to herself.

“Because I told you too,” Melody said, swatting Briana on the rear.

That had the instant and interesting effect of turning the girl completely docile. She put a nightgown on and came over quietly to take Melody’s hand.

In the bathroom, Melody turned away after putting Briana on the toilet, but hearing the girl go stirred up some feelings from her spank session in the afternoon. It was weirdly, confusingly intimate to brush out Briana’s hair, and even brush her teeth for her, since Briana claimed she couldn’t do it at all.

Feeling a bit mischievous, Melody made Briana drink two big glasses of water. Briana did it without much complaining, leaving Melody with back of the mind fantasies about how wet the girl was going to be that night.

Back in the room she got to play with a naked Briana on her changing table, stroking the girl’s body gently before sliding a diaper under her butt. With a lot more care this time, Melody wiped Briana down and powdered her. It took a couple of shakey-handed tries but she got the tapes on nice and snug as well.

Briana in a onesie was a thing that Melody didn’t know she needed, but she did. Briana in a onesie, in her crib, snuggled up to her stuffed animal was beyond adorable.

“Also, still hot somehow,” Melody thought. FBI OPEN UP rang through her head.

With a story read, a pacifier in her mouth, and the covers tucked up to her chin, Briana drifted off instantly. It would be nice to fall asleep that fast, to be that safe. Melody shook her head and turned off the light, walked out of the room.

“How did it go?” Veronica asked, leaning against the upstairs rail.

“Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ on Toast!” Melody said, jumping what felt like a foot in the air. “Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“I’m sorry,” Veronica said, though her amused smile didn’t look all that sorry.

“It was uh, stupid sweet,” Melody said, rubbing the back of her neck. “She’s a good kid. Really cute.”

“Wonderful,” Veronica said, stepping in for a hug. “Welcome to the family.”

“Hey, what?” Melody squirmed out of the hug like a fussy cat. “Hey, I’m uh, you know, she wants to play and she’s having a good time and whatever.”

“I think you’re having a good time too,” Veronica said.

“Yeah maybe, way to call me out on it,” Melody said, though she couldn’t help but smile.

“I think it’s great for Briana to have a big sister relationship in her life,” Veronica said.

“Yeah that doesn’t make me your kid though,” Melody retorted.

“I didn’t say it did,” Veronica said. “I’m not taking applications for another daughter right now.”

“Now I’ve got to figure out where the nearest burn center is,” Melody thought.

“Anyway, I’m going to go finish my freelance work,” Melody said. “Um, thanks for checking in and all.”

“I want to make sure that both of you are okay with this,” Veronica said. “Goodnight Melody.”

“Goodnight Veronica,” Melody headed downstairs, wondering why she felt like she had been sent to bed.

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Briana gets some presents from her convenient on-campus boyfriend!

Chapter 4

On the second week of classes, Briana skipped along the gravel path on campus, trying to keep the rocks she was kicking inside the path. She should probably be getting a start on her homework, but it was hard to think about anything but going home and playing Little with her new friend. Evenings had been so fun lately, even when she was sitting in Little clothes hanging out in Melody’s room.

Occasionally she’d worry that she was doing it too much, especially since Veronica had already pulled her out of Melody’s room on a couple of evenings to sit her down for homework. On the other hand, with Mom watching out for her, what did she have to worry about? Obviously this was something that was fun and new, and things would be back to normal by midterms.

In the meantime, oh my gosh! Melody said that she could play on the Switch tonight if she was a good girl, and so she’d been super good all last night! It was no big deal to help Melody clean her room a bit. This afternoon she could surprise Melody by doing her laundry for her, the basket in her room was super full. Melody was always great about telling her what a good girl she was, but tonight would be supercharged!

“Watch out where you’re kicking those,” said someone right in Briana’s path. She looked up in surprise and ran right into Gary’s arms. He was as muscly and cute as ever, with his brown hair cut back super short now.

“Gary!” Briana said excitedly, “How’s the new quarter been? I like your new haircut!”

“Thanks,” Gary said, grinning. He didn’t seem to mind keeping his arms around Briana, and she didn’t mind either. “You’re really fired up today.”

“I’m really excited about our new roommate,” Briana said.

“I heard you had someone moving in. Glad to hear she’s working out,” Gary said. He tugged lightly at the back of Briana’s jeans, craning his head over to peek. “You going back to wearing pullups at school?”

“Not always, I just really wanted to today,” Briana said, with a playful butt wiggle.

“Hmm, you in the mood to play?” Gary asked. “We’re at school but I have some supplies on me.”

“I have a study group I hafta go to in like an hour, but until then it’d be fun,” Briana said, slipping into her little voice more than effortlessly, unconsciously.

Gary chuckled and said, “Yeah, looks like you need it. Come on, little one.” He took Briana’s hand and led her across the school lawn to the looming faux-gothic administration building.

“Where are we going?” Briana asked.

“I have an office now!” Gary said proudly. “It’s more of a closet than anything else but it has a door that closes.”

“Ooh, fancy,” Briana said.

Gary had not been kidding about the size of the office. Briana had to squeeze past Gary behind the desk so he could close the door. Space was so tight that Gary had been forced to choose between having an unblocked window and having a bookshelf. The bookshelf had won out, though the shelf at window height was clear to let some light in.

It was a little worrisome from a fire-code standpoint, but that kind of big-girl worry was hard to focus on at the moment. Double so when Gary took Briana’s backpack off her without asking and set it aside.

“Bend over the desk kiddo.” Gary said, rummaging in his backpack.

“I don’t wanna,” Briana said, pouting.

“Come on now, be a good girl,” Gary said.

“I am a good girl, I don’t need a spanking!” Briana said.

“I wasn’t going to give you one, but if you don’t hurry up and do what you’re told I don’t have a problem giving you one,” Gary said.

Pouting her very strongest pout, Briana bent over the desk. Unfortunately Gary was immune. With a resigned sigh, Briana held on to the desk, still not convinced she wasn’t going to get a spanking.

She felt Gary unbutton her jeans and work them down her legs. He even popped her shoes off and took the jeans off completely. Had he locked the door? Strong, warm hands stroking back up her legs felt good, until they were patting all over her pullup.

“Nice and dry, good girl!” Gary said.

Briana blushed and squirmed, it’d been a while since she’d been inspected like this. It only got worse when Gary took her pullup off and spread her cheeks. Squirmy feelings were rapidly becoming butterflies in her stomach.

“Gary, what are you doing?” she asked quietly.

“I’m checking to make sure you’re cleaning yourself properly when you’re being a big girl,” Gary said. Apparently he wasn’t completely satisfied because Briana felt him wipe her tight ring with a baby wipe. That sent her into a huge round of blushies and heat between her legs.

“Hmmm, I think you might need to come by for regular checks,” Gary said. Something cold touched her rear, Briana gasped when she felt Gary work a finger inside her along with a generous glob of lube.

“Nuh uh, I’m fine being a big girl at school,” Briana protested, trying to keep from moaning.

“You know you don’t get to decide that kind of stuff, that’s why you have so many people looking out for you,” Gary said. Briana gasped as the smooth metal of a butt plug pressed against her ring and gently slid in. It was a nice small one, but was still a presence she couldn’t easily ignore.

“When do I hafta come to your office?” Briana asked.

“You get done with classes around now, right?” Gary asked. “Come by after classes and I’ll make sure you’re doing well.”

The thought of regular little time at school was thrilling and scary at the same time. Again, she pushed the scary off onto her caretakers. If there was a problem they would let her know. In the meantime it would make school a lot more fun. “Okay Gary, I will,” Briana said.

After taking a moment to wipe his hands, Gary lifted Briana effortlessly into the crook of his left arm. She grinned and squealed as he rained kisses on her cheeks, lips, and forehead. Briana reveled in the feeling of being hoisted by Gary one-armed. It was something only he and Casey were buff enough to do and it gave the best little feelings ever.

Gary draped a changing blanket on his desk and set Briana down on it. With a happy sigh, she held on to her feet and relaxed into the change. It’d been way too long since Gary had changed her! She’d missed the tender touches that turned her on as he applied lotion. He always put on the right amount of powder, and taped the diaper up nice and snug. Only Mom could do a better job changing her.

After the change she sat in Gary’s lap, squirming around to hear her diaper crinkle. “Do we hafta be quiet in here?” Briana asked, big enough to worry about things like that.

“Not really,” Gary said. “I mean, don’t scream or anything, but the office is right between two store-rooms and we’re in a back corner of the building. If you get too loud I can always put a pacifier in your mouth.”

Briana grinned and nodded, snuggling up to Gary. He was so strong, and warm, and safe-feeling, she wished she could blow off her stupid study group.

“Tell me about your new roommate,” Gary said.

“Her name is Melody, and she’s really cool!” Briana gushed. “She has all kinds of cool toys, and dolls and stuff. Oh, and she has super cool costumes that she lets me wear! We’ve played dress-up like, five times already.”

“Wow, that’s fun,” Gary said with a grin. “Is she Little like you, or a big girl?”

“She’s a big girl, but she did wear a pullup once when I asked her to,” Briana said. “Oh, and she knows about all kinds of cool websites for little girls, some of them doing some really sexy stuff.”

“I bet you liked that,” Gary said, gently tickling Briana until she squirmed in his lap. “Why’d you ask her to wear a pullup?”

“Because on the websites there were girls in diapers cuddling and stuff and it looked really fun,” Briana said. “She hasn’t worn one again but maybe someday we can just sit and cuddle together.”

“I like that idea, I’ll even babysit for you two if you need me to,” Gary said.

“Really?” Briana asked. At Gary’s answering nod, she gave him a big kiss on the lips. That kiss lingered, and turned into a hot and sweaty session of Gary stroking her body and making out. She kinda wished she needed to pee, so that Gary could change her again.

“I think regular checks are a good idea for sure,” Gary said with a grin. “I can stock the office a little better for playing too, as long as it is something that fits in a drawer or isn’t really obvious. What kind of stuff do you want when you come by?”

“Snacks?” Briana asked hopefully.

“You hungry?” Gary asked. Briana nodded. All he was able to round up was a protein bar (yucky), some dried fruit (yummy!) and a soda which was nice to wash down the fruit with. “I’ll get some better snacks in, maybe even some formula. I’ve got a kettle so I can mix it with hot water.”

Briana giggled and said, “But only Mom gives me that stuff.”

“Well I don’t my baby girl going hungry, what if you forget lunch?” Gary asked.

“It’s such a baby thing,” Briana said. What if she couldn’t snap out of being little after having a bottle? The worry slipped away when Gary stroked her cheek and brought his thumb to her mouth. Closing her eyes, Briana sucked on the thumb gently.

“I like you when you’re a baby. It should be okay if you’re done with classes, and Veronica has you taking morning ones,” Gary said. He clearly wasn’t in a mood to hear a no, and that honestly made Briana feel safer.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I have a present for you,” Gary said.

“Ah pweahsaht foah meh?” Briana said around Gary’s thumb. A belly laugh from Gary rocked Briana up and down, she giggled and hung on through the Garyquake.

“Yes, a present for you,” Gary said, hefting Briana up and setting her down on his desk. “Close your eyes hon.”

Briana closed her eyes and kicked her legs gently, until she accidentally booted Gary in the side with her toe. That earned her a bap on the foot. She giggled and let her feet hang idle.

After some sounds of rummaging and the chair shifting around, Briana felt a couple of flat objects placed in her hands. Cruelly, Gary made her wait while he got back in his chair. Thirty intolerable seconds of Briana vibrating passed before Gary finally said, “Okay, open your eyes.”

Briana opened them and gasped. On top was a huge set of colored pencils with four or more shades for every color. Under that was a coloring book of faeries and flowers that were super detailed. Every page would be easily a couple of hours of coloring fun.

“Oh my gosh Gary, thank youuuuu!” Briana bounced on the desk, her diaper crinkling like crazy.

“You’re welcome hon,” Gary said. “I know you get stuck on campus a lot waiting for a ride so this will give you something to do if you come visit me and I’m working.”

“You really wanna make sure I come over to visit you,” Briana said.

“Well, I like you a lot,” Gary said.

“I like you too,” Briana said, carefully setting her present to the side. She slid off the desk into Gary’s lap and kissed him gently, pulling herself to him as close as she could.

Another long, slow kiss left Briana glowing, and a little damp in the crotch. Instead of heating things up, Gary held her close. It was wonderful quiet cuddle. There definitely had not been enough Gary in her life recently.

After a while, Gary peeked at his phone and said, “I probably need to let you go to your study group. Do you need help changing back into your pullups?”

“Aw, you did such a nice job on the diaper,” Briana said. “I’ll just wear that.”

“You sure?” Gary asked. “It’s going to be a lot bulkier.”

“If my jeans fit over they should squoosh it down,” Briana said. “Can you help me?”

“Of course,” Gary said. He set Briana down and helped her into her jeans. Getting them up over the bulk of the diaper was a bit of work, but with some jumps and Gary pulling the managed it. Once they were on, zipped and buttoned, you could hardly tell that there was padding under there.

Briana wiggled her butt at Gary and asked, “How do I look?”

“Like an adorable secret baby girl,” Gary said, hugging Briana from behind. “I’ll be setting up my office all day so drop by if you need anything, okay? Otherwise I won’t always be here, but I’m probably going to use it a lot while I have it.”

“Okay Gary!” Briana said. She got up on tiptoes to give him another kiss and collected her backpack. With a wave and a little bounce, she was out the door.

On her way out of the admin building, Briana tried to clear her thoughts and get back into big-girl mode. It was tough, extremely tough while wearing a diaper and with her rear plugged. She finally managed it by the time she reached the library. By then she was regretting the diaper. She hadn’t worn one in big girl mode in a long time. For the first time in quite a while it felt naughty and embarrassing to be wearing one.

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Hmmm, wearing a diaper while trying to be Big is confusing? I’m sure no one could have predicted this…

Chapter 5

“Hey Briana!” Tamira, her main study-buddy, flagged her down from the door of one of the study rooms. Briana waved back but didn’t hurry over, anything above a slow walk made her crinkle. It probably wasn’t that loud but to Briana’s paranoid ears it sounded like everyone could hear it.

“Hey Tamara,” Briana said. “Are we the first ones?”

“Yeah, and probably the only ones today,” Tamara said. “Thanks for not letting me down!”

“No problem,” Briana sat carefully across from Tamira. “Are you letting your hair grow out?”

Tamira nodded, proudly patting the thick curls around her head. “Yeah, actually got a job where the dress code doesn’t prohibit my natural hair.”

“That’s awesome!” Briana said. “It looks really pretty.”

“Thanks hon,” Tamira said, beaming.

Digging into the material for their Advanced Topics in Biotechnology course was enough to wipe pretty much all the little-feeling from Briana’s mind. It wasn’t until the second hour that the soda kicked in and Briana felt caught between mindsets again. Going back to being little was a long, long way from talking to Tamira about synthetic bacteria production. Since getting everything sorted out over the summer, she hadn’t wet at all while in big-space.

Hoping Tamira wouldn’t notice, Briana bit her lip and carefully relaxed. It wasn’t a ton of wetting, but enough to soak her crotch and run back across her rear. Squished as it was by her jeans, the diaper couldn’t expand, which meant the wet feeling wasn’t going away any time soon.

Tamira didn’t seem to notice at all. They continued on with the studying while Briana reveled in her little secret. By the end, both women were rubbing their eyes from the strain of going back and forth between books, notes, and online journals on their phones.

“That’s probably enough for today,” Tamira said. “We should catch up a little anyway. You kinda vanished over the summer.”

“Yeah I uh, had a lot of stuff going on,” Briana said, squirming in her wet diaper.

“Yeah, I heard that you got like, assaulted after a biochem final,” Tamira said with a sympathetic frown. “Are you okay?”

“That was really bad,” Briana said, looking down. “But my roommates were super cool and helped me out a ton. It’s better now, thanks.”

“Well I want you to know that whatever issues you’re having, I’ve got your back, okay?” Tamira said.

“Oh uh, thank you,” Briana said. A nervous knot was growing inside her. How much had Tamira heard anyway?

“No problem, really,” Tamira said. “If you need anything, I’m right on campus in the graduate dorms. You can always borrow a pair of pants… or whatever.”

Briana blushed profusely, there’s no way that spare pants were being offered as a coincidence. She should have expected that the story would spread after Lisa flipped up her skirt during her biggest, worst accident.

“Seriously, I’m not judging your or anything!” Tamira said. “I want to help if I can.”

“Um, thanks,” Briana said. “Look, I should go…”

“Oh sweetie, I’m really sorry I said anything,” Tamira said with a worried expression. “I wanted you to know that it’s more than your roommates that got your back.”

Briana squirmed, in no small part because the squashed diaper was STILL not absorbing everything. “I… okay, yeah. It’s just um, an embarrassing problem.”

“I totally get it, and I’m not saying that I understand your issues or whatever, because I’m sure I don’t,” Tamira said. “I want to be supportive.”

With a big sigh, Briana banished the butterflies in her stomach. “Okay, thank you Tamira.”

“And for real, if you need help right now…” Tamira said, giving a gentle smile. “I’m only saying because there’s a little bit of a smell hon.”

Going scarlet down to the collar of her shirt, Briana put her hands in her lap and curled in on herself. Unfortunately, Tamira wasn’t giving her any reason to make a scene, she was waiting patiently like a good friend, or something. After a few minutes the position was uncomfortable enough that Briana had to uncurl and face her friend.

“I mean I can just go home, my ride is picking me up in an hour or two,” Briana said.

“You don’t have to sit in it for that long, come on, let me get you some spare protection,” Tamira said.

“Wait, why do you have dia – um, protection?” Briana asked.

“I’ll tell you why when we get to my dorm, okay?” Tamira said with a wink.

Confused and embarrassed, but curious too, Briana packed up her books and followed Tamira out of the library. It was a quick trip, across one lawn and around a building before she was heading up the elevator to Tamira’s place. She had to admit that two more hours in the diaper didn’t feel like a good idea, her skin was already gross and rashy.

