Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty: Setting the Trap

Hi everyone. I got almost 6000 words of story this time so it is longer than usual. I think there is just one or two chapters left. Enjoy and tell me if you like where the story went or if I went off the rails.

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Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty: Setting the Trap

Bridget woke up in her dorm room from her usual nightmare. She screamed before realizing she was inside her dorm.

“Enough already,” said Flower. “Every morning for two almost two months, you have been waking me up with screaming. I am sick of it.”

Bridget sat up in bed. “I’m sorry,” she moaned, as she started to get up. Since Flower now knew about the diapers, she didn’t bother covering them. She turned back to Flower. “You know what?” she asked. Her voice had an angry edge to it.

I am sick of it too. I am also sick of wetting the bed every single night because my dreams are so horrible and so intense because of an event that happened in my life years ago."

“That does sound horrible,” said Flower. “Maybe you need to relax more.”

“That’d be nice except we are engineering students,” said Bridget.

“Well it is Saturday and I am going back to sleep,” said Flower. “I have a party to go to.”

“I’m going to try to get up. I’ll take a nap later.” Bridget sighed when she looked down at her wet diaper. It had been over a month since she and Derek had set up their fake fur farm and Bridget had yet to get close enough to the terrorist to dangle the bait in his face. Flower hadn’t even mentioned her uncle. In fact it was going to be the first of November tomorrow, which meant today was Halloween.

“Oh crap,” she said. “I’m going to need a costume.”

“Yeah, I got mine last month,” said Flower. “It is really me. What are you going as? We did get invited to the party a Sigma Nu.”

“I’ll think of something,” she said.

“Good,” said Flower, “then maybe I can sleep in a bit.”

“So Ami,” said Bridget. “I need a costume. Let’s go shopping at Goodwill.”

“Sure,” said Ami. “but do you really think that a thrift store would have Halloween costumes?”

“Why not?” asked Bridget.

“Well don’t they just sell old stuff?”

“Yeah,” said Bridget. “You’d be surprised all the stuff that you can make costumes out of at a thrift store.”

Ami and Bridget got into her black Crown Vic and Bridget drove to the nearest thrift store. They walked in and looked around.

“I’ve never been to one of these,” said Ami. She looked around at all the racks of clothing and shelves full of used merchandise. She pointed. “Look. A computer graveyard.”

“You never went to a place like this?”

“Nope. My mother taught me to buy new at a department store.”

“Well we got to educate you. Come on look at all this stuff.” Bridget skipped down the aisles to the women’s accessories and started picking up and modeling purses. “Should I go as a bag lady?”

Ami giggled. She picked up a pair of boots. “Oh cool. Hooker boots. I can go to the party dressed as a hooker.”

“There is the spirit. But are you sure you want to dress like a hooker?”

“Or I could dress emo?”

“Please don’t,” said Bridget.

“Yeah. One Anise is more than enough.”

Bridget looked on a table and saw something catch her eye. “Oh, cool,” she said. She picked up a cap and put it on. “I used to have a Chevron hat just like this when I–” She cut herself off just in time.

“When you what?” asked Ami.

“When I lived near a Chevron,” she finished.

“You wore a Chevron trucker hat?” asked Ami.

“Well, yeah,” she said. She really did wear the Chevron hat when she drove her tanker truck. She decided not to mention that to Ami.

“Well I am board and I want to go,” said Ami. “I am a store-bought costume type of gal.”

“Hold on,” said Bridget. “Let’s look at those computers.”

“Fine,” said Ami.

The computers were junk. There was not a single computer there that looked like it would run Linux on just to experiment, let alone find a use to justify its space. “You were right. I see nothing here.”

“Now can we go?”

“Wait.” A familiar black box caught her eye. One of the staff had put a Cobra CB radio with the computers. She had had a model like that. It was a rather expensive radio, but the price only read $10.00. She picked it up. “I’m getting this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a CB radio,” she said, “and it’s a steal.” She walked back, picked up the trucker hat, and then walked down the aisle to find a flannel shirt.

“What is all this stuff?” asked Ami.

“My costume. I am going as a sexy trucker.”

She laid the stuff on the counter and paid. “Finally we can go to a real costume shop,” said Ami.

