Little Secrets--The Agent

Prompt: Write about a fictional war or resistance.

Disclaimer: Many of my ABDL stories are more or less humiliation BDSM with an ABDL element–basically, the protagonist is forced into a humiliating situation involving wearing and using diapers and/or acting like a toddler for the pleasure of the reader. These types of stories are fairly common in the genre, from what I’ve seen, but I guess I thought I might let you know in case you were looking for something else.

Julie stood up in her oversized crib and held onto the bars for support. The heaviness of her thick diaper threatened to topple her over on her padded butt any moment. She heard her stomach gurgle. She accidentally sniffed the air and her nose caught the distinct odor of fresh poop. She wrinkled her nose in disgust when she touched the squishy backside of her diaper. She needed a diaper change badly, but she probably wasn’t going to get one until the next morning.

She hit the wooden bars of her new prison in frustration. How did she let herself get into this mess? The leader of a rebellion to free all of the Littles, caught, diapered, and under the custody of a vengeful Amazon “Mommy” who probably intended to gravely punish her for her misdeeds. She started crying and sniffling angrily. It just wasn’t fair.

“Beep!” Just then, a baby monitor she wasn’t aware of beeped. She tried to hold back tears and her lips quivered in frustration. She had been making too much noise and alerted her captor. What was going to happen now?

“Mmmm, are you okay, baby?” the woman asked over the baby monitor. Juile stood quietly and didn’t move a muscle. She then heard a thump and noticed the sound of footsteps upstairs. Oh no, she’s coming here. I’m in trouble. I’m in so much trouble she thought.

Within a few minutes, the woman appeared in the doorway and flipped the light on. The light hit Julie’s eyes and she squinted as her eyes adjusted. Julie mumbled something incoherently because she still had a pacifier in her mouth, one that she could not remove.

“Whew!” the woman said, fanning the air and smiling. “It smells like someone needs their diapie changed!”

Julie winced and sniffled as she felt the woman reach into the crib and pick her up under her armpits. She mumbled behind the pacifier.

“What’s that, dear? I can’t hear you very well,” the woman said as she reached toward Julie’s mouth and typed in a code to get it to release. The pacifier dropped from Julie’s mouth and the next sound was loud crying. She wasn’t going to try to curse or protest; she knew the pacifier would go right back in if she did.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.” The woman started humming and Julie immediately went limp in the woman’s arms. She felt relaxed in spite of herself, probably a result of one of the many hypnotic triggers the Little Retrieval Service programmed her with so that she’d have trouble escaping. Hypnosis also took away what was left of her potty training and made her suck on random objects that were put to her lips.

She was surprised that they let her keep her intelligence, or maybe they were just torturing her and were planning to make her lose that too. So far, though, she was still lucid, lucid enough to recognize her prison and realize she could do nothing about it.

She looked down from her position in the woman’s arms and felt a little dizzy. Being in the arms of a twelve-foot giant was a little disorienting. She instinctively rested her head on the woman’s shoulder and let out a sigh.

The woman finally stopped rocking Julie and sat her on a changing table. “Now, I know this may be embarrassing since you’re so used to pretending to be a grown-up, baby, but Mommy needs to change you, so she needs you to do exactly what she says, okay?”

Julie calmly nodded her head. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good baby. Now, lie on your back with your legs sticking up.”

Julie did as she was told, lowering herself onto the cold changing pad and lifting both legs high into the air to expose her bum. The next sound was of tapes ripping.

“Ewww!” the woman said playfully. “You filled this diaper, didn’t you, sweetie?” She loudly asked while fanning the air.

Julie stared at the dirty diaper in disbelief and gave a weak nod in response to the woman’s question. What was making her poop so much?! Since she lost her potty training, she’d been making several large messes a day. It was like the Amazons did something to her digestive system!

“Mmmm.” She gave a groan and flinched a little at the coldness of an Amazon-sized baby wipe being pressed to her skin.

“This just got all over you, didn’t it?” the woman asked playfully as she wiped Julie’s sensitive areas. Julie grimaced in discomfort, waiting for this humiliating experience to be over.

Another part of her thought that it did feel pretty good to be taken care of by enemy hands instead of punished, though. Julie was pretty sure that last thought was part of the hypnosis she received, but it calmed her regardless. Her cheeks reddened as her attacker-turned-caregiver put another diaper on her and sealed it up nice and tight.

Julie tried to sigh. “Braaap!” She suddenly jumped and the woman started laughing. Julie blushed when she realized the sound came from her. “S-sorry,” she stammered in apology.

“Now, what did I tell you about apologizing for things you can’t control?” the woman asked sweetly. Julie remained quiet. The woman playfully bopped her nose. “Don’t do it, okay, baby? Mommy knows you can’t help yourself.”

The sound of her voice triggered a memory of her past life, and Julie started crying, quietly this time. The woman carried her to a rocking chair set up in the living room. “Now, now, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“You don’t really want to know,” Julie growled defiantly.