Tamira’s dorm was basically a studio apartment, even with a tiny kitchenette. Small, sure, but everything was nice and newish. There was a cool coral and brown color scheme going on that almost looked like it was out of a magazine.

“Wow, your place is nice!” Briana said, setting her bag down.

“Aw, thank you hon,” Tamira said. “So, I know this is going to be a super big ask, but can I see your diaper?”

Briana looked down and dug a hole in the carpet with her toe. “I don’t know…”

“Oh right, I didn’t tell you yet!” Tamira said. “Here’s the deal, I’m trying to get my boyfriend to wear them, so I have most of the stuff but I wanted to see how somebody else was wearing them. To see how it goes.”

“You are?” Briana cocked her head to the side. “Why?”

“Cause I think it’s super hot,” Tamira said with a big grin. “We have a whole kinky thing going on, and I think it’d be a great add. Don’t worry, I’m not hitting on you, I’m not into girls. This is for research.”

Briana dithered, chewing her lip. Apparently the whole school knew about her, which she probably should have guessed. Tamira was being nice and maybe it would be okay, especially if Tamira was excited about it.

Looking Tamira in the eyes she saw the same, goofy nerdy expression that Tamira had when she got excited about virus interactions. With a shy smile, Briana unbuttoned her jeans and slowly unzipped them. After another moment to gather her courage, she slid her pants down and stepped out of them.

Tamira’s face lit up, she did a quick circle around Briana and grinned. “Girl, those are cute! Where did you get those?”

“I don’t know, my uh… Veronica buys them for me,” Briana said. “Oh um, except these came from uh… someone else.”

“Well they are really pretty, I like the skateboarding unicorns,” Tamira said. She was holding her hands away from her side like she didn’t know what to do with them. Briana rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Tamira.

“You can touch them if you want,” she said. The words were hardly out of her mouth before Tamira was patting her butt, and giving the rest of the diaper a quick once-over. True to her word, it wasn’t a sexy touch, but it still made Briana feel little. Standing in front of someone in her diapers had always meant being little.

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Tamira said reluctantly. “There’s a bunch of them in the bathroom cabinet, behind the towels.”

After being released from her jeans, the diaper had finally absorbed all the liquid, but Briana still wanted to clean off. She tried wetting, figuring she might as well get it all out, as she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. A good sized trickle flowed into her diaper, properly absorbed this time.

The towels were on the bathroom counter and Briana was investigating Tamira’s diaper stash before she realized she could have used the toilet. Giggling softly to herself, Briana popped the tapes on her diaper and dumped it in the trash. Tamira was right, there was a bit of a smell, and the diaper padding was dark yellow. Briana resolved to drink more water.

There was a single box of wipes, so Briana took one and did her best, reaching under herself with her foot on the toilet. Immediately she felt bad for criticizing Melody, it was not easy to make sure she’d wiped everywhere.

“You okay in there hon?” Tamira asked.

“Yeah uh, I’m just not used to um, doing this myself,” Briana said, managing to get that embarrassing info out only because she had a door between her and Tamira.

“Are you saying you need some help?” Tamira asked. “Because I could really use the practice for my boyfriend.”

“No, I wouldn’t expect you to…” Briana said, unable to make herself complete that sentence.

“Seriously, I want it to go well when I do it with him, so I do need practice. I’ve tried putting them on myself but it’s not the same,” Tamira said. “Don’t say yes if you’re uncomfortable, but I’m offering.”

Briana hesitated for a while, then tossed the wipe in the trash. The limits of her big girl patience was already stressed to the limit. She wanted to be little badly, and she knew she couldn’t do that with Tamira. Maybe she could at least be taken care of instead.

“Yes please,” Briana said, opening the door shyly. “Um, I guess there’s no point in me covering up…”

“Not if I’m about to change you,” Tamira said. She stepped into the bathroom and gave Briana a warm, friendly hug. There was nothing romantic about it and her eyes hadn’t even dropped down to Briana’s crotch. Breathing a bit easier, Briana returned the hug.

“Uh, got another big favor to ask,” Tamira said. “Do you mind putting the old one back on? So I can do the whole process?”

Briana shrugged and nodded, pulling the diaper out of the otherwise clean trash. It was a bit awkward to get the tapes set, but with Tamira’s help, she managed it.

“Okay, I’m going to get you out of that quick, promise,” Tamira said. Grabbing a towel and Briana’s hand, she led Briana back to the bed and had her lie back on the towel. “Tell me if I’m messing it up, okay?”

Lying back with her legs spread, Briana was surprised she wasn’t nervous when Tamira ripped the tapes open. There had been enough diaper changes to make it feel normal even with an unexpected person.

“Nice plug,” Tamira said. “Do you want to leave it in?”

“Yes please, it’s not uncomfortable,” Briana said.

The businesslike way that Tamira wiped her down helped too, her study buddy obviously had babysitting experience. Thinking about being babysat made her want one of her stuffed animals.

“I can’t be little with Tamira,” Briana reminded herself. “She doesn’t play that game with me.”

The soiled diaper was replaced with a fresh one, probably the biggest one anyone had tried to put on Briana. She’d never met Tamira’s boyfriend but they must be for him. A soft sprinkle of powder and the ticklish sensation of having it patted down on her made Briana giggle.

“Sorry this is so big, you could probably wear actual pampers, as tiny as you are,” Tamira said.

“Yeah, I think we used a box of those once,” Briana said.

“I’ll grab one and have it on hand in case you need help,” Tamira said in a pleased tone.

“I should say no,” Briana thought. “But then she’ll ask why, and I shouldn’t tell her about Gary, I don’t know if he wants anyone to know he plays like this.”

Tamira seemed fine taking silence for a yes, and anyway she was busy taping Briana up. It wasn’t exactly a snug fit, but it was pretty good considering how big the diaper was. She sat up cross legged and poked at her diaper.

“How did I do?” Tamira asked.

“Good,” Briana said sincerely. “Um, it’s good to use a little lotion before the powder, just in case of rashes. The diaper is too big, but even so you did a good job taping it.”

“That was fun, I’ll take care of you any time you need it,” Tamira said, giving Briana another hug. Briana clung back, holding on to the last shreds of her big girl mode with some difficulty. As the hug separated she had to fight to keep her thumb out of her mouth.

“I probably should go home, but uh, Tamira, thank you,” Briana said.

“I told you, any time. I need the practice, I don’t want ta screw up after I convince my boyfriend,” Tamira said.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” Briana said, grinning and working her way into her jeans. The bad fit on the diaper actually made it easier to squeeze in, but made for an instant worry about leaks.

“I don’t actually need to use a diaper during the day,” Briana reminded herself. “I can be a big girl and stay dry!”

Even so, going straight home seemed like a good idea. She even remembered to text Mom to let her know that she was taking the bus home. Mom was proud of her for that, which put a nice happy glow on the trip.

Back at the house Briana was the first one back, which was super weird. The two-story living room was always a little echoy, but this time there were no other noises to cover it up.

“Boo!” Briana cried out, giggling when the echo came back.

Melody’s door was partway open, so Briana headed straight in and grabbed the laundry basket. It was a bit of a struggle to get it downstairs, the thing was overflowing with more than a week of laundry. Briana sorted the laundry into piles, pausing when a familiar scent hit her nose.

A pair of jeans and a couple of pairs of leggings had clearly been soaked with pee. Briana stared at them curiously, surprised that Melody would be having accidents. It didn’t seem to be a very common thing, only three accidents in what looked like two weeks. Still, it was worth showing Melody that it was okay to wear protection if she needed it!

Excited to be able to help her friend, Briana put those clothes in the laundry first. She added the special soap that Veronica had bought to deal with Briana’s accidents to make sure the smell would be gone. With the clothes washing, Briana headed upstairs to watch some TV.

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Be careful what you wish for, especially if you’re a weeb. If you wish for Senpai to step on you…

Chapter 6

Melody arrived home late after a stupid brutal Wednesday and staggered to her room. There was a lot of regret going on at the moment. In theory it was a good idea to have only three days a week of on-campus stuff, in practice, three labs in the same day was a little bonkers.

Dropping her backpack, Melody barely caught it in time to keep the laptop inside from hitting the hardwood floor. Not having carpet was still taking some getting used to. The room looked weird beyond the lack of carpet. It was clean, with the bed made and all her laundry folded on the comforter.

Melody took a moment to be a surprised Pikachu. Sitting on top of the laundry was a stuffed animal, a pretty clear calling card. That brought a smile to her face. The little gray cat plushie was stupid soft, Melody found she couldn’t put it down right away.

Homework could wait for tomorrow, Melody only had enough brain left for something mindless, like a couple rounds of LoL ARAM. While her computer booted up she shed her pants and her hoodie, freezing in mid-stretch at the sound of her door opening.

“Hi Melody! You’re back super late, do you want me to heat up some dinner for you?” Briana said, with an impossible amount of energy.

Melody was feeling a little more gross than usual after being stuck on campus all day, for some extra cringe she hadn’t showered that morning either. Briana was in her little girl mode already, diaper only from the waist down and a white shirt with a tiger puking rainbows on it. “Uh hey Briana,” she said. “I uh, should probably clean up a little.”

“Oh I don’t mind,” Briana said, infuriatingly. “But if you wanna shower do you want me to heat up some bao?”

Melody’s stomach rumbled, making the decision for her. “Okay, thanks,” she said. How she was supposed to stay upset with Briana, she didn’t know. The kid, and she couldn’t think of her as anything other than a kid, was trying to be helpful and nice.

Warm bao and cold coke were bringing Melody back to life. She didn’t load up a game, she didn’t even realize that Briana was gone until the girl came back into Melody’s room with a couple of diapers and a package of wipes in her hands.

“Oh hey Briana, let me finish eating and then I can change you,” Melody said.

“No, I’m still dry. They’re for you!” Briana said eagerly.

“What?” Melody’s brain was still feeling foggy, but she didn’t see why she needed diaper delivery.

“Yeah, because you’ve been having accidents,” Briana said. “It’s okay, I won’t tell anybody.”

“What do you mean I–” Melody froze, her eyes drifting over to the laundry. She’d forgotten about the soiled clothes she’d shoved to the bottom of the bin. Briana had found them, obviously, and now was trying to be helpful in an embarrassing way.

“What do I tell her?” Melody wondered in a minor panic.

The truth felt out of the question, way too embarrassing. On the other hand, the way she’d dealt with the clothes, or rather not dealt with them was pretty sus. Three pairs couldn’t be written off as a single bad day either.

Briana was still staring at her, with the stupidest kind expression Melody had ever seen. Anybody else would have felt the awkward silence and backed off, but nope, Chuck Testa.

“Yeah um, it’s not really that big of a deal,” Melody said, unconvincing even to herself. “Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll pass.”

“Just try them for one night, okay?” Briana asked. “You look super tired and that’s the kind of thing that can totally make an accident happen.”

“Um, yeah, okay, maybe,” Melody said. The will to argue with Briana was not there. Besides, it meant she could go for round four after Briana got off to bed. “Probably should grab me a pullup instead though, those look awkward for me to put on by myself.”

“Actually um…” Briana said, blushing shyly at Melody, “I was thinking I could put it on you. I’ve never put one on anybody, but tons of people have changed me.”

“Wat.” Melody felt like her brain was glitching out.

The caffeine hadn’t kicked in yet, so she couldn’t formulate an argument fast enough to beat Briana’s overwhelming puppy dog eyes. Refusing her felt like drop-kicking the poor girl’s heart.

“Okay,” Melody said in defeat. “I’m kinda gross from not showering though…”

“That’s okay, you’ve changed my wet diapers,” Briana said, bouncing to her feet. Melody regretted finishing her bao, good as it had been. With her plate empty there was nothing to stop Briana from hauling her out of her computer chair and walking her to the bed.

“I know you’re tired, I’ll take care of everything,” Briana said, falling to her knees in front of Melody. A wonderful fantasy scene from Melody’s dreams played out as Briana unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down with her underwear. Being pushed down on top of a diaper was not part of the fantasy, but maybe it would be now.

"God dammit, this better not awaken anything else in me," Melody thought.

Briana insisted on the whole thing, leaving Melody splayed out on a diaper while she ran off to get lotion and powder. It felt good, and made Melody glad that she preferred hardwood to carpet in some areas of her life. She didn’t know what lotion and powder would look like in hair and didn’t want to find out. Briana taped the diaper up, leaving Melody wanting some private time. Well, wanting some more explicit Briana time but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.

With boundless energy, Briana even insisted on helping Melody back into her pants. “See? Now you don’t have to worry,” Briana chirped.

“Yeah, yeah, thanks,” Melody said, chuckling. “Hey, uh, not to be that chick, but I never see you up this late. Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

Briana giggled and said, “Yeah, but don’t tell Mom! She’s at a conference thing and won’t be back until around midnight!”

“Briana, sweetie, it’s like, eleven twenty right now,” Melody said.

“Oh shit!” Briana said, then clapped her hand over her mouth. “Please don’t tell Mom I said that, or that I was up late!”

“I’m not a snitch,” Melody said. “I’m glad you were up, I probably wouldn’t have had any dinner if you hadn’t brought me some.”

“I’m glad I was too! Okay, I gotta go, see you tomorrow Melody!” Briana said, grabbing the spare diaper and supplies. “Oh, and I’ll put these in your bag, so you’ll have them just in case you have an accident at school. Those are SUPER embrassing.” She shoved the handful of baby gear into Melody’s bag and scampered out the door.

Shaking her head, Melody collapsed back into her computer chair. The diaper felt weird and pillowy around her rear. Kind of nice, not that she was worried about an accident. With dinner giving her a boost of energy there wasn’t much point in going to bed right away. A few quick games, and bed.

None of her LoL friends were on, Rocket League was still a ghost town, and even Fortnite didn’t have anyone cool on. Melody was about to give up on gaming and go straight to the porn when Beatrix messaged her on Discord.

· bbXXX – LAN

· bbXXX – LAN

· bbXXX – bitch, LAN, now

· Ocarina – WTF. Dude I’m so tired

· bbXXX – fu. get over here, finally got other 4 to agree to LAN.

· bbXXX – i no you class <> tomorrow

· bbXXX – LAN


Melody stared at the Discord channel. Beatrix was unstoppable when she was like this. There seemed to be a lot of hot ladies that Melody couldn’t say no to in her life. “Am I a f-ing harem anime protagonist now?” she asked herself.

· Ocarina – Fine thot. Be there in like 20.

· bbXXX – finally! move that thicc ass

“Ugh,” Melody said, heaving herself out of her chair. She tossed a couple of red bulls in her bag, and after reflection, her Adderall prescription. A protein bar and a bag of M&Ms followed. Books were chucked to make room for her headset, and her portable gaming mouse and keyboard. The laptop could handle Overwatch. Her cell phone could probably handle Overwatch.

Standing in her room, Melody felt like she was forgetting something. The front door opened, breaking her precarious concentration. With a shrug Melody picked up her pack and headed into the living room.

“Hey Veronica, Jane,” Melody said.

“Hello Melody, you’re headed out?” Veronica asked. “You look exhausted.”

“Yeah well, no class tomorrow,” Melody said, “Did your um, conference or whatever go well?”

“It did, thank you!” Veronica said with rare broad smile.

“How did you know we were at a conference?” Jane asked. “Was Briana up late?”

“I dunno, she must have been in bed when I got home,” Melody said, glad her foggy brain could quickly cover with a lie. “Weren’t you talking about it yesterday?”

“Probably,” Jane said with a shrug.

“Well, have fun,” Veronica said. “Try to get some sleep eventually.”

“Sleep is for the weak,” Melody scoffed. With a quick wave she was past them and out the door. As she made her way down to her car she couldn’t shake the feeling that Veronica had been super judge-y. All that diaper-mom stuff must be going to her head. Maybe it was the age difference, but first year in grad school was an adult by any measure that Melody cared to respect.

Grumbling to herself about having a den mom on her way across town, Melody was parking her car when she realized what she’d forgotten. The diaper she was wearing. She face-palmed her greasy forehead and sighed. At least she had baggy pants on, nobody should be able to tell. Not that Beatrix ever looked at her butt anyway.

Beatrix lived in a cookie cutter house in a cookie cutter housing development. Her roommates would gag at it, especially Veronica. It was a nice cookie cutter though, and there was something to be said for a house that was built recently enough to have Ethernet in the walls. Melody was two steps from the door when Beatrix flung it open.

Beatrix was especially ridiculous today. She’d never caught on that she was a nerd and didn’t have to dress like all her webcams were 4k. Beatrix was yoga-fit and had gorgeous blonde hair in short ringlets, ringlets! As if that wasn’t enough, the wings of her eyeliner could cut steel. She was wearing a baby blue halter top and a black miniskirt. Hell, maybe she did Cam, she could probably make bank at it.

“Mel, finally, get in here, everybody else is all set up!” Beatrix said.

“Step on me, Senpai,” was all Melody’s brain could come up with. Luckily her brain was too tired to transmit its stupid to her mouth.

“Mel, what the fuck?” said Beatrix, and snapped her fingers at Melody. “You’re only here because you can play Pharah at 4.5k SR. Wake up, juice up, whatever you’ve got to do.”

“Yeah, sorry, long day,” Melody said, ducking her head. Of all the times to be a complete grease-ball, with a diaper on to boot, it had to be when Beatrix was dressed to kill.

“Yeah, yeah, and kids in Syria are getting bombed, come on,” Beatrix said, leading Melody into the living room.

The rest of their e-sports crew waved. They were Yesenia, Gurpreet, Mikhail, and because some parents have a sick sense of humor, Ginger. Everyone else was dressed chill. That helped the tension run out of Melody’s shoulders. She took her seat at the long table that had displaced all the other furniture to the walls and set up her gear.

“So are we going to–” Melody began.

“STOMP THE LADDER!” cheered the rest of the group.

Melody took only a second to recover from the shock and laughed out loud. New accounts with a nice crispy appetizer of noobs to warm up on, and then some real meaty try-hards to bite into afterward. She chugged the first of her redbulls and settled into the chair.

