Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Thirteen: Week of Welcome: Part One

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Life and Death Choices Made Casually: Week of Welcome: Part One

by Write and Left

Bridget put on her pull-up and sighed. She had enjoyed wearing panties during the day again. She hadn’t seen or heard from the terrorist in weeks, except in her nightmares, and that meant no daytime accidents. She knew better than to go without protection at college and her bedwetting still required Depends to keep her sheets dry. She was leaving for college that day. She pulled her jeans up over her padded bottom and pulled on a t-shirt diagramming the rules to play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock.

She picked up the last of her things to take to her car. When she walked down the stairs, her mother met her.

“Angela,” her mother said. “You got everything packed?”

Bridget nodded.

“Do you have enough supplies?”

“Yes.” She blushed. Even though she had lived as Angela for five months, she still never got used to thinking of the Murphy’s as her real parents. The bedwetting really embarrassed her. So far the only ones that knew about that were her parents, Lia, and Ami. But of course everyone at her high school knew about the embarrassing accident she had, or rather Angela had, before Bridget found herself not in her own body as a condemned inmate, but in a high school student who just had a messy and public accident.

Nobody could know about that. If anyone suspected, Bridget feared they might try to kill her for the crime the terrorist had framed her for.

“Well Lia is outside,” her mother said.

“Oh thanks,” said Bridget. She carried her last bag to her black Ford Crown Victoria and put it in the passenger seat.

“Are you going to say goodbye,” asked Lia. She stood beside the car and frowned, with lips twisted in a pout.

“Sure, Lia.” She stood to face her friend. “I know we were supposed to be roommates, but things didn’t work out.”

“I know. You had to go to WSU instead of University of Idaho.” Lia frowned. “I’m over that. We are still friends. I just wanted to see you off before you go and to let you know I am not mad at you.”

Bridget smile faded. If Lia told her that she was after the man who might be responsible for the death of her father in his tree spiking death, then Lia would be wanting to come to WSU with her, not wanting her to go to school is Moscow, Idaho.

“So have you heard about your new roommate yet?”

She nodded. “Her name is Flower. I met her at orientation. She seems pretty weird.”

“Did you tell her about–”

“No,” said Bridget. “I don’t know how long I can hide that I wear diapers to bed, but I guess I will manage.” Knowing Flower, she would probably be more upset that she wasn’t wearing cloth.

“Well, I hope she doesn’t make fun of you,” said Lia.

“I’m more worried about other aspects of her personality,” Bridget said.


She was not about to tell her that she was probably the only lead to the man who may have killed her father. “She’s a vegan and quite preachy about it.”

“I enjoy my meat too much for that.”

“I have no intention on adopting her food preferences,” said Bridget.

“Well, good luck. I wish you could stay longer. Why do you have to leave so early?”

“There are certain things I want to unpack before my new roommate gets there.” She certainly did not want to unpack her diapers under the watchful eye of Flower.

“Oh,” said Lia. “Well, bye.” She leaned in and gave Bridget a hug. “I got to go. Today is my last day working at Thick Burger before I go to college tomorrow.”

“Well, I will drive over and see you at least once before classes start.”

“Thanks,” said Lia. She jumped into her car and drove off.

Bridget returned to the house and said good bye to her mother.

“Now you call when you get to campus.”

“Yes, mother.”

The drive wasn’t really that long, but it did take some time to get to campus. By the time she arrived it was already 8:45. Still, she couldn’t get her dorm key until nine o’clock anyway.

“No, mother, I can’t go get your prescription,” a familiar voice said.

Bridget looked and saw Ami talking into her phone.

“I’m already here.” She paused. “At college.”

Bridget waved to Ami.

“I left last night while you and Dad were arguing.” Ami waved back.

While she was occupied with her phone call, Bridget started unpacking her car to take stuff into the dorms.

“No, I left because I can’t take the arguing anymore. I got to go. Bye.” She closed her phone. “Hi, Angela. Sorry you had to hear that.”

“Still having problems at home?”

“Nope,” she said. “I’m not home anymore, so it’s not a problem. I get to have some peace until Thanksgiving break.”

“I’m glad you have some peace. I have to deal with Miss Flower Childs.”

“And how she reacts to those nightmares you get?”

Bridget blushed. “It’s still happening too, but maybe she won’t notice my choice of pajamas.”

“I hope you are right. I only noticed because you kicked the sheets off at night. Hopefully it won’t be so freaking hot at night and you can wear some shorts to hide your diaper.”

“Well, I really don’t want to dwell on that aspect of my stay here in college. I have great plans for the future. For what it is worth though, I wish you were my roommate and next semester I will try to change roommates. Flower just caught me by surprise requesting me as a roommate. For what it’s worth, I think someone needs to keep an eye on her to keep her from causing trouble.”

“Good point,” said Ami. “I just think she needs to have a big plate of bacon and eggs.”

The two girls hauled their stuff into the dorm and finally received their room assignments. “I’ll meet you after I get settled in,” said Bridget. She held up her cell phone. “I’ll call you.”

