Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Nineteen: Setting the Stage

I got this done before the weekend just in case I don’t have time to write later. The story is starting to get toward the end. I set things in motion to get toward an ending.

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Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Nineteen: Setting the Stage

Flower carried the laundry baskets into the dorm room. “I got your laundry done.” She set the basket next to Bridget’s bed.

Bridget looked up from her physics homework. “Thank you Flower.”

“How long do I have to do your laundry until we are even?” she asked.

“You volunteered to do my laundry,” said Bridget. “It is hardly a hardship compared to me going to jail for trying to keep you from facing a murder rap.” Asking Flower to do laundry once was the only time she took up the offer for Flower to make her experience up to her.

Flower froze and a look of worry covered your face. “Anything else you want me to do?”

“No,” said Bridget. She got stuck on a particular physics question and folded her assignment into her book. “I am going to go study with Ami now. If you want to join us you can.”

“No,” said Flower. “I think Anise is coming over to study soon.”

Bridget shivered. That Anise was creepy. She got up and left the dorm to meet with Ami.

“So Ami,” said Bridget as the two sat in the library. “An object accelerates from rest on an inclined plane. The coefficient of friction is 0.23. How long does it take to get to the bottom?”

“You got to add all your forces,” said Ami.

“But I never did a friction problem before,” Bridget said.

“Just multiply it to the mass and acceleration.”

“Oh, duh,” said Bridget. She had done this many years before the first time she was in college. She should have remembered. If physics wasn’t so hard she would have remembered. She quickly figured out the problem and looked in the back of the book to make sure her answer matched what she got.

“Anise is driving me nuts,” said Ami. “It’s not just the music anymore either. I walked in on her having sex.”

“Eww,” said Bridget.

“That’s not the worst of it,” she said. “I thought she was having a Lesbian moment because the person she was with had dyed black pigtails.”


“Well it turned out I just thought he was a girl. I never saw someone try to pull up their skinny jeans so awkwardly. He had to sit down for quite a bit before he could zip his pants.”

“Ick, Ami.” Bridget covered her eyes. “Need mind bleach.”

“It was pretty gross. So what are you doing this weekend?”

“My new boyfriend and I are panting his new place,” said Bridget.

“Cool,” said Ami. “You mind if help?”

“Well I guess you can help.” She thought about Flower. If Flower knew where her boyfriend’s farm was, she might get suspicious when they were ready to set the trap. “You just can’t tell Flower. I really want a place where I can get away from her.”

“Good point,” said Ami. “I wish I had a place to get away from Anise.”

“I said you could come to my dorm room anytime she gets to you.” She frowned when she thought about the growing friendship between Flower and Anise. She had come home to Anise and Flower studying together."

“So did you tell your new boyfriend about your nighttime problem?” asked Ami. “I don’t know how I would broach the subject.”

“He knows.” Bridget felt her face flush with warmth. “I didn’t tell him; he found out on his own.”

“From the redness of your face, that must have been embarrassing.”

Bridget nodded. “At least he was cool about it: especially when I ran out and he encouraged me to stay the night anyway. Talk about embarrassing.”

Ami’s mouth opened in shock. “You didn’t pee on him in bed?”

Bridget felt her face turn red again and nodded.

“Well he is a keeper if he kept you after that.”

“Thanks,” said Bridget. She did wonder how long he would put up with her.

It was warm outside. Bridget dipped her brush in the paint and brushed it on the bare wood of the fence. The fence around the compound had decayed in places, but Derek had repaired it with new wood.

“This place is pretty cool,” said Ami. “Thanks for letting me come along.”

“No problem,” she said. “Derek and I had a lot of work to do to get this place in shape.”

“How is the painting coming along,” asked Derek.

“It’s coming,” said Bridget.

“Well thanks for doing this Angela.” He turned to Ami. “And thank you Angela’s friend.”

“No problem,” said Ami. “I’m just happy to see Angela with someone. She had an unhappy experience a few weeks ago when a guy found about her…”

“Ami!” said Bridget. “Don’t go there.”

“I like her anyway,” said Derek. “Besides she can’t help it.”

“I’m right here,” said Bridget.

“I know,” said Derek. He stood behind her and wrapped his strong lumberjack arms around her. “She’s a keeper,” he said to Ami.

Bridget leaned back against Derek and he tightened his grip on her. “How long do you think it will take before we are ready?” Bridget asked. The sheds still needed paint. Derek had spent the morning scraping the old paint off. It was pretty much down to the bare wood.

“A few more weeks I think,” he said. “We do need to paint the sheds today before we can call it a day.”

“Well, let’s get started,” said Ami.

The sheds were not really that tall. Ami and Bridget were able to paint all the way up to the eves without a latter. The ends of the sheds were different. The highest point in the shed was about twelve feet tall. Derek got on a ladder and painted that part. When they finally finished, Bridget was starved.