“Hell yes, let’s snap some noob necks,” Melody said.

As team after team fell before them, Melody was glad she’d come. The placement rounds were so easy they could try out silly stuff like getting Mercy a sextuple kill, or Reinhardt as ‘support’.

Once they’d ranked up a bit they got serious, which was its own kind of fun. Melody and Gurpreet had a God-tier Pharmercy combo, while Beatrix lead the rest of the team as Reaper as a deadly brawler group. Bea could be a huge bitch pretty much all the time, but she might be a pro-tier shot-caller. She could keep the whole battle in her head and direct her team instantly to an advantageous position. It was all being streamed from Beatrix’s computer, and the number of viewers was climbing fast despite the non prime time slot.

When three am rolled around, Melody was high on caffeine and sugar but feeling uncomfortable pressure. She tried to call a break, but before she could Beatrix declared them to be on a ‘hot streak’ and told her Twitch chat that there would be no more commercials for the next three games.

By now the group was in the Master level rankings pushing for Grandmaster. AFKing out for a potty break was not an option. Melody resigned herself to being in pain for the next hour until she shifted in her seat and was reminded of the padding swaddling her.

Her eyes flashed to her friends. They were laser focused on the game. Nobody was so much as glancing her way. With a nervous tremble in her hands, Melody took a sip of her drink and shifted her legs apart. Still, nobody noticed.

As the game exited the lobby and loaded the map, Melody tried relaxing her bladder a little. That didn’t work out. Once she opened up, there was no stopping the stream from flooding her diaper with sopping wet that soaked her crotch and rear. Her face burned and her hands trembled on the controls; she fell behind her teammates. But still, nobody noticed. Some quick work with Pharah’s jets and she was caught back up to her team. The game was on and she was in a well soaked diaper. She gave her team some WTF Girl side-eye and actually caught Gurpreet’s gaze. Nothing happened, a quick nod and they were both back into their screens.

Determined to not give anyone cause to ask her what was up, Melody threw herself into the game. High-explosive death rained down on their enemies until even Beatrix was cackling in glee. The match ended with an embarrassing loss for what Beatrix’s viewers told her was another highly ranked streamer team.

The next two games were not quite as one sided but still solid wins. It was great to be recognized as MVP by Beatrix, but Melody was looking forward to that commercial break where she could finally get out of her soggy diaper. Hiding it in Beatrix’s bathroom would be a challenge. Hopefully there would be enough stuff in the trash can to cover it over, or she could pitch it out the window, or something.

When the commercial break hit, everyone stood up and stretched, groaning through the happy grins. “Stream is on mute,” Beatrix said.

“Damn, those were some great games. Too bad it’s not prime-time, we might actually get matched against pros,” Yesenia said.

“Pros on their off-heroes maybe,” laughed Mikhail.

“Guys I’m running commercials for fifteen minutes, get your break done and come back on time, got it?” Beatrix said.

“Girl, are you paying us out of the donations you’re getting? Because you’re talking like you’re my boss,” Gurpreet said.

“Actually I am, there’s a little over six hundred tonight from subs and bits already. You’re all getting a fair chunk of it,” Beatrix said.

“Well shit. Then aye-aye captain,” Gurpreet said.

Melody had been working her way around the group with her backpack in hand, hoping nobody would notice the sag in her pants. She dashed for the bathroom and closed the door. Everyone else was going to need to use the bathroom too, she had to find a spot to ditch the diaper, and fast. Dropping her pants, she investigated the window. No good, there was a bush pressed right up against the window, with her luck she’d end up framing the thing for whoever walked in.

“Hey Mel we gotta talk about your Pharah,” Beatrix said on her way down the hall.

“Yeah, give me a sec,” Melody called back.

“Since they nerfed the infinite flying I think our strat is weak on low maps, we need to switch it up and start having you and Preet swing around,” Beatrix said. Without the slightest regard for privacy, she opened the door. Melody froze, as did Beatrix as soon as she realized what she was seeing. Even worse, Beatrix stepped into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

“Is that a fucking diaper?” Beatrix asked.

“Shhh!” Melody said, trembling under a massive wave of embarrassment that threatened to compress her chest.

“Holy shit, it’s got little bears and stuff on it. Well, not that many anymore because you really used that sucker,” Beatrix said. She locked the door and advanced on Melody with a smirk.

“I uh, knew we’d be streaming for a long time and–”

“Bullshit,” Beatrix said. "You live with that diaper girl, and you’re into it.

“No, no this isn’t–”

“Mel, shut the fuck up,” Beatrix put a hand casually on Melody’s mouth. “I know you’re super hot for me, that’s why you came over tonight on no notice. Course, I’m not into girls.”

Beatrix slapped the soggy padding over Melody’s butt and said, “But this might make things interesting.”

Melody tried to back up and only managed to corner herself between the toilet and the tub. Beatrice was right in front of her, trapping her in. “Bea, no, please, don’t tell anyone,” Melody begged. The sheer weight of panic was making her break out in sweat all over like a fever.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Beatrix said. “This is your dream come true. Because I don’t like girls. But this whole thing? This whole scared bunny thing you have going on? Yeah, it’s fun, so you and me are gonna play.”

“What?” Melody asked. It was too much, she was feeling dizzy, hollow inside.

Beatrix leaned in close and wrinkled her nose. She said, “Damn, you are pretty gross tonight. You’re never squeaky clean but you stink even without the diaper.”

Melody blushed again, her stomach in free-fall.

“Hah, I was right, you’re embarrassed and you like it,” Beatrix said. “Your nipples are about to poke right out of your shirt.”

Melody threw her arms around her chest and bowed her head, still quivering. Quivering for a lot of reasons, she realized, one of them being that she would do anything to be under Beatrix in bed right now.

“This is amazing,” Beatrix said. “We don’t have a lot of time here, but we have enough for one quick thing. Get down on the floor.”

“What? No,” Melody protested. Everything was spinning, and the aching heat in her crotch was not helping.

“Lie down on the floor Melody,” Beatrix said, grinning like a vampire. “I’m going to step on you.”

“This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening…” Melody thought. The floor honestly sounded good, as dizzy as she was. Besides, all Beatrix had to do to make her friendless was open the door and call the rest of the group in. She could even tell her stream viewers. Melody half-tumbled to the floor, rolling over on her back.

“Maybe you’ll catch a look at my panties,” Beatrix said. “Try not to get a nosebleed, weeb.” Beatrix raised a foot, and to Melody’s shame she craned her head to see a flash of red lace up Bea’s skirt. The foot came down on Melody’s abdomen, right over her bladder.

“Let’s see if you’re done,” Beatrix said, pressing down none too gently. Melody groaned, gasped, and to her even greater shame, finished emptying herself into the diaper. When Beatrix crouched down to feel the warmth in the diaper all Melody could do was cover her face and quiver.

It was, without question the most horribly embarrassing moment of her life. She was also one good squeeze on that diaper from loudly orgasming on Beatrix’s floor.

“Nasty,” Beatrix said, giving Melody’s chest a light slap. She giggled at Melody’s soft moan. “Alright, get up, put your pants on, and go back to your laptop.”

“Let me get rid of this thing,” Melody whimpered.

“Oh no honey, that’s not happening. You’re doing the rest of the stream in that diaper, and then you’re staying after with me for some extra curriculars,” Beatrix said.

The smart thing would have been to run home, but extra curriculars burned in Melody’s ears like a promise of paradise. There was still the matter of figuring out a way to get Beatrix to promise to be quiet too. With a whimper, Melody pulled her pants back on over the soggy diaper. Beatrix even helped her yank them up nice and high, and cinched up the built-in belt.

“Get back to your seat, baby,” Beatrix said. “We’ve already hogged the bathroom for most of the break.”

Trying not to feel the squish in her pants, or trying not to enjoy the squish in her pants, Melody gingerly walked back to her seat and sat on her soggy padding.

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I’m sure Beatrix won’t take unfair advantage once the LAN party is over…

Chapter 7

The rest of the LAN stream was a hormone infused nightmare. Melody played as best she could, while constantly being goaded by Beatrix. Every mistake she made warranted the use of the word baby.

"Don’t be such a baby, get in there.

Spit out your pacifier and shoot those guys.

Don’t baby the jetpack, get up on that point!"

Not that the absolutely drenched diaper she was wearing was going to let her forget either. All the while Beatrix taunted her, Melody’s mind raced with dread and excitement about what was going to happen after the stream. She couldn’t forget the feeling of being cornered in the bathroom, mocked by a disgusted Beatrix. Her lips tingled from the touch of Bea’s hand, her heart was squeezed by the humiliation.

Not a moment too soon and far too early, Beatrix called an end to the stream. Financially it was a huge success. Even paying for the new accounts they were all going to walk away with a few hundred bucks on top of the fun they’d had. As the other four teammates left one by one, Melody sat in her soggy, rashy diaper and waited for Beatrix to tell her what was to come.

“I thought they’d never leave!” Beatrix said after closing the door behind Ginger. “Alone at last, baby girl.”

“Beatrix please,” Melody said. “I’ll do whatever you say, but please don’t tell anybody okay? It’s not a regular thing for me, I was doing it cause my roommate wanted to uh, play around.”

“Oh good, you’ve already got rule one figured out!” Beatrix said, spinning Melody’s chair to face her and leaning on the armrests. “You do whatever I say, or your secret is out.”

Melody whimpered and said, “Please, Bea…”

“Let’s see what’s in your bag,” Beatrix said, snatching it off the floor. She peered inside and cackled. “I fucking knew it. Another diaper and all kinds of baby supplies. You wanted to get caught, didn’t you?”

“No! I–” she was cut off by Bea’s hand on her mouth again.

“Hush,” Beatrix said. “You’re cute when you beg but I want you quiet for a moment. I still don’t want to fuck you. This is about the control for me. We’re not girlfriends. If you get off, it’s because you’re a dirty freak who is really into this stuff. Most likely you’re going to have to jill-off when you get home.”

Beatrix plopped down in an armchair against the wall. She looked Melody over and said, “If I feel like jilling-off with you around, I will, because you’re here to be my toy and get stepped on. But I’m not all bad. If you’re a really, really good baby and you do everything I say, maybe someday I’ll let you eat my pussy.”

Melody’s mouth hung open. Having to sit and listen to that speech was almost as humiliating as being forced down on the floor and being stepped on. Getting turned on by that speech while in a wet diaper topped the bathroom experience for humiliation by a long shot. It was the absurdity that was the worst part. She could walk out of Bea’s house right now. Nobody would believe Bea about the diaper without proof. Melody could laugh it off.

But she wanted it. She wanted to be the focus of Beatrix’s attention. She wanted those beautiful hands on her body. God help her, she desperately wanted to bury her mouth in Beatrix’s heavenly snatch. Even if it would never, in a million years actually happen. It was an obvious carrot dangled in front of her and she was going to pull the cart anyway.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything,” Beatrix said. “That dumb fish-look you have tells me plenty. It’s early and I’m tired as hell, so let’s get going. Strip. Clothes off, but leave the diaper on.”

Melody stood up and fumbled at her pants with trembling hands. As she slid them slowly down, Beatrix leaned over and whispered, “Come on baby, I want to see you naked.”

A sort of whimpering moan came out of Melody before she could stop herself. There wasn’t much to take off anyway, her shirt and socks, it hadn’t been a day for a bra. She tried covering her chest but Beatrix pulled her arms to her sides.

“You know, you have some pretty nice tits,” Beatrix said. She pushed Melody into turning in place, poking and prodding her at random intervals.

“How’s that diaper feeling?” Beatrix asked.

“Feels gross,” Melody said.

“Aww, you want it off, baby?” Beatrix asked.

“Yes please,” Melody said.

“I don’t know,” Beatrix said. “As dirty and gross as you are right now, it kind of fits you. I mean look at this hair.” She grabbed a clump of Melody’s hair, it was greasy enough to clump, and let it flop down to her shoulder.

“I – I’m sorry,” Melody said.

“Damn I wish the guys I get with would be half as good at subbing as you are,” Beatrix said. “You beg nicely, you apologize, you’re obedient…” She stepped in front of Melody and lifted Melody’s chin with a fingertip, staring into Melody’s eyes. “Are you my gross little diaper slut?”

Tears leaked out of Melody’s eyes, she trembled between humiliation and desire, “Yes Beatrix.”

“Yeah, this is a turn-on,” Beatrix said. “I was a little worried it wouldn’t be hot enough. Congratulations baby, you finally got me wet.”

Melody hoped she wouldn’t have to answer, she closed her eyes and whimpered softly.

“Oh, you liked that,” Beatrix said. “Alright, you can ditch the diaper. And no going all cross-legged. I want to see this pussy that’s been so hot for me.”

It was a relief to rip open the tapes and let the diaper drop. Even to Melody’s saturated nose, the smell made itself known, but the air was nice and cool on her skin. Beatrix leaning back to inspect her naked body sent another thrill through Melody.

“Not bad, you keep it shaved I see. Probably a good thing for a diaper slut,” Beatrix said. “Now, bend over my lap.” She patted her skirt.

Melody laid herself over Beatrix’s legs. This was a dream come true, but it was happening in such a messed up way. Beatrix didn’t wait, she started spanking Melody’s ass like it was free real estate. The slaps weren’t bad, in fact they barely stung. Melody had expected punishment from the spanking, not sexy slaps. Which was a punishment of its own, she supposed. It wasn’t as if Beatrix was going to finish her off. Throwing whatever last tatters of dignity she had to the wind, Melody moaned and squirmed on Beatrix’s lap, panting as the light spanking drove the heat between her legs to a furnace fire.

“That’s probably enough,” Beatrix said, stopping the spanking and laughing at Melody’s extended whine. “Damn, you’re all sticky with piss. My skirt is probably super dirty. Let’s check and see how turned on you are…”

A finger sliding up Melody’s slit nearly slipped into her soaking sex on its own. Her head came up as she shamelessly cried out, with tingles all over her crotch.

“Oh wow, you probably are going to come at some point when we’re playing,” Beatrix laughed. “My finger’s gunky now though, and you know this isn’t my thing.” She shoved Melody off her lap and to her knees. After taking a moment to admire Melody’s sweaty, flushed face, Beatrix put her wet finger to Melody’s lips.

At this point the humiliation was a constant. In her obedient, horny haze she licked the finger. She’d never been a fan of her own taste, but this time it was heaven. Panting, she waited for more. A little bit more, and as Beatrix said, she’d be able to come.

“That’s enough for now,” Beatrix said, dashing all of Melody’s hopes into a deep darkness. “Go to the kitchen and drink two tall glasses of water.”

Melody obeyed. When she returned, Beatrix had her spare diaper laid out on the floor. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what Bea wanted next. Melody laid down on the diaper. Lotion and powder rained down from a height, the lotion mostly landing in Melody’s diaper area, but the powder drifting everywhere, sticking to Melody’s sweaty skin. Bea taped the diaper up tight, and looked down at Melody.

“You look tired. You tired, diaper slut?” Beatrix asked.

She was tired all the way to her bones, Melody realized. The Adderall and the red bull had worn off a long time ago. The horny rush was running down. She was crashing in three or four different ways.

“Put your clothes back on and take a nap. You have until I finish adding up the money and clipping the stream for previews. I don’t want you dying in a car crash on your way home,” Beatrix said, nudging Melody with her toe.

Melody complied, half asleep by the time she was in her clothes, crashing out on the couch almost immediately. When she woke, she had a massive headache, and her bladder was screaming. She looked up to see that it was Beatrix that had shaken her awake.

“Wakie, wakie,” Beatrix said. “Need to pee?”

“Yes…” Melody said, only half aware of the diaper she had on.

“Then do it,” Beatrix said. When Melody hesitated, she got a light slap across the cheeks. “Piss yourself, slut.”

Melody bit her lip and let go, soiling herself for the second time in Beatrix’s house. There wasn’t any buildup to make it feel sexy, she was ashamed, tired, and wet.

“Good baby!” Beatrix said. “I’d kiss you but your breath smells like dogshit. Go home.”

Melody nodded and grabbed her bag, shuffling toward the door.

“Hey, diaper slut!” Beatrix called out, halting Melody in her tracks.

“Wh-what is it?” Melody asked.

“Shouldn’t you thank me?” Beatrix asked, hands on her hips.

“Sorry. Thank you, Beatrix,” Melody said, hanging her head.

“Good girl, now go home and beat off,” Beatrix said.

Melody blushed, knowing she was going to do exactly that. Shuffling due to the uncomfortable wet padding around her crotch, she slipped out the door and was free from Beatrix at least for the moment.

When Melody got home, the house was mercifully empty. She waddled to her room and flopped down on the bed. The first orgasm reignited the fire that Beatrix had lit. It took two more to douse it. When she finally came down and could relax, Melody realized she was crying. It didn’t make any sense why, her brain was John Cena level confused about it, but she couldn’t stop either. She finally got to fool around with Beatrix, even if it was in a weird way, and still, sobs. Sobs that wouldn’t subside for half an hour.

In her exhaustion, Melody gave serious consideration to passing out. Only the thought of Briana finding her tear streaked, stinking of sex, and in a soggy diaper gave her pause. Imagining Briana fetching Victoria to ‘help’ with the situation was enough to get her out of bed.

The shower did feel good, all forty minutes of it. The diaper was hidden away, deep in the outside trash. For some reason pajamas seemed like the pro-gamer move, so Melody put on her only pair. Clad in a Transformers PJ set, Melody crawled into bed and crashed hard.

The problem with having roommates was that they would make noise whenever they felt like it. Like in the middle of the afternoon, at like, four. Melody glared at the door but her laser-eyes failed to activate. They never activated when she woke up grumpy. Or any other time. Maybe she could do a return on Amazon.

Melody blew out a long sigh that ended in a raspberry. It was probably enough of a nap. She hauled herself out of bed and gave herself a quick look in the mirror. The evaluation came back at probably cleaner than she normally was, considering she’d showered. With a shrug she ventured out of her room in search of carbs.

