Little girls shouldn't lie.

Ok so this is a revision of the story that I started called Ashlyn’s secret. I’m re doing it because, i started it for someone and i couldnt finish it that way. Now i am just writting it for me. I took the critisim I got and tried to apply it to this one. So hopefully it’s a little better, however I’m always improving so keep it coming. :wink: though I won’t be opposed to the love it comments either. Lol :wink: any way there is quite a few things I changed including the names. I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Kaileah winters sat in the dark looking back on the past year. She thought back to how she had gotten here, she sat deep in thought. It had all started when she had gone to see him for the first time. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone. Maybe she wouldn’t even be in this mess. She sighed, thinking back She couldn’t help but remember how nervous she was….

Kaia sat looking out the window, at the ground below. The river looked like a small line drawn through the country. It was so thin she couldn’t believe it was a river. The houses looked like tiny dots, across the countryside in the mists of what looked like tall thick grass. But in reality were tall trees, and the cars looked like small ants going quickly about there day. The clouds that were below looked as if you could jump down and fall into a big fluffy pillow. she loved how things looked when she was flying. It really did give you a new perspective on the world. “Friends or family,” (she heard the lady next to her ask)
“I’m sorry?” Kaia said absently
“I said are you going to visit friends or family?” The lady said gently.
“Oh well, I suppose you could call him a friend.” she answered the lady, she wasn’t in a chatty mood and went back to looking out the window. Kaia blushed thinking about it. (Yes he was her friend but oh so much more.) He was also her daddy and hopefully soon her boyfriend. They had met online about 6 months ago. she hadn’t wanted to meet this soon but when he told her that he had won a free flight, she couldn’t turn him down. She was so nervous, what if he didn’t like her in person. Or worse what if he found out who she really was… She was so nervous she couldn’t even think straight. it was a good thing she had decided to wear some protection after all. As she was now pretty wet. She squirmed a little in her seat. Trying to find a comfortable position. Which she soon found, it had been a long day and in no time she was fast asleep. She awoke almost an hour later to the flight announcer saying. In such sugary sweet voice, that it was almost sickening. she supposed they were required to have such a sugary sweet tone, but it just seemed fake to her.

“We are now Arriving in Washington D.C. The weather is currently 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Some pretty nice weather for you folks. We are about thirty minutes early. The time is now 3:15 eastern standard time. You may now turn your electronics back on. But Please stay seated until the pilot has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. We thank you for flying delta airlines, and we hope you enjoy your stay in D.C.” The announcer dutifully repeated as they taxied to the gate.

Kaia looked out the window of the plane. She saw people running around with sticks in their hands, waving at the plane. She laughed they looked so funny with their big headphones and orange sticks. Waving there arms In a funny way. She turned her phone back on and texted chris that she had landed. Finally they pulled up to the gate and the captain turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. She got up out of the seat and grabbed her pink and yellow Winnie the pooh backpack she so adored. She waited as the line dissipated enough for her to get out. She then made her way off the plane and up the ramp. Getting into the air port she looked around it was a very nice airport it was really clean. The floors looked like ice, they were so white and shinny. (she was almost afraid to walk on it in fear of slipping.) she saw the many people hustle by trying to make their connections. Or business people trying to do what they do best. Rush. She looked around some more and spotted a bathroom. “Perfect!” she thought she needed to freshen up real quick. She wanted to look her best. She quickly made her way to the very pristine bathroom. Every thing was sensor activated which was just astounding to her, as she hadn’t been in many nice places such as this is a long while…. It made her sad to think of what she had to go back to. IF she still could, she never was able to stay in one place for long. She breathed a deep heavy sigh. “oh well” she thought I’ll have plenty of time to bemoan my situation later. Now is suppose to be a happy time. She went into the handicap stall to change out of what was now a very soggy pull up. She quickly changed and pulled on a new one. This one had Disney princesses on it she loved Disney so much! She fixed her yellow sun dress and surveyed herself in the mirror. Her curly brown hair was still done up neatly in two small pig tails. She looked over her dress to make sure it was presentable. It was a short yellow baby doll dress, With tinker bell on it. It had short sleeves lined with pink frilly lace. That also matched the bottom trim that didn’t seem to go even half way to her knees. Satisfied she twirled in the mirror, giggling as her hello kitty sandals flashed as she did so. just then her phone chimed, signaling she had a text. She looked at it and her stomach did a flip. it was him he was here! she was so nervous maybe she should back out now…. what if she hurt him?? After all he didn’t know about her… She couldn’t tell him she couldn’t risk his safety. maybe it would just be best if she just disappeared. But as soon as those thoughts entered her mind she squashed them. She couldn’t and wouldn’t leave now even if she wanted to…… Which she had to admit she defiantly didn’t want to. So she slowly made her way to the baggage claim not realizing how much her life was about to change.

