Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story) First part edited.

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Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny

Erin adjusted her mask and rubbed her calves. She had to be careful from where she was staking out the Dini’s place. Her new white boots weren’t exactly the stealthiest of equipment, even the red stripe was a striking colour, but then as Liberty Lass she wasn’t used to the cloak and dagger side of super-heroics.

This wasn’t an ordinary case though; in the last month fifteen of Unity City’s richest families had been relieved of their most precious jewels. And it was Erin’s job to stop them.

She smoothed out her star spangled skirt and pulled up on her white gloves, they matched her boots, and adjusted her red and white halter neck top. In the last three hours there hadn’t been so much as a rustle of movement. Even the baby had slept through the night.

The sun had just started to creep through the branches of the trees as Liberty Lass stretched out her shoulders. Still nothing, no intruders, no strange glows or robots or anything that would signal a break-in in this town. Instead all there was the faint cry that startled the house awake followed by the quick curtain rustle of a maid or it may have even been the mommy hushing the baby back down for a few more precious moments of sleep.

Finally there was some movement outside of the house. Erin sat up in her hiding place readying her senses to act. She almost sighed with disappointment as the van rolled quietly up to the gate and then was let through.
“Bristow’s Diaper Collection” She read aloud, surprising herself at how hoarse and cracked her voice sounded. “Well that tears it. Nothing happened here.” She sighed and turned around. Her hunch had been wrong but at least the now richest family in the city were still rich. Silently she vaulted the fence and returned to the college dorm.

“I’m telling you Liam…I was there. Nothing happened. Nothing.” Erin repeated. “There couldn’t have been a robbery. There was no way for the jewels to have left the building.”
“Lass, how long have I been a detective?” Liam Robertson asked.
“Longer than I’ve been in tights.” Erin frowned.
“And in all that time have I ever given you false advice?”
"No…never. So you’re sure? I was there the whole night, how could I have missed it?
“You’re the hero.” Robertson sighed.
“And you’re the detective…” Erin countered quickly.
“So one of us will figure it out.” Liam smiled. He reached forward patted her gloved hand. “Now I’m going to check out what the families have in common.”
“Nothing, but their wealth. Some of the families run in the same circles but at least four don’t know each other. And another two are reclusive.”
“Well in that case why don’t you go do some hero stuff and figure it out? Find the connection find the criminals. Now I really have to do some work.”
“Aren’t you going to try and arrest me, Robertson?”
“I don’t want my ass kicked by a girl half my size.” He shrugged and stood up from the bench. He rubbed his hand through his shaggy beard and turned and lumbered his way through the park.

Erin sat on the Liberty Bell, her custom motorcycle. It had originally belonged to her mentor but when he had retired he had given it to her as a gift. It acted as everything from a mobile crime lab to a changing room for when Erin Summers was needed more than Liberty Lass.

And now was one of those times.

Erin stepped confidently into the office of the diaper collection agency. Bristow’s Diaper Collection Agency had been a long established and struggling business in Unity City until three months before the robberies started. Yet now it had grown into one of the city’s premier “Green Centres”.

The building was clearly creaking under the rapid expansion that the new customers had brought to it but it despite the three large boil washers it didn’t seem to be laundering anything other than dirty diapers.
“Can I help you Young Lady?” Erin heard a smooth voice behind her.
“Yes, I’m Erin, I phoned earlier. I’m doing the college paper on Green Industries.” She remembered to put in the slight jump as she blabbered at the man. Looking at him she knew it was Calum Bristow, the owner’s son but she still looked at him with the doe-eyed enthusiasm of a college journalist.
“Of course, I didn’t realise that they would be sending around such a beautiful reporter. My name is Calum; I’m the General Manager here. What would you like to know?” He smiled confidently at Erin; she knew forty seven different ways to wipe that smile from his face but decided not to blow her cover. Instead she giggled girlishly.
“Oh wow…General Manager.” She beamed then shook her head, hoping that the manoeuvre would look like she was trying to regain her composure and not holding back vomit. “Well, I just, just would like to ask you about how you got so big so quickly…I mean the business not you…” Erin blushed furiously trying to get him to lower his guard.
Calum’s smile got even bigger as he spread out his thick muscle bound arms. “Well my father was a green avenger. He totally wanted to heal the world. And he saw the amount of garbage disposable diapers created. But he knew how inefficient washing cloth diapers is, until that is, you increase the number in a load.” He gestured to the boil washers. “The more diapers you clean at once the greener it is. So we are now the largest diaper washing facility in Unity City, if not the whole state. And that’s not all…” He trailed off with a smile.
“It’s not?” Erin leaned in to Calum’s chest, looking up at him again pursing her lips slightly he moved slightly into her body and Erin knew that he was putty in her hands.
“No here at Bristow’s we provide our own special, more efficient diapers and we provide employment for ex-cons and this gives us the hardest working work force in town.”
Erin smiled. Perhaps Calum thought she was impressed with his knowledge of the business but in reality she had located her first clue. Flicking her hypnotic red hair gently she leaned in a little closer. “Tell me more” She whispered.
“They are a standard flat design, so pins are still needed but they have a woven slot for a soaker pad to be placed in the diaper so it only needs changing after the baby does a number two and then it can be removed and placed straight in the diaper pail.” A clipped accent sounded from Erin’s left. She immediately moved back and resumed her meek persona.
“That sounds very efficient.” She squeaked and stared at where the voice was coming from. Erin found herself staring at a strapping pair of breasts and had to raise her head up to see whom they belonged to. The Amazonian woman had cold grey eyes shielded behind a pair of thin rimmed black spectacles. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail and she wore a black power suit. “I’m doing a paper on Green Centres and thought that you would be able to give me the best interviews.” Erin smiled again at Calum trying to look meek and frightened at him.
“It is, and this is Nanny Samantha Blizzard. She has certainly helped with our growth this year.” Calum smiled and stepped in beside Erin. “Her contacts with some of the high society of Unity City have been invaluable.”
“Really Samantha?” Erin asked her voice dropping its illusion of meekness.
“Call me Nanny.” The statuesque woman replied coldly as she eyed Erin a little more closely this time.
“Sorry Nanny.” Erin winced trying to drop back into her persona. “I mean…how did you come by such good contacts.” She stammered hoping to seem a lot less confident than a moment ago.
“It’s ok, Erin.” Calum said falling for the act more than Nanny was. “Nanny Blizzard came to us like a whirlwind with her new designs of the diapers, new clients and new staff. She is very nearly one of the family now.” He beamed.
“Quite.” Nanny commented. She then turned and brushed the shoulders of her power suit. “I have to return to my nursery. I’ll speak with you later Calum.” She didn’t even acknowledge Erin as she stalked out of the room with grace and poise.

Erin continued with her sweet talk for only a few minutes longer with Calum just long enough to extract the address of Nanny Blizzard’s exclusive nursery and to pick up Calum’s private phone number. She wasn’t sure if he was an accessory or just a ridiculous flirt but at least when she took all this to Liam he would be able to locate Calum Bristow for questioning.

Erin drove through the tunnel and used the Liberty Bell’s quick changing mechanism to cast of the shackles of her meek persona. Smoothing her domino mask over her eyes and then shaking her red hair loose Liberty Lass was ready for action.

Standing at the high cast iron gates Liberty Lass stared at the white house beyond. The white wash glistened in the sun light and the windows had expensive looking purple drapes framing them. From what little information she could gather Nanny’s office was on the third floor of the house well above prying eyes and perfect for planning heists, if only Liberty Lass could figure out how they were managing them.

“But as Gatekeeper always said, follow your gut.” She said to the Liberty Bell. “And now it’s time to see if my gut is right.” She nodded bouncing from the seat of her motorcycle over the fence.

The halls of the third floor were completely different from the first two, rather than the childish prints and pastel colours these were dark walls with mahogany rails. Clearly the adults inhabited this floor. Erin almost felt immature in her star spangled costume. Easing her way carefully to the main office she moved to the keyhole and pressed her body to the door.

Immediately it flew open and Liberty Lass was staring at the brass buckle of Nanny Blizzard’s belt.
“What do we have here?” Nanny bent down to stare at Erin. “It looks like a rogue child from downstairs has been playing dress up and found her way up here.”
Erin moved with blinding speed, spinning up and placing her hands on her hips. “I am no child. I am the Patriotic Protector, Liberty Lass.” She glared.
Nanny laughed. “Patriotic Protector, don’t make me laugh. Tell me child why are you here?”
“I’m here to stop your criminal acts. I know you’ve been stealing from the richest families in Unity City.” Liberty Lass said forcefully. She was still guessing but the way in which Nanny had acted to her was only confirming Erin’s suspicions.
“Oh, do you now?” Nanny seemed amused. “Well then I think Nanny should deal with you before you go blabbing my secret to the authorities.”
Erin smiled confidently. “Then I think we have a problem, you vile villain.” She moved into a fighting stance, her gaze flicking around waiting for an ambush.
“You think you can match me child?” Nanny laughed this time. She took a step forward and launched a high punch at Liberty Lass.

Liberty Lass ducked the punch expertly but found her head connecting with Nanny’s knee. She moved more quickly than Erin had expected and the strong blow forced her to stagger backwards. Nanny didn’t let up. As she threw another punch Liberty Lass jumped backwards with a high kick which bought her some time to try and clear her swimming vision. Kicking the door behind her open, Erin found herself standing in what appeared to be a luxury nursery.

Nanny flew into the room behind Liberty Lass. The Star Spangled girl nimbly avoided the charging Amazon who spun into the middle of the room. Trying an unexpected rush, Liberty Lass attempted to change the course of the fight but Nanny dodged quickly to the side. This took Liberty Lass harmlessly past the bigger woman and because she didn’t want to end up back on the defensive. Instead she spun quickly for one of her favourite high kicks.

Instead of connecting with the side of Nanny’s head the tall woman caught Liberty Lass by the ankle and lent back. This forced Erin off balance and Nanny pressed home her advantage by lifting and spinning Liberty Lass. Trying to prevent her vision from swimming even more Liberty Lass attempted to kick her other foot at Nanny’s hand to try and get her to loosen her grip.

Nanny however caught Liberty Lass’s other foot and crossed her hands. She increased the speed of her spin throwing Liberty Lass around like a hammer throw.

Finally releasing her iron grin of Liberty Lass’s ankles Nanny sent her hurtling across the room and smashing her into the back wall of the nursery. Cracking against the wall stunned Erin and she felt some plaster fall on her head as the wall gave slightly from the force of the impact.

The creaking of wood above her cause Liberty Lass to raise her head upwards just in time to see the supports on one of the shelves above her break causing a package of disposable diapers to fall on her head, the swirling world faded to black as Erin lost her grip on her consciousness.

Liberty Lass awoke surrounding by bars. Rather than the cold steel she had imagined though these bars were the rounded and wooden.
“A playpen with a lid?” She croaked her voice hoarse.
“Good, you have finally woken up, child.” Nanny smirked walking around Liberty Lass’s cage.
Erin ignored Nanny’s chiding and instead examined herself and her surroundings. She was still in her costume, although minus her trusty utility belt. But her hands were now encased in thick thumb-less mittens and her legs were forced apart by, what Liberty Lass correctly guessed was, a thick cloth diaper.
“I’m almost surprised at how quickly I was discovered.” Nanny sighed. “I didn’t think you would have been quite as good a detective as you are.”
“Well you won’t get away with this.” Liberty Lass nodded peering through the bars, half at Nanny and half searching for a latch to explain how she got put into this cage in the first place.
“But I already have, Liberty Lass.” Nanny smirked taking a seat at an expensive looking desk. “Everything has fallen into place perfectly. Nobody expects that you can use muscle manipulators to make babies move and act how you want them to. Much less do they expect them to be able to steal jewels from Mommy and Daddy. And then, the secret pocket in the diaper, its pure genius. All I need to do is then make sure baby messes the diaper. The parents won’t need to check it. They just remove it; put it in the pail and Bristow’s pick up the diaper whilst my staff removes the jewels before washing.”