Casey was in the kitchen looking all big and sporty. A light blue athleisure outfit and a perfect sheen of sweat were the outfit for the day. Big himbo energy for sure.

“Hey Melody, cute PJs,” Casey said.

“Oh, thanks, I needed some comfort after a super long day and an all-nighter. Do we have Kraft dinner?” Melody asked, poking her head into the pantry.

“I could make you something way healthier than that,” Casey offered.

“Would it taste exactly like Kraft dinner?” Melody asked. “Or would it break my comfort food needing heart?”

Casey laughed and walked over to the pantry, reaching into the back of the top shelf to produce two blue boxes of happiness.

“Thanks!” Melody said, grabbing butter and milk from the fridge.

“Why the all-nighter, isn’t it early in the quarter for that?” Casey asked.

“Not school related,” Melody said. “I have a friend who’s a streamer. She and I and a few others have a high level Overwatch team. We made a ton of donations last night rocketing up the ladder.”

“I didn’t realize we had an e-sports celebrity in the house,” Casey said.

“Ha-ha. I know better than to go pro e-sports,” Melody said. “Big stress and tiny money.”

“Yeah, it’s the same in physical sports,” Casey said. “I could have gone for the Olympics but honestly, it can chew you up even if you do get gold. And if you don’t get gold, no one remembers you did it.”

“Exactly. Champions eat cake, everyone else eats shit,” Melody said.

“What are you going to do when you finish your program then? With that outlook you probably don’t want to teach,” Casey said.

“Hell no, seems like they’re only adding adjunct positions nowadays,” Melody said. Ingredients assembled, she stirred her double-batch of MSG and Cheese. “Freelancing is actually working okay right now, but at some point stable income would be nice. Maybe I can go through hell at a startup at some point and save all the money. Not sure really!”

“You’ve got a better setup than me if you’re already making money,” Casey said.

Melody nodded and stirred the pot. There was a question trying to escape her brain, but no good way to ask it. She didn’t have many fucks to give on a good day, and the field was completely barren right now. With a shrug Melody gave in to temptation and asked, “So, uh, what’s the deal between you and Briana?”

“Why, you interested in her too?” Casey asked, way too casually for such a quick clap back.

“No! No, I uh, am trying to figure out relationships and stuff here. It’s a lot of people to keep track of, and I’m not good at that,” Melody said.

“Yeah fair enough,” Casey said, apparently actually not bothered. “It’s kind of a friends with benefits thing I guess. I like her a lot, and we have a good time, but I have another girlfriend that I see a lot more often in a romantic way.”

“Can I ask uh, how you got into her whole thing?” Melody asked.

“Sure. I was always attracted to Briana, and we ended up flirting when she was going through her whole transition. So the way we play kind of evolved with her needs. It turned out to be hot and so I kind of went with it,” Casey said.

“Okay, sorry for being nosey,” Melody said.

“I really don’t mind,” Casey said, chuckling. “You sure you don’t have any interest? You two play a lot. More than anybody but Veronica and Jane do with her.”

“She comes to see me mostly. I’m a shiny new toy, she’ll get tired of me and calm down eventually,” Melody said. It sounded a little too true. So true that she had to pretend to inspect the pot to hide a wince at the cold sharp feeling in her gut.

“I don’t know, she’s a pretty genuine person,” Casey said.

“Hey Casey, hi Melody!” Briana chirped on her way into the kitchen. “Whatcha guys talking abou– Oh my gosh is that mac and cheese?!” Briana was in her grown up clothes but as always, she didn’t sound it. It was hard to imagine her being adult in class.

Casey intercepted Briana’s dash toward Melody, picking her up with comical ease and dangling Briana upside down by her ankles. Briana shrieked and giggled, holding on to her plain blue t-shirt to keep it from falling.

“Slow down you, that’s Melody’s dinner,” Casey said.

“She can have some if she wants,” Melody said, pulling the pot off the stove. “I have a bunch, and I can always make more if I need to.”

“But she hasn’t even asked you yet,” Casey said. She pulled Briana up into her arms and tickled her, eliciting more shrieks and squeals.

“Sorry! Sorry Casey!” Briana gasped and giggled. “Melody, can I AUGH! Can I have some of the mac and cheese, please?”

Melody poured a pair of bowls and carried them to the table. “Sure, it’s actually way too much now that I look at it.”

Casey put Briana down and she scampered away from those powerful arms, panting and disheveled. She stuck her tongue out at Casey and plopped down next to Melody. “Thank you Melody.”

“You’re welcome,” Melody said, grinning at the obvious delight on Briana’s face.

“I’m going to bounce, need to do my second round of running,” Casey said. “You two play nice.”

“Hey, I’m not the kid here,” Melody replied, surprising herself a little at the sharpness of it.

“Didn’t say you were,” Casey said, waving and jogging out the kitchen door.

“I like your PJs,” Briana said. She scooted her chair close enough for her shoulder to touch Melody’s.

“Thanks,” Melody said. Was she going to be a kid in the house because she hung out with Briana a lot? That didn’t feel good.

“Do you wanna play this evening?” Briana asked.

“Uh, I would love to, but staying up all night burned a lot of time that I should have been working,” Melody said.

“Oh, okay,” Briana said.

“Maybe this weekend though?” Melody asked.

“Oh, not until the weekend?” Briana asked.

“Depends on how much I get done,” Melody said, feeling guilt sink in on top of the mac and cheese in her belly. “I really am behind.”

“I understand, I have homework and stuff too,” Briana said.

“Cool, sorry, you know how grad school and work and stuff gets,” Melody said.

“Yeah, of course,” Briana said, nodding but with no enthusiasm. “Thanks for making mac for me. I’ll clean up the plates and pot and stuff if you want.”

“You don’t have to–”

“I don’t mind!”

“Okay, okay, thanks Briana.”

Melody got up awkwardly from the table and shuffled out of the kitchen. The whole conversation had been a Kobayashi Maru. Worst of all, there was a ton of work waiting for her. It was sorted into categories of mandatory, sort of optional, and actually optional. Unfortunately those categories were only for her school program. The ‘optional’ stuff was the paying work.

Melody whipped her pajamas off in a sudden flash of anger. In a few minutes she was back in leggings, a t-shirt, and her door was firmly closed. With the lights off and a red bull on the desk, it was time to get back to business.

Briana plays a bit with ageplay at the park…

Chapter 8

“So how’s the new girl?” Suzie asked, briefly letting go of Briana’s hand to scratch her ear. “I feel like I’ve hardly seen her.”

“You’ve been super busy this quarter,” Briana said, squeezing Suzie’s hand. “She’s pretty busy too. But she’s super fun to play with! We got to play dress-up a bunch!”

“I heard she has some pretty interesting costumes,” Suzie said.

“Yeah, they’re kind of sexy, and really accurate to the characters. Oh, and she’s got a ton of cool dolls, and movies and comics and stuff!”

“I didn’t realize you were so into that stuff,” Suzie said.

“Well I always liked it but you know, I never had very much money,” Briana said softly.

“You’ve made your birthday and Christmas so easy!” Suzie said with a grin.

“Oh, I hadn’t even thought about Christmas break,” Briana said.

“You know most of us don’t get to go home for it,” Suzie said. “So don’t worry about being lonely. In fact… Ronnie might kill me for telling you this but I won’t spoil much. Prepare yourself for Christmas to be a super big deal this year.”

“Really?” Briana asked. She’d stopped in her tracks without realizing it. Suzie was blurry in her vision. It wasn’t sadness though, her chest felt tight, like her heart was going to burst.

“Oh hon, yes, really for real,” Suzie said, stepping in to give Briana a breathlessly tight hug. “See, this is why I wanted to tell you. Anticipation is half the experience when you’re a kid!”

“Am I a kid right now?” Briana asked, genuinely wondering.

“Do you want to be?” Suzie asked.

“I mean, I kind of always want to lately,” Briana said. “But we’re out of the house and I don’t want to make you take care of me if you don’t want to.”

“I haven’t gotten a chance for a while,” Suzie said. “Oooh, I’ll cast a spell on you to make you little.” She brought a finger to Briana’s nose and bounced it from nose to cheek to forehead to nose to cheek as she chanted,

"Wink a bink

a bottle of ink,

Briana is five,

As soon as she blink!"

Suzie finished the chant with a light clap in front of Briana’s face. She blinked, of course, and as she opened her eyes with a goofy smile. Five sounded fun. More fun than the dumb black shirt she was wearing, and the boooring green shorts. Even her shoes were dumb. White, with no designs. Suzie looked cool though! Her hair was super rainbow-y, fresh from the salon. Her shirt was even pink with sparkles.

“Well, how do you feel?” Suzie asked.

“Good,” Briana said, picking at her shirt. “What are we gonna do?”

“We were on our way to the park, let’s see if they have any ducks. After that, I’m sure we can find something fun.”

The park had a few ducks, paddling in circles with occasional dives for… whatever ducks ate off the bottom of a pond. Briana was sad that they didn’t have any bread, then decided that was a good thing when Suzie reminded her that bread was bad for ducks. There were crows too, which were fun to chase across the gently sloping, grassy bowl of the park.

She came back to Suzie at a full sprint after sending a particularly large flock of crows into the sky, panting and pink-cheeked. “Suzie, Suzie did you see how many?!”

Suzie turned, and Briana realized in horror that her friend wasn’t alone. There was a tall, skinny man with a little mop of brown hair at the front of his head and ochre skin. He was standing with his arm around a short, equally slim woman with crazy long black hair.

“Hey kiddo!” Suzie said boisterously. “These are my friends, Kariwase and Amie. Guys, this is Briana, my roommate. She’s trying out method acting for a Freaky Friday type play where a babysitter gets switched with the kid. So far she’s doing a great job staying in character, do you mind helping her out?”

Briana stood frozen, trying to process what Suzie had said. Before she quite had it figured out, Kariwase had leaned over and ruffled her hair.

“Chasing birds huh, did you catch any of them?” he asked.

Briana blushed, and took a step sideways to half-hide behind Suzie. “Uh no, but there was a big flock of them that just went up.”

“Oh my god she’s shy?” Amie asked. She stepped around to Briana and took her hand. “How old are you?”

“Fuh-five.” Briana said, squirming and looking down. There was a guilty, wrong feeling in her chest. She wanted nothing more than for these scary adults to go away and stop asking her things.

“What’s your favorite stuffed animal?” Kariwase asked. Suzie, traitor that she was, took Briana’s shoulders and trotted her out into the middle of the group.

“a-alanna,” Briana said in a tiny voice.

“Is she a bear?” he asked, relentlessly.

“No she’s a lion,” Briana said, indignantly. The desire to defend Alanna’s honor broke through her shyness like a floodgate. “She’s a magic lion, and a knight, and she goes on adventures and fights bad guys.”

“That sounds awesome,” Amie said. “You’re very creative!”

“Really?” Briana asked, squirming. Kariwase lightly pinched her cheek and she giggled. Cackled more like. She felt like she was falling down a rabbit hole, settling deep into her little persona. They asked her a couple more questions, then Suzie sat her down on the leg next to them while she finished her conversation about the upcoming theatre schedule.

Briana busied herself with sticks and rocks, making a couple of pretty cool little houses, both of which she announced to the group. They were all nice, Kariwase even crouched ALL the way down from his tallness to look at her second house.

While she was down there, Briana felt the need to go. It came on suddenly, with no warning at all! Or anyway it didn’t seem important until it was already pretty bad. She squeezed her legs together and looked up at Suzie, but they were all still talking.

Concentrating on making an elaborate house to take her mind off it turned out to be a mistake. Briana bit her lip and squeezed her legs as hard as she could when the first few splashes hit her panties. She felt it spread down toward her butt and hoped maybe people would think the log was wet. After that, all she could do was sit and try to hold it, losing the battle a second time to another damp splash in her pants.

Finally, the endless conversation… ended. Suzie waved to her friends, who waved to her and Briana, and they walked off. Suzie said something that Briana didn’t catch with all her concentration on her bladder.

Suzie crouched down and said, “Hey Briana, you okay?”

Briana looked at Suzie with wide eyes, “I had an accident…”

Suzie sighed. “Hon, you are not a baby right now, you’re a little girl right? You need to tell me if you have to go and need help going to the bathroom.”

“I’m sorry,” Briana whimpered. “I still hafta go but…”

“I don’t have a car here,” Suzie said. “Come on, lucky for you we’re all carrying changing supplies when we go out with you. I’ll change you in the park bathroom.”

“But I…” her protests couldn’t hold against Suzie tugging her arm. What recourse was there anyway? Even if Suzie did have a car, she couldn’t drive it up over the grass to pop Briana into it. She hesitated anyway, reluctantly pulled to her feet. Shame blossomed pink and hot across her cheeks as a big splash of liquid hit her panties.

Though she trailed Suzie at first, she caught up fast as the wet patch spread further across her crotch and butt. There was a steady trickle she couldn’t stop, so she ran, outpacing Suzie and darting into the park bathroom. She skidded to a stop on the greasy tile floor, face to face with an older woman she’d nearly run over.

The woman stared at Briana out of weepy, wrinkled eyes and looked down at the dark stain on Briana’s shorts. She chuckled, which hit Briana in the chest. The old lady started for the door, stopped for Suzie’s more sedate arrival, and then grabbed the door. She took a look at Briana and chuckled again.

“You’re still peein’ hon. Better get yourself on a toilet. Don’t-cha have any sense?” she asked, and didn’t wait for a reply, stumping out the door. It was a good thing too, for her, because Suzie had drawn herself up and looked like she was ready to unleash the rough side of her tongue.

With a sigh, Suzie turned to Briana, noting the steady trickle down the girl’s legs. “Let’s get you on a potty hon.” Suzie pushed Briana bodily into a bathroom stall and yanked her shorts down, setting her down on the dubiously clean seat. The tiny trickle became a brief, crashing stream with Briana finally able to let go.

Suzie left the stall door open and grabbed a door stopper off the floor. She wedged it between the door and frame, giving it a couple of sharp kicks for a makeshift lock.

“All done with your potty?” Suzie asked. Briana nodded. “Stay on there in case,” Suzie added, removing Briana’s shoes, socks, and her soggy shorts.

Briana waited while running water sounded. A little more came out of her, but she decided not to tell Suzie about that. Returning with wet paper towels, Suzie stood Briana up and wiped her legs, butt, and crotch down.

“There isn’t much room here but you’re petite,” Suzie said, “Hop up on the sink counter and I’ll put you in a diaper.”

“Suzie, I wanna pullup.” Briana said.

“And why’s that?”

“Because I’m not a baby.”

“But you wet your pants like one,” Suzie said. Briana blushed and whined. “Get up on the counter Briana, right now.”

Briana plodded over to the sinks with sulky steps and climbed on top of the counter. Suzie had wiped it down, and there actually was a lot of space on the cold sheet metal. Her head hung over one of the sinks and her heels dipped into the other but it easily supported her weight.

Suzie’s purse had a tiny, thin changing blanket that didn’t cover more than Briana’s butt. The counter was icy cold through her thin shirt. Whatever Suzie had started, Briana had convinced herself. Baby Briana would be fussy and crying, but five year old Briana grumped and flopped her legs.

“Hold your legs for me,” Suzie said, putting an ankle into each of Briana’s hands. She felt like letting go, but remembered in time that Suzie definitely knew how to spank. The embarrassing baby diaper went under her, along with lotion and powder for dumb babies. Briana sighed, pouted, blew air through her lips. Suzie ignored her protests.

With the diaper taped up, Suzie let her sit, and fished Briana’s shorts out of a sink sopping wet. It took a long, annoying, loud time under the hand dryer before they were dry enough to wear. Finally dressed, Briana looked at herself in the mirror and was horrified to see her diaper peeking out of her shorts. Her shirt left a good two inches of skin visible, so there was no help there.

“Suzie, it shows! Gimme the pullup instead!”

“It’s a tiny bit sticking up, you’ll be fine,” Suzie said. “Now, what do you say when somebody helps you?”

“I’ll say thank you if you give me the pullup!”


She hemmed and hawed, whined and puffed up her cheeks before blowing the air out. Suzie stood with her arms crossed, unimpressed. Finally Brianna looked to the side and sighed. “Thank you Suzie.”

“Good girl,” Suzie said, and gave Briana a hug, which Briana endured but didn’t return, as an act of rebellion.

“I think it’s time to take you home.”

“But, you said we could do something fun after!”

“Well we can, if you’re okay going in your diaper.”

Briana blew a raspberry and said, “Let’s go home.”

Suzie told a lot of dumb jokes on the way back to the bus, and by the time it picked them up Briana wasn’t really mad at her anymore. There was a bit of a bad moment when her diaper crinkled as she climbed the bus steps and she thought the driver saw it, but nothing was said.

At least there was ice cream when they got home and time to play. Melody wasn’t around, so Briana amused herself with a coloring book. At Veronica’s reminder to start homework she belted out “Yes Mom!” but obviously she had to finish the page she was on.

When dinner came, there were three more pages of the book colored, but no homework. Everybody was busy, it was one of those chaotic, Jane calling out leftovers from the fridge and people claiming them to warm up nights. Briana helped ferry the leftovers and stuck close to Jane, even sitting on her lap when everyone was done eating.

Melody was back after dinner but still couldn’t play. This time she didn’t even cave to Briana’s best puppy dog eyes! Those eyes got her Melody’s Nintendo Switch to borrow, so Briana took that victory and curled up on the couch.

When Veronica found her, it was late and Briana was sleepy, with a soggy diaper. She’d completed yet another task for Tom Nook and was starting to understand why nobody liked the cute little raccoon.

“Briana, honey, are you still up?” Veronica looked tired, she had the frazzled, low makeup look that always accompanied a big project.

'Yeah mom," Briana said with a yawn. “I’m gonna have my house paid off soon though!” She showed Veronica the switch.

“Looks like you’ve put a lot of work in, you haven’t moved since I saw you after dinner,” Veronica said. “You got all your homework done before dinner?”