Christopher price leaned against the hood of his new black SUV, in front of the air port. His job did come with nice perks. One reason he liked the D.C. Airport is they had federal/police parking right out front. He worked for the CIA though few people knew that. Most people thought he worked at the local museum. He was a pretty big history buff so it was a believable cover. He hadn’t even told Kaia yet. As he didn’t know if he could trust her. He felt bad but he needed to be one hundred percent sure, that she could be trusted with the most important secret in his life. He got a text from her saying she landed about 10 minutes ago. So He texted her to see if she had gotten her luggage yet. To which she responded she was still making her way to the luggage claim. He let out an impatient sigh. He sat there for another minute, before he realized he didn’t have to wait there. He had already parked and filled the meter. So he could leave his car here for a minute and go to the luggage claim quite easily. So he locked his car and headed inside. He walked through the big automatic doors that blasted him with cool air as he walked in, it felt good on his warm skin on such a hot summer day. He walked by the throngs of people scanning the crowd. He walked over to each baggage claim. Looking for the one that held the luggage and therefore passengers coming in from new york. He passed Albuquerque, Dallas, Grand Rapids, L.A, Mexico, Then finally he saw it New York. He started looking over the crowd for the colors she said she’d be in. He spotted what looked like a flash of pink and yellow in the crowd. So he started making his way over. It took awhile before he found her in the crowd seeing as she was pretty small.

Kaia had just finished grabbing her luggage, when someone put their hands over her eyes. She giggled and turned around. Looking up at him, they embraced each other. She couldn’t believe how big he was compared to her. She, granted she wasn’t very big. She often got teased for still being so short. She often heard the joke “she should still be in a booster seat.” Thankfully she had passed that stupid so called “magic number” almost a year ago. Even if it was just by barley. But he still had to be almost a foot taller than her. She liked that about him though, it made her feel safe. He had her perfect combination too. He had the most gorgeous light blue, and green hazel eyes, and brown hair she had ever seen. She always had loved the light dark combo on guys like that and he had both. He was perfect. He was just so handsome, he had short hair with it a little longer on top, which he spiked back just a little. He had the most charming smile that just made her want to melt. She could have stayed in his embrace for ever. He made her forget, he made her feel safe. Which she hadn’t felt in a long time. She was broken out of her thoughts when he asked if they should get going. She nodded her head yes and they walked out to his car. She asked him how he had managed to park right out front of the airport. To which he said something about a prize. She didn’t think it made sense but shrugged it off it didn’t really matter any way. Chris breathed a sigh of relief glad she didn’t push the issue. He put her things in the back of his car. He then asked if she wanted to go get some lunch. She said it sounded like a good idea. Especially since neither one of them had eaten any thing. So they left the airport, and he took them to his favorite local restaurant, Luigi’s. He always liked Italian and when they talked she had said it was her favorite too. So the decision was an easy one.

Kaia smiled at the memory of how they had first met. That had been almost two months ago now… If only she knew then what she knew now… She probably wouldn’t have even gotten on that plane, or she would have told him the truth, from the get go. She sat in the dark, day dreaming about better times. She thought of the one of the days they had gone to the park together. That had been almost a month ago now. She couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone by. She almost wished she could have gone back to even a month before. Before every thing had gone so terribly wrong… Their relationship had truly blossomed before that. Both their adult and daddy/little girl sides of the relationship. That day just happened to be one of their daddy/little girl days. She laughed at the memory, it had been quite the experience….

