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Surprise! As many of you may recall, I asked how to make money as an ABDL writer (because apparently I’m good at it and I want to quit my day job) and the answers were here or there. Regardless, I all but abandoned St. Harmony’s, my sequel to my even more popular and more fun to write Harmony Hills. Iid pump out a chapter a few months ago but my heart just wasn’t in it. Even though I have a cool end game in mind, I never cared for St. Harmony’s the way I cared for Harmony Hills. For years I thought about Emma and Nicole and Izzy every day. When I went to write that new chapter of St. Harmony’s, I couldn’t even remember who was who.

But then I stumbled upon an archive of a story I wrote 10 years ago and is otherwise unavailable anywhere online. So I dusted it off, changed the names, modernized it a bit, and will be releasing new chapters semi-regularlyish. I also added some quirky references that (I guess?) people liked in Harmony Hills. Remember how Harmony Hills had a loooot of references to Digimon? Same thing this time, but with Power Rangers.

As is my usual tradition, this series will be hosted on a separate site for the sole purpose of me being able to get ad revenue from it. Believe it or not, my abdl story sites ake more money than the actual thing I got adsense for. If anybody is interested in supporting the series via Patreon, please let me know. Or if you’d rather give rando PayPal donations, I’ll set that up. Or just go click on my ads?

The story originally had 25-30 chapters, but the current archive file only has 18 and I don’t have the rest of it. That’s fine, I’ll slowly rewriting it and hopefully by the time Chapter 19 rolls around I’ll be able to continue writing from there. If anything I’ll wrap what I have up in a sweet bow and move on. Maybe pick up St. Harmony’s again? That was always supposed to be the 2nd of 3 Harmony series.

Anyway let’s talk about the new series. It’s called Little Luna. It’s about a girl named Luna. Based on what site we’re on you can fathom what the subject matter is. It was more or less an Arial Crawford knock-off, but kinda soap-opera like I guess? I wrote it in high school. Like literally in Computer class with a tab open incognito when the teacher wasn’t looking.


Read Chapter 1 of Little Luna here: Chapter 1 - ABDL STORIES BY HARMONY

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As much as I’m not thrilled to see it put on hiatus, I think I kind of understand why St. Harmony’s was getting difficult for you. After a while you sort of get hemmed in by continuity. When you feel comfortable returning to it, just know that I will be there waiting.

Anyway, so far this story seems enjoyably uncomplicated while not necessarily hitting all of the same beats as your other works. I also think it’s relatively uncommon to see single fathers in these stories. I’m curious how heavily you’ve revised this.

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Thanks for the feedback. And here is Chapter 2 of Little Luna: CHAPTER 2 - ABDL STORIES BY HARMONY

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Once again, this chapter isn’t particularly thought-provoking, but still very enjoyable. I can sort of feel Luna’s jealousy building over Molly’s ability to have accidents without much fuss.

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Awwwe! That was very cute. So far i’m really liking Luna. You do a great job making her sound like a little kid, and of course she is quite adorable.
I’ve been missing your writing these last few months. So i’m really looking forward to this, and have high hopes for this new (old) story.

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

P.S. If your not feeling the muse with Harmony right now that’s fine. Its your story, your journey. We’re just happy to be along for the ride.

So, thanks for posting, really, thank you.

So, there’s a site where you make money writing ABDL stories? That’s pretty cool, and if you’re writing is about to make more than your day job? Then sign me up!

However, for the stories that this site has, I never had the same fire for ABDL stories that I do for the ones that I plan to publish, ones with a wider niche, so, Harmony, I ask you this, how can I publish my sci-fi and fantasy stories and get money for them? Do I need to get a credit card? If you’ve read any of my works on here, then you’ll know I come up with pretty original and different ideas, and can actually pull them off really really well if I put the time, effort, and care into it.

Please tell me the exact details of how I can do this, I don’t plan to write ABDL stories, but can you please show me the steps I can take on this Harmony? Where I can get paid for publishing stories that people read for free and get paid for it? Maybe someday you’ll read one of my stories and like it a lot!

Oh, Weebly then, how does that work?

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Weebly is a free hosting “website” that lets you create a website for free. Like many others out there.

Like many other things, you might need a credit card to actually be able to make money.
I’d just suggest looking up: patreon.

I won’t tell you how. That’s something you can figure out on your own.

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Oh, okay, thanks, so step one, get credit card account, but after that how does it work?

New chapter! Fun fact: in this chapter we meet Bailey. In the original version, her name was B.B., but the mix of periods and capital letters were a pain in the diaper to type all the time so I changed it. B.B. was named after a little girl I met on a family trip in 8th grade. The name Bailey came from a first grader I knew that same year. Bailey bit me once.

Here is the new chapter: Chapter 3 - ABDL STORIES BY HARMONY

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