Like Sister, Like Sister- Chapter 1

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“Madison, Melissa, it’s almost time to get ready for bed! It’s a school night!” My mom shouted from across the house.

“But mooooom,” I shouted back ready to pull a couple of strings in order to extend our bed-time a half-hour, “We’re in the middle of watching a show. It’ll be over at 10:00. Can we please wait till then?”

“Yeah, mom, please!!!” my sister Melissa pleaded as well.

“Okay, 10:00 girls, and I better see you up there without me telling you.”

“Thanks mommy,” We both responded simultaneously. Before I continue, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Madison Wright, and I am ten years old and am currently just finishing up my 5th grade year of school. In a few weeks I’ll be graduating from elementary school and next year I’ll be going to middle school, which I’m pretty nervous for, but also really excited. What’ll make it easier is that I’ll be going with my Melissa, my twin sister. Melissa and I live at our home in New Jersey with our mommy and daddy, but unfortunately we don’t have any brothers or sisters.

Me and Melissa are fraternal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look anything alike. Anyone who doesn’t know us real well has a hard time telling us apart. We are both about the same height, about average for our age, with dirty blonde hair that we both usually have in a pony tail. We both have blue eyes and weigh about the same. It’s pretty easy for our parents and close friends to tell us apart, but we definitely look related.

Other than being twins we are basically your typical preteen girls. Some people consider us to be tomboys because we are both very good at sports like soccer and basketball, but we can also dive into our girly side, and we like to shop and gossip as well. We’ve had the same great group of friends since we started school, and I was slightly worried that that group will dissolve once we go to middle school.

So anyways, at this point we were just sitting together watching television on a Thursday night, exactly a week before our graduation and release from school. I was so excited for the summer, mainly because that meant no more waking up early for school, and a lot of fun time in the sun with my friends and family. Little did I know that this would be a summer that I would never, ever, forget.

The show we were watching ended, and in order to ever convince our mother to let us stay up past 9:30 on a school night ever again we diligently headed up to bed as soon as the show was over. Even though we did live in a three bedroom house, we still shared a bedroom, leaving the third room as a guestroom. Our parents thought that having us share a bedroom would help develop a tighter bond. As much as you would think that I would hate having to share a bedroom with my sister, I actually don’t mind it. Melissa’s my best friend and I enjoy her company every night. My parents were right, sharing a bedroom with her has definitely enhanced our relationship.

We both got to our room at the same time and began to get ready for bed. I pulled off the shorts I was wearing and slipped an oversized t-shirt over my panties, and hopped into bed. Mel dug into her dresser to grab something as well, and let out grunt in frustration.

“Ugh, I’m gonna kill mom.” Melissa complained to me, while I was already comfortable in my bed.

“Why, is there a problem with your pull-ups?” I responded.

“Yeah. I used the last one in the package last night, and mom said she was going to get more by today, but guess what, there’s none here.”

“Ah, that sucks dude,” I replied, “Maybe you just won’t wet tonight.”

“Yeah, and pigs will fly tomorrow, you know that’s never gonna happen.”
You see, there’s one small thing that separates me from Melissa. She’s a bedwetter, while luckily I’m not. She’s never had a dry night in her life. We were both potty trained in the day when we were 3 1/2, but like normal kids we both still had accidents at night. Eventually, about six months later, I started staying dry at night, while Mel never did. Mom’s taken her to the doctor and stuff, but they haven’t found anything really wrong with her. They basically just told her that something like 10% of girls still wet the bed at her age and that it’s normal and she would grow out of it. In a way I kind of feel bad that I don’t wet the bad and she does because we do just about everything else the same. All our friends know and are fine with it, but it’s still got to be a tough burden on her.

“Mooooom!” Melissa shouted, instead of just walking down the hall to her mothers bedroom where she was reading, “I don’t have any pull-ups!”

Obviously, she’s very open about it within our family.

“Yeah you do honey, I went to the store today,” Mom answered as she walked into the room.

Melissa opened her “pull-up” drawer and responded with some attitude,

“well do you see any in here?”

“Oh shoot, I don’t think I ever took that bag of groceries out of the car!” Mom responded, obviously feeling bad enough to ignore the attitude in her preteen daughter’s voice. “I’ll go get them.”

Mom quickly hustled down the stairs and into the garage where her car was parked and grabbed the bag of groceries with the pull-ups. Within a few minutes she was back in our bedroom with a pink pack of 4T-5T Huggies pull-ups in her hands.

“There you go honey, have a good night” mom said sympathetically, as Mel ripped open the pink package and pulled out a one of the pink disposable garments with Disney Princesses on the front. She stripped down to nothing, slid the pull-up up and put a t-shirt on and got into bed. I do have to say, as weird as this sounds, that Mel looks pretty cute when she’s wearing just a pull-up. I’m not gonna lie, I have sat and wondered what it would feel like to wear pull-ups like Mel, but I still haven’t worn one since I was 4. I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t thought THAT much that I would actually wear one of hers. Soon, my mind switches subject, and eventually I drift into a deep sleep.

That deep sleep seemed to be interrupted immediately by the sound of Chris Brown coming from our alarm clock. Mel got out of bed first and like usual it was obvious that she had wet her pull-up during the night because it was sagging underneath her t-shirt. She tore off the two sides of the garment and disposed of it before hopping in the shower. After we had both showered, brushed our teeth and eaten breakfast we headed out the door to the bus stop, ready for the last Friday of our 5th grade lives.


Like Sister, Like Sister- Chapter 1

great, look forward for more.

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I really liked this story. I hope the author hasn’t given up on it. Would love to see more.

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that this story has not died, and I have began to write some new chapters. I have one done, and in order to keep up a steady pace, I’m going to wait before I have a few done before I post one, something I never did before but probably should have. So expect an update within the next couple of weeks!

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Can’t wait to see chapter 2 and beyond, soxfan. I always enjoy you work. :slight_smile:

Re: Like Sister, Like Sister- Chapter 1

Interesting start, I await to see what happens next…