Like Sister, Like Sister- Chapter 2

I decided to start working on this again. This chapter’s been done for a while, and I’m now working on later one’s. Chapter 1 is on the board somewhere.

The rest of the school year went about as normal as possible. The weekend was filled with soccer games and hanging out with friends, while the rest of the next school week was felt like we shouldn’t even be there.

I mean, you probably remember that last week of school. All you want to get out of that sweaty, gross building of nightmares to enjoy summer, and although all the work was done they forced us to sit in the school for 7 hours and basically do nothing but stupid games and stuff to keep us busy. At least Wednesday we had a field day sort of thing where we got to go outside the whole day and I beat some of the boys in soccer, but other than that the week seemed to take forever. Part of the reason we were all so excited to get out is because of the big sleepover party that me and Melissa’s group of close friends have every year. It’s been a tradition with the five of us since 2nd grade, and every year we rotate the house of which it’s held at. This year it was at my friend Annie’s house, which was good because she lived really close to us and we could walk to her house without having to beg for a ride.

Let me tell you a little bit about my friends for a little bit, because they are such a big part of my sister and my lives. It really feels wrong to call it a clique, because we like to socialize with as many people as possible and try not to leave anyone out, but there’s a group of five of us that just have a special bond, one that we’ve had since we were all in the same Kindergarden class.

First there’s Melissa and I, who I already explained a little bit about in the first chapter. We’re pretty normal, lean towards the tomboy side but are able to indulge in our girly sides every once in a while. We come from a very sheltered household, so we tend to be the more “conservative” of our group, or “immature” which ever way you could put it.

Down the street lives our best friend since we were babies, Annie McConnell. She’s the oldest of three kids, she has a younger brother (6) and a little sister (4). My parents and her parents have known eachother for years, and they went to each others weddings and stuff. I think my dad went to college with her mom or something. Either way, they were quick to move into the house near us when Annie was about 2 and they were looking to move out of their condo, and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. Annie is a tremendous athlete, better than either of us , and we’re both pretty good. She could probably be dominant at any sport she tried, but now she sticks to soccer, basketball and softball, the more typical girl sports. She always likes to hang with the guys but never really has any “relationships” or crushes that I know of, she’s just one of the guys. Tall, thin, with short brown hair that was usually pulled back in to a pony tail, she was a very normal looking girl, but she could beat anyone even the guys in one-on-one.

A few neighborhoods away lived Katie Rosenberg, who was another one of the “fab five” as our father called us. She was the studious one in the group. She wasn’t the typical “nerd” in a sense that she was still a very good looking little girl who played sports and was perfectly fine socially, but I can almost guarantee you she will get to speak at our graduation 7 years from now. She has a brother in high school, who is also at the top of his class.

The last member of our group is Marissa Mancini, who lives about 10 minutes away from us in another neighborhood. She’s the girly girl in the group and is a major drama queen! She’s the one who always has to know every little piece of gossip there is to know, and is always trying to get in with the guys. She’s the one I worry a little bit about in the future because she likes to get a little too social. The only reason she plays soccer is to socialize. She’s a stunning girl though, with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. Doesn’t look like your typical Italian, but I guess she got mostly her mom’s genes. She has a sister who’s in college, and that’s probably why she tends to act so old.

So that’s our group. I figured I’d tell you all about them now because they’ll probably come up a lot in this story. That’s the exact group that has the sleepover every last day of school, and that sleepover made the last day, even if it was shortened, seem sooooo long! Eventually, after a morning of yearbook signing, snacks, a movie and goodbyes, we were done for the school year, and ready to experience a summer that we all knew we were never going to forget!!

Melissa and I sat with Annie on the bus ride home and we shared our excitement about the party that night. Eventually the bus , stopped at our street and we all got out, and said our goodbyes when we reached her house. Melissa and I were going home first to gather all of our stuff, and were planning on immediately heading over there.

We packed about as quickly as we possibly could, basically grabbing the same basic sleepover needs, with Mel grabbing a pull-up from the bag as well. Within a matter of very little time we were headed over to Annie’s house down the street to the sleepover.

We were, of course, the first ones there probably because we were the only ones who didn’t have to beg our parents for a ride. We went outside and joined Annie, who seemed bored kicking a soccer ball around and we played around with her. As soon as the other two arrived, this was within an hour, we all headed downstairs to her finished basement.