The costume shop at the mall was crowded. Still Ami wanted to look. “I’ll meet you in the car,” said Bridget. She left and went to Radio Shack and bought a CB antenna. The sales person gave her a funny look, but she ignored him. She couldn’t wait to rush out to her car.

When she got to the parking lot she hooked up the antenna. Since her car was a former police car, it already had a place to mount it. She wired it in there and then fished the wire under the carpet of her car toward the driver’s seat. It was just a matter of time before she got the CB radio mounted underneath the instrument panel of her car.

By the time she finished, Ami came back and got in the car. She had a bag from the Halloween store.

“What costume did you decide on?”

“I will reveal all at the party,” said Ami," but not until then."


“So what did you do? You seem pretty excited.”

“Watch.” Bridget flipped the switch on her CB and turned it to channel 19. All the sudden she could hear truckers talking inside her car.

“Truckers?” asked Ami.

“Yeah. I got to learn the lingo since I am going as a sexy trucker.” Bridget smiled. She missed talking on the CB the way she used to when she drove a truck. They pulled on the road and Bridget started driving.

“This is a side of you I haven’t seen before,” said Ami.

“Well, if a costume is worth wearing, it is worth learning the part,” said Bridget.


Bridget pulled up behind a UPS semi truck going at a slow rate of speed. She picked up her CB mike and keyed it. “Breaker 1-9, Buster Brown, I’m knocking at your back door trying to get around.”

“Go ahead, four wheeler.”

Bridget pulled around the truck and smiled. She watched as Ami waved at the driver.

Ami turned back to her. “You need to learn the lingo?” She raised her eyebrows and gave her a skeptical look. “Sounds like you knew the lingo ahead of time.”

“Well, I watched Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit.”

“I know Smokey and the Bandit,” said Ami. “Burt Reynolds was a hottie. Never heard of Convoy though.”

“Convoy is another trucker movie.”

“I thought so,” said Ami.

Bridget pulled into the campus and parked her vehicle. “Well, we are here. Come get me before you go to the party.”

Ami got her stuff and started to leave. “I’ll do that.”

Bridget was excited about the party. She smiled and got her bag of stuff from good will. She looked in the car and looked at the CB. She disconnected the microphone and brought it in with her.

At about eight that evening there was a knock at the door. “They’re here,” said Flower. She grabbed her headband and tied it on under her chin. There were petals around the headband and chin strap, which combined with her green dress, made her look like a gigantic flower. She then pulled on large foam gloves in the shape of leaves and then went to open the door. Of course she had to remove one of her gloves to manipulate the door knob.

Bridget giggled at Flower’s effort. At least her sexy trucker outfit was cumbersome to walk around in.

“What’s so funny,” demanded Ami as she walked into the room. She was dressed only in a flesh-toned body suit and a long blond wig. “I’m not really naked.”

“No,” she said, “it’s Flower. She had giant leaf hands and can’t hold anything.”

Flower waved her leaf hands and struck a pose like a flower. “So who are you supposed to be?”

“Well I am Lady Godiva,” she said. “Don’t you read?” She twirled around. “I am lucky I got some sun this summer because the flesh-toned body suits don’t come in yellow.” She smiled.

“I think you mean they don’t come in pale white,” said Flower.

“Yeah?” said Ami. “It doesn’t matter if I am pure white or tanned. The other Asian students think I am not one of them because I am ABC.”

“ABC?” asked Bridget.

“American Born Chinese.” She waved her hands. “Who needs them? Let’s find some frat boys.”

Bridget donned her trucker hat and picked up her CB mike. “Yeah. Let’s get truckin’.” She opened the door.

“Hey guys. Can I come with you?” A girl with honey-brown hair pulled into pig tails stood there. She had on only a pink t-shirt and a disposable adult diaper. In her hand she held a bottle containing orange juice. Across her shoulders she held a diaper bag.

“Who are you?” asked Ami.

“It’s me, your roommate Anise,” said the girl. Her hair was no longer an unnatural black; her piercings were gone. Her skin was still pale though.

“But, but…,” Ami started to say.

“But what?” she asked. “The rest of you are wearing costumes.”

“You’re wearing a diaper,” said Flower.

“Yeah. I’m a baby. Ami is dressed like a naked lady, and Flower looks like a plant. It’s Halloween.”

