Let's do the time warp!!!! Let's do the time warp again!!!!

Ok, my idea of a time-warp is this. When I watch my copy of Lenny Barker’s perfect game from 1981, and the 1986 AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Browns and the New York Jets at sold-out Cleveland Stadium; I feel like a kid again That’s my time warp.

That’s what helps me connect to a lot of joy in my life. Bad Indians baseball, Browns teams that came OH so close, but no cigar. UGH. Well, when I watch those tapes I feel young. Right now, I’m watching my original broadcast of Lenny Barker’s perfect game on May 15, 1981 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

Was wondering if anyone else had a time-warp as I do. Those are what remind me most of my childhood other than my prized “CHiPs” tapes.


Let’s do the time warp!!! Let’s do the time warp again!!!

my time warp is music seriously i love music and i for some reason can almorst always remember what i was doing the fist time i heared a song: queen birngs back memmories of moving house since thats the first peice of music i heard when ni moved house age 6, catatonia long car rides to wales, savage garden was a trip so london in 2000, fleetwood mac we wen’t to the eden project, shine (shine like a star - don’t know the band) year 6 play, cartoon heros - aqua was a wedding in cyprus, s club 7 steps and spicegirls top of the pops at various ages, venga boys after school club (….there are some good stories to be had there when i get round to it….), i’m blue - eifiel 65 nodding myself into nausia, some other stuff at my computer (recently), rugrats theme L&K (live and kicking “london, w twelve SIX L A!” don’t know why but that stuck too age 4), robbie williams at the pub (various ages), meatloaf various places including the NEC for three bats live concert, mickey, saturday night, time warp, cotton eyed joe, agadoo at my cousins 21st party (i was 5) and many more in many other places

Let’s do the time warp!!! Let’s do the time warp again!!!

I have watched family videos of my brothers and I from when we were kids. Made me wish I was a kid again. I think life was getter then too.

Right now I am watching All That. They are playing an episode from 1997. Man how young Amanda Bynes looks. I did not realize she looked that young when I was 12. Funny how the older you get, younger the people look in movies or TV shows. In fact you might not realize how their looks are changing but when you see them in old TV shows or movies, you realize how young they look there.