“I’m hungry,” she said.

“Yeah, we skipped lunch,” said Derek, “but I will make it up to you and take you both out to eat.”

“Cool,” said Ami.

“I’m thinking Mexican,” said Bridget.

“What do you think of Rancho Viejo?” asked Derek.

“Good enough,” she said.

The server brought them their plates and Bridget smiled. “Ooh, I can’t wait to eat this.”

“Looks good to me too, Angela,” said Ami. She stuck her fork in her burrito and it was so hot that steam came out from where it was opened.

“I’d wait a bit to take a bite there, Ami,” said Derek. “It looks hot.”

“I think I can handle it. Thai food gets hotter and I eat that a lot,” said Ami.

“Temperature, not spiciness,” said Bridget.

“Oh.” Ami blew on her burrito and then frowned. “Thanks. I would have hated to discover that after I put it in my mouth.” The meals cooled and they were able to eat them before too long.

“So what is next on the agenda today?” asked Bridget.

“Well we got to visit that farm and look around. Also, weren’t you going to paint the sign?” asked Derek.

“Yeah,” said Bridget. “I have the perfect logo planned.”

“What is the sign for?” asked Ami.

“We were going to give the place a cute whimsical feel,” said Bridget. The last thing she wanted anyone to find out about was the sign. The plan called for burning the sign as soon as she had taken down the terrorist. The last thing she needed was for the police to find out they had lured the terrorist there. "There might be questions that would take her actions out of the realm of self defense. She wouldn’t let that stop her. Owl was the terrorist who crashed her tanker truck into a school. He had to pay.

“I always thought signs on farms that aren’t really farms are kind of kitschy,” said Ami.

“Maybe the sign isn’t a good idea after all,” said Derek. He took her hand and squeezed it."

“I guess,” she said and pouted. “I just have to decorate all the other rooms in the farmhouse with kitsch.” She smiled. “Maybe put one of those old-women-bending-over decorations in the garden. How does that sound?”

Ami shook her head. “What are you like forty?” she asked.

Bridget panicked. She was in her forties now that she thought about it. Still, Angela’s body was still nineteen years old. “What do you mean?” she asked. “How old do I look?” She started to shake. She skipped the pull-up because she didn’t anticipate seeing the terrorist and she was wearing sexy new panties for Derek. She started to wet herself.

“I mean, my mother likes that kitsch.”

“Oh,” said Bridget. She managed to stop peeing, but wasn’t sure she was still dry. She had to pee even worse now that she had let some out. “Excuse me.” She got up and hurried to the bathroom. The whole time she was careful to keep her butt pointed away from the center of the dining room.

When she looked in the mirror, her butt was soaked. There was a wet spot the size of a luncheon plate. She sighed. It could have been worse. She went to a stall and sat down. She wonder what to do. She left all her clothes at Derek’s farm. They had come here in Ami’s little red car. Maybe she had clothes though. Bridget always kept a change of clothes in the trunk of her Ford Crown Vic, but that was too far away. At least the jeans were black.

She finished peeing and examined her red and white checked lacy panties that matched her red and white checked lacy bra. Hopefully it would dry before Derek began to feel playful. She sprayed a bit of perfume in the crotch of her panties so she wouldn’t smell bad, but she was pretty wet despite soaking most of it up with toilet paper.

She emerged from the bathroom and returned to Ami and Derek. Fortunately they were finished and Derek was just paying the check.

“See you, Ami,” said Bridget as she left in her own car. She shivered. Her peed jeans were starting to get cold. Fortunately she was able to climb into Derek’s warm pick-up. It was hot all day so her pants would probably dry in no time. Eastern Washington was almost a desert.

They drove along for quite some time. Bridget kept stealing chances to brush the denim material around her crotch and bottom. She was getting dryer and dryer as they drove along. Finally they pulled into a place that said, “Maryland Albright Fur Farm.” They got out.

Bridget noticed one thing right away. There were rows upon rows of long sheds instead of only two like Derek’s farm had. Also there were the sounds. “What is making that horrible noise,” she asked.

A woman with two men on either side came out of the shed. “What can we do for you?” They didn’t look very friendly. One of the men had a pitch fork and she could see the other had a lump at his underarm that was probably a concealed handgun.

“I’m Derek Stevens,” he said. “I thought I was expected.”

Her demeanor changed immediately. She smiled and extended a hand. “I am Maryland Albright,” she said. She waved off the men. “We didn’t know who you were. If we didn’t guard this place twenty-four seven, then some fools might come and let all the animals out of their cages.”

“I understand,” said Bridget. “We got sent a death threat and we hadn’t even got out starting shipment yet.” She spit on the ground. “We just put up our shingle and wham: we were instantly swarmed but eco-nuts.”

