Little Boy-Girl

Little-Boy-Girl Part 1 the Beginning

Jamie was an average boy that lived with his mom and four sisters. Jamie’s eyes are ice blue and blonde hair. He played with toy cars and also in dirt and mud just like an average boy of six years old did. His dad was in the army away fighting for his country. His oldest sisters being eight had to all had to have a babysitter while their mom worked at the Army base’s grocery store. It was a sad day in the Davis house because Sergeant James Lee Davis had to go to fight the Isis forces in Russia. The kids were ready to go to school and their dad gave them all a hug and kiss goodbye and said see you soon. They never thought that would be the last time they would see their daddy alive.

It was about two days later and he started having accidents at school. Well the little boy wouldn’t talk to no one. It was bad enough at home but he had protection there. The bad thing was being a six year old boy and the same size as his five year old sister Amber who always took extra clothes and diapers to school because of a weak bladder. She has Emerald green eyes and blonde hair. She was a girly-girl always wore dresses and skirts But when she rode her bike she wore pants in the winter and shorts and t-shirts in the summer. And when Amber saw Jamie in the hall with his teacher with tears in his eyes she asked “what’s wrong”

Jamie’s teacher said “Jamie had an accident in class and I’m taking him to the nurse to get cleaned up.” Amber then said “I’ll walk him there because I need a change as well.” His teacher says “I see you have a sister that cares a lot about you.” Then she said “go get changed and come back to class.” Then he says “I have no clean clothes” and his little sister speaks up and says “I have extra clothes so he’ll have something on.” Jamie then says to Amber “are you nuts all you wear are skirts and dresses.”

Amber then said “it’s that or go back to class in just a diaper and t-shirt.” As they get to the nurse’s office Jamie stomach let go and he just realized what he had done and started crying again. The nurse changes him first and then hands him the close in question. Then Jamie saw the dress and said “I’m not going to wear that because it a dress and it is bad enough I’m in a diaper as well.” That’s when Amber “you wear one at night so what’s the big deal.” Then he says “the deal is I only wet the bed not my pants like you do.” Amber says give him a pair of my shorts and a t-shirt. Jamie says “I’m not going back to class dressed like a sissy.” Then his little sister says “then you can come to mine and play with me.” Then the nurse then puts the dress back and then says “the next time you are wet and messy I’ll dress you myself and it will be a dress.”

That’s when the lunch bell rang well his older sisters Jenny who is nine. She comes to get them because they all eat together. Jenny is a tom-boy always wearing jeans and t-shirts (boys). She has brown hair and eyes. And they met Sabrina and Nicole in the lunchroom. Sabrina’s eyes are brown with blonde hair. Nicole’s eyes are blue and brown hair. Sabrina and Nicole are twins and dress in the same thing but they have the letter of their first name on their clothes (shirts and dresses). And when they saw Jamie in Amber’s shorts and girly t-shirt that says daddy’s little girl Sabrina says “I knew you liked to dress up.” Then he says “do not!” She says “We’ll see what mom says when we get home because we are leaving school after lunch so let’s go eat and get our stuff.”

Then Amber says “he’s also wearing one of my pink diapers and a pair of panties he-he.” Sabrina and Nicole both said “don’t laugh Amber.” That set Jamie off and he started to cry and Jenny says “come here and picks him up and says every things going to be a-okay.” (Jamie being a six year old that’s the size of a five year old but has the weight of a four year old child). Around the time their mom was to come they had got their book-bags. They both say “how cute. And oh by the way Amber’s shorts look better on you than her.”

About that time mom shows and says “let’s go girls” and Jamie says “I’m not a girl!” Mom says “the way you are dressed tells me you are Jamie and are you wearing a diaper as well.” Jamie responds “yes Mommy.” Then she says “well then you will wear one all day from now on and you will be in Amber’s class as well. But you will still do your school work from your class.” Then their mom says “we need to get more diapers for the two babies.”

Sabrina you are to help me take care of Jamie, and Nicole you are to help me take care of Amber. And Jenny you are to help both understand" they all say yes mom. “What was that?” Then they said “yes mommy.” Their mom says “Good girls. Jamie and Amber any questions.” They respond with a “No mommy.” Well they got home and mom says “get the babies in something so you can see if they are wet or messy.”

This is how life was for the kids every day at home but at school the rules were different. Amber was told to make sure if Jamie was wet and or messy to take him to the nurse’s office. That was the way it was three times a day. Morning break, lunch, and the teacher’s lesson planning time witch was during P.E, art, music, library, or computer class. Witch was next to the last subject of the day.

About a month latter the older girls started something they haven’t done since they were five. That’s wetting the bed. Their mom asked if it was because of helping with Jamie and Amber. They said “no mommy it’s because we miss daddy.” Well I guess you know what you’ll have to wear at night now right girls. They say “a diaper.” Mom says “that’s right only till daddy gets back home and maybe things will get better then.”