“Um…” Briana bit her lip. Out of nowhere, the homework leapt back to mind.

“Briana!” Veronica put her hands on her hips. “Have you done any of it?”

“No, sorry.”

“Honey, you have a report due tomorrow.”

“Sorry mom.” Briana said. She probably should be worried about the report, but she wanted to get done with being scolded so she could play some more, or go to bed.

“When I told you to get started on your homework, what happened?” Veronica asked. She sat down on the couch, taking the Switch out of Briana’s hands.

“I just wanted to finish the page I was coloring,” Briana said. “Then uh, I guess I forgot.”

“That’s not like you, are you feeling okay?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine Mom!” Briana sighed.

“You’re going to have to finish the report now,” Veronica said.

“But I can’t,” Briana said, with a quick lie. “I need my lab partner’s notes and she’s in bed by now.”

“So she had to do her report by herself?” Veronica frowned with her lips pinched tight. Briana immediately regretted the lie. “That’s even worse.”

“I’m sorry!” Briana said, again.

“We’ll work on fixing this tomorrow. For right now, it’s bedtime.”

There was, surprisingly, no spanking or big punishment. Mom looked frustrated but still did one of her super skillful, loving diaper changes. She even got some extra attention, swaddled in a nice warm onesie and tucking her in. Briana fell into a dreamy sleep, wondering what else being little could get her out of.

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For your reading pleasure, a chapter where nothing bad happens to Melody, and only good decisions are made.

Chapter 9

Melody squirmed nervously outside Beatrix’s door. On one hand, Beatrix. On the other hand, Beatrix. Horny memories of being stepped on were interrupted when Beatrix flung the door open and dragged Melody in by the front of her shirt.

“Dolly, you made it!” Beatrix said, with a chilling smile.


“Well Baby doesn’t seem right, because I’m sure not going to be your mom,” Beatrix said. “But I do like the idea of having a doll to play with.”

“You don’t need to–“ Melody grunted around the pacifier that Beatrix had suddenly smushed against her face. Aggressive persistence won over Melody’s resistance, and Melody found herself with the rubber nub on her tongue and Beatrix’s hand over her mouth.

“Dolly, hush,” Beatrix said. “Now, let’s look you over. Hmmm, boring, boring, boring, and wrong!” Beatrix plucked at Melody’s T-shirt, bra, jeans, and panties in turn.

“Lucky for you I went out and got some dolly clothes last night! Don’t worry, they’ll still be gloomy. We don’t want people asking too many questions and your secret getting out, do we?”

Melody could only whimper behind the pacifier. Heart pounding, she let Beatrix yank the backpack out of her hands, and strip her down until she was naked in the middle of Bea’s living room. She desperately hoped that Bea’s roommates were already out for the day.

Suddenly, Beatrix had her arms around Melody, pressing her whole body against Melody and whispering in her ear. Melody was intensely conscious of Beatrix’s thin, soft blouse, her tiny shorts, the way her bare leg felt, and how her hair smelled.

“This is the part that you’re here for, right Dolly?” Beatrix asked breathily. “It’s okay, you can hold me.”

Melody set her trembling hands on the small of Beatrix’s back. Gaining confidence, she stroked the soft skin there and pressed tightly against Bea.

“You have pretty nice hands, Dolly,” Beatrix said, nuzzling Melody’s neck. “I think I’ll have you give me a foot rub when you come by this evening.”

As suddenly as Beatrix had initiated it, the hug was over. Despite herself Melody let out a frustrated whine. Beatrix laughed.

“Mmm, love how much you worship me. I mean, I always knew you had a big old lady boner for this business but I didn’t realize how bad you had it.”

Beatrix dug around in Melody’s backpack and pulled out a pair of pullups, tossing some side-eye at Melody. “What’s this shit? I told you to get enough for the week, and real diapers.”

Melody mumbled into the pacifier. She felt bad about taking those from Briana, and she couldn’t walk off with five or six of them. There were a lot more pullups than diapers, it was easier to get those without anyone noticing.

None of it came out clearly. Beatrix wasn’t putting in the effort to translate paci-garble, she shrugged and brought one pair of pullups to Melody’s feet, tapping her leg. “Step into it, Dolly.”

Melody obeyed, biting down on the pacifier and blushing as Beatrix dragged the pullup along her legs and yanked it up over her rear.

“You’re chunkier than the girl who normally wears these huh?” Beatrix asked. “That’s oaky Dolly, I don’t mind if you’re a fattie. Thick thighs save lives, right?”

Melody flinched. No thigh gap didn’t mean she was fat! Again, Beatrix ignored her reaction. She was grabbing some clothes off the couch which actually looked pretty promising. Skirts were kind of yuck, but it was a black skirt at least. The shirt had skulls on it, looked like some hot-topic type gear.

Her first red flag went up when Beatrix put the shirt on her without a bra. The second was when Bea had to tug, hard, to get the shirt down over Melody’s shoulders and belly. It was baby doll cut, too tight, but long enough to not completely ride up her belly. It also did a great job of pushing her tits out and giving the whole world a barometer to how cold she was or how hot her motor was running.

The skirt fit at least, though there was a bit of a muffin top peeking out. It covered the pullup too, but not by a lot. Bending over was not going to work and there would be no manspreading today. When Beatrix added a pair of cat-face pantyhose Melody’s only reaction was SMH.

Melody whimpered and tried a pleading expression on Beatrix. That only brought back Bea’s scary grin.

“Oh yeah, look at you all turned on and embarrassed,” Beatrix said, cupping one of Melody’s breasts. Humiliating as it was, Melody moaned loudly from behind her pacifier. After all, Beatrix seemed to enjoy getting to see her reactions, the more extreme the better.

“Yeah, good start to the day. Okay, here’s the deal, between every class I want you to go to a bathroom and do a diaper selfie for me. After all, we need to keep track in case you piss yourself again.”

Bea popped the pacifier out of Melody’s mouth with a rough tug. “Your line here is, ‘Yes Beatrix’.”

“Y-yes Beatrix,” Melody said.

“Good Dolly!” Bea said, patting Melody’s cheek. “You can have your clothes back when you come here after classes to give me my foot rub. Try to keep your pants dry, okay?”

Melody blushed. The pullups were already a tiny bit damp from how much Bea had manhandled her. Dolly-handled, whatever.

“Yeah, you’re a lot of fun. Keep this up, be a good dolly for me, and we’ll see if we can get that spaghetti wet, okay?”

Melody licked her lips and leaned forward, bringing face close to Beatrix. She got pushed away, softly at least, for her troubles.

“Nah, not right now. Maybe this afternoon, Dolly. Now get that cute ass to class.”

Melody picked her backpack up, which Beatrix added the extra pullup to. She felt ridiculous, standing on the steps in her tight little shirt and skirt. It was going to be impossible to forget that she was Beatrix’s ‘dolly’ now. That thought kept her warm between the legs all the way to her car.

For her first check-in, Melody snapped a quick shot with her skirt up in the bathroom and fled to her Machine Learning Bioinfomatics class. Not that she wanted to be there. The first class of the day had actually been a lab, which gave her the opportunity to hide out in a different computer lab and submit things remotely.

As she took her usual spot in the back of the class, there were a lot more eyes on her than usual. Especially from guys, yuck. There was one cute girl that did a double take. Cute girls were looking at her, but only when she was all tarted up by Beatrix and wearing a pullup. Mojo Jojo would be proud of Bea.

As she sat down and the professor took the podium, a notification popped up on her phone.


  • bitch, wtf was that
  • worst selfie ever
  • take another one
  • I’m in class
  • i don’t care
  • upskirt yourself and take one right now
  • dude no
  • wtf, worst dolly
  • u better make it up with next one

“Melody?” asked Dr. Phan.

“Huh? Uh, sorry…” Melody said, blushing. Half the class was looking at her.

“Everything okay? You’re not usually a phone watcher in class.” Dr. Phan said.

“Uh, yeah, had to take care of uh, some money stuff.” Melody squirmed, freezing when her pullup crinkled.

“Okay, glad to hear it. I was asking about your AI project. Got any progress to report?”

“Oh! Yeah uh, sorry. It’s going fine. The basic learning algorithms are up and I’m working on the training dataset. I’ve already run tests from a limited set of data, and done some preliminary tweaking on my algs.”

Dr. Phan smiled, “Great! I figured you’d be ahead. Don’t make me institute a phone rule, okay?”

“Yeah, gotcha,” Melody said, ducking her head. At least the attention finally came off of her. She buried her phone in her bag to be safe.

By the time class ended, Melody had managed to mostly forget her predicament, though she got a reminder from the odd feeling of her pullup as soon as she stood up. Her plan to go straight to the bathroom to deal with Beatrix was cut short when Ms. Doubletake from earlier put a hand on her arm.

“Hey Melody, I like your new look,” Rosa said, shrugging her backpack higher on her shoulder. Rosa had the short cropped hair and athleisure look that screamed ‘I am a rugby and roller derby lesbian’.

“Uh, yeah, well, I dunno if I’ll wear it again, it was um, kinda a spur of the moment thing,” Melody said.

“Well I think you should, the femme look suits you,” Rosa said.

Melody swallowed around a lump in her throat. Femme? That was even more yuck than getting checked out by guys. “Oh uh, cool, thanks.”

“You want to get together and compare project notes sometime?” Rosa asked.

Melody didn’t. Well, she didn’t if a skirt needed to be involved. On the other hand, Rosa was pretty cool and decently smart. There wasn’t any need to get the U-Haul rented yet. “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind bouncing around some ideas. Maybe like, Thursday evening?”

“Perfect, can we do it at your place?” Rosa asked.

“Oh uh, yeah, that would probably work,” Melody said, trying to calculate how she could keep Briana and all her ABDL stuff contained. It should be possible for one evening, right?

“I’ll hit you up on the class Slack,” Rosa said. “Gotta go if I’m going to make it to racquetball.”

“Yeah, I’ve got to go too, later,” Melody said with a hesitant wave. There was a pit in her stomach that wouldn’t go away. It doubled when she realized she was way past the end of class and still hadn’t looked at her phone.

Beatrix had blown up Melody’s phone like she was trying to seize oil. Most of the messages were a demand for a response, but the last one was a bit ominous.

Fine, you’re in class. I got something prepared for you when you do your next selfie. Don’t send and go, check in before you send it.

Punctuation and capitalization from Beatrix meant she was legit pissed. Melody scurried off to the nearest bathroom, glad that she had a good forty minutes left before her next class.

  • Hey I’m here, Dr. Phan was on my case.
  • whatever
  • give selfie, then wait for more instructions

Melody looked around nervously, but the bathroom was empty. She hiked up her skirt and quickly took a picture of the mirror before dropping the skirt down.

  • There you go.
  • terrible selfie
  • don’t even try again
  • go to a stall, sit down, do upskirt shot
  • fine

The stall felt a lot safer anyway, Melody was glad to throw the lock on it and sit down. She took a couple of shots of her sheer pantyhose with the kiddie-print pullup underneath. After a moment’s hesitation she rolled the pantyhose down a bit and took a clearer shot of the pullup. Looking at the pictures felt weird. For one thing, they could easily be on Tumblr tagged ABDL.

It was more than that though. Seeing the crinkled plastic of the pullup between her legs was getting her hot all on its own. Being dominated by Beatrix remotely was honestly not that hot. In person it was great, because Bea was there in all her ridiculous sexy thottness. Over the phone it was more annoying than anything else.

The pullup though, that was feeling sexy. Which was weird, obviously. Super weird, and dumb, and not something she should worry about too much. With a sigh, Melody sent the pictures and wiped them from her phone memory.

  • finally
  • not bad on last one
  • k, next task
  • u rdy?
  • No
  • good
  • use the pullup
  • ur punishment for ignoring me
  • use it and take video
  • No! Gross!
  • do it dolly
  • ur my diaper dolly
  • This is too far. No.
  • whatever you have a spare
  • I can’t, it’s too weird.
  • I’ll send nudes

Melody stared at the phone screen. Her breath caught in her throat and she lightly licked her lips. The thought of Beatrix naked was bringing a whole lot of sexy back into the game. She squirmed on the toilet seat. Honestly she was already having to hold it in a bit. Sitting on a toilet was triggering her body to get ready to go.


Beatrix sent through a selfie of her own, expertly posed and shot. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra pulled down to almost expose her nipples. Melody felt a quiver in her belly.

  • Okay
  • good dolly!
  • send now

Melody positioned her phone looking between her legs and got it ready to record. For a long few minutes she hesitated, unsure if she could go through it. The heat between her legs was building despite the increasing pressure there. Finally she felt herself release and hastily hit the record button in time to catch the small, ‘Ah!’ as the first splash of pee hit her pullup.

Warmth flooded her crotch, erasing the firetruck designs that had covered it. From a minor wet feeling in her crotch she was suddenly wet everywhere. The entire pullup was soaking and wet against her skin. Melody had to bite back a moan of desire. Forcing her fingers to stay out of her pants, she sent the video to Beatrix.

  • Here’s the vid.
  • omg you did it
  • does it get u hot?
  • huh? you turned on right now?
  • yes
  • omg
  • nasty dolly
  • but good dolly, keep obeying and you can get more of this

Melody watched with trembling anticipation as a picture loaded. Beatrix, naked, turned to be mostly a teasing shot. She could see a good amount of Bea’s left breast, but the rest was covered by the angle of the shot. It was still way more than she’d seen before.

She had a hand in her pullups and was stroking her sopping sex before she realized it. Even when she did realize, her hand was already dirty. Melody clapped a hand over her mouth and bit back moans as she gently worked her clit. Panting through her nose, she kept her eyes fixed on Beatrix’s picture. It took only moments before she was shuddering and slumping on the toilet seat.

In the meantime, Beatrix was still sending texts.

  • well?
  • u like?
  • that’s an old shot
  • u have to come by in ur pullup today
  • rub my feet and look up my skirt
  • dirty dolly
  • say yes
  • say yes Beatrix
  • Yes Beatrix
  • good, say yes mistress
  • Yes Mistress
  • good, say ur a diaper dolly
  • my diaper dolly
  • I’m your diaper dolly

That last one hurt a little to type, but it was hot too. Now that she’d come, everything was confusing again. Sitting in a school bathroom stall in a soaking pullup, leaking all over the seat. Tears sprang into Melody’s eyes, her chest felt squeezed.

Beatrix seemed to be done with her for the moment. Melody got up and began the slow, nerve-wracking process of cleaning herself up and disposing of her pullup in public. She managed to get a wad of wet paper towels and flee back to the stall without being seen, but after that it seemed like there was always someone in the bathroom.

Wiping off her crotch and rear was awkward enough while hearing women chatting by the sinks. Every tiny crinkle of the fresh pullup as she put it on felt like it echoed through the bathroom. The paper ended up in the toilet, even if it wasn’t supposed to. There was no way the pullup would flush though, not without a poop knife or something equally hardcore.

Melody hunched by the door of her stall, trying to ignore the smell of the pullup in her hand. Already late for her next class, Melody wished her psychic powers would manifest so she could will the other women out of the bathroom. Why did people keep coming in?

Finally, there was a real break. Nobody in the bathroom for over a minute, no sound of people in the hallway outside. Melody opened the door and made for the trash with her pullup ready to toss.

For the first time, Melody had the experience of the world going into slow motion before her eyes. The door to the bathroom began to open. She knew she should hide the pullup behind her back, duck back into the stall, hurl the pullup over the walls of one of the stalls, anything but keep walking slowly. Her muscles wouldn’t obey. The door swung completely open with Melody still a few steps from the trash can.

She had a brief, wild hope that it would be someone she’d never seen before. At least the dumb outfit would keep them from recognizing her on another day. No such luck. It was Jane, her roommate, partner to her landlord, and ‘Dad’ to Briana. They locked eyes for a moment and then Jane’s darted over to the pullup.

Having Jane see the pullup induced enough panic to break Melody’s frozen state. She flicked the pullup into the garbage can and hurriedly turned on the sink.

“Hi Melody,” Jane said, stepping into the bathroom proper.

“Hi Jane.”

“Was that one of Briana’s pullups?” Jane asked.

A hot blush crept up Melody’s neck. Anything but the truth would do. “Uh, yeah, um, super heavy flow today, and all I had were some little pads.”

“No worries, I was curious,” is what Jane said with her mouth. Her face was doing a perfect Maury, ‘I have determined that was a lie’.

Melody grabbed extra paper towel to dry her hands and tossed the wad over the pullup. “Gotta get to class, see you at the house!” she said, as she fled the bathroom.

It was way late for class, and Melody wasn’t feeling it. She wasn’t feeling any of it, the only expression she could manage at the moment was a Hide the Pain Harold. Even the prospect of another session with Beatrix soured her stomach.

Taking refuge in her car, Melody sent a text to Beatrix to say she felt sick and couldn’t come over, muting the conversation immediately against the inevitable flood of angry texts. There was enough energy to get home, strip out of the dolly outfit, and hide under the covers.

The heavy guilt of the assignments, professor she’d blown off, and freelance work that all needed doing pressed down on her. Melody shoved her face into her pillow and pretended not to care. She did the same when her roommates knocked on her door at dinnertime. After all, she might as well disappoint everyone in her life at once.

The only thing she hadn’t taken off was the pullup. As the evening wore on and her roommates were still wandering the house like they lived there or something, a certain pressure reminded Melody of the garment. It’d be handy for continuing to avoid the world. She shook her head. Did she want to avoid her roommates enough to pee herself?

The answer turned out to be complicated. Even when she tried, she couldn’t make herself release. Laying in bed was a far cry from sitting on a toilet. Her body didn’t believe that she wanted to do it any more than Jane had believed her in the bathroom. Of course, she had made it happen one other time without being completely desperate or in a bathroom.

Figuring she might as well disappoint herself too and go full foul bachelorette frog, Melody reached into her pullup with one hand and turned her phone on with the other. The peeing video was still on there. She watched it again, remembered the slow damp trickle that had become a flood of hot liquid. Her hand worked across her sex while she tabbed over to Pornhub. A search for diaper punishment got her an endless stream of fantasies of being forced into her humiliating predicament.