“You two are awfully young to start out a new farm,” the lady said.

“Well I inherited 100 mink from a distant uncle,” said Derek. “I thought I would give it a go.”

“Well, that will make two coats,” said the lady.

“We are just starting out,” said Bridget. “Derek said that you promised to show us the ropes.”

“Sure. Follow me.” True to her word, the woman showed them everything.

The sounds were unbearable. The mink screeched and shuffled in their cages. They could even hear the mink outside the sheds. Bridget grabbed Derek by the shirt and whispered, “Give me your iPhone.”

He handed it to her.

“I ask that you not take pictures in here,” the lady said.

“I’m not,” said Bridget. “I just got a text from a friend.” She tapped a few keys and turned on the sound recorder before slipping the phone in her purse.

At the end of the tour they got to see where they killed the mink. There was blood everywhere. She got to see a device in action that shocked the mink to death. A machine next to it skinned the mink. She recognized the electrocution machine from the shed. The one in Derek’s farm was rusted and old, while this one was brand new. She felt sick to her stomach. Sure, the mink were just animals, but she didn’t want to watch them die. The whole purpose of this tour was to find out if there were details she was lacking in setting her trap. The sound was something she hadn’t thought about that was an important detail. She hadn’t thought about the blood either, but that wasn’t something she wanted or even needed to duplicate.

“Derek, can we go?” she said.

“You haven’t seen how we tan and clean the hides,” said the lady. “You need to know that part if you are going to be successful in this business.”

“Go to the truck,” he said. “I’ll learn the rest of what we need to learn.”

Bridget left and finally made it to the truck. She sat and waited for Derek for another couple of hours.

“Well thank you, Maryland, for showing us the ropes. Sorry about my fiancé. She’s a bit squeamish.”

“No problem, kid,” she said to Derek. “She’ll get used to it after awhile.”

“No, I won’t,” said Bridget when Derek got into the truck.

“You won’t, what?”

“Get used to it. Intellectually I knew they killed the mink for fur. Mink are mean things too, so I have no sympathy for them, but I didn’t know there was all that blood and I didn’t imagine that mink were killed like they did.”

He pulled the truck onto the highway and they took off back to his place. “You want to forget this and come up with another plan?”

“No, we got what we need,” said Bridget. The recording of live mink was all they needed to bait the trap. Bridget had saved that on his iPhone. They would be ready.

“If you’re okay with it,” he said.

“I’m fine. You just have to stop somewhere soon because I got to pee.”

“You didn’t go at the farm?” he asked.

“No,” said Bridget. “You were with me the whole time until I went back to the truck.”

“Well I went after that.”

“Jerk,” she said.

“I didn’t say we weren’t stopping,” said Derek.

“You better stop.”

He pulled into the next gas station and Bridget ran into the bathroom. She couldn’t help thinking he was turned on by her predicament.

The two finally arrived back at Derek’s house. “Are you spending the night?” he asked.

Bridget nodded nervously. The last time had been a disaster, but he had been night about the wet bed. This time she had brought diapers, but that was a different thing. She had also brought her own pajamas to wear to bed. She thought they would play it by ear.

“Good,” he said. “How about I give you some ice cream?” He left her in the living room while he went to the kitchen. Soon Derek had returned with the ice cream.

“I thought you would like mint chocolate chip.” He brought the two bowls and set them on the coffee table. The two sat at the love seat.

“Do you think our plan will work?” she asked Derek.

He nodded. “You have nothing to worry about.” He put an arm around her.

Bridget took a bite of her ice cream. “This is my favorite ice cream. All it is missing is some pie.”

Derek put a hand over her stomach. It was flat and smooth. “Well, you have room for pie. Unfortunately, I don’t have any.”

She knew her own stomach as Bridget Addison hadn’t been that smooth. At least with the younger body she could eat better. However, she found herself full much quicker since becoming Angela. She knew she would probably too full for pie anyway after she finished the ice cream.

The being young again was the only advantage of this whole situation. She felt the guilt come back over stealing the youth from Angela.

She reached under his shirt and put her hand on his six pack. At least he had a job with exercise. That might change when he finished school and took an engineering job. She hoped not, but she also hoped she was not so superficial that something like that would matter. Besides, she would not stay young forever. Angela would eventually grow older.

She didn’t know how they ever concentrated on finishing their ice cream, but as soon as the bowls were empty their arms were around each other and their mouths were too busily intertwined to talk.

Bridget reached up and unbuttoned Derek’s shirt and slid it off his shoulders. At the same time she felt her pants being unzipped and she lifted her but to ease the removal of her pants.

“Did you have an accident earlier?” he asked.

She looked down. Her panties, although dry, were stained yellow. She felt tears well up in her eyes. Had she finally grossed him out. “Yes,” she admitted. “It was in the restaurant at lunch.”