Liberty Lass had spied the locking mechanism on this play pen it wasn’t designed to hold an adult and she knew a simple hand spring should bust it open, but would she have time to act whilst Nanny was revealing her plans?

“Didn’t you wonder why so many reformed criminals were moving into the diaper industry? Of course not, you hero types aren’t interested in how we set up, are you?” Nanny continued to gloat but was now paying more attention to Liberty Lass as she prepared her body for her escape attempt.
“Why are you telling me all this?” Liberty Lass asked as she noted the attention she was being paid.
Nanny chuckled, it wasn’t a nice sound. More one of complete and supreme confidence. “Because Liberty Lass you are now wearing my muscle controlling diapers. And unlike the babies you don’t need for things to be demonstrated for you to know how to do things. So I have complete control over your body.”

Liberty Lass froze at this. She suddenly wanted to rip off the thick diaper from around her waist. It couldn’t really control her, could it?

“Liberty Lass mess yourself.” Nanny commanded as if answering Erin’s question.

The Patriotic Protector stared down at her diaper as her body obeyed the wishes of its new master instead of Erin. Her seat became warmer and heavier as she pushed a mushy load into the back of her diaper. Liberty Lass’s cheeks burned with shame as she humiliated herself in front of the criminal mastermind.

“Excellent.” Nanny commanded. “Now it’s time for you to go back down to the nursery where you belong. You’ll have a big night ahead of you. I’m sure your larger diapers will be able to hold a lot more, which should mean you will be able to break into more houses before you take the fall for us. You’ll be caught wet, messy and red handed in our final victim’s house.” Nanny rose from her desk and opened the cage which held the humiliated hero. “Now stand up and follow me and for goodness sake no crying.”

Erin had no choice. Her body wasn’t her own anymore. Nanny didn’t even bother to watch her captive as she forced Liberty Lass to waddle down two flights of stairs into the main nursery her loaded rear end sagging and drooping all the way. Stopping at the main door to the nursery Nanny patted Liberty Lass’s fiery red hair.
“Now go on in and play nice with the other babies.” Nanny commanded. “My two assistants will take extra good care of you. I believe they are old friends of yours, Liberty Lass.” She cackled holding open the door for Erin to waddle through.

Liberty Lass couldn’t help it. She couldn’t control her feet as they steered her through the door and into the sights, smells and sounds of an active nursery.

“WOWZERS look at that WADDLE!” Came a cry from behind Erin as she reached the centre of the room.

Liberty Lass turned around groaning inwardly. That voice was too familiar and as she turned the nauseatingly cute blue bunny wallpaper whipped around until she was face to face with Hot Gossip.
“Now is that a biker’s waddle? Or is it a cowboy’s waddle?” The psychotic ex-gossip columnist pondered aloud. “No, it’s a messy diaper waddle.” She should have been doing an eight year stretch for holding her ex-editor hostage but instead she was here patting, checking and rubbing Liberty Lass’s dirty rump. “Hey Fox, get out here and take a look at our new client!”

Liberty Lass gritted her teeth more at the mention of Fox. It could only be Fox Glove, the Environmental Assassin, that Hot Gossip was referring too and she should have been doing life without parole at Unity Hospital. Instead the spry, purple-haired woman emerged from the kitchen wielding a baby bottle.
“Is that Unity City’s Patriotic Protector?” Fox Glove laughed her vivid purple eyes drinking in every inch of Liberty Lass’s humiliating look. “The last time I saw her she was matching me blow for blow atop Truman Towers.”

Fox Glove was taller than Erin by almost a foot and had always looked more womanly than her. Like her flower namesake she was toxic all over and preferred to use poisons and toxin tipped weapons to complete her contracts.

It was true; prior to being sentenced to the Hospital, Fox was too insane to be put anywhere other than an asylum or secure hospital wing, Liberty Lass had used her own fighting skills to match the assassin and hold her off long enough so that Mr Truman’s son had enough time to escape the gold-plated building in Unity City and contact the police.

“Don’t move, Liberty Lass.” Fox Glove purred at Erin. Suddenly Erin found herself glue to the floor unable to do anything. She prevented herself from whimpering as the two villains lifted up her skirt and ran their hands over her messy diaper.
“Well we shall need to get this baby changed.” Hot Gossip laughed.
“Of course we will. And we should really take off this silly playsuit she is in before she leaks all over it and ruins it.” Fox Glove agreed tugging at Erin’s star spangled skirt.
“That’s very true. But will we have any clothes that will fit such a huge baby?”
“Hmm, I don’t think so. But we should really have a look at making sure we get the right type of diaper on her first.”
“Well with the huge load she has done already I think we know that Liberty Lass is at least a double diaper baby.” Erin felt Hot Gossip tug at the seat of her diaper working the sickening mess around her skin even more.
“No.” Fox Glove said as she removed Erin’s skirt leaving the ruined diaper on and uncovered.
“No?” Hot Gossip asked confused as she turned and grabbed a diaper from a stars and stripe diaper bag.
“Absolutely not, she is at least a triple pad diaper. Aren’t you, you little soaker?” Fox Glove teased ruffling Erin’s hair.

Hot Gossip didn’t respond to that instead just laughed and spread a changing pad on the floor directly in front of her. Even from her frozen position Erin could see a changing table in the corner of the room. Nanny must have warned her two henchwomen that Liberty Lass was coming down and provided them with equipment whilst she was unconscious. Because as thin as Erin was there was no way she would have fit into the same diapers as the babies currently drooling in the playpens that lined the walls wore.

Fox Glove then pulled off Erin’s top leaving her naked save for her mask, mittens, boots and dirty diaper. If she had felt less womanly before Liberty Lass now felt even more babyish.
“We best leave her mask on. We don’t want to learn her secret identity, yet.” Hot Gossip smirked. “Besides we will be seeing much more than just her face during this diaper change.”
“Quite.” Fox Glove smiled. “Lie down Liberty Lass.” Again Erin’s body rebelled against her wishes and did as it was told. She frowned up at her tormentors.
“Isn’t she being such a nice quiet baby?” Hot Gossip asked.
Fox Glove nodded. “That should continue let’s get her a pacifier and a bib to drool onto.”
“You find them. I’m going to take my time diapering Liberty Lass’s Liberty Ass.”

Erin couldn’t watch what the evil reporter was doing to her. Instead she tried to concentrate on Fox Glove. If it came to a battle it would most certainly be the assassin who would be the biggest threat when she had to take them down. It was strange seeing Fox actually having to care for the babies in the nursery. Somehow Erin had expected that Nanny wouldn’t have let two mentally unhinged women care for with young children. But then Liberty Lass didn’t believe that both of them would have accepted the uniform that they were wearing.

Normally Fox Glove wore an all black leather cat-suit adorned with foliage with her black hair tied back in a tight pony tail. And Hot Gossip would never been seen without her hot pink mask tied around her flowing blonde locks. Her white dress accentuated with newsprint from her own articles and was as much a work of art as a villain’s costume. But now both of them wore an actual blue collar uniform. Or at least as close as one could find in Unity City. They wore matching white dresses which would have looked like a negative of a French maid’s outfit if it wasn’t for the knee-length pleated skirt. Instead of a little white apron it was a large plastic-backed yellow apron covered with brown teddy bears wearing either pastel pink or powder blue diapers.

And whilst Erin may have laughed had she seen those outfits first. They were enviable compared to her current costume. The diaper had felt bulky before; and even more so when it was messy. Now with the addition of two soaker pads between her legs the diaper was even more ungainly and cumbersome. As she couldn’t move Liberty Lass could only feel her precious boots being pulled from her feet and not replaced. Fox Glove then approached her with a large pink pacifier and a white terry towelling bib. The bib was easily fastened around Erin’s neck and she was instructed to sit up.

“Now Liberty Lass suck on this pacifier.” Fox Glove commanded dangling the plastic object between her fingers. Erin’s body did as it was commanded and she began to nurse it.
“Isn’t it nice when the babies behave?” Hot Gossip smirked depositing the dirty diaper into a pail and tidying away the changing supplies.
“Absolutely.” Fox Glove said standing over Erin. “But I think maybe she should behave more like a baby.”
Hot Gossip grinned. “I love it.” She patted Liberty Lass’s fiery red hair. “Right then Baby. Liberty Lass you can no longer walk or feed yourself or talk. You will want to play with the other babies and you will find yourself becoming tired after doing any movement.”
“That’s excellent, Gossip. Let’s not make her need her diapers, that way she will have to use them.” Fox Glove smiled and pulled Erin up onto her knees. “But before we let her in to play with the other babies…Liberty Lass I want you to wet your diaper.”

Erin wanted to scream at her tormentors but she couldn’t. Instead she had to stare at them whilst the thirsty soaker pads absorbed the pee pulling the warmth around her diaper. An intrusive finger entered the leg of her diaper checking how wet she was.

“I told you she was a triple pad soaker.” Hot Gossip laughed wiping her finger along the side of Erin’s diaper. “Now you can go play.” She pushed Liberty Lass onto all fours and dropped a soft felt ball in front of her.

The Patriotic Protector wanted to turn around immediately and fight the two evil villains but her body obeyed the instructions it had been given and so she chased after the ball grabbing hold of it in her mittens. She gave the ball a shake and found it had a bell and suddenly Erin couldn’t help but sit on her wet diaper and continue to make the bell chime.

Time seemed to crawl past for Liberty Lass. Due to her thumb less mittens if one of the other babies wanted the toy she was playing with she was almost powerless to prevent them from taking it. Even moving and actually using the toys made her feel more and more tired which made it even more difficult to keep hold of her toys. Not that Erin was enjoying playing with the toys but they were the only thing that was passing the time.

The speed of Erin’s diaper cooling was probably her best measure of how much time had passed since she had been instructed to play with the other babies. Now stone cold the saturated soaker pad was beginning to irritate Liberty Lass’s legs as she watched as one by one the babies in the nursery were picked up and taken out of the nursery. When they returned they seem to want to stop Erin from playing with the toys with a lot more purpose and vigour. Although Liberty Lass guessed that wasn’t the extent of the muscle manipulators influence.

Any time there was a smell of a used diaper in the nursery Erin found she was immediately assumed to be the culprit.
“Have you fragranced your shorts, Liberty Lass?”
“Are you basking in the warm glow of a job well done?”
“Is it you who now has a load off of their mind?”
“Done a dirty in your diaper, Hero?”
Were just some of the questions that Liberty Lass had to endure whilst Fox Glove or Hot Gossip would roughly check her diaper.

Erin’s jaw ached; she had been nursing the pacifier for what seemed like an eternity now. Her bib was soaked through by her own drool, her fingers were rubbed from the insides of the mittens and she could hardly keep awake she was so tired from playing like a baby. This did serve as motivation for Erin though. There was no way she was going to actually wet or mess her diaper herself after every check both Hot Gossip and Fox Glove were disappointed that her resolve hadn’t been broken and at least that slight victory was enough to keep her fighting.

With over half the babies having been and gone upstairs Liberty Lass noticed that they were all walking just a bit more erect and with less of a waddle. They drooled a lot less and seemed more mobile and a little bit more vicious like they had been programmed. Liberty Lass knew that those babies were also wearing muscle controlling diapers. That was the reason they were being so mean in taking all the fun toys from her.

Erin shook her head. She didn’t mean that. It wasn’t that the toys were fun or not. Or being taken away from her or not. It was the fact that she had to play with them without being given a choice.
“Isn’t it cool how they all look like little soldiers now?” Hot Gossip asked poking one of the muscle controlled babies in the stomach. The baby didn’t react and instead just looked at Liberty Lass.
“Yes, they are all brave little soldiers.” Fox Glove laughed as she patted the baby towards Erin.

The baby immediately toddled up to Erin and removed the rattle that she was struggling to keep hold of between her two mittens. Having no control over her body she began crawling after the baby trying to keep up with it. The hypnosis took over and she began to feel weak and tired as she moved. As Erin crawled after the baby she could feel her bladder beginning to sing out for relief.

