Little Desires

Prompt: Write about a character taking a risk

Sarah had an itch that she couldn’t scratch in her hometown comprised solely of Littles. Their healthy fear of being adopted by Amazons led to them banning all forms of diaper-related activity. Littles with sick relatives even had trouble obtaining diapers for medical needs.

That didn’t keep Sarah from discovering she had a diaper fetish, though. The internet was a thing, and as much as the inhabitants of her town probably wished they could filter out all diaper-related erotica, that was impossible. Littles controlled very few online spaces, so Amazon curated stories about bondage, messing, wetting, changes, and cuddles were readily available.

Sarah licked her lips and spread her legs as she enjoyed the next dirty diaper story. Catheters, enemas, bum rings? She had to try some of this! No more fantasizing. Just fantasizing was driving her crazy. Unfortunately, items like that were illegal for Littles to keep, and people who tried could face fines and jail time. For most people, it wasn’t worth the risk.

Her only other option was leaving town, but that was supposed to be risky. Was it really riskier than letting her curiosity consume her, though? She winced as she felt her body twitch with desire. She had to have this!

As if her body made the decision for her, she typed in some search terms on Multi and came to Meg’s List. It was a sketchy site where people met up to do everything from share a room to shoot an amateur adult film. She placed an ad. Lonely Little Looking for a Tweener Daddy. She was sure to specify that she did not want an Amazon!

Within minutes, she had dozens of takers in neighboring cities vying for her attention. She looked through the messages until she found an offer she couldn’t refuse. I’m a Tweener looking for a naughty Little I can punish, but I promise, you’ll like it, it read. Sarah’s mouth started to water as she looked at pictures of the room–set up like a crib–and all of the “toys” he had. She felt her tummy shiver. “I’ve got to try this!” she said out loud.

Against her better judgement, she made the date. The city the fun was in was only an hour’s drive. She arrived shortly before sunset. He was waiting for her outside. “Hi, you must be Sarah,” he greeted.

“Yeah,” she said nervously.

“I’m James,” he said, taking her hand. “Come on in,” he said as he led her through the front door.

Sarah’s heart was in her throat. She’d never done anything this naughty before. If any of her family ever found out, she’d be grounded until she finished college! Her Tweener guide wasn’t bad looking, either. James was handsome and almost seven feet! It used to be trendy for Tweeners to date Littles.

Her train of though was interrupted when she spotted the garish-looking pink room. She swallowed hard and flashed a smile. “Go on in,” James said. She crossed the threshold, and he closed the door behind her. He directed her to lie down on the bed, a large crib mattress that took up most of the floor space. She obeyed. That’s when he walked over to her and strapped her in with a belting device hidden inside of the mattress. She giggled out of nervousness and he smiled. “If you get nervous, tell me. I might let you go,” he said.

“Of course,” she said with a giggle. The whole thing felt like a cheeky joke. The idea she could be in actual danger never crossed her mind. After all, Tweeners never bothered Littles.