It was two months after Sergeant James Lee Davis left to fight for his country I got a letter from him at the station. You see I was a reserve police officer for the county I live in and he was one of the one I reported to. This is what the letter said.

To Officer Mario C Davis

Things are going well and I should be home in another six months if all goes well. If not I want to tell you that you that you are my kids godfather that’s all five of them. They are all good kids it’s Amber that need the most care because of her health issues.

Your pal Sergeant James Lee Davis

About four months latter mom was home cleaning when a neighbor knocked on the door. They said there was an attack on a military base. News of this attack was all over the news. Jenny’s and Sabrina and Nicole’s class was watching a US history show when the news interrupted the show they were watching. And they saw the aftermath of the attack. Jenny Sabrina and Nicole all started crying and asked to leave their classroom. Their teacher said “NO!” That’s when their bladders let go. Their teacher tells them to go to the nurse’s office to get cleaned up and come back for lunch. When Jenny, Sabrina and Nicole got there they saw Jamie and Amber getting their diapers changed. Jamie was so wet the shorts were soaked as well.

The nurse saw the girls standing there as she was helping Jamie get dressed in the same dress he refused to wear about four months ago. Jamie was crying so hard Amber found one of her pacifiers and stuck it in his mouth. Once he was dressed the nurse changed Amber. The nurse said who’s next? That’s when she smelled something. She asked them to all turn around so she can check their pants. It was Jenny who was cleaned up first then Nicole and finally Sabrina. The three oldest girls had no extra clothes to wear so the all walked to Amber’s class to eat lunch there.

Meanwhile at home Alexandra Ann Davis was cleaning the house when she got a call from the school saying that Jenny, Sabrina and Nicole needed some extra clothes to finish to day and they were all in Amber’s classroom eating lunch. While she was on the phone with the nurse there was a knock at the door when she looked through the peep-hole she saw an officer uniformed in the same uniform as her husband. He asked her to sit down because he had some bad news to tell her.

To be continued

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This is only part 1 of 15 that I’ve finished and if you want more tell me so :wink:

Little Boy-Girl 2

the Group Home

On the day their mom found out that her husband wasn’t coming home. She went to go get the girls and Jamie of course. As she was pulling out onto the main highway her van was hit by an eighteen-wheeler. Once police got to the seen she said “the kids I need to get them.” The officer asked what school and she told him. About the time she was to pick them up a female officer asked for their mom’s name. And that’s when Nicole lost it falling to the floor on her knees crying while wetting the diaper she was wearing. The kids were taken to the hospital were their mom was taken and where told the bad news. (Note this was the second time in one day they got bad news). Doctors said “they couldn’t save their mommy life.” All five started crying for their loss. About the time they were taken to see their mom Ms. Van Horne showed up and said “it would be best if they didn’t see their mom because it might cause them to have nightmares.” The officer said “I’ll help you get them to the group home.” That’s when Jamie even dressed the way he was would be and placed with the boys. It was diner time and Jamie got to eat with his sisters and then sent to bed for the first night there. But of course Jamie was placed with the boys. While Sabrina, Nicole, Jenny and Amber where in a room with another girl.

That first night was hell for Jamie. Because he was teased about the way he was dressed (in a girly nightgown and diaper). As you read in chapter 1 that their daddy wasn’t coming home the way they hoped. When they got up the next day the group went to breakfast and they all ate together. Jamie told his sisters about what happened to him the night before. So they went to Ms. Van Horne to tell her what happened. Ms. Van Horne said “a bed is open in the room you girls are in and I know about Jamie so there should be no problem. Why don’t you get the import things that he needs.” As they went to the room he was in. And they found his personal thing all torn up in pieces and Jamie had an idea who had done it. They went and told Ms. Van Horne what happened. She said she will talk to his case worker.

Night two was better for Jamie but not for Sabrina. She woke up screaming and crying Nicole got into the bed with her to calm her down. This went on for about a week till the day Mr. Davis came to see the girls and Jamie. Sabrina was happy to see someone who wanted all five of them. Because she told Ms. Van Horne she wanted to stay with her sisters and Jamie too. Sabrina sat on Mr. Davis to see if he would hug her like her dad use to. Sure enough he did and she said “he’s the perfect daddy.” And told her other sisters to do the same they all did. Then she turned to Jamie and said “try it.” Jamie feeling a little scared climbed up and sat and then he said “sissy you are right he’s the perfect daddy.” Then turns and says “how much do you know of us.” Getting red in the face says enough to know that things will be different to have five girls instead of four girls and a boy. Over the next few nights Sabrina keeps having the same dream. The dream is they are in the car when their mom dies in the crash. And they all wake up in the hospital with different broken bones. Jamie was with in the worst injuries of the five.