The baby quickly put distance between itself and Liberty Lass so Erin’s concentration was caught again by a rubber duck that had been left unattended on the floor. She moved towards that as the pressure in her lower abdomen continued to build. Looking around as much as she could Erin turned to see that both Fox and Gossip were busy with the actual babies.

It was a strange situation, Erin was fully in control of her bladder but she had to wait for her body to settle into a position where she could comfortably wet her diaper. Fortunately this didn’t take long as she sat back onto her well diapered rear and began to squeeze the duck causing it to squeak.

Taking a breath Erin tried to release a flow into the cold soaker pad. She had intended to subtly wet the diaper. However as soon as her body felt the warmth on her skin it lost all interest in the toy. Liberty Lass’s body began to change positions as it pressed its thickly padded mittens against the grimy warmth. Rather than wait to be spotted by the two super villains who were already checking diapers, Erin inhaled deeply and soaked her underwear.

Again Liberty Lass’s body began to feel around. Erin couldn’t stop her own body shifting, pushing, squishing at her diaper and then squirming about on her warm rear end. All Erin could do was hope and will her body to be distracted by the duck again.

Screaming in her head so hard that she was giving herself a migraine Erin’s body finally got bored of working her warm diaper around and moved back to playing with its duck. Liberty Lass would have sighed with relief but as soon as she crawled back onto all fours she felt two cold intruding fingers entering her diaper.
“If it wasn’t for the extra pads we would have to change her name to Leaky Lass.” Gossip smirked with satisfaction as she removed her fingers from Erin’s diaper. “She’s taken down the biggest names in town and now she is the biggest name in Diaper Town.”
There was a small sigh as Fox Glove walked into Erin’s view. “Nanny has said that after we feed the rug rats we should send Liberty Lass up for programming.”

Hot Gossip moved so that she was in Erin’s eye line. “Oh well…I suppose we should make the most of our time with her and her soggy diaper.”
The tiniest flicker of a smile played across Fox Glove’s lips. “Why should it just be soggy?”
Hot Gossip and Fox Glove exchanged a look and left Liberty Lass crawling after another toy with her full diaper swaying comically behind her.

Thirty five long seconds later Erin felt a hand on her shoulder. “Liberty Lass you will stop.” Fox Glove commanded. “All previous commands given to you by either myself or Hot Gossip will no longer apply to you. Instead you will now follow any command given to you by either Hot Gossip or myself.”

Erin felt as if her body was slowly re-attaching itself to her mind at Fox Glove’s words. She stood and turned to face her two oppressors. Almost immediately her legs wobbled and she half stumbled, half waddled until she managed to catch her balance. Staring at Hot Gossip Erin removed the pacifier from her mouth and worked her jaw around.
“Oh her first steps…” Gossip cooed.
“Will we hear her first words next?” Fox Glove teased.
“Not yet, it’s something else making noise. Liberty Lass poop your diaper.” Hot Gossip laughed.

Erin tried to hide the revulsion from her face. No sooner had she been given control back of her body than it was taken from her. She had to bend her knees slightly and lean forward. Her shoulders shrugged upwards and her body tensed as she began to push an uncomfortably hot and sickeningly sticky mess into her saturated diaper.

Staring up at her two captors Erin watched as they peered around her, staring at her now ruined diaper.
“I knew cloth diapers were bulkier.” Hot Gossip commentated.
“Yeah and they look absolutely massive when they are at capacity.” Fox Glove smirked. She stared into Liberty Lass’s eyes. “You’re not going to cry are you, Pampered Protector?”
“Once I get out of this you will be experienced in washing for the prison laundry you hateful harlots!” Liberty Lass bit back moving into a fighting stance.

However Erin didn’t get the response she had expected from either Hot Gossip or Fox Glove. Instead of responding in kind and readying themselves for a battle they just smiled at each other; looking back at Liberty Lass completely amused. Scoffing Hot Gossip took a step towards the hero.

“Hands down Liberty Lass, relax.” Hot Gossip smiled putting a hand on her captive’s shoulder. Liberty Lass’s body had no choice but to respond. She dropped her fighting stance and stood loose causing her heavy diaper to droop down her legs slightly. “Come and sit down, take a load off of your load.” The evil ex-editor enthused. She guided Liberty Lass to an oversized highchair in the corner of the room and compelled by the muscle controlling diaper she was wearing Liberty Lass sat down on the plastic covered seat with an audible squish. Hot Gossip lowered the tray down on top of Liberty Lass trapping her in the chair with an amused smirk. “What was that face for? Is there something uncomfortable on your seat?”

Liberty Lass bit back a hundred insults as Fox Glove glided up to her and replaced the soaked bib around her neck with a similar pink terry towelling bib. “You give somebody the opportunity to speak and they just don’t want it.” The assassin laughed. “Well we won’t take it away, just yet. Although I’m disappointed we haven’t seen her break down into tears, yet.”

Leaving Liberty Lass scowling at her Fox Glove turned and began gathering up the real babies and placing them into their own high chairs whilst Hot Gossip fussed around the captive opening jars of baby food and taking not much more than a scoop from each and mixing it into a large bowl on the oversized high chair’s food tray.

The concoction that Hot Gossip made was a sickening orange brown colour and had some large lumps of unidentifiable food swimming in it, Liberty Lass contemplated knocking the bowl to the floor but in her present position she surmised that it would definitely lead to something worse being provided so she sat there trying not to squirm in her mushy diaper.

Hot Gossip apparently finished with Liberty Lass’s meal and began helping Fox Glove to provide bottles and jars to the babies, all of whom where now in the high chairs. Proving just how many of them were know in the muscle controlling diapers there was very little noise and fuss and instead most of them began to feed themselves quickly and cleanly.

As Gossip moved to feed and clean up the remaining free babies Fox Glove turned her attention to Liberty Lass. Taking some grapes Fox Glove placed them in front of Liberty Lass.
“Right, you are now going to eat the entire contents of the bowl that Hot Gossip has prepared for you and drink every last drop that is in this bottle.” Fox Glove smirked as she produced a 2 litre baby bottle full of water. “And then as pudding you will eat all of these as well.” She laughed as she dangled the grapes in front of Liberty Lass. “But you won’t be able to eat it cleanly. You will have your full range of skills to eat. But you won’t have any utensils.” Liberty Lass watched as Fox Glove pulled off the mittens on her hands and then she moved back a couple of spaces. “That should stain your bib almost as much as you have stained your diaper.” And with that Fox Glove turned and began to tend to the babies in the nursery.

The food in the bowl wasn’t just a disgusting colour the taste was almost beyond description as Erin gagged her way through eating it. Sometimes the mush would be almost tasteless like a thin watery gravy and other times there would be the bitter taste of parsnips tinged with an over ripe taste of pears that caught on the back of her throat causing her to cough and spit only to find the rotten gruel being shovelled back into her mouth by her own fingers.

The water was almost a welcome relief once her poor body began to suckle on the bottle. And the first third of the bottle was gone almost in one continuous drink. Despite knowing that this would help her stomach or indeed her diaper, if she couldn’t find a way to escape, Erin did not let up until the taste of the baby food mash up was gone from her mouth leaving only the lingering taste on her breath instead of on her tongue.

The grapes were easily eaten and even though they would pass through her system quickly the sweet taste was much more preferable to the bland water or the horrible baby food. Having finished her “meal” Liberty Lass shifted in her seat. Her body had been programmed this far but now it had ended her muscles were hers to control again and she gingerly felt under the seat searching for a clasp to release her from the high chair.

“Look at our little hero!” Hot Gossip gushed as she moved around from behind the high chair. “Well Leaky Lass, you might have a very stinky diaper on but that didn’t stop you from filling up your tummy nice and full.” She teased mussing up Liberty Lass’s hair as she unclasped the high chair’s tray and pulled Liberty Lass over her shoulder. She began to roughly pat her hand against Liberty Lass’s diaper. “Let’s see if there are any burpies in there for Aunty Gossip. Oh and Liberty Lass you won’t try to resist me or try to escape.” Hot Gossip laughed as she programmed her captive. “Maybe you can’t feel the pats through your poopy pampers. You will burp for me Liberty Lass.” She laughed as the muscle controlling diapers forced Liberty Lass to burp.
“Speaking of her poopy pampers.” Fox Glove began spreading a changing mat on the floor beside the table, which was still only half clear of infants eating their own meals. “Nanny wants her cleaned, powdered and oiled and sent upstairs for extra programming. Single diaper only, apparently.”
Hot Gossip looked a little annoyed at her partner but lowered Liberty Lass onto the changing pad. “Lie still and don’t move.” She commanded as she unfolded a clean diaper. “There is one thing that is still bothering me about this plan.” Hot Gossip said as she began to carefully open Liberty Lass’s messy diaper and set about cleaning her up with baby wipes.
“And what is that?” Fox Glove asked passing some rash powder and baby oil to her partner.
“Well even though she is in a much bigger diaper than the other babies the pocket isn’t that much bigger on her backside. Are we really going to be able to fit that much more loot in her crappy diaper than in one of the smaller babies?”
Fox Glove laughed softly and smiled between Hot Gossip and Liberty Lass. “The diapers control her muscles. She still has the same skills and muscle memories that she snuck in here with. Well almost…”
“Aside from her lack of potty training now.” Hot Gossip joined in with the smirking as she began to work oil into Liberty Lass’s most sensitive areas causing the hero to curse her captives and swear revenge for the first time.
“That’s right.”
“But still…she won’t be able to carry that much more in the back of her diaper than a normal baby.”
“Well she won’t have to carry it there. Think about it…she is bigger and able to use her hero skills to sneak in and steal from them. All we need to do is tell her what to get us and give her a nice diaper bag to put it in.”
“So the only thing that needs to end up down the back of her diaper.”
“Is exactly what was going to end up in there anyway.”

Fox Glove and Hot Gossip laughed between themselves as they finished up changing Liberty Lass and fastening her tightly into a clean diaper. Standing her up Liberty Lass was amazed at how much thinner the diaper felt when it was there with only one pad in it. Sighing she did as she was instructed and began to crawl for the door as Fox Glove walked and opened it up for her and she began to move for Nanny’s office as she had been instructed to by the devious assassin.

As she crawled out of the room Liberty Lass could hear her two captives discussing her.
“I’m going to miss her poopy diaper waddle.” Hot Gossip laughed.
“Well we will probably see it again on the news, you could TiVo it.” Fox Glove chuckled.
“When is that going to happen?” Hot Gossip enquired quickly.
“When the police catch her red handed in a wet and messy diaper and march her off to prison.” Fox Glove smirked and began to say more but Liberty Lass couldn’t hear her as she had began her ascent up the flights of stairs to Nanny’s office.

Liberty Lass quickly crawled up the stairs. She was mortified as despite the towelling bib and tightly fastened diaper she was naked. Giving her head a little shake she could feel the tip of her hair was wet with her own drool. Looking around and trying to memorise everything she saw Liberty Lass tried to drink in the information so she could use it to her advantage once she got out of this situation and into her rematch with the nefarious nanny.

Rounding the last corner Erin found herself stopping at the door to Nanny Blizzard’s office. Realising that all Hot Gossip and Fox Glove had commanded her to do was to crawl to here and no further she stood and tried to adjust her outfit to cover a little more of her own modesty. Staring at the heavy oak door she tried to decide if it would be better to leave now and set an ambush or if it would be better to face the ring leader of this twisted scheme before she had time to set it fully in motion.

The element of surprise Liberty Lass thought she had disappeared as the oak door opened with a loud creak as she was finishing smoothing her hands over her diaper. Opening it fully Nanny Blizzard stared at Liberty Lass for a second seemingly drinking in her appearance. She smiled as she saw Liberty Lass’s hands at her diaper.
“That’s not how we check you, Child.” Nanny purred. “You cannot move Liberty Lass.” She commanded before taking two fingers and sliding them into the left leg of Liberty Lass’s diaper. “Still dry, well done you.” She chuckled before patting Liberty Lass’s head. “Come in and sit down on that. And you now have no control over your bowel and bladder.”