The relief when she came was twofold, pressure and anxious sexual energy taken care of together. Taking only the barest effort to clean up, Melody merely wiped her hand off on the dolly top she’d tossed to the floor. There hadn’t been enough to overwhelm the pullup, so she left it on and doomscrolled while she waited for her roommates to finally go to bed.

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What’s this, diaper shenanigans during the day with Gary?

Chapter 10

Briana murmured softly as Gary’s lips released her again. A half hour of making out on his lap had her ready for anything. He’d told her to be ready for a surprise, and at this point she was hoping that surprise was sex on his desk. Or in his chair. Or on the floor, against the wall, wherever!

“It’s been great having you come over every afternoon,” Gary said.

“I’ve been a good girl, I should get a reward!” Briana declared.

“If you’re going to ask for sex, sorry, no,” Gary said, kissing a pout off Briana’s face. “I have office hours in like twenty minutes and I can’t have my office smelling like sex.”

“Just spray some air freshener,” Briana said.

“Uh huh. Do you want your reward or not?”

“Oh, I get one?”

“Yes, lie down on the desk,” Gary hefted Briana’s butt up on the desk, and she obediently lay down on it.

The familiar crinkle of a diaper made Briana groan. “Gaaary. I like being changed by you but we do that all the time, it’s not a surprise.”

“You’re right, the diaper isn’t your surprise,” Gary said. He pushed Briana’s skirt up and slid her panties down. “Now be a good girl and cooperate or you’ll have a surprise and a spanking.”

Briana giggled and held her feet. As soon as the diaper went under her hips she could tell it was going to be a very sexy change. Gary was spreading lotion across her in slow, sensual strokes, with lots of focus around her rosebud and sex. The plug slipping into her rear wasn’t much of a surprise, even if it was a bit softer than usual. Something else rubbing against her slit until it slid slickly in certainly was though!

“Ooh, Gary, what’s that?”

“Wait and see.”

Whatever it was had a thick bulb-like bit that slipped inside Briana, and a tail like bit that lay alongside her clit. She gave Gary a little trouble powdering and taping her up, but it was hard to sit still with such a full feeling giving her the squirmies. After that she had to wait while Gary did something to her phone. The wait got annoying enough that Briana drummed her feet on the desk until a nose-bap from Gary shut her down.

Finally, she had her phone back in her purse, her skirt back on properly, and was sitting on Gary’s lap, expertly padded. She stared into his eyes on the edge of a glare, willing the surprise out of him. Gary touched the screen of his own phone, and the thing in Briana’s sex rumbled!

“Ahh!” She cried out, caught totally off guard. Gary held her close and another rumble hit, then another. The vibrator buzzed to life and hummed merrily inside her, turning her insides to quivering goo. The little tail bit was even humming against her clit until the diaper had developed a genuine wet patch.

Suddenly, it ended. Briana caught her breath, leaving her head on Gary’s chest for the moment. “What was that?”

“Remote vibrator,” Gary said. “But that’s not all.”

The buzzing started again, in Briana’s rear this time! She cried out again with a squeal instead of a moan. It felt good but funny and ticklish at the same time.

“Hah! That was definitely worth it,” Gary said. “How’s your surprise?”

“G-gary, that’s so intense,” Briana said. Her cheeks were hot. The heat was desire now but thinking about that happening on campus was bringing the embarrassment fast.

“Those were both on the highest setting. I have lots of little patterns programmed, most of them are a lot softer,” Gary said.


“I can’t do what I’d like to do with you today, but I can play with you remotely. You like me putting you in a diaper so you have a little secret on campus, well now you have three secrets.”

Briana giggled, and nuzzled Gary’s neck. “But what if there are people around?”

“If I don’t know where you are, I’ll keep it on low,” Gary said. “But you can also turn it off on your phone if you need to.”

“Can I try the low oh OH–”

The vibrator quivered to life again, this time a nice, soft buzz that was sending wonderful waves through her sex. She could manage this without moaning, probably. It was a distraction. A devastatlingly sexy distraction.

“Of course you can make it more intense on your own,” Gary said. “If you wet, the diaper is going to transmit a lot more vibration.”

Briana swallowed hard, and nodded. “This is… a really fun surprise. Can we go on a date soon?”

“Tomorrow if you want,” Gary said. “This is a warmup for the date.”

Briana grinned and leaned up to kiss Gary hard on the mouth. She didn’t let go either, pressing against him for a long, sweaty kiss and grinding her diaper against his crotch. When she finished, he had some nice bright spots on his cheek.

“Well, I better let you prep for your office hours,” Briana said, hopping off Gary’s lap.

“You’re leaving right after that?” Gary asked.

“You’re not the only one that can tease,” Briana said.

“Heh, I should have put you in Little mode first, you’re pretty sassy like this,” Gary said.

“I guess you’ll have to do that next time,” Briana said. She flounced to the door and blew Gary a kiss. He caught it, and she sneaked out.

As good as it felt to get a tease in on Gary, Briana realized she was pretty much at his mercy. Sure, she could turn off the phone, but that would make her a party pooper. Already pretty turned on, in a diaper, and with a vibrator that could start up any time, Briana was feeling jittery.

Studying clearly wasn’t going to happen. It would be good to have someone to talk to, especially Melody. Nobody had seen Melody for a few days. She’d asked Mom to check on her, but Mom said that she’d gotten a text from Melody and that they had to respect her privacy. With the rest of her roommates in class or at work, there was nobody to see! Nobody except Tamira, she realized!

Briana’s happy walk across campus was interrupted a few minutes in by the vibrator buzzing away in her diaper. Low setting or not, it sent her stumbling against a tree and leaning there while the soft rumble set her crotch tingling. Pink cheeked and panting, Briana got moving again as the vibrator died down.

It hit a second time before she reached her destination, short staccato pulses that alternated between her sex and rear. That was confusing, ticklish, and had her sex as slick as a Slip & Slide. “No fair, Gary,” she mumbled.

By the time she reached Tamira’s dorm she wasn’t sure she wanted her friend to be home. The vibrator buzzed to life again as Briana buzzed the intercom, harder this time, and for a few seconds. Moaning out loud before she could catch herself, Briana wondered if maybe Tamira would give her a corner to uh… lay down in.

Unlike the vibrator, the intercom buzzer got no response. It was the same the second, and third time Briana pushed it. She felt the vibrator in her rear rumble and whimpered softly, Gary’s instructions about turning off her phone had fled her mind completely. Pulsing in soft waves of low to medium, the sustained sensation quickly overcame the ticklishness and created a whole new kind of pleasure.

“Gaaaary!” Briana whined aloud to the empty courtyard. He had clearly underestimated the strength on the toys. Either that or he was playing a mean prank, but that didn’t seem like him. She wanted him so badly, wished with all her might that he would appear, throw her down on… anything, and take care of the feelings he’d created.

As she dimly realized that she might actually come while leaning against the dorm door, Briana looked around desperately for somewhere to hide until the sensations stopped, or uh, resolved themselves.

Hiding places were scarce next to the dorm, a good thing normally. There weren’t many people around though, a couple of guys walking toward the science buildings, a girl wearing a skimpy outfit and – was that Melody?!

Briana blinked, biting back a moan though the vibrator had stopped. It was Melody, looking sad. A corset top, half-jacket, and short skirt made her look sexy, but were so out of place on her friend.

Forgetting at least a little of her predicament in her concern, Briana jogged to catch up. “Melody! Melody!”

Melody turned, and the look she gave Briana brought tears to Bri’s eyes. She looked haunted, and scared, with huge bags under her eyes. Briana didn’t bother to ask what was wrong, she grabbed Melody in a tight hug.

Trembling and resisting at first, Melody suddenly hugged back hard. Briana held her friend until her arms started cramping. When they pulled apart, there were tear-trails on Melody’s cheeks.

“Melody, what’s wrong?” Briana asked.

“It’s noth – um, well obviously it’s something, uh, it’s complicated and I don’t want to –”

“You can tell me! You look really sad!” Briana took Melody’s hand and held it tightly.

"I don’t want to, I’m sorry Briana, I – " Melody broke off suddenly, sniffing back a sob.

“Well can I help?” Briana asked gently.

“I don’t know uh, sorry I um, are you okay? You seem different.”

“Oh, uh, I guess I’m not uh, ‘little’ right now,” Briana said, chuckling. “I don’t think you’ve ever seen me like this. Weird huh?”

“Yeah uh, it is kinda, but not like, bad.”

“Are you going somewhere? You’re not in trouble, are you?”

“I’m always kind of in trouble lately,” Melody sighed. “You know what? Fuck it. No, I’m not going anywhere. You want a ride back home?”

“You sure?” Briana asked, frowning. There was something super wrong with Melody, no matter what Mom said.

“Yeah, come on, my car is over in G lot.”

They walked quietly together for a few minutes before Briana realized the crinkling sound had gotten loud. She stopped for a second to try and pull her diaper up tighter, and the crinkling continued, a bit more softly. Eyes wide, she looked down at Melody’s skirt to see that it bulged a lot more in the back than it probably should.

A couple of skipping steps had her caught up to Melody. There wasn’t any good way to say it, so after a deep breath, Briana said, “Melody? Can I ask about your outfit? I’ve never seen you wear stuff like that and uh, do you have protection on?”

Melody froze. Briana stumbled to a stop and turned to face her friend. It wasn’t the embarrassed or even slightly scared expression she was expecting on Melody’s face, it was sadness again.

“Uh yeah, uh, I guess you of all people would notice. It’s a whole um, thing.”

“You don’t have to justify anything to me!” Briana said with a grin, pouring on every bit of positive energy that she could muster. “Me of all people, right?”

To her delight, Melody cracked a small smile. Briana gave her another hug, which Melody relaxed into right away this time. As they resumed walking, Briana took hold of Melody’s hand. There was no objection.

It was a quiet walk the rest of the way to the car, but a more comfortable one. Melody seemed a little better. They were off campus and plodding through city traffic when the forgotten vibrator kicked on again, catching Briana totally off guard. It was on low power, but the tail had settled perfectly against her clit and Briana couldn’t help but gasp and arch her back.

“Woah, you okay?” Melody asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Briana said, giggling softly. “Sorry, you’re not the only one with something unusual on. I hope this isn’t Tee-Em-Eye but Gary put two vibrators in me today and uh, one of them just went off. They’re remote triggered.”

Melody was quiet, but when Briana looked over she had hot cheeks and nipples showing prominently through the thin satin of the corset top. Surprised and intrigued, Briana turned forward and sly asked, “Uh, since you’re not doing whatever thing you were gonna do, wanna hang out when we get home?”

“Yeah, um, okay. Uh, cool.” Melody said, her voice slightly husky.

Briana grinned and settled down in her seat to prepare for any more random vibrations. There were two more before they got home. Gary was having a lot of fun with that little button of his!

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Oh boy, Beatrix has demands…

Chapter 11

“No, absolutely not!” Melody stared at Beatrix in shock.

“I told you, you messed up when you blew me off.” Beatrix was looking especially cute in short shorts and a tank top that showed off flashes of bra, but even that wasn’t going to be enough to get her what she wanted today.

“The selfies I’ve sent are bad enough. There’s no way I’m doing a whole photoshoot!” Melody shook her head emphatically. Internet was forever, and for all she knew the stuff she’d sent was on there already. At least she’d been able to hide her face, no way was she giving Beatrix control of the camera.

“You sure you want to do this?” Beatrix frowned. “Remember our deal?”

“If you’re going to tell everyone, then you might as well do it now before you have photo proof!”

Beatrix sighed and rolled her eyes. “Damnit Mel, I didn’t expect you to break so easily. Do you really think I’m going to revenge-porn you?”

“You’ve been crazy about this whole thing!”

“Yeah, because that’s what you wanted.” Beatrix chuckled. “Hell, diapers are probably the perfect thing for this little game of ours, since it’s got you as wet as a faucet.”

“Bee Ess!” Melody tried to ignore the heat in her cheeks. “You’ve had fun being mean to me.”

“Yeah, that’s the part of the game that I wanted.” Beatrix shrugged. “You really want to end this, and go back to being just friends, but with a bunch of extra awkward?”

“But that’s not, it isn’t…” Melody’s head was spinning. Was Bea really topping her awkwardly? Her train of thought derailed hard when Bea stepped in close and grabbed Melody’s face.

“Oh hey, you brushed your teeth this time, good dolly.” Beatrix landed a hard kiss on Melody, making a possessive fist in Melody’s hair.

Without thinking, Melody reached out for Bea and put her hands on the other girl’s butt. Beatrix didn’t push away. Drowning in the ecstasy of making out with Beatrix, Melody’s inner thoughts were reduced to the sound a microwave makes.

The kiss ended, but Beatrix wasn’t done. Melody gasped as Bea’s hand went down her sweatpants, firmly cupping the wet patch in her panties.

“See? You’re soaked. Now, you’re going to get dressed in the stuff I have for you, get down on the floor, and let me take pictures. You’re going to be embarrassed, and wet as hell. Especially because I’m going to take something off every ten pictures.”

“I uh… Bea uh…” Melody tried to remember why this was such a bad idea. She couldn’t let this happen, right? All she was able to come up with was, “Haha, Beatrix go brrr.”

When Beatrix started stripping her, the last of Melody’s resistance was gone. She was down on Bea’s living room carpet and spread in no time at all. A bright blue diaper went on with no powder or lotion, something that Melody almost protested before she realized how crazy that would be. The cream-colored sundress that Bea pulled over her head really did deserve protest but the more clothes the better for this activity.

The first few pictures were of Melody on the floor, face flushed, with a stiff smile on her face. It wasn’t quite hide the pain Harold, but Bea wasn’t happy. Unfortunately, Beatrix’s instruction to “Look cute” was light on specifics.

“Fine, we’ll try some where your face doesn’t show. Get on your hands and knees, dolly.”

Melody rolled over gratefully, only to freeze when Beatrix flipped the sundress’ skirt up over her waist.

“Bet you dreamed about this pose with me before, huh dolly?” Beatrix slipped a hand along Melody’s inner thigh on her way to standing up. It got the moan she wanted, if Bea’ amused chuckle was anything to go by.

A few more pictures snapped, and Melody was back on her back, with the skirt still flipped up. The growing nervous pit in her stomach wasn’t helped by Beatrice slipping off her tank top, but it was a hell of a distraction.

“There you go dolly! If we can’t get you smiling, that soft horny look you’ve got going on will work.”

Beatrix pushed a pacifier into Melody’s mouth, nodded in satisfaction, and took a few more shots. “How’re you feeling, dolly? Embarassed?”

Melody nodded, whimpering softly behind the pacifier. That whimper became a gasp when Beatrix straddled Melody’s hips. “It’s hot, isn’t it?” Before Melody could answer, Beatrix leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I’m pretty hot right now too.”

With another soft moan, Melody nuzzled Beatrix’s neck, daring to kiss along it. Her lips tingled, more at that she’d been allowed the kiss than the contact itself.

“That’s right, good dolly. You don’t worry about what exactly we’re doing. You just think about being a good dolly, and how much you want my body.” Beatrix sat up and slipped her bra off, drawing it slowly away from her chest. Melody sat mesmerized until Bea pulled her hands up from her sides to place them on her bare breasts.

Feeling heaven under her hands, Melody gently caressed Bea with eyes wide, the pacifier falling out of her mouth. Beatrix sighed happily, arching her back. Then she was gone, standing up suddenly enough to make Melody cry out softly.

“Maybe more later, for now, let’s get that dress off. Don’t show your tits yet, give me some sideboob.”

With shaking hands, Melody complied, getting up on her knees and turning her face away from the camera as well. Some shots of her bare back followed, and then she was cross-legged on the carpet with her hands covering her chest.

Her heart was pounding for two reasons as Beatrix’s shorts came down and her hands were ordered away from her breasts. The last few shots were torture, but nothing compared to watching Beatrix put the camera down and slide a hand into her panties. Desire and embarrassment built in Melody as she watched Bea play with herself. The sounds she made, the way she shook at the end, It was all too much. Something had to give. Melody had her hands down her pants… no, her diaper. The threat of the camera couldn’t stop her. It didn’t matter what Beatrix might think.

Pleasure exploded in Melody’s mind. Not once, twice, or even three times. Five explosions left Melody panting on the carpet, coming to the slow realization that she still had her hand in a sopping wet diaper. Wetting and masturbating was becoming a pretty normal thing, obviously too normal. Maybe she could summon the strength to get up before Beatrix noticed…

That was as much a fantasy as actually having Bea for a girlfriend. Melody caught Beatrix’s eyes and blushed. The camera flashed again, a heart stopping strobe. “No, not that picture!”

“Can’t believe you used it. You really like this stuff.” Bea slid her panties off with a languid, satisfied energy that pushed the sight from amazing to sexiest thing Melody had ever seen. So hot, right? Somehow Melody barely felt it.

“Dirty dolly. Clean me up,” Beatrix said, offering fingers only ,which Melody sucked on obediently. The taste made her shiver. So many things she wanted to do with Beatrix were happening, but it was so wrong. All the sounds in the room felt muted.

“You seem pretty out of it, I’m going to send you home in that diaper just for fun. Go ahead and put your clothes on and head out, Dolly.”

With shaking hands, Melody pulled on her sweatpants and sweatshirt. Beatrix was already out of the room, didn’t even watch her go. She slunk off to her car and squished into the driver’s seat. She didn’t want music. The sounds of traffic were very quiet on the way back. Her cheeks were still hot, and wet too. No matter how many times she wiped them, her eyes wouldn’t stop leaking.

Melody staggered into the house and nearly bumped into Jane. It took a moment to process that Jane was staring at her, along with Veronica. After a while she realized they’d said something.


“Are you alright Melody?” Veronica asked. “I got a call from one of your professors, Dr. Phan? He’s really worried about you, he hasn’t seen you in over a week.”

“Uh, yeah, that’s probably right.” Melody said softly. More hollow feelings inside. Her backpack felt heavy so she dropped it.