I saw the park out of my window I was sooo excited! For once we had managed to make it to the park and it wasn’t rainy, windy, cold, or any thing else for that matter. Every time we had made time or gotten to the park the weather conditions were less than ideal, or something “came up” with daddy’s work. I could hardly contain my excitement, as the car pulled up. Daddy had barely put the car into park, when I jumped out of the car running for the play ground. I vaguely heard someone calling my name but I didn’t care I had the swings in my sights nothing was going to stop me now. Or so I thought, before I could even finish my thoughts I felt myself being picked up. I squirmed I wanted to go play this was definitely hindering those plans. Daddy! I wanna swing. I said while trying to get down.
“kaia stop!” daddy said firmly before placing me on the bench. Looking at me sternly I knew he wasn’t to happy about my little escape trick.
He held up my shoes, (which I had conveniently “forgotten” to put on) I hated wearing shoes but daddy made me. He finished putting on my shoes and started talking to me.
“kaia you know what you just did was very unsafe. You could have been hurt, you know better than to run out of the car like that. If your going to keep doing that daddy might have to get you a carseat.” daddy said firmly
"No daddy I don’t need a carseat I’m sorry I won’t do it again. " I really did feel bad I didn’t mean to jump out of the car but I so loved the swings.
“alright” daddy said “go play I’ll watch you and no more escape tricks” he said as he ruffled my hair. I giggled as I ran off to the swings finally! I made it to the swings and found my favorite one, (the one under the big tree) and I started swinging. I saw a flash of light in the tree line not to far away, which stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe it not here not now! I saw daddy reading his paper on the bench, if I could make it over there without him seeing me I’d be gold! I knew daddy didn’t want me going that far without asking first but I had no choice. I slowly slipped off the swings and started “playing” on the play ground, I knew daddy would look up if he saw me move. Which he did and he smiled and went back to reading. I slowly snuck behind the wooden pillars. It was a big park and he wouldn’t see me till I was actually over there, If he saw me at all. It was one of those big wooden castle parks he knew I loved. There were many places to hide and sneak around, in fact normally it took him 20 minutes just to find me. I snuck through and around crawl spaces, inching toward my destination. I felt like a secret agent, I had always wanted to be one growing up but life’s circumstances put me on another path. I was almost there I was just reaching the end of the play ground. I looked behind me to see where he was, good still reading. I climbed over the back wall enclosing the park, and made a mad dash for the tree line. I finally located the source of the light it was a mirror my mirror! What did he have my mirror for? I ran over to him, “what are you doing here??” I said in a harsh whisper.
“you can’t stay here Kaia, you know he’s looking for you.”
“I don’t care get out of here I don’t want to hear it!”
“but Kaia! You…” he started to say but was cut off as he heard daddy looking for me. “we’ll talk about this later Kaia. You can’t hide forever…” he said as he disappeared into the brush.
I turned and started to run toward the play ground no way I getting caught disobeying. I had already pushed my luck more than I wanted to today. Stupid brother why’d he have to show up and ruin things for me. I heard him calling my name and he didn’t sound happy. I was almost there, 200 feet, 150, 100, just as I thought I was in the clear, I saw him come to the fence arms crossed. I stopped. well, that was the end of this park trip. I slowly made my way to the fence to climb back over which was alot harder getting in that getting out. Daddy pulled me up over the fence and set me down. He wasn’t happy. He didn’t have alot of park rules but that was a big one, as the forest wasn’t a safe place to be for any one. People liked hunting in there during the fall, and even though it was still summer, that forest was known for its hunting accidents.

“what do you think you were doing??” he finally asked me.
I didn’t know what to say I had no answer I could give him. I couldn’t tell him what I was really doing. I looked down at my sparkly shoes and shrugged. I couldn’t answer him, that made this situation all the worse. He was gonna be so angry that I seemingly disobeyed him for no reason.

He looked at me expectantly, “well……” he said growing impatient.

I had to say something so I lied. " I saw a um… Well I saw a…. Bunny! Yeah…. And… It was soo cute I wanted to play with it. I knew I was a terrible liar when I had to make up something on the spot. Give me a script, or time to practice I could hand you a very convincing lie. But when asked on the spot my thought process is normally worked through out loud. (Not of my own accord,) and it ends up where what I come up with sounds with out a doubt false.
“Kaileah…. Don’t lie to me….” he said warningly “your already in trouble little miss.”