Liberty Lass fumed at Nanny’s commands. She then followed where Nanny’s finger had been pointing too and saw a white plastic potty sitting in the middle of the room. Sighing as her body waddled over to the potty and sat upon she frowned across at her captor who began spreading out a roll of paper onto the floor in front of Liberty Lass.
“This is your first target…” She began.

Rubbing her temples Liberty Lass tried to clear her temples. She could remember being sat and effectively programmed by Nanny but she couldn’t recall what she had been told to do. Blinking hard she stared up at Nanny who was standing down over her grinning.
“Welcome back.” She smiled smugly. “Now that you have all the information stored let’s get you dressed in your outfit.”

Liberty Lass stood quickly. She wasn’t sure if she was eager to please Nanny or if she had been programmed or if it was just the thought of getting to wear something more than a bib and diaper but she was willing to accept almost anything instead of her current attire. Following Nanny Blizzard over to a tall mirror in her office Liberty Lass stared at herself. She was amazed, her diaper wasn’t just soaked it was ruined sagging and discoloured and hanging around her legs. It was only once she had seen it in the mirror had she really found herself aware of just how uncomfortable she was in this garment.

Tearing her gaze away from her droopy diaper Liberty Lass watched as Nanny returned holding up her new outfit. Her mouth dropped open with genuine surprise.
“My uniform?” Liberty Lass asked surprising herself as she hadn’t meant to speak.
“Not quite, Child. You would ruin your skirt and more than likely leak into your boots. So I have made a couple of alterations to your uniform and equipment.” Nanny smiled.

Liberty Lass could only gasp at what Nanny had done to her uniform. Her halter neck top was relatively unchanged. Although it was now more of an old fashioned fifty cut covering her shoulders in a patriotic blue. The white star on its chest seemed bigger somewhat as if to try and make her breasts seem even smaller. And the red and white vertical stripes seemed wider as well which just heightened the juvenile look of the top.

“Reach for the sky Liberty Lass.” Nanny commanded as she began to dress Liberty Lass. Shrugging her captive into the top she began to braid her blonde hair into two pig tails. “And now let’s get into you a dry diaper.”

Unravelling the changing pad Nanny laid Liberty Lass down and began to wipe and clean her. After applying a strong smelling powder Nanny showed Liberty Lass a smile that a shark shows its victim and began to change Liberty Lass into a red star spangled diaper. Even the booster pad was white and covered in blue stars. Pulling Liberty Lass back to her feet Nanny ran her hands around the diaper and made sure that it was tight on her.

“And what little hero would be complete with her utility belt?” Nanny smirked. Fastening the gold garment around her captive.

Liberty Lass growled as she stared down at the travesty her belt had become. Her throwing stars were replaced by diaper pins. Her grapples were now topped by rattles, her flashlight now had a cute bunny face on it and her finger printing kit had been replaced by a finger painting kit even her flash bangs had been replaced by popping candy and baby powder.

Despite wanting to turn around and stop all this from happening to her Liberty Lass found that she was unable to move. She realised that she was standing exactly like one of the newly programmed babies she had seen in the main nursery earlier and Nanny was clearly having some fun before she sent newest attribute into the field.

Nanny fed Liberty Lass’s feet into her new boots; they looked almost unchanged except for the added line of tassels down the back of them. Next came her gloves, Liberty Lass was almost surprised that they weren’t mittens instead they had a similar line of tassels down the forearms and a string joining the two together that Nanny slid underneath Liberty Lass’s top. With a satisfied smirk Nanny lead her captive back to the mirror.

Liberty Lass stared at the mockery she had become. There she was standing in a diaper, a child’s costume instead of her uniform with a belt that was more use for babysitting than crime fighting. The final insult came as Nanny attached a red and white striped collar around Liberty Lass’s neck. Attached to it was a blue pacifier with a big white star on the mouth guard which copied the look and colour scheme of the rest of her costume.

“Ah the perfect little patsy.” Nanny smiled as she patted Liberty Lass’s diaper. “I just can’t wait to see you take the fall for me. We will be able to relive it over and over again. Once the news crews catch you. And your mug shot comes out. And the details of your equipment. Not only will I have stopped Liberty Lass, I will have committed one of the greatest crimes Union City has ever known!” She began to cackle loudly.

Liberty Lass tried to will her body to ignore the muscle controlled programming of her diapers but she wouldn’t budge instead she stood there helplessly sucking on her pacifier whilst the evil maniac began to count her ill gotten gains. The biggest pain in Liberty Lass’s stomach wasn’t even the worry of what was ending up in her diaper but that she would be helping and even taking the fall for this nefarious nanny.

“Ok Liberty Lass. You can go downstairs. It’s not late enough yet so Fox and Gossip can get something in that tummy of yours before we show you your new mode of transport.” Nanny laughed as Liberty Lass involuntarily gasped. “Oh yes…you told us quite a lot about the Liberty Bell. We now have been busy fitting it out so it can cope with the demands of your new situation.” Nanny laughed again and opened the door. “Now go and waddle down to the nursery where you belong.”

Liberty Lass’s head was spinning as she waddled back down to the nursery. She couldn’t remember speaking about herself. Had she told Nanny her secret identity? Was her entire crime fighting career compromised? And what about her friends and family? And finally why couldn’t she stop sucking on this pacifier?

Opening the door into the nursery the smell of cleaning products and an empty silence greeted her. Glancing through the windows Liberty Lass guessed by the sun’s position that all of the babies from the nursery must have been picked up and taken back to their expensive homes. With their parents none the wiser that their bundles of joy would soon be stealing precious bundles of their own for this demented care taker.

“Well it looks like Nanny is done with Liberty Loser.” Hot Gossip announced from behind Liberty Lass. “I like the new look. Although it would be better with a wet diaper.”
“Looking at the way she is standing, I don’t think that’ll be too long Gossip.” Fox Glove nodded as she patted Liberty Lass’s diaper.
Hot Gossip laughed and carefully pried the pacifier from Liberty Lass’s mouth. “I can’t wait to see her perform.”
“I will get out of this and I will stop you!” Liberty Lass said trying to inject confidence into her voice.
“Sure you will.” Hot Gossip smirked. “You can’t stop filling your pants. But you will stop a crime that has been nearly flawless so far.”

Liberty Lass swung around to face Hot Gossip who shrugged at the patriotic protector and placed her pacifier back in her mouth.
“Aren’t you even a little surprised at how much you aren’t fighting back?” Hot Gossip asked.
Liberty Lass blushed somewhat as she realised that she hadn’t even moved into a fighting stance. In fact she hadn’t even made a move at all to stop her captors.
“Didn’t think so. Nanny really is good at programming those diapers.” Fox Glove smiled as she leaned against a door frame looking completely relaxed. “You see Leaky Lass; you have been programmed for grunt work. And just like those babies who came back downstairs walking a bit more erect and carefully you are in that state.”
“Although we don’t want to see too much grunt works because we really don’t want to change another diaper today.” Hot Gossip smiled as she moved into the kitchen area.
“So…I’m programmed to be what?” Liberty Lass asked trying to escape the gaze of Fox Glove.
“I suspect a diaper dependant jewel thief. Nanny will have briefed you on the layouts of houses where we couldn’t use another baby to steal their jewels.” Fox Glove explained.
“Then its straight back to us unload your swag and your diaper and then off to the next victim.” Hot Gossip laughed appearing with a bottle for Liberty Lass. Pressing it into Liberty Lass’s hand Hot Gossip removed her pacifier and took a seat at the table grinning as Liberty Lass began to drink.

“Except for the last house.” Came the velvety soft voice from the doorway. “Which you will fail to escape without being detected. This will probably have something to do with the loaded diaper you will be wearing at that point.” Nanny glided into the nursery with grace and smiled at Fox Glove and Hot Gossip. “Good to see you two have been keeping the littlest crime fighter happy.”
“Oh you know us Nanny.” Hot Gossip smirked. “We know that full babies are happy babies.”
“Excellent. Although once she has finished that bottle it’ll be time to let her see her new Liberty Bell.”
“Of course Nanny. I can’t wait to see her little face.” Fox Glove smiled joining in with the teasing.

Liberty Lass stood with both hands gripping the bottle as the three vultures moved around her. It didn’t matter what she tried to do. Her body was programmed to drink the bottle at this speed and try as she might she couldn’t even speed up how quickly she was swallowing the water. The thought that it might be laced with something had occurred to her. But as Nanny, or one of her minions, could make her use her diaper at will she thought that it was less likely as if Liberty Lass had no choice and did use her diaper without their commands they would enjoy her humiliation all the more.

Eventually the bottle was finished and was replaced by the star spangled pacifier in Liberty Lass’s mouth as she was lead outside the main door of Nanny Blizzard’s expensive nursery. Looking at how the darkness was starting to descend Liberty Lass guessed that it must have been past 1800 hours and the youngest of Union City’s well to do families would be being placed down for a sleep around this time. This meant that if Liberty Lass didn’t figure out a way to escape her diapers programming she would soon be the newest accomplice to Nanny’s scheme.

Hot Gossip smiled as she pushed past Liberty Lass. The psychotic ex-journalist disappeared around the corner of the building and returned quickly wheeling around a green sheet wrapped up in a bright red bow with a giant label with the word “Baby” stencilled on it.
“I bet you can’t guess what is under here.” Hot Gossip laughed as she crinkled her nose at Liberty Lass. “But don’t strain yourself too hard thinking about it. You don’t want a public diapee change, yet.” She smirked before moving to stand beside Nanny and Fox Glove.
“Very good Gossip.” Nanny said with a slight eye roll before she turned to Liberty Lass. “Go on…unwrap it so you can see your new and improved Liberty Bell.”

Liberty Lass sighed even if she was at her full capacity she wouldn’t have been able to take them all on. Moving forward, she still wasn’t sure if it was her programming or morbid curiosity, she gently pulled the bow apart and took hold of the sheet that was covering her one last hope to escape.

“No…” She whispered staring at what they had done to it.

The Liberty Bell had been a sleek and powerful crime fighting machine. Low slung and painted in a patriotic blue with striking red highlights. The star shaped headlamp and the slick black tyres used to give it the appearance of speed even when it was stationary.

Now however the Liberty Bell was as much a joke as Liberty Lass herself had become.

The bike now had large training wheels beside its back tyre. The handle bars had been raised changing the riding position from a low slung racing position to that of a child on their first bike. There were now red, white and blue streamers hanging from the tips of the handle bars. The tyres were now thick, white, solid rubber wheels which would slow it down. The leather seat had been completely replaced by a crinkling white plastic cover giving it the look of a changing mat. And sitting on the seat as if waiting for Liberty Lass was a white safety belt which fastened with a blue star shaped buckle.

Although currently buckled into the seat was what appeared to be a diapered brown teddy bear. On closer inspection the teddy bear was actually an empty backpack Liberty Lass looked at it strangely for a few seconds before she felt Nanny step forward so she was only three steps behind her.
“That’s for you to put all of my new jewels into.” She laughed taking another step closer to Liberty Lass. “Why don’t you put it on and then give your new mode of transport a try?” Nanny let her lips twist into a cruel smile as Liberty Lass shrugged herself into the backpack. “Good.”

Kicking her leg over Liberty Lass sat upon the new crinkling seat of her motorcycle. She was a little surprised at how far into the saddle she did sink but it was obvious that it was to facilitate her having to sit upright on the bike instead of the forward lean she used to do. Looking between the handle bars Liberty Lass saw that the control panel for the countermeasures and offensive weaponry that used to be hidden in the Liberty Bell had been replaced by the setup from a baby’s activity tray.
“Why don’t you take it out for a spin?” Nanny asked stepping forward and buckling Liberty Lass against the bike. “You can try out all the new features.”

Liberty Lass stared from the buckle to Nanny. What was she programmed to do? Why wasn’t she trying to stop her? She had to find a way to stop this and quickly.

