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Lilly’s Fate

Prologue: The Concept of Heightism

[Begin phone call]

“Are the documents ready?”

“Yes, you should have no issues with the adoption.”

“Thank you, Arthur.”

“That’s what you pay me for Ms. White.”

“Of course, but you have always done outstanding work.”

“Thank you, Ms. White,”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Cathy. You’ve known me for 12 years Arthur.”

“Alright Ms. … I mean Cathy.”

“Good, I will be in to sign the papers in the morning.”

“Sounds good. Goodnight, Cathy.”

“Goodnight, Arthur.”

[End phone call]

Cathy has dreamed of having her own little to take care of since she was a little girl. At age 33, she finally was able to fulfill this dream, putting together the perfect nursery, one that she knew that in time, her little would come to love, or at the very least, enjoy.

[Lilly’s side]

Being a free little was hard. You always have to look over your shoulder, there were always snatchers looking for littles to nab off the streets. Unfortunately, there are few laws in place to protect those littles, leaving them with little protection from the cruel world they find themselves in.

Lilly is a 4’ 4” little with short, curly blond hair and big, light brown eyes that don’t help her case of being a grown adult. She has soft round cheeks and a rounded chin that still make her look like a child. These traits attract a group of criminals called snatchers. Snatchers are like kidnappers, but rather than stealing young amazons, they take free littles and sell them to adoption agencies, who then strip them of all records from their past, leaving them with only their first names, hardly enough to live on if they escape.

Lilly was like any other free little, struggling to make it in a world where people 4 feet taller than her were always treating her like she was a kid, degrading her around every corner. Looking over her shoulder was another ‘perk’ of being free. You never knew when someone was going to try to nab you off the street, bring you to an adoption center, and make your life disappear, as if you never existed at all. It was that fateful morning of March 7th that exactly that happened.

Suddenly, as she is walking down the street, going home from work, Lilly feels the sharp prick of a needle enter her neck, she tries to yelp, but it gets watered down to a gasp, and then, as her eyesight fades, nothing.

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Chapter 1: Secretes and Sanctuary

Lilly wakes up in what appears to a hospital nursery room, in a metal crib. But she knew better, this wasn’t a hospital, this was an adoption center.

“Fuck, shit, NONONONO this can’t be fucking happening!" Lilly exclaims as she, despite her cool-headed nature, begins to panic.

Once she calmed down, she had a chance to observe her surroundings. This was not an ordinary adoption room, no, this had no cameras, not even a baby monitor. It had a changing table that was sized so that a small tweener could fit on it. The walls were painted with babyish, yet gender neutral designs. It was a proper nursery, rather than the mass-hold environment meant for pre-adoption littles. She was already adopted, waiting to go ‘home’. This was the room that littles were put in so that they don’t get too used to socialization. Suddenly, the door opens and someone slides in before quickly closing and locking it.

“I don’t have much time, liste…” The girl says before Lilly cuts her off.

“Wait, Vick?” Lilly questions the girl.

Vick, or Vicktoria, is a tweener that went to the same high school as Lilly. She is 7’2", fairly tall as far as tweeners go, so she generally remains off of the snatchers’ radar (not that snatchers typically look for tweeners anyways). Vick has long silky deep brown hair, dark blue eyes and a fine matured jaw that all makes it so she passes for a smaller amazon. Vick and Lilly were both pretty popular, so they ran in the same circles. They weren’t exactly friends, but they certainly knew each other.

“Yes, but, again, I don’t have much time.” She says quickly.


“Shut it, Lilly, just for a second.” Vick says harshly and then somewhat softer.

“Ok…” Lilly replies meekly, suddenly feeling very small given the fact that she is in a crib, and in a diaper, she realizes. ‘Fuck, I’m blushing,’ she thinks.

“Ok, so there is this place…” Lilly cuts Vick off.

“What place?” She asks.

Vick sighs.

“It’s a sanctuary, for littles, tweeners, and amazons who believe in a free world, where everyone is equal, and are treated as such” Vick says, giving time for her words to sink in before continuing. “We pull snatched littles out of their homes and get them to the sanctuary.” She finishes.

“Wait, errr, umm” Lilly stumbles with her words, wondering if this is some sort of trick set up by the agency.

“Nobody is looking to trick you, what would it prove?” Vick replies, seeing Lilly’s expression, having gone through the same thing many times before.

“Ok, the amazon that is adopting you has never had a little before you. This means that she will most likely be a bit careless.” Vick starts.

