Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Sixteen: Fighting Back: Part 1

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Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Sixteen: Fighting Back: Part 1

“Was your first week as hard as mine?” asked Bridget. She hefted her backpack on her shoulder as she and Ami walked out of the classroom.

“It wasn’t that bad,” said Ami, “and I am not just saying that because I’m Asian.” She smiled at her own joke. “I could have done without so much homework. The professor gave us miles of Physics homework.”

“It’s almost like we’re Engineering students or something,” said Bridget. “Maybe we should start a study group.”

“Good idea. You want to meet after supper and we’ll just hang around your dorm room and work on homework?” Ami wrinkled her nose. “Anise made it clear that music would be playing since it is Friday.”

“At least you only have to deal with her until she flunks out,” said Bridget. “I would have thought with her being emo she would have majored in English literature or something like that.”

As the two girls walked down the path toward the dorm, Flower caught up to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“We are going to get started studying,” said Ami. “You are welcome to join us.”

“I can’t,” said Flower. “It’s a life or death thing. If I don’t do this, bad things will happen.” She frowned. “I am free Saturday morning.”

“We do have a life,” said Bridget. “Saturday I am sleeping in and then going shopping.”

“I thought you and Dave Matthews were going somewhere special on Saturday,” said Flower. “He said something about it to me last week.”

“Dave and I are not speaking,” said Bridget.

“Well, I hope it blows over,” said Flower. “I am still your friend even though you kill harmless animals and eat them. What you two argue about is probably nothing compared to that.”

“Bridget, are we getting General Tso’s chicken for dinner?” asked Ami. “I like it because it was named after a butcher.”

“We are going to get some supper, Flower,” said Bridget. “You are free to join us.”

“No, my uncle is taking me out for vegetarian tonight.”

Bridget felt a slight trickle of pee leak into her pull-up at the mention of the terrorist, but she managed to control herself. She did feel slightly damp. “Let’s go Ami. I’m hungry.”

“I’ll see you later tonight,” said Flower.

“That was awkward,” said Ami. She picked up a piece of chicken with her chopsticks and expertly guided it into her mouth.

Bridget picked up a bite of food, but when she turned it toward her mouth her fingers cramped and she dropped both the broccoli and her chopsticks. “What was awkward?”

Ami handed her a fork and Bridget stabbed a piece of chicken with it. “The way Flower talks about her uncle all the time.”

Bridget dropped her fork as she began to wet her pull-up. She felt her bottom for leaks and sighed with relief as her hand came away dry. “I got to go to the restroom.”

“Me too,” said Ami.

“Um, I,” Bridget started to say. She wet her pull-up and didn’t really want Ami to know that she wet during the day too. Still Ami was following her.

They went into the restroom together. Unfortunately it was a small two stall bathroom and the stalls had no doors. Bridget felt trapped. She could rip the pull-up off of her, but she still had to take off her blue jeans to put the clean pull-up on.

Ami had already sat down and started peeing, so Bridget hurried to change. Taking her shoes off in a gross bathroom always disgusted her. She quickly put the new pull-up in place and started to pull up her jeans when Ami came out of the stall.

Bridget’s face felt hot when she noticed Ami looking at the wet pull-up at her feet. “Are you okay, Angela?”

Bridget finished pulling up her pants and then tied her shoes before picking up the wet pull-up and throwing it away. “I’m fine.”

“Your nighttime problem seems to have become a daytime problem,” said Ami. She turned on the water and washed her hands.

“Can we please change the subject?” The door opened and another woman entered the restroom.

“Yeah, come on. Let’s finish eating.”

They ate mostly in silence and didn’t say anything until they got to the car.

Later that evening Bridget and Ami did their homework together. There was a lot, so Bridget did have a lot to finish the next day, but she knew which directions to go. She had never seen some of the math before and it was difficult.

“I’m going to go down stairs and work in the lobby,” said Ami. “That means I will sit in front of the TV watching infomercials.”

“Lovely,” said Bridget. “I don’t want to look at another physics problem. I am going to dream I am driving a truck on a frictionless road accelerating at 3 meters per second per second. How far do you think I’ll travel before morning?”

Ami smiled. “Angela, you know I would make a smartass answer, but I don’t want to solve for distance.”

“Slacker,” she said as she shut the door. She yawned and stretched. I think I’ll go to bed, she thought.

Bridget slid out of her clothes and put on a clean diaper for bed. She pulled on a long T-shirt over it. She looked around for her shorts and found them in the laundry with a slight pee stain on them. Her diaper had started to leak the night before. She had to go to bed without them.

Bridget did dream of kinematics. She kept trying to calculate over and over how to slow her tanker truck before it hit the school. When she bailed from the truck her physics professor was standing above her. “You could have stopped it if you were smart enough to figure out a simple physics problem.”

She heard a terrible crash and felt herself peeing again. She opened her eyes in time to see Flower stumbling to then floor.

She shielded the light with her arms and squinted across the room to see what the commotion was all about.

“Ouch,” squealed Flower. The floor was covered with a box of spilt nails. They weren’t just picture-hanging nails; they were pretty big. A hammer lay on the floor beside Flower who was holding her foot. “That hurt dammit. I dropped a hammer on my foot.”

“What are you doing with a hammer this time of night, Flower?” asked Bridget. She watched as Flower tried to scrape the nails together into a pile and put back into the box she spilled.

“My uncle and I were doing a project together,” she said.

Bridget’s pee muscles tried to release, but she had already emptied her bladder into her diaper.