Ami scooted close to Bridget and whispered, “Are those the same brand you wear, Angela?”

Bridget elbowed Ami in the ribs. “Shush.”

“I’m just joking,” she said.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen in diapers?” asked Bridget. She would have been mortified if anyone other than Ami or Flower saw her so dressed.

“Nope,” said Anise. “It’s a costume and it’s Halloween.”

“And the piercings and the normal hair?” asked Ami.

“Part of the costume. Don’t worry. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.”

“I kind of like her like this,” Bridget whispered to Ami.

“Well let’s find some frat boys,” said Anise.

Fraternity row was on the opposite side of campus from the dorms and it was cold. Bridget sure shivered. She had put her short shorts away when it started to get chilly last week, but she had gotten some out for the costume. Her legs felt numb from the cold. She looked at Anise who wore flip flops. Her legs were as bear as her own.

“Aren’t you cold?” asked Bridget. “I am freezing.”

Anise held up her bottle of orange juice. “I thought of that already. I got vodka in here. The alcohol is warming me up. It only feels a little chilly.”

Bridget smiled. At least with Anise wearing diapers, the attention wouldn’t be on her pull-ups that she wore under her own shorts. She was tempted to go without pull-ups, but even the thought of wetting in a frat house in front of fraternity boys mortified her.

Flower waved her leaf-gloved hands. “At least I nice and warm in my costume.”

Bridget stuck her tongue out.

“And you would be surprised how warm a nude suit is,” said Ami.

Bridget stood by Anise. “At least the two of us will be glad to get inside.”

“I must admit that you’re right,” said Anise.

They finally arrived at the frat house and they were immediately let inside. Ami quickly caught the attention of the frat boys and Flower and Anise quickly left for the drinks leaving Bridget alone. She grabbed a small plate of chips and some beer and sat down in one of the couches. She watched the partiers dance.

A month before, Bridget would have been dancing with the other partiers, but not that she had Derek, she didn’t want to dance with anyone else. She had fun watching the goings on of the other partiers. She wished Derek was there with her now. He was probably cutting down trees somewhere. At least Flower was busy partying and too busy to be getting into trouble by spiking trees or stuff.

Across the room Flower giggled as Anise picked a shot glass full of Jagermeister with her mouth out of Flower’s cleavage.

“My turn,” said Flower.

Anise pulled at the collar of her baby shirt. “You can’t. This shirt doesn’t let me show cleavage.” She handed Flower the shot glass and Flower had to drink it regularly.

A bit later they came back with some beers and sat by Bridget. “Is this a great party or what?” asked Flower. She had almost tripped herself just walking across the room.

“Must be pretty good if you are drinking Jagermeister,” said Bridget. “You do know it contains deer blood.”

“Nah uh,” said Flower. She stuck her tongue out. “According to Snopes, that is not true.”

“Really?” asked Anise.

“Yeah, really.”

“Well all this drinking and stuff is making me have to pee,” said Flower. “You want to go to the bathroom with me?”

“Yeah,” said Anise. She stood up and did a little pee dance.

They left and Bridget sat by herself. “So who are you supposed to be?” a girl Bridget didn’t know asked. She was wearing a Silk Spectre costume.

“Oh, my costume?” Bridget stood up and held her CB mike. “I’m a sexy trucker.”

“Oh, that’s cute. That’s probably a lot easier to put together than mine. I spent a couple of weeks on mine, but I go to comic book conventions. I already won a prize on it at one, so I am just wearing it for Halloween.”

“I like it,” said Bridget. “I never saw Watchmen, but I read the graphic novel a while back.”

“You missed out. You can still get it on DVD though.”

“I guess I missed out if they did the graphic novel justice,” said Bridget.

“Are you kidding?” said the girl. “It was awesome.”

“Cool then,” said Bridget.

Flower and Anise came back from the bathroom. “Can we go?” asked Anise.

“Already?” asked Bridget. She looked at her watch. “It’s not even midnight.”

Anise held her crotch and wiggled. Her eyes looked at Bridget as if begging.

Flower spoke up. “She says she has to pee, but if she takes her diaper off to go, she can’t get it back on.”