“Why didn’t you say something earlier? You could have changed into something more comfortable.” His arms were around her. He pulled up her t-shirt, exposing her breasts, and dried her tears with the corner.

“Are you sure you want someone like me, Derek?” It was one thing wetting at night. She probably should have worn the pull-ups for daytime, but she hadn’t because she wanted to wear her matching bra and panties for Derek.

“Because you wet your pants earlier?” he asked.

Bridget nodded and bit her lip in anticipation of what he was going to say.

Derek held her tightly in his arms. She shivered slightly as she sat on his lap in her underwear. Her pants were pulled down so her panties were completely exposed. “I can’t say that the daytime accidents thrilled me,” he said, “but I am more worried about how bad they make you feel.” He squeezed her tightly. “I am not letting you go over something like this.”

She had both hands around his neck, but she squeezed tightly. Then she leaned back and separated her legs slightly as Derek’s hand slipped inside her slightly damp panties.

She moaned in short little bursts and thrashed as she came, then her body relaxed in Derek’s arms. “Hold me,” she said. She relaxed as he held her close until her breathing returned to normal.

“You got a long day tomorrow finishing your sign and setting up,” he said. “How about we take showers and we go to bed.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I got homework too.”

She reluctantly disengaged from Derek and picked up her clothes from the floor before walking upstairs naked to the shower. The hot water cleaned the sweat, dry pee, and cum from her body. She scrubbed until she knew her skin was clean. Then she got out of the shower and dried off.

She pulled a diaper from her bag and put it on. A t-shirt went over that. The she looked in the mirror. Her diaper stuck out obviously from the bottom of her t-shirt. She had thought the shirt would cover it. Well maybe if she hurried and got under the covers.

She left the bathroom and headed to the bedroom. Derek was already there in boxer shorts. His wet hair showed he had showered in the other bathroom. She just peeked around corner and she felt her face heat up with more embarrassment.

“Well come on in,” he said.

Bridget pulled the front of her shirt down the best she could as she entered the bedroom. She looked down at her feet. Derek had felt her diapers in her dorm room, but this was the first time she had been in front of him with her diapers not covered by shorts or anything.

He got up and pulled her gently toward the bed. “You know, I think it’s cute.”

“Really,” asked Bridget.


“You don’t think I am a big disgusting baby?” She looked into his eyes and then glanced down at the bulge in his boxers. “Are you turned on by me being dressed like this?”

“A little. I am more turned on by how shy and embarrassed you are.” He hopped in bed and pulled the blankets up to make room for her.

She hopped in beside him and let him spoon her.

“Okay,” he said. “No nightmares because I have you in my arms.”

No nightmares was optimistic. Owl invaded her sleep. The whole plan went off as planned until it became time to act. The gun, which she held in her hand, refused to go off as she tried to shoot the terrorist. He then got away and the lights went out. As she was looking for him he found her first. Arms reached out of the darkness and grabbed her around the waist. She struggled.

“I got you know and you are going to pay,” said Owl. He let go with one hand and grabbed a knife and pulled it across her neck. “You won’t be bothering me anymore.”

She tried to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth. The only muscle that moved was her bladder muscles releasing her pee into her diaper.

“Don’t worry; it’s me,” said Derek. “It was only a dream.”

Bridget woke covered with a layer of sweat. Her diaper was warm about her middle and she knew it was wet." It was still dark in the room and night time, but Derek was there.

“So what happens now?” he asked. “Do you need me to change you or do you just wait until morning.”

Bridget felt her diaper. She was in no danger of leaking, but she didn’t want Derek to be grossed out by her wet diaper. “I’d rather you just hold me until I get back to sleep, but I will defer to your wishes if you’d rather I change.”

His arms held her as they lay intertwined. His hand pressed against the still warm crotch of her diaper. Then it settled around her waist. They drifted off to sleep.

Bridget smiled as she drew the cartoon characters on the sign. A smiling anthropomorphic mink stood beside a smiling anthropomorphic rabbit. The mink was dressed in rabbit skins and the rabbit wore a mink coat.

She lettered below it, “The Cuddly Creatures Fur Farm.”

“I like it,” said Derek.

“I needed something light and happy after yesterday,” she said. She wasn’t one to think about where things came from. Fur coats came from expensive stores on Rodeo Drive. Besides real minks were mean and they hissed.

“Was it something about us?” asked Derek.

“No, it was the other fur farm,” she said. “It was too much, like taking a tour of a sausage factory. I don’t want to see how it is done.”

“Understood,” he said. “I think your picture is pretty good.”

“Now how do we get the terrorist to attack us?” she asked.

“I have the perfect plan,” said Derek. “I think Ogre has the perfect costume for this. I will have to check his schedule.”

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