Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Fifteen: Week of Welcome: Part 3

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Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Fifteen: Week of Welcome: Part 3

Bridget dreamt of the truck again. She could not turn the truck in time after wresting the steering wheel from the terrorist and it still struck the school. Burning children chased her. One of the girls asked her, “What are you doing about it? The terrorist is still out there.”

“I can’t yet. It’s not time. I don’t know how to get the terrorist,” Bridget begged.

“Your job is not to get just the terrorist,” said the burned little girl. “You need to get his whole gang.”

“But…” Bridget tried to say.

“Until you do, you will wake up wet.” She waved her hand and Bridget felt herself start to wet her diaper. She woke up in a wet diaper just as a knock came at her door.

She groggily walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Dave,” said the guy at her door. “Dave Mathews. I wondered if you wanted to go on a walk or something.”

Bridget looked around for a clock. She wondered what time it was. The clock radio on her nightstand read ten o’clock already. She had put him off for dinner and she really did want to get together sometime, but not dressed in only a diaper.

“Can you come back in ten minutes?” she asked. “I need to get ready. I just woke up.”

“Sure.” Bridget watched as he walked away from her door. As soon as the coast was clear, she tore off her diaper, put on her robe, and grabbed her toiletries. She looked at Flower’s perfectly made bed. It was nice the past couple of nights having her gone. She didn’t have to hide her diaper; she only had to lock the door. She even was able to sleep in just a diaper with only a thin sheet covering her. That would never work when Flower was here.

She walked quickly to the bathroom, deposited her diaper in the trash and took a quick shower. The shower was just long enough to wash her hair, and get the pee smell off of her skin. She hoped for the day that she could wake up dry. After the shower she quickly did her morning routine and came out to find Dave.

“So what are we doing?” asked Bridget.

“Well, Angela,” he said, “I thought we would just walk around a bit and see where our classes are. Classes start tomorrow.”

“I did that already,” Bridget said. He looked sad, but Bridget really wanted to make him happy. “How about we go somewhere and you can show me how your metal detector works.”

“I guess we could do that. Most girls aren’t interested in metal detectors. Let me go get it.”

“You do that Dave Mathews. And most girls aren’t in the engineering program so that is why they aren’t interested. I am.”

“You just hold it a few inches of the ground and wave it around,” said Dave. He waved the detector across a small area and walked forward. After walking a few feet it beeped. Whenever he waved it over the same area it beeped again.

“Does that beeping sound mean you found something?” asked Bridget.

“Maybe,” said Dave. He knelt down and began digging with a small trowel. He picked up a small object and handed it to Bridget.

She looked at it. “It’s a nail.” She was about to throw it down.

“Probably we should throw it out so it doesn’t get caught in a lawnmower when they mow.”

“Oh, good idea,” she said. She picked up the metal detector and moved it across the ground. “I expected it to be a lot easier to find stuff I wanted. I didn’t think about stuff I didn’t want.”

“Well that is half the fun of finding things,” he said.

“I’ll trust you on that.” Bridget swept the metal detector back and forth and suddenly it began to beep louder than it had with the nail. “Oh I found something.”

Dave smiled when he saw where she had detected metal.

“Does it read through concrete?” she asked. “Too bad we can’t dig underneath there without damaging the sidewalk.”

“It will certainly do that,” said Dave, “especially since it is reading the rebar inside the sidewalk.”

Bridget felt herself blush. “Oh.” She hadn’t thought of that.

“That’s okay. We can go to the beach and play with the metal detector. It is a lot more fun and you do find more valuable stuff.”

She smiled at Dave Matthews. “I’d like that.”

He took the metal detector from her. “Enough of my hobby.” He looked at his watch. How about we go to Applebee’s? My treat."

Bridget rubbed her stomach. “That sounds like a great idea.”

Lunch with Dave went pretty well. He opened doors for her, pulled her chair out at the restaurant and was a nice gentleman. It was she that ruined everything.

“Thank you for taking me to lunch,” she said as they walked out toward his car.

“No problem,” said Dave. “I kind of like you.”

She turned to look at him. “Just kind of?” As she continued walking, she didn’t notice a raise part of the pavement where there was a crack. Her toe caught it and sent her flat on her butt. She dropped her purse as well sending the contents scattering.

Dave bent down and started gathering everything that spilled out including her spare pull-up. He held it up. “Why do you have these?”

Bridget felt her face heat up. “I um…,” she started, but then trailed off. She looked at Dave’s eyes and had to tell him something. “I have a bladder control problem,” she said. Her throat hurt and she felt like she was going to cry. She liked Dave Matthews.

He didn’t have to wrinkle his nose, she thought. “I appreciate if you didn’t spread around my problem.”

He looked away from her. “Hey, we’re friends,” he said. “I was just going to tell you how much I like you as just friends. Let me help you pick up the rest of your things.”

He was nice to her about picking up her things, but she couldn’t help thinking that he was offering more than a friendship until he saw the pull-up. “I’m not going to let him see me crying,” she promised herself. She forced a smile until they got back to campus.

Bridget barely held back the tears before she made it to her dorm room and shut the door.

After moping around in her dorm room all afternoon, Bridget decided to get some sleep. She looked in the mirror and saw her eyes were still puffy and she did not want anyone in the hall to see her, especially Dave Matthews. "Maybe I’ll just go to bed and wake up super early tomorrow. She got out her diaper for the night and started to put it on.

The sound of a key in the door rattled and she quickly pulled her covers over herself before Flower walked in.

“Ugh, I am glad I am back in civilization,” said Flower. She dumped her bag on the bed and started unpacking. She dumped all the clothes in her laundry.

“Did you have fun on your camping trip?” asked Bridget. She was a bit nervous sitting in her bed with only her diaper and T-shirt. She usually wore shorts to bed over the diaper to hide it from Flower.

“Oh the place we stayed was beautiful,” said Flower. “We stayed by the river. It’s too bad the trees on the other side of the river are owned by a lumber company.”

“Well,” said Bridget. “Where do you think we get buildings and stuff.”

“Well, it is horrible,” said Flower. “The trees are natural and beautiful. They are cutting them down next Saturday. Someone should do something.”

Bridget started to tremble. If wasn’t only wearing a diaper and a t-shirt she would have gotten up and slapped some sense into Flower. Instead, she had to deal with Flower without getting up from her bed. “Flower, relax. The first day of classes are tomorrow. I want to get some rest. Besides, you can’t do anything about it tonight.”

“I guess you are right. I am going to bed early as well.”

“Thanks,” said Bridget. It was two hours until she heard Flower’s soft breathing that indicated she was asleep before she could retrieve her shorts and cover her diapers.

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