“Yeah, if I pull on the tapes, the plastic comes up with it.” She did another pee dance. “Can we please go? I really got to pee or I will have an accident.”

“You are wearing a diaper,” said the Watchman girl. “Just use it.”

“I’m not going to pee in a diaper,” said Anise.

“Hey, Flower,” said Bridget, “please get Ami and ask her if she is ready to go. Anise, sit here; that might make it easier to hold it if you are sitting.”

Flower left and Anise sat beside her. “Thank you,” she said.

“No problem.” Bridget did know how it felt to wet herself and wanted to spare Anise the embarrassment.

Ami came over and smiled at Anise. “Can’t you just wet your diaper?”

“No,” said Bridget. “You will be able to tell because the diaper will discolor. Everyone would know.”

“You’re free to walk back.”

“I don’t want to walk by myself dressed like this,” said Anise.

“I’ll go with her,” said Bridget.

“Thanks, Angela,” said Flower. “She’s my friend. I’ll go to.”

“Well the boy I was talking to ended up being a douche. I guess I can call it a night, but you have to start treating Angela and I with respect,” said Ami. “So far you have been mean and petty and you still insist on playing your music loud.”

Anise crossed her legs and crouched pretty low. “Fine,” she said. “I’ll be nicer.”

“Let’s go,” said Bridget. “I don’t think she has that long.”

They stepped out into the cold and Bridget shivered. She looked at Anise who had her hand rammed into the crotch of her diaper. She didn’t know how long Anise could wait.

“Just pee your diaper already,” said Ami. “There is no one out here who can see.”

“But what about everyone in the lobby at the dorm?” she whined. She continued walking, but then had to stop and cross her legs every few minutes.

Bridget had to pee as well and the cold weather didn’t help. She wondered why she decided that short shorts were okay attire for Halloween. Already the wind was picking up and dark clouds were starting to blot out the stars and the moon.

They were about halfway to the dorms when Anise suddenly stopped. She held her hands at her crotch and tried to cross her legs.

Bridget shivered. “Keep moving. We’re halfway there.”

“Yeah,” said Flower. “I got to pee really bad too.”

“If I move, I’ll pee,” said Anise. Then she froze and got a blank look on her face. Ami and Flower both stared as Anise wet her diaper. The wetness indicators slowly disappeared and Bridget could see the diaper get a bit thicker as Anise wet it. The diaper slowly discolored as well.

“Well,” said Ami. “I guess that takes care of that.”

Anise stopped peeing and looked down at herself. She started to cry. Bridget put her arm around her to comfort her.

“We’ll get back to the dorm and you can get changed,” said Flower. “It’s okay.”

“But everyone will see what I did,” she whined.

“Okay,” said Bridget. “You can change in the back of my car. Ami will go up and get you some other clothes.”

“Won’t people wonder why she changed out of her costume?” asked Flower.

“Fine,” said Bridget. “We’ll send Ami to go up and get a new diaper. They come in packs and surely Anise has more.”

“No,” said Anise. “I only have one. I sorta borrowed it from my grandmother.”

“Oh nice,” said Ami.

Bridget sighed. “Just come on. I’ll find another diaper for you.”

They kept walking until they got to Bridget’s car. Bridget let Anise in and then said, “Okay. Here’s the deal. If you mention anything about where you got a spare diaper, then everyone and I meant everyone will be told why you needed it. Do you think you can be discrete about where your spare diaper came from?”

“Yes,” said Anise. “What’s the big secret?”

Bridget ignored her. She opened her trunk and pulled out the overnight bag she carried in case she stayed at Derek’s. She had promised never again to be caught without diapers if she needed to sleep over. She pulled out a diaper, closed her bag, closed the trunk, and handed it to Anise.

“Does your boyfriend know you need those,” asked Flower.

Anise looked up at Bridget and she felt herself turn red. “Shush, Flower.”

Flower looked embarrassed. “Sorry.”

Bridget looked at Anise. “Just change.” When Anise didn’t move, she asked. “Are you waiting for one of us to change you?”

Anise blushed and just closed the door. It was dark so no one could really see in the car really well. Ami and Bridget just waited outside the car. All the sudden they heard a peeing sound coming from the front of Bridget’s car. They quickly walked around to see Flower squatting with her dress hiked up and panties around her ankles.