“Well I may as well tell you,” said Flower. “That forest they were going to cut down. Well, my uncle and I and another friend put nails in the trees to keep them safe from the loggers.”

“You what?” asked Bridget. She got out of her bed and walked straight up to Flower and pushed her against her bed. “You know that when the loggers cut down the trees that their chainsaw blades will break?”

Flower looked up at Bridget and then down at her hand that was twisted in the collar of her shirt. “So?”

“So what do you think happens to the logger when the chainsaw blade brakes and flies back at him?” she yelled. “My best friend’s father died because some worthless hippy spiked a tree. Now I find out my own roommate is trying to murder more people.”

Flower started crying. “I didn’t want to hurt anyone,” she sobbed. “I just wanted to protect the trees.”

“At the expense of human life,” said Bridget. She released Flower and turned toward her closet. “Do you remember where you spiked the trees?”

Flower reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with a Yahoo map on it. “We just did here.” She handed it to Bridget.

The Yahoo map had the section of forest that was spiked marked in red marker.

“We only got the West side of the forest done though.” She looked at Bridget’s diaper. “Why are you wearing a diaper?”

Bridget looked down and noticed she wasn’t covered. She really hadn’t planned on letting Flower know about her wetting problem. “Don’t worry about that. You should be worried about how long you are going to spend in jail after one of your nails kills a lumberjack.” She found her jeans and pulled them on. Then she grabbed her car keys.

“Well don’t tell anyone,” Flower whined. “I don’t want to go to jail.” She knelt down and continued to gather the nails scattered on the floor.

“Maybe I should drop you off in the woods and make you pull all those nails you put into the trees,” said Bridget.

“But how would we know we got them all?” asked Flower. “They are not made of shiny metal and it’s dark. I couldn’t even detect where I hit them in the tree.”

“That’s it,” said Bridget. “Dave Matthews has a metal detector. We can find the nails with it.” She grabbed the hammer in one hand and yanked Flower out the door with the other hand. She handed her keys and the hammer to Flower. “Now go wait in my car.”

Bridget crept up the stairs to the next floor and entered into the dark hallway. As she crept past the bathroom, she blushed. She hoped no boys had to get up in the night and use the bathroom. She didn’t want to run into anyone wearing only boxers. Finally she arrived at Dave Matthew’s door and knocked.

There was no answer.

She pounded on the door. “Open up Dave, I need to come in now,” she hissed.

A groggy Dave came to the door. “Angela?”

“Yes it’s me.” She forced her way past him into the dorm.

“You aren’t supposed to be here after 10:00,” he said. “This is a guy’s floor.”

“I know the rules,” she said. “This is important. I need your metal detector.”


“Just for tonight.”

“No,” he said. “It’s expensive. Where are you going with it?”

She thought of Flower. She really didn’t want to go to jail. “I can’t tell you.” She slipped off her shirt, pushed her bra down, and took Dave’s hand and pressed them against her breasts. “Please.”


“I would sleep with you if I had time and you weren’t grossed out be my bladder control problem.” She took his hands and started rubbing them on her breasts.

“Sure,” he said. “But you have to pay for any damage you do to my metal detector and…”


He pulled a hand away from her breast and slipped it toward the top of her pants. When his hand felt the top of her diaper, he stopped. “Ugh, nevermind.”

She pulled her shirt back on while he turned to his closet and got the metal detector. It was in her hands. She also saw a crowbar leaning against the back of the closet. “I want that too,” she said. She left the dorms with those two items in hand."

“We’re here,” said Flower. “At least I think.”

Bridget parked the car and the two girls got out. Bridget checked her watch. “It’s almost 4:00 am. We got to get this done quickly.”

“Yeah, the lumberjacks come here at six,” said Flower. “I don’t want to get caught by them.”

“Well than help me.” She swung the metal detector along the nearest tree trunk. As she raised it, it beeped. “Here is the first nail. Take it out.”

Flower tugged at the nail with the claw of her hammer. She really had to strain, but she finally got it out. “This is hard,” she complained.

Bridget swung the metal detector along the tree again. It beeped in a different place. “Serves you right. You should have thought of that before you spiked a tree.” She pointed at a nailhhead. “Take that one out. How many nails did you put in each tree?”
“Depends on the tree.”

They spend several hours pulling out the nails. Bridget had to help pull the nails. It was very tedious work, but the made process across the forest.

They were at the last tree when Bridget felt a strong hand grab her from behind and clam her mouth shut. She couldn’t make a sound, but she could still hear. A scurrying figure ran through the woods carrying Dave’s metal detector. She got into Bridget’s car and sped off. “Coward,” she thought. Flower had abandoned her hear with neither her car, nor Dave’s metal detector.

Her captor dragged her backward away from the path where she had driven into the forest.

“Look what I caught?” said her captor. He pushed her into the middle of a logging camp.

A man with an axe across his knees stood up and frowned.

“I caught me a tree spiker.” He held Flower’s hammer and a handful of bent nails.

“No, I’m not,” said Bridget.

“There were two of them, but one got away.”

"I’m not a tree spiker. I was pulling nails out of the trees, Bridget said.

“Sure,” said another logger.

“Hey let’s spike her to a tree.” Two of the loggers lifted her up and slammed her back against the trunk of a pretty solid pine tree. Another took one of the straighter spikes and pressed it in the fleshy bit beneath her left collar bone. He pulled the hammer back to strike. Bridget didn’t know what hit her first: the smell or the mushy feeling as her bowels emptied themselves into her diapers. She screamed when she saw the hammer start to come down.

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