“Maybe I should!” Liberty Lass said as she gathered her senses. Gunning the engine however only resulted in more disappointment. The engine sounded like it had either been limited or downgraded and behind her a machine began to blow soap bubbles from above the exhaust. Instead of roaring away from her captors she rolled away from them.

Slowly her machine began to gather speed. The rubber tyres gripping the road and the fact that Liberty Lass could no longer lean to turn the corners meant that even if the engine hadn’t be depowered she would had to travel much slower anyway. She guessed it was just another card that Nanny had played just to make sure Liberty Lass’s transport would be seen which would help destroy her reputation. Grimacing Liberty Lass reached for the first button on the control console.

After disappointedly trying all of the buttons on the Liberty Bell Liberty Lass found herself heading back towards the front door. All of the counter measures on her cycle had been replaced with pointless light filters or bubble blowers and in one embarrassing case just a button that squeaked when it was pushed. It wouldn’t have been too embarrassing except Liberty Lass had pushed it three times in trying to see what response her cycle had been doing. Looking back to the road ahead she could see the three smiling faces of her captives. Wanting to turn away from them she found she couldn’t no matter how much she willed her body.
“Must be the programming.” Liberty Lass lisped. She sighed again as the programming kicked in and she pulled neatly to a stop in front of Nanny.

“Well? Aren’t you going to thank me for making your wheels more appropriate?” Nanny asked as she glided across the gravel towards Liberty Lass.
Liberty Lass stared at Nanny wanting nothing more to spit out the pacifier and tell her exactly what she thought. Except she couldn’t and instead she nodded at Nanny, suddenly unable to speak.
“Good Baby.” Nanny moving to the seat belt and unbuckling Liberty Lass. She then slid two fingers inside the left leg of Liberty Lass’s diaper. “Still dry. I’m almost impressed.” She gestured at the bike. “Have you had a look at all its features? The quick change is slightly different as well.” Nanny smiled as she took a step backwards.

Liberty Lass looked at Nanny with trepidation. Did she already know her secret identity? Would Erin Summers suddenly start wearing diapers? Leaning forward the Patriotic Protector clicked the button for the quick change button.

Hot Gossip and Fox Glove laughed loudly from behind Nanny as the bike initiated its new “quick change” feature. Six booster pads and three diapers each one a variation of being star spangled and red, white or blue popped out of the recess that had been built in to store Liberty Lass’s civilian clothing. Next a puff of baby powder emerged from a second recess; it used to house her shoes, signalling where the wipes, oil and powder were all kept. Sighing Liberty Lass knew she should have guessed why everyone was so keen for a quick change after they had demoted her to diapers.

“Well now that we have tested out all of your new equipment Liberty Lass it’s time for you to get to work, for us.” Nanny laughed buckling Liberty Lass back onto her bike. “It’s time to get to our first target.”

Re: Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story)

As Nanny mentioned first target something happened in Liberty Lass’s mind. Suddenly she could see plans, layouts and scans of a house. She knew the address, the security, where the nursery was and most important of all where the jewels were kept. In her mind’s eye she could see all of the access points to the house and where she had to get to and what she had to get. It was all for Nanny and it was important that she got it quickly and efficiently. Without noticing it Liberty Lass had already started her bike and was slowly tracing her way through the streets of Union City towards the location.

Liberty Lass stopped the bubbles from blowing as she rounded the corner to the street. Parking her bike beside the camera’s blind spot she hopped off of the motorcycle and moved to put down the kickstand. It took nearly 7 seconds for her to realise that it had been removed thanks to the shiny new training wheels which prevented it from falling over. Sighing Liberty Lass adjusted her diaper and pounced over the fence and began to pick her away along the hedgerows to the house.

Peering through the skylight down to the nursery floor Liberty Lass checked that the baby was safely alone in its crib. Using one of the diaper pins on her utility belt she carefully removed the soft putty from around the window sill and slid the glass onto the roof behind her. Sliding through the open gap took a little more time and effort than normal due to a combination of her now much wider profile which came from her padded diaper and the teddy bear backpack she was wearing. But finally she lowered herself through to the warm nursery. Dropping down Liberty Lass landed on the changing table before sliding off of it and onto the floor silently.

Approaching the baby she saw that it was wearing a diaper with a similar styled booster pad to her own. Liberty Lass fumed into her pacifier as the baby sat up and pointed to the latch on its crib. Clearly it had been programmed to be the leader of this infiltration mission and clearly Liberty Lass’s body was programmed to accept that as she let the latch slide down.

Helping the baby to the ground Liberty Lass stood as the list of what she had to get for Nanny flashed through her mind. Holding her temples she stared back at the baby who was holding two hands out in front of itself. As it pushed its hands down towards the ground Liberty Lass found herself unable to stand. She slid onto her knees and stared at the baby who smiled smugly at her. Walking past her the baby motioned for Liberty Lass to follow it which she had no choice but to comply with.

Crawling out of the nursery and into the corridor Liberty Lass followed the tot closely. It moved with unnatural ease as its muscle controlling diaper made it walk through the house as quickly as Liberty Lass’s made her crawl. It wasn’t just disconcerting it was pure evil. Knowing that she was a prisoner inside her own body was bad for Liberty Lass but for an infant, well there was no way of knowing the long term ramifications of what Nanny had done to not only this child but all of them that the evil caretaker had turned into her unwitting accomplices.

The baby waddled to a stop in front of a picture at the top of the stairs. Liberty Lass knew that behind it was the jewel safe and at the baby’s command she was able to stand up and access the panel. Looking at the safe door her mind seemed to shift again. It was a digital pin safe which could have thousands of combinations and would surely have some sort of audible alarm if an incorrect code was entered into it.

However this was no problem for the Patriotic Protector. Reaching into her utility belt she withdrew her finger printing kit. As she opened up the paint Liberty Lass blushed as she remembered it wasn’t for finger printing but finger painting. This didn’t stop her as she carefully took some of the powdered paint and after remembering to remove her pacifier she blew it across the number pad. Immediately the four most pressed numbers lit up as the paint stuck to the grease from the fingers pressing the buttons. Now she knew what four buttons that limited Liberty Lass’s solutions down to only 64 different combinations.

Looking around the dimly lit hallway she saw that there were lots of pictures of not only the baby but the baby being finely dressed. In two it was even wearing some of the expensive jewels Liberty Lass was here to liberate. Estimating the date of birth of the baby and knowing that the zero was the most pressed button, it had the most paint sticking to it she tapped in the code for the safe.

There were no loud or ominous beeps; even the whirring sound of the safe unlocking was mercifully quiet as Liberty Lass stood massaging her jaw as she waited for the safe’s display panel to change from red to green. She felt a slight nudge at her ankle and saw the baby standing with its hands on its hips. Looking down at the baby Liberty Lass saw it command her to replace her pacifier. She was going to do it when suddenly she realised that her body was still more in her control than her diapers. Staring at the tot she shook her head and with slight satisfaction began to take the jewels for Nanny.

Loading what she was supposed to take into her bear backpack she felt another kick at her shin. Looking down at the baby she saw its face creased with a frown. It made the same motion again for her to once again use her pacifier and as Liberty Lass shook her head again the baby just smiled its smug little smile at her. Pointing its chubby fingers at Liberty Lass’s diaper it made a turning motion.

And Liberty Lass began running like a tap.

Fighting to not make a sound Liberty Lass let out a silent gasp as she started peeing into her diaper. She looked from it to the baby and quickly fumbled her pacifier into her mouth. Almost as quickly as she had started Liberty Lass stopped. The baby reached up and patted the bottom of her now soggy diaper and Liberty Lass quickly put all the jewels she was supposed to into her backpack before picking up the most valuable necklace.

On seeing the necklace the baby complied and turned to face away from Liberty Lass who unsnapped the concealed pocket on the baby’s diaper and tucked the expensive trinket into it. Quickly closing up the safe Liberty Lass looked to the baby who again motioned for her to crawl and the two made their way back to the nursery.

As she crawled back to the nursery with her damp diaper swaying behind her Liberty Lass began to piece Nanny Blizzard’s plan together. The baby couldn’t have interpreted the code to the safe itself so she had been used as a facilitator to get to the jewels. The same method for stealing the most prized items was being used but this gave Nanny the chance to pick up some of the other pieces from the collection. Helping the baby back into its crib Liberty Lass knew that the smug little rug rat still had on a dry diaper and as ironically climbed up onto the changing table she wondered how many more of these she would be seeing tonight.

The glass of the window slid easily back into its frame and as she smoothed the putty back into position Liberty Lass stared back down at the baby in its crib. No one would look and see a dirty diaper as a hiding place for an expensive necklace. It was almost a perfect plan. The only thing that was stopping it from being perfect was Liberty Lass herself and she had to stop it dead before she found herself taking the rap and ending her career all in one dirty diaper.

Looking across the large garden to where she had left the Liberty Bell Liberty Lass took her rattle grapple and with practiced ease swung across the hedgerows and landed beside her motorcycle in one graceful movement.

Turning she saw Nanny and Hot Gossip waiting for her beside the Diaper Collection truck, Liberty Lass guessed Fox Glove was driving. Nanny moved up to Liberty Lass and blew on her which caused Liberty Lass to fall on her damp bottom.
“Good, she was quicker than we expected.” Nanny said to Hot Gossip as she removed Liberty Lass’s teddy bear backpack.
“Yeah she’s a real wiggle bug compared to the other babies.” Hot Gossip laughed.
“This is everything I wanted from her in here.” Nanny said emptying the contents of the backpack into a small briefcase. “Check her diaper’s pocket see if there is anything in there.”

Hot Gossip nodded and lifted up Liberty Lass’s legs rocking her onto her back. The evil editor then roughly checked Liberty Lass’s diaper and patted it forcefully all around.
“There is nothing for you in here Nanny. Although there is a present for Fox Glove.” She chuckled before calling out. “Hey Fox, the baby has a present for you.”
The driver’s window of the van slid down with an electric hum and Fox Glove called back to her partner. “Unless she is soaked or I can smell her diaper from here I am not changing her. We don’t have time to spend all night changing soggy super babies.”
Nanny smiled at Liberty Lass as the window was powered back up. “In that case, it’s time to move on to the next location, Baby.” And with that she turned and led Hot Gossip back into the van.

As they were starting the engine and leaving Liberty Lass’s insides burned with shame. She had to do something to stop this. But instead of planning and rushing forward to stop the scheme her body was sliding its damp diaper onto the seat of the motorcycle and trundling on to the next location.

The ride couldn’t have been more than a few miles when Liberty Lass caught up and overtook the diaper van. She watched at the windows as Hot Gossip waved to her and found herself waving back due to her diapers influence over her. She did have to admit that compared to the Liberty Bell a diaper collection van was a lot more inconspicuous as a getaway vehicle. Sighing she found herself positioned at the rear of the next house.

Unlike the last house which had plenty of foliage and high hedges in which she could easily enter into the building Liberty Lass knew, as the plans and exits over-layed in her mind again, that she would have to find some way to combat the almost barren garden or find a point of entry beside this wall of the house. Scanning up and down the information filtered through her brain and combined with her skills.

On the second floor was a window which was frosted glass and only two rooms removed from one of the nurseries in the large house and whilst Liberty Lass didn’t know which one the baby would be in tonight it was the easiest way to enter as opposed to the larger nursery around the front of the building. Setting herself Liberty Lass stood on the seat of the Liberty Bell and jumped up catching hold of the window. She didn’t want to use a grapple due to the very real factor of breaking the glass into the bathroom.

Once she had scaled up above the window Liberty Lass held her body in place by carefully supporting her weight by her legs from the ledge above the window and carefully prying open the window wide enough for her to slip into the bathroom. Inside she carefully closed the window after her, sometimes when infiltrating the change of temperature was the first give away. She remembered her mentor telling her. Sneaking through into the small nursery she saw her contact, the next baby, waiting for her. Sliding down the rail to its crib she waited for the baby to climb out and join her.