“Wait a second, does that mean you aren’t getting me out now?!” Lilly asks, angered by the implication.

“It is too risky; the sanctuary might get exposed and that would put an end to our efforts.” Vick replies, almost defensively.

“What do you mean by risky? I thought you said…” Lilly begins to ask before Vick cuts her off.

“The security in the agency is too high. We couldn’t get you out if we tried. Now, there is a slight complication that prevents us from getting you out as soon as you get to your amazon’s house.” Vick explains without giving Lilly time to dwell on what was said, “the agency has a six-month distanced observation period, they set up cameras and night watchers to prevent breakouts. We will monitor this and get you out before the observation period ends if the opportunity arises. That has never happened before, so don’t get your hopes up.” Viki finishes.

“SIX FUCKING MONTHS?!” Lilly angrily screams before taking a breath. “So, you are saying that I’m going to be stuck in that hellhole for six months before you can get me out?”

“Fuck, Lilly" Vick says exhausterbated. “Now I don’t have any more time because someone just attracted every caregiver in a 30 mile radius” Vick says sarcastically, "But yes, that is the best we could do. They will be taking you to the amazon’s home, or a ‘hellhole’, as you called it, tonight. Now, I have to go. Know we will get you out as soon as we can. Oh, and one last tip; toe the line, but not enough for you to slip; it makes it easier. I’ll tell the caregiver I calmed you down, while I was passing through; you’re welcome.” Vick concludes as she closed the door.”

[Vick’s Side]

Vick meets the caregiver right outside the door to Lilly’s room.

“What were you doing in there?” the caregiver asks.

“I was passing through when I heard the little scream. I think she must have just woken up. I got the little calmed down, but she’s a feisty one.” Vick exclaims with a forced laugh. “She getting moved now?” She asks, noticing the security guards behind the caregiver.

“Sure is! Thanks for calming her down, that should make our job easier.” One of the security guards chimes in.

“She need a change?” the caregiver asks Vick.

“I don’t think so, it didn’t look or smell like it" Vick replies.

“I’ll check anyway, wouldn’t want her to leak on the way over.” The caregiver replies jovially.

“Anyways, I clock out in 5, so I’m gonna go.” Vick states as she walks away.

“Alright, see you tomorrow!” One of the guards replied.

‘That went well enough’ Vick thinks as she walked away.

[Lilly’s Side]

Lilly sees the door open again and scowls as what she assumes is a caregiver walks through with two security guards, one with a heavy scar on his cheek.

“Okay sweetie, it’s time to get you to your new home!” The caregiver exclaims in a bubbly, jovial tone that is reserved for little kids and puppies. “But you haven’t had a diaper change yet so I’m sure you need one.” The caregiver continues, not faltering in her bubbly tone.

Remembering what Vick said, Lilly tries to keep calm, ‘don’t freak, you have 6 months of this to deal with’ she thinks, ‘and you won’t always be dry.’ Lilly grimaced at that thought. So she doesn’t freak out, she doesn’t say anything, but she doesn’t smile either. That would be too much, way too much; after all, what free little would want their diaper checked? (Or have to wear one in the first place for that matter)

The caregiver picks Lilly up and undoes the snaps on the crotch of the onesie and feels around the crotch before realizing that Lilly was dry. “Well sweetie, looks like you’re dry.” The caregiver pronounces somewhat dissappointedly. “Hmmm…” She says in thought. “You have already been here for twelve hours, maybe class one drugs are appropriate? Nah, you’re off my hands after the drive anyways.”

“We should go, we are already behind schedule.” One of the security guards states in a heavy accent he looks at his watch. He gives Lilly looks of both sympathy and reassurance.

‘Great idea.’ Lilly thinks, starting to get irate, with a heavy blush that is as much from anger as it is from embarrassment from the previous event.

The caregiver notices this and comments, “Looks like the little one is getting fussy; nobody likes a fussy baby, let’s go.” She falters in her bubbly tone, even if it was only for a second.

“Go get the SUV ready,” one guard states, “This one seems obedient enough,” Shooting Lilly another look that she couldn’t decipher.

“Okay, but I will come running if you radio me, you know how intelligent some littles are, and this one isn’t drugged.” The other one replies, shuddering, recounting a previous situation.

“I’ll go get the car seat set up,” The caregiver says. “Stay with the little, you can handle one little girl.” The caregiver proceeds to walk off.