What could I say? I couldn’t tell him the truth, and I couldn’t make up a good enough lie. I just stood there in silence, making circles with my foot in the sand.

“alright then if your gonna stick to that story I think it’s time we leave.” daddy said sternly

“no! Daddy! I’m sorry…” I said hopping it would suffice.

“sorry for what?” i should’ve know Daddy never did let me off that easy.

“for sneaking off to the forest.” I said feeling defeated

“and………” daddy said impatiently.

“and…. For not asking…” I volunteered, hoping that would be enough and he’d drop it. (no such luck)

“and……” he said again sounding annoyed.

“and……….” I left hanging I didn’t have any thing left to say. I just looked down at my shoes which had suddenly become very interesting.

“right then” he said firmly as he grabbed my hand and started leading me toward the car, his hand engulfing my own as he did so. I dutifully followed I didn’t want to get myself in any more trouble than I already was. We got to the car and he buckled me in without saying a word. I didn’t fail to notice that he flicked on the child safety lock. I guess I couldn’t complain, but I couldn’t help giving him a dirty look. He got into the front seat and drove off, I wondered where we were going as he didn’t turn the way to go home, but i didn’t dare ask. I had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach I wasn’t going to like it, whatever it was. We pulled into the Walmart parking lot much to my confusion. He came around to my door opened it and unbuckled me. He took my hand and started leading me inside. He lead me toward the children’s section which wasn’t too odd, as we frequented that section alot. But as we passed the clothes then the diaper isle’s i started to worry. what did surprise me is when we turned down the carseat and stroller isle. I immediately knew what was happening and I tried pulling my hand from his grasp. To which his response was a sharp slap on my now soggy bottom.

“I don’t want to hear one word out of you young lady your already in trouble. I was already thinking I needed to get you one of these since you can barely see through the window as it is. Your behavior today has made up my mind!” he said albeit sternly. “now” he said a little softer " if you promise not to fuss and be good, I’ll let you pick it out, ok sweetie?"

I was NOT happy at all with this arrangement, but I didn’t see any way out of it. Besides it did beat a spanking. (though not by much) I sighed heavily and nodded my head. I solemnly walked over to the girl ones. There was so many to choses from. Maybe this wouldn’t be to bad after all. I found one that I loved in was hot pink with Sun flowers all over it. It was kinda like a booster seat and car seat mixed as it ha the back like a carseat but with out the straps. Though it did come with seatbelt lock which I didn’t like, but out of my options I liked it. It also had a pretty neat cup holder with fairies on it. So I pointed to it, daddy smiled at me. I had this weird feeling he had been waiting for this. Almost like he had planed it…. He found a store attendant and the attendant helped us bring it to the front and helped us check out. We got a weird look from the cashier to which my only response was to stick my tongue out. I sighed in relief as I narrowly avoided daddy seeing me do so. Then the attendant brought it out to our car, and took it out of the box and set it up for us. Daddy thanked and tipped him when he was done. The attendant thanked daddy and walked away, leaving me to my fate… Then daddy turned to me, I knew I wasn’t going to like this. But to my surprise, daddy took out the diaper bag. My stomach dropped he wouldn’t do what i thought he was doing, would he? I started backing up but he grabbed me before i had a chance to escape. He changed me right on the seat of the car before i’d even had a moment to protest. He’d never done that before, not that i really cared. But it was just different, and a little exciting at the same time. I was so confused I didn’t know why I would like that. But I shrugged it off, as daddy buckled me into my new “booster seat.” I had to keep telling myself it was a booster seat because I was way to old for a carseat. (or so in kept saying though my padded state would beg to differ.) Daddy got in the front, and drove us home. The rest of the day went by in a blur, and was over all pretty dull. But after that little escapade I didn’t really care. In fact i was kind of glad as it was a emotionally long, and draining day. It showed as i fell fast asleep on daddy’s lap not an hour later. One thing was for sure It was not a day I would soon be forgetting.

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i like it hope u write more to it :smiley:

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Well done

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Grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues but with that being said… I enjoyed this part of the story and look forward to reading more of it.