“This might not be the time but we need to talk to you about your room at some point.” Jane said. “It’s… there’s a smell. We’re getting worried about bugs.” Another lump sank in Melody’s stomach.

“Melody, is there something the matter? It looks like you’ve been crying. I’m not trying to pry but you seem really disassociated right now. Are you okay? Can we help?”

“Is fine.” Melody mumbled. The lights in the room were going funny, colors and dark spots swirling around.

“Melody!” Jane yelled. Or anyway her mouth was open big, but the sound was soft. She was tilting sideways too. Everything was going side…

It was dark. Melody’s mouth was dry to the point of being sticky. Her chest felt tight. She was lying down on something soft, wrapped in a blanket. Her bed, but it didn’t smell like her bed. It smelled clean. The whole room smelled cleaner than it had been for a while.

She sat up, feeling the diaper squish under her. It wasn’t soggy anymore, merely squishy. She had to go again too. Something had happened when she’d come home…

“Melody, are you feeling alright?” Veronica asked gently.

“Uh, oh, hey, I didn’t see you.” Melody tapped the lamp next to her bed, blinking at the soft orange light. Late afternoon then, if the smart-lamp had already switched away from blue-light. Veronica was sitting in the computer chair, gothy as ever.

“Oh good, you’re awake this time,” Veronica said. “You got up a bit ago but collapsed again.”

“I did?” Melody frowned. “What happened?”

“Well when you came home you passed out. I hope you don’t mind that we cleaned up your room a little but we had to get the dishes out at least, and I didn’t want to put you back into a bed with dirty sheets.”

“Um, no it’s cool, thanks.”

“Melody, you don’t have to tell me what’s going on, but as your roommate and friend, I’m worried. You are not alright.”

Melody’s heart sank, and kept sinking. She felt dizzy again, and let herself fall back on the pillow. “Yeah, maybe not.”

“Can I help?”

“I don’t think so. I uh, just have to figure some stuff out.”

“I wouldn’t be this pushy if you hadn’t just fallen over in the living room, but it doesn’t seem like you are able to figure it out on your own. There’s no shame in asking for help.”

“Well uh, this isn’t something I’d be able to go to a counselor for. I just um, yeah, no.”

“Is that because of the diaper you’re wearing?”

It should have been embarrassing, but Melody was too damn tired for blushing. “You noticed I guess.”

“I did. It would have been hard not to when Jane and I carried you in here. I’m sorry you had to wake up in a wet diaper, but I didn’t know if you would be okay with me changing you.”

“Thanks for uh, not.” Melody sat up again, rubbing her eyes.

“I thought so. Melody, please ask for help from someone. It doesn’t have to be a counselor, or me. Before you get hurt physically, and hurt worse emotionally, please ask someone.”

“What could you even do?”

“Lots of things,” Veronica said. “But first I would just listen.”

Melody sat there for a bit, staring at the floor. Like Kermit in the rainy window meme. The thought didn’t make her laugh, but it opened some space in the tightness in her chest at least.

“I’m over my head I guess. Uh, there’s a relationship thing, and it’s sort of fucking up all my classes and work and everything. I don’t really know how to stop it.”

“Sounds awful.” Veronica scooted closer and gently stroked Melody’s shoulder.

“Yeah uh, well sometimes I like it, that’s the problem.”

“I thought so, that’s what makes that kind of thing so awful.”

“I tried to stop going to her, I really did. It’s not like she really has anything on me.”

“Who doesn’t?”


“Tell me about her.”

“She’s hot,” Melody blurted out, blushing. “Uh, she’s such a bitch. She started doing this dom-thing and I uh, can’t resist it.”

“Have you talked to her about how this is causing problems for you?”

“She doesn’t care, she thinks its funny. I know I’m not super touchy feely, but Bea is kinda a um, zero empathy person.”

“That’s really scary,” Veronica said. “Someone like that can cause a lot of havoc, maybe even on purpose.”

“Yeah, but all I have to do is stop and uh, I can’t. I’ve never blown off class like this before. I even blew off a freelance job, I think I lost that client. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, the campus has addiction counseling services.”

“No.” Melody shook her head. “I’m not uh, going into a group and telling people that a smoking hot bitch turned me into a diaper sub.”

“I can see how that would be embarrassing,” Veronica said. “I’m not licensed but I have a therapy that could help.”

“Yeah?” Melody asked, looking up hopefully.

“It’s a little intense, but it’s quite private to people outside this house. It’d be a treatment similar to what helped Briana.”

“Woah, wait, what?” Melody pulled back onto the bed, acutely aware of her diaper again. “I don’t want to be a baby.”

“I’m not suggesting that.” Veronica said. “The program is based on giving up control to others and being supported so that you can rebuild your life. Diapers are an excellent way to do that because of how basic the control you’re giving up is. It doesn’t have to come with an age-play element. Briana stumbled into that bit on her own. The treatment might be even more effective without it.”

“You are for real suggesting that I let you put me in diapers?” Melody scoffed.

“Would it be better that I did it than Beatrix did?”

Melody winced. “That was low.”

“That was honest.”

“I don’t know, what proof do you have that this works? Briana is your first person you’ve tried it on right? She’s still got problems.”

“Briana came back from the brink of a total breakdown. It’s not surprising that she’s not at one hundred percent, but she’s doing pretty well. I’m proud of her, and the work that I did with her.”

“It’s still hard to believe.”

“I agree that it’s still a mostly untested therapy. How about if I compensate you for participating? That way even if it doesn’t help you, you still get something out of it.”

“Compensate me?”

“Six months rent. I’ll suspend your rent payments for six months, you try the therapy for at least three.”

Melody blinked. That would instantly solve the money worries from any clients that were pissed. If only the whole idea wasn’t like, 4chan furry weird. She still had to go too, and would probably have used the diaper by now since it was already dirty. Except that would be proving Veronica’s point, or something?

“I don’t know.”

“Would you like more information about how it would work?” Veronica asked. She smiled a little when Melody nodded.

“You would wear diapers when directed to, and not when you were told not to. I think you have some tangled up associations with those too, so the therapy could also help you get some understanding in that area. You’d be subject to my monitoring in terms of getting your work done, and your free time. If I told you not to go see Beatrix, you would have to obey.”

“What happens if I break a rule?”

“You get punished with a loss of privileges or a spanking, same as Briana does.”

“And if I decide this whole thing is bonkers and want out?” “Spankings, really?”

“Then you’re out. This only works with your consent. As an incentive to stay in, I’d only offer the full six months off rent if you finish your three months. Otherwise I’d reduce the rent suspension to three months.”

Melody chewed on her lip. “I don’t know why I’m even considering this.”

“Because you don’t want to use traditional counseling services.”

Melody sighed indecisively.

“How about a quick test run?” Veronica asked.

“Like what?”

“You need to be changed and cleaned up. You can do it, but I have plenty of practice in that area. Let me take charge of you for long enough to get you changed, cleaned up, and fed. After that, you’ll be in much better shape to make a decision.”

“I don’t want to start the same kind of thing with you,” Melody said softly. Bea was bad enough, having that complication at home… no.

“It will be non-sexual, I promise,” Veronica said. “But it will be caring. So probably the opposite of what you’ve had so far.”

Melody winced. The tightness in her chest crept in a little. “O-okay.”

“Thank you for trusting me,” Veronica said. “Now, hop up, I’m going to take you to the bathroom.”

Melody took Veronica’s offered hand in amusement and followed along. To her surprise Veronica lead her to the changing table instead of the toilet.

“I can just…”

“Not your choice right now, up on the table, be a good girl.”

Melody frowned, but the energy to resist didn’t appear. With Veronica’s help she climbed up on the table and lay down.

“Now, do you need to potty again?” Veronica asked. “If so, go ahead.”

“I uh, sure.” Melody said. It was hard to believe that it was happening until she felt the liquid hit her crotch. What happened to it being so difficult to go in a diaper? Veronica pressed down on her bladder and Melody grunted as the last of it came out, soaking the poor diaper until she felt a trickle escaping along her legs.

That somehow pushed it over the line into embarrassment again, Melody clapped her hands over her face. “I’m sorry, look just let me clean up and…”

“Hush, I’ve changed hundreds of diapers, this is not a bother.” Veronica’s clinical tone, combined with the crisp way she took off Melody’s sweats and tore open the diaper tapes pushed a bit of the embarrassment away. It certainly wasn’t sexy, even when Veronica got all up in her bits to clean them.

It was relaxing, for a surprise. The wipes were cold, but applied with a firm, gentle touch. Veronica sat Melody up and stripped her down the rest of the way, popping her into a nice warm tub. She couldn’t remember the last time someone washed her hair, or her body for that matter. Veronica reaching around her with the washcloth was almost a hug. Melody found tears pouring down her cheeks again.

With the same gentle care, Veronica wiped the tears away and hugged Melody, heedless of her wet and soapy state. A couple of big sobs against Veronica got the worst of the sad out. The tightness was starting to give way to a warm inner glow, boosted when Veronica toweled her off and put her back on the changing table.

It didn’t even occur to Melody to wonder why she was getting another diaper, she relaxed into the gentle application of lotion and powder, and the snug feeling of the padding. She’d been wearing them enough the past week or so that it didn’t feel all that strange.

There was a bit of a nervous moment when Veronica left her in the bathroom for a few minutes, but she was back in no time to dress Melody in her softest pajamas. Jane had a hot plate of nachos ready, which Melody devoured in record time even for her!

With a full stomach and feeling warm all over in more ways that pajamas could account for, Melody flopped back on her bed. A dreamy smile floated on her lips. Noticing it made the smile vanish, but it was more than she’d had for a while.

“Thank you,” Melody said.

“I’m so glad, you look happier,” Veronica said.

“Yeah, this helped.”

“You don’t need to make the final decision now. It also won’t be all getting fed and taken care of. There’s work for you to do too, and I’ll be strict about it.”

“Yeah, I know. But um, you were right about me needing help. Maybe this could fix some stuff.”

“It was my pleasure, even if you don’t want to do the treatment. I like taking care of people.”

“I can tell.” Melody said.

“I’ll get your answer tomorrow,” Veronica said. “Do you have anything urgent that has to be done tonight?”

“No, I screwed up badly enough that I can’t fix anything tonight,” Melody said. Her heart felt squeezed again, but she was comfortable enough to push it aside for a bit. “I’ll have to talk to people tomorrow, figure out what I can do to move forward and how much of a hit my grades and projects took.”

“While you’re doing that, I’ll see if I can get you some leniency for a mental health concern. You get cut slack for that, same as if you had a bad illness.”

“Thanks.” Melody sighed and closed her eyes. “I’m tired, but not really sleepy. I guess I could find something to work on.”

“Not right now I think,” Veronica said. “You still need to recover a bit. Why don’t you play Animal Crossing with Briana?”

“Sounds fun.” Melody chuckled. “Uh, I didn’t agree to be your other kid did I?”

“Certainly not. I’m still going to double check if you even want to do the therapy tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll go find Briana then.”

“Have fun Melody.”

“Thanks again.” Melody stood up, and hovered awkwardly until Veronica gave her a hug. Melody made it a quick one, in case Veronica hadn’t been into it. With a weird kind of nervous happiness, Melody climbed the stairs to Briana’s room.

Briana seems to be having some biggus-interruptus going on.

Chapter 12

Briana caught herself doodling on her lab report for the third time. It was a pretty cute kitty at least, unlike the weird bird she’d tried to draw earlier. But that wasn’t the point! She shook her head to clear it, to no avail. Her eyes slid off the numbers without making sense of them.

“Are you okay Briana?”

Briana looked up at her lab mate, Hakam. He had funny glasses on, all thick and super bright red. She grinned at him, then bit her lip when his question sank in.

“Uh, I dunno, I’m having trouble thinking.”

“Are you sick, or just a late night last night?” Hakam asked, chuckling.

“Oh no, I went to bed even before my bedtime last night.” Briana said confidently.

“Oh-okay.” Hakan shrugged. “Well, this isn’t due until Monday anyway – you want to just meet on the weekend to finish?”

“Sure!” Briana nodded brightly. “I won’t draw kitties all over it then, promise.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Hakan asked. “I could drive you home, or call one of your roommates or something.”

“No, it’s okay, I just can’t concentrate. Not sure why.”

“Well, feel better then.” Hakan packed his notes into his bag with a frown. Whatever was bothering him, Briana hoped it got better soon.

After making sure that each of the margins of the lab report had at least two kitty faces, Briana wandered out of the chemistry building. It was a crisp fall day, with most of the leaves in big piles along the walkways. A little too crisp, really. Briana snuggled up in her coat, enjoying the warmth that wrapped her torso, and even extended down her legs.

The campus was always beautiful in the fall, especially near The Grove where a big mass of trees blocked off the city from view. The walk was marred by the fact that every group of people she passed stopped talking and stared at her. It got worse when her legs went from warm to uncomfortable and cold.

Briana looked down and whimpered, biting her lip. A huge wet patch spread from her crotch and down the insides of her legs. The wet was all the way down to the cuff of her jeans! Tears welled up in Briana’s eyes – bad memories of accidents on campus crowding their way into her thoughts.

Help! She needed help! Gary was in class right now, everyone else was far away at home… but Tamira’s dorm was close! Briana sprinted across the lawn, her wet jeans making a zip-zop sound with each stride.

At the door to Tamira’s dorm, Briana frantically pushed the intercom. Nothing was happening, other than a faint buzzing from the panel. Briana whimpered, feeling the wet spreading across the back of her pants. She kept at the button until finally, she heard Tamira’s voice!

“Hey, lay off the button!”

“Tamira! Tamira, it’s Briana!”

“Oh shit honey, are you okay?”

“I had a… I need help!”

The door buzzed open, and Briana ducked inside. She scurried across the lobby and up the stairs, feeling the squish in her socks now. Tamira already had her door ajar. Briana burst through the door and crashed into Tamira. The two of them staggered back, with Tamira breaking out of Briana’s desperate grasp to close the door and slam the deadbolt.

“Woah girl! Somebody chasing you? Do we need to call the cops?”

“No, I uh, I didn’t know what to do, and Gary is teaching a class, and Mom is busy, and everyone is out of the house and I, I…” Briana’s words tumbled out between panting breaths that left her light-headed.

“Slow down girl, deep breath, come on.”

Briana nodded, and managed a deep, shuddering breath, followed by a little sob.

“Tell me what’s wrong, honey.”

“I hada accident.” Briana whimpered, tears spilling down her cheeks.

Tamira blinked, and looked down at Briana’s legs. She pursed her lips and nodded. “Okay, okay, just keep breathing, I can help you out.”

“Thank you Tamira I didn’t know what to do and there wasn’t anybody to call and I know I’m not supposed to get other people involved but everyone was going to see and last time everybody was so mean and…”

“Briana!” Tamira grabbed the panicking girl in a tight embrace.

It helped a little, some of the panic was dying down. A few deep breaths and the spots were vanishing from her vision too. “Thank you, cu-can I sit down?”

“Um, let’s get you into the bathroom. This is kind of an awkward time.” Tamira guided Briana through the nearby bathroom door, and gently sat her on the toilet.

“What? What’s the…” Briana looked at Tamira again and blinked. There was a lot more skin showing than usual. Tamira was in a bra and panties, and not just ‘round the house’ ones. They were lacy, with the seafoam green perfectly offsetting her friend’s dark skin.

“My boyfriend is here and I finally got him to try that thing. But don’t worry honey, I’ll help you out. I just don’t think he can handle seeing someone else right now. Or someone seeing him, really.”

Briana’s eyes went wide. Tamira’s boyfriend wasn’t going to want to play in diapers with her any more, and it was all her fault! A huge sob rippled up from her belly and came out loud and ugly. She pressed her face to her knees, tears streaming into the already wet denim.

“I’m sorry Tamira, I’m sorry I messed it up for you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Woah, Briana, what’s going on? Hon, nobody is mad at you!”

“I need my mommy! Please, please call my mommy.” Briana hugged her knees and squinched her eyes closed as tight as she could.

“Okay hon, I am going to help you. Nothing is ruined, I promise. I’m going to check on Arthur, and be right back here. I think you need a second. Just sit there and keep breathing.”

Briana sniffled, as wet and miserable as she could remember being since… since that time she didn’t think about any more. With her eyes closed, she couldn’t see or remember those two bad days again. The door slammed on her memories of accidents at school but the effort left her heart heavy.

She was still crying when Tamira got back. Nothing was said, just a hand on her back, rubbing in slow circles. Eventually the tears dried up, leaving behind hiccups.

“Everything is fine hon. Arthur is fine, I’m fine, and you’re going to be fine, okay?”

“But I messed up three times! hic I had an accident at school, hic and then I messed up your playtime, hic and also I’m not supposed to be little around you.”

“You’re not supposed to be little around me? Little how?”

“I can’t… I don’t know how to… hic I’m little, I can’t… Mommy!”

“Woah girl, deep breaths, remember?” She brushed Briana’s hair out of her eyes and gently stroked her head.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Briana, are you not able to be an adult right now?”

“No! I mean, y-yes.”

“Oh honey, you must be so scared. It’s okay, I’m going to take care of you and find your mom, okay?”

“Really?” Briana peeked over her arm. Tamira’s face was friendly, full of genuine concern. A nice mommy-face, even if it wasn’t her mommy.

“Of course. I’m your friend, right? Remember, I said you could come here if you had uh, potty problems.”

“That’s why I came.” Briana nodded.

“Then why are you so upset?” Tamira smiled gently. “You’re fine. I’m going to get you cleaned up, okay?”

“Okay.” Briana sniffed, and wiped her nose, dragging a huge trail of snot across her arm.

“I have to go get the supplies and stuff, they’re in the bedroom with Arthur.”

“No, don’t leave!” Briana grabbed Tamira’s arm. “I’ll come with you.”

Tamira sighed. “Honey, I don’t think that Arthur…”

“Tammy, it’s okay.” A deep male voice sounded through the bathroom door.

“Arthur?” Tamira glanced over at the door.