While there we just did exactly what was normal for girls at a sleepover party. We proceeded on by playing a little bit on Annie’s wii, followed by some television watching, music listening, some goofy girl stuff and of course, gossiping. Though that may not sound like much, it was, and by the time we knew it was 9:00, and though we all knew we were going to be up a lot longer, it was time to get dressed for bed. We all took turns changing into our comfee pajamas, including Mel, who changed into her pull-up as well. When she came out, the top of her pull-up was sticking just a little bit over the top of her pj pants, but that didn’t really make a difference to her, every one there knew that she wore pull-ups to bed and were all perfectly fine with it.

I remember the first time everyone found out about Melissa’s bedwetting problem. It was the first sleepover we ever had together, on our last day of 1st grade, four years ago, and she was really nervous about going. It was our first sleepover; we had never even slept over Annie’s house even though we knew her all our life, before that night. Even she at that point had no idea that Mel wore pull-ups at night, and Mel wanted to keep it like that.

The whole night she seemed to be dreading the point in the night when she had to get changed into her pull-up. She was going to try to do it as late as possible, but when it was 9:00 and all the girls were starting to get changed into her PJs that things really got interesting. Annie’s mom came downstairs right at that time and had an announcement for all of us.

“Now I know a couple of you have an embarrassing secret about bedtime that you don’t want everyone to know about but I just want you two to know that you’re not alone, and the other three of you need to be accepting of their nighttime problem.” Annie’s mom said. I could see the look in Mel’s eyes bright up as she realized she was not alone.

“Now let’s go get you taken care of, Annie, honey. Melissa, sweety, don’t be afraid to be open about your problem, Annie has the same one.”

Annie blushed a little bit, but she had such a strong personality that it didn’t really seem to faze her. Both Melissa and I knew exactly what she was talking about, our mother probably told her the whole story when they talked about the sleepover idea, and I figured she would just come out with it. Still appearing shy and embarrassed, I looked at her and then spoke up in her behalf.

“Guys, Mel here pees the bed, she has to wear pull-ups. I guess Annie does too, that’s why she had to go upstairs to get changed!”

“Oh,” replied both Katie and Marissa, almost simultaneously, and they went on chatting. The obviously could care less about the bedwetting of their friends, and this immediately brought a smile to Mel’s face. She grabbed her pull-up and pjs from her bag, not even trying to hide them as she went to the bathroom to change, and came out with a slight bulge in her pants. Since everyone knew she was wearing a pull-up, they could see it, but they probably wouldn’t have even noticed it if no one had said anything. Mel was happy, anyways, since she got a big burden taken off her back.

Finally, the most shocking moment of the night happened, as Annie came back downstairs with just a t-shirt and no shorts or anything. We couldn’t see what she was wearing for protection because her shirt covered it, but once she jumped on the couch I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a pull-up.

“Where are your pants?” I asked, chuckling.
“Oh, it’s supposed to be really hot tonight and my….oh never mind.” She replied.
Immediately Mel spoke up, “Whatcha wearin’ under there Annie?” she asked as Annie blushed slightly. She couldn’t have expected to hide it all night by not wearing pants, but she still seemed embarrassed. “Is it one of these?” She then proceeded to drop her shorts, revealing her Pull-Up.

Right away, the embarrassment washed off of Annie’s face and she replied, “No!”
Melissa, and the rest of us, was confused.
“I’m wearing one of these!” Annie pulled her shirt up to reveal the Pampers diaper that she was wearing. It was quite a sight seeing a 1st grade 7-year old girl wearing a baby diaper, and it was one I will always remember.

“A diaper? Why are you wearing that.” Mel asked.
“Well, mommy kind of already said, but I pee the bed. I need to wear something and she says these are less money, so I wear these. They’re actually kinda cute!”

The conversation about diapers and pull-ups and bedwetting only lasted a couple more minutes, and eventually we all dazed off to sleep that night. The next morning, both my sister, and my best friend woke up in soaked sleeping garments, and changed into their panties and proceeded on with their days. Back to the present, the same thing happened during our end of 5th grade sleepover. Except this time, it was only my sister who woke up with a wet pull-up. Annie grew out of her bedwetting by our next sleepover. But honestly, the sight of her in Pampers has never left my mind since.


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