The guard that remains is an 8’6" amazon with crew cut brown hair, a chiseled jawline, and sharp green eyes. He is the kind of guy who could take on a bear. An aura of trust seems to surround him, the same kind that therapists, or serial killers have.

Lilly can’t stop herself from asking, “What happened there?”

“Careful with the questions, Akeal would have drugged and restrained you if you asked him that.” The guard replies. “So did you see the scar on his cheek?” He asks.

“Yeah, that and the shudder is what made me ask.” Lilly replies. “I wouldn’t have asked Akeal, I saw no sympathetic glances from him. You on the other hand, shot me both reassuring glances and sympathetic glances. Do you have any secondary positions?” Lilly asks, suspecting that the guard worked with the sanctuary.

“You’re a perceptive one. I do work with the sanctuary if that’s what you’re asking. So, one little we had in was too violent and loud to know about the sanctuary. He would have let it slip and the inside crew saw that as soon as he was brought in.” The guard says with a scowl. “He was adopted, but he wasn’t having it their way, so he pulled a shank he had somehow managed to hide during the strip search and sliced Akeal’s cheek in a failed attempt to escape. We started requiring two guards per little after that incident.” The guard finishes.

“Damn, that’s…” Lilly is cut off when she hears the radio sound with a beep.

‘The SUV is ready. Get the little out here, Randy.’

‘Ten-Four, we are heading your way.’

“Sorry we have to cut this short, but the vehicle is waiting.” Randy says. “Just one piece of advice, toe the line. It’s too dangerous not to, if you don’t, you might slip. Being rebellious is never a good way to go. The adoption center provides new parents with 320mg of Zerisonius, an Amazonian drug that might as well have been formulated to break littles; a single dose is enough to temporarily make any little slip, and that’s just 10mg.”

“Wait, so what does this drug do for amazons?” She asks Randy.

“It’s an anti-depressant that induces mild bliss in amazons. The dose for a little is only 2mg lower than the amazon dose, allowing it to temporarily mitigate certain parts of the brain, which is why it induces the temporary slip.” He replies, having read up on the drug as soon as it was approved for adoption agency use.

“So, act like a good little or get drugged? I strongly dislike both of those options.” Lilly replies glumly.

“Basically yes, but that is what you have to do in order to survive. So…” the radio cuts Randy off.

‘Where are you Randy?’

‘I’m at the door now, start the SUV’

‘You got it, man. Try speed-walking next time.’

“You ready?” Randy asks.

“Is that even a question?” Lilly sighs, “ready as I’ll ever be.”


Interesting start to the story but very confusing and very jumpy I look forward to what’s to come in the future

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Slight complication that could delay chapter 2. My laptop just at seemingly random wiped itself. I am so glad I had posted chapter 1 already; that saves me a lot of headaches. :weary: :expressionless:

Edit: Just got my laptop up and running. Chapter 2 is under way.

Edit (Again, Sorry): Laptop is broke again, ordering part tomorrow. Expect chapter 2 to take until the end of April or early May.

Update: The story is slightly changing directions, I want to make the story enjoyable for someone who isn’t part of the ABDL community, so I will be changing the original base from Cathy wanting a little that only crawls and wears big, thick diapers, to a more readable alternative. I want to make something unique that will make sci-fi/fantasy charts. This will be the only free place to read the story once I have it complete and published.

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Chapter 2: The beginning of the end; or a new beginning?

The drive over was dead silent, and terrifying. Lilly was near tears the whole time. She didn’t cry though; she was stronger than that.

When the SUV pulled to a stop, Lilly had no idea what was coming. The house looked nice. Her ‘caretaker’ was clearly wealthy middle class.

“Doesn’t look like hell.” Lilly mumbles. ‘Looks can be deceiving’ a nagging voice comes from the back of her head.

“Alright Randy, get the little out of her seat and get her inside.” The caretaker instructs Randy. “Akeal, you stay here; we need someone in the car in case the little tries to run.”

“You got it Brenda, I will keep the vehicle running.” Akeal replies.

Suddenly, Lilly is picked up by Randy. ‘When did he unbuckle me?’ she wonders. Suddenly, due to the movement, Lilly feels a strong twinge in her bladder, making her squirm.

“Just let go, you won’t get out of it even if you try.” Randy quietly whispers to Lilly reassuringly, hoping that he won’t cause an outburst.

Lilly blushes as she realizes that her desperation was obvious.

‘He’s right you know.’ Lilly thinks to herself, disliking the realization. ‘You won’t stand the six months unless you accept your situation.’