Instead of moving to exit the crib the baby looked Liberty Lass up and down almost looking like it was smirking at her. Holding out a baby bottle it motioned for Liberty Lass to drink it. Liberty Lass felt the freedom to refuse but also felt certain she would end up wetting or worse if she did. So instead she removed her pacifier and began to drink down the milk.

At least she told herself it was milk because despite its white colour and cold taste it certainly wasn’t familiar as milk. Liberty Lass just finished the bottle as the baby’s instructions and once she handed back the empty beaker the baby climbed out of the crib and motioned for Liberty Lass to crawl after it.

Crawling through the house Liberty Lass became aware of the layout and the perceived difficulties. It was almost as if some of the intelligence had come from the baby itself. Some of the blockages through the passage ways were nothing more than baby gates and as they easily slipped through them Liberty Lass found herself confronted with another safe.

This type was easier to crack, a double pin combination safe. Although in theory this was lower tech than the digital one she had opened before Liberty Lass quickly found the correct combination and opened the door. Returning to the nursery Liberty Lass quickly helped the baby back into bed as she turned to exit she watched in fascination as the baby put the golden locked into the hidden pocket in its diaper. She didn’t wait long and quickly crawled to the window in the bathroom before realising that the baby hadn’t given her the command to stand. She wanted to go back but the need to exit the house was becoming stronger and Liberty Lass’s body began clambering into the bath to lean over the sink and balance on the cistern of the toilet before she managed to lever the window open again and slide out into the night.

Scaling back down to the Liberty Bell quicker than was actually safe Liberty Lass landed once again at Nanny’s feet. The evil caretaker immediately removed the backpack from Liberty Lass and began to empty the jewels into her own briefcase.
“Good this is progressing better than expected. Next house.” Nanny said before checking Liberty Lass’s diaper. “Still wet…I suppose we should let you stand again Liberty Lass. The houses only become more challenging from here on in.” She smirked again as Liberty Lass found herself able to stand again. After being shrugged into the teddy bear backpack Liberty Lass found herself mounting up again on her motorcycle to continue her crime spree.

Nanny was right as Liberty Lass continued throughout the night it became harder and harder to infiltrate the nurseries to get the babies. Next Liberty Lass found herself facing the problem of having a baby watched by a camera in the baby monitor and as soon as she extinguished the lights Liberty Lass found herself wetting her diaper.

The next house was even worse. It had a series of cameras and as she frantically crawled from blind spot to blind spot Liberty Lass was sure that she left the occasional fleeting glimpse of star spangled soggy diapers as she attempted to keep up with an incredibly fast toddling baby.

Upon landing back at the diaper van Liberty Lass would endure the same humiliating diaper check as Nanny filled her briefcase all the while passing comment on how Liberty Lass was filling her pants.

As she trundled up to the next house Liberty Lass was becoming more used, or perhaps less shocked at the information and overlays of intelligence that she had been programmed with. Her body had almost settled into a controlled routine when all of a sudden it was shattered by a single noise. As soon as the guard dog started barking Liberty Lass felt her bowels release and she found herself uncomfortably messing her diaper whilst sitting on the crinkling seat of the Liberty Bell.

Swallowing hard she knew that once she got back with the jewels she would be checked. Guessing this was why Nanny had started the routine Liberty Lass tried to ignore the sickening feeling in her guts and around her bottom as her body prepared to infiltrate its next target.

Staying up high Liberty Lass used another skylight to enter the house and made her way to the nursery where the baby was waiting for her. It held its nose as Liberty Lass released it from its crib and there was once again a bottle waiting for her to drink before she could continue on with the robbery.

This bottle tasted different from the first but Liberty Lass didn’t want to try and place it. She was sure that some of the babies were still breast feeding and her stomach further churned at the thought. Crawling after the baby she was happy that inside this house the security was light even if there were more baby gates for her to negotiate through.

Hot Gossip smirked at Liberty Lass as the hero nimbly leapt down from the fence post to beside the diaper van.
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. WOWZERS that is one big waddle.” The evil editor smirked. “Fox Glove, I think you might have a duty to do.”
Nanny moved in and removed Liberty Lass’s backpack. “I think she certainly does. That is an incredibly stinky diaper.” She commented as she put her loot into the briefcase. “We are lucky that we did include a quick change feature in the new Liberty Bell.”
“Oh yeah, so lucky…” Fox Glove grumbled as she exited the van and pushed the button for the quick change on the Liberty Bell. “Come here Stinky, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Liberty Lass waddled over to Fox Glove who sat her upon the crinkling plastic covered seat of the Liberty Bell and began to perform a quick and efficient diaper change.
“Is she going to need a double diaper?” Fox Glove asked as she was applying oil to Liberty Lass’s rump. Fox Glove used a red booster pad with white stars on it to compliment the white diaper with blue stars and after a final dusting of baby powder Fox Glove deposited the ruined red diaper in a diaper pail in the van.
“That is a good question Fox.” Nanny said. “There are more doggies in the next houses but if she uses all of her pads too early then she’ll more than likely end up with a rash before we want her to.”
“I guess she’ll just have to try really hard and not poop when she gets scared.” Hot Gossip smirked moving back to the diaper van.
“I doubt that’ll happen Gossip.” Nanny said opening the passenger door.
“Well it is on nice and tight.” Fox Glove commented as she fastened clean diaper around Liberty Lass. “So it won’t sag too badly once she uses it.”
“Good, let’s move onto the next house.” Nanny smiled as Fox Glove opened her door.

Liberty Lass threaded her way through Union City’s back streets as she travelled to the next house. She was trying to remember the houses that she had stolen from because once she figured a way out of this mess she was going to have to return and give the jewels back to the parents and warn them about the dangers of using the diapers that had been supplied to them by Nanny.

Watching the house as the overlay of information flashed through her head Liberty Lass felt the conflict between her wants and the programming bubble around her mind. It was like hearing two parents arguing over a child almost as if Liberty Lass’s opinion of what her own body should be doing didn’t matter at all.

An entry from the top and walls of the house was almost impossible due to the patrols and the security cameras but as she scanned the house Liberty Lass saw the old grating at the base of the house. It clearly had been overlooked when the security system was installed because it sat in a clear black spot for the cameras and the thick undergrowth that lead to it made it clear that it was well off of the patrol route.

It was a simple case of vaulting between the cameras and avoiding the patrol route and in no time Liberty Lass was standing at the grate. Her boots had sunk into the boggy undergrowth and as she surveyed the pipe that the grate blocked she saw that it was from an old part of the house which had been built upon. The reason the builders hadn’t extended over this part of it was obvious, the cost of having to put in extra cement to shore up this uneven and poorly drained land would have been too much so they had placed the new extension on top of the old building. All that was an aside as Liberty Lass skilfully unscrewed the grating, with her teddy bear tipped plastic screwdriver, and entered stealthily into the next building.

Moving under the oldest part of the building Liberty Lass could feel the dampness start to subside. She guessed she was beneath a kitchen or bedroom due to the heat coming from above her and that was confirmed by the information overlay in her head. Despite her using her skills to enter the house this appeared to be the loosest programming that Nanny had given her. Possibly due to the difficultly in actually infiltrating this house and although Liberty Lass didn’t want to admit it her ego was nicely boosted as she found a blocked up chimney pipe which allowed her to shimmy up into the house itself.

Once into the house proper Liberty Lass felt like she had been hit by the programming all at once. Her free will and thought processes seemed to vanish and she once again found herself trying to move as quickly and quietly as possible to the baby’s nursery to get her instructions.

Strangely the light was on in the nursery as Liberty Lass stalked quietly towards it. Listening intently she could hear softly spoken words cooing at the baby as she silently opened the door and slipped into the powder pink room. Liberty Lass was too shocked to gasp at the scene she saw as she moved beside the cupboard in the nursery. It was The Millar, one of the most violent and sadistic minds in the whole of Union City, and he was cooing over this infant with gentile kindness.

With the lights being as bright as they were in the room Liberty Lass slipped into the cupboard to her left and pulled the door too as the underworld royalty carefully checked his baby again. Worried but apparently satisfied that the baby wasn’t constipated he stood and gave it a bottle to nurse on. Liberty Lass cursed wordlessly because she knew that she would be the one finishing that bottle.

The Millar then turned. It was almost like he had become aware of another presence in the room. Instincts honed by years of surviving attempts on his life and that of his families kicked in and he slowly surveyed the room. It was too late for Liberty Lass to close the door and instead she moved her gaze from his and froze in place.

Well most of her froze anyway. Nanny’s programming kicked in and Liberty Lass could feel her diaper getting soggier and heavier although she dared not look at either it or the criminal surveying the room.

With a sniff the Millar turned his gaze from the cupboard back to the baby. Obviously his finely tuned senses could be fooled by his expectations. Not bothering to unsnap the baby’s onesie to check he simply kissed the infant on the forehead and stood up to his full 6 foot 7 height and left the nursery, flicking the light off after taking a long doting glace back at his offspring.

Emerging from the cupboard Liberty Lass moved across to the crib that was now illuminated solely by a nightlight. The baby looked almost cross with Liberty Lass as she lifted it to the floor. Thrusting out the bottle Liberty Lass began to drink down the off tasting milk. Finishing the bottle quickly she looked down at the baby who clearly wasn’t finished exerting its authority over Liberty Lass she watched as the baby touched both hands to the back of its diaper. It then bent its legs and Liberty Lass found her own legs bowing mirroring its stance. The baby then moved it’s hands down from the diaper as if pulling something down from the diaper, or as Liberty Lass found something into her diaper.

The feeling was indescribable as the tightly fastened diaper resisted what was coming into it. The mess seemed to ooze and push and be semi-solid all at the same time spreading and working itself against any clean parts of Liberty Lass’s skin soiling them and covering them in the warm and sticky muck.

Liberty Lass was almost glad of the pacifier as it prevented her from throwing up as the baby commanded her down onto her hands and knees as they began to manoeuvre their way through the house to high tech safe.

The luxurious thick carpet was probably the kindest one on Liberty Lass’s knees that she had been forced to experience all night. Although that came as little consolation to her as she crawled along with her putrid diaper swaying behind her as she crawled along the long corridor to the safe. Liberty Lass could feel the information overlay running through her mind almost as tangible as the foul odour emanating from her backside. Every time Liberty Lass seemed to move her legs the mess found its way to work itself into another different unsettling position. But yet Liberty Lass daren’t touch it in case she jeopardised the leak guards which were holding the mess in some kind of suspension despite how sickening that position was.

The safe was recessed into a wall in the main living room but to get to it Liberty Lass would have to cross the floor which had a pressure pads scattered across it. Had she been able to walk normally and use her skills this would have presented no problem and she was sure that whatever was in the Millar’s safe was probably the proceeds of crime anyway. But in her current messy state the task was almost herculean. Looking back at the baby it let allowed her to raise herself back onto her feet. Wobbling up Liberty Lass winced as the sticky weight in her diaper began to tug downwards smearing itself down the very last clean portion of her skin.

Looking to the baby it looked like it was smiling and mocking her but it just raised its arm and Liberty Lass picked it up. Taking the first jump to a non pressure pad she leapt nimbly across the room. The mass of her ruined diaper swung behind her like a pendulum the mess pulling the diaper pulling Liberty Lass around. Stopping dead on her feet Liberty Lass tried to plan a route with very few turns in the landing and made two more smaller jumps with her diaper’s load swaying behind her as she picked her way to the safe.

Standing a foot away from the safe she quickly picked the lock on the safe. Her electronic hacking tool may now have been decorated with thick red plastic and ducky keys but she still knew how to programme with it. Swiping the jewels from the safe she gave the heavy set diamond to the baby whilst she put the rest of the jewels into her backpack. Picking her same route back Liberty Lass landed back to where she had began her bunny hop approach to the safe and found the baby forcing her back onto her hands and knees as they moved back to the nursery.