It took her only five trips to bring everything upstairs to her dorm. Her clothes were packed in a big green Navy sea bag. She also had brought three boxes with her. One contained her computer and desk stuff. The other two contained diapers. She also had stuffed her toiletry bag in her new back pack.

She had one more thing she hadn’t brought up. She ran down to her car and opened the truck. Inside was a black footlocker she had purchased at a garage sale the week before. It was about 18 inches high and three feet wide. It also had a lock. The lock thing was a big deal. It would be perfect for her diapers.

The only problem was that, even empty, the footlocker was heavy. She leaned into the trunk of her car and tried her best to lift it out. She hadn’t even thought it would be that heavy. The husband of the lady who ran the garage sale had put it in her trunk for her.

“Having trouble?” asked another student. He had a suitcase in one hand and a strange device in the other.

“I can’t get my footlocker out of the car.”

He put down his stuff and reached into the trunk and easily lifted the footlocker out of the car. He put it down behind the car.

“Thanks,” said Bridget.

“No problem.” He put out his hand. “Dave Matthews.”

“You in a band?” asked Bridget.

“I did play tuba for the Newport Knights Marching Band.” He smiled. “I get that all the time.”

Bridget giggled. “I’m Angela Murphy.” She looked over at the device he held. “What is that?”

“It’s a metal detector,” he said. “I like to search for old coins. It’s a bit of a hobby. I think it will be more challenging since there is no beach around, but who knows.”

“Sounds like fun,” said Bridget.

“Well, it is,” he said. “Tell you what.” He turned and put his gear back in his car and returned. “I’ll help you with your footlocker. I can always bring the rest of my stuff later.” He picked up the locker and started to carry it.

“Cool,” said Dave Matthews. “We are right next door to one another.”

“That’s pretty cool,” said Bridget.

“After you get settled in, do you want to go get something to eat somewhere? My treat.”

Bridget smiled. “I’d love to.” Then she remembered what she had told Ami. “I sort of promised my friend I would go with her. Maybe you can ask me out to dinner a different time?”

She returned to her room and quickly opened the footlocker and started to fill it with her diapers. Once that was done, she threw away her boxes, put her clothes in the dresser that was in the closet and set up her computer on the little desk.

She was just about done and going to make her bed when Flower walked in with her uncle. “Hi, Angela,” she said enthusiastically.

Bridget just froze. Her body suddenly felt numb as the terrorist looked at her. Her crotch muscles relaxed of their own accord and she felt warmth fill her pull-up. The terrorist was in her room, helping Flower carry her things. She had never been so close to the terrorist since she crouched paralyzed with fear in her tanker truck so many years ago. She also noticed something else. It was not just her bladder that was failing her. She felt a pressure at her butt and she had to poop really bad.

She grabbed her purse, and squeezed past the terrorist. “I’ll be right back,” she said. She walked as quickly as she could to the bathroom, but the urgency seemed to lessen as closer as she got. She didn’t care though. She entered a stall, pulled down her jeans and pull-up and sat down.

The last thing she needed was a bowel control problem on top of her bladder issues. She used the toilet to empty herself the best she could and then when through the process of changing her pull-up. The pull-up was wet, but it could have been worse if she would have messed it. Fortunately she retained more control over her bowels than her bladder.

She sheepishly slipped back into her room. The terrorist wasn’t there any longer and Bridget sighed with relief.

“Why’d you rush out so quickly?” asked Flower.

“I just had to use the restroom,” said Bridget.

“Oh, I just wondered.”

Bridget returned to the task of making her bed and then watched as Flower put her stuff around the room. She had posters that she had to put up showing animals and slogans. One was a poster of a cute piglet that read, “Does your food have a face?” Bridget sighed. She would have to have a talk about the decorating taste Flower showed.

Her uncle showed up more times and it took all Bridget’s strength not to rush out of the room. Her bladder was already empty, so there were no more accidents, but that still didn’t make Bridget feel comfortable.

“We are going to Studio 7 Vegetarian Restaurant,” said Flower. “Want to come?”

“I’m really sorry,” said Bridget. She really wasn’t. “I promised Ami I would eat dinner with her already. After that, I am going to lay around and be a vegetable myself.”

“Suit yourself,” said Flower. She and her uncle left and Bridget sighed with relief.

In hindsight she should have gone. She may have even had a chance of following the terrorist, but unfortunately, she chickened out. She sighed and returned to arranging her things in her room. After everything was square, she went down the hall to Ami’s room.

“Hi, Angela,” said Ami. “Come in.” On the other side of the dorm room music blasted from a set of speakers with an iPod hooked to it. The girl near the iPod glared at Bridget like her presence was some kind of intrusion. Well she glared with one heavily mascara-blacked eye. Bridget couldn’t see her other eye due to her long multicolored bangs covering it. She was very skinny and pale, but she wore long sleeves even in the summer. Bridget didn’t know how she could stand it.

“We should make some rule about guests, Kim,” said the girl.

“It’s Ami. Can you say Ami?”

“I’m still getting me stuff arranged. Can’t we have a moratorium on guests until we get settled in?”

Ami grabbed her purse and room key. “Fine,” she said, “but let’s have a moratorium on loud depressing music too.” She put her hand on Bridget’s forearm and directed her out into the hall.

“I wish you were my roommate, Angela,” she said. “Anise is a stupid emo brat.”

“I noticed.” Bridget wasn’t sure what an emo was, but she could tell Ami was already fed up with her. She had never seen Ami as angry as she was. Her roommate must be more annoying than Flower.

“No you didn’t notice. As soon as she got here, she plugged in her iPod to loud speakers and started blasting her crappy depresso-music to everyone. I am going to go insane. Not only that, but she said my painting had to go. It’s an original Patrick Fuenz. She said it was too bright and happy. Then she puts up cheap band posters that are depressing with pictures of hearts being stabbed and shit like that.”

“Hey,” said Bridget, “speaking of stabbing things, let’s go to the Fireside Grill and get some steaks. My treat.”

“Yay,” said Ami.

“It’ll give you a chance to forget about Anise,” Bridget suggested.

“Well, I have yet to forget about her. I swear, I will cut her wrists in her sleep and no one will believe she didn’t do it to herself.”

“Now that is extreme even for you,” said Bridget.

The two girls took the elevator down to the first floor and began walking out to the parking lot.

“Alright,” she said. “I won’t kill her, but I might get one of those roommate agreement things.”

“That is more constructive.”

“I mean, I would rather have you as a roommate even if you needed your diapers all the time. Let’s take my Eclipse. It is faster.”

“Are you kidding?” ask Bridget. “My Crown Vic may look older, but I have a 5.8 liter V8 Police engine. We are taking the Machine.” Bridget hopped in the driver’s seat of her car and waited for Ami to get inside.

“This looks a lot like an old person’s car with no hubcaps,” said Ami as she got inside. She buckled up and closed the door.

Bridget started the car and threw it into reverse. The tires squealed as she backed out of her spot and then she threw it into drive and hit the accelerator. She grinned as Ami grabbed hold of the dash with one hand and the door with the other. Bridget turned onto the street and roared off campus toward the area of town where the restaurant was.

“See, I told you my car is the fastest,” said Bridget.

“Jeeze, you got here so fast, I almost needed one of your diapers, Angela,” she said. “Let’s not go so fast on the way back.”

“Okay,” she said. “But only if you promise to stop mentioning my diapers in public.”

“I won’t let anyone know, Angela. You know I promised that.”

The two girls went inside and they got seated at a table.

Ami started right in. “I don’t know how I will last the semester. Anise has gotten on my last nerve and I’ve known her less than an hour.”

“Well at least you don’t have to deal with Flower,” said Bridget. “She put up PETA posters on her side of the room. I have to think about stuff like that that every time I look at them.”

“Speaking of Eating Tasty Animals,” said Ami. The waitress came and took their steak orders. In less than ten minutes she brought their steaks and they were enjoying lunch.

Bridget took her knife and cut through her steak and smiled as reddish brown juices flowed. She cut a piece of steak and put it in her mouth. “This is really good.”

“Yes, it is,” Ami agreed.

“So what does Anise like to eat?” asked Bridget.

“I have no idea,” said Ami.

They talked about classes and their plans until their food was gone and it was time to go to campus again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the bill,” said Ami. She pulled out a credit card and gave it to the waitress who brought their bill.

Soon after the two girls headed back to Bridget’s car. “Do you think we have time to make a Walmart run?” asked Bridget.

“No, we got that assembly in less than thirty minutes.”

“Oh, well let’s go to the assembly.”

The assembly was as boring as Bridget expected. Flower insisted on sitting next to her in the auditorium. Ami sat on the other side. The assembly was basically a rehash of things that they covered a few months back in orientation and a schedule of the Week of Welcome activities. Everything to get freshmen ready before classes began. Bridget didn’t know whether to be annoyed or frustrated by all that she had to do to get ready for classes until she realized most of the stuff was optional. The only thing she would really have to do is buy her books at the bookstore and visit all the classrooms on her schedule to make sure she knew the way.

Still the study skills session and note-taking session would have been useful the first time she went to college. Maybe she would have graduated.

After about ninety minutes the assembly was over and they were dismissed until the next day. Bridget got up, said goodbye to Ami, and returned to her room to relax until the next day.

Flower did not return to the room right away. In fact, she didn’t come back until well after Bridget was diapered and asleep.

“Hey, Angela,” she said as she came in the dorm room at 2:00 am and turned on the light. She stumbled and fell into the room and Bridget knew right away what was wrong.

She got out of bed and closed the dormroom door and leaned down to where Flower had fallen. “Oh great, you’re drunk aren’t you?” She put Flower in her bed, fully dressed, and only took off her shoes. She was tempted to diaper Flower, but then Flower would wonder where the diaper had come from if she woke up dressed in one.

Bridget crossed back to her own bed and tried to fall asleep. She hoped Flower wouldn’t make a habit of coming back to the dorm drunk.

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