At that, Lilly makes up her mind as she slowly relaxes her bladder. What she didn’t expect was how it feels. Her private areas are comfortably warm and damp. She doesn’t want to admit it, but she likes how it feels.

“You took that better than I expected.” Randy whispers, feeling his arm get warmer.

Before Lilly can reply, she feels Randy walk up the steps of a porch. She knew that this was likely the last moment for six months that she would be seen by anyone as even remotely adult. As Brenda knocks, Lilly twitches involuntarily, fearing what may come.

Shortly after the knock, audible, fast paced footsteps can be heard from inside the house. This was closely followed by the door opening by an amazonian woman in her early 30s.

“You must be Cathy,” Brenda exclaims, not a hint of enthusiasm in her voice.

‘so much for always bubbly’ Lilly thinks to herself, very much hating every moment of this.

“OH MY GOODNESS! SHE IS EVEN CUTER THAN HER PICTURE!” Cathy squeals before taking a breath. “Are there any papers I need to sign?”

“Nope, everything was included in the adoption contract.” Brenda states. “Oh, before we hand her off, put this in a safe place.” She says seriously as she hands Cathy a small bag.

“Zerisonius” Randy said quietly so that only Lilly could hear.

“Alright, I will do that” Cathy says as she slips the bag in her pocket. “Can I have my Little Girl?” Cathy questions, feeling that the situation was prolonged far more than it needed to be.

“Yes, of course.” Randy replies respectfully, handing Lilly to Cathy, whispering good luck in the process.

Cathy then thanks Randy and Brenda and shuts the door with her foot. A slight sigh can be heard as Cathy walks into the living room and sits down on her love seat. “Please don’t run” Cathy requests in an almost sullen voice as she sets Lilly beside her.

Lilly wants to speak, but is too terrified to say a word.

“You can talk freely, just let me tell you this; I understand that littles are adults. I have since college.” This makes Lilly, despite wanting to shut down, to perk up at Cathy’s statement. “I want you to be carefree, to have no responsibilities. That is why I adopted you.”

“But why? Why adopt an adult and treat them like a baby instead of adopting a real child?” Lilly asks, becoming extremely confused by the interaction.

Cathy, having thought out her response carefully replies with"Because I want a sense of closeness that a young Amazon can’t provide me, I want to take care of someone, hold them, not lose them once they have matured. With a little I don’t have to lose that, age doesn’t matter in the eyes of society."

“But, how is this not morally wrong for you? Taking a grown woman and stripping her of everything that makes her an adult human?” Lilly asks coldly, quickly becoming angered.

“Oh wow, I guess I really should have explained from the start.” Cathy says, more to herself than to Lilly.

“WHAT IS THERE TO EXPLAIN?! YOU ARE TRYING TO STRIP ME OF EVERYTHING THAT MAKES ME ME!” Lilly screams, losing what she thought was a tight grip on her emotions. “JUST LET ME GO” She yells before bursting into tears.

“I am so sorry that I made you feel this way, I didn’t want this at all. Please, calm yourself enough to let me explain myself and my reasoning.” Cathy replies.

Lilly takes a moment to calm herself before visibly relaxing. She feels embarrassed that she has reacted in such a childish manner.

“You are a little, society sees you as a child; life as a free little is dangerous, yes?” Cathy asks, genuinely waiting for a response. Lilly takes note of this, knowing that with Cathy, she will at least be heard.

“Yeah, it’s scary, always having to look over your shoulder. I have heard too many horror stories of littles being abused by their kidnappers. The coffee shop I worked at tolerated free littles. They never hesitated to give a rowdy little to an agency.” Lilly slumps down in Cathy’s couch as she finishes saying this. ‘Tears are not an option, don’t you fucking cry’ Lilly thinks to herself.

‘She finds that life scary, I can tell she wants out. How can I help ease her into her new life?’ Cathy wonders.

“Tell you what, I’ll call the adoption agency and tell them to hold off on selling your old place until next week. Tomorrow morning we can swing by and pick up anything of sentimental value, we can pawn your electronics and we can spend the money we get to help make you more comfortable. We can also swing by your workplace so that you can resign and collect your severance check. Call your family and friends and tell them that you are moving away and that you won’t be in contact often. I will let you contact your family every weekend, with extra calls for special occasions.” Cathy hopes that this will ease Lilly in, being able to keep in touch with family.