Returning the baby to its crib Liberty Lass felt an information overlay in her head again, this one was so strong that it forced her to waddle a couple of steps backwards in shock. But there was another shock yet to come as Liberty Lass felt the back of her sagging diaper come in contact with the changing table. Looking up the information overlay finally stopped and Liberty Lass knew of another way out of the building but she also felt the horrid mess in her underwear with now completely splattered in her diaper and forced forward and around the sides of her legs.

Feeling no choice but to swallow down the vomit Liberty Lass frowned at the baby, who was now sleeping peacefully with nothing but a precious stone down its diaper, the super hero began to pick her way to the floor above.

Waddling to the study window Liberty Lass couldn’t see the route through the thick hedge and trees to the outside but she could feel it. The information overlay pulsed for her to move straight ahead so she opened the window and pulled out her rattling grappling hook.

As Liberty Lass slid through the trees and hedge she could feel the nights moisture against her skin but that was the only pleasant sensation as the garden raked at her skin with sharp thorns, whipped at her with new branches and battered her with old ones. By the time she landed through the hedge and back in front of the Liberty Bell and diaper van she was a dishevelled mess of scratched skin, tugged clothes and leafy hair all to add to the horrendous feeling of her diaper.

Nanny, Fox Glove and Hot Gossip all moved out of the diaper van to greet Liberty Lass and she wasn’t feeling at all pleased to see them.
“Well she certainly has a haul.” Hot Gossip laughed walking around Liberty Lass.
“And our little kitten burglar must have nearly been caught.” Nanny said calmly.
“Why do you say that?” Fox Glove asked staring at Liberty Lass.
“Her diaper is leaking.” Nanny smiled watching the shock and awe develop on Liberty Lass’s face.

Liberty Lass barely heard the rest of the jibes from the evil trio. She was too busy feeling physically revolted by her own body. She had thought that it was moisture from the night and grime from the trees and hedgerow but it was all her, the dampness and sludge that was running down the back of her legs was her own and it sickened her to her stomach. The only thing Liberty Lass could do was once again vow to bring Nanny to justice only now it would be with as much force as possible.

Tuning back into her captors Liberty Lass realised that she was now the centre of an argument between Hot Gossip and Fox Glove.
“I told you I changed her last time.” Fox Glove said with her arms folded.
“And I changed her before too. Besides this is a leaking diaper, I dealt with the last baby who leaked in the nursery.” Hot Gossip countered.
“Yes but it’s hardly the same size of mess now is it?”
“We had a deal…we take turns about on leaking diapers. Well I did the last rug rat. You get this one.”
Fox Glove sighed and looked back across at Liberty Lass. “Fine…well I suppose it will be easier, I can just hose her down. Literally.”
Nanny nodded at Fox Glove. “Yes, yes you can. Gossip and I will go and let you two get sorted. It must be her final diaper of the night, so we must be heading off to our final location.”

Liberty Lass instantly knew that she had to find a way to break Nanny’s programming by the time she was supposed to rob this house. She just didn’t know how she was supposed to fail her mission and still get the jewel out.

As the information overlay began to happen she felt Fox Glove remove her uniform and let her disgust soiled diaper hit the ground with a full sounding thud. The icy cold water came from a hose just inside the diaper van. An interesting addition but definitely useful as its primary purpose was to collect poopy diapers.

After she was blasted clean Liberty Lass was pushed back onto the Liberty Bell and Fox Glove put her uniform back onto her, despite making no attempts to dry Liberty Lass. She could still feel the cold water around her toes in her boots and the inside of her diaper was still clammy but at least it wasn’t putrid.
“That’s our patsy.” Fox Glove grinned as she pinched Liberty Lass’s cheek hard. “You’ll be all nice and clean right up until the point we are ready for you to take the fall. Then you will have another big performance when you get caught out. I hope you have enough left in you to make it a spectacular!” She patted Liberty Lass’s stomach and put the ruined diaper in the compartment in the diaper van. “You just enjoy yourself because we will definitely be enjoying the show!”
Liberty Lass hummed off on the Liberty Bell the bubbles mockingly floating out behind her as she moved to the outskirts of Union City.

This wasn’t just a private mansion Liberty Lass stood in front of, it was a private stronghold. Mr Lee was certainly the godfather of the city’s underworld and he had the lavish abode to prove it. Liberty Lass felt the information overlay and realised that infiltrating the mansion was practically impossible. The camera blind spots were covered by patrolling guards who despite having no dogs instead had tazers and travelled in groups of three to prevent them from being tricked out of position.

It was interesting that Mr Lee at his age had fathered a child, his much younger 3rd wife was probably the reason for this, but due to her request the noisy machine guns were replaced by the powerful cattle prods. Although there was also a launch facility so they could still take down an opponent at 20 feet and then Mr Lee could have great fun in sending his enemies back having used his favourite knife.

Liberty Lass also knew what she was here to steal. The witch’s heart was a one of a kind black diamond. And the small stone was worth about ten times the value of Union City’s whole treasury. Liberty Lass could feel the information in the overlay raging through her head. She had to find a weak spot for infiltration and she had to find a way to stop herself and Nanny.

Unfortunately the opportunity to act as a hero was set aside as dumb luck provided Liberty Lass with an opening to act on her diaper’s programming. A guard dropped his radio and for some reason all three guards stopped to look at it instead of watching for intruders.

Liberty Lass was like the wind, her blue and white star spangled diaper may have slowed her down slightly but she still acted on the reflexes of a finally honed professional.

Over the fence and around to underneath the camera’s blind spot Liberty Lass then pulled herself back into the undergrowth. When her next chance to move came she had to be ready.

The crunching of booted feet in the undergrowth was deafening to Liberty Lass’s ears as she remained out of site. She tried not to fidget and instead concentrate on keeping her centre. These moments of forced inactivity she had to use to figure out how to stop Nanny and her accomplices from escaping with their ill gotten gains and her reputation as a crime fighter.

Seconds later Liberty Lass watched as the three grunts on patrol moved past her talking to each other rather than concentrating on the job. This second mistake opened up a direct route to the house and Liberty Lass used it to get herself onto the vulnerable second floor. The nursery was two floors above her and the safe was up on the fifth floor but from the information overlay Liberty Lass knew that she would have to pass through a lot of check points on the inside of the house, or risk being visible on the outside of the house as the light moved towards dawn.

Flipping onto the balcony Liberty Lass pressed herself against the wall as she slowly moved inside the house. There were no security locks this high off of the ground but she still checked for any alarms before squeezing open the door and slipping into the mansion.

Lee’s personal mansion contained very little information on his life of crime; one of the reasons he was still able to control the streets Liberty Lass knew. There was no way he would leave any incriminating evidence lying around but in her determined waddle to the nursery she doubted that her body would have allowed her to stop and pick up anything anyway.

The inside of the mansion was filled with various trophies that Lee had collected even some from previous enemies he had defeated. It could have been a mausoleum if it wasn’t for the much more alive third floor. Clearly this was where the new wife had been allowed to start decorating. Her youthful and vibrant touches not only made it harder to hide but clearly this was where the guards were allowed to have breaks because Liberty Lass could hear them already chatting and laughing along the corridor. She would have to be careful not to alert them to her whereabouts.

Pressing herself against the wall Liberty Lass could hear the guards only inches from her. She could feel the heat that their bodies were giving off and smell the food in the break room. There was only this doorway to pass and she was at the stairs and heading to the nursery. Trusting her instincts Liberty Lass waited for what she felt was the right moment and rolled across the gap. Sitting up onto her knees she waited only a moment before opening the door and heading up the stairs to the nursery.

To say the nursery was expansive was putting it mildly. The crib in the centre of the room had metres of lush carpet around it and as well as huge changing table there was also three wardrobes stuffed full of new baby clothes. Clearly this baby got only the best. Right down to its muscle controlling diapers, it was even in the same style as the one snugly fastened around Liberty Lass’s hips.

The baby had clearly been waiting for her as it had thrust out the bottle for Liberty Lass to drink as soon as she had lowered the crib bars and as she silently guzzled down the off tasting milk the baby moved across the thick carpet to its toy box before it started towards Lee’s greatest treasure.

Crawling up the stairs behind a star spangled diaper Liberty Lass frowned into her pacifier. The opportunity to escape from her situation hadn’t presented itself thus far at all tonight and the way this robbery was heading it wouldn’t. Her reputation was soon to be in tatters as she wasn’t going to be responsible for removing the Witch’s Heart she would be the one taking the fall in poopy diaper instead.

There were no electronic safes in this room. It was instead a viewing gallery. The Witch’s Heart was mounted in a glass bowl enabling its beauty to be seen from all sides, even bellow as Liberty Lass saw it from her crawling position, but that did not mean that it wasn’t secure.

The plinth on which the Heart stood was weight and temperature sensitive so the glass couldn’t be removed. The glass was tamper proof and even harmonically monitored so that if it was cut and didn’t shatter the sensor would still alert the monitoring station and Liberty Lass knew that made the glass almost impervious to any attempts to get the Witch’s Heart.

However the thick wooden plinth it sat on was a different story. Due to the amount of power the unobtrusive anti-theft measures needed the wide pole was essentially hollow. And it was because of this that Liberty Lass’s teddy bear tipped screwdriver easily removed one of the service panels at the bottom of the plinth.

It didn’t take long for Liberty Lass to interrupt the power conduit long enough so that she could actually lift the glass case as if it was unlocked and the most expensive jewel in Union City was tucked into the secret pocket of a star spangled diaper. And Liberty Lass was almost jealous that it wasn’t her diaper.

Crawling back to the nursery and tucking the baby into its crib Liberty Lass realised that she hadn’t been jealous of the baby at all. It was all part of the programming from her diaper. Now that the baby and the diamond were able to be smuggled out of Mr Lee’s compound the final part of Nanny’s plan could come into fruition. This was the part that Liberty Lass was dreading, her own capture and humiliation.

As soon as the crib rail clicked back into place Liberty Lass found herself able to stand. For a moment she stared at the baby and its diaper before the information overlay hit her. It was like having an induced information seizure. Suddenly the plans and skills and programming was all clashing together in her hand and as Liberty Lass stumbled towards a wall to try and steady herself she became faintly aware that an alarm was going off or indeed it may have been.

The information overlay seemed to dull everything around Liberty Lass her normal vision swam and was instead replaced by vibrant colours showing irrelevant plans, giving her pointless information and generally making it harder for her to even try and formulate a plan to escape.

Moving on instinct Liberty Lass knew she had to go up. There was no time for strategies or plans just move. If she was caught then surely it would be over. Looking for a window Liberty Lass could barely make out doors and walls with the nauseating colours that clouded her vision. Stumbling through a door she found herself lost in a room. Having to resort to crawling on all fours until she found a wall Liberty Lass did find herself under an alarm and the blaring sound cut through the information seizure which at least confirmed that interrupting the power conduit had set off the alarm around the Witch’s Heart.

Not that it matter now.

Liberty Lass kept her right shoulder against the wall as she felt her way around the open room and as she stumbled and tumbled into another one she still couldn’t find a window through which she could make her escape.

Stumbling into a block of stairs Liberty Lass was amazed that she hadn’t been caught yet but her good luck could only last so long and there was no way it would if she stopped to try and remove the diaper, programmed as it was Liberty Lass was pretty sure she would find herself unable to do that anyway. Guessing that Nanny had booby trapped it so any attempt to remove it would result in messing it Liberty Lass instead chose to pour her energies into find some way to escape Mr. Lee’s mansion.

Liberty Lass felt her shoulder being roughly grabbed and the world swam in a tehnicoloured blur as she found herself dumped onto the floor. Away from the wall and thrown onto her side she felt small and insecure. Looking up she saw a wrinkled old face with cruel eyes staring down at her.

