Let's talk fiction? In what circumstances in Fantasy or Sci-Fi stories that you know of where it'd make more sense for certain characters to wear diapers

Like say, for example, a situation where a character is restrained like this, especially when it’s assumed that they’re restrained like this 24/7:

Any other situations you can think of?

Not to state the obvious, but I don’t have to click on yourt link to point out that in most cases where someone is restrained 24/7, a diaper might be a sensible part of the setup. Unless the restraints in question allows someone to use the bathroom normally (either alone or with assistance).


It maybe isn’t considered fantasy but I recall watching a horror movie years ago called Rest Stop. The main plot is a man and his girlfriend stop at a rest stop so (I believe) the girlfriend could relieve herself. Whole movie would have been bypassed and the two would have faired significantly better had the just kept driving on by. Taps head

Any other situations you can think of?

Yeah, or had they just pulled over the side of the road to stop and pee!

(First of all, I can’t see the picture, not sure if the link is broken)

Well, in one obvious sci fi case, astronauts do wear diapers irl. Arguably a form of travel that involves enough forces on the body, or a scenario where someone will be enclosed in a seat or small space (like a cockpit) for long enough could involve them. That would probably be the most realistic and the least out of place in a non-kink story.
After that… experimental medical treatments? Mind shifting to different bodies? Perhaps, similar to how some prisons in the US started using pink jumpsuits to shame prisoners and reduce fighting, future prisons in an dystopian world use them for embaressment?

For fantasy, you’d have a similar scenario to the thing with travelling in cockpits, a fantasy where soldiers are expected to stand on guard or stay in armor for for long enough might have them. In fact, I’ve heard of similar things being done in reality. You can obviously also just say “magic,” some kind of curse might make someone lose control, and arguably kinks would exist in the fantasy world too. Since its a “fantasy” story, you could arguably have entire cities built around kinks or scenarios where powerful people do things like that to subordinates, I’ve certainly seen enough “normal” fantasy stories contain similar things. The Sword of Truth had a group of people who were effectively dominatrixes, The Wheel of Time had a few scenarios including one that was basically a petplay/ bondage scene, spanking and arguably a scene that touched on sissy kink. If someone wanted to use a similar part and add diapers, I think people would find it odd but it would be roughly in line with others.
Alternatively, I had a fantasy story where giants assume a grown human is in fact a baby giant, though I don’t think anyone would treat that as “making sense.”. I’d say if you intend to write kink in a fantasy setting, don’t worry so much if it’s “real”, you’re already writing fantasy.

I also thought up of another situation.

In another fantasy story I plan on publishing, Wing Wars, the protagonsits are of a race of winged beings called Atrans, who are very close in appearance to humans other than the changes that make powered flight possible for a human body shape.

Their enemies are the Ohnids, which are a race of bestial creatures hailing from the jungles to the north with which the Atrans are at constant war with. Most Ohnids are qutie unintelligent, acting almost like animals instead of people, they wouldn’t be nearly as big of a threat if all Ohnids acted this way.

Ohnids universally also have an excellent sense of smell, as Atran scouts and spies have learned over centuries of performing their dangerous career. Atran scouts while on mission universally wear diapers at all time covered with the scent of a fragrant beetle native to the jungles so that the Ohnids wouldn’t smell whenever they relieved their bladder and bowels. Or be able to track the scouts by finding their droppings on the jungle floor. So whenever they needed a change, they go to a stream or river when nobody’s looking, wash out their diaper, re-apply the bug juice and continue working until they see something to report back.

This is only for scouts, but it’d also apply for when Atrans need to get back to their own territory and they’re carrying too much stuff to be able to fly, so the underwear the warriors wear all function as diapers when necessary, though are not difficult to pull down to use the bathroom normally when they’re not so worried about leaving a trail behind.

Picture doesn’t load for me either. As for fantasy/ sci-fi scenarios, the only limitation is one’s imagination. On ships/ space exploration= astronaut diapers. Or diapers in a sci-fi/ fantasy jail. Or go old school abusive mental asylum where all the patients are put in diapers.

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An obvious one would be a fantasy world where children aren’t potty trained until they are older. I wouldn’t say a lot older as that would just turn into fap material for some, but maybe six or seven years old. A society where pressures were so strong on potty training at such an early age that as a whole it was decided that it would be better to wait to train them until they were older. The pressure of having to train caused kids to be potty trained before they were ready and it caused psychological issues.

In place of potty training, there is more emphasis in every day education and teaching moments when the opportunity comes up. Teaching the children to sign as well as talk, and maybe being mandatory for them to learn a second language as well.

It could easily be a non ABDL themed story or society.

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