“What,” she said. “I had to pee and I am not wearing a diaper.”

Bridget pointed behind her. “The dorm is right there and has bathrooms. What are you going to wipe with.”

Flower just shrugged and pulled up her pants. “It’s not really a problem.”

Anise emerged from the car and they went up stairs to their rooms. “Thanks, Angela,” said Anise.

“No problem.” Bridget left as Anise and Ami went off to their rooms. She and Flower went off to their own room.

“Now that was an interesting situation,” said Flower.

“Yeah. Let’s get to sleep.”

“Good idea,” said Flower. “My uncle is coming by in the morning.”

Bridget started to wet her own pull-up at the thought of the terrorist. She barely managed to stop before her saturated pull-up leaked. In a shaky voice she managed to speak. “Please wake me up in time to get ready before he gets here.”

“Sure,” said Flower. She already had her dress off and was putting on her jammies.

Bridget went in her walk-in closet and got ready for bed before emerging diapered. As soon as Flower went to sleep, she called Derek and told him about her day and that it was now time to set the trap.

Bad dreams were a common occurrence for Bridget. Tonight was no different. She was nervous about baiting the trap. Every scenario she went through in her mind ended with the terrorist trying to physically assault her in her dorm room. The darkest of those scenarios involved Flower joining in. She wondered how Flower was going to react when Bridget finally killed the terrorist.

In the last dream of the night, Flower came along on the trip to free the fake minks. After the terrorist was defeated, Flower became enraged and attacked her.

“Angela, Angela,” said Flower as she shook Bridget awake. Bridget scooted backward across her bed, almost to the window to get away. She reached her arms up to shield her face from any attack.

“You told me to wake you,” said Flower.

Bridget looked around. She was in her dorm and Flower did not have that look of hatred in her eyes that she had in the dream. “Oh, sorry,” she said. “It was another nightmare.”

“It’s getting worse, Angela,” said Flower. “You need to see the school psychologist. I am going to make you an appointment today after Physics. It’s not normal to have nightmares on a constant basis.”

“No,” said Bridget. “Absolutely not.”

“They can help you,” said Flower. “Going to a psychologist doesn’t make you a crazy person. Lots of normal people go to psychologists to make them feel better about problems. Anise has talked to the school psychologist.”

“Fine,” said Bridget. “Just give me two weeks. If things don’t get better then, then I will go.” She counted on dealing with Owl first. If she did that, then both her wetting problem and her dreams would cease. She just had to get the terrorist to go for the bait and she was going to have to get it right the first time.

“Fine,” said Flower. “But no putting it off after that.” Flower turned to make her bed. “My uncle will be coming by after class today, so I just thought you should get up in time to make your bed.”

“Fine,” said Bridget. “Let me shower first.” She left to shower and soon came back to the dorm in fresh clothing. She hurried to make her bed and clean her room as well. She may as well play nice with Flower since she was using the visit as a chance to bait her trap. She just hoped Flower wouldn’t be caught up along with the terrorist.

“Thanks for straightening the room,” said Flower. “I don’t want him to think I am only partying.”

“Even if that is true?” asked Bridget.

“I guess I do party a lot,” said Flower, “but you’re only young once. I am still making A’s and B’s, so my parents don’t need to find out about the over partying.”

“Well that is true,” said Bridget.

“And Angela,” she said, “thank you for being good to Anise when she wet her baby costume. I know you really didn’t like her at all and you and Ami could have reveled in making sure she was super embarrassed.”

“Well let’s just say I know what it’s like,” said Bridget.

Flower smiled. “And I know you had to reveal that you had diapers to Anise when you gave her one of yours. That was really nice.”

“Yeah,” said Bridget. “I’d appreciate you keeping that a secret.”

“You know I will.” Flower picked up her backpack. “Well I got to go to class.” She walked out of the dorm.

Bridget packed her own bag and grabbed an extra pull-up for her backpack. If she saw the terrorist, maybe a pull-up wouldn’t be enough. She put it away and put a night diaper in her bag. She would change into it in the bathroom before returning to her dorm room. Until then a pull-up would be more than sufficient.