The woman wiped a tear from Julie’s face and raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I do? Try me.”

Julie froze in frustration. If she talked about what led to her capture, would her captor be angry? Was this some kind of trap so that her captor could punish her more? She wasn’t exactly sure, but really, what could be worse than what she’d already been through? A once powerful resistance leader beaten, humiliated, and reduced to a drooling, babbling, incontinent baby. While she was thinking about it, she felt her bladder release. A flood of wetness covered her sensitive areas before it was slowly soaked up by the padding. She hated her state. It was a constant reminder that she was just a–

“Well, are you going to say anything?” the woman asked.

“You’ll just spank me,” Julie said dejectedly.

To Julie’s surprise, the woman pulled her close. “No I won’t, baby, I promise, and you can tell Mommy anything, okay?” the woman whispered.

Julie chewed on her lip for a moment. Again, what did she have to lose? She opened her mouth, “I was so close…they would have been free if you and the others hadn’t shown up,” she said it quietly, testing to see what the woman would do.

The woman gave a look of disdain. “Aw, sweetheart, let’s, let’s not dwell on that. You might start viewing me not quite so fondly, and I don’t want you to think of me as the woman you met in your past life. I’m nicer than that. I just did what I needed to do. I guess we all did.”

“You crippled me, disabled me, made me a laughing stock among the people I was leading, yet the people of this country hailed you a hero and me a comitter of crimes against the government!” Julie said icily.

The woman’s expression softened and she started rubbing Julie’s back in a circular motion before laughing gently. “I saw that you couldn’t care for yourself; none of you could. I proved that to you by exploiting obvious weaknesses.”

Julie started crying again. The woman put a finger under Julie’s chin and lifted her head up to meet her gaze. “Please realize, though, little one, I did you a kindness. What if other Amazons would have gotten to you before my group? That little movement you created caused many of us quite the inconvenience.”

“Do you think we like being treated like babies forever? Serving as your perpetual living dolls?!” Julie replied angrily.

The woman gave a short mocking laugh. “Part of you does,” the woman replied coolly. “If you didn’t, the hypnosis wouldn’t even work, yet it does work, quite effectively.”

“That’s-that’s because we’re conditioned to want this?” Julie’s reply became unsteady as she second-guessed herself. Tears again streaked her face.

The woman resumed stroking Julie’s back. “Baby, this conversation is making you feel some really bad emotions. I think we should stop. Your new life isn’t so terrible, and since you’re under my care, I can release you at my discretion and let you join the big mean world again as a big girl if I ever feel like you’re ready. After all, like all Littles, your impairments are emotional, not physical. We just trained your body and mind to express them in a physical way so that you see your condition as clearly as we do.”

“Maturosis isn’t real!” Julie said automatically. Her sudden outburst won her a locking pacifier shoved into her mouth. Her tongue was pinned in place as she felt it expand. These pacifiers were like gags, but the nipple would go back to normal size in a few minutes if she didn’t try to remove it.

“No, not in the way most of us are taught, but…it’s a necessary lie. After all, taking care of someone like a baby is more pleasant than dealing with other societal ills that sometimes develop with unattended Littles–drug abuse, murder, rape, homelessness, war. I’d much prefer changing a few dirty diapers to dealing with those more serious societal issues.” While the woman was talking, she picked up Julie and carried her back to the nursery. “Besides, we tried allowing Littles to live independently without Amazon interference once; it didn’t really work out.”

At this point, Julie was softly sucking the pacifier, which had returned to normal size. Her eyelids were droopy and she was having trouble keeping them open. “Good night, baby,” the woman whispered.

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Can’t wait.

Chapter 2

Julie unconsciously sucked hard on a pacifier while she lay on her ultra-firm infant-proof crib mattress thinking about how the woman so flippantly dismissed her past life. She was once a hero to the Littles, not just some rebellious child! She scowled angrily at one of the plush toys in her room while she explained it all to herself. She still remembered it all so clearly.

Of course, Julie didn’t start out as the leader of a Little rebellion. She started out as a simple social worker in charge of Little affairs. One day, that all changed, though.

She was taking an online course on atrocities faced by Littles in Amazon-run nations, and it was like a lightbulb went off in her head. Those instances of abuse she saw at the daycares, nurseries, foster homes, etc., weren’t just mere coincidences. They were the result of a hidden pattern of discrimination of Amazons towards Littles. Amazons were conditioned to view Littles as inferior and Littles were conditioned to accept it. It was honestly so normal for Littles to be mistaken for much younger than they really were or even “unintentionally” treated like children that Julie learned to dismiss it when it happened to her, but the idea that just dismissing it actually continued to reinforce the narrative of Amazon superiority never really occurred her. Amazons were like unconscious bullies towards Littles and always assumed superiority over them due to their height. All of the pieces started to click into place. This abuse of Littles wasn’t a mere coincidence, it was the logical actions of someone who viewed them as little more than living dolls! Things had to change!