“My parents disappeared when I was 20; I haven’t seen them since. I assume that they were adopted, but I have always blamed myself. After they were gone, I had nobody. My whole life since then has been self-preservation, survival. But, you even giving me the option to stay in touch gives me faith, faith that maybe, just maybe you truly care.” Lilly says, unaware that she is in tears.

“I am so sorry, just know that I will always, always be here for you. You have had a long day, we can talk about the rules tomorrow, for now lets get you out of that wet diaper, I am sure it’s getting uncomfortable by now.” Cathy says in a slow and caring way. This makes Lilly blush and notice the cool dampness around her crotch. There is something to be said about what being emotionally involved in a conversation can do to your senses.

Cathy leads Lilly by hand to Lilly’s new room and sets her down on the changing table. The room is strange to Lilly; it has a crib, a changing table, and other nursery items, but the color-scheme is that of an adult’s bedroom, with no nursery print on the walls. Three of the walls are white, with the fourth being gray with white plastic flower decorations. The crib is also a cross between a normal bed and the crib of an infant’s. It looks like a normal little-sized twin bed, with black sheets with white flower designs. The pillow sheet’s color scheme is inverted from the main sheets, accenting the bed nicely. The only crib-like thing about it is the tall, white railing. The changing table is black with a pad with the same print as the crib’s pillow. The dresser is the same gray as the wall, with a mirror on top of it. Lilly notes that half of the drawers are positioned so that she can reach them herself, with the mirror being on top of these. She knows that the room was designed with her adult side in mind.

During the change, Lilly wonders about the diapers. She hopes that she can go without them, but knows deep down that that is not an option. “So, do I have to wear the diapers?” Lilly asks.

“Yeah, I want you to learn to rely on me, it’s part of that sense of closeness that I was talking about before. I hope you can understand, it is just something I’m not going to give on.” Cathy says in a caring, quiet way that makes Lilly almost regret asking the question.

“I’m sorry I asked, I just needed to know.” Lilly replies, attempting not to sound cold or angry.

“No, that’s okay. I expected you to ask. It would be kind of strange if you didn’t.” Cathy states with a laugh. This gets a giggle out of Lilly, finding Cathy’s realness about the situation both funny and endearing in a way. The part she doesn’t want to admit, is that she has feelings for Cathy, it makes sense to her though; she hasn’t felt that someone cared for her this much since her parents disappeared.

“I’m tired, can I just go to bed?” Lilly asks with a yawn.

“Of course, do you want to try out your crib? I understand if it’s too much after everything that has happened today.” Cathy says, trying to be understanding.

Lilly weighs her options, she knows that the crib will be more than comfortable. It was built so that it wouldn’t be too babyish. The what-ifs of not being able to get out all have obvious answers or are just so unlikely that she decides to swallow her pride. Plus, Cathy has clearly put in a lot of effort to get everything together.

“I… I’ll umm…” Lilly stutters, becoming embarrassed of her soon-to-be answer. She sighs and takes a slow breath. “I’ll try the crib.” She finishes, speaking in a soft and fearful way.

“Okay, the crib it is!” Cathy says excitedly before walking over to Lilly’s dresser. She proceeds to pull out a set of navy-blue sleepwear, the shirt has a yellow crescent that resembles a moon on the front with a patch of seven stars around the area of the inward curve of the moon. She proceeds to take Lilly off the changing table and hand her the pajamas.

Lilly proceeds to dress herself, not even hesitating, feeling rather exposed standing there in just a diaper.

“Today was easier than expected, thank you for being so understanding. For taking it slow, I guess.” Lilly says softly, finding it difficult not to cry again. “Letting me dress myself was a nice touch.”

Cathy picks Lilly up and sets her in the crib.

“You are welcome Lilly, rest well.” Cathy replies, not realizing that there are tears of joy trickling down her cheeks.

“Goodnight Cathy.” Lilly replies with a yawn. Suddenly, Cathy turns off the light and closes the door, only leaving it open a crack.

‘As much as I hate to admit it, I could get used to this.’ Lilly thinks to herself as she drifts off to sleep.


I’ve built the cover under the pen-name Jack Wolf. What do y’all think?

Lilly's Fate-1

Update: Lilly’s Fate Chapter 3 is coming, but it may be further out than I expected. As of recently, my schedule has become busier than ever. I am juggling work, school, as well as therapy for some present issues of mine. I am currently writing this from my phone as I don’t have time to boot my PC up tonight. So, to my loyal readers (if I have any), I am sorry.