After her last class Bridget hurried to the restroom. She did particularly need to go, but she knew she would be wetting herself the second Flower’s uncle appeared. She decided to go before returning to the dorm because she didn’t know if he was there already.

She quickly sat and tried to go, but only a little came out. She had just gone before class anyway and she hoped she would be all right. Just to make sure, she put on the diaper. The top of the diaper stuck up a little bit above her waistband, so she tucked in her shirt. It was cold out, so her jacket would cover any bulge.

When she finally returned to her dorm room, Owl and Flower were already there. “Hi, Angela,” said Flower, “this is my Uncle Owl. Owl, this is my roommate Angela.”

She started peeing and couldn’t stop. She couldn’t believe she could pee as much as she did considering she thought she had just emptied her bladder. The padding of her diaper was more than sufficient to absorb the urine though. She forced herself to take Owl’s hand and shake it. “It is nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” he said.

Bridget picked up her phone and discretely texted, “He’s here.” She then turned to Flower. “What did you have planned?”

“Well my uncle has to give a lecture tomorrow about how to write your Congressmen to get actions done. Tonight he is free and he is going to take us out for dinner for Vegan food.”

No. Don’t leave yet, Bridget thought. “That sounds like fun. Do you mind if I check e-mail before we leave. My professor was going to send us the homework assignment. I need to just see it real quick to estimate how long it is.”

“Sure,” said Owl. “Our reservations aren’t for another hour anyway. It doesn’t take an hour to drive around Pullman.”

“Cool.” She booted up her Mac and checked her e-mail. Just come to the door already, she thought.

“So Flower tells me you celebrated Halloween last night,” Owl said.

“Yes. I dressed as a sexy truck driver. I wore a trucker hat.” She pointed at her Chevron hat that she had left in a prominent location.

“Why did you choose to go as an oil company truck driver?” asked Owl.

She decided to startle him a bit. “I found the hat at a thrift store. I chose that hat because the original owner was also a woman. She even wrote her name in it.” She tossed the hat to Owl for him to examine.

He looked at it and turned white. “Bridget Addison,” he read in the hat.

Bridget smiled and held out her hand for the hat. Her name hadn’t been written in that hat or the original hat. She had just written in the name this morning.

“Well should we be going?” asked Flower.

A knock sounded at the door. Bridget smiled and rushed to the door to answer it.

Ogre stood at the door. He looked a lot more friendly than he did when she met him in the forest. He wore a FedEx uniform and he held a package. “I have a package for Angela Murphy,” he said.

“That’s me,” said Bridget.

He handed her the package and she signed the clipboard he held. Bridget looked at Owl and Flower for any sign that the ruse had been discovered because Ogre didn’t have a FedEx computer handheld. None of them noticed. Ogre hurried away when Bridget signed it.

“Do we have time for me to open it?” asked Bridget. “I can wait until we get back, but I kind of want to know what it is.”

“Go ahead,” said Flower.

Bridget opened the packaged and pulled out a mink coat. It was pure white and when she held the coat to her face it felt so soft, almost like when she was a child and cuddled with her kittens. She held it up and showed it off to Flower. “I told Derek how cold we were last night and he sent me a coat.” She showed the card that came with the coat to Flower.

“I heard how cold you were last night, so I bought you a mink coat. Enjoy it and always think of me,” Flower read. I can’t believe Derek is so cruel as to buy you fur."

“Fur is not good, Angela,” said Owl. “You might think it is wonderful, but think of all the suffering that the mink go through.”

Bridget didn’t have to think about that. She had visited a fur farm before and saw how they were killed. However, she still had no sympathy for the angry, hissing minks. “I was so cold last night,” she said. “Derek just bought it because he cares about me.” She took the coat and turned to put it in her walk-in closet. She didn’t close the door all the way. After she hung the coat she called Derek.

“They saw it and I think they are mad at me, not mad at the mink farm,” she said when Derek answered the phone.

“Just wait,” he said. "They’ll go for it.

“I hope you are right,” she said.

“Oh, and don’t leave the mink alone with them. I would hate for one of them to spray paint it. It is my grandma’s.”

“Oh thank you, Derek,” she said. “A girl likes to dress in her boyfriend’s grandma’s clothes.”

“Bye,” he said. “You need to focus on them.” He hung up.