“Liberty Lass? Liberty Lass…in a diaper? Liberty Lass in a diaper, robbing my home and looking completely blind?” He repeated to himself.
Liberty Lass shook her head to try and clear it. She wanted to speak. The old man might have been a criminal but he was also a business man if she told him about the diapers and where his prized possession was maybe he would help her.
“I knew you were young. And you don’t help an old man by looking so young. But perhaps Sweetheart, you can help me by telling me where my jewel is?” He stared down at Liberty Lass.
Liberty Lass tried to speak but her words seemed gagged by the pacifier around her mouth. She pawed at it with both hands but was completely unable to remove it. Looking up at Mr. Lee she pleaded with her eyes but saw nothing in them except cruelty.

Moving behind Liberty Lass the old mobster grabbed the teddy bear backpack hauling it down Liberty Lass’s arms and he emptied the contents onto the floor. Liberty Lass wasn’t shocked to the see the diapering supplies, spare pacifier and pins drop onto the floor but Mr. Lee wasn’t quite so prepared. Grabbing a packet of wipes he tore them open before once again rounding on Liberty Lass.
“Where is it?” He barked at her. He snatched the pacifier from her mouth. “You aren’t really a brainless child now tell me where it is!”
Liberty Lass was probably as shocked as Mr. Lee with the response she retorted once the pacifier left her mouth. “If you don’t give me my paci back I’ll do wettums in my diapee!” She screamed at him.

Mr. Lee stared down at the super hero dumbfounded. He held the pacifier in his hand and watched as Liberty Lass rolled onto her back slowly concentrated and then wet herself in front of him.
“I told you!” She screamed hysterically. “Now give it back!”
“Tell me where the Witch’s Heart is first.” Mr. Lee said angrily. He couldn’t believe he was arguing with the Patriotic Protector with his demand the most valuable jewel in the entire city and hers a particularly well used binky.
“I’ll do it again you wrinkled old goat!” Liberty Lass screamed back. The old gangster couldn’t believe this, whatever was wrong, whatever was possessing the hero she clearly was more concerned about her childish things than her own well being. Moving the pacifier back to her mouth Liberty Lass suddenly shot up and grabbed him.

Liberty Lass couldn’t believe what her body was doing, first it was wetting itself because of its lack of pacifier and now that it had it back suddenly she was on top of Mr. Lee trying to wrestle the old man to the floor screaming around it that she was going to break his hips first and then the rest of him.

The old gangster eventually managed to push off the snapping and hissing Liberty Lass. She was still yelling stupid threats at him when he managed to get enough space between the two of them to grab the kick tazer that he had slipped into his pocket. Turning and aiming it the snarling super hero’s shorts he fired thirty thousand volts of electricity into Liberty Lass’s diaper.

Nanny stared into her eyes in the reflection in the diaper van’s mirror. It wasn’t the most glamorous of vehicles, yet, but once she had the Witch’s Heart in her possession she would be trading Pampers for Porsches. All she had to do was wait a little longer, until the baby could be heard screaming on the monitor she had and they would pull up into the mansion. With all the commotion that Liberty Lass was causing there would be no time or desire to check the baby’s diaper for the precious jewel and instead she would be handed the valuable and told to drive away whilst Mr. Lee probably used his favoured knife to drive and coax the information from the superhero.

Nanny smiled at the thought and nodded at the bored and fidgeting pair of Hot Gossip and Fox Glove. They were loyal lieutenants and they would be rewarded handsomely once the final piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Glass from the passenger’s window exploded across the three seats. Turning her head away from the shards Nanny say a flash of red and blue and turning back she saw Hot Gossip slumped unconscious in the seat. Not waiting a second she grabbed the driver’s door and started to open it. Only to see a pair of red boots kick and slam the door shut with such a force that it buckled closed and inoperable.

Nanny watched as Fox Glove’s assassin training kicked in and she leapt through the windscreen and out from the vulnerable position. Nanny followed suit to provide a numbers advantage against their assailant.

Liberty Lass didn’t bother for pleasantries against Fox Glove. The assassin was a great fighter, almost her equal in unarmed combat, so she had to gain an advantage before Nanny could emerge from the van and press home their numbers one. Liberty Lass also had no idea what equipment was in the diaper van they may have had weapons or nothing but she couldn’t take that chance so by disabling it she took away some of the unknown.

Stepping in towards Fox Glove Liberty Lass jabbed the tazer into the assassin’s side and disabled her with 30 000 volts of electricity which dropped her unconscious form on top of the roof of the van.

Leaping off of the roof with a cartwheel Liberty Lass faced down Nanny whose expression changed from being angry to rather amused when she saw what the patriotic protector was wearing.
“Are you back for a change, Leaky Lass?” Nanny smiled her voice full of venom and fire in her eyes.
“Once I have you safely in custody I’ll get myself cleaned up, but I figured cleaning up the scum of Union City was more important…” Liberty Lass began.
“Than cleaning up your diaper?” Nanny smirked as she moved forward with some high and fast kicks.

Liberty Lass was prepared as Nanny came forward. The tall Amazonian woman was deceptively fast as well as strong but Liberty Lass immediately went for a low sweep of her legs.

Nanny stepped quickly back on her left foot and brought her right fist down with such a force that it shattered concrete. Liberty Lass barely had milliseconds to move and avoid the crushing blow the patriotic protector responded quickly with a strong two footed drop kick which pushed herself backwards as much as moving Nanny.

The fight continued as Nanny responded to the drop kick by charging forward and grabbing Liberty Lass’s arm before she had time to return to her feet properly. Dragging on Liberty Lass’s shoulder Nanny whipped the lighter girl around and straight into the side of the diaper van.

Liberty Lass collided with a loud and metallic thud, crumpling into the van she tried to push off and away to face her opponent but once again there were two thick strong arms linked around her waist pushing her again into the van before turning Liberty Lass as Nanny connected with a strong knee to Liberty Lass’s ribs.

As she doubled over in pain Liberty Lass was pushed down hard onto and over Nanny’s knee. Fighting back the darkness swimming around her peripheral vision Liberty Lass tried to squirm out of the precarious position.

Nanny squeezed Liberty Lass’s wet diaper. “Well there is no luggage in the trunk so I guess I’m going to have to beat you the old fashioned way.” She laughed brining her hand down hard and spanking Liberty Lass.

The thick diaper actually provided some padding and meant that the blow was more humiliating than hurting for Liberty Lass but as she tried to move from the position Nanny grabbed hold of her hair, raising her neck back to smash it against the hard sidewalk beneath her. Liberty Lass however kicked back with her feet and was rewarded by slamming Nanny square in the stomach causing the grip on her hair to relax.

Liberty Lass then swung her fists down hard on Nanny’s forearms causing the grip to be totally released and as she rolled away from the bigger woman Liberty Lass quickly turned to look at her adversary who was quickly charging again trying to deny Liberty Lass the space that she needed to recover.

Instead of ducking or trying to roll to avoid Nanny Liberty Lass instead pounced at her which may have been nothing more than a shoulder tackle but it was unexpected and carried Nanny off balance so Liberty Lass was able to follow up with a snapping punch to Nanny’s stomach.

Taking a step back to now try and recover her senses Liberty Lass felt long fingers around her ankle pulling her onto her back as Nanny rose up. The bigger woman stood over Liberty Lass and smiled a gloating smile.
“Well you put up a good fight. And I’m not sure how you broke your diapers programming. But in the end it doesn’t matter. You will be found wet and messy and having failed.”
“I’m not messy…” Liberty Lass growled and slowly moved the soles of her feet so that they were flat on the ground.
“Yet.” Nanny said reaching down to grab Liberty Lass’s throat with both hands. “Once I choke y…”

Nanny never got a chance to finish as Liberty Lass pushed her body up onto her feet and met Nanny’s head with her own. Both females stumbled for a second before Liberty Lass used a sledgehammer heel kick to spin Nanny backwards to the diaper van. Grabbing Nanny’s head Liberty Lass kept up her merciless assault and smashed it backwards against the van. Pulling Nanny forwards so she landed face down on the sidewalk Liberty Lass took her horsy handcuffs from her utility belt and bent to take hold of Nanny’s wrist.

However the tall woman wasn’t put out of commission so easily and rolled around stabbing her long nails Liberty Lass’s eyes. Narrowly avoiding the nails Liberty Lass turned and again felt the full force of a charging Nanny which sent her careering backwards smashing her against the Liberty Bell.

Shaking her head Liberty Lass rolled over the top of the saddle as Nanny tried to keep close to Liberty Lass who instead jumped backwards and then sprung over the top of the motorcycle to kick Nanny in the head. The tall woman was prepared for this however and easily caught Liberty Lass’s foot.
“You’ll never learn, will you child? Perhaps I’ve been spoiling the rod too much with you…” Nanny said sniffing at Liberty Lass.
“Oh no…I’ve learned. This is a new trick…” Liberty Lass retorted and snapped one of the handcuff rings around Nanny’s ankle. With a sharp tug Liberty Lass unbalanced her stronger opponent causing her to fall forwards into the thickly padded saddle of the Liberty Bell.

Snapping the cuff around Nanny’s other foot Liberty Lass smiled.
“You think you managed to hamper me with all these diapers and alterations? I’m Union City’s Patriotic Protector, I am Liberty Lass…!”
“And you’ll have diaper rash by the time I’ve finished with you!” Nanny screamed, incensed about her lack of movement she pounced at Liberty Lass who was now able to neatly sidestep Nanny. Grabbing the taller woman Liberty Lass positioned her over her own knee mimicking what Nanny had done to her only moments before.
“Well isn’t this a reversal of positions?” Liberty Lass grinned as she handcuffed Nanny’s wrists together. “I think it’s time that the baby got her own back.”
“If you spank me your reputation will be ruined no matter what happens when the police get here.” Nanny threatened squirming on Liberty Lass’s knee.
“Oh…I’m not going to spank you. I’m going to do much worse…Nanny!” Liberty Lass said her voice full of justice. Pressing the quick change button on the Liberty Bell she grabbed the diapering supplies from the motorcycle. “Mr. Lee was kind enough to let me borrow some of the muscle controlling diapers that you gave his kid.”

When the police found Nanny Blizzard she was tending to her two associates, Fox Glove and Hot Gossip, by cleaning up their cuts and bruises and checking on the condition of their diapers. A simple note provided by Liberty Lass told Detective Liam Robertson to simply ask about the recent jewel heists and Nanny Blizzard was more than happy to recount her plan, her involvement and her guilt in the whole plot.

It was only after returning to the cells when Nanny Blizzard was made to remove her own diaper that she began to curse and swear her revenge on Union City’s Patriotic Protector.

Liberty Lass

Re: Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story) First part edited.


Re: Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story) First part edited.

I liked it. The play between characters and the descriptions of her crime fighting atire and devices were campy and awesome. I think as a super hero turned diaper hero it works well. I have to say that I saw the ending coming pretty far off, and that the later half seemed kind of rushed. The first and middle were well thought out and paced, but the end seemed like you just wanted to get finished and be done with it.

On a more personal note, I’ve always been a fan of non-consensual diapering in a somewhat magical and or mechanical way and this was very much up my alley. Great wank material =P.

Re: Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story) First part edited.

I haven’t commented yet because I wanted to see you online and talk ‘face-to-face’, as it were.

The ending seemed abrupt. I wanted to know: Were there negative side effects to the diapers or not? What happened to the diaper company, were they in on the scheme, unwitting dupes, or mind-controlled dupes? Did the villains learn her secret identity?

But I liked it overall. My main reason for not liking a lot of forced diapering stories is that the villain doesn’t get proper comeuppance, and it leaves things on a downer note. The ending here was suitably ironic. And I’m kicking myself for not figuring out what would happen the moment tasers were introduced into the story.

Re: Liberty Lass Nixes the Nefarious Nanny (Complete Story) First part edited.

I should’ve commented like 2 weeks ago. This is a great story. I do agree with some of the above posters, in that the ending feels a bit hurried, but that’s not a major issue. For me to fall in love with a forced-diapering story the author needs to go light on the rough-stuff and heavy on the humiliation. And in my experiences of scribbling chickenscratch, I’ve found that’s real hard to do. You, however, have found a way to pull it off that really appeals to me. Thumbsup man.