At the bottom of one of the modules, there were the words “paid for by the Little Protection League.” Julie wrote down the name of the organization and searched for their website. The first paragraph on their page instantly connected with her. She felt like she’d found a family she never knew she had. As she continued reading, she found herself agreeing with almost all of their points. Something had to be done. She noticed that a local chapter was having a meeting at a restaurant near where she lived. She marked it on her online calendar and made a point to check it out.

Julie closed her laptop and gave a satisfied sigh. She felt like a weight had been lifted off of her. Usually, she didn’t attend these kinds of meetings. She had an Amazon grandfather, and he always told her that if Littles acted like babies by whining about what rights they didn’t have, then Amazons would just feel more justified treating them like babies. For years, she agreed with her grandfather and never actually tried to make any waves. After a few years in social work, though, she believed that maybe it was time to stand up and say something. Maybe her grandfather got the Littles’ rights groups wrong? In either case, going to one meeting wouldn’t hurt. If there were Littles crying, dressing like babies, and wearing diapers and then wondering why they were getting treated like babies, she could always leave.

The rest of the week passed with little new to report. She continued to find people who committed crimes against the Littles they kept and file prosecution on the Littles’ behalf, and inevitably the worst offenders would hire a lawyer who could talk them out of any real penalties and in some cases, even make the situation worse for the Littles she was trying so hard to protect. This job really ruined her faith in humanity, especially Amazon caregivers. It honestly seemed like they were all criminals posing as upstanding members of society for money or power. There were CEOs running Little mills and unregulated daycares!

She’d started to hate Amazons as a species way before taking that course, but the course just seemed to solidify everything she already witnessed. The week finally drew to a close, and she was happy for that. The empathy fatigue she was feeling was messing with her head. She felt like she was the bad guy sometimes, what captured Littles sometimes called a “helper.” She shook her head; she knew she wasn’t an Amazon helper, though. She just didn’t always know what was best for members of her species who found themselves captured. She was hoping going to this meeting would change that.

The night of the meeting, she dressed in something she considered “grown-up,” tight yoga pants that wouldn’t be able to conceal diapers and a nice professional-looking button-down shirt, again tight and form-fitting to show off her breasts, to emphasize that she wasn’t a child and to minimize the chances she was mistaken for one. She looked over herself once in a mirror before walking outside, going downstairs, and turning the corner into the alleyway that led to the restaurant where the meeting was being held.

The restaurant itself had something of an old “speakeasy” vibe. The lights were dim, and there were Amazons sitting around old-fashioned wooden tables with various wines and other forms of alcohol in their glasses. Some were also drinking milk, and Julie was willing to bet that it didn’t come from any non-human animals. She unconsciously stuck out her tongue in disgust. Amazon breastmilk was supposed to have a lot of nutrients as well as an aphrodisiac quality, but the thought was still really gross to her. Milk was the stuff babies drank, after all!

Once she made her way past the tables, she stumbled into the VIP room where the meeting was supposed to take place. She took a seat at one of the available chairs and waited. After about two minutes, a tall older Amazon woman walked in. “Excuse me, little girl, where are your parents?! Why did they bring you to a place like this?!” She had wiry gray hair and looked to be in her sixties at least.

Julie bristled at the words of the irate woman. She felt like jumping up and cursing her out for mistaking her for a child, but instead, she responded as calmly as she could, “I’m not a child, ma’am. I’m just short.”

Instead of leaving, though, the woman redoubled her accusations. “Don’t give me that. You’re too small to even be an Amazonian dwarve; you’re a little child! Now, tell me where your parents are so I can give them a good talking to for leaving you unattended.”

Julie rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. This woman was making her lose her patience.

(to be continued)


Interesting premise and start here. I hope you continue it through to an ending down the road. Seems like an idea that deserves to be fully fleshed out here!

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Thanks. I took a break from my other WIP in this fandom. One of the commenters expressed disappointment with the bullying scenes in Little Experiments, and it made me question what I had planned for the story. Plus, I had this idea in my head for a little while.

I should have said this then, You had the “vibe” right on the bullying in “Little Experiment” as someone who went through a long term of being bullied then got to a new school just to have it start again the way you wrote about Amanda’s thoughts and feelings was spot on, also I want to tell you that this story has me hooked already so please keep up the great work.
have a good day and a better tomorrow too

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Thanks for the encouragement.

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Ah, exactly the kind of experience I’m looking for! Oppression! Intrigue! And a dash of resistance in a seemingly hopeless world, although she is captured, is all truly lost? Or will her captor face comeuppance?

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This story is building nicely can’t wait to see where it goes

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Is it still active?

I might come back to it if I think of anything. A lot of the stories I start are just for writing practice (and to get emotions down, of course).

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