Bridget turned and looked out the small opening in the closet door and into the room. Flower and her uncle were still talking.

“I think it was tacky for her to wave that coat around in front of us,” said the uncle.

“She’s slowly coming around,” said Flower. “I am surprised about the fur coat though. Angela never wears fur. I never expected she would be happy about getting one.”

“What’s this Derek guy do anyway that he can afford to buy a fur?” asked Owl.

“I don’t know,” said Flower.

Owl picked up the package and looked at the return address. “The Cuddly Creatures Fur Farm? It must be new. It’s not in the Blueprint.”

“The Blueprint?” asked Flower.

“It’s the list of fur farms that was compiled by animal rights activists.”

“Cuddly Creatures,” asked Flower. She took the box from Owl. “If there so cuddly, why are they stealing their skins for coats?” She studied the return address. “Hey there logo is especially cruel. Look. They have a cartoon mink in rabbit fur and a cartoon rabbit wearing a mink coat. That is despicable.”

I hope Flower doesn’t get baited into this, Bridget thought, or else she is liable to go with the terrorist into the trap. Flower was just naïve, not evil.

“Well they seem to be from near here,” said Owl, “Kitzmiller, Washington.”

The trap was set and Bridget hurried out. “Don’t we need to go to dinner now? Our reservations will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“Oh yeah,” said Flower. “We need to go.”

The trip to the restaurant was nerve-racking to say the least. Flower insisted that Bridget should ride shotgun since she was the guest. Sitting in the passenger seat in Owl’s Prius wasn’t as bad as being hijacked by Owl in her tanker truck, but it was almost as scary for her. She was glad for the diaper though. She was constantly leaking from fear, but it wasn’t a lot. However the cumulative effect made it pretty heavy by the time they dropped her off at the dorm.

“Go on ahead,” said Owl. “Flower will be up in a little bit. I just need to talk to her about something.”

“Sure,” said Bridget. She raced back to the room. She wanted to get back to the dorm anyway. It had been a stressful evening.

Once inside, she diapered herself for bed. When she finished, she saw her CB mike. That should have been returned to her car. She also remembered she was one diaper short in the supply she kept in her car. She dressed and then hurried down to replace the diaper. She put the new diaper in the duffle bag in her truck and opened the car door to put away the microphone. She sat in the seat and looked around. Owl and Flower were in the Prius parked nearby. They were arguing.

“The time to attack this new fur farm is sooner rather than later. All we need to do is brake in and release the mink. Since the farm is new, that may bankrupt it.”

“I don’t want to do any direct action,” said Flower.

“Why not?” asked Owl. “Think about all those animals that are going to lose their skins.”

“I’d rather not do any direct action until I am sure we aren’t being watched,” said Flower.

“Who would be watching you?” Owl asked.

“I don’t know,” said Flower. “I just have a bad feeling about it. When we spiked the trees, it did nothing to help our cause.”

“Flower, it is time to act. You saw the cartoonish label that they used to sell the skin and fur of animals.”

“That does make me angry,” she admitted.

Bridget shivered in her car. Not because she hadn’t worn her jacket outside, but because she thought Flower was going to fall into her trap.

“If you care about animal rights, you will help me free those mink,” said Owl. “We are going to hit the place at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning.”

“Do you really need me?” asked Flower. “The more of us who are there, the higher the likelihood of us being detected.” Flower got out of the car. “I won’t be going.”

“Fine,” said Owl. “I’ll free the mink myself. You will be responsible for the deaths of any that I cannot free myself.”

Flower stormed away angrily back to the dorms. Owl threw the Prius into reverse and tried to peel out as he pulled out of the parking lot. It would have been more impressive if a Prius could peel out and Bridget was happy about her Crown Victoria and its ability to leave a trail of rubber if she felt like proving a point.

Bridget got out of her car and headed back to the dorm. She had a date to stop the terrorist once and for all and she could not wait until Friday night. Besides, she would also be able to spend the night with Derek.

Re: Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty: Setting the Trap

Another excellent chapter, which kept the story moving along, keep up the good work

Re: Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty: Setting the Trap

Interesting chapter. Maybe you could develop that character in the Silk Spectre costume some more though? :wink: It’s always fun to connect different story-lines into one universe, isn’t it?