“Sorry, I got curious, uh, I think it’s okay. She sounds pretty freaked out and uh, little and whatever. I don’t want her to be more upset.”

“Okay, we can take a break.” Tamira said, wincing regretfully. “Do you want to change first or…”

“No I mean um… it’s fine, okay? It’s fine we’ll just uh… do the thing.”

Tamira sat still for a moment, staring at the door in puzzlement. Briana watched her, too foggy-brained to be sure what was going on, but glad that Tamira wasn’t leaving her alone in the cold bathroom again.

“Are you telling me that we’re still playing?”

After a pause, a quieter reply came back, “Uh, yeah, we are.”

“In that case, little boy, you know better than to be listening at doors.”

There was a very sheepish-sounding squeak from the other side of the door. Briana giggled.

“Go back to the bedroom, we’ll be there in a minute. You behave, hear?”

“Yes mommy.”

Tamira turned back to Briana. “Are you sure you want me to change you with Arthur watching? I’ll have to take your clothes off.”

Briana frowned at Tamira. “How else would you change me?”

“It doesn’t bother you if he sees you naked?”

Briana shook her head. “Not if it’s just your kid.”

Tamira gave Briana her ‘interested scientist’ face, searching the girl’s eyes for something. Whatever it was, Briana wished Tamira would figure it out, and change her already.

“You’re a sweet kid Briana.” Tamira said, kissing her friend on the forehead. “Okay, take my hand, we’re going to get you changed.”

Gratefully, Briana slipped her fingers into Tamira’s and waddle-walked to the bedroom. The jeans had lost a lot of their give, every step was stiff, clammy, and gross. The bedroom was small, like any dorm, but it had a bed with a big fluffy polka-dot blanket on it. There were some baby toys on the floor, but it was Arthur that caught Briana’s eye and froze her in the doorway.

He was huge! Bigger than Casey even. Like Tamira, he wasn’t wearing much. From his short-cropped dark hair, down to his huge bare feet he was wearing only one thing. A diaper. A big, shiny white diaper. She felt Tamira tug her hand, and stumbled into the room, still staring. He might be huge, but his eyes had a cautious shyness that Briana recognized instantly.

“Hi Arthur, I’m Briana.” She said, with all the little-gravitas the moment demanded.

“Hi Briana.” Arthur pulled some of the blanket up to cover his diaper. “Uh, nice to meet you?”

“Yeah!” Briana said, with genuine excitement that wiped away the last of the crying feeling.

Arthur chuckled and smiled bashfully. “Cool.”

“I’m glad you two like each other, but we need to get you cleaned up, Briana. Lie down on the blanket here.”

“Okay!” Briana dropped onto a changing blanket with a happy sigh. Things were starting to feel familiar again.

While Tamira stripped off her shoes, socks, and jeans, Briana grabbed one of the plastic ring toys and amused herself by sliding the rings around each other. Sometimes they got stuck, but that wasn’t a problem for a smart girl like her!

Some rustling on the bed heralded Arthur’s face peeking over the edge. His expression as he watched Briana play was weird, like he was sad, or curious, or puzzled. Naked from the waist down and unconcerned, Briana grinned up at Arthur.

“Wanna play?”

“You’re getting changed.” Arthur said, cautiously.

“Yeah but it takes forever.” Briana said. In a sudden burst of generosity, she held the plastic rings out to Arthur, “Here, you can play with this one if you want!”

Weirdly, Arthur looked at the rings almost like he was afraid of them. Briana resolved not to make fun of him. Mom would be proud! It took a while, but he reached out tentatively and took the rings out of Briana’s grasp. He swung the rings around, watching the red, blue, and yellow spin around on the larger purple ring. At first he seemed bored, but his face broke in to a sudden, goofy grin.

“Thanks Briana.” Arthur worked the red ring carefully through the yellow one.

“Sharing makes playing more fun!” Briana said brightly. She grabbed a couple of plastic blocks and banged them together. They made exactly as satisfying a clacking noise as she’d hoped.

“Well, you two don’t seem to be fussed, and Briana, all your clothes could use some cleaning. Let me get your shirt and I’ll put it all in the wash for you.”

“Okay!” Briana raised her arms and let Tamira strip her shirt, and after some deliberation, her bra.

As soon as Tamira was out of the room, Arthur seemed unsure again. The thought made Briana wish for her own mommy. Biting her lip to keep back the sad thoughts, she sat up and hugged Arthur’s arm.

“It’s okay, she’ll be back soon. I’ll keep you company.”

Arthur looked at Briana in shock, then laughed deeply. The rumbly laugh climbed in pitch until it was a giggle.

“You uh, know how to play really good.”

Briana nodded. “Yeah, I can help you if you need it! I always wanted another kid to play with.” Somehow that thought touched something even darker than the school-accident memories. A deep, dark nasty place that Briana flinched away from with wild eyes.

“Aww, well come up here then.” Arthur flexed that big arm, hoisting Briana up onto the bed like she was made of paper.

“Oh my god!” Briana giggled, squirming over to Arthur and pouncing on his broad chest while he giggled “That was fun! Can I see your diaper?”

Arthur chewed on his lip, crossing his legs nervously when Briana patted the bulky padding around his crotch.

“It’s uh, only the second time for me wearing one.”

“It’s pretty!” Briana declared. “It’s all white but it’s shiny and fits you super good.”

“Yeah, Tamira did a good job putting it on.”

“That’s how a good mom does it, like my mom.”

Arthur smiled shyly. “I’m still kind of getting used to all this stuff.”

“Do you think we can play more, like, after today?” Briana asked. “I have lots of fun games and stuff at my house.”

“You play like this there a lot?”

“Yeah, almost every day!”

“Briana!” Tamira’s voice came sharp from the doorway, making both littles start and duck their heads sheepishly. “What are you doing up on the bed? You still need to be cleaned up.”

“We were playing!” Briana said defiantly.

“Yeah Mom, we were having fun!” Arthur said, in a light voice that had lost it’s rumble.

Tamira looked at the two of them with her hands on her hips and laughed. “I’m going to have to wash that comforter, but not for the reason I thought I was going to have to.”

Briana looked at Arthur. His mouth was pursed and his cheeks were puffed, his eyes twinkling. The laugh burst out of Briana first, then Arthur. The two of them dissolved into giggles.

The giggle fit continued well into Tamira relocating the changing blanket to the bed, and sponging Briana clean. While Briana was getting powdered and into a clean diaper, she and Arthur tried inventing some new patty-cake songs. It didn’t go very well, they kept missing and smushing each other’s faces, but it was fun! Briana felt lighter and happier than she had in ages. Little-er too. She’d forgotten all about the time, happy to be baby-sat with her new friend.

“Briana, that’s your phone I think.” Tamira said, breaking Briana’s concentration. That got her another huge Arthur palm to the face.

“Okay, thanks Tamira.” Briana said, ignoring the jingle and going back to the game. Happily, Tamira took care of it.

“Hi there, Veronica? Yeah, this is Tamira, I’m a study-buddy for Briana.” There was a pause, then, “Chill back, Briana is fine, let me just ask you something. Are you Briana’s mom?”

Briana looked up, and grinned. “Mom will be here soon!” She confided in Arthur.

Arthur had only a flicker of unease before he answered Briana’s grin. “Cool. But will you have to go home?”

“Probably.” Briana said. “But I bet we can play again.”

“Yeah, we should.” Arthur nodded.

Meanwhile, Tamira was still talking on the phone. Briana’s ears pricked up at the sound of her name. “Briana is fine, in a manner of speaking. She’s very little right now. No, don’t worry about it, it’s a funny story and… are you driving?”

Tamira frowned at the phone. “Woman, she is just fine. Do not get a in a wreck on the way here. She’s playing with another kid and she’s happy and clean. I’ve got her clothes in the wash. Yeah, don’t worry about it. I’ll make them a snack or something.”

“Ooh!” Arthur said, his stomach rumbling.

“What do you get for snack?” Briana asked.

“I don’t know, she never made me snack before when I was uh, like this.”

“A surprise!” Briana said, grinning.

“Your mom is on the way,” Tamira said, sitting down on the bed. “I see you two didn’t miss the part about a snack. If you want to go to the living room, I’ll put on a show and make you something, okay?”

“Okay!” Briana hopped up, bouncing off the bed.

Arthur got up more gingerly, sitting on the edge of the bed and blushing.

“You okay?” Briana asked.

Tamira peeked in the waistband of Arthur’s diaper, deepening his blush. “Need a change, hon?”

“Not yet… I mean uh, no, but I kinda…”

“Arthur, come on!” Briana said, “If you don’t need to be changed then let’s go watch Kipo!”

Tamira eyed Arthur in amusement, watching him get up and take little steps to follow Briana.

Those little steps put him just about Briana’s pace, or they would have if she wasn’t trying to run to the TV. With a lot of tugging on her new friend’s wrist, Briana finally managed to get Arthur to plop his diapered butt down next to hers, in front of the TV.

“Your mom has Netflix, right?” Briana asked. When there was no answer, she looked up at Arthur, who had a kind of worried, scrunchy look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I uh… um… potty.”

“Oh, okay.” Briana shrugged. “Tamira can help you in a sec, she’s super good at it. But does she have Netflix? Kipo is on Netflix.”

Arthur’s face suddenly relaxed, worry replaced by another deep blush. “Uh, yeah she does. Um, what’s Kipo?”

“You haven’t seen KIPO?” Briana stared at Arthur with wide, shocked eyes. He blinked back at her, the blush slowly fading in the face of Briana’s intense surprise.


“Oh my god we have to watch it.” Briana furiously attacked the remote, getting the TV onto Netflix with just a few wrong presses. The shows were all boring adult stuff, but the search got her to the bright colors of Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts.

Arthur squirmed next to Briana but seemed to settle down pretty well when the first episode started. Briana had seen this one like a hundred times, but it was still pretty fun. It was cool to here soft oohs and giggles from Arthur as he watched the show.

Snacks came in the form of pizza-bagels, which Briana totally remembered to thank Tamira for, after the first three had been gulped down.

“Somebody had a bit of an accident.” Tamira said, tugging at Arthur’s diaper in surprise.

“Ummm…” He blushed, and shoved another pizza bagel in his mouth to keep from having to talk.

“You okay, baby?” Tamira asked, stroking Arthur’s side. He licked his lips, and seemed like he was getting a different kind of blushy. The kind of blushy that Briana felt around Gary.

She grinned, excited for her friend. On further thought, she blushed a bit as well. Hopefully they weren’t going to do those kinds of things with her sitting right there…

A knock on the door saved Briana from having to decide if she would be okay by herself or if Tamira and Arthur should pause their sexy-times. Tamira opened it, and let Veronica past her after the briefest of greetings.

Veronica rushed up to Briana and crouched down, stroking Briana’s cheek. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

Briana rolled her eyes, of course she was okay. “Yeah Mom! This is Arthur, we played, and then we watched Kipo. He’d never seen Kipo before, so we started on the first episode.”

Veronica sighed and shook her head. She took the scene in, including the suddenly-hesitant Arthur.

“Hello Arthur. I’m Briana’s mom. Did you have a good time with Briana today?”

“Uh, yeah.” Arthur said, squirming in his squishy diaper.

“Were you a good girl Briana? Did you share and play nice?”

“Yeah!” Briana nodded vigorously at Veronica.

“Thank you so much Tamira, I’m sorry that this intruded on your afternoon, or scene.”

“Don’t worry about it. It ended up being a good thing. Can I get your number? I think it’d be fun to do a play-date at some point.”

“Here’s my card.” Veronica said, fishing one out of her purse. “But Briana is… special, it’s not the same kind of playing for her.”

“Well, it was magical for Arthur, wasn’t it kiddo?”

Arthur ducked his head bashfully, but peeked up with a tiny smile.

“I think we can probably do that.” Veronica said. “Are her clothes dry yet?”

“They should be pretty close.”

Briana leaned against Arthur. “Come play at my house okay?”

Arthur nodded. “Okay, sounds fun.”

“I have a friend Melody who lives there too, she’s fun to play with.” Briana bounced excitedly on the floor.

“Okay, okay.” Arthur laughed. “I said I’d go.”

“But you gotta convince your mom, in case she changes her mind.”

The conversation was cut short by the arrival of Briana’s blouse, warm from the dryer, unceremoniously stuffed over her head by Veronica. Briana squirmed into the blouse, and helped get the jeans up over her diaper.

“Thank you again, Tamira.” Veronica said, holding Briana close.

“No worries, she’s a friend, I was happy to help.”

“Say goodbye, Briana.”

Briana sighed. She was sad, but she’d already cried a lot today, over way bigger stuff than this. With a resolute expression, she waved at Arthur, and belatedly at Tamira.

“Bye bye!”

“Bye!” Arthur said.

“See you later hon.” Tamira said, walking them to the door. “And thanks for… jumpstarting things.”

“Huh?” Briana asked.

“Never mind, I’ll tell you when you’re in a different headspace.” Tamira winked at Briana. With one last wave at Veronica, she closed the door to her apartment.

Veronica didn’t let go of Briana all the way down to the car. She even sat Briana in the back seat, and put Briana’s seatbelt on for her. All the attention felt great, her bad afternoon was a faded memory at this point.

It wasn’t until Veronica got in the driver’s seat that Briana looked around and realized they were parked right on the dorm lawn. She giggled, Mom was being naughty! The drive home was quiet, with soft music playing. Briana dozed off, and came to with Veronica unbuckling her in their driveway.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she followed Veronica not back to her own room as she expected, but to Veronica’s room. Jane was there too, looking concerned. Briana got a big hug from Jane as well, so she wasn’t worried about being in trouble. Well, not too worried.

“Do you feel up to telling us what happened, sweetie?” Veronica asked.

“I had an accident.” Briana said, with a downcast sigh.

“That’s okay, it happens. You seem very little though, and Tamira said you were little when you got to her place. You’re normally a big girl at school.”

“Oh, I was little all day.” Briana said, with a confident nod. She realized it was true, though she didn’t know during the project with Hakam.

“Really?” Jane asked, “Was that the first time?”

“No, um, I think it happened before but I didn’t know.”

“How did you know this time?” Veronica asked.

“I didn’t really, until I had the accident and got to Tamira’s.” Briana said. “But then I remembered doing my project with Hakam, and it was really hard to do. So I drew kitties instead.”

Jane and Veronica exchanged a look. That wasn’t the good kind of look. Briana felt worry creep in again.

“Am I in trouble?”

“No, little one.” Jane said, hoisting Briana up and sitting her on the bed. “We’re just trying to figure something out. Thank you for being honest and telling us what happened.”

"Okay.’ Briana nodded.

“Briana, I think it’s a good idea for you to take a break from school. How does that make you feel.” Veronica asked.

“Uh, okay I guess.” Briana said cautiously. “I mean, I like going to school, there’s pretty leaves, and cool birds, and Gary is there. Oh, and Tamira and Arthur now too.”

“And if you could still see them, but didn’t go to your classes, how would that be?”

“Really?!” Briana grinned. “Those are really hard, a break from just those would be okay.”

Veronica looked at Jane and nodded. Jane nodded back. Briana watched their faces, but it didn’t seem like she was in trouble. Reassured of the important stuff, she snuggled up to Jane.

“I’ll make a call right now.” Veronica said. “It’s well before five, the offices are still open.”

“I’ll let the housemates know, and see who’s up for some extra sitting.” Jane said.

“Thanks love.” Veronica said. She hesitated, and what was more weird, had a nervous expression. Mom was never nervous.

“It might not be a bad time to start up… you know. If that’s something you’re still okay with.” Veronica said.

“I know you’ve really wanted to do it.” Jane said. “I’m here to support you, love.”

“It might cause permanent changes, you’re really sure…”

“I love you.” Jane said. “The you that is, at whatever moment is happening. We’re both going to change our whole lives. If this is something you want, go for it.”

Veronica smiled radiantly. She touched Jane wordlessly on the cheek. It was the softest Briana had ever seen her, except those times when Mom had been helping her out of some big sad time.

In a moment, the softness was gone, replaced by Mom’s usual strength. Briana squirmed into Jane’s lap while Veronica dug around in her bedside table and decisively swallowed a couple of pills from a bottle there.

“Hello, this is Veronica.” Mom said into her phone. “I’d like to speak to Susan Hayes please. Mmm hmm, that’s the one, the head registrar.”

Mom tapped her foot on the floor, listening. “I know you can’t normally call up there, but I’m not at my office right now and I don’t have her direct number on my personal phone. Please dial her, and tell her that Veronica is calling for her. She will pick up, I assure you.”

More waiting, though it wasn’t boring. She hadn’t snuggled with Dad in a long time. Briana tucked her head on Jane’s collarbone. Dad’s arms wrapped around her, firm and comforting in a way that nobody else could quite do.

“Susan, hi!” Mom chuckled. “Yes, I’m sure I gave the poor receptionist anxiety, I’m sorry, but I needed to talk to you before you got off work. I need you to process a hardship withdrawal for a student.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “Yes, I know it’s past that point in the quarter, that’s why it’s a hardship withdrawal. I’ll send the paperwork over tomorrow morning. Hmm? Oh, her name is Briana. Student number 9234782.”

Mom smiled, finally. “Thank you Susan, I knew I could count on you. Please say hi to your husband for me.”

A few more pleasantries, and the phone call was done. Briana reached her arms out toward Mom, and was delighted to have her come right over.

“Was that about my school?”

“Yes sweetie, your break is all set up. You won’t be going over there every day anymore, but we’ll make sure you get to see your friends, okay?”

Briana nodded.

“You’ve had a rough day, I hear.” Dad said. “Let’s get you into bed for a nap.”

“Can I have a story?” Briana asked, looking up at Dad with her best, cutest puppy dog eyes.

“Of course you can, kiddo. Hop up now.” Dad patted Briana’s diapered bum. “Looks like you need a change too.”

“Okay, but I still get a story, right?” Briana asked.

“As long as you hurry.”

Briana squeaked, and ran straight to her room!