When the day came they got to meet there new mom. And they did the same test as they did before to see if she was the perfect mommy. Jamie went first this time and gave thumbs up. Then the girls did and said the same thing. The case worker said “we need to see you both on the next visit to get them set to go to your home. But there are things we need to get worked out. But you can take one of the kids to see how well they like living with you for a week then so on.”

We said “we will take the twins first because we know twins stick together.” Well the first week went good. When we went back we said “we’ll take Amber and Jamie.” Then the next week “we’ll take Jenny. And if all goes well we will take them in. But we need to get a bigger place so we have the room for the girls and yes that means you to Jamie. Because we love you all and know what your dad went through to keep you free. Just tell us what colors you want your rooms to be.” “And yes Sabrina and Nicole you will share a room. Jamie and Amber you share a room as well. Just tell us what color you want your side of the room. Jenny you will get your own just say the color you want. And it will be done. We’ll even put your names on your bedroom doors as well. There will be arrows under your names pointing to your side of the room.” All this was going on while their dad and mom funerals where being taken care of. We said we’re there for them.

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The basic story isn’t too bad. But unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes that kind of ruin it. You move way too fast and the dialog is unnatural. You aren’t spacing the dialog right either. I think you could use a rewrite. All in all, it’s just way too rushed.

Little Boy-Girl

Little Boy-Girl 3 a New Home

After two months of being in the group home the day came they got to meet their new mom and dad. The twins were happy. Jenny, Jamie and Amber were kind of scared. But the new mom and dad said everything will be okay. Mr. and Mrs. Davis asked if there any problems.

Ms. Van Horne said “yes but well get to that later.” Well the case worker (Ms. Van Horne) brought in the girls and Jamie. And then said “Jamie has been with the girls for the past two months. All because of the teasing he got from the other boys the first two days.” Ms. Van Horne said “let’s start with Amber.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis said “what about Amber.” The case worker said “Amber has a week bladder and has to wear diapers 24/7.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis say okay. Ms. Van Horne said “we are still trying to figure out Jamie issues.” Again Mr. and Mrs. Davis say okay. She then said “Jenny has her own issues but not major.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis ask “about the twins.” The case worker says “Nicole has nightmares and wakes up screaming and crying and Sabrina is there to try to calm her down. And it works half the time.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis Said “that’s okay. Can we now meet our future kids?”

Ms. Van Horne says “Mr. and Mrs. Davis I should warn you because of all they went through they are all in diapers and Jamie is in dresses as well. And Jamie is seeing someone for his gender indignity disorder and is making progress. And I hope that he continues to see the Doctor he’s seeing.” Mr. and Mrs. Davis say “we will make sure we continue to take him.” The case worker says “we do call Jamie a girl now. So I hope you do the same.” As Mr. and Mrs. Davis sit in the office Ms. Van Horne presses the call button and says “send the girls in.”

Five little girls run in and give big hugs to their new mommy and daddy and say their names. Mr. and Mrs. Davis say “well girls are you ready to go home.” They all say “goody we got a new home.” To be honest they are singing it. Well when they got home all five girls had wet diapers. Jamie and Amber also had messy diapers as well. And had their diapers changed first. The twins and Jenny had to wait. They asked Jenny if she was ready for a changed. And she said “no I’m not done yet daddy” and that’s when it hit us. So Sabrina and Nicole where changed. Then Jenny had her diaper change. As we were getting them ready for a nap they all said “we love you mommy and daddy.” Well about six months later a little boy was born and his name is Mario Davis Junior. His eyes are hazel with brown hair and he’s 100% all boy.

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You obviously completely ignored my advice. Your story is basically unreadable. Don’t expect to get any praise here. I was a lot nicer in my last post than I usually am, but your writing abilities are either very poor, or you are just lazily hammering out your fantasies.

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I usually just don’t say anything when the story starts out with diapersdiaperspoopingpeeingdiapersdiapers with some brutally forced dialogue thrown in there for seasoning. Kudos for trying.

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If it helps I’m trying something new with chapter 19 and hope it’s better to read.

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I hope you meant you’re trying something new with chapter 4, because I can’t see me hanging around for 15 more chapters of what we’ve gotten so far.

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You won’t be seeing no more of Little Boy-Girl here

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That’s good news for us if this is the quality level you are content with.

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While I’ve no intention of being openly aggressive about it, suffice to say I’m not surprised you chose this path.

If you’re seeking blind praise, you’re wasting your time at FoxTalesTimes. The story forum over there is dead, but even when it was still up and lively, the regulars over there didn’t even bother with “constructive” criticism, they just tore people apart and left them for dead.

Might I recommend someplace like DailyDiapers, where the bar is far, far lower?

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Dare I ask what they did over there that makes you think they deserve this?

No seriously, I wouldn’t wish this level of writing off on my worst enemy. Might recommend this quality to self publish on Amazon, they’d at least be able to make money off idiots there :wink: