Life and Death Choices Made Casually: Chapter Ten: Freshman Orientation

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Bridget put her packed bags in the trunk of her car and closed the lid. “All ready to go,” she said.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” asked her mother. “For freshman orientation you can have a parent with you.”

She knew Flower might be there and wanted to get info on what she was up to. There was no way she could get time to lean on Flower with her mother there. “I need to do this on my own. I know there are things you can help me with and I have a cell phone if I need anything, but it’s time I do a few things by myself.”

“Do you have enough supplies?” her mother asked. “You’ll be staying overnight for two nights.”

“Mother.” She looked around to make sure no one heard, but it was only her mother and father there. She was embarrassed, but was sure her mother hadn’t mentioned the word “diaper.”

“Well drive safe,” said her dad, “and try to keep it under one hundred.” Bridget smiled back at him.

“I’ll try.” She hopped in her car and drove toward Pulman, Washington. At last she would be able to make some headway on her search to get the terrorist. Her lips curled in anticipation of how she would make the terrorist pay. During the few hour drive, she thought about different punishments she would give the terrorist. Maybe she would soak him in diesel fuel and light it, or maybe she would strap him down to a gurney and inject poison in his veins. Whatever she decided, she could only do one thing to him because she knew it would be fatal.

When she got to her destination she parked where her orientation packet said to park. She parked beside a red Eclipse and got out to get her stuff.

“Hi. I’m Ami Kent,” said the Asian girl getting out of the Eclipse. She dressed and talked like an American so Bridget guessed she wasn’t an international student.

“Are you here for freshman orientation too?” Bridget asked.

“Yeah,” said Ami. “Of course I am.” She pulled a large bag out of the passenger seat and smiled. “No parents and no boyfriends. Nothing will stop me now,” she said.

Too hyper, thought Bridget, but she responded anyway. “Well I want to get settled in before everything starts,” said Bridget.

“Good idea,” she said. “Let’s go in.”

The dorm they would be staying in for the next few days was the Stephenson Complex. It was not by any mean luxurious and Bridget knew that. She didn’t care. She wanted to get in her dorm, find a place to hide her diapers, and get a little downtime before they rounded them up for orientation.

“So why didn’t your parents come with you?” Bridget asked. “I mean mine didn’t come either, but I had reasons for wanting to be alone.”

“My dad had a multimillion dollar business deal he had to deal with and my mother is too sick to come so I am here alone.” She shrugged. “I’ve been doing everything for myself anyway and Dad’s got money so I manage.” She looked at Bridget struggling with her bags. “So what’s your story?”

“I just wanted to be alone,” said Bridget. “I love my parents, but they can be a little overbearing sometimes.”

“I understand. Mother is overbearing when she isn’t pretending to be sick so Dad with pay attention to her.”

They arrived at the door to the door and walked over to a table that was set up there. “Angela Murphy,” she said to the Resident Assistant looking over the list.

“And Ami Kent.” She watched the girl struggle a bit and pointed at her name. “That’s A. M. I.”

“You too can have 418,” said the RA. She handed them each a key and pointed to the stairs.

“That was fun,” said Bridget as she pulled her stuff into the room and walked toward one of the beds. She worried for a second when she saw the plastic sheets, but both beds were equipped the same way so she knew they weren’t put there just for her.

“Especially when that one guy asked us why we were taking the stairs after we already made it to the top.”

Bridget opened a door in the corner of the room and looked inside. She expected a bathroom, but it was just a closet. It was a rather big closet, divided in two and it divided the dorm room into two branches of an L. It still did not afford much privacy, but it was more private than most dorms. “Where is the bathroom?” she asked.

“I think it is down the hall?” said Ami.

“Great,” said Bridget. “I’ll be right back.” She walked out the door and found the lady’s room. There were rows of showers, rows of toilets, and rows of sinks, which meant she would either find a way to change into her diapers quietly in her dormroom, or in the bathroom and then get to her dormroom without any noticeable crinkling. She did her business and returned to the room. It was only going to be two nights and Ami wouldn’t be her real freshman year roommate.

“I’m settled in, I think,” said Ami. “Let’s go down stairs and mingle.”

“Good idea,” Bridget agreed. She first took the time to make her bed first before going downstairs. If she had to get her diapers on in the room with Ami there, she wanted to do it under her covers.

When they got downstairs, they ran into other freshmen in the dorms first floor lounge. Some were playing pool, others were sitting in comfortable chairs in front of a big screen TV. Still, others were chatting or flirting or other stuff.

Since it was just orientation, most students had parents with them. Some looked at Bridget and Ami with a bit of jealousy. Theoretically, it was almost college, and it was hard to impress other students with parents present. That would change when classes started the last week of August. Still that was a month away.

“Hey Angela,” said a voice called to her. Bridget turned to see Flower standing there. “It’s pretty cool that you decided to come to WSU.”

“Yeah,” said Bridget, “I decided at the last minute. I’m surprised I could get my FAFSA done in time.”

“Oh, I hate filling out forms,” said Flower. “So much paper going to waste. At least I could fill them out online and not hurt trees.” She wore a green t-shirt that showed a tree. It said, “Hug a tree.”

“It probably burns more carbon to run your computer, than it takes to fill out a paper form,” said Ami.

Flower got an angry look on her face for a moment, but then smiled. “Well, I see my uncle. I should probably sit with him.” She pointed in the direction of the chairs in front of the TV.

Bridget looked and saw the terrorist sitting calmly watching a show on the discovery channel and froze. Hot pee warmed the insides of her pull-up and she couldn’t focus on anything else. She was peeing so long she thought she was going to leak. Finally it stopped and she looked down at the legs of her blue jeans. Still dry, but she wondered for how long. Her pull-up felt saturated.

“Excuse me,” she told Ami. “I left something in the room.” She turned and hurried toward the elevator and up to the room.

Finally, in the safety of the elevator she felt the back of her pant leg. It seemed to be a bit damp and she almost panicked and decided to drive home. However, the elevator was mirrored and she was able to see the back of her legs. They didn’t look wet. She half smiled and decided she could do this.

Once in the room she stripped from the waist down and began to clean herself with some wipes. She got out a new pull-up and pulled it on. She was tempted to put on her night diaper and hide it under a skirt, but Ami and Flower might notice if she changed clothes. Instead, she pulled up the jeans she had been wearing over the pull-up. She felt some relief that she hadn’t leaked, but it had been close. Tomorrow she would wear her long skirt and Depends. She carried the wet pull-up to the trash inside the common bathroom and started downstairs.

Today, however, she had to get back to the orientation session. It was supposed to start at 1:00 and it was already 1:05. She hurried back down to the lounge just as everyone was filing out for the campus tour.

“Took you long enough,” said Ami. “That creepy skinny girl kept asking where our room was. She wanted to look for you.”

She imagined Flower walking in on her as she was changing herself. “What did you tell her?”

“I certainly didn’t give her the room number.”

“Good,” said Bridget. She had plans for Flower, but she didn’t know how to get her alone without the terrorist. Maybe Ami should have told her to go up and find her, but someone else would have gone looking for the two of them and Bridget wasn’t sure how she would interrogate Flower. She didn’t think water boarding would work and besides, she still didn’t google how to do it.

The tour of the campus took over an hour. They walked from building to building while the campus ambassador droned on and on about the different buildings and what went on inside them. "And this is the Engineering Building where most of the engineering students have classes.

Bridget looked in the window and wondered what else would be going on in the class. She looked over at Flower who was standing with her uncle. At the sight of the terrorist, she had another little accident. It was just a trickle this time since she had completely emptied herself with her just before the tour. Her cheeks burned and she looked around to see if anyone noticed. “Just don’t look at him,” she whispered. “Pretend he’s not there.” Her pull up was mostly just damp and did not overwhelm the absorbent material at all.

“You okay” asked Ami. “You look a bit flustered.”

“I’m just a bit warm,” she said. Her face did fell warrm, but it was from the heat of her blushing, not the weather.

“Now we are going inside this building and we can start orientation,” said the tour guide.

The rest of the day was spent in a boring lecture hall. There were presentations about student life, campus rules, and diversity training. Where she was seated she couldn’t see the terrorist though. She wasn’t constantly dribbling anymore either. Pretending he wasn’t there was her best bet if she wanted to win. Finally they were dismissed.

“I’m glad that’s over,” said Ami.

“There are two more days of this,” said Bridget. She looked over her orientation schedule. “I wonder why they need three days or orientation.”

“Worthless lectures about anorexia, racism, and acceptance,” said Ami.

“Well the rest of the time will be with our advisors and team building exercises and stuff,” Bridget said.

“Although your creepy, thin friend must not need the anorexia lecture,” said Ami. “She was nibbling on stuff from her lunch bag all day. She’s probably bulimic.”

“She’s a vegan,” said Bridget. “She must eat a lot, but nothing of substance.”

“Well speaking of food, they led us to the cafeteria,” said Ami.

As soon as they returned to the Stephenson complex, they were led into the cafeteria. Bridget and Ami heaped their trays full of food. Today they were serving chicken and Jello. “I don’t think those two foods go together.”

“I don’t care,” said Bridget. She set her tray on the table and picked up a drum stick and started to eat it. “It’s good enough.”

Flower came by and set her tray on the table. She only had Jello on her tray. “I can’t believe you two are eating that much chicken. You know they live their entire lives in tiny cages and they can’t turn around.”

Ami took a bit of her chicken breast and swallowed. "Not true. They’ll live some of their lives in my stomach.

“So you are going to fill up on just Jello,” asked Bridget.

“Yes,” answered Flower. “I don’t eat food from animals or animal products. Jello is made from fruit.” She spooned a bite of Jello into her mouth.

“Hate to break it to you,” said Ami, in between bites of chicken. “Actually, I am happy to break it to you. Jello is made from the bones and skins of hogs. The only fruit in it is from the artificial flavoring.”

“It is not,” said Flower. She took a tentative bite of her food.

“That’s not nice,” said Bridget. “She hardly gets enough food as it is.”

“I’m sorry I tied to trick you,” said Ami. She smiled. Bridget tried unsuccessfully to forget that Ami’s fingers were crossed. She was glad she loved meat. She ate fried chicken until she was full. She lost her appetite for Jello.

“You going to eat that?” asked Ami as she pointed to her Jello.

“No,” said Bridget.

She scooped up Bridget’s Jello and ate it. “Sorry, but I am a hungry girl.”

Flower finished her food about the same time. “A vegetarian diet really is healthier,” she said.

“I can’t,” said Ami. “My Korean heritage requires me to eat meat, especially your cat or dog.”

Flower got up and walked away quickly.

“You don’t really?” asked Bridget.

“Of course not; I was just messing with her,” Ami answered. “I’m born and raised in Seattle. I grew up on salmon filets, sea food, and Starbuck’s Coffee.”

Bridget giggled. “Just don’t scare the poor girl away. I need to find out something from her first.”

“Okay, I have another confession to make,” said Ami.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t have a Korean heritage. My great grandfather came to Seattle from China.”

Bridget giggled again. She looked around and Flower was nowhere in sight.

After supper Bridget spent the time mingling with others students. She and Ami were they only girls she found that were in engineering. A lot of the freshmen hadn’t even picked a major, which shocked and appalled Bridget. Bridget knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to take electrical engineering as a major and actually finish this time. Thanks to Angela’s parents money would not stand in her way.

She hurried up to her room. Ami wasn’t there yet, so she used the time to diaper herself for bed. She didn’t know when Ami would walk in, so she changed herself on the floor of the large closet. There was no air conditioning in the Stephenson Complex and the evening was hot. She just put a T-shirt and gym shorts on over her diaper and went to sleep.

It was funny trying to sleep at night in a strange place. It’s not the same. The bed in the Murphy house where she slept had felt strange the first week or so and this place would take getting used to as well. Any bed was still better than the cot she slept on in prison before she became Angela.

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