Lillie's Little "Accident" 1st chapter complete!

This is my first story on the forum, hope you enjoy!

[B]While most college students would spend most of their time studying or out with their friends, Lillie preferred to do more childish things. On this particular day, Lillie had finally decided to work up the courage to make a trip to Walmart to buy some supplies. She walked inside the door, feeling as if her whole body was physically shaking. She walked the entire store, buying groceries, still trying to talk herself out of it. She walked past the aisle, not because she didn’t know where it was, but she saw people and didn’t want to attract unwanted attention to herself. Several minutes later, she had finally worked up the courage to return to that aisle. She slowly walked towards the baby aisle with her ankles feeling as if there were ten pounds weights on each one, but she continued to trudge towards her treasure. She slowly picked up a pack of 5t pull ups, and buried them within her cart as quickly as she possibly could manage. She continued to browse the aisle and also settled upon a pack of medium Goodnites, since she luckily enough had quite a small waist. Lillie left the aisle as quickly as she possibly could, wanting to avoid any unwanted attention. She walked slowly to the self checkout, despite having a cart full of items, but she did not want to explain to the clerk what she had diapers for. Lillie bagged all of her items, paid and got the fuck out of Walmart.

She went back to her apartment, where she unloaded all of her purchases, leaving her most peculiar purchases for last. She got the bag out of the car, ran into her apartment, and shut the door as quickly as possible. Lillie quickly closed all of the blinds, ensuring she was alone, and began to enjoy the aroma of the pull ups. At this point, Lillie had made her decision and she slowly slipped off her yoga pants, along with her panties, thinking to herself that she wouldn’t be needing those this weekend. She opened the pack of pull ups and pulled it up slowly, to ensure that she did not tear the sides. She had already been holding off on some business that she knew she would soon need to attend to, but she wanted to maximize the effectiveness of her act and decided to hold it until she had an “accident”. Lillie also had decided to put towels down onto the couch, just in case she leaked. She drank plenty of water, and had plenty of food to ensure she would have a good time. It was around five o’clock that Lillie could no longer hold it, she was on her tenth episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” when her stomach decided it had had enough. Lillie suddenly felt a warm, squishy, and smelly sensation from her behind as her butt began to expand into the waiting pull up that was stretched upon her body. Lillie was suprised at how little of a mess she had made, when the second wave hit her. A long and hard log began to push upon the back of her pull up, which continued to make her ass look bigger as she felt the log finally fall. When the log fell, Lillie thought that the mess she had made was quite large, but little did she know that she wasn’t done yet. Lillie began to feel it again, and was now worried about the ability of the pull up to hold her mess, but at this point, she already was releasing one final squishy, massive mess. The mess made the pull up droop multiple inches below Lillie’s waist, and Lillie decided that it was now a good time to release her other call from mother nature. She had a few false starts, before she overcame her potty training, and she flooded her pull up. As Lillie did this, she exclaimed,“I’m a big kid now.” Lillie was in ecstasy, her waist was surrounded by a feeling of warmth and security. Lillie assessed the damage that she had done to her pull up, and was surprised to find that her pull up could hold another wetting, so she decided to wait until later to change. She continued to binge watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. A few hours later, Lillie’s bladder was screaming for release. Lillie went to go to the bathroom, but as she did, she became aware of the bulk she had upon her waist. Lillie sat back down, and decided to help and push nature along. Lillie began to pee again and by the time she finished, she had felt as if she had peed an entire lake. Lillie was yet again near ecstasy, but was quickly interrupted by the feeling of her butt expanding again, as she pushed out another large, squishy mess into her awaiting pull up. She finished up, and was about to change, when she felt like doing something she had only dreamed of. Lillie ensured her entire mess was in the bottom of the diaper, and then got up. Lillie jumped and squished her mess all over her bottom. Lillie continued to spread her mess all over her nether regions. Lillie soon fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth. [/B]

To be continued…

If you enjoyed my first chapter of my first story, please give me feedback, I want to know what I can improve on! Happy messing! :wink:

Looks like you got cut off before the end.

Did the same post gremlin eat your paragraphs? If not, try going through and adding some. As it stands, you’ve got too much happening in one paragraph.

In any case, welcome to the forum.

Ouch. Looks like he got caught by the auto-restart that happens when apache starts leaking resources worse than an incontinent puppy with access to an unlimited supply of water. The lack of paragraphs and cut-off are very likely related. That’s a really odd bug that happens with vBulletin’s customized version CKEditor.

I had tried to update the post, but I guess since I am a new user I couldn’t update posts yet! Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Also I added back the rest of the first chapter, so that you can finish the first chapter.

Weird. I’ll have to look into that, all users should be able to edit posts, even while the account is moderation status.